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Author Topic: Secrets of the Night  (Read 5438 times)
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Liquid Emperor
« Reply #120 on: 04-09-2007 02:53 »
« Last Edit on: 04-09-2007 02:53 »

Hello everyone!
@Ol'coot, I had a feeling you'd like that bit   ;) Leela deserved it.
@TLL, Glad you like it! Trouble with Bender and Fry, over little ol' me? How did you guess? :lol:
@TB, That good eh?

Thanks to everyone who reads the story, and even more to those that post comments.   :D

TOTPD, This gets better and better!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #121 on: 04-29-2007 05:22 »

Finally, an update. Short but I haven't writen anything in a while.

Chapter eleven
As Danni and Amy walked off together, Leela watched in shock.
“What the hell just happened?” she asked herself, not really quite sure of the answer. Sure she had known they would get angry with her, they had every right, but she had not expected them to leave with each other. It was a massive surprise to say the least. Such a surprise that Leela briefly considered following them. Considered it, and acted on it. Taking a deep breath, Leela headed in the direction that Amy and Danni had taken, she would find out exactly what was going on.

Amy and Danni walked in an uneasy silence, neither knowing what to say. As far as they were aware, they had nothing in common bar problems with Leela. The silence was oppressive, and Danni felt a need to break it.
“So…there’s a Starbucks just around the corner,” she said, grasping for a conversation topic. To her immense surprise, Amy actually replied.
“I know…but why did you ask me for coffee in the first place?”
Danni blushed slightly, and wouldn’t look directly at Amy.
“Well, two reasons I guess. Number one, I figured it’d annoy Leela and number two…”
“Number two…” prompted Amy.
“Number two, I thought it might be nice to get to know you.”
The silence returned, now more awkward than uneasy. They continued walking, keeping pace with each other easily, and the blush slowly began to leave Danni’s face.
“Why would you want to get to know me?” Amy asked suddenly, forcing the blush straight back onto Danni’s face.
“I don’t know, you were, are going out with my ex, that in itself makes you interesting to me.”
“So only because I was dating Leela?” said Amy, stressing the word ‘was’.
“You seem like a nice person, even if you do share my bad taste in women. So in answer to your question, no, not just because you were dating Leela.”
Daniela glanced at Amy to check her reaction. Amy didn’t seem disgusted or upset; in fact she was smiling, widely. By the time they reached Starbucks, Daniela was smiling too.

Juliet allowed Bender to take her arm and lead her down the street, it was rather pleasant despite the fact his arm was cold and robotic against her warm fleshy one.
“So where is the apartment?” she asked casually, trying to restrain her enthusiasm and failing miserably.
“It’s in the Robot Arms block, a nice neighbourhood, lots of good bots live there,” replied Bender, obviously trying to impress her and managing to just about succeed. She smiled softly and relaxed against him.
“Sounds…nice,” she said. Bender just grinned.

Fry was frozen in place, unable to believe his eyes. There had to be a mistake, he couldn’t be seeing what he was. Bender and Juliet, arm in arm, walking towards the apartment. His best friend and his girl together, and looking rather cosy together. Fry couldn’t even start to comprehend what it could mean, familiar feelings of pain and betrayal coursing through him. He could hear Leela’s warning of ‘gold-digger’ and ‘heart-breaker’ echoing around in his mind.
The name brought Fry crashing to his senses. He didn’t know for sure what was going on; it could be completely innocent for all he knew. He shouldn’t make any decisions based on half glances and emotions, he should find out the facts. Having made that choice, Fry chased after Juliet and Bender, determined to find out what was going on.

Starship Captain
« Reply #122 on: 04-29-2007 17:02 »

Great update.  I hope Fry doesn't overeact.  If this fic loses Bender, then it will never be the same.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #123 on: 04-29-2007 23:07 »

Trust me, Bender stays.

« Reply #124 on: 04-30-2007 09:30 »

*calms down about Bender* I thought you said Bender goes just then...
Anyway, great update!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #125 on: 04-30-2007 10:42 »

Bender is an important part of the story

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #126 on: 05-27-2007 09:00 »
« Last Edit on: 05-27-2007 09:00 »

ooooh Update! Bonus points for anyone who can tell whic film I stole quotes out of and reworked for my purposes.

Chapter twelve

Fry ran up behind the both of them and clamped a hand on Bender’s shoulder. Bender, unaware that it was Fry, grabbed the hand and brought Fry over his shoulder and sent him flying into the pavement. As soon as he hit the floor Juliet and Bender realised it was Fry, Juliet responding first and practically raced to his side.
“Oh crap, are you okay Fry?” she asked with genuine concern, if Fry was seriously hurt she wouldn’t be able to follow through with her plan. Fry said nothing, staying still with his face on the pavement in a daze. Juliet turned to look at Bender.
“Look what you did! You hurt him!” she yelled angrily, and she was actually angry. As much as she liked Bender, Fry was the one with the money and therefore the one she had to seduce. She had already gotten Fry to like her, but she was rapidly finding she’d rather not follow through, and all because of Bender. Oh so lovely, charmingly metal, tragically impoverished Bender. Juliet sighed, the damn robot was gonna be bad for business, she could tell.
“Fry, please talk to me. Are you okay?” she asked again, turning back to Fry, and this time Fry actually managed to answer.
“I…I’m okay…nothing hurt except my pride…and maybe my ribs.”
Juliet let out a breath she didn’t realise she’d been holding, he was okay, mostly.
“Oh thank god you’re okay! Bender was just showing me to your apartment, but now you’re here you can do it,” she said, taking hold of one of Fry’s hands and helping him up. She had to get away from Bender; he was clouding her senses and infecting her reason. She could not afford to fall in love now, not when she was so close to getting everything she’d ever wanted.
“O…okay babe, I think I can still walk,” muttered Fry, still slightly concussed, and Juliet smiled. Once she and Fry were away from Bender everything would be fine…
“Why don’t I come with you guys, for once I don’t have anything better to do,” said Bender. Juliet felt like cursing the damn robot, he must know the effect he had on her and yet he still insisted on coming. It was torture, but she forced a smile on her face and made herself remember what was at stake. Then she replied to Bender, taking Fry’s silence as a cue for her to say something.
“Well I was hoping Fry would give me a ‘personal’ tour of the apartment, but if you don’t have anything better to do, I suppose you could come. After all, you are Fry’s roommate and I shouldn’t come between that,” she said, trying to sound disappointed. Her tone of voice was enough to set Fry’s worries at ease, yet Juliet couldn’t help but think Bender saw through her act. Damn robot.

“So are you having a coffee or a coffee?” asked Daniela with a smile as she sat opposite Amy in Starbucks. To her surprise and delight, she got a smile in return.
“Oh, I think I’ll go with a coffee, what about you?” Amy questioned, feeling herself relax in Daniela’s presence.
“I’ll go for the coffee too,” replied Daniela, signalling to the waiter-bot for two coffees, before returning her attention to Amy and her lovely smile, “So tell me about yourself,”
Amy blushed a little, though only a little, before she answered.
“I have a buggalo called Betsy, I attend Mars University and work part time as an intern at Planet Express. I’m also the only daughter of Leo and Inez Wong,”
“No way! You mean Wong as in Wong Enterprises?”
Amy’s blush deepened, “Yeah,”
Daniela grinned, “You won’t believe this, I’m the deputy boss at the New New York branch of Wong Enterprises!”
“No way, that’s like, an incredible coincidence!” gushed Amy, making Daniela feel slightly bold.
“I don’t believe in coincidence,” she murmured quietly, leaning forward towards Amy.
“What do you believe in?” asked Amy breathily, leaning towards Daniela so as to hear the answer.
“Fate,” replied Daniela simply, touching her lips to Amy’s gently. The connection was like fire burning through them, it was heated and beautiful, and both knew that if they carried on they could end up getting burnt. They didn’t care, it was exhilarating and brilliant, and it was intoxicating. It overtook all their common sense until all they could think of was each other and the searing kiss they were sharing.
“Excuse me, your coffee is ready,” said the waiter-bot, and just like that the fire was doused and the connection lost as they broke apart.
“Thank you,” gasped Daniela, attempting to get her breathing back to normal, while Amy muttered under her breath.
“Damn waiters, no sense of timing,” she cursed, just loud enough for Daniela to hear. Daniela smiled coyly.
“I take it you enjoyed that as much as I did then?”
Amy looked up at Daniela and shook her head with a grin.
“No, I think I enjoyed it more.”

Leela watched Amy and Danni from behind a menu, feeling sick to her stomach. How could her girls do this to her? How could they leave her alone while they jump each other in a café? It wasn’t right, they were supposed to be hers and hers alone. They were not supposed to fall for each other the way they were. They were not supposed to kiss each other the way they just had. Leela watched them smiling and talking to each other and felt a spark of rage. She wasn’t a jealous woman; she just didn’t like other people touching her things. As she watched them, Leela began to plot her revenge.

Bending Unit
« Reply #127 on: 05-27-2007 09:24 »

dundun-duuun?! Can't wait for the next update.


Liquid Emperor
« Reply #128 on: 05-27-2007 09:27 »

So you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it right?

Bending Unit
« Reply #129 on: 05-27-2007 09:51 »

Yep I sure did.

Starship Captain
« Reply #130 on: 05-27-2007 10:04 »

Same here.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #131 on: 05-27-2007 10:26 »

Glad to have your support guys

Bending Unit
« Reply #132 on: 05-28-2007 11:27 »

Great scene with Amy and Daniela!   :love:  Good thing the bot showed up when it did! There were so many sparks flying off those two that they were a fire hazard!   :flirt:

Bad, nasty Leela   :mad:  She wants both of them to be hers???? Where does she get off with that??    :mad:

Very nice update!!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #133 on: 05-28-2007 14:19 »

Glad you like it, Danni and Amy heat up the room to boiling point! I think Leela flipped a little, she has no-one, all her fault, and she doesn't like it. Hehe, insanity is a brilliant thing.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #134 on: 07-01-2007 08:02 »

No guesses? I stole and reworked some qotes from Moulin Rouge. And with that, after a long time, I bring you...

Chapter Thirteen

Bender watched with a little tinge of jealousy as Juliet helped Fry up, feeling more than a little hurt by the disappointment in her voice when she said she had ‘been hoping Fry would give me a personal tour of the apartment’. He should have been expecting it though, she was Fry’s girlfriend, and he was Fry’s roommate. Nothing could ever have happened between them, not that Bender cared anyway. He was a robot, he couldn’t feel emotions, and he defiantly couldn’t and wouldn’t care about some frizzy haired woman with glasses. So why did his robotic heart feel lighter when she said he could tag along? Even though she sounded disappointed about it, she was still saying he could join them.
“Thanks,” Bender said quietly with a small smile, and Fry looked at him with something a cross between shock and suspicion.

Fry couldn’t believe his ears or eyes, Bender actually saying thank you and smiling while he did it? Just because Juliet had said she didn’t mind Bender coming along, suddenly the robot was happy. It didn’t make any sense in Fry’s opinion, and he didn’t like it.
“I thought you and Lucy Lu were going to spend some time together?” asked Fry innocently; ignoring the look of bewilderment Juliet gave Bender, instead focusing solely on the robot. Bender looked mildly hurt, shooting Fry and look of betrayal.
“Actually meatbag, I’m not. If you must know she ended it with me, she moved back to the Head Museum. Something about not giving her enough attention.”
Fry was shocked, he hadn’t realised, “Oh, when did she do it?” he asked gently.
“Last night, after the opera. I would have told you, but you were so hung up about Leela and I…I didn’t wanna talk about it.”

Juliet felt a pang of sympathy for Bender, even though he was a robot it appeared that he did have feelings after all. The poor robot had been through a break-up, which must have been terrible, more so than Fry’s loss of Leela. After all, Fry had never really had Leela. Juliet shook her head violently, shaking all thoughts that were anything close to sympathy or liking for Bender. She could not allow herself to get distracted so easily, she had worked so hard to get where she was, she couldn’t afford to stumble at the last hurdle. Just because Bender was shiny and sly, Juliet would not allow herself to like him, it was too dangerous. If she let herself like him there were so many possibilities, all of them bad.

It was too risky, he was her target’s roommate, if she let herself like him then there were too many things that could go wrong…and yet Juliet couldn’t help herself. There was something about Bender that caught her attention and held it. It might have been his sarcasm, or maybe his newfound deeper side or possibly just the fact Juliet saw something in him she could identify with. As much as she tried, she couldn’t get him out of her mind.
“I feel dizzy,” she muttered to herself, the last thing she felt being a pair of cold robotic arms catching her as she fainted.

Daniela smiled as Amy babbled about her parents and how awkward they were; she liked hearing Amy’s voice.
“I was like, ‘spluh mom, I’m not ready for kids yet’ and she was all like ‘When will you give us grandchildren that aren’t swishy and green?’ and I said ‘spleesh, I don’t know mom’,” Amy took a short pause for breath before continuing, “I have no idea what she’ll say when I tell her I’m a bisexual and I’m dating the deputy boss of their New New York business branch.”
The last part of the statement jolted Daniela out of her happy stupor. She hadn’t really considered that they might be dating, even though they had kissed.
“Well, we’re not exactly dating yet,” she said tactfully, but Amy looked crestfallen anyway.
“What? Didn’t that kiss mean anything to you?” she demanded, her eyes pleading. Daniela smiled helplessly, “Of course it did, what I mean is…”
She was cut off by Amy’s ranting, “Then what do you mean we’re not dating, I thought you liked me?”
“I do I…”
Amy attempted to cut in again but was silenced by Danni’s gentle hand over her mouth.
“What I’m saying, is we’re not dating yet, because I nearly forgot to ask you to be my girlfriend.”
Daniela removed her hand from over Amy’s mouth, not know what to expect. Amy stayed silent for a moment, and then spoke.
“Well go on then, I can’t answer if you don’t ask the question can I? Spleesh!”
Daniela was stunned into speechlessness for a moment, before realising she was meant to actually say something.
“Oh, right,” she cleared her throat nervously and moved her seat so she was sitting next to Amy, taking hold of Amy’s hands and looking into Amy’s eyes. She was terrified even though she was fairly sure that Amy would respond positively, “Amy, I haven’t known you long, and I still don’t know all that much about you, but I want to. I want to know you better and for a long time. So Amy Wong, would you do me the honour of being my girlfriend?” 
The café was in complete and utter silence as they waited for Amy’s reply, you could have heard a pin drop it was that quiet. Amy searched Danni’s eyes for a minute, and then she flung herself into Danni’s arms.
“YES!” she yelled, and the café erupted into cheers. The cheering went on until someone screamed in despair.
“No! You can’t date each other!” came a desperate shout, and all eyes turned to a wild looking Cyclops. Amy and Danni stood up, holding hands and glaring at Leela defiantly.
“We can and we are Leela!” said Danni simply, whereas Amy went off into an angry rage.
“How dare you? You treat us like dirt, and then you expect us to stay alone and pine after you? Well I don’t think so, I’m happy with Daniela, more so than I ever was with you, you deranged cow!” screeched Amy, having to be all but held back by Daniela.
“Shush Amy, she’s not worth it,” soothed Daniela, pulling Amy into a tight hug and glaring at Leela. Then she released Amy from the hug, held onto her hand, and pulled her out of the café and away from Leela, who was staring at them both in complete shock.

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