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Author Topic: Some fan fic for ya  (Read 1235 times)
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Bending Unit
« on: 12-16-2006 23:24 »

Hello you nice people out there in Futurama universe! I've been looking at this website for some time and I've finally gotten signed up and registered. I was really inspired by some of the fan fiction on here, so I thought I'd try some of my own, why not? I just kind of started flowing with it, I don't have any big plans for the rest of the story, so let me know if I should continue writing it or not. Here we go for my first post!

Scene: on a street in New New York two robots are fighting each other for a can of oil.  One of the robots pulls out a large knife and repeatedly stabs the other one  as the camera zooms out to reveal Zoidberg sitting at the window inside planet express, looking down at the street.
He stares into nothingness with his eyes wide open for about 10 seconds and  then sad violin music starts playing as Zoidberg's eyes start to fill with  tears.
Zoidberg: "Enough with the guilt already! How can I live on when I'm the only  one who knows the truth?! The truth!? Baawwhawha!"
He puts his claws over his eyes and runs out of the room making slurping noises just as Fry is entering through the same door. Fry srhugs his shoulders and sits down with a  can of slurm and a copy of Teen Beat magazine.
Amy comes flying in through the door on her party board with some sort of  portable speakers attached blaring loud party music. Fry looks up from his  magazine to see Amy smash into a huge 87" TV monitor on the wall as her music  comes to a screeching hault.
Amy: "Splouch!"
Fry: "Amy, you're such a klutz. Since your parents are so rich, didn't they  ever send you to one of those schools where they make you drink tea and walk around with books balanced on your head and stuff?"
Amy: "Well I went for awhile, but my teacher said I was unteachable so I  dropped out and  bummed around the eastern hemisphere of Mars for a few months"
Bender comes rushing in through the door with a piece of paper in his hand.
Bender: "hey hey pork patties "
He slams the paper down on the table.
Bender: "Bender has got himself an invitation to the 254th annual El Grande  robowling competition!"
Fry: "Robowling? What's that?"
Bender: "Duh! It's the invitation-only intergalactic robot bowling tournament! Gggrande prize: 27,000,000 pesos. That is what I like to call money in the bank!"
Fry: "Bender, I didn't know you knew how to bowl! Ya know, I've been known to throw a few strikes myself."
Fry makes the motions of throwing a bowling ball.
Bender: "Pleeeease dillweed,"
Bender lifts up his hand and engages his rotor.
Bender: "Me and my robobrothers at the robo-American's club go bowling every  Tuesday. Besides, there's nothing a grease stain like you could possibly do  to match my robo-precision!"
Bender put his hands on his hips and lights a cigar and laughs like a true ass while he puffs on it for about 10 seconds.You hear the sound of a bowling  ball getting closer. He then suddenly falls over behind the view of the couch  with a loud metallic crunching bang sound. A white bowling ball with only 1  hole in it rolls past.
Leela walks into the room
Leela: "Pardon me ladies, but you're in the presence of the Cookieville  minimum security orphanage bowling champion 14 years running. You chumps don't have a prayer. But, I'm going to have to wait to whoop you sorry monkeys until after our delivery to Decrepulon 7."
Amy: "Isn't that the planet where you age twice as fast? I hear it's  populated by nothing but splugly old geezers."
Leela: "That's right Amy, nothing but senile, geriatric, liver spotted,   crotchety, rickedy, crusty old...”
Just in the middle of her rant a giant hologram of the professor's head  appears right in the middle of them. He is asleep and snoring.
Leela: "Um.... Professor..."
Professor: "Hmmm! Wha? Oh yes! (He looks around and gets angry) Why are you  slack-jawed this-and-thats still standing here clabjammering when you should  be in outer space risking your lives for my delivery packages?"
The hologram then starts blasting lightning out of its eyes and everyone screams simultaneously as they run out of the room in terror.
End of scene

Maybe commercial?

Scene: Planet express “loading dock” ( I don’t know what it’s really called.)
Leela, Fry, Bender, And Amy run onto the scene screaming as lightning bolts chase them, that destroy everything they hit in the planet express building. They quickly get into the ship and fly away in a 3D scene. The camera view is from above Planet Express looking down. You see the planet express ship fly by and you see the green and blue flashes still happening inside the loading dock of P.E. and smoke billowing out.
End of scene

Scene: The cockpit of the Planet Express ship next to a bunch of wooden crates. Fry , Leela,Amy and Bender are present.
Bender: “Let’s get these adult diapers to these old farts so I can get back in time to win that 27,000,000 pesos! I need that money. I have a lot of witnesses I have to pay off in Tijuana.”
Amy: “Spleeze Bender, this trip shouldn’t take more than a few hours.”
Leela: “Yeah, we only have to go to the Depends nebula and back. That should leave plenty of time to get you to the tournament.”
Bender: “Gyah! These stupid old  people, makin’ bender feel lust for violence!”
Leela: “Just can it Bender, we’re landing now and I don’t want you to mess it up for us on the surface. I don’t want to spend any more time here than I have to because you want to assault up some senior citizens. Got it, Jack?”
Bender: ( As he walks away) “Stupid humans always telling robots what to do… One of these days I’m gonna…  Heeeyuuh..."
He trails off as he  walks towards the stairs.
End of scene

Scene: The Planet Express lounge. The Professor and Hermes are overturning couch cushions and everything else in the room looking for something.
Professor: “Where did I leave it, dammit?”
Hermes: “Profssa, we been lookin all day. I don’t tink we’re going to find dat artifical heart dat you lost.”
Professor: “Oh confound it! I’m going to need a replacement heart by next week. I guess you’ll just have to find me another human heart, Hermes.”
Hermes gives a thumbs-up and looks down at a clipboard and scrolls through a list of planet express employee names on it. He stops at Amy’s name and puts a checkmark next to it. Just then, Zoidberg rushes into the room with his arms flailing.
Zoidberg: “My friends, my only confidants, I have to admit this to you about the terrible truth from 200 years ago! The terrible truth that remains unknown to this day is…”
An artificial heart hits Zoidberg in the face while he was talking.
Hermes: (pointing his finger at Zoidberg) “Who was talking ta you ya putrid arthropod? No one, that’s who!”
Hermes puts the clipbook under his arm and promptly leaves the room.
Zoidberg turns to look at the professor, who was sitting in a chair.
Zoidberg: “Professor! I must tell you, I must! It must confess the terrible secret from 200 years ago! Every day it eats away at me, it does. Like finrot on my conscious! “
Right when Zoidberg started talking the professor pushed a button on his belt and he turned invisible –camouflage style and slowly walked towards the door.  Zoidberg slowly  stops talking because he realizes no one  will listen. He cups his eyes in his claws and cries. As the camouflaged Professor nears the door, Scruffy comes through the door, pushing a broom. The two collide and they both fall to the floor. Scruffy was very surprised because he didn’t see the professor.
Scruffy: “What apparition is this that beguiles Scruffy so?.”
End scene


DOOP Secretary
« Reply #1 on: 12-17-2006 01:48 »

Ha. Continue.

Bending Unit
« Reply #2 on: 12-17-2006 04:54 »

Ok thanx. I just spent the last few hours writing this. Here ya go.

Scene: Planet Express ship has landed on the surface of decrepulon 7, which is grey and crumbly and leaking out gasses. The crew comes down the stairs.
Amy: “Spew, it smells like a bedpan out here!”
Leela walks up to a withered old tree.
Leela: “Even these trees smell like mothballs.”
The crew surveys the area and finds a huge grouping of old people bottlenecking into a line.
Fry: “It’s 2:30 PM. They must be lining up for the early bird dinner special at Denny’s.”
As the crew gets closer to the crowd they see that the crowd is funneling onto a people mover like you see at the airport. It extends for about a mile or two into the middle of a great chasm where a small tube descended into the darkness.
Bender: “You mean we have to make a delivery through that!? Aw great! Now I’m never gonna get back in time! These fossilized flesh kebabs better get out of my way! Cuz I’m-a-comin’ through!”
Bender starts pushing old people left and right with one of his extensomatic arms, knocking them all over the place. Hip bones can be heard disjointing. He’s holding a crate of adult diapers with the other.
Leela: (Yelling) “Bender! What did I tell you? No murdelizing the old people!”
Just then, two geezer guards in robotic suits (complete with walkers and canes) limp their way over to Bender.
Guard: “Freeze you no good whippersnapper!”
Bender: “Don’t waste my time pops, I’m in a hurry here, ok?”
Guard 2: “He said freeze dug gunnit you hurdy-gurdy ragamuffin!”
The guards then cock their walkers and canes, which are now evidently high-powered space rifles.
Bender: “Gyaaah! Uhngh! Whatsit… Uh!          Cheeze it!”
Bender cheeses it for the people mover but to his dismay the geriatric guards swooped down on him with jet packs and flew with him deep into the chasm. The crate falls to the ground and breaks.
Fry: “Bender! No! We’ve got to rescue him!”
Leela: “Like I didn’t see this one coming!”
Amy: “We don’t have time to wait in line with all of those golden-agers. We have to find another way down there!”
Fry puts his hand on his chin and ponders.
Fry: “I’ve got it! But first I’m gonna need the potato gun!”
Fry, standing by the side of the planet express ship, puts his palm flat  and raises it up to his shoulder and smiles, as if he’s expecting someone behind him to hand him something.
Fry: “Bender, give me the potato gun!”
Leela and Amy look at each other.
Leela: “Um, Fry… Bender’s not here.
Fry: “Not here? What happened to him?”
Amy: “Don’t you remember? He just fell into that bottomless chasm!”
Fry: “Bender! No! We’ve got to rescue him!”
Leela gets pissed and squints her eye at Fry.
Amy: “Gluh! I’ve got it! I’ve got an extra party board on the ship! I can fly down there and sloop up bender!”
Fry: “Um, Amy, I’ve seen the way you ride that party board. You’re signing yourself up for a Brannigan-esque suicide mission here!”
Leela: “We have to think of something that will work, and fast! I want to still be 25 when I return from this mission.”
Amy: “So, we need to go back in time somehow?!”
Leela gives Amy a deathstare.
Leela: “No… we need to distract them somehow so we get into the tube. Fry, you act as a decoy and somehow lure those old farts over here.”
Fry: “Um….Got it!”
Fry starts jumping up and down, waving his arms with an adult diaper on his head.
Fry: “Hey! Old people! I’ve got a coupon for 20% off your next purchase of Metimucil tablets! Also I have a wooden nickel. First one here gets it!”
The old people start corralling themselves towards Fry.
Old person: “Wooden nickel, by crackey!”
Leela: “It’s working Fry! You deal with these old people and watch the ship while Amy and I go rescue bender!”
Fry: “You and Amy? Why do I have the watch the ship?
Leela: “Just shut up fry! We’ll be back as soon as we can.”
The old people are nearly at fry now and the people mover is completely clear.
Fry: *sigh*
Leela and Amy start running for the people mover.
End of scene

Scene: A view of a dumpster in a back alley. You hear Zoidberg crying. The camera moves to him inside the dumpster, covered with garbage. He looks into a broken pink pretty-pretty princess mirror.
Zoidberg: “Why did you do what you did? You are the only one who could have changed things! It was all in your claws and you made the wrong choice!”
Zoidberg then puts his claw through the mirror and stands up in the dumpster with the mirror still pierced. He raises his claw.
Zoidberg: “The time for the truth is now!”
Zoidberg gets a load of garbage dropped on him from above then continues to stand there in pose with a banana peel and coffee grounds on his head.
End scene


Scene: Decrepulon 7, near the chasm.
Leela and Amy rush down to the end of the people mover.
Two more guards with robotic suits cross their canes to block the tube entry.
Guard: “What is your business here, young ones?
Leela: “Planet Express delivery. Here with the adult diaper!”
Leela holds up a single diaper.
Guard: “Very well. But only one of you need come on this delivery.”
Amy: “You go Leela, I think a woman your age might find somebody special in there!”
Leela gets really mad.
Leela: “Fine! You go make sure Fry doesn’t get gum all over the controls of the ship. And the only one that I’m coming back out of there with is Bender.”
Leela turns to the guards as Amy walks back up the people mover.
Leela: “So are you gonna let me in?”
Guard: “You may enter but before you do you must make a choice.”
He holds out his hands, one of which has a blue pill on it. The other hand is empty.
The other guard pulls out a bottle of Centrum Silver and shakes one out onto his empty hand.
Guard: “Choose!”
Leela takes the Centrum Silver and is sucked down the tube into the bowels of the chasm.
End scene

Scene: Back at the ship. Fry is sitting up on one of the wings, laughing as the geezers swarm under him.
Fry: “Ha ha HAAAAAA!
As Amy approaches she finds that all of the geezers had piled their walkers together into a structure and were slowly climbing it, trying to get the wooden nickel in Fry’s hand. They repeatedly fall and hip joints again pop.
When Fry sees Amy coming, he tosses down the wooden nickel just as the walker structure totally collapsed. The crowd fought each other in pathetic old people fighting style for the wooden nickel.
Fry climbs in the top hatch of the ship to find Amy inside already. He comes down just in time to see her close her hair in the door.
Amy: “Spleck! Not again!”
Fry: “Amy, what happened in that school that made you drop out?”
Fry opens the door for her.
Amy: “well I don’t really want to talk about it. I don’t want you to know how much of a total Spleef I really am.”
Fry: “No, no. You just go ahead. Spleef is my middle name.”
Amy: “Well…”

Writer unit32

« Reply #3 on: 12-17-2006 05:11 »

Not bad,not bad...OK,I confess,it's better than my(everything's better than my fan-fic).Also,about the fics that inspired you,were they Gopher's and Dead Composer's?

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #4 on: 12-17-2006 05:19 »

Good going. keep it up.

Bending Unit
« Reply #5 on: 12-17-2006 07:55 »

Yeah I've been writing this all day and I've gotta stop now. Let me know what you think about it and maybe give some guesses/suggestions/comments/ideas. Thanks.

And writer unit, I don't think it was theirs. It was whatever was at the top of the list. You, ColdAngel and someone else, I don't know. Any suggestions for good reads? 'Cuz I can't possibly tackle all of the threads in this crazy place. Hell, I never fathomed writing fan fiction. This site promotes creativity.


Scene: (Flashback)Amy is at some mansion, wearing a very lady-like white dress standing in a row with other young ladies while an old woman paces in front of them with a riding crop. Stuffy classical music is playing for a music montage.
There is a scene where Amy is drinking tea and the camera pans over to the old teacher, who wags her finger at her. Amy attempts to lift her pinky but looses grip and drops the teacup. Her teacher puts her hand on her hips.
The next scene she is walking down a hallway with books on her head. The camera is cutting her off at the shoulders. She slips and falls out of sight. Her teacher puts her hands over her eyes in frustration.
The next scene is Amy playing polo. She swings at the ball and misses and her saddle turns upside down and her head is repeatedly hit into the ground. The camera stops following Amy and focuses on her teacher at the side of the field scribbling down something on a clipboard, making loud squeaking noises.
End scene (Still flashback)
The camera is now on Amy and her schoolmates in their room at night. They are sitting in a circle on the floor surrounded by lavish beds and furniture.
Amy: “Oooh! I’ll never be able to graduate from this hoity-toity upstuck princess factory! I just don’t have what it takes!”
Amy’s friend: “Awww. Don’t say that! If you believe in yourself you do anything you want!”
Amy perks her head up. Even though she’s still crying she smiles.
Scene is the next day as Amy approaches her teacher.
Amy: “Ms. Darlingcrumpleton, I have found the strength to believe in myself! I have what it takes to be a lady!”
Ms. Darlingcrumpleton: “Quite the contrary! You have neither the grace nor the tact to ever achieve the standards of this academy! On basis of your poor performance I strongly suggest that you leave right now and stop making a fool out of yourself!”
Amy’s eyes fill with tears as she runs away.
End flashback scene

Scene: Inside the Planet Express ship’s bowels.
Fry: “Aw Amy. You shouldn’t let people tell you what to think. People used to tell me what to think… but I did anyway!”
Amy looks out the porthole.
Amy: “Look! All the old geezers are back in line!”
The camera starts above the crowd. It slowly pans over the people mover and then zooms in on the tube, following it to the bottom. At the bottom we find Leela.
Scene: A dark, decrepit old town with gases leaking from cracks in houses and the street. There are sparse light sources at points up in the air, just barely illuminating the dull place.
Leela: “Right! Got to find bender and get out of here. I’m already getting a craving for cracklin’ oat bran.”
She walks down the street,  looking for open buildings, but they all are dark. She walks for a quarter mile throughout the desolate city when she came upon the police station.
Leela: “I have some money I won betting on the space-greyhounds. I should just be able to waltz in there pay bender’s bail and get us off of this creaky old planet.”
She walked up to the door but it was locked. The sign on it said “Hours Mon-Sat 4:30 AM to 3:00 PM”
Leela: “Great! Now I’m gonna have to find my own way in!”
Leela walked the perimeter until she found a rather large and crusty crumbled-away hole,  leaking gasses and fumes. It was covered with an earwax-like substance.
Leela crawls up to it.
Leela: “Guh!”
She covers her nose and backs off.
Leela: “Bender is gonna owe me big time after this one!”
End scene
Commercial or something

Scene: Zoidberg’s office. Nobody is in there and then suddenly Zoidberg bursts in.
Zoidberg: “Where is it? They don’t want to know but they have to! I must force upon them the truth, this is such!”
He opens a desk drawer and pulls all sorts of crap out, and then a scrapbook with a cover that said John’s precious memories.  He throws it down on the table. It partially opens and you see pictures of Richard Nixon’s head and pictures of beakers and testubes.
He picks the book up and puts it into a manila envelope.

End of scene

Scene: Inside of the old geezer prison. From a disgusting crack in the far wall, Leela emerges. She silently creeps around, bracing the wall. She approaches until she sees bender In an electromagnetic field, which served as a prison cell for him. He is singing “Afternoon delight” She looks at Bender and makes the “Shoosh” motion. Bender looks at her and his eyes extend out.

Leela: “Oh right! Inhibition unit.”
Leela peeks around the corner to see the guards are sitting on chairs. Their dentures are soaking in glasses next to them.
Leela: “Alright. If I can manage to turn off the magnets there’s a slim chance that maybe we can make a break for it!”
She looks at bender and makes a pillow out of her hands and rests her head on it. Bender’s eyes go back into his head again and he starts singing American pie. The guards drift off to sleep and start snoring.
Leela: “Only 8:35 until this song is done! I’d better hurry!”
Leela sneaks into the room and manages to ever so slowly steal the key ring off one of the guards, and both of their weapons. She finds a large control panel and inserts the key to unlock bender’s “cage”.
Bender crashes to the ground violently.
Bender: “Damn you, you old dirty bastards! I’ll kill you!”
The guards wake up and make alarmed noises when they realize they have no weapons. One of them hits a huge red alarm button.
Bender: “We’re boned!”
Leela: “Bender! Here!”
She throws him a cane/space rifle.
Bender: “Yes! Time for violence!
Leela: “Time indeed!”
Rather than deciding to slip back out through the putrid, waxy hole, they blasted their way out through the building. There were old people getting shot everywhere and whimpering on the ground.
The camera is up above the police station looking down as bender and leela run onto the street, panting and gasping.
End scene

Scene: Herme’s office. Hermes sits down to discover a manila envelope on his desk. He picks it up and sees that it has “The thruth!” written on it in crayon.
Hermes: “If dat festerin’ pile of calamari tinks I’m give two tokes about his life story he got anuduh ting comin’!”
He throws the envelope in the trash and walks out of the room, scatting (a doo de da daa).
Scruffy (with a brown moustache) comes in, pushing a broom. He sees the envelope and picks it up. He looks inside. He stares blankly at the first few pages but after the 3rd page he starts gagging and almost vomiting in his mouth. He drops the book.
Scruffy: “It can’t be!”
He hauls ass out of the room. Seconds later the professor enters in a tiff.
Professor: “Dammit Hermes, why aren’t they back yet? The palpitations are getting stronger and  you said that….”
He trailed off as he noticed the book on the ground, spread open. He bent down for it (with tendons and bones creaking) but he saw what was on it before he picked it up.
Professor: “No! No this is terrible! Terrible!”
He faints on the floor.
End scene

Scene: Zoidberg is playing with one of those doll heads that squeezes out clay hair in the lounge.
Zoiberg: “What a load off my mind! Now that they know the truth, I can finally get back to my everyday pleasures!”
He continues squeezing its hair longer when suddenly the giant professor hologram appears in front of him.
Professor: “You cantankerous cephalopod! You should get the death penalty for what you did! Get the hell off my property!”
The hologram once again blasts lightning from its eyes, this time destroying the lounge as it chases Zoidberg. The TV and dollhead burst into flame.
Zoidberg: “Whoop whoop whoop!”
Zoidberg scuttles for the exit.
End of scene

Secene: The professor’s lab, where the professor is looking at a monitor that shows Zoidberg fleeing the lightning. He is sitting rather emotionlessly while he apparently operates the hologram with a Nintendo Power Glove. Hermes walks in the room.
Professor: “Hermes, I need that heart. After the attack this one had today I’m running on fumes here!”
Hermes: “Right professa! Da crew should be back anytime now. Say! Why is it dat you kicked da crayfish out of Planet Express today?”
Professor: “Oh Hermes, it’s the most terrible thing imaginable! Utterly and stupendously disturbing!”
He leans to Hermes and whispers in his ear. Hermes’ eyes light up and he looks terrified.
Hermes: “Great Cattle of Seattle! They have to be destroyed! All of them!”
The camera zooms in on his determined face.
Hermes: “Permanently!”
End of scene


DOOP Secretary
« Reply #6 on: 12-17-2006 08:12 »

Heh, 'Cattle of Seattle'... I would never have thought of that one  :p. Very good.
Nicky boy

Bending Unit
« Reply #7 on: 12-17-2006 08:57 »

exellant. go and work at fox for a loveable low paid job. cool man. p.s i dont know coldangel that much but he is cool.
Writer unit32

« Reply #8 on: 12-17-2006 09:51 »

Cool update.
And about about suggestions for cool reads.Well if you want a shippy fic you should check Jle's, x-number1fan-x's, Apple Tea's, Tastes Like Fry's, Shiny's and most importantely Venus's(there's a lot more,these are just the ones I remembered)
If you want a non-shippy fic,you should check Gopher's, dead Composer's,well and many more.
Also,KitKatBar-Fry made one called Crossing Over.It isn't Futurama themed but,it's still very good.
And of course you should check coldangel's The Real Decoy and The Hero Of Bot-Any.
And don't forget about fan-art.

Bending Unit
« Reply #9 on: 12-17-2006 20:34 »

keep going with different ones

Bending Unit
« Reply #10 on: 12-17-2006 20:46 »

With different what, Bendersucksfry?

Bending Unit
« Reply #11 on: 12-18-2006 04:33 »

great Fan-fic! alot better than my one.

Bending Unit
« Reply #12 on: 12-23-2006 21:23 »

great story

Bending Unit
« Reply #13 on: 12-26-2006 11:36 »

Thanks. I kinda fell off the train here. I'll be motivated sooner or later.

Bending Unit
« Reply #14 on: 12-29-2006 10:57 »

are you going to make more or is it done???

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #15 on: 12-29-2006 11:15 »
« Last Edit on: 12-29-2006 11:15 »

Give the poor guy a chance BSF! Great work takes time, and this story has portential, so stop rushing him.

Actor-mo-tron, I can't believe I missed this fic! Its so cool and it has more than one plotline going which must be hard! I'll be looking out for updates, *bats eyelashs* Keep it up   ;)

« Reply #16 on: 12-30-2006 21:54 »

nice story me likey  :)

Bending Unit
« Reply #17 on: 01-11-2007 11:02 »

Well here's the conclusion of my story. I thought I'd write it tonight, 'til 3:46 in the morning. I didn't get it out exactly like I wanted to, but school is back in session and I figured I'd better
do it now or I'd probably never finish it.

Scene: The middle of the chasm, where the guards are ushering old people into the tube to the darkness below. Estensomatic arms can be seen climbing up the outside of the tube, ever so slowly. As Bender’s body slowly creeps into view, Leela takes aim at one of the guards with a cane/space rifle. She zaps one and then the other with military precision. The feeble old guards, stunned by the blast, fall over the edge into the consuming opaqueness of the deep chasm.

Leela leaps off of Bender and takes stance on the platform in front of the tube. Bender follows suit.
Leela: “Oh no! there are too many old people blocking our path! How are we supposed to get back to the ship?”
Amy and Fry are watching from near the ship.
Amy: (Yelling to Bender and Leela) “I’ve got an idea!”
Fry turns to Amy.
Fry: “It’s time to show Darlingcrumpleton what you’re made of!”
Amy: “Yeah!”
Amy jumps onto her spare party board and zooms into the middle of the great hole towards her stranded comrades. She flies directly to where they are and crashes into Bender, knocking his head off as they both crash to the floor. Her party board lies in ruin.
Amy: “Slp’oh no! But I really believed in myself!”
Bender: “Well get over yourself honey, ‘cuz we have other things to worry about!”
The mob of angry seniors loudly approaches the marooned crew.
Leela: “Great! Bludgeoned to death by the graduating class of 2921!”
Bender (His body standing up): “Orrrr, I could use a little warm up before tonight’s big match!”
Bender grabs his head and bowls it down the people mover, sending old people airborn. They all fall to their doom over the edge into the pit.
Leela: “Alright, it worked!”
The trio race down the people mover towards the ship.
End scene

Scene: In front of the head museum, where Hermes and the Professor are gearing up in part hazmat, part intergalactic battle suits.
Professor: “Now according to this book, they are chained up in sub-basement 3 of the head museum. Are we fully equipped?”
Hermes: “Harpoon – Check. Assault rifle – Check. grenade launcher – Check. Fillet knife – Check. All ready Professa!”
Professor: “Then let us undo this evil that was wrought so many years ago!”
The camera zooms in on Hermes’ determined face
Hermes: “Permanently.”

Hermes and the professor move into positions next to a door marked “Top Secret” in the head museum sub-basement 3.”
Professor: “This is it! There’s no turning back after this! Are you sure you want to do this Hermes?”
Hermes: “Jah save us.”
Hermes turns and kicks in the door. The camera moves to a shot of inside the room, looking out of the freshly busted-in door. The Professor and Hermes enter. The look on their faces is of pure unbridled terror.
Professor: “E Gad! This is more repulsive than my mind will allow me to perceive!”
Hermes: “Enough already! We end this now!”

The camera turns to the duo’s backs. In front of them we see five demented and slurping disgusting creatures. They are hybrid Zoidberg-Nixon creatures!

Professor: “I’ll see you in Hell!”

The camera turns to face Hermes and the Professor head on as they begin blasting their various weapons. Vile, putrid sludge splashes and covers them as the horrid creatures scathingly screech their death howls.

Scene: PE meeting table, with Hermes and the Professor sitting around it, looking completely wiped out and mentally exausted. The professor lifts his hand, which has the Nintendo Power Glove on it.
Professor: “Damn you Zoidberg!”
He presses and button and Zoidberg, who is crouched in a cage suspended from the ceiling, gets zapped by a punishing burst of electricity.
Professor: “Why did you do what you did?”
The camera turns to Zoidy in his cage.
Zoidberg: “Oh it was never meant to be so awful! Nixon needed someone able-bodied to carry on his legacy, and he hired me to do the insemination of his children, with the gene splicing and the DNA and all! Seeing the opportunity, I thought I should be the mother, why not? But I never thought it would turn out like THISSS!! Bawhawhaw!”
The professor repeatedly shocks Zoidberg as the PE ship returns to the hangar. The crew walks over to the table. Bender looks up at Zoidberg getting zapped.
Bender: “Hee hee hee.”
The professor turns to the crew.
Professor: “Why did it take you twice as long as scheduled to complete your mission? This is unacceptable!”
Leela: “What? We completed the mission exactly in time….”
Leela looks at a huge clock on the wall.
Leela: “Oh no! The time difference! We lost out on a whole 24 hours!”
Bender: “AhHH! The Robowling championship! I missed it completely! Now where will I get all of those pesos?”
Bender starts crying and walks off towards the door.
Bender: “Gyuh! Aaayah! Uhhng!”
Professor: “Well, the important thing is that you all made it back safe and in good health. Especially you Amy!”
Hermes: “Ah yes! Amy, could I talk to you for a minute in the surgery theater?”
Amy: “Splo’kay!”

I know the end was rushed and there were some things that I would like to have resolved, but I am currently lacking the creativity and brain power. I also know that it is completely unedited and chock full o' typos and grammarical errors, but I just kind of blurted it out in two sessions. I'm not happy about the way I set it up because it touches on things that Futurama already featured, like old people planet and bowling. I also know the aging twice as fast thing is weak, but OH WELL!

But I had fun writing it and next time I'll have a better idea of what I'll do. I'll definitely take more creative licence with the characters.

If any of you talented artist folk would like to draw a pic or two from my story I would most appreciate it, seeing as I have el zilcho skills at drawing. Maybe a good illustration could bring this story to life a little more.

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