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: Crossing Over....a new story by KitKatBar-Fry  (Read 8659 times)
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DOOP Secretary
« #40 : 11-09-2006 07:04 »


Liquid Emperor
« #41 : 11-09-2006 11:37 »

Right, I've read it aaaaaaaaaaaand, I LOVE IT, once again your writing prowess has passed by my expectations and waving as it sailed by. Pleasing, beuatifully writen, its a brill fic, I really loved the way Todd is fighting his inner Tox. More please

Liquid Emperor
« #42 : 11-09-2006 17:03 »

More it shall be:

Trof assembled his army behind the hill with a surprising swiftness one would not expect from such a short, fat thing. Even the army itself was impressed with their new leader’s skills. Almost nimbly, he clawed his way to the top of a high hill.

      “Right!” He hollered after informing every creature of its specific duty. “You must all remember now, that the mutated Tox, the one who came after Kit, is mine. The beast who destroys it before I shall be slain!” The crowd murmured in agreement.

“Right then. The attack will take place in exactly 15 minutes, for those of you who can’t tell time.”

Having said his piece, Trof jumped down from the bump in the Earth. He really didn’t care about staying to hear one member from each creature’s race give a short, encouraging speech. Their problems, issues, hopes and beliefs did not concern him at all. His mind was set on destruction, and that was all that mattered.

       Unsure of how to pass the time, he decided to search the pod through the bag that he had stolen from Kit. He had seen the fool grab the pouch from a reptilian when it wasn’t looking, and it had been child’s play to take it from him.

     “Worthless human junk.”

Trof muttered as he rummaged through the sack, nosing his way through combs, smooth rocks, creams, mirrors, and papers. He jumped back as his wet snout touched a glass bottle.

     “Interesting.” Said he, and he pulled it out.

In his paw sat a glass vial, marked with a skull and two bones crisscrossing over one another.
Danger! It screamed. Contents Under Maintenance; DO NOT DRINK! Property of Drake.

Trof studied the bottle carefully, caressing every bit of it with his paws. The humans didn’t want anyone to open the bottle, and that was reason enough for him to disobey. He pried the cork from the mouth, and sniffed the juices inside. Nothing smelled poisonous, so with one quick swig, the plump Tox downed the entire vial.

      He smacked his lips in delight. Nothing had killed him yet, as he suspected. The humans never made anything designed to kill. The licked his chops faster, a tingling sensation spreading rapidly across them.

He gasped, his eyes rolling back in his sockets, as a strange sense of power flooded through him. The beast’s toes popped out, forming ones with longer, razor sharp claws. His arms and legs grew larger, bulking as layer upon layer of muscle streamed onto them. His chubby body seemed to stretch like elastic, allowing him to gain at least 2 feet in height.

 All of his senses grew sharper; his eyesight was like that of a hawk’s, his ears could pick out the distinct shuffling of padded feet, and his nose seemed to be unclogged for the first time.

Laughing deeply, he looked himself over with immense pride. Why all the humans did not simply make themselves super-beings was a mystery to Trof, although he suspected it had something to do with keeping balance and peace.

The pathetic humans had no idea what such potions could do for them. Grinding his newly sharpened teeth against each other, he walked out from behind the hill to meet the stares of a hundred beasts.

        “See what has become of me!” He bellowed. “This could happen to all of you, if only the recipes the humans possess can be ours!”

Excited chatter passed through the troops, and each wanted to know what had happened.

       “That is not important.” Trof replied. “All we need to focus on is the task at hand.”

With that, he pointed a clawed hand towards to mountains.

“Let the mutiny begin!”

      Lauren hyperventilated as the deformed man inched his way towards her, using the mountains for stability. She couldn’t bear to see Todd like this, twitching uncontrollably, seeming to wage a war with himself.

He looked sadly at her, and she looked away. No matter what, she would not cry, but she could not sit and watch the madness either. The Tox-human stopped a few inches in front of her hiding place, its teeth clenched in pain.

     “Todd,” she whispered. “Todd, are you still there? Please, if you can, stop it. Fight it! You aren’t dead, because I know that the real you is in there somewhere. And dammit, I’m not going to let you die again!”

Trembling with contained anger, she rose from her position.

      “No! Lauren, don’t be a fool!” Drake whimpered frantically, but to no avail.

The blonde merely walked up to the creature, hands outstretched, revealing that she would not cause it pain. Todd panted, mentally drained. Lauren inched closer, almost right up to him.

       “Wake up, Todd. Just do it, and don’t think twice. Are you a weakling? Because only a weakling would give up. Snap out of it. Snap out of it NOW!”

Would Lauren approve of this? Do you want to put her in danger?

She boldly stepped up to the 7 foot monster and squeezed its furry arm. Kit, meanwhile, looked on in interest. He had never seen a human treat a creature that was not one of their own with kindness. He watched intently, waiting to see what would happen.

She frowned at him. Todd only breathed deeper, and closed his eyes in pain. Instinctively, the young woman gripped his right arm tighter, afraid that if she let go, the opportunity would be lost. The mutant moaned, his legs buckling as if an enormous weight had simply been dropped onto its shoulders.

The images he had been seeing were now a flurry of colors and sounds as he collapsed, shuddering. Lauren stepped back, shocked, and afraid that her friend was dead. She leaned over, putting her head close to his chest, listening for the sound of breathing.

You will cease this madness. The voice rang loud and clear.

He jerked back quickly as his eyes snapped open.

         “Lauren?” He asked in a raspy voice, seeing the blonde’s head near him. “Ha! I thought you were dead! The machine, I saw it explode, I tried to save you, I really did, I don’t know what happened, the Toxes were caving in like raindrops, and…” He looked out of the corner of his eye. “What’s with my arms?”

Chapter 13

It was a long and complex story that Lauren would have to revise to Todd, so she decided to tell him only the bare essentials. When she was finished, he stepped back, staring at his own body.

 He looked physically impressive, he would admit that, but now that the Tox half of his mind had evaporated, it was still the same old Todd hiding under that shell of power.

   “I want the old me back.” He whimpered, looking dejectedly at his clawed hand. “And I need a new jacket and pants-these ones are all ripped up. Oh, and Lauren?” The blonde faced him. “Thank you.” She smiled.

    “This is all very touching, but should we not be preparing for the army?” Dreyfus spoke up, and Lauren remembered for the first time that he and the others were still there.

    “Yes, my deductions state that the army is 708.5 feet away, in the hill area northwest from here. We should think of a strategy to beat them.” His brother replied.
The crowd muttered in agreement.

     “Have you all forgotten me?” A voice interjected. Kit walked up to them, holding Artimus’ limp body in his hands. “Do not think, humans, that simply because you saved me, I do not still hold a grudge against you. My nephew, Artimus, is the sole reason I will not rip out your jugulars and show them to you this very instant.”

He didn’t really mean that. The Tox had always hated the humans for their freedom, their abilities. Perhaps that was why his nephew had joined the Peace Officers. He, a youngling, had figured it out first. A new thought crowded his mind.

Was what he was doing right?

But that didn’t matter. He would never allow himself to be seen as a weakling, a coward. So he continued on as he had before.

“I do not want to harm him, nor do I want to see him die. I am unsure of who exactly is leading my army now, but whoever they are should not be. Perhaps, instead of this fighting, we could come to an agreement of some sort? Allow those who are worthy the same lives as you, although we are not asking for reign of the entire Earth.”

His noble speech struck the Peace Officers as odd, but they were willing to accept any attempts at peace right then. Kit set Artimus on the ground, and adjusted his whirring eye.

   “I will fight for you, if only it gives the good Toxes the chance to gain what I wanted to gain through force.”

It was a fair enough trade, so Caleb walked out from behind the rocks to shake the Tox’s paw.

    “We will talk once the traitors are stopped.”

    “It won’t be long then!” A Feaver called out from behind a rocky ledge. “Here they come!”
Indeed, a formation of various creatures were marching towards them, lead by none other than Trof.

     “He looks like me!” Todd exclaimed, and indeed, Trof resembled a meaner, nastier version of the young teen. Trof’s eyes sparkled a dark red, though, and even the mere sight of him was enough to assume that he was not on the peaceful side of the war.
       “The V-Formation!” the new Tox leader screamed at his troops in a hollow voice.

Quickly, they assembled themselves into the grouping Trof had taught them; Yazelles up in the front, ready to use their huge horns to clear a path for the rest of the army, forming the point of V. The Toxes and Fackals backed them up, and the Lyenas were stationed in the back, armed with agility and sharp teeth the others could not equal.

The demon leader waited, preparing for the right time to stage their attack. They were halfway across the field, watching as the Peace Officers scrambled around wildly, trying to prepare their army.

They assembled on the other side, although not nearly in such a promising formation, and began to march towards them as well. Only 200 feet separated them, then 175, then 150, then…

      “CHARGE!” Trof roared.

      “CHARGE!” Came a similar command from across the field, and both armies began to run, full force, at each other, bringing their claws or talons up to strike.

The Vowls flew overhead, launching a flurry of rocks onto the evil army, and taking out a few of the Yazzelles up front.

“Ready yourselves!” Dreyfus screamed.

The enormous group of animals clashed within seconds, and the battle truly began. What was once a peaceful field of violet grass turned red, and the field was an array of slashing, biting, pecking, and screams.

The Vowls were the most efficient and most protected of all; their wings allowed them to skip away from dangerous claws and teeth, and their talons enabled them to snatch up enemies and drop them somewhere else, out of range of the battle. But they too were still falling.

     Todd watched in fear as a Fackal and a Fear rolled in front of him, ripping the others fur, and snarling terribly. The Fackal caught a glimpse if him standing there, and even as the Fear rolled on top of it, trying to force it to the ground, reached out and snapped at his foot.

 It managed to pull out a few hairs, but was enough to send him yowling. In response, he thrust his powerful cross of hand and paw at the Fackal’s jaws, clamping them shut.

 The creature writhed, trying to free itself from his hold, but Todd did not let go, allowing the Hrizzly Fear to send a good blow to the animal’s head. It slumped, unconscious, and the Fear thanked him before bounding towards a Yazzelle.

Filled with adrenaline, the young teen too searched for an enemy to fight, lest he stand and do nothing at all. He looked around wildly, confused at where to begin, seeing, hearing with acute senses everything that was going on.

A furry blur leaped in front of him, and he shot out his clawed hand, grabbing the creature by the neck.

     “Let go of me, dunderhead!” Kit shouted, and Todd was about to let go, when a creature knocked him free of his grasp for him.

     Todd reeled as he saw the monster, even more hideous than himself, rise up from all fours. It was the only other warrior as tall as he, and it frightened the teen.

     “You are mine.” Trof growled, and lunged at Todd, claws raking the air.

Using superhuman reflexes, the teen dodged him, as hooked fingers whistling the air an atom’s length away. Prepared to fight, Todd attempted to look intimidating, and he bared his teeth. The new Tox simply laughed at his gesture, and shot out one quick paw, grazing Todd’s chest. He drew back, staring at his mauled appendage in horror.

 Blood stains seeped through the battered remains of his blue jacket, causing it to seemingly glow a dark red color. The pain that anchored itself on his chest was gruesome, and the teen grabbed himself, trying to contain the wound. He gritted his teeth and ran through the battalion of animals, searching for a way out.
He jumped over a squabble of Toxes and Feavers, dodged a falling Vowl, and collided with the horns of a Yazzelle. The angry creature snorted, lowered its head and launched its antlers at Todd’s legs. He leapt out of the way, seeing Trof hot on his tail.

        Lauren, having been near the front of the army, was one of the first to feel the wave of animals make contact with her side. She too was busy fighting, even though she had no weapons, and no magnetizers.

Fists and feet were all she needed, and she sent bone-shattering blows to any creature that crossed her path. The blonde, however, was not unscathed; there were bruises and cuts to prove that she had played a part in the assault.

Her comrades were fighting valiantly, but the bloodshed did not seem to be occurring in their favor.

Every time she glanced around, it seemed as though more Fears, Kaguars, Feavers, and even Vowls were losing to their opponents than they were winning.

 Although every one of the animals were told not to kill any enemy, but rather knock them out, Trof’s army had no morals whatsoever. Some were forced to become murderers, to save their lives, while others gave up on the rules for no specific reason.

Artimus was fighting with the skills of a true warrior, and she smiled. Lauren was about to ask him a question when a Tox leapt onto him, rendering him unable to speak.

Instead, the blonde sidled up to Drake,  who was reaching into his pockets every so often, and throwing glasses with various fluids to the floor, some of which released toxins that made any animal that came too close slump, unconscious, to the ground.

     “Have you seen Todd?” She asked him, pausing a moment to trip a Fackal, then hit it the back of the neck. The animal fell asleep instantly, and Drake’s brother replied for him.

   “I saw that huge Tox following him some time ago. I think they were heading for the-” He stopped to throw a charging Yazzelle out of his way. “-To the mountains.”

She thanked him, and ran through the fighting animals, searching for him.
    “Todd!” She called out “Todd, where are you?”

DOOP Secretary
« #43 : 11-09-2006 18:39 »

"I'm in the glove compartment!"

Liquid Emperor
« #44 : 11-09-2006 18:58 »

I don't get it. What does that mean? You Aussies and you Aussie-slang... :p

DOOP Secretary
« #45 : 11-09-2006 19:05 »
« : 11-09-2006 19:05 by coldangel_1 »

“Todd, where are you?”
-"I'm in the glove compartment!"

That's just me being weird and random. The glove compartment is the compartment in the dashboard of your car where you keep your smokes and your field knife. Too small for a human or humanoid to conceal him or herself. Hence the ridiculousness.

Liquid Emperor
« #46 : 11-09-2006 19:12 »

I know what a glove compartment is. Just the randomness of the post got me a-wondering if maybe that was some kind of slang or something.
*clunks head*
Silly me. Shoulda known you'd be random enough to post something like that for no apparent reason.

DOOP Secretary
« #47 : 11-09-2006 19:16 »

Random like a FOX!

Liquid Emperor
« #48 : 11-10-2006 06:37 »
« : 11-10-2006 06:37 »

Ah, I see.
I was searching deviantart this morning and randomly typed in Todd (my screen name is ToddandLauren4eva, to let you know) and came up with fox-human cross overs:

I thought this one really was closest to matching up with my Todd. I don't know what the hell that little dude sitting on his foot is, so don't ask.
This pic lands the real him, though. Sad, kinda. But this one's not as buff as my Todd is described to be.     :)

DOOP Secretary
« #49 : 11-10-2006 06:43 »

'Tis a common name. Think nothing of it.

Liquid Emperor
« #50 : 11-10-2006 06:46 »

Yah, but I have a suspicion it also had to do with that Disney movie the fox and the hound. The fox was named Todd. So, maybe some people decided to make him a human, I dunno. But I just thought this was really cool. That pic up there captures his teenag, stupid side. Not the evil one.

DOOP Secretary
« #51 : 11-10-2006 06:51 »

Evil shemevil - I wana see it eating someone.

Liquid Emperor
« #52 : 11-10-2006 10:48 »

Poor Todd, big nasty Trof after him, lemme at him! Don't hurt Todd, pleeease!

Love the story ;)

Liquid Emperor
« #53 : 11-10-2006 22:05 »

Thankies, dudette.
No update today (It'll be up tomorrow) but I drew all of the fighting animals:

Maniac. Pure crazyness in a Lyena.

The roughest-looking one of the bunch, in my opinion.  :hmpf: But you get the idea. (and it doesn't have spots!)

Wee! The charging pose was so much fun to draw!  :D And the face and muzzle turned out better then I had expected, too.


Liquid Emperor
« #54 : 11-10-2006 22:07 »

Sorry I had to double post, flood control wouldn't let me post all of them at once:

Ah, a big lovable...thing.

My favorite one. I've always adored owls and other birds of prey for their talons. I think this one came out the best, too. I'm very proud of it.

These are all rough and quick, but I thought the overall jist was felt. I didn't draw the Toxes and Frocodilians because
a) We already know what they look like from other drawings.
b) I'm a lazy ass.  :p
Hope you like 'em!
Update tomorrow!

DOOP Secretary
« #55 : 11-10-2006 22:14 »

Och! Lots of awesome pictures.

Liquid Emperor
« #56 : 11-10-2006 22:19 »

Thanks, dude. I really wanted to see how they lookd on paper. I bet they don't look like what you envisioned, eh?  :p

DOOP Secretary
« #57 : 11-10-2006 22:29 »

No, but nothing ever does.
Apple Tea

Bending Unit
« #58 : 11-11-2006 03:13 »

Ooo very nice drawings, you're very good at drawing them animal dealies.

I just read your story all at once, my heads a little dizzy, but I must say it's very well written.

Liquid Emperor
« #59 : 11-11-2006 07:15 »

Thank you, Apple Tea. A lot of effort was put into this story. I've been working on it for a whole 2 months now.

Liquid Emperor
« #60 : 11-11-2006 08:24 »

And its a two months well spent by the looks of it, loving the pics Kitkat

Liquid Emperor
« #61 : 11-11-2006 09:14 »

Thanks, jle. Here's that update:
Chapter 14

Farther away from the battle he ran, and nearer to the mountains. He knew that there, he might be able to lose the thing that was following him. Todd panted, out of breath, as he clambered up the mountainside. He pulled himself up, ledge by ledge, and almost lost his footing. His clawed feet scraped the boulders, spraying pebbles into the face below him.

    “ARRGGHHHH!” Trof yelled, clutching his eyes.
He pulled back his paws, shaking in rage.

 The teen saw his chance, and coiled all the muscles in his legs. The leap that was released from his furry appendage was incredible, and he seemed to soar straight up the jagged alps. He turned around to see where Trof was, but was instead greeted by a pair of claws. The Tox closed its paws around Todd’s neck and slammed him against the wall of the mountain.

    “You,” he spat, “have caused me nothing but trouble. First, you had to show up with the Peace Officers to immobilize my people, then play ‘Mr. Heroic’ and keep the girl from dying. And now, look at you! The only being here who could physically destroy every creature down there, and you aren’t even smart enough to outrun me.” His words slithered into the teen’s pointed ears, and he stared, transfixed at the animal.

    “No matter, though.” Trof said. “You and I, we could overpower everyone. Our strength, combined with human technology, would make us unstoppable! Think of the possibilities! Think of your friends-sure they’ve saved your life a few times, being a team, but what do you really owe them? Simply because they chose to save you doesn’t mean you have to save them.”

Todd pondered on that offer for a moment, but shook his head.

   “No.” He stated flatly. “I can’t do that to my friends.” The Tox ambassador’s face fell.

    “Then I have no choice but to kill you.” He cooed, and dug his claws into Todd’s neck.

     “Todd!” Lauren screamed, willing a reply to come and comfort her, but only the sounds of wounded and dying animals met her ears.
 She slowly made her way towards the jagged peaks, running around fighting beasts, barely able to escape from the various pairs of daggers that shot out at her every so often. One Tox, breaking free of a scuffle with a Kaguar, shouted and pointed at the girl.

     “That one! That girl is the one who brought us into this mess in the first place!”
All other Toxes within hearing range perked up their ears, wanting to know where the troublemaker stood.

      “Let’s get her!” One with only half an ear remarked.

Teeth and claws bared, every one of Kit’s old companions that could break free from the fighting charged blindly towards the blonde. She turned and ran back, weaving her way in and out of the massacre.

     “AAAAAAAAH!” A yowl was heard, and a Kaguar flew into her path, sending her tumbling.

The Toxes snickered and formed a tight circle around her. Boldly, she put out her fists, ready to jab the first to leap onto her. The one with the bitten ear made the first move, and she lashed out a punch that would have knocked a human out.

Even as she lay on her back, Lauren used all of her might to set loose a flurry of kicks and punches, but it was not enough. The furry animals circled faster, moving in for the kill. One was about to snap its jaws onto her ankle when another one of the circling beasts broke out of the movement and smacked into its head.

     “Artimus!” Lauren cried out joyfully, and the young pup gave her a quick salute before returning to the fight. “Thank you!” She yelled over her shoulder, as she got back up and headed towards the mountains.

As the Toxes were preoccupied for the moment, exiting the swarm of creatures was significantly easier. The young woman reached the base of the mountain in time to see Trof slam her friend onto a ledge, 500 feet up.

    “Oh, God, no.”

     Todd’s hairy face turned a dark blue as Trof squeezed tighter, drawing blood with his sharp nails. His tongue flailed wildly as he tries to suck in whatever air there was. His black nose twitched, begging for oxygen. Vision grew dimmer with each passing moment, and the world began to cloud over.

For the third time in his life, the teen could feel his body shutting down, giving way to the impending doom. But this time, a white light could be seen, glittering brilliantly in the distance. A legion of angelic voices followed. One voice seemed different from the rest, almost familiar.

     “Todd…..” It sang. “Todd….if you can hear me…..use…your legs…...”

Almost all of his energy had been sapped up, and Todd was unwilling to try to survive.

     “I can’t…do it.” He told the angel, but it ignored him.

     “Hurry up...quickly, shove...him off.”

Unable to shake the song from his mind, the young man brought one leg back, slowly, and pushed it forward. Almost instantly, the light, the angels, the singing, and the darkness evaporated into thin air, and the world made sense again.

Collapsing to the ground, the teen sucked in as much air as his lungs would allow, and retched over the side of the mountain. As his eyesight focused, he could make out the details of a long, blonde ponytail, rushing towards him and Trof.

     “No, no! Lauren, don’t!” He choked, warning her to stay away from the super-being.

Too late, the girl stopped as Trof turned to greet her. Smirking, his red eyes glistened as he took one small step towards her.

     “Well, girl, it seems as though this is the end of the line for you. How do you think your friend here will like you, when you’re a pile of squashed bones and guts?”

He ran at her, raising one leg to kick her in the stomach and have her fall to her death. Inches away from what he thought would soon be nothing but a carcass, his ankle gave way from under him, and he faltered; Todd had grabbed his calf, sending him sliding over the mountainside.

His nails raked the rocky edge as he slipped, then disappeared as he dropped over the edge. Todd and Lauren shared a sigh of relief, now that the monster was finally gone.

      “I’m glad that’s over.” The blonde breathed, walking slowly towards her friends. “Now that Trof’s gone, I’m sure that we can win this-”

 She was cut short as a furred hand reached over the edge, grabbing Todd’s foot.

      “NO!” She cried, as Trof pulled her companion over the edge.

The girl ran to the side of the cliff, watching in terror as both Trof and her friend plummeted downwards, screaming in fear.

To be Continued...

Liquid Emperor
« #62 : 11-11-2006 11:06 »

THAT'S MEAN!!! *bursts into tears* I thought you were nice, but you killed Todd! YOU KILLED TODD!

Liquid Emperor
« #63 : 11-11-2006 11:29 »

Ah, ah, ah...Don't you cry, jle. Maybe, just maybe Todd won't die. I could be kind, let him live, let him get together with Lauren...

Or I might be evil and kill him!!!!!!!!!
Huahahaahhahahaha!  :evillaugh:

Liquid Emperor
« #64 : 11-11-2006 13:15 »

*reads first bit and stops crying* You mean it, you'll let him live? And get together with Lauren?
*reads next bit and bursts into tears again*
Pleeeeeease Kitkat, don't kill him, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

Liquid Emperor
« #65 : 11-11-2006 19:44 »

Lol don't worry. I hated it when you killed Fry in your fic. I'm not the type to kill the main character. I mean sure, it can sometimes add for a plot twist, but the audience never likes it.


*read this for info on why and how I wrote the book*

Actually, I have recently read the entire Silverwing trilogy-3 books by Canadian author Kenneth Oppel about 2 bats and their quest to restore peace among animals, and rejoin their colony. They are possibly the best books I have ever read although the main character dies in the end of book 3; I have even taken it into my own hands to insert ideas (not plagerism) into my writing.

For example, in the book a minor character named Orestes the owl was an understudy to his father, a great king. I was fascinated with the very idea of wanting to prove oneself like that, so I made Artimus a runty thing with Kit as his father. (Originally they were inrelated.) Also, one of the main characters, Shade, was a runt wanting to prove he was not worthless, as well, giving me even more to work with.

Marina, another main character, was a smarter bat then he, in a sense. Although he was not at all stupid like Todd is. Frequently outsmarting him, and a little rough around the edges after being separated from her colony as a youngling gave me inspiration for Lauren.

Drake is named after a consellation in the form of a dragon. He was based on a wise old bat named Zephyr in the book, but very loosly. Bumbling scientists can be funny and helpful to a plot line, so he was shaped.

Dreyfus, named after a hard, bitter old man named Dreyfus form the old Pink Panther cartoons was a bit more challenging. How does one come up with a character that is angry, polluted, yet still has emotions that are beleivable? Tricky, but I think I managed to pull it off.

Todd was an idea from my own head; stupid, yet lovable. He is supposed to be the very definition of dumbass, but that helps him t express his true emotions. The teen is supposed to be so stupid that he cannot understand the idea of trickery, of lies. And that is what helps him to be enjoyed.

And lastly, Kit and Trof. Kit was purely from my own mind. A leader who was dim-witted and cliche proved to be funny, yet could be scary too. And hurtful. Trof too was pulled from only my mind; I decided a servant turnng against his master would be an interesting plot twist.

Fun Facts:

-Drake is named after a consellation of stars
-I chose Lauren's hair to be blonde on purpose. It was supposed to relish in the fact that most blondes are conceived to be stupid, but this one is as far away from that as possible.
-The original concept for the story was no technology at all, and aliens everywhere. But once I thought of the Isles, I thought of the Peace Officers and from there, limited space travel.
-Todd was originally going to pop out into the middle of nowhere, not on Drake's lab table.
-Early concepts of Drake and Dreyfus showed them as twins who liked to play pranks together.
-In the original story Lauren wore a soldier cap.
-Trof was added much later into the story. Originally, Kit was going to be the bad guy throughout the entire story.
-Artimus also came late; he was conceived after I decided the story need an enemy ally.
-Caleb was originally a hippie with long hair and an open vest. (much like FreeWaterFallJr.)

And that's it. I'm not sure why I made this. I guess I just really wanted to explain to someone the works and build of the entire plot. Noone else would listen for more than 2 minutes, so I turned to you guys.  :)
Hope you foound it at all enjoyable. I know reading articles like that on books or TV shows are fun for me. Maybe some PEELers will appreciate it, too.

DOOP Secretary
« #66 : 11-11-2006 19:57 »

Good stuff.
Apple Tea

Bending Unit
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hm...yes, wonderful!

Liquid Emperor
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Cool bio, and I'm so glad you're not gonna kill Todd! Seriously, I was crying my eyes out untill I read that.

Liquid Emperor
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Glad you enjoyed it.
*breathes in relief*
I just really needed to tell someone. Thanks for listening.  :)

Chapter 15

Todd grabbed onto Trof for support as they fell down towards the rocky ground. It loomed closer with each passing second, and the teen found himself wishing that he had climbed higher.

      “Now at least I shall get to see my enemy die, too.” Trof said with chilling calmness.

Todd shuddered. How someone could be so relaxed when death was so near was displeasing, to say the least. The thought filled him with a strange sensation, though. It took a moment for him to figure it out, but the young man realized that, he too was not as fearful as he expected.

“Weird.” He thought to himself.

These occurrences took place in less than 2 seconds, which was all it took for Todd to be able to make out individual pebbles on the ground. A flat pancake, that was what he was going to be, nothing but a flat pancake, with ooey, gooey maple syrup spread out across him.

His breathing quickened, and the fear that had been stored up inside of him during the freefall gushed out. He didn’t want to die; he had made it out countless other times. His eyes narrowed, and he knew what he had to do in order to live.

 There was only 100 more feet to go, when he clutched Trof’s arm tightly, stuck out a furry arm and slapped it across the mountainside. His long nails latched into a crevice in the rock, and he and the other Tox whipped back upwards.

 The strain on his arm was nearly enough to break it, and only through a miracle did he remain unscathed. A light breeze blew onto the creatures’ faces, sending them bumping indignantly into the wall. Using the bulk of muscles in his forearm, Todd pulled himself up onto the small platform, still gripping Trof with both hands.

     “I don’t want to kill you if I can help it.” He explained to the Tox leader, and was met only by an empty stare. “I’m going to need to use all of the strength in my hands and shoulders to hoist you up here, so I’m going to kind of let go. Just keep holding my paw tightly, and everything’s going to be Ok.”

His firm clench slackened, and Todd planted his hairy legs into the small space, straining to pull the heavy creature upwards. He gave a small gasp as Trof’s tense hold grew softer.

     “Don’t let go!” He cried. The beast glared at him with its piercing red eyes.

     “Do you think I would ever put my life in human hands? I’d rather die.” He snarled.

He dug his claws fiercely into Todd’s flesh, causing him to cry out in anguish.

     “I will never be your friend. Remember that, human.”

Having said his piece, Trof released his hold on the other mutant, and dropped silently towards the spiked earth.
     Lauren looked over her shoulder, making sure that the ledge beneath her was stable. Having seen Todd fall to the ground, she had begun to make her way precariously back to the bottom. It didn’t take very long for her to figure out that getting back down was far more difficult that climbing up, and was regularly slipping on the steep edges. Awful thought kept crisscrossing through her minds as she made her descent.

    “What if he’s dead again? What if Trof is still alive? We can't revive him if he's lying in pieces."

She forced herself to push the frightening thoughts from her head, but they kept slithering in.

Each step she took grew more forceful as she berated herself for leaping at Trof in the first place.

    “I’ve got it!” An unseen voice yelled suddenly.

Jerking in surprise, Lauren’s foot waved madly in the air, searching for her foothold. It found none, and she gave a light gasp as she found herself gripping nothing but thin air.
    Todd stood trembling on the platform. He had seen Trof fall, and not get up again. If only he’d held on tighter...

  But that wasn’t important. He looked up from the ground below and sighed. How he was going to get off of the piece of land that was jutting out mystified him. After a few moments, he almost had an idea form in his head. He racked his brain, straining to come up with a plan, but the idea dissolved in his mind. Growing nervous, he scanned the mountainside, and his eyes came to rest on a vulture that was making its way down the cliffs to the right.

     “What an ugly looking bird.” He thought to himself, and looked closer at it. “Hold on...birds don't have arms. Not even pterodactyls do."

In fact, it wasn’t a bird at all. As he peered on, he recognized the shape as Lauren, slowly making her way down. He wanted desperately to help her, but couldn’t think of a thing. Maybe if he took a great running leap, he could reach her and tell her he had survived.

     “I’ve got it!” His voice rang out, echoing across the chasms.

Gleefully, the teen looked back towards Lauren, ready to tell her his plan. His eyes widened as he saw her falling head over heels towards the ground. Without thinking, he ran to the back of the ledge, and then ran all-out. The leap that he took towards her descending body could easily have been mistaken for flying, and he soared across the empty space.

In mid-flight Todd caught her body, and held her close to himself. His claws clung to the opposite mountain like a spider, and he spread out all 4 legs to gain traction. The slipping stopped when they were only another 25 feet from the ground, so the young man jumped down the rest of the way. Gently, he placed the blonde back onto the ground.

     “Thank you.” She said.

     “Aw, don’t thank me. I’m the one who made you slip in the first place. You know that big ‘I’ve got it’? That was me.” He replied, smiling pleasantly.

The girl’s voice rose, and she got red in the face.
     “It was you that almost killed me!? I mean it, Todd, if there wasn’t a war happening right beside us, I swear I would give you a lecture you’d never forget.”

The teen bowed his head and nodded sulkily.

     “But since we still have to fight, I guess you’re off the hook.”

His head perked back up, and the dog-like features of his face shone with happiness. Lauren waved her hand, beckoning him to follow her.
     “Let’s go.” She said. “We’ll find out just how powerful these animals are when they no longer have a leader to do everything for them.”
Todd looked at the ground quietly.

     “What’s wrong?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know, it’s just, I had the chance to help him, but I couldn’t. I feel like it was kind of my fault, even though he wanted to die. Wouldn’t you feel bad too?”

She looked at him for a moment like he had said something extremely stupid. How could you feel sad when you took care of the problem?
    “I know it sounds silly, but it’s our job to make sure nothing bad happens to these uh, animals, right?”

A smile etched itself into the corners of her mouth. He wasn’t stupid, just very...compassionate.

“Yah.” She replied. “Now let’s get a move on-the others need us.”

   The two friends raced towards the crowd of raging creatures, which now looked significantly smaller. There were virtually no Toxes left, with the exception of Kit.

Only Kit.

      “Where’s Artimus?” Todd asked, as a scuffed Lyena pinned him to the ground.

      “I don’t know.” Lauren replied hastily, preparing to take on a group of Fackals. She kicked two in the side of the head at the same time, and turned to help him out.

“I haven’t seen him since he took on that pack of…Oh, no.”

She pulled the Lyena off of her friend, gave it a quick blow to the back of the head, and started to run. She sprinted across the violet grass, calling out the young pup’s name. Todd followed close behind, scraping away any of the filth that tried to sneak up on Lauren. The blonde looked around wildly until her eyes landed on the two Frocodilians and Caleb.

    “Where’s Artimus?” She screeched.

    “There’s no time for idle talk now, girl. We can find him once this battle is over. If we stop fighting, it won’t matter where he is, he’ll be a goner!” Replied the Weapons Manager.
    “I haven’t seen him around either.” Caleb also answered over his shoulder.

 He grabbed a short Yazzelle and gripped him in the Sleep Hold. “I’m sorry.”

She nodded fearfully. But, Dreyfus was right; there would be no time to waste if the Peace Officers were going to win the war.

   “Beasts!” She yelled, alerting her followers. “All that can, break away from your fight and gather here, beside me!” She spread her arms out wide, making her presence known.

 As a safety precaution, she had Drake and Dreyfus form a ring around her, protecting her from any enemy’s claws.

   Dozens of the remaining Fears, Kaguars, Feavers, Vowls, and Kit charged or flew towards their leader. A few stragglers were left behind, either being too injured or simply unable to pull away. Lauren and Todd watched as one Fear tried to drag a Kaguar from a swarm of Fackals. The two creatures struggled as the big cat slipped and slid in a pool of its own blood.

 The now crimson-colored animals cried out as 5 of the desert enemies leaped onto the, pulling out fur and savagely biting into both of them.

Unable to continue looking, the two friends looked away, instead focusing their attentions on the supporting group that was heading towards them from all angles.

     “Heh, hehe, hehe-Where’s, haha! Where’s Trof?” A Lyena’s piercing laugh rang out, its voice worried. “He’s, haha, supposed to tell us what to do when we’re losing!”

A wave of hideous screams broke out among the evil creatures. They scrambled like hens, searching for their leader. He was nowhere to be seen.
    “He’s not here!”

    “I saw him run to the mountains over there!”

    “He must have been killed by the humans! Run for your lives!”

    “No! Attack them! They are still weaker than we are!

Various voices called out, some frightened, while others were still determined to beat the humans. Only about 2 thirds of the animals stood and faced the Peace Officers, while the rest turned tail and ran for the pod in which they had arrived in. But Lauren and the others were far too quick for that.

    “Kaguars!” The blonde called out to the agile and quick felines. “Cut them off!”

    “And don’t hurt them!” Caleb put in.

The cats hissed and raised the fur on their backs, making it seem as though they had almost doubled in size. They bounded towards the escaping mammals, blacks spots flashing vividly with each quick turn they made. The Kaguars crossed the gap between them and their adversaries very quickly, and began to pin each of them to the ground.

   “Vowls! Carry them to the mountains!” The General requested.

The huge birds swooped down low, their giant wingspans filling nearly the entire sky. They fanned their tails, outstretched monstrous talons, and grabbed the animals. Each then flapped its wings, shot upwards, and headed towards a high ledge. Almost delicately, the Vowls placed Fackals, Yazzelles, and Lyenas onto it. They roared in terror, unable to leap down from something so far up.

    “Now the others! Get them!”

Because 1/3 of the enemy had been taken to the high ledge, the battle was a far fairer match now. Both sides had an equal amount of fighters, ready to give it their all. There was only one small, but crucial difference.

  One side had a leader.

Too be continued...

Liquid Emperor
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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, Tood's alive and I have a sneaking suspition that Lauren likes him... YOU ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

DOOP Secretary
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Warrior cats. There's a guy I know writing an infinately shitty book about warrior cats (truly, you're a million times the writer he is). And he conned me into drawing his characters for him. I'll show you one of them that happens to be fighting an army of rats:

It's old now, and I didn't put much effort into it, but you get the idea. He's made me do nearly a hundred of these damn things.
Your update reminded me of them.
Apple Tea

Bending Unit
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Hurray everything's ok!  Except for the bloodbath that's gonna take place...

Liquid Emperor
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Very cool picture, you got there. Bloody, too.
I'm sure this acquaintance of yours can't be all that bad a writer-I'm only 16, for gosh sakes. I can't possibly be much better...
I think. But thank you very much for the compliment.
That drawing of yours is so good, and with such a unique style that I can't help but ask; would you mind drawing a picture of a battle like that for me? I would truly be grateful for that.
And my next update has something in it (I won't tell yet!) that I would also like you to draw, if you could.
It's the sort of drawing I'm sure jle would appreciate.  :flirt:

DOOP Secretary
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« : 11-12-2006 15:37 by coldangel_1 »

Ahh.... so long as it isn't enormous. I got a bunch of things I'm doing on the back-burner. But drop me an email or whatever giving specifics and I'll see what I can put together.

And the guy really IS that bad a writer. He spelt wisdom 'wizdome'. No joke.

Liquid Emperor
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How quickly you forget-
I do not give my e-mail out, silly. So I can't e-mail you.
It doesn't have to be enourmous, no. The size and number of fighters in that other picture was great. And as for specifications-well, there are just two:
Please make sure Todd and Lauren are in it.
Please try to have at least a few other creatures of your pick (Fears, Vowls, Fackals, Yazelles, etc.) Fighting them.
Run wild with your own design and everything when you draw it. I find people work much better when they are not limited to a particular scene.
I look forward to seeing Todd and Lauren in your style, eh.
Thanks if you can!  :)

DOOP Secretary
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Right. When I get a chance.

Liquid Emperor
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Excellant. Thanks very much.

DOOP Secretary
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What weapons should they have, the good guys and the bad guys?

Liquid Emperor
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No weapons, remember. But if you decide to draw Drake in there somewhere, I described him as throwing bottles with fumes onto the ground.
But otherwise it's claws, teeth, fists, and feet.
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