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Author Topic: KitKatBar-Fry Decides To Hand-Draw Some Stuff Too  (Read 15178 times)
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DOOP Secretary
« Reply #200 on: 10-26-2006 21:19 »

If it turns out to be okay to post non-Futurama literature I might look to putting up some excerpts from my novel.

Urban Legend
« Reply #201 on: 10-26-2006 21:24 »

Yeah, I've written some short stories and comic books I wouldn't mind sharing

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #202 on: 10-27-2006 04:50 »

Thanks, guys-hope you like it (if I'm allowed) And that's enough replies, so all 3 of the remaining main characters shall be drawn and up by today. Along with a piece of the story!!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #203 on: 10-27-2006 16:46 »
« Last Edit on: 10-27-2006 16:46 »

Hehe, another double post!
Well, here it is. There are actually 4 main characters; I left out Drake, the Scientist. I couldn't draw a lab coat....  :cry: Just imagine Dreyfus with a slightly kinder looking face and a lab coat. Here are the others:

The stupid one.

Not you average dumb blonde. Hell, no.

Quiet, peaceful. Good with speeches.

I will try to illustrate whenever I can, and add Futurama pictures inbetween. (To keep things at least partially on-topic.)
Enjoy the story!
Crossing Over

Chapter 1
Todd and his friend Lauren made their way through the woods rather silently, enjoying a moment of peace. They were making their way towards their town at the bottom of a hill; taking a short-cut through the forest would bring them closer to the houses below. All that stood in the companions’ path was a road that winded around the small mountain. It was a sharp turn, and one had to be careful when stepping out onto the road. Todd played quietly with his favorite yo-yo as he crunched across the dry leaves, relaying the day’s events in his mind. The brunette boy gave his shoulder-length hair a slight shake and turned towards his blonde friend.
   “Uh, do you want to quiz me again?”
She turned towards him and smiled.
   “Sure.” She replied without hesitating. The teen would often help her friend with his schoolwork, as he wasn’t very bright. But, no matter what foolish stunt he pulled, she never grew angry, never yelled, and always remained calm.
   “Are you sure you want to, though? The last time we did that, you gave up. Maybe it would be better if we waited ‘till tomorrow, when we have school.”
   “I dunno. Why do we have to learn this stuff, anyways?”
    “Well, we’re both 17; and history is supposed to be an important subject. It’s very simple, once you know it. It’s just memorizing a bunch of names and dates.” She answered.
He shoved his hands into the pockets of his blue jacket, obviously disgruntled. He’d always had problems remembering junk like that. Who cared, anyways?
They broke out of the trees and onto the road silently. Lauren looked sadly at the teen. They had always been best friends since grade 3, and ever since then, he had had problems with people teasing him about his intelligence.
     “Todd, I know you’re upset, but-“
The blonde was cut off as twin pairs of lights seared into their visions.
    “What the heck is that!?” Todd shouted, pointing at the blinding glow. He needed no answer from Lauren, however, as a truck peeked out from behind them, swerving crazily. The headlights flashed on and off quickly, and in one horrifying instant, the blonde knew.
    “Get off the road!” She yelled. “He’s drunk!”
Zig-zagging, the inebriated driver made no intentions of stopping. The blonde froze on the spot, and gaped at the truck like a moose in the middle of the road.
“NO!” Todd yelled, and tackled the young woman to the ground on the other side of the road.
She fell on her face hard. Groaning and gasping for air, she looked around. The girl breathed in the crisp September air, choking on its chill. Sharp twigs and fallen branched cut at her pale face, and she jerked back. Wheeling around to get a better look at the road, Lauren saw Todd still kneeling in the truck’s path. In a futile attempt to reach him, she stuck out her arm and hand.
“Todd, MOVE!”
Todd looked solemnly at her. His legs were cut and bloody, jeans ripped at the knees.
“Lauren, I-“   
And then everything went black.

That’s what it felt like. He was floating. Todd looked around with blurry eyes and saw only black.
“Oh, God. I’m blind.” Was his first thought. But it was soon replaced by something far more drastic.
“No, wait. I’m not blind. I’m…dead.”

The words were so hard to even think about. How could he have died so soon? While still thinking, the high-school student’s vision slowly started to return. A faint green light quickly turned to a blob of goo, and from that into a-
“CROCODILE!” Todd screamed at the top of his lungs.
Flailing helplessly, he soon realized he was strapped to a table. Beads of sweat were making their way down his forehead, and he shot a quick glance at his captor. It was about a head taller than him, with humanoid hands capped with yellow claws. It’s enormous round forehead was tipped with tiger-like stripes, and from it jutted a crocodile-like snout. It stood on two legs, peering down at him, with a blade tipped tail hovering inches above his shoulder. It was a very odd sight to see, but, what oddity that really struck the boy was the fact that it was wearing a lab coat. He would have laughed if he wasn’t ready to pee his pants. Expecting it to try and eat him, Todd was surprised when the creature began to speak
“Captain, sir? Are you alright?”

To be continued.....

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #204 on: 10-27-2006 19:23 »

Hehehe, oh cool. Caleb looks like a right hippy.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #205 on: 10-27-2006 19:28 »

hehe, he's kind of a hippy. Being a Peace Manager and all, he's got to be. But he's not the kind of hippy that does crack and goes,
"Like, dude...There's always a better place if you look for it."
He's just overly into peace and harmony. Does anything to stop the violence... :rolleyes:
Glad you liked what little I have, though.  :D

Urban Legend
« Reply #206 on: 10-27-2006 20:41 »

Love the new pics, and the story aswell. I really hope they allow this story, cause I look forward to reading more.  ;)

Urban Legend
« Reply #207 on: 10-27-2006 22:15 »

So far so good, keep it up kitkat

Starship Captain
« Reply #208 on: 10-28-2006 00:47 »

todd has the same posture as fry...did you use fry's body as base or something. Anyway cool pictures!!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #209 on: 10-28-2006 06:37 »

@Miss_bender: Kind of. I figured a slouching posture would add to the 'stupid' look, which is one thing Todd and Fry share in common. I think it worked out pretty well.  ;)
Now, to continue with the story:

     “Captain?” The high school student repeated. “Isn’t that the dude who flies a train?”
The green creature slithered back in shock. It simply stood and stared at the teen with piercing yellow eyes. Taking the silent moment as an opportunity to investigate the room he was in, he looked around. In doing so he found that he was strapped to a white table by primate-looking ropes. A cloth was laid over his body, and a pillow was fluffed up under his head. The walls around him were pure white tile. The only other living thing in the room was the green dude.
“Where am I? Why aren’t I dead?” He asked quizzically, a look of genuine confusion on his face.
     “Captain, do you not remember?
Todd desperately wanted to say ‘yes’, but couldn’t.
“No. No, I’m sorry. All I remember was getting wanged on the head with a truck. Not one of those Tonka trucks, either. It was a real big one!”
He then proceeded to explain everything about that evening to the crocodilian.
“So…There really was a chance.” It sighed, and slumped down onto a work stool.
Todd began to feel a bit sympathetic towards the creature. Whatever it was he did this time, it seemed to have really hurt the ugly thing.
    “Sorry, scaly guy. Is there anything I can do to help? I don’t know what I did, but I seem to have done it wrong.”
Without moving its head, the green beast glanced at the pink human. It sighed again, and began a grim explanation.
    “My name is Drake, Head of Biological Engineering to this crew. I am in charge of reconstructing any lost DNA. I regret to say, however, that my work is not always successful. I meant to try one of my newest projects on you. It was one that was supposed to bring you back from the dead. I failed.”
It was a very confusing explanation indeed. It didn’t help at all that Todd wasn’t the sharpest stick in the beaver dam. Sensing confusion in the young man’s eyes, Drake decided to try from the beginning.
    “You say you were hit by a truck, whatever that is?” It asked, and Todd nodded.
    “It seems as though a rip in dimensions has occurred. If my calculations are correct, you, Todd, died at exactly 7:38 PM today. Your parallel counterpart did, as well.”
An unbelieving look was shot at the crocodile. He merely continued.
     “What I am trying to explain, Captain, is that you are in a parallel dimension. I have recently been conducting some tests that have to do with dimensions and that sort of thing, and stumbled upon the knowledge of other universes quite by accident. I guessed that there was a slim chance that something odd would happen if I tried to bring you back. No one knows exactly how these things work. But I continued on with the experiment anyways…and look what I have done. When I attempted to use my biological skills to bring you back, only one of your minds could snap back to this body. That mind happened to be yours.”
Todd felt a chill run up his spine. He had really been dead. He still would be, if luck hadn’t been on his side.
    “What about my counterpart? What happened to him?”
 “He’s…He’s dead. Since you inhabit his body, there is no way to bring him back now.”
The high school student froze. Had he killed him? Had he really made sure that the guy who the lizard man was trying to bring back stayed dead? Was this even his own body? He looked at himself, studying his structure from head to toes. Yes, he still had an identical body. He poked his stomach. Good, he still had the same muscle-free abs.
    “But, mistakes are mistakes.” came a voice from across the room
The long-haired teen strained to look at who was speaking, as the ropes still bound him. He didn’t have to for very long. Another crocodilian walked in through a doorway located across the room. The only difference between it and Drake was the fact that it was slightly larger, with a much more aggressive look on its scaly face. The tail-blade it possessed was also broader than the other’s.
    “My name is Dreyfus. You, ‘sir’, inhabit the body of my friend, Todd. He was a great spaceship captain, until he was killed protecting this Earth. I cannot say for certain whether or not you did this on purpose, but it doesn’t matter to me. You have prevented my ally from regaining his former life. And for that, I will take yours!”
The reptile rushed at the table, teeth and claws bared. Todd closed his eyes and waited for the long, ugly claws to rip him apart. A moment before impact, however, Drake stuck out his clawed hand and caught Dreyfus full in the belly, knocking him down.
“Brother, we cannot blame him for out own mistakes.” He said quietly.
The elder of the two snarled, but backed down.
    “Fine.” he replied. “But the little pink human had better watch his back.”
With that, he stormed out the door.
    Drake turned to Todd. Without saying a word, he untied him from the table. After doing so, he called out.
“Lauren! Caleb! Come here, please!”
Todd’s heart stopped. Lauren? His Lauren? Could it be possible? He soon found out as a girl and a boy burst into the room. Still running, the girl began to ask a string of questions.
“Is he here? Did it work? Is he alive?”
She spotted Todd sitting up on the lab table, and bounded towards him. Only then could Todd see that this Lauren looked identical to the one he knew. He was about to speak to her when she threw her arms around him.
“Todd! I’m so glad you made it through the experiment. Drake warned us you may not come through.”
“I’m, I’m not Todd.” He managed to spit out, as the blonde proceeded to take his hands and leap for joy.
For a moment, she took it as a joke. But the seriousness in Todd’s eyes calmed her. She let go of his hands and took a small step back.
“No,” she whispered.

To be continued...

Ok. There's a bit of science mumbo jumbo there, so read carefuly. It took me ages to come up with a plauable excuse for this guy to end up in a completely different world...

Urban Legend
« Reply #210 on: 10-28-2006 10:21 »

Woah! This is a really good story so far. I love how you threw in a science 'mumbo jumbo' it really makes the story exciting. Great job!  :)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #211 on: 10-28-2006 10:58 »

Thanks, man. Yeah...the science crap-o was hard to make it sound beleivable. Took me a while. Glad you like it so far, though. I hope the others do, too.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #212 on: 10-29-2006 10:08 »
« Last Edit on: 10-29-2006 10:08 »

Yipes! only one reply in almost 24 hours...damn.    :( Hehe, still, though, I refuse to let this fizzle out, so here's the next bit, for all who are listening...

Chapter 2

Drake explained the situation to Lauren and Caleb, who had not yet said a word.
“That is why I need you two to take him to the city and explain to him our way of life. Caleb?”
The boy looked up from his hands and flicked his curly brown hair away from his eyes.
“Introduce yourself without mumbling this time, OK?.”
Caleb nodded ever so slightly.
“Well, c’mon, then. Let’s go.” Caleb shook his and gestured to follow him out the door.
Todd fell into step behind him and took a quick glance at Lauren. She had put on a hard face, concealing her true emotions. She gave Caleb a harsh look, and he began to introduce himself.
“My name is Caleb. I um, don’t really like to talk very much.”
Todd was about to intrude when he saw the world outside of the building.
 “Whoa,” was all he could sputter out.
The world before him was like one he had only read about in Dr. Seuss books he had read when he was 15. Pink clouds dotted the blue sky, and the sun was not as yellow as it was red. It did not affect the lighting of the Earth, but it was brilliant to look at nonetheless. The buildings crowding the streets of Toronto were rounder and wider than the ones he was familiar with, and the CN Tower was a giant dome. He looked at each building in turn.
“That’s funny.” He mused.  “The Sky Dome hasn’t changed at all.”
He jumped as Lauren grabbed his hand, awakening him from his daydream.
“Look up.” Lauren said, trying her best to act cheerful.
The young man followed her finger as she pointed upwards towards the heavens. He uttered a short gasp as he saw what connected the buildings. Small staircases, each lined with a railing, seemed to leap from rooftop to rooftop. Using his hand to shield his eyes from the sun, Todd could just make out the silhouettes of people on the stairs-and something else as well.
“Hey!” he exclaimed, jumping up and down wildly. “Look up there, on the stairs. It’s a Cat Man!”
Indeed, a feline-like creature was walking on one of the nearby staircases on only two legs.
Lauren and Caleb followed his gaze.
“It’s not exactly a Cat Man. Didn’t you have mutagenic engineering in your universe?”
Todd began to nod, but stopped suddenly. Did they? No, wait, they didn’t. He shook his head furiously.
“No? Well, in this universe we have many scientists working in the field of biology. In 1796, I think it was, there was a biological breakthrough. Humans could manipulate the DNA of animals. They became smarter and stronger, and eventually multiplied as well. Eventually, there were so many of them, we had to put some of them on the small Isles of land that orbit the Earth.”
“I guess that’s where the crocodile dude came from then, huh?” Todd replied.
“Yes. But they are known as Frocodilians.”
He thought about what Lauren had said, and realized something didn’t quite ring true.
“Wait, Isles? Where I come from, there’s a moon.”
“Drake warned you that there would be differences.” She said harshly.
“Anyways, that’s where the mutated animals come from. It’s also what supplied Todd’s job-he worked with us to help keep the animals in order. If a fight or argument broke out on one of the small islands, we would be called in to solve the matter. In short, we are Peace Officers.”
She gestured at Caleb.
“Caleb is the Peace Counselor. He gives speeches to each side of the argument in an attempt to solve he matter. However, that does not always work out. If not, other authorities step in. However, if the creatures turn violent, the authorities will not help us. It is then my duty as General to step in to plan an attack on them, while Dreyfus, our Weapons Master supplies the firearm. A failed attempt at resolving the matter between Zpiders and Torses on one of the many isles was what caused our leader’s...casualty. Drake, as you know, is our Biological Engineer, who repairs any injuries after the battle.”
That last part of her speech seemed to seethe with fury. Todd cast a sideways glance at her. This wasn’t the Lauren he knew. She never got this angry, even when it was Meaty Surprise Day at their school and kids flicked it into her hair, laughing and shouting that her only friend was a complete idiot. Drake had warned him things would be different, but this seemed almost-scary.
“What about cars? Don’t you have cars?” The boy asked.
“No.” She replied. “I’ve never heard of ‘car’ before…”
“It’s a thing that let’s you get places, like Burger King or something. It has fumes that come out from behind it, and it needs gas to run.”
The blonde wrinkled her nose in disgust.
“That sounds extremely harmful to the environment. Here, we do have a mode of transportation that allows us to get places. But it requires manpower, and doesn’t create pollution. I don’t know about your universe, but in this one, we have much respect for nature. That is why our technology here is limited-we focus more on getting on with life peacefully than with becoming overlords with our mighty machinery.”
As she spoke those words, a large black ring rolled into their paths. From the front, what it looked like was indecipherable, but from the side, it resembled a tire.
‘Haha! It’s a giant doughnut!” Todd exclaimed.
“Not quite, sir. It’s called a Steller. It is a large ring that one must run in to create movement."
“Like a hamster wheel!”
“Sure.” Lauren supplied. “Whatever that is…”
“Hmm. That sounds like Drake. The blonde mused. “We’d better go see what’s up.”
Excitement flooded the teen’s mind. There was going to be a battle! Possibly with laser guns, like those cheesy affects in the Star Wars movies. His sightseeing through the streets of Toronto was cut short as the blonde roughly grabbed his hand and pulled him back inside the building.  Once inside, Drake ran up to them and assembled them all in the main foyer.
“There’s been a disturbance on the Isle of Toxes and Kolves.” He said hurriedly. “You are going to have to leave first, without me. I have to shut down some power cables, as they’re currently exploding due to a malfunction in my Life Transfusion Module.”
He jabbed a clawed finger at the room that Todd had first appeared in this universe. Gasping, he managed to sputter out a few more words.
“I’ll take the extra pod to the Isle as soon as I can.”
He turned to Lauren and whispered,
“I know this is painful for you especially, but Todd’s going to have to come on this mission. We need a Captain, so he’ll have to do.”
The blonde glared angrily at him.
“But how will he know how to drive the ship? He doesn’t have the old Todd’s memories.”
The Frocodilian shrugged his broad shoulders impatiently.
“I’m no expert on these things. If he truly can’t figure out what to do, then talk to him. You’re a decent pilot yourself; I’m sure you could teach him a thing or two.”
With that, he turned and ran towards the explosion of sparks and plugs, leaving behind a very irritated young woman.

Tell yah what...if I actually get a few comments this time, I'll even illustrate this part for ya.    :flirt:

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #213 on: 10-29-2006 10:19 »

Cool story, I like it, a lot, can't wait to read more.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #214 on: 10-29-2006 10:37 »

Glad you think so. And jle, knowing that you love shippiness and all (who could ever possibly forget?) I have inserted a whole bunch of tasty tidbits of emotions. Keep reading this and you'll see exactly what I mean.  ;)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #215 on: 10-29-2006 10:40 »

YAY, someone notices what I enjoy! And includes it!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #216 on: 10-29-2006 10:56 »

Lol, sure. I truly based a lot of the characters on Futurama ones-look at Todd and Lauren. The guy is incredibly stupid
"It's a giant doughnut!" -Todd.
While the other is a take-no-shit-from-nobody kind of gal. But, they're meant for each other in the end...
I even got the idea for the name Lauren from Lauren Tom, the actress who plays Amy. Many little Futurama-like things sprinkled all around...Including shippiness!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #217 on: 10-29-2006 11:00 »

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAY, you are the best, do you know that?  ;)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #218 on: 10-29-2006 12:02 »

Aww, thanks, but I'm certainly not the best, If you wanna see the best, check out Venus or Layla50-that's some quality shit, right there.
Comments, people, comments...I'm sure my story isn't that terrible, even if it's non-Futurama. I just want to make sure there is enough of an audience out there to continue posting this at all. If not, I may just guve up on it and stop writing altogether.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #219 on: 10-29-2006 12:24 »

Don't you dare, I want to know what happens, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #220 on: 10-29-2006 12:44 »

Hmm....I'll see wha I can do. I just wish that more people were interested.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #221 on: 10-29-2006 12:46 »

Maybe they are, but they're not online right now, or they're all caught in a parallel dimension time wrap that requires you to write more fanfic to get them out

Bending Unit
« Reply #222 on: 10-29-2006 12:53 »

Originally posted by KitKatBar-Fry:
Hmm....I'll see wha I can do. I just wish that more people were interested.

Patience, KitKatBar-Fry, patience. I haven't had that many replies to my story either... and it's Futurama themed and all.
Keep on writing and posting and in time I'm sure you will have more replies.

Just as Jrl1983 said:
Originally posted by jle1993:
Maybe they are, but they're not online right now, or they're all caught in a parallel dimension time wrap that requires you to write more fanfic to get them out

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #223 on: 10-29-2006 14:45 »

*Takes deep breaths*
You guys are right. I'll just keep writing, keep drawing, and see who pops in. At least I know I've got you hook line and sinker jle cuz of the shippiness I promised.  ;) Besides, weekends are always kind of slow here at PEEL.
@Corvus: Aw, poor guy. I'll see if I can read yours whenever you update.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #224 on: 10-29-2006 15:11 »

Hook line and sinker, KitKat, you didn't even need to bait the line. Your storys would be great even without shippyness
That doesn't mean stop adding it

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #225 on: 10-29-2006 18:45 »

Hehe, like a hamster wheel..

Bending Unit
« Reply #226 on: 10-30-2006 05:03 »

Originally posted by KitKatBar-Fry:
Besides, weekends are always kind of slow here at PEEL.

Yep, that they are.  :p
Originally posted by KitKatBar-Fry:
@Corvus: Aw, poor guy. I'll see if I can read yours whenever you update.

Heh, don't hold you breath. It takes me quite some time to write each update. Mostly due to  Real Life interference and my poor English.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #227 on: 10-30-2006 05:59 »
« Last Edit on: 10-30-2006 05:59 »

@Corvus: Well, I'll still see if I can check up from time to time.

Thanks for the replies, all. I think I'll keep writing this one.  :)

So here's the next piece:

     The group quickly jogged towards the hangar where the spaceship was located. Every so often, Dreyfus would throw a cold glare at the tow-headed boy, causing him to attempt to hide inside him dark blue jacket. He simply couldn’t figure out why the Frocodilian wouldn’t leave him alone. After all, it wasn’t his fault that the old Todd was gone-
Todd shoved all upset thoughts out of his mind as he saw the ship; it wasn’t like anything he had seen in movies or cartoons. No, it was much cooler than those cheesy looking UFOs he read about in the newspapers he bought from the joke shop. The craft stood at least 30 feet tall, and 50 feet long, larger than his school. Its navy blue body was shaped roughly like a cone, although the edges were much sharper, and much more deadly-looking. Two long triangular points poked out of the sides near the back of the ship, both of which were curved slightly upwards. On the top of these two points were small turrets. At that moment Todd assumed they were for shooting out lasers, but was soon told they were actually for receiving incoming transmissions. Looking to the top of the ship, the teen spotted a clear glass bubble sitting on top of the ship. He squinted, trying to see inside of the dome. When that failed, he shifted his eyes over to the sleek side of the ship. It was lined with one bright orange line that really stood out against the rest of the blue surface.  Still gaping at the spaceship, he turned to Lauren.
“We’re really going to go to another planet in that?”
“Hey. I thought technology here wasn’t so great.” He questioned.
“It isn’t. In every other field, that is. Our best scientists and engineers only spent time working on machinery when it has to do with keeping the Isles safe, and free from fighting. Even Drake has some technological creations of his own, such as machines that can heal simple wounds. But those are only used by Peace Officers, and no one else. We couldn’t live in harmony with nature if bad people were trying to overthrow humanity with weapons, now could we?” She replied.
“So we’re really going to fly to space in that thing?”
“Of course we are. And guess who’s going to be driving it?”
The high school student nearly fell over when she said this. Clasping a hand to his forehead, he pulled up his pants and belt and took a small step forward. The ship no longer looked beautiful; now it looked ominous and murderous.
“M-me?” He squeaked, at a loss for words.
Lauren nodded her head. There was little time to chat, so she hurried him into the hull of the amazing ship. Up they traveled, through winding corridors and steps, to the bridge. There sat a rather large leather seat in front of something quite familiar to Todd.
“Hey, a steering wheel!” He cried, and hopped into the seat.
“Yes, but don’t touch any-” Dreyfus had started to say, but the ship had already begun to rise.
“I found the keys!” He yelled over his shoulder at the group, who were all staring intently at him. They didn’t understand that, because of his experience at driving cars, Todd had quickly figured out how to operate the ship’s basic controls. To him, it was just like his Honda, only a bit bigger and with more funny little dials. He aimed to nose of the ship upwards towards the graying sky, and powered up all engines.

Chapter 3

“Yahoo!” Todd cried as the ship blasted off into space. Perhaps the people of this Earth were lacking greatly in all other technological fields, but this spaceship made up for everything. Feeling cocky, Todd turned towards his ‘friends’.
“So, who are these ‘Kolves’?” He asked.
The group merely glared at him.
“What?” He asked innocently.
“What? WHAT!?!” Dreyfus roared. “You could have gotten us all killed, you idiot! This ship is not to be handled like a plaything! If you had crashed, we all would have been killed, and-”
Caleb put a brave hand out to stop him.
“Quiet, quiet.” He said calmly. “Fighting never helps. In my opinion, he actually did quite well for someone who came from a completely different universe.”
He aimed the last part at Dreyfus, who was still glaring menacingly at him. He simply scoffed and turned his head. Not the least bit interested in the conversation, Todd absent mindedly looked around the bridge. The boy noticed a hallway at the other side of the room, and decided to look and see where it would lead to. He was about to get up when he remembered that the steering wheel. He frowned, searching for a way to leave.
    “Hmm. ‘Autopilot.’ I wonder what that does.”
He pressed the button, and the ship seemed to shake. When Todd let go of the wheel, it didn’t move at all, and the ship stayed on course.
The teen got up from the chair in which he sat, and trotted over to the hallway. Poking his head around a corner, he was astonished to find at least 50 doors lining the corridor, each with its own name tag.
    “Weapons Room, Yatzi Room, Cafeteria, Resting Dome, Laboratory…Oooh, that one sounds cool.” He read as he passed each in turn.
He opened the door marked ‘Laboratory’ carefully, checking first to make sure it was safe. The teen gasped as he realized that this room looked identical to the one he had first woken up in at the Peace Officer’s Headquarters. He stepped into a familiar looking room covered with white tile, and lined with inventions of all sizes and shapes. A particularly colorful one caught his eye, and he bent down to investigate it. The object was roughly triangular in shape, and he slid each finger down its sharp edges, looking at it intently.
   “Ow!” Todd exclaimed as he drew back a bloody finger. “Stupid machine had to reach out and bite me.”
He held his cut hand tightly, willing the twinge of pain to go away. He stepped back, hurt. The young man gasped as his shoulder knocked lightly into another, taller machine. The lamp-like object that hung above it flashed, and for a moment he could see only white. Slowly, his vision returned, and he was shocked to see his finger still covered in blood, but no longer bleeding. He turned it around, searching for the line where he had been scratched.
   “Weird.” He mumbled, staring. “Geez, this place is creepy. It’s like Count Dracula’s lair, only there’s no Count Dracula and no lair.”
Still looking in wonder at his finger, he ran out of the room and back onto the bridge.
    When arriving back at the bridge, he plopped himself back down at the controls and switched off the autopilot. Through the windshield in the front, he could see the Isle looming closer and closer. Unsure of what to do, he pushed a few random buttons and pulled switches irregularly. Thinking his job was done, he relaxed into the back of his chair and looked around.
     There really wasn’t much to look at besides his friends, and the walls. But the walls were beautiful; brightly painted leaves stretched across them, and animals of all different shapes and sized seemed to dance with the colors. The love of nature in this universe truly seeped into the artwork. Lauren caught him looking at it.
“I know, it’s pretty awful, isn’t it?” She asked.
Todd wheeled around, shocked at the voice.
“No. No, it’s great.” He replied.
The young woman smiled.
“Finally,” Todd thought, “she looks happy with me.”
The touching moment was cut short as the ship landed violently. Pressing his face to the window, Todd could see that the Isle he had landed on was grassy, and had a lot of woodland and forests of many different colors. Purples and yellows flicked across the grass, and deep mahogany lined the pine trees. A small stream ran alongside a cluster of trees in the distance, and, if one squinted hard enough, mountains could also be seen, far away. The tiny planet may not have been very big, but it was certainly a sight to see. Looking directly beneath him, he could also see that they had landed in a rather wide, open field.
“Where are the Kolves?” Caleb spoke up, after being silent the entire trip. “I can’t see out this window very well.”
As if on cue, a wolf -like creatures began to circle around the ship, sniffing at the wings, nose, and landing gear. They looked remarkably similar to the werewolves of old horror movies, except for the fact that they were only about 4 feet high and 8 feet long, and stood on all four legs. One of the larger ones began to talk.
“Hello? You are the Peace Officers, I presume?” A raspy voice filled the ship. The intercom cackled for a moment, then picked up the rest of the Kolf’s message.
“The traitors have gathered on the far side of the planet. Meet us there.”
A sharp click signified the end of the transmission. Todd turned towards his friends.
“Traitors? What’s this all about? Did someone take the Kolves’ comics away and make them angry? I remember this one time when my friend came over with his comics, and I-”
Lauren cut him short.
“The information we received signifies that the wolfish people you saw out there, the Kolves, have been attacked several times within the last 24 hours by the species that they share this planet with; the Toxes. We have been called up to help them stop the invaders before things get too violent.”
The array of weird names puzzled Todd, and he asked Lauren what they meant.
“Because the intelligent mutated animals of the Isles are so similar to their original counterparts, once they were smart enough to have a say in that matter, asked that only one letter in their name be changed.” She replied briskly, and the boy nodded, satisfied.
 He found the button to open the door of the ship, and stepped out onto the planet with the rest of the Peace Officers. Todd had begun to walk across the grassy woodlands when a hand roughly pulled him backwards.
“This way.” Lauren said, and pulled him towards a door in the ship he had not noticed before.
The rest of the group pulled themselves through the small opening of the door and into another room. Inside it were several tables with bags full of small spheres on them.
“Cool!” The tow-headed boy cried out, lunging at a bag. Shaking each in turn, he began pawing through them exitedly. The rest of the group each picked up a bag and turned towards him.
“They aren’t toys.” Lauren said harshly. “These are highly magnetic rocks. If you wait 10 seconds after touching them with your bare hands, they’ll-”
Todd turned to Lauren, his hair fizzling at the end. He soon found that he couldn’t move and tried to get Lauren to help him. She just rolled her eyes.
“If you’re going to be stupid, then we can leave you here with the ship. I was saying, 10 seconds after contact is made with these rocks, they release a heavy magnetic force into the air around it, paralyzing everything within 10 feet in all directions of it. The Boles were gracious enough to help us dig deep into the Earth to find a large supply of these rocks.”
“They were once moles.” Lauren explained.
  Todd thought about that. Again, the people of this Earth were not using artificial things or technology to do things, but nature itself. They weren’t even going to hurt their enemies, just paralyze them. It was enough to want to make him rip his hair out. That is, if he could move his hands. Shaking her head, the blonde stood back and walked out the door. When she returned, she held a pine branch in her hand.
“To reverse the immobilization, one must smell a very strong scent. This branch should do it.”
She lifted the sweet smelling pine to his nose. Almost instantly, he felt his limbs gain strength again. When his mouth unfroze, he smiled at the blonde.
“Let’s get going.” She said.
And that was that.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #228 on: 11-02-2006 00:13 »

Cool, very cool.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #229 on: 11-02-2006 06:44 »
« Last Edit on: 11-02-2006 06:44 »

Originally posted by Fry1077:
Cool, very cool.

Thanks, buddy. But I've moved the story to it's own thread so I can continue with my art. It's now at "Crossing Over...A new story by KitKatBar-Fry. There's more story thee.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #230 on: 11-06-2006 22:18 »

Ok, since I've moved the story, I can get back on track with some Futurama art.
Here's a 'werewolf' Fry I drew:

 It was actually really funny drawing the ferocious body first, then sticking the goofy hair of top. I'm not sure how I thought of it...Perhaps in the distant future it will spawn into a fanfic.
Who knows? ;)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #231 on: 11-07-2006 01:08 »

Whoa fucking awesome warewolf! Of course... Halloween is over  :p

Urban Legend
« Reply #232 on: 11-07-2006 01:12 »

Coool, he's a wurwilf

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #233 on: 11-07-2006 03:07 »

Awwwww, he's soooo cute!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #234 on: 11-07-2006 06:37 »

Hehe, yah. I know Halloween is over and all, but I still liked it.
@coldangel_1: If he was real and you said that, I'm sure he'd rip you up into little itty bitty pieces. That's how cute he is.  :p

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #235 on: 11-07-2006 06:40 »

I'm sure he'd try.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #236 on: 11-07-2006 06:43 »

Only try? I'm sure he'd be able to, no matter how 'mighty' you think you are. Just look at those claws, eh!

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #237 on: 11-07-2006 06:51 »

Hey, I'm coldangel baby.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #238 on: 11-07-2006 06:57 »

Whatever that is...

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #239 on: 11-07-2006 13:13 »

He thinks he's an angel, and therefor immortal, but what he doen't know is that I have devolped a way to sort him out...

Love the pic, soooooooooooo cool
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