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: Tasty's Art and Fan Fic thread... OF DOOM  (Read 24726 times)
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Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #40 : 09-13-2006 23:55 »
« : 09-14-2006 22:00 »

Thanks guys! I had fun with that one    :p Yay for Star Wars!

Aaaand it's time for another update! More of a story this time, not a script. Enjoy.

The Other Side (Of The Sting)
Not a ripoff of Venus's fantastic version so don't hit me!
Caption: No caption for you... crap...

‘Leela, stop bonding and let’s go. I got jelly in my underpants.’ Frustrated and sticky, Fry stood impatiently by his captain’s side.
‘I’m taking this bee with us.’ Leela cradled a baby bee like a child,
‘With a queen, can build a hive and make more money ourselves. Let me just pack her a lunch and we can go.’ With her newly found friend tucked snugly under her arm she scooped up some of the gooey treat as Fry waited anxiously. He wasn’t the only one to be losing his patience.
‘Pick up the pace lady, I’m sick of shaking my booty for these fat jerks.’ Bender shook his ass as he spoke. Unfortunately for them, the bees didn’t take to that comment well and immediately surrounded them buzzing angrily. Fry instinctively stepped towards Leela as Bender stumbled to justify his statement.
‘I didn’t mean you’re all fat, just fatso there.’ He jerked his finger over his shoulder at a rather large bee. Fry inwardly agreed with Bender, that was one massive bug of doom, but the bees did not seem to agree. Fry ducked as the bees began swooping like maniac magpies.
‘This is where we distinguish ourselves from the last crew.’ Leela yelled over the buzzing and Bender’s panicked yells. ‘Activate emergency high-speed self contained escape pack crisis response units, quick!’ Fry glanced up from ducking to see Leela’s feet disappear through an exit. Not wanting to be left behind, Fry was quick to press his emergency button only to be swept off his feet and he spiralled, screaming through the hive. Pain jolted through his body as he bounced around like a pinball in a pinball machine. After being thrown around and shot through explosions, a clear moment came at last and Fry was able to see, although he regretted the moment instantly as the vision of being chased by a swarm of bees. He screamed and kicked his legs, trying to gain control of the jetpack but to no avail.
‘Good luck Bender!’ Leela’s voice came from thankfully not that far away. Glancing down at where he was headed, Fry recoiled. He was headed directly for the planet express ship. He repeatedly pushed the button on his suit.
‘Stopstopstopstopstop... erk’ Fry had been seized by the collar and violently yanked out of the air. Fry moaned painfully as someone pulled him to his feet.
‘You’ve got your rocket pack on upside down. How the hell did you navigate?’ Fry shrugged.
‘I’unno… hey there’s Bender.’ Leela turned to where Fry was pointing. Bender was latched onto the stinger of the much larger bee, and they were headed straight towards them. Leela quickly pushed the button to make the ship go. The planet express ship shuddered as it tried to take off from the sticky landing pad. Leela grabbed Fry and pulled him back from the opening as the stinger with Bender attached came through.
‘I’m back baby.’ Bender was thrown across the room with a loud clank and moan. Finally the ship broke free of the mass of sticky stuff and shot off into space.
‘Fry, you can get off me now.’ Leela sat sprawled on the ground where she had lost her footing in the jerking. Fry looked at her blankly for a moment, pretending he hadn’t heard her and enjoying the prospect that he had fallen into her lap. Leela winced, cursing under her breath, Fry was no lightweight.
Leela’s narrowed eye and clenched fist sent Fry scampering away to assist Bender reattach his limbs.
By the time the boys reached the frontal cockpit, Leela was enthusiastically preparing a basket for her baby queen bee she had found.
‘We made it, we’re alive!’ Cried Fry joyously despite his dishevelled appearance
‘Burn on that old crew’ said Leela ignorantly. ‘The only things they did better than us was suck and die.’ Fry crossed his arms.
‘Leela, we got lucky this time, but you should be more careful.’ He said concernedly ‘I don’t want anything to happen to you.’
‘Thanks, but I can look after myself.’ She said dismissively, ‘Frankly I can smell danger from a mile away.’ Unbeknownst to her though, the baby queen was uncurling from its basket.
‘Lookout!’ Fry screamed. Leela moved out the way just in time as the bee swooped her. It turned around and aimed for her again. Leela stepped back, suddenly feeling a hopelessness as the bee seemingly cornered her. But in a sudden moment, a two-peaked red head was obstructing her view.
‘You want her? You’re going to have to go through me!’ Fry snarled, but the bee did not back down and went through Fry like a knife through butter and he went down like a sack of potatoes. Fry groaned in pain as he lay on the floor.
‘Leela, Bender, someone…’ he watched through blurred vision as Bender picked up the now sting-less bee and shoved it into the airlock and released it to space.
‘Bender, where’s Leela?’ He asked weakly. Too weakly, Bender couldn’t hear him. Bender watched as a passing hover-truck got plastered with the bee’s remains.
‘Heh heh, that’s what you get when you mess with Bender! Cos he is great! Right Fry?’ He paused. All he heard was laboured breathing. ‘Eh?’ Bender turned around and gasped. Fry and Leela lay side by side with Leela’s hand rested on Fry’s shoulder. It looked almost natural besides the fact that they were being held together by the stinger like a skewer.
‘No!’ Bender fell to his knees as he gazed upon his troubled friends. ‘Who will make Bender waffles just the way he likes them now?’ He burst into fits of tears, his eye windscreen-wipers working at maximum capacity.

Bender sat, emotionally and electrically drained. He pulled out a beer and contemplated whether he wanted to drink or whether he should voluntarily power down. He decided on one last drink.
‘To Fry and Leela, my favourite meat-bags.’ He raised his bottle and chugged it down. Feeling refreshed, Bender started rummaging through their pockets and started randomly singing to cheer himself up. He stopped and scowled,
‘Lousy meat-bags, what kind of friends are you? Ten bucks, some knotted string, a family photo, and… what the hell is this?’ he glared down at Fry.
‘This is mine… ah!’ He looked in shock at Fry who was struggling to keep his eyes open and trying to talk. Bender leant down to him so he could hear.
‘L-lee-l-l…’ Fry spluttered, obviously in great pain.
‘What? Come on, spit it out… your words I mean not that red stuff… ew… wait, that’s blood… is this supposed to happen with you humans?’ Bender watched in fear as Fry grew weaker and kept incoherently stuttering Leela’s name.
‘Hmm, you need to see a doctor? Will Zoidberg do?’ Fry, if possible, paled more.
‘Zoidberg it is!’ Bender proclaimed. ‘Don’t worry meat-bag, I’ll get us there!’ He cheerfully sat in the captain’s chair and pushed the speed up to the maximum. Bender hummed to himself, almost over-cheerfully. He glanced back worriedly at Fry and Leela on the floor. Fry had passed out long ago and they were lying in various body fluids. Fry and Leela breathed simultaneously. It was harsh and struggled, but the two twitching bodies somehow filled Bender will hope.
‘Aww, they’re so cute when they’re sleeping.’ A screen popped up.
‘Hello crew, this is the professor, are you dead yet?’
‘Hell no.’ Bender said repulsively.
‘Ooh drat.’ The professor hit his fist on the desk. ‘Ow.’
‘Wait a minute.’ Said Hermes side stepping into the videophone. ‘If you all are fine, why are you piloting and not Leela?’
‘Err…’ caught off guard Bender scrambled to find an excuse.
‘Are they dead?’ The professor asked hopefully, picking up his autopsy equipment.
‘Err… No, no, they are just… powered down for the night, yeah that’s it.’
‘Bender,’ said Hermes ‘Is something wrong?’
Bender paused, his eyes screwed up in concentrating on not crying again.
‘Yes.’ He squeaked, defeated.
‘Oh, dear. I supposed we better send some help.’ The professor said.
‘And their service is coming out of your pay.’ Barked Hermes.
‘Like hell it will.’ Bender rebuked. ‘Just take it out of Fry and Leela’s they’re the ones who won’t be working for a while.’ Bender giggled inappropriately.
The planet express ship slowed at it reached earth’s atmosphere. There were two ambulances waiting and immediately boarded them.
‘There they are, I don’t know what happened, but it wasn’t me, Bender, who did it. Actually I was the hero here, killing bees, and being great, and then these two morons had to go and get killed…’
‘They’re not dead.’ Said a doctor carefully laying Leela on a stretcher. ‘But we need to work quickly to keep them alive.’ They worked furiously with oxygen masks and their medicine, all the time Bender kept talking. That was until he realized he was the only one left in the ship.
‘What? Where the hell did you all go?’ he glanced out the windshield to see ambulances taking off with the sirens blaring. ‘Space bee.’ Said one doctor, carefully prodding the stinger. ‘Get him into surgery straight away and remove this impaling stinger.’
‘But mam, it’s gone straight through, what’s the probability he’ll live again?’
‘He’s breathing isn’t he? And we won’t know the extension of the damage until we get in there.’
‘Of course mam, sorry mam.’
‘You will be.’ She snarled back. The interns gave a yelp and wheeled Fry off as soon as they landed. Doctor Jenny walked over to the other ambulance as they were carefully lifting Leela down.
‘What’s the damage?’ she asked co-worker Doctor Jones.
‘This young lady may never wake up again. Her blood’s full of the poison from the bee. I’m surprised she hasn’t died yet.’ They looked on with pity as her lifeless form was wheeled away.
(to be continued, stay tuned)

Feedback and any corrections needing to be made, tell me!

This thread lacks in Bender...


EDIT: Huzzah! Second page!
*TOTP dance*

A guy doesn’t take a stinger in the spleen for any old gal.
Yes, the Bible is the real good news! - Prof F, 4ACV15
my man-wich!

Starship Captain
« #41 : 09-14-2006 00:46 »
« : 09-14-2006 00:46 »

Originally posted by Tastes Like Fry:
Leela sat sprawled on the ground where she had lost her footing in the jerking.

God, I'm immature. That's something a 13 year old would laugh at.


Ontopic: Very Good!!! I loved it. Again, the writing was superb and Again, It was very funny.   :)

*Give's Tastes like fry a 'My man-wich seal of approval'*


Our-yay oing-gay o-tay et-gay off-ay efore-bay I-ay urt-hay ou-yay.’ She mumbled in pig latin.

Bender sat, emotionally and electrically drained. He pulled out a beer and contemplated whether he wanted to drink or whether he should voluntarily power down. He decided on one last drink.
‘To Fry and Leela, my favourite meat-bags.’


Keep writing!!!!

The picture's are very funny too, especially the bender one!

Urban Legend
« #42 : 09-14-2006 01:17 »

The pig latin thing was weird but the rest i liked.
PCC Fred

Space Pope
« #43 : 09-14-2006 05:11 »

Pretty good fic.  And don't worry about ripping off Venus.  It's great to see how the two of you have put a totally different spin on what are generally the same set of events (the immediate aftermath, F&L being carted off to hospital).  :)
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #44 : 09-14-2006 06:37 »
« : 09-14-2006 06:37 »

my man-wich! No fair! You can't take it out of context! Yay! A seal! Do have penguins too? xD
I shall! And Thankyou! I had fun doing the Bender one.

Venus: Good, I'm glad I got the big wig's approval   :p The pig latin is like when Amy curses in chinese, Leela will curse in pig-latin... sorta...

PCC Fred: Thanks   :) hopefully the rest will be just as good, maybe even better...

Liquid Emperor
« #45 : 09-14-2006 09:41 »

OMG, that was execlent, not only do we get the start of a great story we get two great pics, one of which was slightly *takes deep breath* SHIPPY YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY AYAYAYAYAYAY

Liquid Emperor
« #46 : 09-14-2006 20:47 »

Ca-ching! I. Love. You.  :love: That was fantstical! The story is quite intriguing, with all the ooey gooey shipiness I love. And of course, a couple of fabulous piccies to accompany it.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #47 : 09-15-2006 02:06 »

If you want shippy, there's plenty more where that came from. Thanks to you both *bows* now how soon is too soon to update it? Cause the next piece is raring to go.

Urban Legend
« #48 : 09-15-2006 14:35 »

I agree with Venus, the pig latin seemed kinda odd somehow, but otherwise it was very good.

Urban Legend
« #49 : 09-15-2006 15:31 »

I think what's off about the pig latin is that it's rather childish. I'd expect that from Fry but not from Leela. She usually tries to maintain dignity. Also she's more to the point and pig latin stretches the threat out to long.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #50 : 09-15-2006 17:54 »

Well... alright then I'll change it.  :p Thanks, it great to have constructive critism.

Urban Legend
« #51 : 09-15-2006 19:29 »

you can still have her curse in foreign languages. i mean her mother is an exolinguist after all. I'm sure Munda taught her some of the more colorful alien phrases.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #52 : 09-15-2006 19:30 »

I know... but I don't know them.

Urban Legend
« #53 : 09-15-2006 20:06 »

make em up. in my fic i was gonna have a scene of Munda cursing in alienese and i was just gonna take lyrics from a band called Adiemus ( they sing in a random made up language that sounds really pretty but means absolutely nothing ) but then i wound up not writing that scene.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #54 : 09-15-2006 21:31 »
« : 09-19-2006 22:00 »

Yeah. But looking at that now, it does flow alot better without it... Not that I'm rejecting your idea. I've used it in another story I've made, a non-Futurama one, and I just want to try and keep my stories seperate.

I feel like updating.   :p

Fry moaned as he lay, feeling sore and heavy, and his heavy eyelids unable to blink away the blurriness. He was able to just make out a few people in the room; Bender standing at the end of his bed, retelling the story, only it was becoming more and more exaggerated. Amy sat by Fry’s side, her cool hand rested on his searing hot forehead and Zoidberg in his doctor’s scrub.
‘He looks so natural, funny to think he’s stuffed full of morphine and stitches.’ Said Amy, gently caressing his head.
‘I only wish I could have removed the stinger.’ Fry felt a panic rise in him, the stinger wasn’t out? What was wrong with him? What would Leela think? His heart leapt to his throat, where was Leela?
‘Leela.’ Fry said hoarsely. Amy stopped her stroking and looked down at him.
‘Oh my gosh. Fry, you’re awake.’ Amy slid in and out of focus.
‘Amy, where…’
‘Don’t you worry about Leela.’ Amy said gently. ‘You just worry about yourself.’ But Fry noticed her forced smile and feared the worst.
The next few days went slowly by. Fry was thankful to find out that he was no longer impaled and he was excited to hear about his new spleen having come from a guy in a motorcycle accident.
‘Does this mean I’ll be really good at riding motorcycles?’
‘Of course not.’ Doctor Jenny snapped at him.
‘Oh.’ Said Fry disappointed.
Fry sat and waited and watched the door patiently for Leela to come through, and didn’t understand why the others abruptly changed the subject whenever he wanted to talk about Leela. He tried calling her at home and left thousands of messages on her answering service.
‘We should tell him.’ Amy said flatly.
‘Yeah, he’s getting more and more pathetically wimpy.’ Bender said, watching as Fry picked up the phone, listened to the tone and put it down again.
‘Well go ahead.’
‘What? Why me?’
‘You’re his best friend.’
‘Well you are a girl and this is all girly mushy stuff.’
‘So? I don’t want to break his heart.’
‘Fine, I’ll go already, but I’m holding you responsible.’ He and Amy sat by Fry who fidgeted and glanced nervously at the phone.
‘I don’t understand why she doesn’t call or visit; I didn’t upset her did I?’ He picked up the phone again and listened to the tone.
‘Fry, this isn’t your fault.’
‘It must be…’
‘You tried to save her meat-bag, I saw you. And it was all for nothing.’
‘Well I’m sure she’s just too busy to… wait… all for nothing?’
‘Err… that came out wrong.’
‘What Bender’s trying to say is…’
‘Where the hell is she.’ Fry snarled as his fists clenched. His friends weren’t telling the truth and it was unfair that they should keep something about Leela secret from him. Amy burst into tears.
‘S-she’s not going to make it.’
‘Where is she?’ The fear in Fry’s voice was evident. With a shaky hand Amy pointed to a curtain that was drawn, obstructing a hospital bed from view. Fry immediately leapt to his feet, ignoring the sudden pain from his stomach, and yanked the curtain out of his way.
‘Philip J Fry, you’re not supposed to be out of bed.’ Said Doctor Jenny forcefully. If Fry was in a right state of mind, he would have backed away fearfully, but with fear controlling his actions, Fry pushed her and Doctor Jones out the way and with a strangled cry, collapsed beside Leela.
‘I’m so sorry.’ He whispered collecting her hand in his own and kissing it. He cried silently, his face soon wet with tears. Nothing the doctors did or said could convince Fry to climb back into his own bed. Bender and Amy soon left, neither of them could move him either. Fry soon fell asleep, leant against Leela’s bed, clinging tightly onto the sheets so no one could move him. As days went by, people stopped to watch as Fry non-chalantly talked to Leela, hoping she would come through despite doctor’s claims that she was dying.
‘Hey Leela,’ he said enthusiastically to the unresponsive being beside him, ‘How are you going today?’ He picked up a clipboard the doctor had left behind. A red line was on a slow descent on the graph.
‘Interesting, interesting.’ He put it down. ‘I’m better than ever Doctor Fry.’ He said in his best impression of a busy body Leela. ‘Before the accident I couldn’t do this.’ He picked up a small hammer and tapped her knee, and her leg twitched. Fry giggled insanely before composing himself.
‘I’ll prove I’m alive.’ He said, ‘by telling you only something I would know.’ Fry paused and sat down and looked her over. She didn’t make a peep. Fry’s voice became normal and serious.
‘There’s a surprise for you in my locker, I bought it in a Swedish novelty shop before we left.’ He sat, waiting for a response.
‘Philip Fry, you look like you haven’t had a month of sleep. I want you to go and spend at least eight hours a day in your own bed for your own health.’ Fry looked up at Jones, who had returned to collect his clipboard.
‘Sure,’ he said, defeated. ‘There’s just one more thing…’ he knelt beside Leela, ‘I want you to do.’ He took her hand in between his. ‘I want you to wake up.’

‘I know how to cheer you up old buddy.’
‘You can wake Leela up?’
‘Err… I was thinking of a movie or hitting a strip joint or something.’
‘Nah, I wanna stay here. I’ve got a good feeling about today.’ Fry patted Leela’s hand. Bender rolled his eyes.
‘Well I’m out to have a party, with blackjack, and hookers.’ Bender pranced out. Fry watched him, feeling a slight longing to follow. The hospital had told him he’d made a full recovery and was free to go. But Fry did not want to desert Leela. He refused to believe that she had lost hope and so did her parents who Fry felt sorry for because of their inability to come to the surface as mutants. He sat and squeezed the stress toy he had gotten Bender to get from his locker. He gently stroked her hair.
‘Hey Leela.’ He said cheerfully, as he often did. ‘I’m just going to keep talking, even if you can’t hear me, blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah…’ He trailed off. Leela looked so peaceful; Fry wondered aloud what she was dreaming.
‘A dream of dancing in a Venusian garden.’ Fry sat his mind wandering; he noticed the picture hanging on the wall. ‘Or we could go for a midnight sleigh ride on the ice fields of Hyperion.’ He touched her cheek. ‘You look a little cold, here, have my jacket.’ Fry shrugged himself out of his jacket and carefully draped it around her shoulders.
‘We can do it all.’ He whispered to himself more than her. His eyes filled with tears and he gently grasped her shoulders. ‘All you have to do is wake up.’ Leela didn’t seem to respond. Then a singular tear slid from her eye. Fry gasped and gently touched the wet track down her cheek.
‘Leela? Oh my god, Leela can you hear me?’ But Leela sat limply in Fry’s grasp. Fry pulled her in for a hug.
‘I miss you.’ He said. His voice was muffled against her neck. Leela’s head rested on Fry’s shoulder as he held her tightly and whispered sweet nothings in her ear. A couple of days later Fry was bored and emotionally drained. He snapped at anyone who tried to convince him to go home and only left Leela’s side to go to the bathroom. No one believed him that Leela had shed a tear no matter how much he insisted. In fact the others seemed to be accepting that she wasn’t going to wake up.
‘She’s strong, she’ll wake up.’ Fry shouted in frustration.
‘You’re under a lot of guilt stress lately over Leela, here work it out.’ Hermes handed Fry the squeeze toy. Fry took it without a word, but his shaking hand caused it to squeak. Amy covered his hand to stop it from shaking. The professor leant over Leela.
‘Everything’s going to be alright, Leela.’ He said petting her hand.
‘Everything’s going to be alright.’ Echoed Amy, though her statement was for Fry. She hugged him tightly.
‘Munda and Morris send their thanks.’ Amy looked at the rest of the crew and they nodded at her. ‘And they agree with us, you need to come home.’
‘Like hell I will.’ Fry slumped back with his arms crossed.
‘Fry, if you don’t come home I will do the worst possible thing I can think of.’ Said Bender threateningly, rolling up his sleeves.
‘You can’t hurt me anymore, no one can. Leave me alone.’ He pulled his chair closer to Leela’s bed and took her hand.
‘Don’t listen to them, Leela, you can pull through.’ Seeing Fry as a lost cause, the planet express crew left before the visiting time was over. Doctor Jones looked in surprise at the leaving crew members.
‘Isn’t it time you took Fry with you?’
‘Ooh, what do you think you pompous nitwit with your fancy suit and pink sunglasses!’ interjected the professor.
‘These aren’t sunglasses.’
‘Who cares!’ he roared and shuffled out in a huff. Doctor Jones sighed. He was going to have to kick Fry out, whether he liked it or not. He promptly marched up the stairs and walked into the room where he came to a complete halt. Ruffled and teary, Fry sat stroking Leela’s cheek and muttering softly too her. After a moment of silent debate, Jones crept out of the room.

Later, Fry’s head rested on the soft bed sheets as he slept...
‘Leela lookout!’ Fry ducked as swarms of bees engulfed him. He ran for it. But he was suddenly caught in the mass stickiness of a honey coated floor. Ripping his pants and shirt he stumbled until he reached Leela lying still. He picked her up and cradled her.
‘I’ll look after you.’ He whispered. Suddenly a great pain shot through his stomach, Fry stumbled and in slow motion Leela slipped out of his grasp.
Fry hit the hospital floor hard. Hands quickly grasped him and set him back in his chair. His shirt and pants were torn and he felt an incredibly stickiness.
‘Why am I sticky and naked? Did I miss something fun?’
‘You reopened your wound. We need his doctor, stat.’ Fry sat there feeling somewhat giddy. Leela was lying a few meters away, oblivious to what was happening around her.
‘Doctor Jenny is away, who should I call?’
‘Anyone you idiot.’ The nurse snarled. ‘He’s losing too much blood.’ After a few moments of what seemed like a blur to Fry someone finally stepped in to inspect him properly.
‘What happened here?’
‘My tummy hurts.’ Fry whimpered. The doctor leant in to inspect his wound. Fry sat and stared for a moment.
Adelai smiled plaintively at him. ‘Yes?’
‘What the hell are you doing here?’ Fry went to sit up but found five pairs of hands pushed him down. Adelai chuckled.
‘I’m a doctor and so I’m normally in a hospital. Hold still please.’
‘Wait I…’ but Fry trailed off as the injection of anaesthetic took hold of him.
(to be continued)

A guy doesn’t take a stinger in the spleen for any old gal.
Yes, the Bible is the real good news! - Prof F, 4ACV15

Liquid Emperor
« #55 : 09-15-2006 21:49 »
« : 09-15-2006 21:49 »

Originally posted by Tastes Like Fry:
 ‘Before the accident I couldn’t do this.’ He picked up a small hammer and tapped her knee, and her leg twitched. Fry giggled insanely before composing himself.
M-m-m-magnificent! I laughed so hard I nearly saw pink elephants.   :D Totally excellant line.

I also love the way you put some of the dream-thoughts into the outside world. There were a few things I'd never heard in any other fanfic variations of the Sting, such as Amy echoing the Professor. That was fantastic writing to parallel the dream.
E-e-e-excellant! K-k-keep it up!

Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #56 : 09-16-2006 15:33 »

Thanks KitKat! I wanted to include as much of 'The Sting' as possible. Helps people connect with it more.

Liquid Emperor
« #57 : 09-16-2006 16:12 »

Ahhhhh,Frys so sweet.

Urban Legend
« #58 : 09-16-2006 16:27 »

Originally posted by Tastes Like Fry:
I’ll prove I’m alive.’ He said, ‘by telling you only something I would know.’

I know that's what he said in the episode but in the context of your story it doesn't make sense. He doesn't know that she thinks he's dead.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #59 : 09-16-2006 17:03 »

He's still pretending to be Leela for that particular line, he wants her to prove to the others that she's just fine.
That's why I broke up tht line and the following one. Fry loses his trail of thought and becomes himself to tell her that he got something for her.
I know I didn't interpret that very well. I'm not quite sure how to put it in.

Thanks jle1993

Urban Legend
« #60 : 09-16-2006 17:06 »

but nobody thinks Leela's dead either.

« #61 : 09-16-2006 17:12 »

She is practically. Or at least, everyone believes she is a goner.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #62 : 09-17-2006 01:36 »

Silence! You are correct!

Oh incidently as well as 'Tastes Like Fry', TLF can also stand For 'Turunga Leela Fry'...
fancy that![/state the obvious]

Liquid Emperor
« #63 : 09-17-2006 13:33 »

Dun Dun Dun!!!
Turanga Leela Fry. That has a fantastic ring to it... ;)
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #64 : 09-17-2006 16:11 »

>>Click here for sexy, shippy art by me.<<

Take note; the rings

« #65 : 09-17-2006 16:36 »

Whoa, easy there!

What has Leela done to her hair?!
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #66 : 09-17-2006 20:18 »

She took it out of her pony tail! She's done it before, in Less than Hero. And then if AOI counts at all...
Methinks it makes her look more seductive  :flirt:
Maketh all you boys go 'Whoa!'  :p

« #67 : 09-17-2006 20:27 »

It's a bit... voluptuous. There was an episode (Or was it some fan-art? I get it mixed up these days) in which she'd let her hair out of its ponytail, but it had gone flat. I make it sound boring, but it really suited her.

Needless to say, exquisitely drawn!

Urban Legend
« #68 : 09-17-2006 22:41 »

ohhh me likee the picee
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« #69 : 09-18-2006 02:18 »

THJ: It's supposed to be  :p Seriously, It's toned down alot from Less than Hero's Clobberella. I'm a curly haired person myself  :D
Much thanks to you and Venus!
PCC Fred

Space Pope
« #70 : 09-18-2006 03:58 »

I've got to be honest TLF, I'm not sure about your latest update.  It seems a little light on detail in places, and to me it doesn't entirely create the impression that Leela's life is hanging by a thread.  On the positive side, I like the way you've worked the dialogue from "The Sting" into the conversation in the 'real' world.

As for that picture, wow!  Very sexxy!  :love:

Starship Captain
« #71 : 09-18-2006 05:49 »

Now, that's a fine piece of art :-)

Bending Unit
« #72 : 09-18-2006 16:57 »

Love that recent picture, love how it's drawn and the expressions on their faces.  Good job!

« #73 : 09-18-2006 17:08 »

Originally posted by Tastes Like Fry:
THJ: It's supposed to be   :p Seriously

Don't worry; I know it's probably just me who thinks that. It stems from my deep-set hatred of the 80s.  :cool:
Tastes Like Fry

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PCC: I know, and that's why help would be great. I know there's a few things I'm not good with.

So much feedback on the picture! Thanks guys!

Fry woke much later feeling very light headed.
‘Leela.’ Was the first word out of his mouth. He jerked into a sitting position and immediately swooned. A pair of metallic hands forced him to lie down.
‘Easy meat-bag.’ Bender swam into view a seemingly relieved expression on his expressionless face. ‘Don’t need to kill yourself painfully for her. There’s a suicide booth outside to do that for you.’
‘Leela.’ Fry said again helplessly struggling against Bender’s iron like grip.
‘No. I’m Bender. Remember me? The lovable rascal?’
‘Leela?’ spluttered Fry, seemingly unable to say anything else.
‘No. Bender. Beeeennnndeeerrr. B, E, N, D, E, R. Bender.’
‘That’s my name, don’t wear it out.’
‘…Is in the next bed. She ain’t getting better, pal.’
‘No.’ Fry said determinedly, ‘you’re wrong. I want to sit with her.’
Bender sighed, ‘Fine, whatever.’ Bender lifted Fry into the chair next to Leela. Fry tried to shake off the effects of the anaesthetic but the room wouldn’t stop spinning. With a groan Fry laid his head next to Leela’s and with his final efforts he spoke. ‘You have to wake up.’ Fry passed out.

‘I don’t know what happened, he was all like ‘I want to sit with her’ and I was all like, ‘fine’ and I took him to her, and then he doesn’t function anymore.’
‘Bender he’s fine.’
‘Good, coz he owes me.’
‘He just got up too quickly. What he needs is to go home tomorrow and get back to his life.’
‘Can do.’ Said Bender rubbing his palms together, ‘I’ll bet $50 he won’t come.’ A few hours later Fry opened his eyes to find he was still lying beside the object of his affections. He lay there for a while, hoping she would turn and smile and tell him it was all a big nightmare.
He jerked up in his chair and scowled at Adelai. ‘I need to tell you something.’ Fry curled up in his chair, ignoring the stabbing pains of his stomach.
‘You’re going home tomorrow.’ Adelai said in a gentle but firm tone of voice. All objections in Fry seemed to die before they started.
‘Your friends are coming for you, there’s no reason for you to stay here anymore.’
‘She’s not getting any worse.’
‘And she’s not getting any better. You need to think what she would want you to do.’
Later, Fry cried himself to sleep.

‘Fry they’re here.’
‘Five more minutes.’ Adelai watched as Fry gently held Leela’s head. He turned and walked out as a tear escaped his eye. He could understand Fry’s pain.
The slow beeping of the heart monitor filled the silence. Fry searched for words to say goodbye, but they weren’t found. Frustrated Fry yelled at her,
‘Leela no! Listen, you don’t want to lie in bed like a vegetable forever. I’ve tried it, bedsores hurt.’ He paused. No response. ‘Fight it! You can! The Leela I know doesn’t give up this easily.’ He sat down and took her hand and suddenly his words gushed out, ‘Leela, I don’t know if you can hear me but there’s something I want to tell you. I love you.’ There, he’d said it, and once again Fry wept and wailed, ‘Just wake up, please, just wake up Leela.’ He cried and he wasn’t particularly concerned about the others walking in, he was ready to go, he was at his breaking point unless…
‘Fry, you’re alive?’ Fry’s heart leapt into his throat.
‘Leela, you’re awake!’ Fry stared in astonishment.
‘Of course I’m awake, you wouldn’t stop waking me.’ Blarey-eyed and disoriented Leela glanced at her surroundings. ‘Where am I?’
‘In the hospital.’ Said Fry, a joy rising within, he realized he wasn’t dreaming. ‘The ambulance took us here right after the bee stung you.’
‘But the bee stung you, it barely touched me.’ Bewildered Leela looked on as Fry pulled up his shirt and showed her his bandaged wound.
‘The stinger went right through me and you got all the poison. My new spleen came from a guy who liked to motorcycle.’ Fry imitated a revving motorcycle, it was the first time he felt elated within those two long weeks. Leela was still trying to gather what Fry had told her when the others walked in.
‘Three toed sloth of ice planet Hoth. She’s awake!’ The others cheered at Hermes statement. All of them equally and pleasantly surprised.
‘You were in the best coma I’d ever seen.’ Commented Bender.
‘The doctors said you’d never wake up.’ Amy said cheerfully.
‘How long was I out?’
‘Two weeks.’ Amy nodded. ‘Fry never left your side for a minute.’ She added, wishing someone would be that devoted for her. Leela’s attention was immediately diverted to Fry who blushed.
‘And he talked non-stop!’ Zoidberg interjected, ‘Like a parrot of the sea he was.’
‘I thought maybe if you heard a familiar voice it might help keep your mind together.’ Fry said offhandedly as if it wasn’t such a big deal, ‘but who knows if it really got through.’ He shrugged. But Leela looked at him lovingly, she could see his devotion and effort through his demeanour and tired but relieved and caring eyes, and she was glad that he was there.
‘It got through Fry.’ She lifted herself up and reached for him and warmly embraced him. ‘It got through.’ She paused, a slight annoyance creeping through her, but the others were still in the room. She turned her head slightly and whispered in his ear.
‘You could really use a shower.’
‘You too.’ Fry whispered back, without missing a beat.

Leela sat, grateful to have the room to herself for a while. She cradled the squeeze toy for which she now had great affection for. Multiple flowers flanked her bed that were mostly from Fry and the image of Hyperion left her day dreaming of sleighing and dancing in gardens of flowers. She wasn’t sure whether she wanted to blame or thank Fry for the wonderful images in her head he influenced. She sat back and hummed quietly, lost in her own little world.
‘Good morning Leela, how are you today?’ Leela gave a start.
‘Adelai! When did you come in?’
‘Just now, sorry if I startled you.’
‘No, that’s fine. I’m doing great.’ She stammered as Adelai went through his regular check-up. Leela smiled awkwardly at him as a pang of guilt hit her stomach. At the check-up yesterday, Fry had sat in the corner continuously scowling jealously at the doctor who routinely and obliviously went through his routine.
‘So your friend Fry has finally gone home?’
‘No, he’s walking Nibbler for me.’ Said Leela wistfully gazing out the window, wishing she was able to go outside in the sunshine. She began humming again.
‘That’s a jazzy song. What’s it called?’
‘Uh,’ began Leela, caught off guard. ‘You know, I don’t really know the song. I’ve heard it somewhere but I’m not sure where.’ She said struggling to justify her answer.
‘Well you’re fine didly-ine.’ Adelai chuckled.
‘Thanks. Incidentally, why aren’t you up at the eye phaser surgery?’
‘Oh I heard you were here and Fry needed my help…’
‘He needed you?’
‘Yes, there was no other doctor in this section who could deal with Fry’s problem.’
‘How?’ Leela quirked, perhaps a little too sharply.
‘He was sitting by you and fell asleep and dropped off the bed causing himself catastrophic damage to his wounds.’ He paused as Leela gasped, ‘But of course with a quick bit of work we solved the problem and everything went a-ok. I’ll see you tomorrow at ten.’ He walked out with a wave leaving Leela speechless. She sat and contemplated Fry’s devotion to her even when he needed attention, she shuddered slightly; she never knew she could cause so much distress. She glanced up as Fry and Bender walked in nonchalantly. She crossed her arms and raised her eyebrow at them, they were up to something.
‘What is it now Fry?’ Fry quickly shushed her.
‘We got you a special visitor.’ He whispered. Bender opened his chest cabinet and out came…
(to be continued)

If you can guess then you get a cookie   ;)

Speaking of the Sting...

Yay! I'm a Futurama character!
my man-wich!

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wow those picture's are awesome!
I like the one of you, it looks like it's straight out of the show!    :D

I'll read your story later on tonight, and give you a review. For now, I'm visiting the pile of assignments waiting in my room. *feel's sad all of a sudden.*

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Cool pics, Brilliant story, is the guest nibbler?

Liquid Emperor
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Me like it!
That was a great piece, dude. Incidently though, I'm pretty sure the subtitles listed the ice-land as 'Hyperion' not 'Iperion.' No worries, though. I didn't recognise the h sound until I saw the subtitles, too.  :)
Anyways, I love your piccies. You look great as a Futurama character! Very cool stuff indeed  :D.
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Thanks man-wich! I used cyber house Leela as a base, it was kinda easy. Good luck with the assignments! Review? Yes plebe!

jle1993 gets a cookie!  :p

Thanks KKB, I'll go fix it.

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Awesome pics!  :D I don't have much time right now so I'm not gonna read the fan-fics yet, but I shall soon.  :)
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