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Author Topic: Planet Express's Flying Circus!  (Read 4283 times)
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Urban Legend
« Reply #40 on: 08-29-2008 06:22 »
« Last Edit on: 08-29-2008 06:24 »

The scene is familiar - Fry, Leela, and Bender being chased back to the PE ship, for another Panicked Getaway After A Delivery Gone Wrong (tm). Behind them, hordes of screaming natives waving bows, spears, and ping-pong paddles seem to be getting closer. then Leela's wristimajig beeps. Everyone slows down and comes to a stop, and Leela answers the noise, holding her arm close to her ear to hear whoever has called.













(continue as long as you want here...)

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #41 on: 08-29-2008 20:35 »

Fry is sent to deliver a package to an NNYC apartment. He rings the door which is answered by Colleen wearing a negligee. She montions for him to follow her and leads him upstairs. She opens a door and leads Fry inside then closes and locks it behind him. In the room he finds Chu, Ndulu and Bolt Rolands. Schlomo is lying dead in the corner.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #42 on: 03-26-2009 12:17 »

Fry is sitting on a couch with a coffee. Bender comes along and sits beside him.
Bender: Is your girlfriend a goer, hey? Is she a goer, know what I mean, Know what I mean, nudge nudge, know what I mean?
Fry: What?
Bender: Your girlfriend, does she go?
Fry: Yeah, we go on package deliveries together.
Bender: I bet she does, I bet she does!
Fry: I don’t follow you.
Bender: Follow me, follow me that’s good. A nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat.
Fry: Bats have been extinct for six hundred years.
Bender: Exactly.
Fry: (sips coffee)
Bender: Is your girlfriend a… a sport, ay? Know what I mean, nudge nudge, say no more?
Fry: Uh, yes, she likes virtual golf… and golf.
Bender: I bet she does, I bet she does! Know what I mean? (moves his hands like he’s swinging a golf club)
Fry: (confused, repeats action)
Bender: Oh, you’re wicked, you’re wicked hey?
Fry: Sometimes she says I’m evil.
Bender: I bet she does, I bet she does!
Fry: Are you selling something?
Bender: Haven’t been selling ever since I stole that cash register from the bowling rink!
Fry: (looks around uncomfortably, drinks more coffee)
Bender: (steals some coffee from a passing Leela, drinks it all and gives it back to her, and she storms off) (To Fry) Is your girlfriend interested in photographs, ay?
Fry: Well, she takes pics of our delivery missions.
Bender: Knew she would, knew she would! A nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat.
Fry: Bats have been extinct for six hundred years.
Bender: Exactly. (pause) What parts of the mission?
Fry: While at our delivery place. When it looks nice she takes a picture of it.
Bender: Who wouldn’t? Snap snap grin grin wink wink nudge nudge!
Fry: Stop it, my ribs are hurting! And why are you asking me all these questions? Are you insinuating something?
Bender: No no course not, absolutely not no no no no… nnn… yes (whispering to self) Damn my truth chip!
Fry: So, what?
Bender: Well, you know, you’ve been around, you’ve been there?
Fry: Where? Venus? Spheron One?
Bender: No, I mean, you-you-you’ve done it.
Fry: Done what? Were you the guy I knocked out when I decided to wear my thousand year old jumper I found underground at the flea market?
Bender: No. Wait, yes! You’re the one who did that, you bastard?
Fry: You’re just changing the subject cos you’re scared of saying something.
Bender: OK, you’ve… done it, with her, you’re girlfriend.
Fry: Her? Hell no.
Bender: What? But you said-
Fry: Why would you think I even understood what in god’s name you said? Who are you anyway?
Bender: I’m Ben… eh, I gotta go.
Fry: Wait, I’m gonna find out who you are!
Leela: (comes back) Fry, come on! We’ve been spending too much time on Monty 6! We have to give the scripts back to the council of British Laughs!
Fry: Aw, great! Took so much time time from there to here, now we’ll have to do it all over again! (walks away with Leela)
Bender: Okay, I’ve totally lost the plot here.

Background changes to cockpit in the Planet Express ship.

Leela: (sits in captain seat) Get ready for takeoff! Bender, can you check the dark matter tank? I think we’re out. Bender? Bender?!

Back in the bar

Bender: (sitting on couch, drumming fingers on table) Where are those guys. Fry? Leela? Has anyone seen a geek with a red jumper and a white shir--- Oh no, that was him.

(Cut to)
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #43 on: 03-27-2009 12:19 »

Bender: In this crappy video, we hope to show you How Not To Be Seen… By A Giant Anteater.
(Grassy scenery, shrub of bush)
Here is Mr. Philip Fry of Robot Arms Apts New New York. He Knows how not to be seen… by a giant anteater. Mr. Philip, would you stand up please?
Fry: (stands up, chased by giant anteater)
(lone tree)
Bender: Here is Ms. Turanga Leela of New New York of some apartment. She knows how not to be seen… by a giant anteater. Ms. Leela, would you move to the side, please!
Ms. Turanga Leela has learnt the second part of not being seen by a giant anteater: not to move to the side. However, she has chosen an obvious piece of cover. (anteater chases her out)
(three shrubs)
Bender: This is Intern Amy Wong. She has presented us with a poser. We do not know which bush she is behind. However, the anteaters, being at the back, have a very clear view.
(anteater chases Amy out of middle shrub)
Bender: And this is her parents house.
(Wong ranch, anteater can not get through gates)
Bender: And this is where she works
(Planet express is overrun by anteaters)
Bender: And this is where she lives
(All of New New York blows up aerial view)
Bender: HA HA HA HA HA HA! Hey, I live there too waaaaagh!
(Cut to)
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #44 on: 03-29-2009 12:31 »

Last post wasn't that good. Xanfor, advertise this, this thread is losing popuarity.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #45 on: 03-29-2009 17:54 »

Last post wasn't that good...

[*Zoidberg scuttles into view*]
What? You were expecting maybe the Spanish inquisi-
[*16-Ton weight squashes Zoidberg*]

[*Cut to Morbo at the news desk*]
[*Cut to*]


DOOP Secretary
« Reply #46 on: 03-29-2009 18:52 »

Sounds like SpaceCase should write for Robot Chicken.

If there is a general consistency in Robot Chicken, it is taking two completely unrelated popular cultures and mixing them together.

But, SpaceCase, you can do better than that!  I ask of you, more obscure Monty Python references.

Urban Legend
« Reply #47 on: 03-29-2009 19:15 »

Anybody remember this one?

Fry:  (sees someone fall down a window):  Bender!  Someone just went past that wondow!  (points down)  That way!

Bender:  Hmmmm.

Fry:  Hmmmm.

Another person falls.

Fry:  Another one!

Bender: Hmmmm?

Fry:  Another one just went past!  Downwards!

Bender:  What?

Fry:  Two people have just fallen past that window to almost certain death!

Bender:  Fine!  Fine!

Fry:  Look!  Two people, (sees another person fall) three people have just fallen past that window!

Bender:  Must be a board meeting!

Barbados Slim falls.

Fry:  Hey, that was Hermes, the beaucrat.

Bender:  No, that was Barbados Slim!

Fry:  Hermes!

Bender:  Barbados!

Fry:  Hermes!

Bender:  Barbados!

Then Hermes falls.

Fry:  That was Hermes.  He was a good golfer that Hermes.

Bender:  Very good golfer!  Very good golfer! 

Fry:  I'll bet you Zoidberg is next!

Bender:  Bet your worth?

Fry:  How much do you think?

Bender:  Hmmmm.

Fry:  How much do you think he'd jump?  $5?

Bender:  $5!  You're on, fine!  (both shake hands)

Fry:  Come on, Zoidberg!

Bender:  Bend away, Zoidberg!

Fry and Bender: (voices overlap):  Now don't be so smart one us, jump!

A note is read in Farnsworth's voice:

Dear Sirs:

I have just about enough of complaints about people jumping off of a high builiding, I've worked all my life in such a building and never once.......

Scruffy falls down and screams in terror, and lands on a parking sign.

Fry:  Parking sign!

Bender:  Scruffy!

Just then, a much of DOOP soilders, aliens, and robots all fall down the building!

Fry:  Oh, my gosh!  This is terrible!  Would somebody please stop it! 


DOOP Secretary
« Reply #48 on: 03-29-2009 19:34 »


I guess you have to do everything yourself.

  [Zoidberg looks round and then rapidly climbs up and over the wall. He drops down to find Fry standing on the other side.]
Fry: Zoidberg.
Zoidberg: Fry! What a stroke of luck.
Fry: Well yes and no.
  [He indicates with his head.]
  [Cut to: show that both of them are standing in front of a firing squad. The officer is heard as before. The squad runs towards them with fixed bayonets.]
  [Cut to: Cornish country lane. A road sign says 'New New York 42 miles'. Fry stands beneath with Zoidberg and his bicycle.]

Fry: Phew, what an amazing escape. Well goodbye, Zoidberg.

Urban Legend
« Reply #49 on: 03-31-2009 17:06 »
« Last Edit on: 03-31-2009 17:08 »

Liked the Mr. Pither one you did.  I could just see Fry as Mr. Pither!  And both Fry and Zoidberg in that situation!   :laff:

In this one we see Fry and The Professor at a police station

Fry: Good evening, I wish to report a burglury.

Farnsworth: What?

Fry: (Speaking up: I wish to report a burglury.

Farnsworth: Speak a little louder.


Farnsworth: Speak lower.

Fry: (calming down): I wish to report a burglury.   

Farnsworth: Nope, still not getting anything.  Can you speak in a high

Fry: What do you mean, 'high register'?

Farnsworth: What?

Fry: (in a high pitched voice): I WISH TO REPORT A BURGLURY!!

Farnsworth: That's it!  A little higher!

Fry: (Still in a high pitched voice): I WISH TO REPORT A BURGLURY!

Farnsworth: A what?


Farnsworth: That's the exact frequency, keep it up!

Zoidberg walks in.   

Zoidberg: (In a high pitched voice): Hello, Professor!

Farnsworth: (In a deep monotoned voice): Morning Zoidy!

Fry starts to explain what he's seen in a high pitched voice.

Fry: (still speaking in a high pitched voice): I WAS JUST

Farnsworth: I'm afraid I'm going off duty now, talk to Zoidy.  (Farnsworth walks
out of the room, and Zoidberg comes to the desk and listens to Fry's

Fry: (Still talking in a high-pitched voice.) I WAS JUST COMING

Zoidberg: (interupts):  Excuse me sir, but why the funny voice?

Fry: Oh, I'm sorry I got used to talking like that to the other sergent.   

Zoidberg: Speak in a lower register.

Fry: (In a low-deep voice): I wish to report the lost of $5000!

Zoidberg: $5000!  That's serious!  You better talk to the Detective
Inspector Bender!   

Farnsworth walks back in the room, and Bender comes up to Fry.

Bender: (In a deep voice):  What seems to be the trouble, Sergent Zoidberg?

Zoidberg: (In a fast voice like an auctioneers): This gentleman here just reported
that he walked out of the bathroom and saw a gang of robot gansters run
out of a bank and said that there was $5000 stolen!   

Bender: I see.  Where do you live?

Fry: 121 Hollyrow Road on the Corner of 21st street.

Zoidberg repeats the address in a fast voice like an auctioneers.   

Farnworth: (In a high pitched voice): He just reported a robbery, Sergent!

Bender talks in an inaduible fast voice about the robbery to Farnworth, who
talks in a high pitched voice which, too in inaudible.

Zoidberg: (Walking up to Farnsworth and Bender, in a loud, squeaky voice): THIS IS

Farnsworth: (In a slow monotoned voice): I must've been somebody else.

Bender: (On the phone): Thank you, Sergent!  Don't worry sir, we'll get
this done right away!   

Fry just stands there confused.   

Farnsworth: (High pitched voice): You think I'm stupid, Sergent!   

Zoidberg: (In a fast voice): We should call the SWAT cars!

Bender: (In a slow voice): Good idea.   

Bender (On a microphone, singing): CALLING ALL SWAT CARS IN THE AREA!!!!


Near Death Star Inhabitant
Urban Legend
« Reply #50 on: 04-12-2009 21:05 »

Haha, interesting thread title.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #51 on: 04-12-2009 21:50 »

Is Monty Python, best sketch show EVAR! And instead of commenting on the title, post something, like-

Bender and Fry on a dock. Fry is going up to Bender and slapping him with two small sammons. He does this 4 times.
Bender: (gets a giant mutant fish from behind him and it eats Fry) Oops!
Bender then kicks the fish, who spits Fry out. Bender then gets a normal-large sammon and hits Fry into the water.
Zippy the Wonderchimp

« Reply #52 on: 04-16-2009 04:34 »

Leela: Oh great, we've got another dead alien on the landing.

Fry: From where?

Leela: Omicron Perseid 8 I think, or maybe 7, I'm not sure

Fry: How can you tell?

Professor: It's tattooed on the back of their neck!

Urban Legend
« Reply #53 on: 08-26-2013 15:10 »

This is a version of World forum. Futurama style!

Bender: Good evening. Tonight is indeed
a unique occasion in the history of television. We are
very privileged, and deeply honoured to have with us in
the studio, Zoidberg Marx, founder of modern socialism, and
author of the 'Communist Manifesto'. Zoidberg Marx is
sitting at a desk; he nods) Hermes Ulyanov,
better known to the world as Lenin, leader of the
Russian Revolution, writer, statesman, and father of
modern communism. (shot of Hermes Lenin also at desk; he nods)
Scruffy Guevara, the Cuban guerrilla leader. (shot of
Guevara) And Mao Tse-Fry, leader of the Chinese
Communist Party since 1949. (shot of Fry; the presenter
picks up a card) And the first question is for you,
Zoidberg Marx. The Hammers - the Hammers is the nickname of
what English football team? 'the Hammers? (shot of Zoidberg
Marx furrowing his brow- obviously he hasn't a clue)
No? Well bad luck there, Zoidberg. So we'll go onto you
Scruffy. Scruffy Guevara - Coventry City last won the FA Cup in
what year? (cut to Scruffy looking equally dumbfounded) No?
I'll throw it open. Coventry City last won the FA Cup
in what year? (they all look blank) No? Well, I'm not
surprised you didn't get that. It was in fact a trick
question. Coventry City have never won the FA Cup. So
with the scores all equal now we go onto our second
round, and Hermes Lenin it's your starter for ten. Teddy
Johnson and Pearl Carr won the Eurovision Song Contest
in 1959. What was the name of the song? ... Teddy
Johnson and Pearl Carr's song in the 1959 Eurovision
Song Contest? Anybody? (buzzer goes as in 'University
Challenge'.' zoom in on Mao Tse-Fry) Yes, Mao Tse-

Mao Tse-Fry: 'Sing Little Birdie'?

Bender: Yes it was indeed. Well challenged.


Bender: Well now we come on to our special gift
section. The contestant is Zoidbergl Marx and the prize this
week is a beautiful lounge suite. (curtains behind the
presenter sweep open to reveal a beautiful lounge
suite; ternfic audience applause; Zoidberg comes out and
stands in front of this display) Now Zoidberg has elected
to, answer questions on the workers' control of
factories so here we go with question number one. Are
you nervous? (Zoidberg nods his head; the Bender reads
from a card) The development of the industrial
proletariat is conditioned by what other development?

Zoidbergl: The development of the industrial bourgeoisie.


Bender: Yes, yes, it is indeed. You're on your way
to the lounge suite, Karl. Question number two. The
struggle of class against class is a what struggle? A
what struggle?

Zoidberg: A political struggle.

(Tumultuous applause.)

Bender: Yes, yes! One final question Zoidberg and the
beautiful lounge suite will be yours... Are you going
to have a go? (Zoidberg nods) You're a brave man. Zoidberg
Marx, your final question, who won the Cup Final in

Zoidberg: The workers' control of the means of production?
The struggle of the urban proletariat?

Bender: No. It was in fact, Wolverhampton Wanderers
who beat Leicester 3-1.

(Cut to stock film of goal bring scored in a big
football match. Roar from crowd. Stock footage of
football crowds cheering.)


Delivery Boy
« Reply #54 on: 04-05-2014 21:09 »

Is this where people put Futurama characters in Monty Python sketches?


Urban Legend
« Reply #55 on: 04-06-2014 04:42 »

Fry: Lela pls have the sex
Lela: No fray, no the sex
Fry: Bonkers...
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