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: What should happen next? Your input is appreciated!  (Read 1284 times)
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PEE Poll: What should happen next? Your input is appreciated!
Full blown romance between Fry and Leela   -4 (50%)
Romance between them, then they break up   -0 (0%)
something (i.e Zoidberg) ruins everything   -2 (25%)
Something different   -2 (25%)
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Liquid Emperor
« : 01-22-2006 10:27 »

OK guys, here is a dilemna. What do you think might/should happen in the second part of this here story? Yes i know, the end of this is SERIOUSLY shippy, but it doesn't have to be like this in the second part.


This is my first two-part Futurama episode, written in two medium length snippets.
The second part will follow shortly.

Caption: 3000 Years in the making, still better than ever

FARNSWORTH: (In usual manner) Good news, everybody! Today you will attempt a mission so dangerous, that every one of the planet express employees will go along. Including me. So you’d better get used to my constant toilet breaks, incessant dribbling, and mindless natter.

FRY: That’s great! Just gives me more people to blame when I muck everything up.

FARNSWORTH: Any hoo, we need to, on this most dangerous of missions, blow up a giant cluster of space-neutron galaxies.

LEELA: That doesn’t sound too bad.

HERMES: Here’s a short video, to disprove that point you just made (the video starts playing)

Cut to video player screen.

VIDEO HOST: (In a sullen voice) Hello. Many scientists have wondered, ‘what is the most dangerous thing in the universe?’ Now, we have an answer. Space-neutron galaxies, capable of destruction on an otherworldly scale. These very galaxies were responsible for the shift in gravity, which destroyed the Guatemaloozian Mega Pandas home planet. But they are capable of much, much, more. No-one knows where they originate, but some say there is a cluster orbiting around a star, only 250,000 miles away from Earth.

The video abruptly ends, and the Planet Express crew look on, unconvinced.

FRY :(Confused) so you are saying, these Guatemalan Mega galaxies are responsible for destroying Neutron Planets? It makes perfect sense!

FARNSWORTH: Not when you put it like that, bozo!

LEELA: So, why do you, Hermes, Amy and Scruffy need to come along with us?

ZOIDBERG: And Zoidberg!

LEELA: Oh, right, him too

FARNSWORTH: Moral support. Now, off you trot, I’ve got to prepare the things, doodle the whatsits, etc. etc. (After they have all gone, except Hermes, Farnsworth turns to him.) I hope you haven’t told them what is really going to happen?

HERMES: (Offended) No, mon, why would I do dat?

Cut to kitchen. Bender, Fry and Leela are standing round the counters.

BENDER: So, what would you guys like in your sandwiches?

FRY: Good old PB and J, robot buddy.

BENDER: What’s PB and J? Is it some kind of sauce, or our new neighbours? Or what?

FRY: (Shocked) You guys don’t know what PB and J is?

BENDER: We just said we didn’t, so why don’t you explain what it is. Huh, huh, go on then!

FRY: Well, PB and J is simply peanut butter and jelly!

LEELA: Fry, (turning to him) ‘Jelly’ ran dry about 300 years ago.

FRY: Why! Why must this happen to me (he falls down, sobbing).
BENDER: Cheer up, buddy, now we have PB and U.

FRY: PB and U?

LEELA: Yep, peanut butter and universally identifiable imitation jelly

Bender unloads some brown slop onto Fry’s bread.

BENDER: Grubs up!

FRY: (Tasting ‘sandwich’) Oh! Oh god that’s terrible! It tastes like I have 6 skunk beasts in my mouth, and they are all infested with pus spewing tape worms-I need to go to the bathroom (He runs out of the kitchen, looking very green.)

Cut to professor and Hermes in Farnsworth’s laboratory.

FARNSWORTH:…So if this succeeds, we are saved, if not, we had better put all our faith in this one, tiny, chip.

HERMES: Shall I switch it on, professor?

FARNSWORTH: Yes, yes, do it before I change my mind.

They both walk over to a small box.

HERMES: OK, here goes…(He pushes a button.)

Cut to Fry staggering out of the bathroom.

FRY: (Groaning) Oh man…that was a strange sandwich. I don’t feel better at all. Bender, get me a drink.

BENDER: (Appearing out of the kitchen) Sure thing, buddy.

Bender walks back into the kitchen, and we see him empty the contents of a mop into a glass.

Fry staggers to the boardroom, where he falls asleep. Bender tip toes in, places the water down by his head, and manages to accidentally spill it all over Fry. Fry grumbles, and on the way out, Bender tips over a chair, with an almighty crash. Fry jumps.

FRY: (Awakening) Gaah! What was that! Did the Russians finally invade, like in my dream, which I was enjoying until some Russians invaded. They’re not here, are they!?!

BENDER: (Turning round) Nah, it wasn’t Russians, it was just good old Bender. Now go back to sleep, skin tube. (He walks out to the doorway, but Fry stops him)

FRY: No, it wasn’t you that woke me up; I felt a sharp pain in my neck. I thought it was the Russians stabbing me, or something.

BENDER: (Walking back to Fry) Here, let me have a look (He peers at Fry’s neck).
FRY: (As Bender pokes at his neck) OW! Mole!

BENDER: Here, I think I may have found something. (He picks a small disk off Fry’s neck. There is a red light flashing in the centre.)

FRY: Lemme see that. (Leela walks in) Hey Leela, what do you think this is?

LEELA: Hmmmmm (Examining the object.) It looks like some sort of chip. Lets take it to the professor, see what he makes of it.

Fry and Leela walk out of the room. Amy passes as they go out.

BENDER: There is definitely something going on between those two.

AMY: Spleesh! Haven’t you worked it out yet?

BENDER: If it involves space mutants, a wild robot orgy, and lots of beeswax yes, if not, no.

AMY: They’re in love, guuh!

BENDER: They don’t show it much, though.

AMY: Yeah, but I can feel it.

There is an awkward silence.

BENDER: Err…..I’m off to play some dice. See yer.

Fry and Leela walk in on Professor Farnsworth. He is attaching two escape pods onto the bottom of the Planet Express ship.

LEELA: Hey, professor!

FARNSWORTH: Wha? I can’t hear you, speak clearly now. You should know that I am deaf as well as blind

LEELA: (To Fry) He’s blind? (Fry shrugs.)

Fry takes a megaphone off the wall.

FRY: (Speaking into megaphone the wrong way round) FARNSWORTH! FARNSWORTH! Hey, this thing must be broke, he still can’t hear anything.

LEELA: Really Fry, you can sometimes be so thick I can hardly believe it. (She takes the megaphone) Here, give me that.

She stands back, and shouts very loudly at professor Farnsworth.


Professor Farnsworth falls backwards off the ladder. Just then, Dr. Zoidberg walks in.

ZOIDBERG: Hey everybody, it’s Zoidberg, everyone’s favourite-

FARNSWORTH: Loooook oooooouttt! Aieeeee (The scream gradually gets louder)
Professor Farnsworth lands on Zoidberg, and Zoidberg squeaks loudly.

FARNSWORTH: (Dusting himself off) What was that, Leela? I think you called me.

LEELA: We were just wondering whether you know what this could be?

FARNSWORTH: Oh…I see (He takes the chip out of Leela’s hand).

FRY: It was stuck in my neck…what do you think it is?

FARNSWORTH: (Getting quite flustered) Eh? Oh, it’s nothing, really it’s nothing! Now go away, I’ve got nothing to hide from you! Really it’s nothing! Now go away, I need to study it in, err, more detail.

FRY: Meh, see ya.

Caption: 3 hours later…

Fry, Bender, Leela and Amy are sitting in the boardroom.

BENDER: Oh man, he’s late….he said he had a surprise for us, but now I’m thinking he’s too scared to show us. Either that, or he is a master of unnecessary suspense. Anyway, this is just boring. Anybody want a beer?


BENDER: What about you, Amy?

AMY: Nah, I’ve heard that drinking beer lowers your overall cuteness level. So, no thanks Bender.

FRY: I want a beer!

BENDER: Sure, here you go (He passes him a beer)

AMY: Maybe we have a new employee?

LEELA: Or paid holiday?

FRY: Or just money. Or both!

BENDER: Or new Bender. God, please say they aren’t replacing me. I thought they loved me!

Farnsworth walks in. He is wearing a baseball cap, gold chains, and a hoody. Hermes trudges in, holding a beat box playing some indistinguishable techno rave anthem.

BENDER: Oooooaaagh! (He screams, and falls off the back of his chair).

LEELA: Professor……what happened to you?

BENDER: (Getting up) Yeah, what did you sit on? (He sinks into uncontrollable laughter. He realises no-one else is laughing, so he soon stops.)

FARNSWORTH: I just thunked with me homies dat I need to cozzy more with da younger, hipper, more able generizzle. Lets rock to some block rockin’, bangin’ choons!

He skanks, unsuccessfully around the room, stopping halfway to catch his breath. He slaps everyone weakly on the back, whilst shouting ‘SAFE’ loudly after each slap. There is a mixture of bewildered, confused, and dumbfounded looks from the Planet Express crew.

FRY: Speak English, man; we can’t understand a word of this weird alien techno babble!

HERMES: (Whispering to Fry) He can’t. He made his voice permanently 21st century ‘gangster’, and so he will be like this for the rest of eternity, unless someone, or something gives him a short, sharp shock. Try telling him you died or something. That might work. Plus, he surgically attached this beat box to my hand. You’ve got to help me, Mon!

FARNSWORTH: Hermes! My man! I ain’t hearin’ no bangin’ choons yet! Ooh, me back!

Professor Farnsworth doubles over under the weight of his gold chains.

FARNSWORTH: Shizzle! This floor is effing monked out of its mind! Whoever cleans it needs to be knifed! And Hermes, I’m not hearing no bangin’ choons yet! Play ‘em, or I’ll set Zoidberg on yo!

HERMES: Oh dear God, no!

FRY: (To Hermes) Meet me out back in ten minutes.

HERMES: Will do…(He turns the volume on the beat box up full)

Bender gets up. He doesn’t realise that there is a now a small disk on his back, and it is flashing. He exits the Planet Express building. We can hear Hermes’ beat box playing through the windows, many of which have been shattered by the sound waves.

ROBOT MAFIA BOT 1: Yo, Bender, where’s that money that you owes us?

BENDER: Eh? I owe you no money!

ROBOT MAFIA BOT 2: Fork over the dough, tough guy. (He jabs a knife in Benders direction)

BENDER: Whoa whoa whoa, listen guys, I can explain….

ROBOT MAFIA GUY 2: He’s stalling! Get him!

Suddenly, the world around them flickers. When it returns to normal, the two Mafia bots hear a roar, and see Bender driving off into the distance in a ThunderCougarFalconBird, sporting twin Uzi’s and two robot models in each arm.

ROBOT MAFIA BOT 1: Eh? What jus’ happened? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! And I’m a pretty sensible kind of guy!

Cut to Bender

BENDER: I don’t know what on Earth just happened, but I LIKE IT! What’s to say, me and you two lovely ladies get acquainted over ‘dinner’ some time? I know a great place in Cuba we can go to, it’s very quiet this time of year.

ROBOT MODEL 1: Oh, Bender, you’re the most rebellious robot we know! Hey, what’s that on your luxuriously supple back? (She picks off a small disk).

BENDER: (Turning to her) Hey, well, whaddaya know? It’s like the disk I found on my friend, Fry, only it’s not flashing. Ah, well, who cares? (He chucks out of the windscreen onto the road, it rolls and sinks into a sewer)

ROBOT MODEL 2: Err…..Bender, honey, keep your eyes on the road!

BENDER? Don’t worry, I’ve got autopilot –(The car promptly crashes into a tree, catapulting the two robot models out of the car and through the air. They hit the ground and both explode in a huge fireball.)

Caption: Meanwhile, in a dark alleyway….

FRY: Huuuungh! Heave! Puff! Huungh! I think….Huungh! It’s…beginning to giveeeya! There you go. What do you want to do with the beat box? Can I have it?

HERMES: Yeah, sure. Hey, cheers Mon, one more minute with that blasted jukebox on my hand, and I would have had to file a requisition of my suicide. Now, to see Zoidberg about my painfully swollen, bleeding hand…

FRY: Urgh! It’s got your flesh on it!

They walk into the building

FARNSWORTH: Aah, Fry, Hermes, my homies! I need to show you some rippin’ gangsta shizzle! (His baseball cap is now on backwards, and his ultra thick glasses have changed to super thin sunglasses.) Hermes, what hapizzled to ma box o’ choons?

FRY: Err…professor, we don’t really have time for this, you see, Hermes is about to die,

FARNSWORTH: Please, call me Farns. Come and see my tag. No excuses or I’ll knife ya.

He leads them over to the side of the Planet Express ship. ‘FARNS’ is scrawled in eight-foot high letters all over the side of the ship.

FRY: Okay, it’s kinda cool, I suppose…

Leela walks in.

LEELA: What the hell has the professor done to the side of the ship?

Fry and Hermes point to the graffiti.

LEELA: Yes I know he did that. So, Mr. ‘Farns’, I’m giving you an ASBO. (She picks up a stamper marked ‘VOID’ and stamps it across his face.)

FARNSWORTH: You can’t stop tha ghetto voices, honey.

Leela hauls the protesting and cursing Farnsworth out of the room. Bender runs straight into him.

FARNSWORTH: AAAAGH! Bender! What are you doing here?

LEELA: I think he is back to normal, folks!

FARNSWORTH: Back to wha? 

BENDER: I had a car crash! It was sooo cool! If the cops come looking for me, please tell them I’m dead.

FARNSWORTH: I could make you dead….if that’s what you really want.

BENDER: Nah, I’m okay.

Cut to Hermes in Zoidberg’s office.

ZOIDBERG: Ah, Hermes, has your sixth spine detached itself from your retinas yet?

HERMES: Err…I don’t think so, no.

ZOIDBERG: Tut tut, you really don’t want to get rid of those spines now, do you?

HERMES: I really should be going…

ZOIDBERG: Nonsense, nonsense, your hands obviously need my expert medical attention. Now open your mouth.

Hermes opens his mouth nervously.

ZOIDBERG: No, your other one!

HERMES: Huh? I thought you were examining my hands!

ZOIDBERG: Your hands are fine. Next patient! Here, take this cream.

Zoom to show cream packet. The cream is for: ‘Assisted suicide, only in extreme circumstances’

ZOIDBERG: I think you’ll need it.

HERMES: No no, I’m fine, completely fine. Goodbye.

He shoves the cream back at Zoidberg and walks out of the room.

Caption: Two days later…

FARNSWORTH: O.K, are we all ready to go?

ALL: Yes….

They all, one by one, trudge into the Planet Express ship. The ship takes off, much slower this time, because of the added weight of the two escape pods and a doomsday device.

AMY: (From inside the ship) Are we there yet?


AMY: Are we there yet?


AMY: Are we there yet?
FARNSWORTH: For Gods sake shut up! I’m trying to concentrate on preparing the doomsday device, which will blow up the whole cluster of galaxies!

LEELA: Doomsday device?

FARNSWORTH: Well, we have to destroy the galaxies somehow.

AMY: Are we there yet?


There is a thunk, and some inconceivable Cantonese shouting.

Caption: Soon afterwards….

LEELA: Incoming transmission, professor! (The T.V screen pops down.)

LRRR: (On T.V screen) This is Lrrr, of the planet Omicron Persei 8. Well, I’m not actually on Omicron Persei 8 right at this moment (An arm nudges his side) Oh, right, uh huh, hmmm….O.K….anyway, you are now breaching over our borders! You shall be destroyed, although if you turn back….err, you shall be spared a terrifying death. Turn back now!

 FARNSWORTH: Preposterous! All that is here is a giant cluster of dangerously unstable Space Neutron Galaxies! How can you ‘be here’?

LRRR: Easy! We are assembling an army INSIDE the cluster of galaxies, which shall be invading earth in approximately 3 hours from now. So, if you would kindly move your ship back, before you are vapourised….

FARNSWORTH: Sure, we’ll move the ship back, for now (He laughs).

LRRR: What was that?

FARNSWORTH: Nothing, just nothing.

The Planet Express ship reverses back a few thousand miles.

LEELA: We must tell the head of the Earthican army before it’s too late! (She dials a number, and an army general appears on the screen)

GENERAL: Hello…what do you want?

LEELA: I just want to tell you that Lrrr, the leader of the planet Omicron Persei 8, is planning an attack on Earth within 3 hours.

GENERAL: Oh, lord…

LEELA: Aren’t you going to do anything?

GENERAL: Well, I am addressing the army on the importance of hair curlers in urban warfare at the moment; so, I suppose I can tell them now. You can hear too, if you want to.

LEELA: O.K, we’ll listen

GENERAL: All right men! Here is the battle plan! Neeeeeuuuuuurrrrmmmmm-rat tat tat kablam! Brrrmmmmmm! (He makes elaborate hand gestures, whilst making these sounds.) Neeeaaaaahhhh! SMASH!

LEELA: That’s quite enough of that! (She switches the T.V off, and sits back in the seat.)

Suddenly, a swarm of fighter ships coming from Earth zoom past the Planet Express ships windscreen.

LEELA: (Gasping) That was quick! I wonder if that crackpot general told them what they were really up against?

As soon as the swarm of fighter ships gets close to the Neutron Galaxies, a laser beam shoots out of the centre, and wipes out the whole fleet.

BENDER: Ten to one he didn’t! I bet three hundred, I win, thank youuuu very much! (He steals Hermes’ wallet, and helps himself $3000 from inside it)

FRY: Well I’ll be….

BENDER: Yep, my art of ‘borrowing’ things is very refined.

FRY: No. Not that, I just saw about a thousand ships get wiped out in about 30 seconds. It was cool!

FARNSWORTH: We have no choice! Because the hapless Earth army has failed AGAIN, we must jettison the doomsday device into the centre of the galaxies, thus wiping out the Omicronian army, and the whole damn system ourselves!

ZOIDBERG: That’s not a good idea! We could all be killed I mean!

BENDER: Can’t we just shove it out of a torpedo tube?

FARNSWORTH: Why, that’s a great idea. Come, everybody, to the torpedo tubes!

Cut to torpedo tube room. Professor Farnsworth places a small spiky object into the tube.

Cut to outside view of Planet Express ship. A small meteor hits the back engine, and knocks out the power to the entire ship.

Cut back to inside torpedo room.

BENDER: Aah, poo, what are we going to do now? I suppose you will need some sort of heat resistant arm to shove it out the end.

Everybody looks at Hermes.

HERMES: Don’t look at me, Mon, who is de robot in here?

FARNSWORTH: I could swear it was you…..oh well, Bender, I suppose you’ll have to do it for us, seeing as Hermes isn’t ‘robotic’ enough.

BENDER: Aah, nuts.

The device shoots out of the torpedo tube, directly into the centre of the galaxies. A catastrophic implosion reduces the whole area to a black hole.

FARNSWORTH: Egads! We forgot to take into account that we have mysteriously lost all our power. Now we can’t get away! We’ll be sucked in! Emergency stations everybody!

Caption: 2 minutes later…

The Planet Express ship drifts ever closer to the large black hole. Leela is sitting at the controls, desperately trying to get some life out of the ship.

Professor Farnsworth, Amy, Scruffy, Hermes, Bender and Zoidberg are still in the torpedo room.

FARNSWORTH: I told you all, emergency stations! Quick quick, go!

AMY: You never gave us anything to do on the ship, professor!

HERMES: What’s say we make our escape?

AMY: Yep!


BENDER: Sure, whatever. Lets go already, I’m gonna miss ‘All My Circuits’ season finale.

SCRUFFY: Second.

AMY: What are you doing on here? Aren’t you supposed to be keeping an eye on Planet Express?

SCRUFFY: He told me (pointing at the professor) to come with us.

AMY: Professor!

FARNSWORTH: All right, all right! I told the vagabond he could come with us, as I was kind of hoping we would get broken into, then I could claim on the insurance.

They all look at him, bemused and shocked.

FARNSWORTH: Err…into the escape pods, everyone!

AMY: What about Fry and Leela?

FARNSWORTH: Pish posh! They’ve saved their own lives before, so there’s no reason why they can’t do it again! I have to get back to invent something to save the newly formed polar ice caps!

BENDER: What about saving the world, old man?

FARNSWORTH: I have no time for that! Into the escape pod, all of you!

He gets a small rake out of his pocket, sprinkles some water on it, and it expands in size several times. He rakes them all up, and pushes them into the escape pod.

BENDER: But…..but…

FARNSWORTH: (Following them into the escape pod) Do your seatbelts up, everybody, I don’t want to be responsible for any of your deaths. Now, does anyone know how to operate this here escape pod?

All shake their heads slowly.

FARNSWORTH: O.K O.K I’ll do it. Move over, Leela!

HERMES: Err, Leela isn’t here, professor!

FARNSWORTH: She isn’t?

The escape pod detaches itself from the Planet Express ship undercarriage. It moves off very slowly and jerkily back towards Earth.

Cut to Leela.

LEELA: (Shaking the control stick) It’s no use! The engines have had it! (A small tear runs down her cheek) Professor! Professor Farnsworth! (There is no reply. In fact, there is complete silence) anybody here?

She walks out of the dead ships control room into the cargo bay, and finds one of the escape pods missing. There is a giant rake on the floor.)

LEELA’S MIND: Those selfish bastards have left me here1 I hope Fry isn’t one of them. Knowing him, he probably didn’t give a seconds thought about me. Don’t be stupid, he loves you, you just can’t accept it. Oh, come on, what would he see in a one-eyed mutant like you? A lot, you just haven’t given him a chance to properly express his feelings towards you.

Leela snaps out of her mental debate and goes to see if she can find Fry.

She sees Fry, standing on the bridge, looking out towards space. His face is stained with tears.



LEELA: Fry, why didn’t you go back to Earth with the others?

LEELA’S MIND: He loves you, duh; he didn’t want to leave you here.

FRY: (Quietly) I didn’t want you to die without me.

LEELA: Fry, we’re not going to die. I won’t let you. There is still one more escape pod underneath the ship. We can take that to safety.

FRY: Cool…Ow, my neck! (He picks a small round disk off his neck, and throws it onto the floor) What is it with my neck and these things?

They walk into the deserted cargo bay, open the escape hatch, but in doing so, inadvertently knock a container of dark matter off its flimsy stand.on the floor. The dark matter smashes through the roof of the escape pod, and out the floor, before hurtling off through space.

FRY: We’re boned, right?

LEELA: Yep, we’re boned.

Fry walks back up to the bridge. The ship drifts ever closer to the large black hole, which is sucking everything into it, and growing larger and larger. Fry estimates that they have about two minutes left before the ship gets sucked into the hole, and whatever lies beyond. Leela joins him on the bridge.

FRY: You know, when I was back in the year 1999, I always wondered what it was like up in the stars….now I’m going to die gazing at what I love.

 His gaze doesn’t go out into space. Instead, it falls directly onto Leela. A small tear forms in his eye, and he closes his eyes.

LEELA: Fry, how can you love a Cyclops like me?

FRY: Since the first moment I laid my eyes on you, I have become more and more in love with you. It hurts to think I might lose you now without you ever knowing how I feel.

LEELA: (Cutting Fry off) Fry-

FRY: Let me finish, for my sake. I have saved the world numerous times for you, I wrote you a love note in the stars, which you-

LEELA: What did you do?

FRY: I wrote you a love note in the sky, you know, when the time skips happened and I married you, but you had to break my heart twice in one day-it still hurts now, when I think about all I could have had, but lost. (His eyes remain closed)

LEELA: Look, Fry, I just can’t love you. There is something in you that is worth loving, but I guess I haven’t found it yet…

Suddenly, a large explosion rocks the ship. Fry flies backwards through the air, landing hard on the floor. Leela steadies herself against the railing on the bridge. Fry gets up, dazed, and lies back down on the floor again. He manages to lie on the small flashing disk he threw away earlier.

LEELA: Oh god! Fry! (She rushes over to him; he is woozy, and slipping in and out of consciousness.) Please don’t go, I can’t face this alone!

LEELA’S MIND: See, you do care about him. I only care about him now because he hurt himself, it’s not like I love him. If you love him, you will get through this together! You won’t just leave him here! But I don’t-I mean, I can’t love him-Why not? I don’t know, it’s just not- (She breaks off her mental debate)

FRY: Leela…………I…….I……..Will……(He slips out of consciousness)

LEELA: Noooooooooo! (She breaks down, sobbing)

FRY: (Regaining some consciousness) I think…I will…be fine….now…my head…..hurts a bit.

LEELA: Are you sure you’ll be all right?

FRY: Probably…..just…don’t leave me…..I can’t face it alone.

LEELA: I would never leave you like this! I wouldn’t want to face this alone either.

FRY: You said… you couldn’t love me…but…after all I’ve done…you still won’t accept the fact that…I have always loved you, and always…will?

LEELA: Oh Fry; I don’t know what to do! (Tears start rolling down her cheeks)

FRY: Leela, I would go to the ends of the Earth just to see your smile every morning…I don’t know what I would have to do to make you feel the same way about me as I do about you.
Fry puts his arm around Leela’s shoulder. She instinctively pulls away, but immediately reconsiders, and pulls in closer to Fry.

LEELA: That’s one of the most beautiful things anyone has ever said to me. Look Fry, maybe one day-

Another explosion rocks the ship. Panels are falling off the walls, and wires are sparking electricity everywhere.

FRY: I’m scared, Leela, I don’t think we’ll have another day

LEELA: I’m scared too, Fry.

They slowly pull away from their hug. They look into each other’s eyes. Fry has a small tears running down his face. They hug tighter, and their hug slowly transforms into a long, sad, regretful kiss.

FRY’S MIND: I wish it wouldn’t end here…..

Suddenly, the ship, Fry and Leela start to flicker, and slowly disappear.

Cut to Planet Express building. It is a nice, sunny, normal day. The Planet Express ship suddenly reappears in the holding bay. Fry and Leela are still locked in their kiss, oblivious to everything that has just happened. Everyone else is sitting in the holding bay, staring at them.

BENDER: Wooooooooo!

LEELA: Oh god. (Breaking off the kiss. They are still holding hands.) You didn’t see anything, right? And how did we end up back here?

BENDER: Lady, we saw it all.

FARNSWORTH: I see my little experiment was successful.

FRY: What experiment? What did you do to us?

FARNSWORTH: Well, you see, I simply planted a chip on the back of your neck. It would make anyone who is wearing its wishes come true! Only when they are in danger, though.

FRY: You could have told me! Then I would have been able to save the ship AND the world.

LEELA: And why did you leave us to die? Couldn’t handle the fact that you might fail? I QUIT!

FRY: Then I quit too!


AMY: Hey, why are you two still holding hands?

Leela’s hand tenses and begins to pull away.

FRY: (Whispering) Don’t do it. Please.

Her hand relaxes back into Fry’s palm.

LEELA: Lets just say, when Farnsworth stupidly put us in that life threatening situation, something, well, something just ‘clicked’ between us.
AMY: Like what? (She gets out a pocket notebook, and begins to write something in it.) Do you mind if I take notes?

LEELA: Oh, I don’t know…it just did, I suppose.

AMY: Is that it? I was expecting some sort of romantic proposal, begging, seductive lines, that kind of thing.

FRY: Well, whatever happened, it sure did turn out for the best.

LEELA: It did, now; hopefully we can keep it together.

FRY: Like I said on the doomed ship, I would love you to the ends of the Earth.

LEELA: Somehow, I know you will……..

Fade to black and end credits.

To Be Continued……


« #1 : 01-22-2006 15:17 »

Zoidberg certainly classes as something.

Starship Captain
« #2 : 01-26-2006 03:38 »

i like it, i voted number 3

Urban Legend
« #3 : 01-15-2014 12:37 »

Liked this, too.  See how it used to be on here?  With people writing fanfics?  Why can't it be like this again?


Space Pope
« #4 : 01-15-2014 12:48 »

Liked this, too.  See how it used to be on here?  With people writing fanfics?  Why can't it be like this again?

The average quality of a fanfic is vastly disproportionate to the amount of time it takes to read one.

In other words, I'm lazy and I'll only read a fanfic if it has an absolutely absurd amount of positive feedback.

Urban Legend
« #5 : 01-16-2014 02:07 »

No-one knows where they originate, but some say there is a cluster orbiting around a star, only 250,000 miles away from Earth.

The fic's not bad, but your astrophysics is terrible. Make 'miles' into 'light years', and that will be an improvement.
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