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Author Topic: Gopher's fan scripts  (Read 8581 times)
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Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #40 on: 03-19-2006 10:24 »

you didn't think the name "Lame Duck" was a bit over-the-top?  :) I was unsure about that, but given how absurd race horse names are to begin with, I decided I had to go extreme to get any reaction at all.  :)
Thanks for the feedback. Act III should arrive within the week, just trying to think of ways to add length without inducing boredom or too much repetition.

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #41 on: 07-11-2006 23:21 »
« Last Edit on: 07-14-2006 22:00 »

After keeping everyone in suspense... oh, who am I kidding, it's been so long I'm sure everyone has forgotten about this story alltogether.

I ended up losing the rest of my work, and despaired of recreating it at the time. Decided it's about time to write a little more. I can barely remember what I had written before, all I'm sure of is that the new Act III is very different from the old Act III. From what I remember, I wasn't very happy with the original anyway, so it's probably for the best.

Without further ado, here's act III!


[scene: Planet Express HQ, Professor's Lab, with Hermes and Leela on the couch.]

Farnsworth:  ..so in the final solution, free will is canceled out!

[Leela rubs her eye and looks around, confused. Farnsworth is finishing up his lecture as before.]

Farnsworth: Which leads me to the most important part. If the chronoton field the futurescope emits ...

[Leela turns to Hermes, while the professor continues lecturing in the background]

Leela: (to Hermes, What's going on?  I was just at the horse track...

Farnsworth: ... was to intersect with another focused beam of quantum particles, ...

Hermes: Yah, I think I dozed off myself for a while earlier.

Farnsworth: ... such as the one emitted by a scanning electron microscope, the uncertainty contained will create a feedback loop ...

Leela: No, it wasn't a dream! I ran to stop Fry and Bender from destroying the universe with the futurescope, but I was too late. I've got to hurry!

[Hermes looks confused, as Leela runs out the door]

Farnsworth: ... which will cause free will to be squared, disrupting causality. Time itself could be torn to shreds! (he turns around to the empty room) Say, where did Fry, Bender, and Leela get off to?

[Outside, Leela runs down the street to the 'Run, Lola, Run' music again. Hermes runs along behind her, trying to keep up.

Leela gets to the line for the tube transport again. Rather than wait, she just kicks or shoves everyone out of the way and dives into the tube head-first. ]

Hermes: Leela, what in the hell is going on?

[Jump back to Fry and Bender at the track]

Bender: The first race is supposed to start in 7 minutes. What do you see?

[Jumps to outside the track. As before a long line waits to get in. the camera pans to the right, where Smitty and URL are harrassing an old woman.]

URL: Don't make this more difficult than it has to be, miss.

Smitty: (brandishes his lightstick menacingly) We'll use force if we have to.

Old Woman: But I was just walking to the store to pick up my pills.

Smitty: A drug user, eh? You're going to have to come with us.

Old Woman: What? No, I need my pills. I have a heart condition

URL: Sure you do, miss.

Smitty: You junkies make me sick.

[Leela flys out of the nearby tube station and and hits the ground running. She dashes right past Smitty and URL to the track's entrance. As at the tube entrance, she begins throwing roundhouse kicks like Chuck Norris.]

[Smitty and URL notice the commotion Leela is causing at the gate.]

URL: Looks like a code 2315 in progress.

Smitty: We'd better take care of it.  (to the old woman) Concider this a warning, if we see you popping pills around here again I'll introduce you to my lightstick.

[Leela clears the path to the door, but URL grabs her.]

Smitty: Stop, in the name of the law!

[Leela and URL grapple for a moment, then she twists free and throws him to the ground. Smitty charges with his lightstick, but Leela kicks it out of his hand. On the ground behind her, a compartment on URL's chest opens and a restraint shoots out and wraps around Leela's ankles.]

Smitty: (rubbing his wrist where Leela kicked him) You're in some serious trouble, miss.

Leela: Please, wait, you have to let me inside!

Smitty: Don't make this more difficult than it has to be, miss.

Leela: No, you don't understand! I'm trying to save the universe!

URL: That's what they all say, miss. Read her her rights.

[URL gets to his feet and begins reeling Leela in by turning a crank that has appeared by his side. Smitty begins reading her rights, while she struggles and argues with URL.]

Smitty: You have the right to remain silent. Anything we beat out of you will be used against you in court.

Leela: Stop, you have to listen...[URL whacks her over the head with his lightstick.] Ow!

Smitty: You have the right to medical attention. If you do not need medical attention, you will by the time we're done with you.

Leela: This is serious! [whack] ow! We're all in danger! [whack] ow! Cut that out!
[A radiant light begins pouring out from the track. It quickly spreads and envelops the group.]

Smitty: You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, you will be assigned the worst... what the?

Leela: Oh, hell, not again...

[Everything becomes monochromatic again, and Leela blinks out of existance as the scene agains fades to white.]

[Commercial break #2]


There! I'll try to be a little quicker to get Act IV finished.

To all grammar/spelling nazis: Do your worst, I'll make corrections as they are pointed out. As is my usual (bad) habit, this is being posted without any proof reading, so I'm sure they're there.

[edit] Don't know why I expected there to be any comments here after only one evening. dammit, I'm going to be checking back here every few hours for a while, when I really should be focusing on my work. Man, I can be such an approval-whore sometimes.

Hrm. Now it's been almost a week. If nobody gives a shit, I'm probably not going to bother finishing the story, the time would be better spent on work-related tasks that increase my pay-checks.


"Scruffy's gonna die the way he lived."

« Reply #42 on: 07-19-2006 03:41 »

I just found this; I'm really enjoying it.  The revised Miranda rights were hilarious.  Don't let me pressure you into finishing the fic, though (at least not now).  I understand the importance of pay-checks.  Whenever and ifever you have the time and inclination, I'm sure I'll enjoy it.  The only error I noticed was in the first part ("extatic" should be "ecstatic" ); nothing else jumped out at me.

Bending Unit
« Reply #43 on: 07-19-2006 04:48 »

To tell you the truth, I had forgotten about this. Still, though, the memories quickly came flooding back!

I really enjoyed this part, and it got a few chuckles out of me. I promise I'll try not to forget about it again by the time you post the next update.  :)

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #44 on: 07-19-2006 14:53 »

First off, huzzah, saved from oblivion on pg. 2.  :)

Cloned: Yah, my spelling isn't that great, and my proofreading is atrocious. If anyone wants to volunteer for the job, I'd be glad to send them early copies before they're posted.

I've got enough free-time, it's just a matter of how I choose to spend it. If nobody cared, I would just spend a little more of my free time on the The Infosphere instead.

I'll try to finish the story up this weekend. I'm pretty sure I know where it's going, I'm just trying to think of a way to stretch it out a bit, as it's turning out to be a VERY short script, more than I can dismiss to the amount of action sequences so far.

Bending Unit
« Reply #45 on: 07-19-2006 19:07 »

I'd be more than happy to beta it for you, if you want. My email's in my profile.  :)

Urban Legend
« Reply #46 on: 07-20-2006 10:29 »
« Last Edit on: 07-20-2006 10:29 »

Gopher.  A comedy script writer that I missed?  Iím so sorry.  Just read the first one:

Firstly, I like the fact that you brought out the cool-o-meter again, only because thatís one of my favorite devices in the entire series.  You wove your plot together well, simple and effective, much like season 2 as nerd-o once said.  Everything was flowing and cohesive, and Fryís ascent to clooldom made sense given the circumstances.  The turn around at the end was predictable, but satisfying all the same. 

The following quotes deserve a mention:

sentrybot: Barefoot, 20th century hippie style, cloolness at 85%.

Dean: As your instruments are telling you, Fry is the first person in history to attain 100% cool. I'm sure you've all got a lot of questions. In order to be fair, I won't answer any of them.

Leela: What! Fry threw a party and he didn't invite us?
Bender: Oh, that reminds me. He told me to tell you something.
Leela: What?
Bender: That you're all invited to his party last night.

And I really like this one:

Fry: I froze myself for a thousand years. Now they're all dead. (chuckling) Who's the loser now?

Not only because itís funny, but because itís very in character for him to forget his journey was an accident that he had little choice in.  Nice work.

Iíll get to the second story soon enough, don't stop writing.

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #47 on: 07-20-2006 11:19 »

J: Thanks. Things move a their own glacial pace in here in Fan Art, I'm not surprised people missed my first script altogether.

Thanks for the positive feedback, I was really pleased with the first script. The second relies very heavily on action and visuals, which would have come across better in straight prose than in script form. I might try my hand at illustrating a few shots from this one later.
"Who's the loser now?" was my favorite line in that whole script I think. To be fair to Fry, if he didn't take credit for things he did accidentally, he wouldn't get to take credit for much in his life  ;)

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #48 on: 07-26-2006 13:13 »
« Last Edit on: 07-26-2006 13:13 »

Gopher, I just read your first fic, and I just have one problem with it. Fry didn't really want to have his real friends left out. I mean, he invited them to the party and all. The only reason he didn't speak out about it right away was because he was overwhelmed. And then Bender didn't tell everyone they were invited... But when Leela becomes popular, she just brushes him aside. Actually, this would be in-character, because Fry was somewhat popular in 20 C, while Leela never has been. So although your ending was a bit of a downer, I'd say it would make a good episode. I mean, a lot of episodes ended in a similar manner. Which is why I've come up with this theory that states that the last thirty seconds of any said 'Futurama' episode are not part of the canon. Of course, sometimes the rule has to be bent for continuity reasons, such as in 'Time Keeps on Slippin'' (which I hate), and of course, for... Uh... Other reasons. ('Parasites Lost', 'Love and Rocket', 'The Devil's Hands...')

Looking forward to the rest of your fics!   ;)


Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #49 on: 07-26-2006 21:21 »

Xanfor: Thanks for the feedback!

I've got the last part of this written, but I've been waiting on Arkan to proof-read it for me.

Arkan: c'mon, man, it's been a week now. What gives?

Bending Unit
« Reply #50 on: 07-27-2006 02:00 »

Ack! I am so sorry! I really should check my email more often...

*checks email*

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #51 on: 07-27-2006 14:14 »

Arkan: Thanks! In the future, a list of errors would be prefered; just quote the whole script back to me and annotate it with comments and errors.

At last, here's the final installment of "Run, Leela, Run!"

Act IV
[Scene: Professor's Lab, again.]

Farnsworth: ...so in the final solution, free will is canceled out!

[Leela rubs her eye and looks around, confused. Farnsworth is finishing up his lecture as before.]

Farnsworth: Which leads me to the most important part. If the chronoton field the Futurescope emits...

[Leela stands and walks up to the professor. ]

Farnsworth: ...was to intersect with another focused beam of quantum particles,

Leela: The universe will be destroyed, yeah, I know.

[Farnsworth adjusts his glasses and looks at Leela.]

Farnsworth: Eh, wha? That's right. Am I repeating myself again? I'd better start over...

Leela: No! Fry and Bender are at the track right now, we don't have time for this! We need to stop them, before the Futurescope beam intersects with the Scanning Electron Microscope!

Farnsworth: Good lord! If that happens, all of space-time could be destroyed!

Leela: Yes! It happened twice already! I tried to stop them both times, but there's a flash of light and I find myself back here again.

Farnsworth: Leela, you need to get there immediately and stop them!

Leela: There's no time! I've tried, twice, it's too far! We need to come up with a plan!

Farnsworth: Interesting... (returns to his light-board and begins writing) If you're repeating in time, then the intersection must have created a radial fracture in time. For some reason, you must have gotten caught in the wave the first time, and now you're stuck in time, like a needle in a scratched holodisk!

Leela: Great metaphor, but what do we do?

Farnsworth: Let me just work this out for a second.

[time lapse: 2 minutes later. Similar to before, with Leela and Hermes looking bored and stunned]

Farnsworth: Amazing! Simply amazing.

[Leela springs to her feet and runs over.]

Leela: What is it, Professor? What did you find?

Professor: Well, according to my calculations, the temporal shift will continue its fixed-interval iteration indefinitely. It won't stop until a temporally-detached individual, who was in the field of the chronoton beam when the incident occurred, takes a course of action which alters the path of the initiating individual before the cycle repeats.

[Leela and Hermes stare in silence. Leela blinks once, in an exaggerated way.]

Leela: So... time will keep repeating, until I do something to stop Fry?

Professor: Exactly!

[turning back to the board, he adjusts his glasses. Leela's dazed look focuses into a glare. A glow begins to flow across the room, everything fading to Monochromatic again. Hermes looks alarmed, and the professor continues his explanation]

Professor: See, the trick is right here in the second Maclaurin series. By solving for the...

[Flash of white, then the scene resets again. Leela immediately stands up and starts to walk over to the professor, still glaring.]

Farnsworth: ...so in the final solution, free will is canceled out! (to Leela) Wha...

[Leela kicks him in the face and runs out the door. The professor collapses to the floor like a rag doll]

Hermes: Great gangster of Galilee, what got into her?

Farnsworth: Oh dear, what was I saying? I'll have to start over...

[scene: PE Interior, ship hanger. Leela runs across the hanger into the ship. Cut to a view of the ship's bridge.]

Leela: (muttering) Senile old bat... I'm putting a stop to this.

[scene: PE exterior, the hangar doors open and the PE ship takes off. Camera pursues as it weaves its way across the city at breakneck speeds.]

[scene: Inside the stadium, with Bender and Fry again.]

Fry: Whatís his number?

Bender: He's #5.

Fry: He just collapsed. Hey, what the...  the Planet Express ship just flew in!

Bender: Aw, crap. We're busted. We gotta get out of here!

Fry: She just started blasting all the horses! My god, it's brutal! She blasted them all, except for Lame Duck.

Bender: Wonder what crawled up her butt. We better get out of here!

[Bender and Fry start walking out of the stadium.]

[Cuts to later, PE Building exterior to show that it's evening. Inside, Fry is on the couch watching TV in the lounge and Leela comes in.]

Leela: There you are! You're in serious trouble!

Fry: (surprised) What for?

Leela: For taking the Futurescope to the track! I almost got arrested, twice, because of you!

Fry: We were just gonna cheat a little; you're the crazy woman who killed all the horses. Look, you're on the news.

[Cut to TV, Morbo and Linda are doing the news. Shows footage of the PE ship flying around the stadium, blasting horses. Cuts back to the news desk]

Linda: My goodness!

Morbo: Truly shocking footage, Linda. Such senseless violence makes Morbo angry. I will destroy you all!

[Leela walks over and turns the TV off. She turns to Fry and looks about to rip him a new one, then she sighs and calms down.]

Leela: You have no idea how much trouble you put me through today, do you?

Fry: Nope. Can you turn the TV back on now?

[Leela scowls and stomps out of the room. As she walks out, Bender walks in, humming with self-satisfaction.]

Fry: Hey, Bender, where have you been? You said you needed to go to the bathroom, but never came back. Wait a minute, Robots don't use bathrooms!

Bender: Yeah, I went back to the track to bet on Lame Duck.

Fry: What! But he collapsed!

[Bender sits on the sofa next to Fry]

Bender: Yeah, well, unconscious still beats dead. It took 30 minutes for his jockey to drag him across the finish line.

Fry: Score! Why didn't you tell me?

[opens his door and pulls out a wad of cash, which he proceeds to count slowly.]

Bender: Yeah, I guess that would've been the nice thing to do. (hums happily to himself, while Fry glares at him.)

[Camera pulls out to PE exterior; ending music plays]

Bender: [from inside PE] So what's on TV?

[End Credits]


There. A bit short, but oh well. I can't think of any more ways to lengthen it without watering it down.


Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #52 on: 09-16-2006 14:37 »
« Last Edit on: 07-22-2010 23:13 »

*bump* Wow. That ending must have sucked even more than I though.

Working on something, I wasn't sure where to put it but wanted to share. Not actually fanfic, but is basically fan "art"

[phone theme stuff deleted as the old image hosting expired and I don't even have that phone, much less the theme, anymore.  If the infosphere ever comes back and you really want, you can see it on my page there]
my man-wich!

Starship Captain
« Reply #53 on: 09-16-2006 15:32 »
« Last Edit on: 09-16-2006 15:32 »

I Need that theme!!!!!

*my man-wich curls up and die's on the floor.*

Urban Legend
« Reply #54 on: 09-16-2006 17:07 »

wow, i'd completely forgotten about this story.  No, the ending didn't suck.  Actually, I don't think I'd ever noticed that you'd posted Act IV in the first place. 

I'm just a little suprised at how short this is.  You could have had Leela go through another few time loops before you ended it.  It was a great story anyway though.  Absolutely hilarious. 

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #55 on: 09-16-2006 17:42 »
« Last Edit on: 09-16-2006 17:42 »

soylentOrange: Thanks; I couldn't think of any interesting/funny things to happen in additional iterations, and was worried that it would end up too horribly repetitive. I might roll it into an "AOI" with two other short pieces, if I can think of a "what-if" question it would answer...heh.

my man-wich: What kind of phone do you have? Make and model?

When I finish the theme, I'm thinking of trying to make a Futurama Space Invaders game, using the shots from AOI2, or maybe a pac-man.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #56 on: 09-16-2006 17:50 »

I like it! Oh, and Gopher, I promised I would, so: CONGRADS ON BECOMING A PROFESSY!
Love the fan fic.  :)
my man-wich!

Starship Captain
« Reply #57 on: 09-16-2006 23:22 »

@gopher- I have an outdated nokia 3120. I'm in need of an upgrade. I saw the nokia 6030 in your 'phone wallpaper contest' thread, and might pick one up on ebay.

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #58 on: 09-17-2006 01:53 »
« Last Edit on: 09-17-2006 22:00 »

I'm pretty sure your phone will use the same theme files as my phone. Email me (mail, below) and I'll send you a url to my personal web server, the only webspace I have that defines the mime type for nokia phone themes. Without that, the phone doesn't recognize it as a theme, though it will download it. Let me know how it works; if yours has a different set of items on the main menu, I'll rearrange them for you.

Been working on the first list-view menu animation; I really hope it turns out ok.. here's the really ugly work-in-progress:

Finished 12 "good" frames, only 6 more to go... I'm updating the image as I go, rather than reposting it, so just refresh the page.

I might go back and touch it up a bit, but I'm pretty happy at this point; got the version below running on my cell phone, and it looks pretty good. Only 34K, too.


Bending Unit
« Reply #59 on: 09-20-2006 11:23 »

Heehee, those are cool! Very nice work.  :D

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #60 on: 12-06-2006 09:47 »
« Last Edit on: 12-06-2006 09:47 »

*bump* I posted an updated version of my first script, "Fifteen Minutes of Fry," to the first post on the first page.  If you read the first draft, there's not much different so you don't need to read it again unless you just want to. For those who might have missed it the first time, enjoy!

Bending Unit
« Reply #61 on: 12-08-2006 23:02 »

these are really good and the screen saver for the phone I have it is soooo funny and soooo cool all my friends love it  :)

Bending Unit
« Reply #62 on: 12-10-2006 00:05 »

I just  found this thread and I found it excellent!

Near Death Star Inhabitant
Urban Legend
« Reply #63 on: 02-07-2009 02:41 »

I am just letting you know Gopher that I am going to read your script tomorrow, so far I love the opening caption. It is truely classic!

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #64 on: 07-22-2010 23:19 »

You never did read my fanscript, did you ook? :mad:

Nah, I'm just kidding, you're cool :)

Actually, the retraction was the joke, you're really not cool at all! :evillaugh:

Nah, you're ok. :shifty:

hmm. I've cleaned this thread up a bit and now I'm bumping it because I'm contemplating writing another script, possibly making some minor changes to 15mof, to make it funnier and to make it work better in the post-movies world. I'm trying to think of a big idea for a full episode (this time,  maybe one with a b-story! :gasp:), also might rework rlr and incorporate it into the aoi episode I was thinking about back then.

Urban Legend
« Reply #65 on: 07-23-2010 00:44 »

Please don't.

Urban Legend
« Reply #66 on: 07-23-2010 01:55 »

Okay, Freako, out with it. Why are you such an anti-fanficcer? Creative minds want to know.

Space Pope
« Reply #67 on: 07-23-2010 08:30 »

I say go for it, Gopher.  The freaky one not withstanding...

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #68 on: 07-23-2010 14:29 »

thanks. I already started working on a few ideas, just to spite freako.

Urban Legend
« Reply #69 on: 07-23-2010 14:38 »

I love you.
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