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Author Topic: Hooray! Not-so-newbie fanfic!  (Read 17443 times)
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Shippy Mandy

Bending Unit
« Reply #120 on: 06-14-2005 15:40 »

Originally posted by Layla50:
Whilst I'm here, anyone think I oughta submit the little fics to the Leela Zone?

Yes. Yes, you should. If you don't, I might have to arrange a little accident involving a large wave of grapefruit spritzer that "accidentaly" burst out of the bottling plant...

Starship Captain
« Reply #121 on: 06-14-2005 16:17 »

Hell Yeah! Submit your fic Layla!

It's one of the best Futurama Fanfic if not the best ever and...   :hmpf: Humm well sorry Venus, Shinny, Gorky, JBERGES... But it's true! (Venus yours is close second!)  ;)

Oh Btw, I you should have already received my Email Layla. It was a pleasure to help you out.  :)

Bye for now.

say what now

Bending Unit
« Reply #122 on: 06-18-2005 23:11 »

My story... oh man, I feel like an idiot. I love how I said I was gonna start this in spring break and I haven't done a damn thing... oh well. It's summer now. *Gulp, whine* I'll tryyyyy. You'll be the first to hear about it once I type my first sentence. Wahoo.

Am I tired of angst? Hmm...

No. Definitely not.

I never will be. Ever.

My answer's not changing, even if you slop a big pound on me right now.

Yeah... right about now would be nice... big pound of angst...

...More angst, please.

Urban Legend
« Reply #123 on: 06-18-2005 23:24 »

Yes! We demand angst!
Shippy Mandy

Bending Unit
« Reply #124 on: 06-18-2005 23:28 »

We'll give you your printer back if you continue!

Bending Unit
« Reply #125 on: 06-19-2005 19:59 »

Hmm... well, the general consensus seems to be I oughta submit the ficlets (You're right, Gorky, that is a cute word! Oh! D-d-d-dear!)

I hadn't really expected the fervent support (and bodily threats) but I certainly appreciate them. I just thought since they're so very little, and the Leela as fic writer is really more a a PEEL joke, maybe there wouldn't be any point to it.
I'll polish them up and submit them, but probably not until after I finish the big one, seeing as how I don't want to get distracted this far from the proverbial finish line. (Is proverbial as fun as metaphorical, Gorky? I've got an extremely mild Bender joke coming up along the same lines.)

I hope you all realize how dangerous it is to ask me for angst.
(Peers ahead at copious but jumbled notes for next update.) Yep! There's angst! But not only that!

Venus: Well, since I have your permission to send them, I suppose I can.

Crash_7: Highly cute! I personally like the techified version of "Show me the way to go home" "Indicate the direction to my abode, I'm fatigued and I wish to retire" as well as an elaborate version of Jack and Jill I wrote for my last year's english class.

Good advice about the big fic, thanks! (It needs massive editing anyway, before I'd finalize it.)

Gorky: Hmm... I see you've picked up saywhatnow's moon language. Is there a course I can sign up for or...?  ;)

I giggled muchly at your prose. But I would never club you into unconsciousness, no matter how much fun it would be. I need to keep your rich tasty brain fresh and operational so that you can entertain me.

Shippy Mandy: Speaking of hilarious threats. I am genuinely intimidated when I consider the volume of the wave of spritzer that would be necessary to engulf me given my distance from the nearest bottling plant.

NIC:You're awesome, thank you so much! I'll have that review up tonight! (And thank you for the complement, but I think that there are tons of writers way better than me, including the ones you listed. Heck, most of them are at least somewhat in tune with the spirit of the show. ;)

saywhatnow: Haha! Now you can never again pressure me for an update! Seriously, I'd love to read it, drop me a line! Or even just to chat, emails are fun!

How much more gut-wrenching pain can I inflict on the poor souls of Futurama, many of whom aren't even Zoidberg? (Gets a slew of ideas) Bwahahaha!

Venus: The angst queen is asking me for angst... ack, pressure!

"So then Leela's brain got a hideous parasite that was slowly turning her into a vegetable while Fry watched helplessly, surrounded by scary spiders and having no one brave enough to shoo them away. And Zoidberg and Hermes fought."

Futurama fic writes itself!  ;)

Shippy Mandy, again: (Gasp) So that's what happened to Betsy! You have to give her back, otherwise I'll lose all my story notes if my computer implodes just to torment me!

We have a love/hate relationship.
I gotta go catch up on my reviews, and then pull together all these story bits!

Urban Legend
« Reply #126 on: 06-19-2005 20:52 »

You might want to put in the disclaimer that that one fic is basically a giant PEEL in-joke.
Shippy Mandy

Bending Unit
« Reply #127 on: 06-19-2005 22:05 »
« Last Edit on: 06-19-2005 22:05 »

Fine, I'll give you your printer.

Anyway, it's good that there'd be a lot of spritzer. Spritzer's yummy.

That bit about brain parasites and veggies inspired me. *runs off to draw Leela turning into a piece of broccoli...and me gnawing at her head* (Yes, I know what you really mean. But broccoli's funny. And delicious.)

Space Pope
« Reply #128 on: 06-20-2005 10:39 »
« Last Edit on: 06-20-2005 10:39 »

Is proverbial as funny as metaphorical? Definitely. In fact, I think I'm the only person I know who uses it in everyday language. (I'm always saying that something was "icing on the proverbial cake"...annoying, eh?)

Anyway, there's definitely a course you can take to learn moon language. Of course, it's actually on the moon, so remember to bring your own oxygen. And maybe some pizza...there aren't any Dominoes on the moon.

And I agree with Venus about the whole disclaimer thing. Just so people don't think you're crazy or anything (that's my turf).

Finally, on a pretty unrelated note, I like my story bits with ketcup (okay, that made no sense...carry on and, uh, [insert words of encouragement and praise here]).

And, oh, yeah, you should check out this thread. Not only is the story really great, but I was mistaken for you. That would have made my day, if not for the fact that it was also the day that I got to poke a fat guy with a stick. Which is only slightly more gratifying than being mistaken for an amazing fic writer. Only slightly.   

Bending Unit
« Reply #129 on: 06-25-2005 21:19 »

Hi everybody! Just a quick note to let you know that I'm still plugging away at the story and it's coming along rather nicely. The next update should be quite significant and will possibly shock you all!

So what is keeping me so very busy? In addition to work, I'm performing (singing)in a huge production called the Nova Scotia International Tattoo. It's got a website somewhere I'm sure if anyone's curious. I'm basically standing on my feet singing all day long everyday for the next 2-3 weeks. It's a whole lot of fun, and I'm doing some small group stuff as well as the mass choir, but it's very draining. I've been handwriting my story during the rehearsals and I never know quite what to say when people ask me what I'm writing. "Have you ever heard of Futurama?" I ask. "No./Isn't that a cartoon show?" They reply.
Things fall apart from there.

What was I saying? Oh yeah, busy and not alot of alert internet access.

Venus: Very good advice, I'll do that.

Shippy Mandy: Yay! Rusty's back! Thank you. I'm not sure I want to claim credit for inspiring that particular image in you.  ;) Actually, it sounds like a bizarre and therefore fum. You're weird, which results in creativity. (Winks broadly at JBERGES, but expects no one will get the reference.)

I had broccoli today. It was green and yummy.

Ah, Gorky dear. I emailed you, not sure if you got it or not. I'm slowly working my way through the many reviews I owe people. It's made difficult by the fact that I have hardly been at home at all. I'm trying!

You're not annoying at all! At least on the internet. I think one of the side effects of geekdom is saying weird things that non geeks around you don't get. It makes us hopelessly isolated. Fun, though!

I would go to the moon to learn moon language, but I'm lazy. Yeah, that's it, lazy.

I wouldn't want to step on your crazy toes, especially after the doc about Caligula I just watched.

I eat french fries with mustard. Everyone thinks that's crazy. Clearly they have never puttered around the internet for any length of time.

Re: The hilarious and charming case of mistaken identity. Aw... that's sho shweet!  :love: There's no shame in us being mixed up, I'm sure! You're right, that is a great story. I'll add it to my review list which goes something like you, Venus, JBERGES, Nic, Space Case and I'm probably forgetting someone and I would feel extremely bad about that if I could only keep my head off the keyboard.

I'll update as soon as I can, really.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #130 on: 06-25-2005 21:24 »

Fantastic Layla, can't wait!!!!
Shippy Mandy

Bending Unit
« Reply #131 on: 06-25-2005 21:32 »

Yaaaaay! Layla called me weird! Thank you, Layla.

Broccoli is indeed yummy. And green.

I hope you have fun with your singing thing. What kind of stuff will you be singing?

Urban Legend
« Reply #132 on: 06-25-2005 23:50 »

Originally posted by Layla50:
I never know quite what to say when people ask me what I'm writing.

I expertly dodged that bullet by never letting anyone know i was writing a fic. Over the past year i have had 5 roommates, none of them now i'm a ficwriter. I write like they masterbate: in complete privacy.

I like brocolli. Smothered in ranch dressing.

Urban Legend
« Reply #133 on: 06-26-2005 00:25 »

Heh, none of my real life friends even know I'm on a Futurama message board.  I'm like the anti-Nasty.

Layla, you sing too? Maybe it's because I just watched Phantom of the Opera, but I now calculate you to be 75% more awesome than you already were.


To produce and present a world-class international event that will stimulate Canadian patriotism, educate youth, recognize our country’s debt to the Canadian Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, attract tourists to Nova Scotia, strengthen international relations and enhance the commercial position of Tattoo Sponsors.
Layla, I will refrain from comment on this statement out of respect and friendship for you.  You have no idea how hard it is for an American not to make fun of this.

Urban Legend
« Reply #134 on: 06-26-2005 00:58 »

Layla you're from Nova Scotia? As far as Canada places go that's not to terribly far from New York. You gotta go to the next Peelathon! Or the one after...whichever one i go to you hafta too!

Space Pope
« Reply #135 on: 06-26-2005 06:47 »


*Checks crappy e-mail account at Yahoo*

Hurrah! I got an apology e-mail from Layla. 'Cause, y'know....she must have...caused me harm...in some way. Yeah, that's it! In your face, people who Layla doesn't have to apologize too!

(Which includes me. Layla, I got the e-mail, and it was full of much ramble-ie goodness. Also, I have no idea what "a stitch in time saves nine" means. ( ;)) Anyway, I feel bad that you feel bad! There's no need to apologize for not reviewing my story. I mean, sure, that cold, desolate thread needs some more life to it, but that's my job, not yours! Please, don't feel bad, and don't break your back or anything to review. ('Cause, y'know, I'd be liable or something, right?) Oh yeah, and I would have e-mailed you back, but said e-mail would have been filled with even more ramble-ie goodness than your e-mail and this response combined. I wouldn't want to overwhelm ya', 'specially when you have so many other obligations. Thanks again for...y'know...caring, and all that other fuzzy junk. (That sounded insensitive...just know that you're awesome.))

Anyway, that's very cool about the singing-in-a-big-production...thingy. (I've only sang in front of people like, twice, and I've found that I suck at it. That's why I chose writing instead (Oh, wait...)) And, as for that thing N-o-r pulled up about the Nova Scotia International Tattoo...yeah, it would be pretty easy for an American to mock that. But hey, there's a ton of stuff here in the states that's incredibly mock-able. Like me, for instance.

RE: Not-knowing-what-to-say-to-people-when-they-ask-what-you're-writing. Like Venus said, I just don't tell people. (And besides, I do most of my writing directly on my computer, so I'm granted at least a bit of privacy.) A basic conversation with me and someone who wants to know what I'm writing goes something like this...

SOME GUY: What're you writing?
ME: Nothing. Go away.
SOME GUY: Alright, alright...ya dork.

As you can see, I'm quite personable.

And besides, I would never know what to say that wasn't...y'know...completely mean. I mean, if I were to write my story by hand, in front of other people, it would be kind of difficult, seeing as how most of my stuff is in script form. I mean, that would really make me look even stranger than I already am.

And, at least your story is in prose. I mean, if someone is just casually looking over your shoulder, and asks what you're writing, you can always just say "a story". No problem. Yeah, I can picture it now...


LAYLA: A story.

PCLOYS (TEE, HEE, HEE...PCLOYS): What's it about?

LAYLA: Oh, um, nothing, really. There's some guy named...Phil...and he's in love with this girl named Leel...er...Lee. And it all takes place in the futur...um, I mean...present day. So anyway, this Lee girl is a mutan...I-I mean, an American. She's the only mu--er American that's on the surface. Uh, I mean, in Canada. So, naturally, everybody thinks she's different. Including the pre--er--Prime Minister. And the Prime Minister commissions Professor Farns...um...Brad, to build a machine to prove that Lee is a mutan--dammit!--American! And, um, also, make Lee and all other Americans the Prime Minister's slaves. So, Professor Brad builds the machine. But the day before Lee is supposed to test it out, Phil saves her from being brainwashed by testing the machine out himself. So, naturally, since Phil is the messiah...er...man that he, um, is, he goes into a...coma. And, since Phil was the one to try out the machine, the Prime Minister assumes that Phil is really the American. When Lee finds out, she rescues Phil from the hospital and takes him...underground. 'Cause...y'know...the, um, Mounties are afraid of *gulp* dirt. So, they don't follow her. Anyway, to try to get Phil out of the coma, Lee has to go inside his head...um...metaphorically speaking, of course. Meanwhile, the people at the company where Lee and Phil work, Plantet Expre--er--USPS (conveniently located in Canada...for some inexplicable reason), are all considered accessories to the crime of breaking Phil out from the hospital. Long story short, they flee the planet...er...country, and wind up on a spaceship...er...plain old on-water ship, I mean. The ship's Captain, Zapp Brannigan...er...Ted is really incompetent. So, his crew decides to mutiny. And, um, also, when the Prime Minister finds out about Phil being taken underground, he goes down there himself and starts a full-fledged war against everyone living down there (thank God, they're just mostly useless Americans...like this Gorky lady). And, boy oh boy, the ending. In the end, Phil and Lee and everyone else all...

PCLOYS: Never mind...

Um, okay, so maybe it's not that easy. Forget I said anything.

Anyway, please don't feel obligated to actually read this post (or review my story, for that matter). You've got so much on your plate...I can't believe you can do that much.

Um, also, please note that I have nothing against Canada. I'm just a strange, strange little human being with a sick sense of humor. Please don't show up at my door with a hammer and start... Oh wait, I'm giving you all ideas, aren't I?


Urban Legend
« Reply #136 on: 06-26-2005 09:48 »
« Last Edit on: 06-26-2005 09:48 »

Gorky got an apology email? Why the hell didn't i get one? You did nothing to me but if Gorky gets one i want one too! With kittens! Tiny ones! That purr! Apology kittens!

Bending Unit
« Reply #137 on: 06-26-2005 10:38 »

Oh Venus, silly goose! When I'm 8 parts behind reviewing your story you'll get one too! Although I do rather like the idea of apology kittens.  :) If you're mean to me I'll have to stay safe and sound up in Canada instead of coming to scary, scary Americaland for the next PEELathon, which I'm seriously considering attending thanks to you and JBERGES efforts. It would be awesome to meet you guys.

Oh, and congrats for knowing where NS is!

So you're an underground ficwriter huh? Well, that doesn't surprise me given your terrible secret. (No, JBERGES didn't betray you.)

Gorky: I hope you know you just became the first murderer in history to effectively use laughter as a weapon. That's my long winded way of saying I died laughing. Thank you. Of course, you got me in trouble with her Venusness so it's a good thing you're already on my good side.  ;)

PCLOYS, ha! Acronyms are fun, aren't they? There's more than a little truth in that explanation, which is truly terrifying. Yay for Prime Ministers! (I just found out recently that ours has the most authority in the non-dictatorship world. If he decided tommorow that he didn't like how they spelled Paraguay he could send us to war over it without any other approval. Scary.)
You've also made me realize just how complicate the plot has gotten. I mean really, look how long the summary is! For the record, we also have a postal service, run by dogsled.  ;) And you would be the Gorky Lady. You've earned that capital.

I know you have nothing against Canada, and you haven't offended me in the least. No one makes better fun of Canada than Canadians anyway.

It's comforting to know I'm awesome. So are you! In fact it's practically a contagion around here.

The Tattoo is fun. Where else would I be able to sing in front of 10,000 people a night for about 9 days? Nowhere, that's where! It's the biggest show around, that's for sure, and it's really fun to meet the people from other countries. You cruel Americans, always breaking our gentle Canadian hearts! Of course, we are fully capable of giving as good as we get, so I have no qualms about being brutally mocked.  :)

You don't tell people either? Wow, maybe this makes me strange...er. I didn't really broadcast my writing until I hit the 90000 word mark. Then it seemed like the thing to do. Who cares what the words say; there's so many of them!

Would you really tell someone to go away? I can't imagine ever doing that, even if they were really bugging me. American thing maybe. I'm sure you're not mean in any case. You're too silly!

N-o-r: If you're the anti-nasty., wouldn't that make you the scrumptious or something?  :) Yep, I do sing! I have a degree in Voice in fact, but that has no actual relevance to how I sound. Not only am I awesome but you've actually done some calculating of my awesomeness. That's 99.44 % awesome! It's been a nice day for my ego.  :)

N-o-r, thank you for your respect and friendship. Know that I feel the same way. Like I was telling Gorky, we Canadians don't take ourselves seriously at all. Mock away! We kinda deserve it as one of the most indecisive countries on Earth. Two official languages, two ways of spelling select words, two measuring systems we use more or less randomly. (Metric: Temperature, distance (sometimes), speeds (sometimes) building height, cooking weights (sometimes). Imperial: People height, people weight, distance, cooking weights, speeds, (sometimes)) Help us!

Despite the pretentious description it really is an amazing show though. 2000 performers from all over the world. This year it's Germany, New Zealand, Kenya, Britain, Russia. We ended up singing all the national anthems, which is a handy talent to freak people out with. "Do you know the Japanese national anthem? Well, I do!"

Then there are the kilt inspections (yep, most of our boys are wearing them in the tradtional style.  ;)) and a wide variety of potentionally dangerous pranks. Yay!

Shippy Mandy: You're welcome, weirdy! Besides the national anthems we're singing a few military marching songs, "There'll be bluebirds over the white cliffs of dover" and other WW1 and 2 songs plus "Amazing Grace" and "Hymn to the Fallen" which is from "Saving Private Ryan." I'm also singing a celtic song in a six voice group. That'll be pretty.

Meerkat: I hope I don't keep you waiting too long then!

Space Pope
« Reply #138 on: 06-26-2005 11:17 »
« Last Edit on: 06-26-2005 11:17 »

Oh great. You have a huge workload that's gonna kill you, and I'm contributing to the cause? Boy, that makes me feel...what's the opposite of good? Oh yeah...not-so-good.    ;)

Anyway, I'm glad you liked me writing you rambling. I was racking my brain trying to remember every detail of your story. And it's not complicated...it's just long. (Which is why I was racking my brain...my memory sucks. I mean, seriously, even the alphabet is a bit too lengthy for me.) And that's not a bad thing. It just means there's more great stuff for us to read.

And yes, acronyms are another one of my strange obsessions. I think it's because nobody I know uses them. Which makes no sense...it's just my flimsy explanation.

Interesting about your Prime Minister. Say, you don't think my retelling of your story was prophetic, do you? Like, y'know, tomorrow your Prime Minister will get really ticked off by the antics of us Americans, and then turn us all into his slaves! Well, actually, I think I'd rather be under the rule of someone who most likely knows more about running a country than our "brilliant" commander-in-chief. So at least there's a bright side...

And yay, I warrant a capital letter! (Gorky Lady...sounds so formal, so important. Not like me at all. That's why I like it.)

And it's true about Canadians having a great sense of humor about themselves (another reason for me to move to Canada). Us Americans are sort of like that...only we have a great sense of humor about everyone else. If anyone makes fun of us, we'll most likely have a coronary. Isn't America swell?

And, as far as you and your singing goes... 10,000 people? 9 nights? [Another random number, followed by a noun]? Whoa...that's amazing. Good luck.

And, as far as sharing my story goes...
Eh, I probably wouldn't tell someone to go away. Bug off, maybe, but not go away. (Actually, only 2 or 3 people have ever asked me what I was writing. I don't recall what I said, but I think I made up some (metaphorical) bull about writing a "story". Never mind the fact that it was written in script form, with another guy's character's names. I think I left it at that. Which is technically "lying", I guess, but...

And, um, of course I'm too silly to be mean. *Pulls crossed fingers out from behind back* A-heh...

Oh yeah, and, Venus, why don't you just accuse Layla of doing something mean to you? Then she'll have to send you an apology letter!

(Um, that was a joke. Venus, I'd enjoy your jealousy, if it weren't for the fact that I just got my soul back from the shop. I actually felt incredibly bad about you not getting an apology e-mail. So, um, yeah...just thought I'd mention that.)

Anyway, good luck with everything you've got going on, Layla. I hope you don't forget us! 


Urban Legend
« Reply #139 on: 06-26-2005 23:09 »
« Last Edit on: 06-26-2005 23:09 »

I got a secret? A terrible secret even? It must be some secret for even me to not know about it. Seriously i'm completely baffled. Now you really do have a reason to send me an email i wanna know what my secret is. I hope it's a really juicy one.

If you come to peelathon you can be one of my roomies in the hotel! I'll be sure to bring lots of pictures of my cats! And tell you about them at length!

Starship Captain
« Reply #140 on: 06-28-2005 10:34 »

Wow Layla!   :eek: You’re really busy! And you’re doing all this for our country. Again wow!

I can’t believe how much things your doing. Is it a summer job or a full time job? I know that this year, the Canadian tourist agency is really pushing Nova Scotia a lot. I know that it a really nice part of the country. (Quebec is too) If only I lived a bit closer, I could go see your show but it’s around 12 to 14 hours long drive from my place.   :(

And you were right about how indecisive our country is! The best example can be find right here in the province of Quebec. This Province is 35% English speaking, 40% French speaking and 25% other. (More or less) French is still the most used language but we are loosing the battle fast. In Canada the official language is English but in the province of Quebec the official language is French. (For now)  :hmpf: 

Hey, Venus! Were and when is this Peelathon taking place? It sure sounds interesting.

Oh and btw Gorky our Prime Minister is not really the best at running a Country. He’s in big trouble with the rest of the government and he’s under investigation for tax fraud.  :laff:

Anyway Layla, Good luck in your part on that show.
I’m sure that you are great in it.

Bye for now.  :)

Space Pope
« Reply #141 on: 06-28-2005 12:10 »

Oh and btw Gorky our Prime Minister is not really the best at running a Country. He’s in big trouble with the rest of the government and he’s under investigation for tax fraud.

Eh. At least your guy knows how to commit tax fraud. I'm surprised our president is even (presumably) capable of using the bathroom by himself...

Um, that was pointless. Ignore it, please... 

Starship Captain
« Reply #142 on: 06-28-2005 12:37 »

  :laff:   :laff:   :laff:

No way! I won't ignore it. Your way to funny to ignore Gorky.  :)

Got to go back to work now.


Space Pope
« Reply #143 on: 06-28-2005 12:59 »

I'm funny, eh? Interesting...usually people have to see my face before passing that judgement...

By the way, I just Googled the Canadian Prime Minister (Paul Martin...boy, am I smart!) I'm still reading through it, but let me just say that I like this quote of his...

"Put simply, we must always remember that separate but equal is not equal."

Somebody needs to tell good ol' Dubbya that.

P.S.: Sorry for spammin' up your thread, Layla. We're just waiting for your return, I guess...

« Reply #144 on: 06-28-2005 22:45 »

Oh, Layla, you so rock.  I just read the latest installment and it's golden.  How do you manage to be so funny and so touching at the same time?

As for what to tell people when they ask what you're writing...it's not an American thing, I can't be rude either (no matter how much I want to be).  I usually just say "A story."  If they ask what kind of story, I say "Science fiction."  That usually puts off the mildly curious.  Those who inquire further get the full explanation of what fan fiction is, what Futurama is, and yes, I know I'm an incredible nerd, have I ever said anything different?  They soon learn never to ask me anything ever again...

You could always say "A letter to my pen pals."  It's very nearly true; it's just that fiction is a substantial part of your mass correspondance.  ;) 

As for posting...I'd go ahead and post all your ficlets, except the fanfic one.  Because it is an injoke, and because fanfic about fanfic writing has always struck me as being like...licking the cake batter out of the bowl: it can be great fun, but not something you want the public at large to watch you doing. That said, I thought it was adorable.   :love:

And speaking of  :love:, Venus, if you don't stop thinking you're not loved, I'm going to come to your house and bury you in candy hearts until you "feel the wuv" in places you never imagined you had.  And then I'll post the photos here, see if I don't.  ;)

Bending Unit
« Reply #145 on: 06-29-2005 12:08 »

Good news, everybody! (Sorry, had to.)

Tonight's the dress rehearsal. This is meaningless to you except for the fact that it means I'm not on call until 6:00PM tommorow night (in my adorable fluffy white celtic dress) which in turn means I'm gonna have enough time to write majorly, which means I'm probably going to update! I may even get something out today, but there's no guarantee. I wasn't gonna release this part unbeta'd and JBERGES is abandoning us for a niggling little vacation (For shame!  :)) but this isn't the part I'm worried about so I'll just throw it out there. I don't want to keep you waiting any longer.

Whilst I'm turning an angry mob against my highly respected collegue (ah, it's fun to be pretentious)I might point out that's he's been trying to distract me with finishing a fic from another fandom. There he is! Get him! (You know, this isn't really fair since the poor guy may not even read this 'til he gets back.)

Shiny: I've always been touchy feely, just ask the many people I've pawed.  :) I do give a great massage apparently. Loved your handling of the Big Question! Funny how you can be proud of something online but feel a need to apologize for it in the outside world. When I use uyou technique, people ask to read it! Four or five Tattoo people have asked about it. That's when I run away or distract them. Look! The Kenyan's are doing fire limbo! (Really!)

Sci-fi does put people off though. I never understood why. I'm too geeky I guess.

It is nice having an army of penpals to do my bidding. Highly convenient when I need to commit certain deeds.  ;)

You make a good point about the fanfic fanfic (I gotta title that thing. Nice analogy, by the way. I think I might leave this in Venus' hands. Keep it between us PEELer's or post it with a nice friendly warning. (I'm glad you like it though, Sparkly)

Poor Venus, she's had a rough time of it, what with me calling her Palm Tree. She may never forgive me.

The Lady Gorky: There are some things worth dying for after all Gorky, dear.  :) Thatnks for the herculean effort of trying to remember the ridiculously long plot. I'm not sure I remember some of it anymore. (In fact, I accidentally wrote a major character into a scene when technically, that character should be AWOL.

Acronyms are extremely fun, especially the poorly chosen ones.

You Americans have nothing to worry about from us. Paul Martin may have the authority to send us into war, but we'd be cannon fodder in a playground, reduced to throwing snowballs and yelling 'Take that, eh?' really loudly.

Layla: Perpetuating Canadian stereotypes since 1993.
You should move to Canada to we can hang out. I'll teach you how to sail! Plus there's a powerful nation to our south that is our implicit protection against invaders. (Yes, I'm talking about Mexico.)

A script story is still a story, Gorky, and there's nothing new under the sun after all. At least fanfic'ers admit we're thieves.

If Venus is actually upset with me for calling her Palm Tree then I may owe her an apology story. Why do I have the feeling the rest of my writing "carreer" will consist of ficlets for the people I've ticked off?  :)

How could I forget any of you, metaphorically speaking? Also rhetorically.

NIC: Hah, you make me sound so noble. This isn't my work, it's a volonteer thing. It's a lot of fun though. It'll all be over on the 9th. I've been to Montreal and really enjoyed it. I went in February, hoping for snow and found it unseasonably warm. Foiled again. I'd like to get up to Quebec city someday.

Multiculturalism is a good thing, Nic, and I think the rest of the country is becoming more Francophone. Our french heritage won't die, don't worry.

I think they do PEELathon in New York, but I don't think there's been a date set. I figure someone will let me know and hopefully I'll be able to get there.
Thanks for the support, Nic!
(Oh and yes, Gorky is too funny to ignore, despite her metaphorical lack of a face.)

Jonny Wobbs

Bending Unit
« Reply #146 on: 06-29-2005 13:45 »

Cool stuff dude! How long did it take you to write that?

Urban Legend
« Reply #147 on: 06-29-2005 15:37 »

This is meaningless to you except for the fact that it means I'm not on call until 6:00PM tommorow night (in my adorable fluffy white celtic dress)

I was going to write something more, but now I've forgotten it and have to go to work.  Oh well.

Urban Legend
« Reply #148 on: 06-30-2005 00:15 »

Am i annoyed that you called me Palm Tree? No. Am i going to turn down a third fanfic writen specifically for me? Hell no. Get writing. And i demand pictures of the pretty celtic dress. I love Celtic anything. I even like Riverdance.

As for Peelathon. It's held in New York every year or so. The last one happened 2 weeks ago. The next one will probably be around the same time next year. Or maybe sooner. Or later. No one knows yet and it probably won't be decided for several months. There are a few people that go every year and they need time to save up enough money to do it again, also people like me need time to save up money.

Starship Captain
« Reply #149 on: 06-30-2005 12:57 »
« Last Edit on: 06-30-2005 12:57 »

Catch some snow??? You don’t have some in Nova Scotia???   :confused:

If you want to see a lot of really white snow, you better come near where I live.(During Winter of course  :rolleyes: )

There are a lot of ski places near there. (One is just 10min away!) There’s also some parks and trails you can walk in/on. The scenery is really nice in winter, with all the forest covered with snow.   :cool:

There’s not a lot to see in Quebec City. It’s got a nice history but there’s not a lot left to see. Most of the historic sites have bean change in restaurant and shopping boutique. It will take you less than a day to see most of it. 

Anyway, send me an Email if you want more detail on it.

Also, it’s great that you do voluntary work. I never really like doing some. (blame it on my laziness) Good luck for the rest of your shows. Watch out not to burn you Celtic white dress on that “on fire limbo bar”.   :p

Can’t wait for the next part!

Oh thanks Venus for the info on the Peelathon.

Bye for now.   :)

Bending Unit
« Reply #150 on: 06-30-2005 21:42 »

Well, I'm just about done a whole nother section that I'd planned to post after the one I'm posting now, but I want to put more of a bridge between them. The rest may be up tommorow, or the day after. (Tommorow is Canada Day after all!)

Nic: We do get snow, and plenty of it, but for some reason that was a really warm year. Hardly any snow.

Thanks for the heads up about Quebec. I'd love to go skiing up there, so if I ever get up your way, I know who to question. It sounds so beautiful!

I think I'll do the singing and leave the fire to the Kenyans!

Venus: (Dancy, dancy! I know the secret, I know the secret!) Glad I didn't annoy you though. We'll see what plot bunnies attack me with their ravenous claws whilst JBERGES is away.

N-o-r: Alright, alright. Between you and Venus and JBERGES, I've given in I've got some pictures from the show tonight and I'll post them as soon as I find a place to host them. Remember, I said the dress was cute, I didn't say I was.  :)

Jonny Wobbs: Oh, hello new person! I started writing this on October 5th, 2004. That's roughly 9 months! Glad you're enjoying it!

Part 51:

   The soldiers led Munda and her unconscious daughter near a hastily erected tent. One of the soldiers disappeared into its depths for a few minutes while the other kept watch on the women.

   The first man reappeared, exchanged a few quiet words with his companion, and then turned his attention to Munda. “They’ll see you inside now, ma’am. You can leave her out here,” he gestured, callously to Munda’s eye, at Leela. “We’ll keep an eye on her.”

   The mutant squeezed her hands tightly on the bed, swallowing hard. “She stays with me,” she said, willing her voice not to tremble. Munda was not about to leave her daughter alone.

   The second soldier frowned deeply and took a menacing step towards the women. Munda broke into a cold sweat and wondered what she would do if he insisted. She didn’t have to find out, however, as the first soldier tugged on the other’s sleeve. “It’s fine,” he said calmly, “they can both go in.”

The second soldier furrowed his brow at Munda’s defender, then shrugged. “Fine,” he said stiffly, “go on then.”

   She did not risk them changing their minds by thanking them or hesistating. With difficultly she moved Leela into the tent. It was quite dark inside and Munda had to wink several times until her eye adjusted to the lack of light.

   “Come in,” a voice called out to her, “sit down.”  The shadowy forms took on more definition and the mutant could make out a simple, semi-circular arrangement of four tables, each with an officer seated on one side and a chair on the other. It would almost have the air of an office set up for interviews if it hadn’t been for the heavily armed soldiers watching alertly.

How Munda wanted to get her helpless daughter away from all this!

   “What’s this about mutants?” asked a familiar voice.

   Munda squinted in the dim light to see the Professor sprawled wearily in a chair being pelted with questions. The man asking those questions looked nearly as weary as the old scientist and just about ready to strangle him.

   “What is your current involvement with the mutant infiltrators?” the officer asked through gritted teeth.

   “But I haven’t got an interociter,” Farnsworth replied before his confusion turned to scorn. “Too flashy and trendy. Just the sort of thing Wernstrom would be caught dead with, the young pup! Rolling around with it in his fancy coffin!” The Professor leaned forward, as if preparing himself to impart a great truth. “I’ve heard he uses the scientific method,” he whispered before bellowing, “no real genius would use that poppycock! Madness is where real hypotheses are proven!”

   The lieutenant rocked back under a steamy blast of old man’s halitosis. He leapt to his feet and slammed his hands on the table, which creaked with the impact. “Why are you down here?!”

   “Down where? And who are you?”

   Fire blazed in the man’s eyes, causing Munda to step back reflexively, bumping into a soldier. She could not repress a frightened cry. A tremor crawled up her back; after so much horror, the gentle-natured woman’s nerves were shot.

   The officer, breathing heavily, moved around the table with dark purpose evident for all to see. Before he could inflict any damage, the major directing the interrogations stepped between them. “Take ten, Ted.” He stared into the enraged lieutenant’s eyes until the man regained control and nodded smartly. “Higgins, you’re up.”

   A younger soldier handed his weapons off to a buddy and settled in front of the now lightly dozing genius. With a frown, the dark-haired man skimmed over the notes left by Ted, partly to get a sense of where the questioning needed to go, and partly to put off the inevitable for as long as possible.

   Beyond the unfortunate prisoner and his, it could be argued, more unfortunate interrogator, Bender warily eyed his own personal captors, one of who baffled Munda when he brandished a horseshoe magnet menacingly in the robot’s direction.

Fry lay on the floor by Bender’s feet. There was no sign now of the desperate struggles that had racked him before. Munda fought back tears. A shallow gash on his head provided the grim explanation for his lost, dazed expression. Fry looked so childlike to her in that moment, helpless in the face of this darkness. Everything had gone so horribly wrong.

   “If you co-operate, you will not be harmed,” came the calm voice of one of the officers. Reluctantly, Munda darted a glance at him, her interrogator, she guessed. He looked to be somewhere in his fifties, with murky, brown eyes and dark hair beginning to grey at the temples. He did not introduce himself, but did incline his head respectfully towards the devoted mother. The polite acknowledgement came as a shock and, indeed, Munda found it harder to bear than any shouting or threat could have been. It was so incongruous with the carnage all around her.

   “Name?” Munda hesitated uneasily and he frowned at her.

   “Ah, Turanga Munda.”

   “Status… mutant, obviously.” He answered his own question but glanced at her for confirmation.

   “Yes.” Munda said softly, but not without a touch of pride. The trials of the last few days had shown her the hidden mettle of her people. She would not be ashamed of them ever again.

   “And her name?”

   “Turanga L…isa.” Munda lied. Who knows what could come of this conversation?” He dutifully recorded her response. The officer continued to ask her questions, increasingly complex and accusatory.   

   “What do you know about the planned mutant insurrection?” The cyclops stared at him in shock.

   “Mutant insurrection?!”

   “We know it’s been planned for years. Who are the ringleaders? Where are the first attack points?” She shook her head in disbelief.

   “There is no-”

   “Lying will not help you or your daughter.” There it was at last. A threat.

   “I don’t know, I don’t know!” Munda hated the fright in her voice but he had attacked the treasure of her heart, the only person Munda still had the strength to defend.

   “Yes!” she cried, leaping up as rifles came to bear on her trembling figure. “My daughter, sir! She does need help. Now! Not later! Not after you question and demand and threaten! She doesn’t have that kind of time!” The officer watched her solemnly, unnerving her. Munda pressed on. “I am sorry. But I will not, I cannot help you until you help her!”

The cyclops retreated back to her daughter’s side, running a soothing hand along one pale cheek. Munda slowly raised a bloodshot eye to stare the officer in the face. “Please, if there’s anything decent in you...”

   His cool expression did not change, and the mutant knew she had lost.

   “I tried to help you,” he said with a quick shake of his head, “I wanted to help you, truly; I did.” Munda did not really believe him, but she took a step towards him all the same. “Not me, then. Just her. Please?”

   A prick of a needle in her tentacle startled her.

“Just a tracker, ma’am,” came the unreassuring reassurance from a soldier as he drew out the needle. Munda did not like the mannerisms of the soldiers at all. She had never felt less like a sentient being.

   “Alright, get her in the transport,” her interrogator said tiredly. Munda was weary too, weary in spirit. She wanted only to close her eyes and forget these last few days had ever been. 

Unfortunately, that was not an option. As the soldier took her firmly by the arm and began to escort her away, Munda demanded, “But what about Leela?” she gestured at her daughter.

   “We will treat her injuries and then we will make a decision. It is of no consequence to you.”

   “It most certainly is,” Munda countered, civil words doing nothing to mask her offended fury. She would hold on to her dignity in the only way left to her.

   “I cannot help you,” he responded calmly, currents of lying sympathy running under his solemn veneer.

   “When will I see her again?” Munda demanded, now ready to throw aside her dignity and beg if that’s what it would take to win her daughter’s safety.

   “I can make no promises.” The officer said firmly, ending the conversation with a subtle gesture to the men holding her. They turned and began ushering her away from Leela.

   Munda panicked. “No! No! she wailed, “You can’t take her away from me!” Frantically struggling now, she tried to prevent them from moving her. ‘Please, please, she’s my baby. I have to take care of her, please!” Sobs racked her so violently she thought she would fall apart physically as well as emotionally. It had been hard enough to give up that tiny, perfect baby the first time, when Munda barely knew her daughter. To lose her again, against her will, to an unknown future… it was beyond her ability to bear.

Her family was being snatched from her one by one.

Munda begin writhing and twisting with the same desperation Fry had demonstrated earlier. She had no conscious thoughts of escape, she wanted only to get to Leela. The soldiers were unmoved from their duty.

   They dragged the distraught woman out of the tent to where other mutants were being directed onto a hover-vehicle designed for prisoners. Most of the mutants were injured in some fashion, and all of them were visibly frightened. She truly was falling apart. “Why? Why?!” she shrieked, “Give me back my baby!”

Suddenly, with one violent twist, an unimaginable stab of pain raced through her body. Unable to breathe, unable to give further voice to agony of body and spirit, tears flowed silently down the woman’s face as she fell to the ground. Darkness closed around her, and torn away from all she loved, Munda embraced it willingly.

I know, angst-fest. 

« Reply #151 on: 06-30-2005 21:52 »

*Shiny collapses in a dead faint.*

Auugh!  Damn your talent, woman!!!  Now I'll never get to sleep tonight....

Please promise there will be more tomorrow?  Pleeeease?

say what now

Bending Unit
« Reply #152 on: 07-01-2005 00:18 »

Oh... I'm always in Canada for Canada Day... this'll be the first time in like, three years that I'm not, and the first time in like, three years that I'll be here for the 4th of July. Poo  :(.


ANYWHO. It was good angst, I promise. Well-written as always, and still frightening and devestating. You wrote that one soldier well. I know this because I hate him! Grargh!

Oh, and of course, I gotta loves me the Farnsy. It's funny and comforting that he's too old and oblivious to say much things of worth to the soldiers. I loved his attack on Wernstrom... so funny.

Anyway, the suspense is KILLing me. KILLing me. And not softly either. I second Shiny on the "Promise there will be more tomorrow? Pleeeease?"

Urban Legend
« Reply #153 on: 07-01-2005 00:53 »


Starship Captain
« Reply #154 on: 07-01-2005 04:20 »

*sobs more*

Starship Captain
« Reply #155 on: 07-01-2005 08:39 »
« Last Edit on: 07-01-2005 08:39 »

Nice! Dark! Sad! Funny!

Sorry don't have a lot of time to write this! Busy day today!

Damn Canada day... Making me work in over time!  :mad:

You see where I work, the 1st of July and the following weeks are always the busiest of the year. Here in the Province of Quebec (Canada for some of you that don’t know yet) July 1st is the official moving day! Peoples are moving out and in their apartments and this create a lot of work for us.

Can't wait for your next part Layla.

Can't wait for pictures too!  ;)

Bye for now.

Bending Unit
« Reply #156 on: 07-01-2005 12:35 »

Arrgh!! Layla, you do like to leave us on pins and needles don't you???!!! Great update as always!!!

Space Pope
« Reply #157 on: 07-01-2005 19:15 »

Damn...that was sad. Sad in a good way (huh?) but sad, nonetheless.

As always, it was well-written (which means that you kept the appropriate level of humor in, but let the drama and angst take center stage), so that made me happy. But, it was so sad that it made me, y'know, sad.

Like all of your Munda and/or Morris scenes so far, you really captured the whole "worried for your child's safety" aspect of their characters nicely. I like how you show Munda's dedication to Leela in little ways (running her hand across Leela's cheek) and in big ways (giving up her own safety for her daughter's). It's so real.

And, like I mentioned before, you kept the gags in, as well. Farnsworth was hilarious, as always (I love how he can take anything someone says and turn it into a Wernstrom story), and that's good enough for me.

Some of my favorite bits...

“I’ve heard he uses the scientific method,” he whispered before bellowing, “no real genius would use that poppycock! Madness is where real hypotheses are proven!”

I can picture that reading in my head, which makes it about 3.67 times funnier.

“Down where? And who are you?”

Classic Farnsy. 'Nuff said.

Bender warily eyed his own personal captors, one of who baffled Munda when he brandished a horseshoe magnet menacingly in the robot’s direction.

I can picture that, too.

unreassuring reassurance

Me love that. Don't know why. Just do. (See? You're making me talk like a cavewoman. That means it's good writing!)

Darkness closed around her, and torn away from all she loved, Munda embraced it willingly.

Great way to end it. Cliffhanger and all, that was a good last sentence.

So, anyway, this last part was great, as always. Characterization was dead-on, and the drama was, well, you know...dramatic. So...yeah...me likey-ed it. Keep up the great work. I can't wait for your next update.

Bending Unit
« Reply #158 on: 07-01-2005 21:09 »

Singing: O, Canada! Boy, was it rainy!

Okay, you all have to promise not to laugh too hard at me. Oh, and keep in my cute froofy celtic dresses make you look preggers.

Still working on that update. If I can't get it up tonight, it should be ready tommorow.

I'm gonna go be shy for a while.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #159 on: 07-01-2005 22:43 »

Fantasic update Layla! I'm so addicted! Please write more soon!!!!!

And I'm loving the celtic dress! Very nice!
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