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Author Topic: Thinking of writing a FanFic  (Read 969 times)
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« on: 02-05-2005 12:32 »


I have been thinking about for some time, writing my own Futurama FanFic. I have read the topic which gives pointers and such and things like that. I have a couple of ideas which stem from the same thing essentially, but i'm unsure as to how well people like this kind.

I do have a very odd style of writing (apparantly) though. I'll try and put something together like a few paragraphs from the fan fic and see how people react to it.

The basic idea inherits from episodes like The Why of Fry, and the Day the Earth Stood Stupid, which have been some of my favourite episodes. It kind of builds on them is prodominatly Fry based.

It basically starts a short time after the end of the Why of Fry. Fry goes missing for around 2 weeks but he has absolutely no memory of it. The SL is kinda of about him finding out what happened, and who he really is.

Its my my first idea for a fan fic, and well naturaly i'm unsure of if i should write, or just stick to writing Software.  :hmpf:


Urban Legend
« Reply #1 on: 02-05-2005 12:57 »

If well done it has much promise. I say go for it, it sounds good.

Urban Legend
« Reply #2 on: 02-05-2005 12:58 »

i'm intrigued by the story line. Will there be some shippy?

Starship Captain
« Reply #3 on: 02-05-2005 13:25 »

Sounds interesting. I'm sure it'll be good.  :D By the way how long is you fic going to be? The longer the bettter.

« Reply #4 on: 02-05-2005 13:36 »

Well i've always been able to come up with ideas and the rapidly expand on them. I once wrote a story for an exam i had in Year 9 (i live the UK, sorry to all you yanks who don't know what i'm on about) and it was 5 A4 sheets.

It will depened as well, obviously the more descriptive i go the longer it will be. If i don't stay "true" to the Why of Fry and The day the Earth stood stupid then i may be able to push it up a bit more.

One thing i have never been good with is naming my characters. There will be numerous characters i'll add, so sorry if the names seem, how shall i put this,  :hmpf:... crap.

« Reply #5 on: 02-05-2005 14:17 »

If its something you wanna do, go for it.

« Reply #6 on: 02-05-2005 14:22 »
« Last Edit on: 02-05-2005 14:22 »

Well I have a draft of the first part done. I think it could be improved (which i am going to). Its just to show you my writing style, and to see how you like it. Please all comments and criticisms are wanted. Its the only way we progress.   ;).

He walked out on to the street of New New York. It was a bleak evening. The night sky had thick blanket of stone like clouds. The wind was icy and felt sharp as it whipped across his face. He walked up to the curb and sat down on it. He was unnaturally cold. He felt like he was being frozen all over again. He let his hang and his shoulders to slouch forward. He could not go on living like this, being treated like some random object, a thing you can pick and use when you need it and then trash it. Or was he? It would explain a lot. If that was the case he didn’t want to think of it as true.

Just then Leela walked out of the Planet Express building. She didn’t notice Fry at first until she was fully on to the street. She stopped and saw Fry, sat there, in the freezing cold, head hung low. She had never seen him so depressed. She hesitated as to whether or not she go ask what’s wrong. She knew what it was, it was her. He just asked her, as he did any other time, and she gave him the most pathetic excuse you could think of. She realised that this must of really hurt Fry. Not just because of being turned down, again, but by in a way being made fun of. He had some intelligence, maybe not a lot, but he a bit. He would of seen straight through that. She cursed herself for saying that to him. How could he possibly have fallen for “I think left my keys at my apartment”? She wouldn’t be surprised if he never wanted to see her again. She decided that she had better try and apologize for it.

She walked over and sat down next to Fry. Fry didn’t move or say a thing, he didn’t even blink he just continued to stare at the ground. He looked like he had completely lost the will to live.

“Fry, I’m sorry about what I said a minute ago.” Leela said, breaking the silence.

Fry didn’t even look at her, he just stood up then spoke in a cold voice which gradually faded in to sadness. “No your not! If I never came back none of you would even notice! I’m just a random object, like any other the toaster, dishwasher, and coffee machine. I’m just there, something you can take for granted.”

Leela quickly stood up next him, “Look I am sorry, I shouldn’t have said what I did back there.”

“Well you did, I’ll see you tomorrow for another day of kicking Fry around.” With that he stormed off in the direction of his apartment.

Leela just watched him walk off in to the distance. He had taken things badly before, but not like this. It was all her fault. If she hadn’t of said that and just said yes, none of this would of happened. What was she so scared about? All he asked was if she wanted to go get a drink after work. She sat back down on the curb her head in her hands and started to cry. What had she done?

Sometime later Fry is sat on the edge of his bed. He is still looking immensely depressed. He got changed and got in to bed. He was thinking of what he could do to have a more meaning full life, which people would notice more, and how he could get more intelligent. It didn’t take long for him to drop off in to a very deep sleep. Tomorrow he would change his life. He was determined to do something to get him out of hellhole he was in at the moment.

I haven't name it yet. As i said i bad with names.

Bending Unit
« Reply #7 on: 02-05-2005 14:23 »

Well, the names don’t matter, do they?  :)

I'd love to read that story. As far as I understand, it'll contain flashbacks and clues? That sounds really interesting. I also like a Fry-based fic, and if it builds on these two episodes it’ll probably be even better!

Go for it!

Starship Captain
« Reply #8 on: 02-05-2005 14:30 »

Great work so far, I've always like Fry-based episodes. I'm sure the rest of your story will be great, keep up the good work.

« Reply #9 on: 02-05-2005 15:18 »

Thanks. I done the second part (I'm a fast typer) but i won't post it just yet though. I want to wait a bit and see how people like this part

Urban Legend
« Reply #10 on: 02-05-2005 22:17 »

i liked it. I would like to read more. Can't really give much of a review since so little has happened as of right now. But i do have a few general writing tips. First off i've noticed that most novels i've read that are written in the third person are written in past tense. It makes things flow better. It is kinda odd to read a story written in present tense. Second tip, i've noticed that a lot of your sentences start with 'she' or 'he'. Having a bunch of sentences start off with the same word kinda makes the flow clunky. You can fix this by combining some sentences and reworking others. For example:

He walked out on to the street of New New York. It was a bleak evening. The night sky had thick blanket of stone like clouds. The wind was icy and felt sharp as it whipped across his face. He walked up to the curb and sat down on it. He was unnaturally cold. He felt like he was being frozen all over again. He let his hang and his shoulders to slouch forward. He could not go on living like this, being treated like some random object, a thing you can pick and use when you need it and then trash it. Or was he? It would explain a lot. If that was the case he didn’t want to think of it as true.

Could be altered as:

He walked out into the streets of New New York. The evening was bleak, the night sky blanketed with stone-like clouds. The icy wind felt sharp as it whipped across his face. Walking up to the curb he sat. He felt unnaturally cold, almost like being frozen all over again. Letting his head hang he slouched forward. He could not go on living like this, being treated like some random object, a thing to be picked up used as needed and then trashed. Or was he? It would explain a lot. But if that was the case he didn't want to think of it as true.

Hope this helps.

« Reply #11 on: 02-06-2005 02:10 »

Thanks Venus, That did help. I will try to keep that mind in when i'm writing the next parts. As i said i only posted up that just to see how people liked the way i write and how if i should try and alter it for the entire fanfic or just leave it like that.

« Reply #12 on: 02-06-2005 03:46 »
« Last Edit on: 02-06-2005 03:46 »

OK well i taken on board what Venus said about the repition of words and how i start my sentances, i don't know if this is a great improvement, but i rewrote bits of the second part to make it flow better.


Fry stood in the centre of the street. The dark hung around him like a curtain blinding his vision. The street was deserted. No one was around. Fry tried to make out his surroundings, but it was no good. There was not enough light. He started wandering forward, aimless and lost. As Fry walked forward, trying his best not to crash in to anything, he was suddenly overcome with a feeling he had never felt before, somehow he knew something or someone was behind him and coming towards him. Instinctively he turned round trying to make out whoever or whatever was behind him.

Then it came a voice that he had heard not long since. A voice that he both feared and felt complete safe from, he had heard the voice twice before. It was one of the brain spawn. They had tried to kill him on numerous occasions but had always failed. Fry knew it was only a matter of time before they found away to do this.

“So we meet again Fry. There’s only so much that that brain of yours can protect you from.” The brain said, trying to sound as intimidating as possible.

“Oh yeah, well I know there is one thing that none of can resist. The power of thinking, all I need to do is think of something when you come close and you go down.” Confident of his power over the brain spawn, Fry did not back down but brought on the challenge. He knew they targeted the delta brainwave and seeing as how he had none he figured he was safe.

“You fool, you really think we would continue to let you be a threat to us? When you blasted us to the other galaxy, we spent years developing immunity to thought and the delta brain waves power. You may still be able to resist our mental attacks, but at least you will no longer be able to stop us.”

“Well if you think I’m of no good against you then you don’t know that my name is Philip J Fry!” Fry without even getting a sight of his enemy, pulled a gun from his jacket. He aimed in to the darkness and shot. Nothing came out, except a small clicking noise. Panic suddenly washed over him. Scared and confused he tried desperately to think of away to eliminate this brain once and for all. He reached in pocket and pulled out quantum inter-phase bomb. It was a long a shot but worth a try.

“Ha, coming in to battle with no means of defence or attack. We thought you could be no stupider than blowing yourself up with quantum inter-phase bomb, but it looks like you proved us wrong.” The brain laughed in triumph. “Well seem as though you have means of escape or defence, I’ll end this now. The sooner you are out of the picture the sooner we’ll succeed in our plan to destroy the universe.”

Fry walked calmly up to brain. He feared the worst but he had a mission, and nothing was going to stop him succeeding. Making sure he was not thinking too intensely Fry crept under the brain and behind it. He listened to it speak on and on, of how he was a forgotten person, inferior to everything. Fry tried not to let out his anger. It would only give away his position. With as much strength he could muster he jabbed the bomb straight into the back of the brain securely lodging it. Not even caring if the brain knew where he was yet Fry ran as fast as he could. The radius to the bomb was somewhat smaller this time as it only had to take out 1 brain, but it would still take a bit of the street with it.

It took an eternity for the bomb to go off, and when it did Fry could feel is place slowing. The bomb was sucking him in, the brain had started to follow him. With all his strength he ran and grabbed hold the nearest object. He hung for dear life as he felt his legs being almost ripped from his body. The pain was immense; he let out a cry of pain. Just as suddenly as it had gone off the bomb deactivated. He dropped to ground unconscious, lying there, face down on the ground his legs badly battered and broken.

Fry awoke with a start. He looked around at his room from a new angle, the floor. Fry lie there on the floor, on top cans of slurm, pizza boxes and other things that may happen to be there. He looked up and grabbed the clock to check the time. It was 8 o’clock, time for work. His head was pounding, and he felt stiff all over.

“Whoa, how much did I drink last night, and what a dream.” He started to get dressed and then remember what had happened last night and what had caused him to have such a hangover. His fight with Leela, afterwards he had come home and drunk himself to sleep. Knowing that he couldn’t stay mad at her for ever he decided that to get to work earlier, he looked at his clock, well get to work on time, and apologize as soon as possible.

Today he was going to start a fresh, no more of the lazy, slob like kid from the stupid ages. Fry finished getting ready and headed out of his room. He opened the door and headed out to work.

The weather was very different this morning. It was a complete contrast to previous night. It was mild, no wind or clouds. It seemed a bit a odd to Fry at first, but not thinking much of it he set off to work.


Like i say i will get better over time and the story will pick up.

Bending Unit
« Reply #13 on: 02-06-2005 04:45 »

This is really nice work. I like your writing style and the fact you're writing prose, not script. And one thing - in the second sentence i would prefer darkness instead of dark, but it's a matter of opinion...

Anway continue writing... the plot seems to be developing...

« Reply #14 on: 02-06-2005 08:57 »

Thanks swidzi. I had though about script form but I think i do better in prose.

Anyway this is the next part that i currently had written. (these parts i've posted so far had all been done as drafts when i proposed the idea so thats why they have come out quickly  ;) )

I will apoogize for any grama issues and spelling issues i only got a C in English. And by the way I'm English so some of the words are spelt in the English way.

Part 3:

The crew were gathered round the table, except for Fry. Leela sat looking at where Fry should be, feeling very upset. It didn’t take Amy long to notice this.

“Leela, go home, your not doing yourself any good being here. Everything here is going to remind you of him, and it’s doing you no good.” Amy tried to say but Leela took no notice. Amy looked around at people for help, but they all refused to help, not after what happened last time. “Look Leela, I know you don’t like me that much, but please just take my advice. Go home and get some rest. If you’re here its just going to remind you of Fry.” She suddenly realised what she had just said and slapped her hand on to her forehead as Leela began cry resting her head down in her arms on the table.

The rest of the crew shook their heads, at how careless Amy could be. Hermes decided that it was time to start the daily meeting, regardless of what state people were in. “All right people, we got a lot of deliveries today, as they have been piling up over the last 2 weeks. Your all going to be working double shifts, and will get double pay.”

Bender registered only the double pay and double shifts part of the sentence. “Yahoo! Double Pay.” But before he could finish Hermes spoke up again.

“Yes that’s pay for the first shift, then the second.”

“Damn you Hermes!”

The door opened and Fry walked in, looking a little out of breath. He had had to run to work in order to not be late, and I he had only just made it, with only seconds till 9 o’clock. “Yes I’m on time! Hey everyone.” Fry said, walking up to his chair.

The professor who was drinking his coffee at the time began to choke on it. Hermes muttered something along the lines of “Wow that must be some good stuff”. Amy just fainted. Bender paid no attention but moved to swipe Amy’s wallet. Zoidberg screamed and ran off to safety looking like he had just seen a ghost.

Leela stood up and started walking to Fry, not saying anything. Fry prepared himself for the worst. After the way he had treated her the following night he figured that he would be lucky to get off with just kick in the face. He closed his eyes and braced him self for whatever for what ever may coming flying at him. However this did not come, he could feel her arms round his neck, her face buried in his shoulder, crying. Not knowing what had brought this on since last night he put his arms round her and tried to comfort her. What the hell had happened last night? “I’m sorry about last night Leela, I shouldn’t have stormed off like that.”

Leela jolted up and out of Fry’s arms. Fry looked a bit confused at this. He had tried to apologize but she threw it back in his face. “Oh I get it, you didn’t think I was capable of apologizing so you assume its fake and throw it back in my face.”

“No Fry, you have been missing for 2 weeks. When you just said that, about something that happened 2 weeks ago as though it happened last night is a bit confusing?” Hermes informed him, trying to calm him down.

“What?! I been missing for 2 weeks? That’s crazy. I went home last night and came here this morning.”

“No Fry, you didn’t. You went missing. We checked your apartment, here, hell we searched everywhere for you. You never told us where you were going so we assumed you had gone missing, and based on the mood you were in 2 weeks ago we didn’t know what you might do.” Bender told him, trying to drill the facts in to Fry.

“Well if I went missing for 2 weeks then I sure don’t remember it.”

The professor who had just recovered for his chocking, decided it time to announce yet another one of his crazy inventions. “Good news everyone! I invented a way of forcibly extracting people’s memories. We may be able to recover some of Fry’s this way.”

Fry stepped back a bit, he didn’t like the sound of “forcibly” extracting his memories, though it would be a chance to find out what actually went on. But was it worth the risk? Before he could make up his mind he found himself being dragged and strapped in to a rather dangerous looking machine by Bender.
Realising that protesting would do no good, Fry decided getting his memories recovered might just be the best solution.

“Now Fry, try not think of anything too much while we are scanning your memories.” The professor advised him, regardless of the fact that Fry rarely went in to deep thought.

The professor walked over to a large control panel. It had numerous buttons of shapes and sizes, but one button stood out. It was a large red button that simply read Extract. The professor sat down at the controls and started fiddling around tweaking settings and adjusting things. Fry could not see exactly what was going on, and he didn’t know if he wanted to. “OK Fry we are going to begin extraction now. You will be able to see the memories on the screen over there.”

Fry looks over at the screen, which was to his side. The screen was considerably larger than any TV screen he had ever seen, stretching from wall to wall, ceiling to floor. “Cool, hey why don’t we ever use this as the TV?” Fry asked, hopeful that the Professor may dismantle it from the machine and take it upstairs.
“Because, I said so. That’s why, now hold still.” The professor punched down on the extract button and parts of Fry’s memories begun to appear on the screen. They were random and almost impossible to follow due to the amounts of static and noise coming through. “It appears your memory was blanked very well. Try and make out what ever you can from it as clues. We can use them to piece together what happened.” The professor stepped back through Fry’s memories to the night of his fight with Leela.

They watched on the screen as Fry stormed off and back to his apartment. It started to get very distorted and a lot of noise. No sound could be made out, only objects. The image started to flicker and only glimpses of things could be seen, but then in no detail. A planet, pink and blue in colour was the first thing they could make out. The screen flickered a bit more, but really badly. The flicker lasted a few minutes and when it came back the shot was on some barren wasteland. They could only see what Fry had seen at that point, but no were near as clearly. The image last for around 2 seconds a lurched forward a bit.

They were on the same planet but a different location. There was a alien in the distance, it was limping badly and appeared to be badly hurt. It turned round and looked straight at where Fry was, and then try to move away as fast as possible. Again the images flickered in to blackness and then back again.

This time they were in some huge metallic room, with flying objects in it. The image was too distorted to make out anything. The sound was a bit clearer this time, they just heard the odd word

“Last         succeed            destroying     universe,        Nibblonians              memory”

Again the image flickered to blackness and then back in to random worlds, all seemingly dead and deserted. These worlds kept flickering in to appearance and then back in to blackness. The sound of noise was deafening everyone, but they tried their best to follow it. The image returned to normal and showed Fry was waking up in his apartment.

The professor ended the extraction process and scratched his head in confusment. The whole crew were trying to come to grips with what they had just seen and figure it out. Yes it had answered several questions but it had raised many more.
Post you comments, and things

Bending Unit
« Reply #15 on: 02-06-2005 10:17 »

Very nice... Very good... Like I said before - I like you're writing style. And don't worry about English errors - somebody will point them out and help you correct them (I can't be much of help - Im from Poland and English is my second language which I don't use very often)

I like the memory extraction proces... although you could elongate it a bit...

Otherwise - one word - great

« Reply #16 on: 02-06-2005 10:37 »
« Last Edit on: 02-06-2005 10:37 »

I may once finished go through, expand it and submit it to TLZ. If it seems as though it would be worth the effort. I made the extraction process short partly because i didn't want to give too much away, but your probably right in saying i could of expanded it a bit   :hmpf:

Bending Unit
« Reply #17 on: 02-06-2005 17:03 »

What i've mainly meant abaut expanding extraction process was that you should write something more about the reactions and thoughts of persons watching the screen. You're using third person omniscient narration so this is most possible. But hey... You're the writer here, and I'm just a guy who can't write a couple of english sentences without making an error.

So keep up the good work (you're doing well without my medling [how do you write that??])

Starship Captain
« Reply #18 on: 02-06-2005 19:51 »

Wow, great work the story line is really interesting keep up the god work.

« Reply #19 on: 02-07-2005 03:07 »
« Last Edit on: 02-07-2005 03:07 »

Heres the next part. It will be the last for a while as I got stuff i need to do for college. i hope you like it.

Part 4:

Fry sat on the small hover bike watching as his enemy went about their lives. They were retrieving bits of information from all around the universe and feeding it in to data ports all around the huge metallic ball. Suddenly the sphere broke open leaving a gap in the centre, just large enough for him to get through. He didn’t hesitate. Giving the bike several quick revs he sped towards opening as fast as he could. Once in side he could not help be amazed at what he saw, a giant brain 50 times the size of any brain he had already seen floated there, taking in more information than it would know what to do with. As he continued to head for the brain he didn’t even think about it being a good idea to slow down and ploughed straight in to it. Dislodging himself and gathering up his equipment he started the climb up to console. The climb was not too difficult thanks to the amount of grooves and bumps on the surface of brain, but he still found movement on it tricky. The surface was soft and a little tricky to keep your balance, but he managed to overcome that and get to the console. Taking the quantum inter-phase bomb he had been given and about to activate it, he got distracted. This brain knew everything and anything right? He could get some of the most wanted answers in the universe. Should he get them? Yes what could be the harm in that. Its not like they could hurt him. He grabbed the microphone like device and spoke in to it.

“Is true that post-it stamp glue is made off…” Fry begun to spoke but was interrupted by the brain that he stood on, giving him the answer.

“Correct, Toad Mucous.”


Fry opened his eyes, the light was blinding. He squinted and shielded himself from it with his hand but it was no good, it was still too bright. Where was he? Still only half awake Fry heard a voice, he tried to make out who’s voice it was but he couldn’t.

“Fry, Fry wake up. Are you alright?” the voice asked, sounding quite concerned. Fry tried to answer but he couldn’t, he couldn’t find the energy to move, or speak, so he reluctantly let himself drift off in to deep sleep.


He couldn’t stop the images. Places he recognized, places he didn’t, people he knew, and people he didn’t. They all flashed through his head, causing his mind to race out of control. The mind extractor had done its job a little too well. It had set off Fry mind thinking about those memories he had recovered, and it brought up old ones too. He could hear voices, and mishmash of voices all speaking at once. It was confusing the young delivery boy. After all he was not paid to think, only to deliver packages. But there was no escape. The voices continued on, ever speaking and never stopping. He could only make out the odd word, like in his previous memories that had been extracted, but then another voice started, he recognized it. He had heard not long since. It was the voice he had heard in that memory he had watched on the screen, but this time he could make out the entire message. He listened carefully to it and tried to remember it as best he could. The amount of energy he was putting in to just trying to concentrate was immense.

Hermes and Amy were sat at the conference table. They were looking over the stuff they had got from Fry’s memories. Hermes was beginning to look very frustrated.

“What the hell kinda messed mind does this guy have? Nothing is organised here.” Hermes shouted, agitated at the mess before him.

“Spleesh!! You were the one that wanted to pour through the result, why not let Fry do it when he wakes up.”

“Oh nice idea Amy, why didn’t I think of that? Because he is unorganised and has less a concentration span less than a green snake in a sugar cane field. If I can’t sort this out then he definitely won’t be able too.”

“I think your forgetting these are Fry’s memories, and they will make more sense to him, just let him have a look first, before you end up giving yourself a heart attack.”

“Fine, but if he fails to know what it all means then I’ll dock your pay”


“You’re supposed to be angry at that! Oh wait your rich.” Hermes thought for a minute and then saw Zoidberg walk in to the room. “I’ll dock Zoidberg’s pay then!”

Zoidberg looked disappointed and confused. What had he done now to deserve his pay to cancelled. Why was it always his pay?

Fry lay on the bed in the medical lab, unconscious. The memory extractor had knocked him out, but he was ok, he just needed rest. His eyes shot open, and he bolted upright. He looked confused and scared. His breathing fast and irregular and he was soaked with sweat. He looked around to try and recognize where he was, Planet Express medical lab.

Oh great they let Zoidberg have a look at me. And what a weird dream, or were they memories?

He remembered what had happened in his dream, the info-sphere, the voices and places. But what did it all mean? What had he been involved in? Suddenly one voice came in to his head. He remembered it was from the memory they had extracted from him. He also recognized it from when he saved Earth from giant brains, and another place he couldn’t think off. Well at least now he had what he thought was the whole voice in his memory and not just parts of it. He listened to it in his mind, over and over trying to understand what it meant.
As usual I apologize for any spelling and gramatical errors.

« Reply #20 on: 02-08-2005 07:27 »

Sorry about the double post, but adding this to the end of the other on would be slighty confusing as there is supposed to have been a bit of a time lapse. Sorry for any spelling and gramatical errors as well as typos that i didn't notice.

Part 5:

The night was the perfect cover. Many shadows to hide in and very little light to give you away. That’s how he liked to work. Normally he would only be out on a routine check up but today was different. Today something unexpected had happened and it was all thanks to that crackpot Farnsworth. He looked round the corner to check if anyone was there, and when he was convinced it was ok he continued on his way. Finally he reached his destination, the Medical Lab of Planet Express. The door was shut though.

“Damn tall humans, why can’t they make their inventions cross species friendly.” He cursed, annoyed at the fact humans rarely thought about other aliens.  He activated one of the computers on his wrist and dialled in something before pointing it at the control panel to the door. Trying to open the door was proving to be more difficult than expected.

After a long struggle at getting the door open he finally succeed and continued in to the room. Once in the door shut, and he put one of his own temporary locks on to the door. He could not risk anyone knowing about him. It was time to see what had happened that day, but he would have to get the last of the information from his leaders. He raised the computer on his wrist up to neck height and activated it.

“This is Lord Nibbler, I have successfully located the Mighty One. He is currently asleep. Requesting further orders” Nibbler spoke in the computer. He didn’t like only been given a few of his orders at a time as it meant he had to stall every now and then. It took a few minutes for a reply to come through.

“Very good, we believe that Fry is trying to recover his memories from the past 2 weeks. He has already recovered some of them” A voice came through the computer, quite calm and unconcerned.

“So am I to blank them out again?” Nibbler enquired. He had always been loyal to his race, and believed strongly in their presence been kept secret. He knew that if Fry knew he would blurt out about them sooner or later.

“No, the brain of Fry is unique. Like the brain spawn we have evolved to be only able to affect the delta brain waves.”

“Then how are we able to speak to Fry if we can not manipulate his mind?”

“Yes, that is a puzzling question. For years we have been confused over the way his brain works, but alas we are nearing the answer. We only know that the way in which Fry’s brain works is that it is able simulate the patterns of those close to him, so when he is around us his brain seemingly works in the same way as ours do.”

“I see, but what about the blanking of his memory?”

“Leave it as it is, his mind will only recover them again in time. He has still got a lot of memories to recover and at this rate will take him over 500 years to recover them.”

“So what should I do?”

“Well his last mission to finally get rid of the brain spawn failed. We have discovered a site far beyond the known universe where they dwell, their numbers slowly rising.”

“So should I restore his memories and bring him back with me now?”

“Yes, restore his memories but leave him there”

“Why? The universe is in danger we need him now!”

“There are over 1 million brains. Fry can not possibly take on them alone.”

“But no one else can resist them.”

“Look just follow our judgement. This is no time for arguments.”

The computer deactivated and Nibbler sighed heavily. He knew what the consequences of restoring all of Fry’s memory could be. For the first time he felt he had to go against his orders, and decided to only restore the nights events of the Why of Fry. There was a small flash of light as his memory was restored and then he left, leaving the room dark once more.

Fry lay, motionless on the table he was in a deep sleep. It had been the memory extractor that had done is, as it used up nearly every last ounce of energy in the body. Fry had been asleep for almost 24 hours with only the occasional waking up.

The next day Fry was the first in to work, as he had been there the whole night. He sat at the table going through the stuff Hermes and Amy had left there the night before. It was all beginning to make sense to him now. He had inexplicably recovered a huge chunk of his memory last night that seemed to blend seamlessly with what was on it a both sides, but it was not what he had expected. It was not from the last 2 weeks, but from a month before. If he had recovered one of those then how many more times had his memory been blanked? Well at least he knew why it had been blanked now. This memory explained that, and also explained a lot more. He was some kind of saviour to some ancient race, who was going to destroy the brain spawn. He had known about the brain spawn for a year now, and had just thought it had been one of attack from them. Looking through the stuff they had collected from his memory a couple of days before Fry waited for the rest of the crew to arrive to tell them what he could remember now.

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Well seem as though no one posted then i will have post again. Anyway here is the sixth part, and this is by far the longest. It is around 3500 words. Phew. Sorry for errors and things. Enjoy

Part 6

Leela had just woken up from a restless night of sleep. She had a constant feeling of guilt since that night a fortnight before. Why could she have just said yes and none of this would of happened. Instead Fry went hoping around the planets seemingly looking for a new place to live. Why did she have to be such a coward? Putting on a tough exterior when in side she was afraid of her on emotions and feelings. She loved Fry but she could not bring her self to admit it. What was she so scared of? That he would just use her like Zapp, Alkazar and Adlai. Of course he wouldn’t, the fact that he had been trying to get her to fall in love with him for well over a year proved that.

Later at work Leela walked in to the conference room. The rest of the crew were already there, trying to get Fry to tell the something but he refused to tell them. Fry glanced over at Leela and gave a look of a slight disappointment.

Has he moved on? Did I push him away a little too far last time? Oh crap I better not have

She walked over to her place and sat down while greeting the rest of the crew. Confused at what was going on she decided to ask seem as though no one was saying anything about it and just randomly asking Fry questions.

“What’s going on here?” Leela asked, annoyed that she was not been brought up to date on the happenings.

“It seems that friend Fry here has recovered a large chunk of his memory but he will not tell us what it is.” The professor replied, annoyed that he had to cut off from asking questions.

“Look, why should I tell you? You won’t believe me.”  Fry said harshly.

“Try us!” Amy snapped back.

For some reason everyone was really interested in Fry’s past for some reason. Fry knew that telling them would not prove anything to them, and they would assume he was lying. How could he show them? Of course, the answer was so obvious. Nibbler. Fry stood up and headed for the lounge. He turned round to the crew who had started following him.

“Don’t follow me, I’ll be back with evidence of my memories.” Fry said before leaving the room.

The crew went and sat back around the table. They all stayed quite for all but a minute, before they started to share what they thought he was going to say.

“Well I recon he was some kind of hit man, you saw that memory of him on that dead rock. That alien running away from him, injured and scared.” Bender said calmly before lighting up a cigar.

“No! He was not a hit man, he just went around trying to get away from us that’s all.” Leela said, annoyed at how Bender could think Fry would be capable of that. “Remember Fry is terrified of guns, and he doesn’t know how to even use one.”

The crew continued arguing about this new memory of Fry’s until he walked back in. He walked over to the railing that over hung the hanger. He looked at the ship, and then back at the crew.

“Can I have the keys to ship?” Fry asked. This confused everyone. Why would he want the keys to the ship? Where could he possibly go to get some answers? No one knew any of those planets he had seen.

“No, You’ll have to get us to drive it for you.” Hermes snapped back, determined to see what Fry was keeping a secret.

“You can’t”

“Oh and why not?” Bender asked, “I mean why would they let you by and not us?”

Without thinking Fry had travelled across the room and had pulled off Benders head. The sudden rush of events and memories and lack of memories were taking their toll. Fry was finding it difficult to act rationally. He held his head a couple of feet away from him at arms length. Managing to get control of himself he put Bender down and ran off. He didn’t seem too happy.

Leela stood up and blocked the doorway before the others could follow. “Now look what you all did. You know Fry was right that night; you lot do all treat him like dirt. Can’t you see what he’s going through? I mean how would you like it if someone was peering over your personal memories? I’m sure he’d tell us if it concerned us.” Leela was now starting to get quite angry and the crew knew better than to get on the wrong side of her, after all it had caused Fry to loose 2 weeks of his life.
Leela went to find Fry, but it wasn’t too hard. A small trail of tear droops lay on the ground in the direction he had gone. He was in the locker room sat on the bench. His head was in his hands, and could be heard gently sobbing. Cautiously walking over to him and sitting down beside him she asked him what was wrong.

“Fry, are you alright” She asked, knowing full well what the answer was.

“Ever since a couple of days my mind has been doing weird things. I feel like I’m a different person, like my life is nothing more than a tool to someone else.” He got up and walked over to face the lockers. “I hate them, they used me. They used me to do their dirty work” His anger and temper starting to get the better of him he kicked the locker at full force causing the door to fall clean off its hinges. Leela was surprised at how strong Fry actually was as he certainly didn’t look capable of that. “I have been through more in 1 night than people would care to know. First I’m degraded down to nothing more than dirt, then I dragged of somewhere and sent to destroy an entire alien race. I then get thrown in to another universe with their enemy. Then deciding I hated them so much I helped their enemy prevent me from being frozen, so I went back in time to 1999, to stop my self being frozen. He was there, and I was going to stop him from freezing me, but he convinced me to freeze myself. Then they blanked out my memory. They use me then make sure I know nothing of it” Fry was starting to talk in an incomprehensible form. He was confused and tired as well as very angry.

“Fry, slow down, you not making any sense, and you’ll end up doing damage to yourself” Leela said, very concerned.

“And what the hell do you care! I have lost god knows how many days of my life. I have no idea who I am anymore, or what I am doing here. To you I’m just the dumb kid from the stupid ages. If I had realised that sooner I should of just let the universe be destroyed! After all why save something that hates me? Actually give me the keys.” Fry was starting to become very irrational and worked up. Leela knew it was unkind, but she had too. She cared for him too much to let him go a get himself killed. She did a spin kick on him knocking him out cold instantly.

“I’m sorry Fry, but I can’t let you kill yourself” Picking him up she carried him on to the ship. She made sure no one was looking so they would not make chase. She took him up to his quarters but instantly turned round when she saw the state of them. She decided to take him through to her quarters. She laid him on the bed gently. He would be out for around an hour or so as she had given him a nasty kick. She regretted doing it, but she didn’t know if he would listen to her. It pained her to see him like this. The 2 weeks had finally made her realise that she may actually love him, but she just wasn’t too sure about it.

Fry began to come round. It was much quicker than Leela had expected. He was still more asleep than awake and it would be a few minutes until he was fully conscious. She walked over and sat on the edge of the bed beside him. As he woke up, she realised that he could still be in a flaming temper, but this was not the case. Fry awoke, and quickly became confused and scared. He darted his head round scanning his surroundings so fast that he completely missed Leela, until she decided to get his attention.

“Fry, are you ok?” She asked.

“Why am I in your quarters? Did we? What’s going one”

“No we didn’t, Look I had to knock you out, to prevent you killing yourself. You lost complete control of your self.”

Fry looked shocked and worried at how he could be capable of such a thing. “Oh I’m so sorry, I hope I didn’t hurt you or anyone.”

“Well you did look ready to kill Bender at one point, and you would of hurt me emotionally if I didn’t know you had lost self control.”

Fry put his head back on the pillow and put his hands over his face. The muffled sound of his voice could be heard. “What’s happened to me? What did I do in them 2 weeks? I’m going to end up having a nervous break down at this rate”

Leela knew that Fry was genuine about this. She could see how scared he was. “Fry, you mentioned a planet. You wanted to go a visit it for some reason. Do you think it holds the key to those 2 weeks?”

“Yes, I know it does. Look Leela, I know I haven’t always been honest with you but I hope you’ll believe what I am about to say. Do you promise not to tell anyone?”

Leela looked uneasy. She had no idea what this could be. What if it was something she would have to tell the others? What then? Thinking for a moment she decided to promise. She could tell Fry was thankful for this.

“Thanks Leela. Well it started a little over a year ago. It was during in a meeting that the professor told us our delivery was cancelled due to the planet being completely destroyed. Well after that you won’t remember a thing that happened. Your next memory would be the library?”

“Yea, but what has that got to do with anything?”

“Well during that time the Earth had been over run with giant flying brains known as the brain spawn. They attacked everyone by making them stupid, too stupid to do anything so they could peacefully collect all our knowledge and then destroy the planet. At the time I had no real idea what was happening until you came down in a small spaceship. Before you landed you had been able to think normally, but when you landed you instantly became and idiot. You tried to talk to me, but me being me just ignored it. Finally you got the message to me and defeated the big brain leader. Earth was saved.”

Leela looked at him confused. Somehow what he was saying seemed plausible but how could it possibly be true? Would people have noticed an apparent time lapse?

“Then a few months ago. You were going out with Chaz. Well you’ll remember asking me to walk Nibbler. Well when I was walking him in ended up going in to a back alley and sitting against a wall, just about ready to kill myself. I had hit rock bottom. Well as hard as you’ll find this to believe, Nibbler spoke to me before knocking me out.” Leela interrupted Fry as he made this remark.

“So your telling me Nibbler can talk?”


“How come he has never talked before?”

“The only way he can talk to humans is telepathically, anyway he dragged me to a small ship and put me in it along with himself. He told me you had once made the same journey with him but unlike me you had come along to be saved, I was going along to save. When we arrived on his home world he took before his leaders, and they told me why I was there.” Fry stopped at his point. He knew the next part would make her laugh, or say something offensive to him.

“What was it?”

“That I was a child of fate, destined to save the universe.”

A little while later Fry rushed on to the bridge and in to the pilots seat followed closely by Leela. Leela was still a bit unsure as to what Fry had told her was true, but she did know that this would be his strongest chance of getting his memories back. She watched Fry start up the ship, and take off before the hanger doors had even finished opening. He only just cleared them by inches travelling at nearly top speed instantly.

“Watch it Fry. I’m sure this world isn’t going anywhere.”

Fry piloted the ship towards the sun. He looked back at Leela. “When Nibbler took me to his home world I remember him doing this exact same manoeuvre. His home world is over 2 weeks away, so I need to gather up as much speed as possible. First I’ll get it up to light speed, and then do a sling shot action around the sun pushing us even faster than that. You might want to strap in.” Leela did as advised. She watched as Fry pushed the acceleration and speed levers up to full, turned of tracking devices, and move the ship in to the correct angle to sling shot off the sun and toward Eternium.

The Planet Express Ship sped toward the sun. The angle they needed to take would lead them through the upper atmosphere of it. Fry knew the risks of this but he needed to do this. The Ship was gaining more speed. Leela looked at the speed panel beside her. She was amazed at what it said, 600% light speed and rising. The ship would be incredibly hard to steer at this speed, and what if they hit something?

“Fry are you sure this is safe?”

“Well not 100% sure, but that’s life, there are always risks. Now we are about the exit the sun, and when we do it should take an hour to get there”

“What about slowing down? This ship wasn’t equipped to slow down from 1400% light speed.”

“Well that will be dropping all the time, and course this takes us on will mean we pass some objects with pretty big gravity which will slow us back down. Don’t worry I know what I’m doing for once.”

A small while later the ship was still travelling. Their speed had dropped to around 500% and they had around 10 more minutes of travelling time. Fry glanced at Leela who was sat on the passenger couch at the front of the bridge. He could tell something was on her mind; just by the way she kept looking at things and twiddling her thumbs.

“Are you alright Leela? You not said a word since we left the sun.”

“What? Oh yes… I’m Fine, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well it’s just the way you sat there. Is there anything you want to tell me?”

“No, nothing that can’t wait.”

Fry gave an expression of concern but decided to leave her be. The ship dropped in to orbit around Eternium shortly afterward. They could see a very large gathering of ships, which looked heavily armed. Leela was the first one to notice this and prompted Fry to get the surface, just in case they were hostile. Fry did as told and started his approach and descent toward the surface.

The ship landed in the middle of a swamp. It was not the place he had remembered but he could land there without the fleet of ships seeing them.

“OK we are around a days hike from where I remember. We should get going. Stay close to me; you don’t know who will be in these swamps.”

They gathered any equipment they felt could be useful and set off over the tricky terrain. The ground was soft underfoot and the air was thin. Fry some how knew the way through, though he couldn’t explain why.

After a very long walk they finally made it to an exit from the swamp. They were at the edge of a cliff and they could see the main Nibblonian Complex beneath. They started to setup some climbing equipment to make their way down the cliff; they heard a voice approach the coming out of the swamp.

“I knew restoring your memory was a bad idea. But at least you came.” They both looked round to see Nibbler. He had a small object in his hand which looked to be a weapon of some sort. He looked at Leela. “What’s she doing here? You’re not authorised to bring visitors to this world.”

“She has a name, and is here to help me. Look I don’t know what you little runts did to me over those 2 weeks, but I will find out one-way or another. I’m sure you know, after all its your mission to ensure I survive, is it not?”

“Yes, but I feel that giving you back that 2 weeks will have a dangerous effect.”

“Try me.”

Leela was still amazed at the fact that Nibbler could actually talk. She wanted to say something but could bring her self to do it. Just as she was finally about to speak Nibbler begun again.

“Fine 2 weeks and 2 days ago, me and a team of my most skilled troops came to your apartment. We brought you back to Eternium where restored your memory from the events of a couple of weeks before, where you infiltrated the info sphere. Our scientists since then had been studying your brain wave pattern and experimenting on it. We knew there was more to your mind than to just hold off attacks from the brain spawn. With what information we found out we set about physically and mentally training you to for upcoming events. You were trained to standard of our elite forces, but due to capabilities only you posses you went beyond that. You were sent on a mission to destroy all remaining traces of the brain spawn. This included people and aliens that had contact with them. On the last night of those 2 weeks you were back in New New York. You apparently encountered one of the brain spawn. You still had the mission at mind so you tried everything you could to destroy it. Luckily you did, but at great cost. You took out an entire street which is now floating around in some other universe. We saw what had happened, and made it look like an accidental thing such as an explosion. We found you nearly dead in a pool of your own blood. We realised that you were threat to your self and blanked us from your memory. Fry you may be powerful but that doesn’t mean we can’t interfere in you life to keep safe!”

Fry stood there, a look of shock over came his face. He had only been told key things but his memories flooded back to him, as he remembered the 2 weeks.
Comments please

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Nice one... Really... The story tightens up... And the plot is progressing...Really... You've made some minor grammar and spelling mistakes, but I will send them to your e-mail adress by tomorow afternoon... Any way I like the way you're writing the crew... They're behaving the way you could expect them to behave (judging from the show)...
Anyway, I can't wait to read the next part - have you been thinking about puting this story (later, when you finish it) on TLZ for everybody to read??

EDIT: I have reread your previous parts and I must say that your writing style has improved very much since the first part...

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Yes i am going to post this up to TLZ when i finish it. The style is improving from practice and the pointers from Venus and others earlier in the thread.
Fry´s Lady

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Great fanfics, Tom35!
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