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Author Topic: First completed script.  (Read 764 times)
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« on: 01-23-2005 13:36 »

Well, the title says it all. please give feedback etc...



“Once They Pop They Don’t Stop”

By Marz


_____________________________ ________________

(Opening Credits)
Caption: Now with 20% more future!

(Fry, Leela and Bender are in the Internet, fighting through all of the adverts. Whilst Fry kicks one of them he hits the OK button and they all disappear)

Leela: “Oh no Fry! Do you realise what you’ve just done!? You could have signed us up for anything!”

(A large pop up window appears, saying Do you wish to continue? The only two options are ‘yes’ or ‘ok’)

Fry: “Stupid pop up windows! I never liked you!”

(Fry kicks the large pop up window, accidently selecting ‘ok’)

Fry: “Aww not again!”

(The gang are then transported to a ‘dodgy’ part of the internet)

Leela: “Oh no, we’re in the free web space zone. Home of some of the dodgiest sites made…”

(Bender sneeks of into a door saying ‘Live Circuit Cams’)

(The couple walk around and are stopped by a thief, who pulls out a switchblade and looks remarkably like Snake from the simpsons)

Thief: “Ok, I’m like, so hacking you!”

(The couple gasp)

Thief “Gimme all your credits, NOW!”

(The couple reach into there pockets and pull out there credits)

Fry: “I’m a little short right now, could I give you and I.O.U?”

(Bender walks along, whistling, with a skip in his step)

Bender: “Hey, what you guys up to? And who’s this little geek?”

(Fry leaps onto his knees cupping his hands)

Fry: “He doesn’t mean that sir, honestly!”

Bender: “What are you talking about? It’s just a fake skin… see!”

(Bender sticks a wire from him into the mugger, a progress bar pops up)

Bender: “Hurry up, stupid 80,000k”

(When the progress bar completes, Bender looks like the mugger. The couple gasp as done before)

Bender: “Heheheh… If you’ll excuse me I’ve got some business to attend to…”

(Bender walks off with an evil grin on his face. The couple turn towards the mugger,  who is revealed as a small, whimpering, nerd. Fry gets back onto his feet and brushes the dust off of his legs)

Fry: “Umm…My plan to make you think I was scared worked. You’re just lucky Bender came long when he did…”

(Fry turns to Leela with an embarrassed face and a cheesy smile)

Leela: “Well now that’s all over with how do we get out of here?”

(Fry points towards a sign saying exit)

Fry: “Maybe that’s the way out?”

Leela: “Well that would be pretty obvious”

(The couple run towards the sign)

Guard: “All aboard the hyperlink express!”

(Fry and Leela jump onto the train, just before the door shuts)

Leela: “Oh no! What about Bender?!”

Fry: “He can look after himself. He’s Bender!”

Leela: “Oh no! What about Bender?!”

(The gang, including Bender, all arrive back. Dr. Zoidberg, Professor Farnsworth, Hermes, Bender, Fry and Leela are all sitting round the table)

Fry: “So Bender, how did you escape?”

Bender: “You’d be surprised at what information you can get out of people by looking scary…”

(Bender looks down at a note with Credit card and Pin numbers)

Fry: “Someone needs to sort those lousy adverts out.”

(Everyone starts to think)

Bender: “Hey Fry, you’re someone!”

(Fry pulls a shocked face)

Fry: “You’re right! Bender, how’d you like to help me as a pop-up blocker?”

Bender: “Beats work”

(Fry and Bender put on the headsets etc. for the internet)

Fry: “Well, lets do it!”

(Some cool effects as they enter the internet)

Bender: “So who do you think is stupid enough to use our service?”

(Fry looks around)

Fry: “Umm… How about that guy?”

(Fry points towards a three-eyed business man leaning against a wall)

Fry: “Hello good…sir…I mean… Thing, would you be interested in using our pop-up blocker service?  If you would not like to use our service then please don’t not select no to not use our service”

(Fry puts on a cheesy smile, as a checkbox saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ appears above his head)

Thing: “Go away”

Fry: “Please select an option”

(The Thing hesitates and quickly selects ‘no’, meanwhile Bender is pick pocketing the customer)

Fry: “A very wise choice, our fee is just 10 credits (quickly) Plus 59.99 credits per minute (normal speed) Please select your filtering mode”

(The Thing selects ‘light’)

Bender: “(whisper) Heheheh! Sucker…”

(Fry and Bender are strolling behind the Thing, while he is being overpowered by pop-ups.)

Bender: “This pop-up blocking is turning out pretty easy, especially the light mode”

Fry: “Yeh, but maybe we shouldn’t make it the most powerful mode…”

(Later, Fry is holding a pop-up, while Bender repeatedly punches it)

Bender: “We’re doing pretty good Fry. We’re making a lot more money, and I think my muscle power may have advanced 2 levels!”

(Fry lets go of the advert)

Fry: “And don’t let me see your face around here again!”

(The advert quickly flies away)

(Bender and Fry are walking with their heads up high around the internet, while everyone else moves out of their way)

Bender: “Aah… This is the life. Making other people feel small…”

Fry: “Yeah, nothing can get in our way… nothing”

(Mom is looking out of a window in her room, then turns to her sons)

Mom: “So… nothing can stop them eh?”

(Bender in the background shouts…)


(Back at the P.E. home)

Prof: “Good news everyone!”

(Looks around to find Hermes, Dr. Zoidberg and Leela asleep at the table)

Prof: “Wha’?”

(Leela starts to wake up)

Leela: “Oh sorry Professor. Since Fry and Bender left, we’ve had to deliver all the packages alone”

Prof: “Well you better get it sorted out quick, I need you to deliver a package to eBays head quarters, through the internet”

Leela: “But Professor, that’s an auction company. The only things they receive are miscellaneous pieces of celebrity junk, not packages from companies”

Prof: “Exactly, I need you to deliver Michael Jackson’s toenail, I’m selling it for quite a bit”

Leela: “But Professor, Michael Jackson doesn’t have toes… He’s just a head in a jar?!”

(The professor winks, while he nudges Leela)

Leela: “But Professor…”

Prof: “Yes?”

Leela: “I don’t know… I just felt it needed another ‘But Professor’”

Prof: “Well of you go”

(The P.E. team , excluding Bender and Fry, plug themselves into the internet)

Leela: “Well, lets get this over with. I want to get back to catch the end of ‘All My Circuits’”

(As the Trio make their way towards eBay, Bender and Fry stop them)

Fry: “Well, well, well. What have we here?”

Bender: “Looks like we got a few little advert bugs”

Leela: “Shut up you two, in what way are we advertising anything?”

(Bender points to a small sticker on the parcel, reading Planet Express)

Leela: “Wha’… But… It just a sticker!”


Bender: “DENIED!”

Leela: “We have to advertise in some way!”

Fry: “Did I just hear… Advertise?!”

(Bender turns to Fry)

Bender and Fry: “GET ’EM!”

(Bender and Fry chase the Trio who run away. As the Trio approach a dead end, they are pulled into a pitch-black hideaway by one of Moms Sons)

Dr Zoidberg: “Oh my Crustacean! We’re dead!”

Hermes: “Oh my Limbo Master! If that stupid crab’s here I’m in hell!”

Leela: “Oh my Eye! Would you guys ever shut-up!?

(One of Moms sons lights a match)

Moms son: “Sssh, follow me…”

(The trio follow behind and are soon taken to Mom)

Mom: “Hello Planet ‘Whatever it is’ Team. We both know we have been rivals since the day my company overthrew yours. But…”

Moms son 2: “Heehee… She said but!”

(Mom slaps him)

Moms son 2: “Ow!”

Mom: “Now, where was I… Ah yes,  we may have been rivals, BUT…”

(Mom turns to Son 2, who then puts on a scared face)

Mom: “Now I need your help. It seems 2 of your ex-employees have started a company to block pop-ups. Since they have done so, my sales have been going down due to less advertising. Not one advert can set foot on the internet now”

(An advert gets thrown through a window into the room)

Bender (outside): “And stay out!”

Mom: “See…Now I have created a ‘virus’ that will destroy those two if they do not stop these kind bloody deeds. However, if you can stop them yourself they will not suffer the consequences… You have till 12:00pm”

Leela: “But wha…”

Mom: “Bye Bye!”

(The trio are released through a trap door)

Trio: “AAAH”

(The couple drop out of the house, Zoidberg is bottom on the pile. A crack is heard)

Dr Zoidberg: “Oh no! My eggs!

(Zoidberg starts to cry)

Hermes: “Oh shut-up you stupid lobster, we gotta find a way to stop Fry and Bender!”

Leela: “Hermes is right, now lets split up. Dr. Zoidberg you take the dot co dot uk’s. Hermes, you go and search the dot org’s. I’ll take the dot com’s.

(The gang split up)

Leela: “FRY?!… BENDER?! I’ve got something shiny!”

(Fry appears behind Leela)

Fry: “Hello Leela…”

Leela: “Fry, you have to listen to me…!”

Fry: “Why? So you can tell me what a jerk I’m being? Or because if me and Bender don’t stop this ‘monstrosity’ we’re both going to be destroyed by a virus created by Mom at 12:00pm?

(A checkbox appears above his head, with both of the things he just said. Then a large repeating ‘BEEP’ is heard around the internet)

Leela: “Oh no! It’s 12:00pm! Fry we have to get you out of here!”

(Leela and Fry start to run)


Leela: “It’s the virus, we’ve got to find Bender quickly!”

(Leela and Fry search the internet)

Fry: “So Leela… about that shiny thing…”

Leela: “Shut-up Fry. Hey, I think I see Bender, and he’s getting on the hyperlink out of here!”

(Fry and Leela run towards the hyperlink express. Just as they get there, the doors shut. Bender leans his head out the window)

Bender: “You’ll never make it! Quick, give me your wallets!

Leela: “NO!”
(The train starts to go faster, while Fry and Leela run beside it)

Bender: “I’ll always remember you Guy and Lisa…!”

(The train goes out of the internet)

Leela: “Its no use, the next hyperlink doesn’t re-spawn until 1:00!”

Fry: “Oh no, I can see the virus!”

(The virus starts to get closer to Fry and Leela)

Fry: “Well Leela, I guess this is it… Before I die I just want you to know I love you Leela. I always have done…”

(Leela looks into Fry’s eyes)

Leela: “Fry, I lo…”

(The virus opens its mouth to eat Fry)

Virus: “ERROR! ERROR!”

Fry: “What the hell’s going on?! Why aren’t I dead yet?”

Leela: “*ahem* I… I don’t know?”

(Leela and Fry start to walk away from the virus)

Virus: “Self shutdown mode!”

Fry: “Yes! We did it… well, we didn’t… but we could say we did it!”

Leela: “Well I’m happy your not dead ‘n all… but why the hell aren’t you dead?!”

(Mom starts running up to the dead virus)

Mom: “Damn you Windows 3000! Bill Gates has got a hell of a lot of explaining to do! You got away this time Fry, but next time you wont be so lucky!”

(Mom walks away)

Fry: “Well at least we’re all safe. I’ve had it with the internet…”

Leela: “Me too Fry… me too…”

(later on, back at the P.E. headquarters)

Prof: “Bad news everyone, due to our last delivery failure, we don’t have enough money to keep this place going… Your all fired! Have a nice life.”

Leela: “But…”

Bender: “You heard the man… lets ditch this joint. I’m goin’ to the Circuit Bar”

(They start to walk out with their heads down, except Bender)

Fry: “Wait! Bender and me made tons from our pop-up blocking company, maybe we could use it to get this company back on the road?!”

Prof: “Well, I was going to pop down to the suicide booth today, and seeing as it was the only thing on my list I suppose I could postpone it till another time”

(That night)

Fry: “Well good night Leela, sorry about the whole ‘trying to kill ya’ thing”

Leela: “I forgive you Fry… But I can’t help thinking there’s something we forgot…”

(Back in the internet…)

Hermes: “Hello…! Leela…?! FRY…?!”

Dr. Zoidberg: “YAY! Hermes, well at least I’m stuck here with my greatest friend!”

Hermes: “Shut-up you stupid Lobster!”

say what now

Bending Unit
« Reply #1 on: 01-23-2005 14:24 »

Hi, MARZ! I read your story and I really liked it- it was very entertaining and funny. You had some lines in there that made me laugh out loud, and I hope you write some more stories and get around to posting them!

Oh, yes, and also: just to let you know, you should keep your works to one thread. Like, use your hello thread and continue to post your works of fandom (fanart, fanfiction, whatever) there instead of opening a new thread every time you have something else to share with us. You can update it whenever you have something new and people can visit it and give you feedback- it works and saves the board a lot of unnecessary short threads.

Can't wait to see more of your stuff!

« Reply #2 on: 01-24-2005 11:57 »

here's a pic I did for the bit where Fry is told he's someone:


« Reply #3 on: 02-01-2005 15:45 »
« Last Edit on: 02-01-2005 15:45 »

Varying a bit with frys head.

say what now

Bending Unit
« Reply #4 on: 02-01-2005 17:54 »

Ooh- neat. I like the "'Sup dawg!" one.
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