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Author Topic: Another damn newbie fan-fic!  (Read 842 times)
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« on: 10-24-2004 13:06 »
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Hello people! This is part 1 of 10 of a story called THE STUPID GATE,a parody of Survivor where 5 shows compete for a prize (which I will not mention just yet). The shows are,of course,Futurama,the Simpsons,Family Guy and some other shows which sorta died a long time ago:Power Rangers and Pokemon. This was also writtin before anyone knew Family Guy was coming back (I wrote this a long time ago). This isn't one of my better fan-fics,so be kind. Enjoy (or not)!

THE STUPID GATE                                         
Episode 1: And The Story Begins

Narrator:Hello.I'm Adam West, and I'm going to be your narrator for this extremely long, but funny, story. It all takes place on a deserted island off the cost of New New York. No, not New New Jersey, but a little less ugly island where five shows, or teams, are gonna stay for a month until each one of them cracks and one team is left standing. Lets meet the teams now.
Team 1/Futurama: Hello.We're team one. My name is Leela.
Fry: I'm Fry and this is my best friend Bender!
Bender: Yo!
Leela: And this is Amy,Hermes,Professor Farnsworth,Dr.Zoidberg,Kif and to my dissmay,Zapp.
Zapp: Thats Captain Zapp Brannigan!But I'll forgive you my sweet.
Leela shutters, camera moves to there left.
Team 2/Family Guy: Hi!My name is Lois, this is my husband Peter, our dog Brian, my daughter Meg and my sons Stewie and Chris, we're team 2.
Chris: Ya!Team 2 rocks!
Bender: Shut up meat bag!
Camera moves again.
Team 3/The Simpsons: Where's the free food!
Marge: There is no free food Homer.
Bart: In fact we get no food at all.
Lisa: (gesturing to the camera) You guys we have to introduce ourselves.Hi,my name is Lisa, this is my brother Bart, my sister Maggie and my parents, Homer and Marge.I guess we're team 3.Oh and this is Ned.
Ned: Didlidadlly do!
Homer: No food! No food? How do you expect me to live for the next week?
Bart: Month.
Homer: D'ho
Team 4/The Power Rangers: Hi were the Power Rangers.
Red Ranger: Let me introduce myself and my team mates, each one a different color of the rainbow. I'm Red, this is Blue,Yellow,Purple,Green,Crimmson,Platinum,Silver.....and finally Brown.
Lisa: Is Brown a part of the rainbow?
Bender: It is now.
Team 5/Pokemon: Hi!My name is Ash, and this is my faithful pokemon,Pickachu.
Pickachu: Picka!
Ash: And this is Misty and Brock.
Brock: Wow,who is that pretty lady?Hi,my name is Brock.
Meg: Mom!This guy is hitting on me!
Laughs are heard from Team 1 by Fry and Bender.
Lois: Get away from my daughter!
Lois slaps him and pulls Meg away. Laughs are still heard from Team 1 and Lois glares at Fry and Bender and they stop. The camera moves to the left to reveal Adam.
Adam: Hello teams! My name is Adam West.
Fry: West? I think I know someone with that same last name was it Joe?Nah was it Mike, no Bill?Nah...
Adam: (looking at Fry strangly)Anyways are you ready to play The Stupid Gate?
All teams: Ya,I guess,Sure,etc.
Adam: OK just let me tell you the rules.One: No food.
Screams are heard from Homer and Peter.
Amy: Then how are we going to stay alive?
Adam: You have to hunt for your own food.(wispering to himself) That will be hard because the stupid Network didn't put animals on the Island!
Leela and Lois: We heard that!
Adam: Anyways,rule two: You can do whatever you want to your opponent.
Stewie: Even murder?
Adam: Yes,even murder.
                                                           -Stewie dream -
He's roasting Lois on a fire with an apple in her mouth. Stewie is laughing in the background.
                                                            -Dream ends-
Stewie: Yes,yes!
Adam: Yes.And the last rule. Rule three is once you've had enough, send up this road flare and we will pick you up, not unless you've been killed already.
Red Ranger: But if one person on your team has enough, the whole team goes down?
Adam: That's right! Well, good luck everyone! I hope this island doesn't get the best of you. Your month stay starts right now!
Adam left them and got on a helicopter. Everyone watched as he flew in the air. Sand flew into everyone's eyes.
Homer: D'oh!
Adam: See ya suckers!
P.Farnsworth: Wha?
(Camera opens with a shot of  the Island)
Leela: Well,if we're gonna live on this island might as well get to know each other.
She sat down on the ground,Amy,Fry and Bender followed suite and gestured the rest of the group to sit as well. One by one each team sat with them in a big circle.
Leela: Whos going first?
No one answered her. There was silence until Leela nudged Fry in stomach.
Leela: (wispering) Fry, introduce yourself.
Fry: Me?Oh alright.(standing up) Hi everyone, my name is Phillip J. Fry, but you can call me Fry. I'm from a show called Futurama set in New New York, I was cryogenically frozen in the year 2000. I'm 27, single and my hobbies include watching TV-
Bart: Yo man! This isn't a dating service. Get on with it!
Fry: (wispering to Leela)I can't do this.
He sat down and glared at Bart. He just smiled back and grinned. Then they both frowned at each other as if they just remembered something.
Fry/Bart: (to themselves):Why does he look so familiar?
Chris: Alright,I'll intoduce myself. My name is Chris Griffin. I'm from a show called Family Guy.
Bender: Hey,didn't FOX cancel you guys?
Stewie: Yes.What's it to you?
Bender: They canceled us too!
Stewie: Why those idiots!
Homer: They did? They didn't cancel us?
Chris: Anyway I'm a boy and I'm 15.
He sat down. Lisa stood up, next to introduce herself.
Lisa: Hi.I'm Lisa Simpson, from the critically acclaimed show, The Simpsons.
Blue Ranger: Stop showing off!
P.Farnsworth: Ya!
Lisa: Alright then, I won't introduce my self at all.
She sat down next to Fry who sat next to Leela.
Leela: (wispering to Lisa) Don't listen to them. I'm sure your show is great. What did you say your name is again?
Lisa: Lisa.
Leela: What are your hobbies?
Lisa: Reading,science,liturature.
Leela: I like you Lisa.
She turned to look at who was introducing themselves now, it happened to be Ash, and whispered to Fry: Ya right. That girl is to wierd.What kind of kid likes reading?
Fry: I did.
Leela: You did?
Fry: No.
Bender: (joining their little conversation)Man,this is boring the heck outta me.
He stood up ready to introduce himself.
Bender: Hey meatbags!My name is Bender. As you can see I am a robot.
Chris: Cool a robot!
Bender: I'm that and a love mechine.My hobbies include drinking,fembots,smoking,stealing and abusing electricity.Uh oh.Hey!Give me that tape! Give it here!(Bender shakes the camera. Then the screen goes out, all you see is black)
Bender: Uh,cut to commercial.
(Camera opens with a shot of all the teams just sitting around. It's nightfall.)
Marge: (to her family):I guess we should set up camp. But lets not tell the others.
Bart: Why not?
Marge: Bart,this is a dog-eat-dog contest, we have to stay alive! If the others find out we'rre making camp their probably gonna be lazy and try to get us to build it for them.
Lisa: But shouldn't we stay near the rest of the group, just in case something happens, something bad?
Marge: Oh alright!But lets not tell them where we got our materials.
Lisa: If we can find some.
Homer: Oh,can we look for food? I'm hungry.
Just then as if the answer to Homer's question was in front of them,Bender,Fry,Leela,Peter,Brian and the Blue ranger past in front of them carrying spears and Leela a harpoon.
Peter: Hey fat guy,uh,Homer do you wanna go hunt animals with us?
Ned: Wait!We shouldn't hunt animals! God made these creatures for us to enjoy.
Bender: Ya,as food! Come on fatty, maybe you could squash an animal with your fat ass.
Homer: That's a good id-wait a sec.
They walk into the woods ahead of them. It was pitch dark and the group kept on bumping in to things.
Homer: (bumping into a tree)D'oh!
Leela: Hey Bender use the lighter in your hand to light the path.
Bender: Oh ya.I forgot I had that.
He light his lighter and a small glow shone across the ground. But Peter still kept on bumping into things.
Peter: Doesn't anyone else have a lighter? Brian?
Brian: You know what? I think I have one.
He pulled it out of who knows where and opened it. Their light became brighter and they now could see the whole path.
                                                      ****Back in the camp site.****
Hermes: Professor!Professor!That yellow rat keeps looking at me.
P.Farnsworth: Break out the ray-gun.
He pulled something out of his coat pocket. It was a small ray-gun. He handed it to Hermes who smiled mischievously.
Hermes: Come here little rat.
                                                            ****In the Woods****
Brian: This is pointless, we've been searching for hours and there is obvious no animal here.
Fry: The talkin' dog's right lets head back.
Peter: Uh,which way is back?
Leela: Damn it Bender! I told you mark the path we took using those glow sticks!
Bender: Oh well, you win some you lose some. I didn't really like this island anyway. No fembots.
Homer: Ya,but if we all send up our flare, all of our teams get picked out the island, and that only leaves one team left.
All seven of them: Team 5!Pokemon!
Peter: Hell no!
Blue Ranger: Then lets get a move on!
                                                        ****2 hours later****
Lois: Peter!Brian!Where were you? Did you get lost?
Peter: Ya.Sorry we didn't bring food.
Hermes: No mon, that's OK. I got some food.
He held up a giant leaf. Inside it was a big yellow rat.
Hermes: Time to eat everyone!
Ash: Pickachu!Where are you?                                                     ****Commercial****
Next time on THE STUPID GATE:
Alliance will be formed...and broken. Team members will fight among themselves.
Stewie: Damn it Bender! You crossed the line your into our campsite!
Bender: No I didn't! Up yours!
Stweie: Why you little-
The game has just begun. Who will win? Team 1, Team 2? Who the heck knows. Tune in next time on THE STUPID GATE!

Damn that was long!
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