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Author Topic: AJ's fanfic  (Read 1475 times)
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AJ Rimmer

« on: 10-17-2004 13:50 »

This is my Futurama fanfic, "Fry & the Bionogs"

The sun rose over the horizon and the glittery waterfront and bathed the Planet Express building in early morning twilight. Hermes Conrad walked across the pavement humming a traditional Jamaican song about a snake up a sugar cane farmer’s leg.
He pressed the key and the computer lock switched off and the force field on the front door lowered.
He turned the “Closed”-sign revealing a sign on the other side saying “Opening soon”, turned it again revealing “Opening now” and turned it once more this time saying “Open”. He walked to his office upstairs and put his briefcase on the floor next to his desk and stamped a form for briefcase office parking and filed it in the drawer.
He was adding the finishing touch to a new budget proposal, cutting all salaries by 12%, and cutting down on several safety-procedures and was just about to start forming a new proposal for making the company’s team-building trips involve a limbo tournament when he heard a rumbling noise downstairs. He checked the bank of monitors, nothing on the internal videos, he leaned out the window and scanned the street down below his office.
The two big red legs with claws instead of feet kicked the air with garbage flying around the ankles as the poor revolting crustacean scavenged the trash of Planet Express for something to eat.
Hermes slowly shook his head in sympathy and pressed the dump button on the console next to his paper shredder. Last night’s dead owls cascaded down on Dr Zoidberg. To Hermes’s upset he was soon feasting on the dead pests.

He was sitting back down when the sound of the door opening downstairs and a fast pace whistling echoed in the gloomy rooms. The entrance camera caught the stately sight of the Unit 22 bending unit Bender Bending Rodriguez. He was followed by the slumped, 25-year old body of Philip J Fry.
Fry dropped his duffel bag he had found in a dumpster filled with olives that were now all out on the floor and grabbed a Slurm can from the fridge and drank. He joined Bender in the sofa where the silvery robot had already turned on the TV to the latest episode of “All my circuits”. The golden Calculon was talking to a shorter, grey robot with his eyes in puppy-dog eye mode.

“Calculon… how could you do this to me? I’m your son-in-law and best friend-unit, your sister is marrying my real dad, why would you do this?” Calculon stood up and activated his angry-eyes-mode.
“Because I know the truth, it was ‘you’ who was with my evil-half twin’s sister that night you almost ran me over with your hover car. And now you’ll pay the prise!” Calculon produced a ray-gun and the credits rolled.
An enormous holographic image of the professor’s head appeared next to the TV, in the hall, Hermes’s office and several other empty rooms, announced by a loud fanfare a message echoed from the private quarters of Professor Hubert Farnsworth.
“Everybody get to the landing bay, I have news for you!”

Leela walked in and joined the others at the railing facing the Planet Express ship.
“Ahhh, we’re all here. Good. Then I can tell you the news. Which are very good. The news.” The professor slowly walked over to a small console and pressed a button, a holographic letter materialized in the air. Printed in big, black letters it said; “Recall notice”.
“We have to take the ship to Saturn for inspection, apparently, once you’ve accidentally destroyed a few parallel universes the government puts you under the looking glass! Oh well…” Leela stepped up and grabbed her jacket.
“Well, I’ll get going then.”
“Not so fast Leela, you will be staying here, I need someone to help me clean out the attic.”
“What? But, why not ask someone else to do it?”
“I have, but someone has to drive the ship and Fry is the weakest, he could get hurt up there.” Leela looked curiously on the professor.
“Get hurt? By what? We’re just cleaning the attic.”
“Oh yes of course yes yes ehmm, no danger, no danger at all hm…Incidentally, your life insurances are due for renewal today.” The professor smiled innocently and walked up to a small cupboard. He opened it and revealed a broom and a roll of black garbage bags. Then he opened another cabinet and handed out a bio hazard suit and a ray-gun from the racks inside. He smiled at them;
“Up you go!”

Fry smiled as he put on his red jacket in the locker room. This was starting off as a pretty good day, he got to fly the planet express ship to Saturn, officially the eight best planet in the solar system, and he wouldn’t be put into mortal danger! A rich and full day. He put on his lucky Archduke Chocula watch and was about to close the door when his eyes fixed on a small piece of paper sticking to the locker door by a liquorice candy shaped magnet, which had bite marks on it.
Fry drew a heavy sigh as he watched the blernsball collectors card of Turanga Leela. His heart dropped.
Even after making a deal with the robot devil and writing an entire opera in her honour, choosing to lose fame, fortune and talent to save her from residing at 255 Damnation Avenue in robot hell for ever, Leela still kept on ignoring Fry’s love displays. He drew a deep sigh and closed the locker.
Leela was zipping up her hazard suit and checking her ray-gun in her holster. Bender was holding a big laser shotgun and all the other were wearing hazard suits.
Leela turned around and caught Fry looking at her. He sighed and slowly made his way down the stairs towards the take-off ramp.

Ever since that wonderful night at the opera she hadn’t been able to determine what she felt for him. He had proved that he loved her yet she couldn’t bring herself to saying it back.
Fry climbed up the forward landing gear stairs and got into the cockpit. He started the launch sequence. The text on the consoles read out the information.
“Reactor levels to 95%, turn lights tests successful, braking lights on, horn online.” Fry turned the key in the ignition and flipped the switch that disconnected the diamond tether from the launch bay and flipped on a sign behind the engine housing saying; “I stop for sentient energy clouds.”
The black-matter powered engines slowly built up to a powerful roar and the ramp aligned the nose of the ship to the sky and the read-out showed engine power 100%. Fry put his shoe to the pedal and the green ship jolted forward and blasted away from the earth’s atmosphere.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #1 on: 10-17-2004 22:15 »

That's a great story!You should make it longer and send it to TLZ's FanFiction section.(I posted a topic on TLZ and how to get there in the websites review).
AJ Rimmer

« Reply #2 on: 10-18-2004 06:23 »

Thankyou, I've got more coming up, I've written like four more chapters so far.

The professor held up his flashlight and lit up a small part of the attic, a stack of boxes marked “Time travel souvenirs” came into focus. Bender walked up and opened the cardboard box on the top and shuffled around until he hauled up a small yellow icon depicting a round bald man.
“Hey professor, what’s this?” The Professor aimed the light at the small figure and adjusted his glasses.
“Ooohhh, that’s a souvenir from the late twentieth century. When I found out I had an uncle from the past, I immediately ordered several artefacts from his time. I kept this one up here because it’s the only one I could never identify. No-one knows what the hell it is!” Bender found a string and pulled it.
“Hey what’s this?” A small, old recording played up from the little doll;
“D’oh! Nuts… Mmmm… Donuts…”

“If only we could decode that message, who knows what it may mean… Oh well, let’s get to work.”
The professor scanned the wall with the torch and found a light switch.
“This should help a bit!” He flicked it and five enormous stadium lights lit up in the other side of the attic.
All of them put their hands up against their eyes to shield them from the floodlights before the professor switched off four of them. The old attic was filled with dusty old robots in all forms and shapes, computer consoles packed in wooden crates, stasis chambers with subjects to unsuccessful gene experiments and books on old, mouldy bookshelves.
The professor walked up and poked a stack of metal boxes with his cattle rod and the rest of the crew gasped as the top box started shaking and making strange noises.
“Hmm…I’d thought it would be sleeping by now. Oh well, I guess we’ll take that one last. Now, Leela, Amy; you take the corner with the dead mutants next to the pile of destroyed torture chambers. Hermes, you and me will take this corner with the old dooms-day devices.” The professor pointed to a dark corner with big and small machinery of mysterious and sinister forms.
“And Bender, you take the other half of the attic with the family photos, the old furniture, my Harold Zoid collections and the outdated kill-bots. Throw all of it down the window.” The professor pulled out a small remote and pressed the button and a huge panorama window at the end of the room swung open, underneath it Dr Zoidberg had gotten a grill going next to the container on the pavement below the attic.

Fry was cruising along at a rather slow five times the old speed of light. He had just passed Mars and was closing to Jupiter. After that, he would have to take a left and go across the solar system to reach Saturn.
He was just passing over Europa when a great shadow was cast over the ship. Fry scanned the circular window pane in the cockpit and stopped at the port side. The massive front of the Doop ship The Nimbus was covering the sun and darkening the small Planet Express ship like a small schoolgirl in a horror movie before she realises the monster is behind her.
It swept past him and Fry suddenly felt out of his chair when the back wash of the Nimbus’s engine hit the ship.
He tried to get up but another currant hit as he reached for the chair and a big bottle of tequila fell out of a baggage trunk in the ceiling on his head. He groggily crept up on all four and managed to get on the chair.
He activated the seatbelts and was strapped down to the padded seat just in time for another currant to hit. He quickly grabbed the steering wheel and pulled the ship up from its current course towards Europa’s surface and accelerated away from The Nimbus.
“Hey you damn… ship… flying guy! The crossing is on Ganymede, not Europa! Go fly your big ship over there!” Fry shook his fist in the direction to the ship and yelled at the window pane.
He put on the autopilot and went for a Slurm to calm him down.
The Planet Express ship blasted down towards the surface of Calypso, Fry engaged the retros and gently touched the landing pad on the Department for Fusion Space Vehicle’s parking lot inside the enormous base. He grabbed the keys and walked out the cockpit. As he made his way down the ramp from the landing pad, a big sweaty man in a red hat walked up to him with a cigarette but in his mouth.
“Hey, I’m Sal, so, whys yous heres?”
“Hi, I’m Fry, ehh, this ship is due for inspection.”
“Wiseguys huh? Well, I supposes you’d betters takes a trip downs town, coz this is gonnas take some times.”
“Oh, okay, when is it gonna be ready?”
“It depends on whens the ships inspectors comes here.” Sal pointed over Fry’s shoulder.
“Oh, here she comes now.” Fry turned around and screamed. He ran and hid behind a couple of garbage cans. Morgan Proctor, Bureaucrat grade 186 walked over to him cowering behind the cans and looked down at him with rage.
“Fry… We meet again…”
“H-h-hi M-mmorgan…”
AJ Rimmer

« Reply #3 on: 10-19-2004 13:25 »

Bender threw “Family memories VII” down the window and laughed as Dr Zoidberg consumed it as a side dish to “Family memories VI” and a couple of paintings.
Leela helped Amy carry a small tube like chamber marked “Skin Disintegration Unit 2” down the stairs when the professor exclaimed;
“Eureka! I’ve found it!”
“Found what professor?” Hermes looked up from underneath a star killer Mk III.
“This old sub-space transom radio. With an 3.5-track.” The professor pulled up a big radio with a radio dish and a slot for 3.5 inch music disks.
“Does it still work?” Leela looked up and quickly tried grabbing the torture chamber but it tumbled down the stairs and landed on Amy.
“Zhow-nei-how, da-se-nei!!!” Amy shouted from downstairs
“Yes yes Amy, now, lets switch on the radio and see if anyone is out there!” The professor turned it on and tuned it until a distorted voice came up.
“…mething’s wrong, professor, Leela? Do anyone of you read me? Hello? I’m leaving Saturn and there’s something wrong, the fuel intake sounds like that time Bender stole Amy’s TV and tried to swallow it. And the engine sounds like Zoidberg trying to eat on of Amy’s parent’s buggalos whole!”
“Bender! Zoidberg I… you…. Awww… Zhow-nei-how, da-se-nei!!!” Amy looked angry standing in the doorway with an icepack on her head.
“And now there’s something I… Oh no! Oh jee… zgsxcxxzrgcs… ARGH!!! Zzcxrgcxczx… ARGH!!!
“Fry? Is that you? What’s wrong?” The professor tried to tune in a better channel but there was a huge boom and then nothing but static.
“Oh my god, something must have happened to him. We gotta find out what!” Leela cried out.
“Yes, it sure was a stroke of luck that at the precise moment I turned on this TV/Radio Recevier/Transmitter, important information was revealed within ten seconds.”
“But what are we going to do? We don’t have a ship! Fry’s all alone!” Leela gesticulated with her abnormally large forearms and accidentally sent Amy flying down the stairs again. The professor interrupted her screams of pain before she drifted into unconsciousness.
“Not necessarily Leela! We may yet have the ability to save Fry!”
Leela gasped.
Bender gasped
Hermes gasped.
“What? What did I miss?” said Zoidberg hanging on to the window board.
“Zhow-nei-how, da-se-nei!!!”

Fry had eventually gotten out from behind the garbage cans and approached Morgan carefully.
“Eh… so Morgan… What have you been up to?” Morgan stared into his eyes.
“After your colleague Hermes Conrad told on me, I got demoted to grade 186 and posted here, on Calypso, servicing spaceships all day in and day out. There is nothing I hope for more than to see that blasted Jamaican dangling from the highest standard B Dash Two Four Seven yard-arm in Titan Docking Port for that.”
“Right right… So… do you like this job?” Morgan stared at him with anger until Fry slowly backed away.
When he got back from Calypso City, Sal walked up to him.
“Hey wiseguys, your ships is ready fors takeoffs. It works perfectlys.”
“Okay, thanks a lot, I’ll se you around.”
“Yeah yeah, damns wiseguys…” Sal walked away from the ship and Fry climbed up the stairs. He got in the cockpit and after waiting in line for five minutes he took off.
Little did he know that Morgan Proctor had removed the separator between the two fuel lines.
AJ Rimmer

« Reply #4 on: 10-20-2004 12:06 »

Ten minutes later Fry was halfway to Jupiter and on his was to his nineteenth can of Slurm today when he noticed something was off. He had been in the ship enough times for enough days to know the sound of the engines like the opening of a Slurm can. And something was off. He was walking down the corridor reaching from the port side of the cockpit, around the main storage area in the middle of the ship’s body. The sound of the engines sounded slightly stronger than usual. He got a can of Slurm from his fridge in his cabin and walked back to the front. The sound was even stronger now, much more than normal. He sat down for a minute but couldn’t relax. He had gotten so used to the ship and its rhythm that he was unable to be calm when something was so wrong. He decided to go up the starboard corridor instead. Armed with his half-full Slurm can he walked down the isle and was scared out of his hairdo. There was almost no sound, the very faint humming of the engine was overcome by the sound of the electronics in the walls. He ran back to the control seat and checked the readings, the starboard set of engines were operating at only 23% output! The port engines were at 100% but the fuel tank was ready to burst, it was under enormous pressure, filled to the top and sipping over.
The radio cracked to life as he tapped the controls on the dashboard;.
“Hello? This is an SOS distress call from the planetary express ship, Planet Express ship, there’s been an accident, something’s wrong, professor, Leela? Do anyone of you read me? Hello? I’m leaving Saturn and there’s something wrong, the fuel intake sounds like that time Bender stole Amy’s TV and tried to swallow it. And the engine sounds like Zoidberg trying to eat on of Amy’s parent’s buggalos whole!” Fry heard a distorted voice, sounded like Chinese.
“Amy? Amy is it you? Amy?! I think I came up with something, I better oh jeez! Dammit! Dammit!” Fry swore as the Slurm can sent its gooey liquid onto the controls, braking communications. He had no choice. He had to vent the fuel tanks or it could start a leak. He put on autopilot again and rushed back to the black matter control room. He slammed the emergency open door button and dived in. He slid his heels on the floor and landed on his ass.
“What the hell?” He sniffed the air.
“Ewww, it smells like… like… like…” He looked up but really didn’t need to see the leaking high-pressure pipe in the roof in order to finish his sentence.
“…Rocket fuel…” He got up and grabbed the valve to the pressure release. He frantically tried to turn it and after many groans it finally started turning, it didn’t help. The red warning lights kept on flashing and a high pitch scream was running in the hull. The floor was covered with sharp smelling black matter by-products.
Fry slipped several times on his way back through the port corridor as the whole floor was beginning to fill with fuel, the auxiliary tanks must have burst under the pressure of the main port tank, or they had also been redirected to just one tank. He threw himself into the seat and grabbed the emergency shutdown override.
“Unable to comply, shutdown override, overridden. Main fuel tank pressure is above maximum security limit, engine flow unstable, shutdown override may result in massive cascade system and hull integrity damage.”
Fry screamed in panic and started running in circles, looking for an emergency sign saying; “In time of deep deep doodoo, pull this cord and Leela will come and help you.” Accompanied by a cord as described on the sign.
After about a minute, he begun top realise there was no sign as such.. He started looking around the bridge instead and his eyes fell on a cabinet above the windows. He remembered what was in it. A space suit.

Five minutes later, Fry was pulling on the right leg and running down the starboard corridor with the helmet under his arm. He had taken a look into the port corridor but the roof had begun to give in to the wait of the leaking fuel.
He was heading for the engine room, he had made up his plan while getting dressed. He was going to make his way into the engine room and emergency eject the fuel tanks one by one. He’d start with the port auxiliary tank because it was closest. He screwed on his helmet and breathed in clean air. He broke through the door into the huge engine room. He looked around. The enormous pipelines ran from the four big fuel tanks next to two more sets of pipelines running to the fuel tanks. In the middle was the main reactor, converting the black matter from the afterburners into rocket fuel fed to the engines, delivering 200% output. Fry started jabbing the controls, he fed in his override code and accessed the console. He found the emergency section and pressed the eject sequence. There was a loud rumbling and a siren started wailing. Fry hurried out the room and dived out the closing bulkhead.
The siren suddenly stopped and the whole corridor shook. The tank had been ejected. One down, only one to go.
Fry was feeling pleased and successful as he got to his feet and started going for the stairs when the lights went out.
The ship rumbled and the sound of metal twisting was followed by a series of explosions.
When the red emergency lights flickered on Fry felt something tugging his leg. He was rotating and being dragged on the floor down the lower port corridor, he was gliding on the floor, slowly but increasing in speed all the time. The fuel in the pipelines had busted through the pipes and flooded the entire deck, most probably a spark from the failing electronics had set off a series of explosions and broke through the hull. Had Fry not ejected the tank, the pipelines automatic section sealing system wouldn’t have gone on-line and the explosion would have spread into the engine room.
Fry was a bit too busy to think about all of that now. He was just wondering why he was sliding on the floor towards a whining, roaring noise further down the corridor, and whether that noise was friendly or not. His instinct was sadly correct.
He started tumbling down the sloping corridor, the grav-pump was messed up. He tried to grab on to things but couldn’t grasp quickly enough, he kept on tumbling until he hit a support beam that had been convinced to quit the support part of its job by a rather heavy sets of persuasive detonations. He closed his arms around it and hold on for all that he was worth.
Fry couldn’t think of anything but to hold on. He felt the force still pulling on his feet, still increasing in power, his hands were slipping. He looked down beneath him, the cargo bay had been ripped open, a big gaping hole stared out into space, pieces of beams and hull fragments sticking out around it. He felt his gloved hands losing the grip.
There was a beam sticking out from an intact hull section, it had taken several hits from containers and debris and was still holding, it also had been deformed by the implosion, forming sort of a baseball glove shape at the end of it. If he could somehow get to it, he would be in a good position until all the air was sucked out of the ship or the Oxy generation unit packed in. It would be a perfect safety harness. The problem was, that it was only a few feet from the outer hull, and if he missed he was bound to float through space, helpless and doomed. But he was not gonna be able to hold much longer to this beam.
Beneath his feet was a gantry, if he could throw himself and latch onto it, he could move into the cargo area and aim for the beam. He moved his feet to the flooring and slowly shifted his hands and his weight. When he felt ready, he let go…
His feet catapulted back behind him and his face got slammed onto the gantry, he slid his fingers after him over the steel and finally got a hold. His whole body jolted back and hurt his arms. He looked back and saw that he was straight over the beam he was targeting. He had to take a chance. He let go of the gantry.
For almost three full seconds he was weightless, flying down towards empty space. And then his back hit the beam. His arms and legs got pulled under and over it. He was safe in the harness.
For a full five minutes he laid in the safe embrace of the twisted piece of metal. The hull had stopped shaking and the suction from behind him had almost ceased. He was starting to think about his way out of this and try to stabilize the ship again, when he heard a rumbling sound. It got louder and louder until finally a pipe burst out from a wall and spewed out hundreds of gallons of fuel. Fry didn’t even see the spark. The whole gantry lit up like the sun, and the cargo bay was a fire inferno in a matter of seconds. Fry screamed in panic as he felt a jolt, the gantry had collapsed and was heading for the hull next to him. As the whole steel construction broke threw the weakened hull structure, his beam came off the ship. It swung around and he grabbed the sides to remain inside his glove. It swung around again, rotating around itself, he kept holding on. It swung around a third time. Fry could see the Planet Express ship on fire, the whole belly cut open and the cockpit gaping like a dragon’s mouth spewing fire.
One more spin, Fry was caught off guard and slid over to the edge.
Before he could haul himself back in it spun around again, Fry grabbed the edges of the beam and held on, but another spin and he lost his grip. The final spin swung the beam around like a huge baseball bat and hit Fry straight in the face. He fell into unconsciousness and slowly drifted away from the burning wreckage of Planet Express ship.
AJ Rimmer

« Reply #5 on: 10-22-2004 09:26 »

The gang gathered around the professor, he was digging around in a box and throwing stuff out behind him.
“So what is it that we can reach Fry with? He may be running out of time!” Leela was shouting at him as he was seemingly not looking for anything useful, how could a way to rescue Fry be hidden in a box not large enough to carry all of Leela’s monocles?
“Ahhhh… here it is!” The professor picked up a small remote control.
“So what is it already?” Zoidberg was still hanging from the window.
“No time to explain! To the ship!” Amy shrugged as the icepack moved when she spoke.
“Uh professor, we don’t have the ship. Remember?”
“Uh-whaaat? Oh yes yes… yes of course I remember! Don’t be ridiculous, of course I remember that the ship is gone, don’t patronize me!”
“Alright alright, don’t get mad at me.” Amy put the pack on her head very gently again.
“Alright, we’ll take your hovercar then Amy!” This time Leela raised her hand.
“Uhm professor, Bender lost Amy’s hovercar on his city super robot bending stag party tour last week.”
The professor groaned and growled.
“Alright then, we’ll use the teleporting machine!”
“We don’t have a teleporting machine professor.”
“Fine. We’ll walk.”

Half an hour later the whole crew was standing outside an old hangar building on the other side of Downtown New New York.
“Ahhhh… here we are!” The professor climbed down from his walk-o-tron and stepped up to the door.
“So what’s inside already?”
“I’ll show you!” The professor pressed the remote and the huge sliding doors slid open.
Inside was the old Planet Express ship.
They all gasped.
“Professor? How did you get that? Last time I saw it, it was trapped in the honeycomb of the space bees!”
“I had it salvaged when you were in a coma, it would be more cost effective when you people died. I mean if you died!” The professor smiled at Leela and tossed her the keys.
They all got into the ship and started inspecting it. Leela was checking the controls and finally spoke.
“Well, there seems to be no difference from the other ship, but the smell of blood is a bit disturbing.”
“Really? I thought I got rid of all of it, maybe some of the brain substance is still stuck in the ventilation ducts.”
“Right… Maybe we should try taking off?”
“All right! But there is something I think I forgot… Oh well, I’m sure it’s nothing important.”
“Right. Reactor levels to 87%, fuel levels at maximum, braking lights on, horn online, navicomp making a noise, lights flashing, takeoff in 27 seconds.” Leela switched on the count-down to the forward monitor so the rest of them could see the numbers.
“Oh wait, now I remember, the ship was damaged in the accident and the circuitry in a few systems went hay-wire.”
“Meaning?” Amy’s question was interrupted by Leela calling out “20”
“Well, the ones I remember are the coffee machine got wired to the fuel vents, so the machine dispenses rocket fuel in plastic cups if you order coffee…”
“…the rear landing gears don’t go all the way up…”
“…the turn lights blink when the brake lights should…”
“…oh, and the thrusters were reversed!”
Leela shouted “blastoff” and the ship rose from the hanger and she steered ahead. The ship jolted backwards and all the crew fell forwards and landed on the floor, the Planet Express ship zoomed back and the engine housing slammed into an apartment building.
“Owww… I think I got a whiplash…” Bender scratched his ass and got up.
“Ohhh… I think I broke my claw…” Zoidberg held his claw and wallowed on the floor.
Leela got up and checked on the professor, he had been buckled in and was unharmed.
“Is everyone, slash everything alright?”
“Yes.” Bender had already lit another cigar.
“Yes.” Zoidberg was tending to his claw.
“Yes.” Hermes was rubbing his dreadlocks.
“Zhow-nei-how, da-se-nei!!!” Amy slowly crawled back up in her seat.
“Okay then. Let’s try this again then.”

Fry opened his eyes. Something in his pumbled brain signalled that all was okay, and another part of his brain told him not to trust that. After a few second he came to the conclusion that he must be somewhat alright, he was breathing, he could move and except the extreme headache he felt pretty okay.
But he couldn’t remember where he was. For a moment he was scared half to death that he might have amnesia. But if he could remember the word amnesia his brain must be in somewhat good shape. He decided to have a look around. He was laying on a metal platform, circular and about ten feet across. The platform was placed in a big, dark room, he could see some lights but the world was still a bit of a blur.
His space suit was gone. He breathed normally. His head wasn’t quite ready for this. With searing effort he managed to come to the conclusion that he was on a ship. Indeed the very faint humming and vibrations of an engine far off seemed to agree with that theory.
He slowly got to his feet. The airlock which he occupied was larger than most rooms he had seen on a spaceship so far, except on the Titanic. But then, this didn’t look much like a luxury cruiser. The walls were naked and exposed the wiring inside, the roof was filled with power cords, pipes and optic cables. Fry was just wondering how to exit this room, there was no windows, and no exits to be found. Yet there was some sort of outside access no doubt, for a voice suddenly echoed in the room.
“Welcome onboard. Don’t be frightened, we mean you no harm.” Fry spun around like a dog chasing its tail but found no source of the transmission.
“Who are you?”
“We are the Bionogs. We have lived for almost eight centuries. But come, all your questions will be answered.”
A bright light illuminated from a rectangular shape that appeared from nowhere in the furthest wall. He walked trough it.
He walked slowly down a long corridor that stretched for ever, on both sides were rows and rows of doors, and Fry shuddered as he walked down, for from behind each door came screams, screams of agony that sometimes seemed to climax in a horrifying agonizing scream of unbelievable pain. He jumped high as a loud voice roared in the hot air of the ship.
“Is this some kind of torture ship?” Fry expected the voice to still be there and wasn’t disappointed. It was deep and mighty, yet strangely comforting.
“Hahaha… no… You are onboard the ship BioNova 3. One of seven colonization ships sent out from earth in 2236 to colonize far off planets. We are Genetically Engineered LifeForms, sent out from the 23rd century. We are humans in origin but have been genetically altered to be faster, stronger, more virile and live longer. I myself was born onboard, I am 421 years old. Yet I am not even among the hundred most oldest of us.”
“So… you’re a whole ship full of century old mutants? What do you do all day?”
“We’ll get to that. After a century of travelling towards the stars, some of us began questioning our orders. In the year 2382 we turned around. On our journey we met many creatures and some of them came aboard to live with us. And they bred. That’s when it became apparent to us what our mission must be. Ever since then we have travelled the universe, collecting the strongest specimen of all species and crossbred them with others to create the ultimate creature.” Fry stood still. The screams of pain had changed in his mind to what they actually were. All around him the world was mixed in screams of sexual climaxes and orgasms. His mind switched to perverted mode and he listened to every word that now came from the voice. Yet his dirty fantasy came up with a question;
“How do you fund this?”
“When we find a new “sample”, we clone it to perform compatibility tests, attempt cross breeding with a number of species and go through a series of bug testing. The once that don’t cut it are sold on various free and black markets around the cosmos, one of our most popular models is the “Sal” beta prototype, which due to a bug in its brain, causing it to talk oddly costs very little. You may have met one if them.” On a small computer monitor the image of the service station guy with his red hat and sad physique appeared.
“Wow… so… why did you pick me up?” Fry inquired, awaiting the answer with growing excitement.
“We saved you out of compassion, we had no intention what so ever to let you breed with us.” Fry’s spirit and anticipations dropped.
“But… our scans have proved something interesting. For despite centuries upon centuries of learning how to improve our already impressive genetic makeup, we have enemies we cannot defeat. Such as the brain creatures.”
“The what now?” The voice sounded slightly frustrated.
“Never mind. The point is that you have special circumstances which have been encountered nowhere else in the galaxy. And because of this extreme advantage we have decided to let you breed with our females.” Fry opened his eyes widely and started jabbing the air.
“Wohoo! Yes yes yes yes!!! Wohoo! Alright!” Fry shouted in pure ecstasy and he saw a series of lights leading to a room which was completely quite unlike the other rooms in the corridor. The voice explained;
“In light of your exceptional remarkable genetic benefits, you have been chosen to have sex with our wildest, most attractive, most virile and most stimulating females.” Fry was almost ready to fly through the solid metal door of excitement, yet the logical parts of his brain was still managing to keep some check over him. He asked;
“How long until I have to leave?” The voice sounded surprised.
“We can’t allow you to leave, but don’t worry, for your clones will keep on living onboard this ship, constantly breeding long after you have died of exhaustion.”
Fry was about to object but his mind was drawn elsewhere as the door opened.
The creature inside had the biggest breasts Fry had ever seen, her big, strong thighs were sweaty and she was already rubbing her sides invitingly. She was completely naked, and yet she could without any problems have fitted in the most conservative of religious magazines, for her breasts and her genitals were as well as her face covered in the six inch thick rug of fur that covered all of her 10 ft 2 muscular body from head to the 1½ ft thick thighs down to the toes. She moved her lips and Fry could see waves in the fur in her face as the only sign that this giant muppet was talking. She said:
“Come here sexy.” Fry screamed and made a run for it but the creature grabbed him by the feet and dragged him inside under his shouts for help.
Benderfan 1230

Bending Unit
« Reply #6 on: 10-22-2004 20:15 »

Wow,this is a nice fic! Keep it up AJ! :)
Futurama Nerd

« Reply #7 on: 10-22-2004 20:55 »

Great fan-fic! Keep it going.
AJ Rimmer

« Reply #8 on: 10-23-2004 04:16 »

Thank you.
After this one I haven't written anything just yet so the next installment may take a while longer.

The Planet Express ship blasted through the stratosphere and climbed up towards the moon. Because of the decay of time, the already outdated Mark IV cross-planetary reactionary engines which under normal circumstances could only handle one 20th of the speed of the new Planet Express ship.
But in order to avoid accidents, Leela only kept the speed at 60%, and thus the trip to Jupiter took almost 3 hours.
The ship’s landing gear did not extend and the rear of the ship collapsed down to the platform with a loud crash.
Leela and Bender got out of the ship while the rest of the crew stayed inside to fix some bugs with the ship.
The Sal clone walked up to Leela and let out a long whistle.
“Yousas. You sures ares ones sexy ladys lady.” Leela looked at his big, flabby, hairy grey body.
“Uh-huh. Thankyou. We’re looking for…” She looked at him and asked; “Haven’t we met before?”
“No, nevers mets you. Or the robots.” Leela frowned.
“Alright, never mind, we’re looking for a friend of ours, his name is Fry. Have you seen him?” She showed him a photo of Fry.
“Yeah sures I’ve seen shims. I serviceds his ships.”
“Really? Which was did he go?”
“Uhmm… coordinates 52/C-Dt544.”
“Was there anything wrong with the ship?” Leela was getting excited.
“Nopes. Nots until that ladys got hers hands on its.”
“What? What lady?” Sal pointed across the landing hangar to a woman in a big pair of grey overalls facing away from them. At that moment she turned around. She stared at them and they slowly walked across the hangar towards each other.
“Morgan.” Leela gave Morgan a nod.
“Leela.” Morgan gave Leela a nod.
“Morgan.” Bender didn’t nod.
“Bending Unit Number 22.” Bender looked at her angrily.
“Hey only my mother and the NNYPD call me by my full name, and you’re neither meatbag!”
“Yes… now that we have exchanged regulatory greetings…” She produced a laser pistol. “…Where’s Hermes?” Her appearance immediately became threatening, a wild fire of hate in her eyes blasted at them.
Bender shouted loudly and hid behind Leela. Morgan raised the gun and aimed at Leela’s eye.
“Take me to him now!” Leela backed away a few steps with Bender matching her paces.
“What makes you think he’s even onboard?” Morgan laughed.
“Ha! “Spacecraft mission regulations subsection 12 article 9 paragraph B; The ship’s employer must at all time carry an officially trained bureaucrat on all rescue missions.” That’s why I cut the fuel line separators on Fry’s ship. Because I knew you would try to save him.” Leela stared at her.
“You did what?” She felt a rage build up inside her.
“What? How could you, you sadistic bi…” Morgan raised the gun again and Bender dived down behind Leela again.
“Take me to him! Now!” Leela growled and suddenly her foot travelled upwards, her big right boot hit the jaw of Morgan and she sailed backwards, the gun slid across the floor and Leela shouted at Bender to run!
They quickly ran past Sal who dived behind the same garbage cans as Fry had earlier when the laser volleys followed them. They rushed up the stairs and Bender sat in his chair while Leela blasted off the planet.
“That’s what I call a successful mission.” Bender lay back and lit a cigar.
“Bender! We have to find Fry!”
“Awww face it Leela, he’s as good as dead, now let’s just forget about him and get a new pet!”
“No! I don’t care how many times we have to housebreak him, we are going to find him!”
She stepped on the gas and hurried to the last know coordinates of The Planet Express ship.

“We’re not going to find him, he’s probably been kidnapped by aliens.” Bender sat on his chair drinking a martini with his feet on the dashboard. Leela was on here 7th cup of coffee, she had been driving for seventeen straight hours. She was exhausted but she wouldn’t give up. They had picked up on the antimatter radiation three hours ago and Leela had refused to give up.
“Shut up Bender, I know he’s somewhere out there, and I’m going to find him!”
“Why?” Leela didn’t answer. Somewhere out there in the darkness of space Fry was all alone. The odds said he was dead. But she knew in her heart that he was still alive.
It was almost 19 hours since they took off from the service station when the blip on the long range sensors woke Leela like a slap to the face. She changed course.
They all stood by the front window. No-one said a thing. The remains of the planet express ship drifted slowly by them. The cockpit was dark, cold and dead, the belly of the ship was ripped open like a gutted fish and the engine housing had been blasted open from the inside. Nobody of the other looked at Leela who just stared aimlessly into the darkness outside.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #9 on: 10-23-2004 08:23 »

Good fic!keep it coming
AJ Rimmer

« Reply #10 on: 11-06-2004 13:23 »

Leela didn’t even feel her hand grip around the handle of the airlock. The emergency lighting was on inside the ship, her eyes dotted down the dark corridor to her left, the lights were off and the wall had been blasted open.
She walked down the corridor onto the half-collapsed gantry in the cargo bay. There was no sign of Fry onboard. She had scanned the ship five times and walked around it twice as many times. She slowly walked to the very edge of the gantry and looked around. There were cables and debris drifting still in the air. She felt as if she was following in Fry’s last footsteps. She followed the wall from the twisted, burned pieces of metal up to the corridor leading to the engine room. Wait, what was that?
A piece of the hull had been damaged to reveal the framework underneath, and for some reason Leela’s attention was drawn to it. She climbed down the sloping gantry very carefully, climbing is actually harder in zero gravity than in normal gravity. She drifted over to the section of hull and examined it. A big piece of circuit board had been cut off from the control device for the cargo bay door, but the cut was perfect. A big rectangular cut around the slot for the board couldn’t make anyone believe that was caused by an explosion. When she checked the surrounding hull, she noticed that many different parts of electronics and on the outside entire pieces of titanium had been cut off from the external hull sections. She was inspecting the port tailfin when she bumped into something, she lost her hold of the hull and begun spinning around. She felt the panic spread and begun getting too dizzy to think straight when she slammed into something hard. She turned around and saw nothing. Nothing but space. She used the retros on her suit and immediately slammed into something hard again.
“What the hell is going on?” Leela stretched out her hand and felt a smooth, even surface, but she wasn’t touching anything, there was nothing in front of her. She grabbed a hold of whatever was on this smooth surface, sometimes she felt handles, sometimes just some sort of edge and sometimes she used her thrusters. She climbed on until she reached a big square sort of pit. She felt the edges and felt the texture suddenly change, smoother almost.
“What the hell are you doing?” Leela turned around, Bender was floating towards her from the airlock of the Planet Express Ship. He gasped as he saw Leela stand on nothing but space.
“Witchraft! Witchcraft! Bender tried to get away from her but he just caused himself to spin until he slammed into the invisible wall.
“Oh stop being such an automoron, and make yourself useful, help me find out what this is.”
“Alright alright, just let me switch to my heat vision.” Bender opened his chest and took out his heat vision visor.
“Whoa! That’s weird.” What is it? Leela had turned around, she had activated her magnetic boots so she could stand on the… whatever it was.
“It’s a spaceship!”
“It’s a small spaceship, you’re standing on the airlock actually.”

Leela opened the inner airlock door, Bender had bended the locks so they could get in. The ship was small, the cockpit was the same size as the Planet Express ship’s, and there two smaller rooms behind the cockpit.
“What is this?” Leela examined the controls and flicked a switch, the ship buzzed and the cloaking device was deactivated. The ship was scarcely  decorated, two chairs was all that indicated it had crew. There was a large stasis tank up against one wall.
“What kind of people would have a ship like this? With a cloaking device?”
“I dunno, insane killbots, space lizards, figments of my imagination made solid by some weird alien slimy blob? Who knows?” Bender was looking through all cavities on the ship for stuff to steal when he founds a console with a map on it.
“Hey look at this!” Leela looked over Bender’s shoulder.
“Look, this shows the ship’s last course, it looks like it left for the ship eleven hours ago. Maybe they know where Fry is!”
“Are you still talking about that guy?” Bender turned around and pointed over Leela’s shoulder.
“Maybe those guys know.” Leela spun around and faces two big, hairy creatures, about seven feet, both holding a small tube in their hands.
“Who are you?”
“We are the Bionogs, and you are…” The other hairpile produced a small scanner. It bleeped pathetically at Bender and Leela and the hairpile turned to the other one and said;
“Genome mutation, human in origin, classification standard anomaly, DNA of no interest or use. Standard Earth bending robot, chronological age: 4 years, physical age: 1004 years. RNA of no interest or use.”
“Thankyou Sub-DNA Collector Knoaa. Now, you must die.” Bender screamed loudly as the two hairpiles held up the little sticks that folded out into long cattle prods. Leela let them come closer and then she jumped up, grabbed a piece of ceiling beam and delivered three hard kicks at the one at the right then grabbed the prod with her feet and spun it around in the air, she grabbed it in midair when she landed and hit the other alien in the stomach.
“Bender 1 – Aliens 0” Bender lit up a cigar.
“Hey, I beat them up!”
“Yeah yeah, let’s go meatbag.” Leela followed Bender out the door and they hurried to the Planet Express Ship.

Starship Captain
« Reply #11 on: 11-06-2004 14:18 »

good fan fic, i like it
AJ Rimmer

« Reply #12 on: 11-06-2004 17:26 »

Fry was blinded as the mood lightning switched to normal lightning.
“Lunch time, I’ll be back in twenty sweetie.” The bionog threw him his clothes and lit up a cigarette and walked out the door. Fry lay quiet and shuddered for a while. It had been roughly nine hours since he had been pulled in to the reproductive chamber. He slowly put on his clothes and walked out into the cold, dripping corridor outside. He looked around and saw many other men of all species from around the universe. He followed the stream of people, no-one talked as they all walked sideways down the hallway. He passed several posters; “Get money in the hand- join our sperm banks now!” and many different porno movie posters. They reached a big empty hall with metal table benches and dispenser machines. Fry turned around as he felt someone tap his shoulder. It was a tall, purple four-armed alien, he recognised the species from the TV chef Elzar.
“You new here?” Fry looked around a bit worried but answered him.
“Yeah I am.” The man nodded.
“Follow me.” Fry followed the alien to a dispensing machine where he gave him a small food tray of brown, green and grey slobs. They sat down on a table.
“I’m Ilnar.” He reached one of his hands to Fry while he took a big bite of the green substance and took a drink with his third. Fry shook hands with him.
“I’m Fry.”
“Glad to meet you. You came in today?”
“Tough luck huh? Listen, the only way to survive here is to eat plenty of these.” Ilnar handed Fry a small jar of pills. Fry read off the label.
“Eager Beaver Viagra pills. Hey! Viagra is for old people and French guys!”
“Listen, they’ve worn out three of my clones with constant breeding, if you wanna survive, take two or three of these every day.” Fry looked at the small bottle and put it in his pocket. A loud PA system rang to action.
“Attention breeding specimens, male wing; Breeding will re-commence in two minutes, return to your reproductive chambers immediately! End of message!” Fry turned to Ilnar.
“Quick! What else can I do to make it outta here alive?” Ilnar pointed to a small dispensing machine across the room.
“That machine dispenses icecubes, try and steal a plastic bag and some duct tape somewhere within a week.” He reached into his pocket and fished out a small wooden stick. “Then bite onto this and think of something pretty.”
Fry stared at the small piece of wood as the crowd began moving back to the horrific horrors of constant sex. The PA system delt out messages;
“Thankyou to our proud sponsors; The Mercurian slaving corporation, Black Market Slaves Inc, Filthco, Filthy Filthy Chatroom Software Development and the Republican Party.”
say what now

Bending Unit
« Reply #13 on: 11-07-2004 19:13 »

Different. I like it.
AJ Rimmer

« Reply #14 on: 02-06-2005 08:44 »
« Last Edit on: 02-06-2005 08:44 »

I finally got back to work on this

The Planet Express Mk II thundered through space, populated by the professor, Bender, Leela, Amy and Zoidberg. Hermes had taken the PE-ship Mk I back home, driving it while protected by a spacesuit, as the entire ship was completely atmosphere-free. Leela had downloaded all map information into the ships database and then convinced the others to go after Fry. Granted, she did lock them all up in the laundry room and turned around without telling them. Then she threatened to kick their asses until they went along with her plan but overall, Leela didn’t care. She had searched her self over and over, but she couldn’t get Fry out of her head, him sitting there, in an alien ship, tortured in the most horrendous ways. She could almost hear his elongated cries of pain. She though of it over and over and she couldn’t stand it. She felt infected by him, couldn’t think of anything but him and to go get him. She had to, no she needed to rescue him, to see him, to be with him! She… she loved him!
She couldn’t deny it to herself any longer, she loved him, she was madly, deeply, desperately in love with Fry, oh how could she have lied to herself so all this time how could she have…
“Hey meatbag! Snap out of it!” Leela turned around and looked at Bender.
“What is it?” Bender pointed at the screen at Leela’s console, there was a blip closing to the centre of the screen.
“Something’s up ahead.” Leela looked at the blip, checked the sensors and read the scanner print-out.
“It’s big. Really big. Fifteen miles long. And it’s heading our way.”
“What is it?” Amy ducked through the doorway and looked at the screens dispensing useless information over Leela’s shoulder. The professor joined them and started monitoring his own screens.
“Looks like a transport vessel. Long-distance deep space exploration ship.” Leela read out aloud from the scanner. The professor nodded and continued.
“Hull configuration matches two known configurations; early 23rd century colonization ship, or the legendary prison ship of condemned 23rd century sitcom writers, the Crapcatraz. Reading a 98% probability that the ship matches the known markings of the Bionova fleet.” Leela swivelled around her chair and everybody in the cockpit looked in unison at the professor.
“You mean those really were bionogs?” Leela looked at the old man in disbelief.
“They’re just a space myth! Told by lonely space traffickers in old astro bars, and also freaks in central park to get you to pay them to leave you alone.” Amy said.
“I made a cool fifty bucks that day…” Zoidberg interrupted.
“Ohh don’t be so sure, many archaeologists believe the Bionova fleet really existed. Just like they used to think Michael Jackson didn’t really exist.” Leela slapped her forehead.
“I just assumed they said they were bionogs to scare us. This is incredible, I used to hear stories about the bionogs back the orphanarium, hearing about how they kidnapped people and tortured them for the rest of their lives…” He voice faded out.
“Oh my god! Fry!” She dashed to the steering wheel and hit the gas.
“Hang on honey, I’m coming to get you!” The planet express ship jolted forward and blasted through the cosmos, heading for the Bionova 3.

The door slid open and a ray of light penetrated the warm room, Fry grasped for air from the draft of wind that swept into the room from the corridor outside.
“I’m tired of getting the small jobs around here… Smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em ‘big boy’.”
The fifth or sixth bionog woman for today left the room. He’d lost count after the second. He’d been in this place for six or seven days now, he really couldn’t tell, it might as well have been eight. He was starting to feel like a boxing glove in a twenty round match in the Ultimate Robot Fighting League. He lay in the back of the room, dragging what was left of his clothes closer to him and ultimately easing them onto his bruised, broken body. These enormous, relentless creatures weighed at least three times as much as him and were always twice as big, two of his ribs felt broken and he had sprained his wrist on the first day, he had waited for it to heal and was now happy with the result. With growing eagerness he examined the small steel patch near the roof. It had seemed a bit bigger and a lot closer to the ground from horizontal position. He had pried open two corners yesterday, mainly using pieces of metal from change in his pocket, his zipper or his own teeth, he’d chipped one of them that way. There was always too little time, the guards walked through each cell at every brake and made sure no-one was left, he had between five to seven minutes before they would start going down the hallway. He crammed his fingers under the metal and used all the strength left in him. The metal bended and twisted mockingly slowly, but it moved none the less. His palm was cut by the sharp metal edges but he kept pulling it to one side until the left side gave up and the whole hatch gave in. He twisted it as far to the wall as he could. Fry stared into the long dark very cramped tunnel before him. He would fit, but only just. An overwhelming sense of claustrophobia came over him, taking him back to his childhood when he and his brother would be forced into hiding under the sewer well outside their house, because their father mistook the neighbour’s SUV for a Soviet tank. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. He froze as he suddenly heard voices outside in the hallway. Two guards were short-cutting through the corridor.
“Hey, d’you see that transport come in today? Pretty nice stuff…”
“Yeah, they got those new stun sticks too, man, I could really burn mark-tattoo these nut jobs so it sticks with those sticks!”
Fry held his breath when they passed his room and then decided to take action.
 He placed the metal patch on the ground and very carefully heaved himself up. His chest slammed against the wall and he had to muffle a scream as his ribs were even further abused. Slowly and clumsily he squeezed into the little air duct until he felt the edge of his foot slip against the edge of the vent.
He took a deep breath and then very slowly wriggled his way further and further in. After about two or three feet the vent got wider, and joined with other air ducts. He got more onto his legs and arms and started crawling through the vents, and passed the first right turn after maybe five minutes. He guessed correctly that he had reached the end of the corridor. It took a full further ten minutes when he started hearing raised voices somewhere beneath him, followed almost immediately by a very loud PA announcement that shook the walls of his escape route;
“Alert! Alert! Breeding specimen RD-169 has escaped! Emergency lockdown! All breeding specimen are to remain in their cells! Seal off deck 124, emergency response units to central ventilation maintenance area 1-D immediately!” Fry quickened his pace. If he was caught he didn’t dare think of what might happen.

Second Deck Sergeant Kanakungaaakaakongaka opened and closed his fingers around the stun stick, resting the index finger on the On-button. He was gunning for a promotion to First Deck Sergeant, and capturing this escapee would be just what he needed. So he stayed on his toes and prayed that the specimen would come his way. Being First Deck Sergeant meant added benefits, better hours, and working in He was about to ask for a sit rep from his subordinates for any sightings when he heard a rumbling noise, like the sound of the DNA chamber hitting a badly calibrated positron cannon. It came again, something hitting metal. He spun around, looking for the source. The sound returned, this time very close. His heightened sense of hearing didn’t let him down though, he looked up and smiled.
“Got ya now!” He switched on his stun stick and rammed it to the bottom of the vent.
Fry suddenly felt wave after wave of electricity flow through him, his body went into spasm and he lost control of his limbs. He felt the vent shake around him, the section he was in at the time came loose due to his kicking feet. Kanakungaaakaakongaka ducked away but even with his superior reflexes the piece of ventilation still hit him on the head, followed by a very dizzy and panicking Fry, falling full-speed on is back in the wake of the metal piping.

Fry slowly opened his eyes and the small corridor slid into focus. He felt around, something big, warm and fuzzy had broken his fall. He felt the warm fur under his fingers, it was nice and cosy. He did feel for a nap. He dug his hands as deep he could into the mattress and closed his eyes.
He woke up by the sound of people shouting. The radio on the big fur balls’ stomach was shouting jibberish. Fry tried turning it off but instead the radio started sounding louder and the guard was starting to move. As he opened his enormous furry eyelids Fry jammed his stun stick into his side. He gurgled, splattered and collapsed back to the floor. Fry got to his feet, confused, dizzy and with a growing headache, brought on by his lack of sleep, the electric shock that was sent through his body little more than ten minutes ago which was causing his hands to buzz and tickle whenever he moved them, and the constant stream of hard consonants streaming out of the radio. He limped down the corridor with the stun stick in his hand. After two left turns the sound of running boots made him reverse and take a right instead. But soon after he backtracked a set of voices was heard close by. He turned around, went round two or three corners and took another left. This time he got maybe ninety feet before more boots showed up. He was panicking, running scared. He sprinted down hallways, sliced corners, ducked behind doors and jumped down two sets of stairs, all the time with voices, boots or shouts chasing him.
He finally ducked into an open door and shut it behind him.
Sweaty, afraid and lonely he fell down, his back against the wall and tried to gather up his broken nerves. The stun stick lay on the floor beneath him.
“Attention specimen RD-169, you cannot escape, there is nowhere to run, surrender immediately and you will be transferred to a ten hours maximum sex schedule. Our breeding tracking crew ‘will’ find you. You will be placed in twenty-four seven binary confinement with breeding crewman Kakonataaaakikoo. AKA: “The groin-breaker”. Surrender now!”
Fry slowly got up, still out of breath. He stood on his feet and looked around. Not that he could see anything. With the stun stick in his hand he felt the wall for a light switch, after a while he found a small control panel. He carefully felt around until he found something that felt safe enough. He pulled the switch and the room lit up.
“BREEDING SPECIMEN DUPLICATE STORAGE UNITS OZ-RF”; Read a big sign in black letters on yellow background. The back wall ran out in twenty or so narrow corridors with big, bubble like chambers on both sides, all filled with creatures of different colours, genders, forms and dimensions. Fry stared down one of the corridors, down the mystic, calm blue light that rayed from each tube and the still atmosphere that was generated by the thousand or so aliens, all frozen in suspended animation, all unaware of their own captivity.
Fry picked a corridor and started exploring the Bionog Clone Prison.
AJ Rimmer

« Reply #15 on: 02-09-2005 14:46 »

Leela clenched her fingers around the controls in frustration.
"This is ridiculous, we've been chasing the bionogs for nine hours now. Where are they?!"
The professor shook his head.
"They seem to be bouncing their sensor echo off the planets as they pass them. Like a car chase, when the perpetrator bounces from sidewalk to sidewalk, running over children and midgets to escape the police..."
"So the signal we see is actually being bounced off of planets. Reflected by the solid ground?" Bender looked puzzled.
"Yes, exactly!" There was a brief pause in the conversation.
"Yeah, that makes sense... I guess..."
Leela checked her screen again. According to it, the bionog ship was parked right in the middle of the big, orange planet just to the port of them. It also claimed that the outside of the hull was at a pleasent 97 degrees, the wind was brisk and the grass green. Needless to say, the professor had a few more bugs to sort out.
How would they ever find Fry like this?
She felt so useless, so desperate to find Fry.
She kept tapping at the screen, trying to make some sense of it. She tried to recalibrate the sensors to compensate for the bionogs' sensor deflection, but the screen just started reading out loud about 17th century european kings. She then tried to jab the screen with her fists as hard as she could, to which the computer responded that she was on fire, and had died six minutes earlier.
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