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Author Topic: Uh oh, newbie fanfic!  (Read 27716 times)
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Bending Unit
« Reply #200 on: 11-11-2004 22:47 »
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Oh my gosh! JBERGES, that's fabulous. I mean it's just breathtakingly beautiful. I'm a music person myself, in a big way. (Have I ever said that?) I love the way you had the Futurama theme underlying those lovely vocal oohs and aahs! I guess it's my turn to tear up! Seriously, I'm listening while I finish up this next update. (Comin' tonight! Since Kloudes was such a sweetie!) Thanks JBERGES, really. I'm honoured you included it here for me. I gotta type!

Edit: Whoo! Baby's first top of the page dance! Dancy, dancy!
say what now

Bending Unit
« Reply #201 on: 11-11-2004 22:52 »

What? Me? Us? Divert the attention from Layla on her thread? Never, not I! I might be gifted with a no-update!

But I will once again compliment JBERGES. Nice job.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #202 on: 11-11-2004 23:23 »

Aw, say what now, I wasn't accusing you.  I simple didn't want to shower JBERGES with love in case Layla got mad.  But apparently she thinks I'm a sweetie!  *blush and grin*  And I brought forth an update for everyone!  Yay!

Bending Unit
« Reply #203 on: 11-11-2004 23:40 »

Okay, here it is, as promised. Boy do I feel spoiled, Christmas presents, (David X. Cohen's brain? Whoa baby!)music that moved me to tears, happy fun comments. Ah... life is good.

say what now: No fears! I believe in positive reinforcement, not punishment. Besides, I'm no thread hog. Share and share alike! I'm thrilled you like it so much. It keeps me writing!

Nerd o rama: What are you running for anyway? There's a newbie question for ya! Anyhoo, Thank you soooooo much for all the encouragement and advice. You're right about the tweaking and the breaks. I don't intend for them to stay like this at all. I just get tired and can't write anymore. I guess I just email the finished copy to them (TLZ)?
Maybe I should lie and tell you I'm ten years old...  ;) Nope, I'm in university and have had many a year of essay writing. Not much fanfic experience though, except a crazy cross-over fic (comedy)that I will never show to anyone who hasn't yet seen it. However, for you, and everyone else that's thinking about humour, I'm going to write a little humour ficlet about just how Bender got appointed Fry's legal guardian after this is all over.

Kloudes: Ah, you do crack me up. Stay on topic! Then you turn me into happy mush. Life is better when you are pudding. Unless you are eaten. Thanks for luring me out into the Off-topic forum. How incredibly sweet of you and Venus to think of little ol' me.

Ol'coot:That rant was rather condensed wasn't it. Definately needs cleaning up. Still, I'm glad you liked it! I'm surprised anyone liked the part when Amy enters the room. I was so tired. I can't even remember what I wrote!  :)

Gorky:Those darn volcanos, always popping up at the worst possible time. Thank you for all the praise. You amuse, inspire and turn me into muss all at the same time!

Venus: Picky, picky, picky. (beat) Na, I'm just kidding, you're alright! I can't believe I gave Leela two eyes. I am an idiot. Thank you.  :) I always like a little competition with my commentators. Makes life more exciting. It's great you mention the life's worth living line, cause I always get the feeling that life before Fry was pretty miserable for Leela. (And I wanted to make you happy after Leela complained for awhile.

JBERGES: Once again, thank you soo much for sharing. I sound like such a fangirl when I write like that. I'm glad you enjoyed the rant, and caught my silly, silly errors. I am such a twit. I cannot bring myself to regret overzealousness when it led to you posting that lovely music. Youre right. It does fit the story perfectly. I'm gonna go listen again.

becky: Aw... you're too kind. I love jerking tears. Oops! Did that sound vulgar? I'm really glad you liked the little hints of humour I stuck in there. And as for your comment about the Leela rant, see! I'm listening to you guys!

Dogdoo8: Heehee. I love all the crazy words you come up with when you're commenting. It's a lot of fun. Thanks for the support!

ooy: Thanks for coming out!  :)

(Incidentally, I'm astonished no one has called me on the agent yet. That number is no accident.)

Part 22:

   Greta, the evening receptionist, had only been working for twenty minutes when she was greeted by a very strange party. A robot leading two heavily cloaked figures approached her desk, after first using his cigar to burn a flimsy ‘Thank you for not smoking’ sign. She sighed, feeling a headache coming on.

   “Hey, listen up lady, I’m B. B. Rodriguez, and we’re here to see Fry, Philip J.” There weren’t many robots coming in to see patients at TacoBellevue and she wondered if he and his companions were lost. The shiny, attention-grabbing robot stood out plain as day in the dingy room, but of his companions she could not make out anything, save for the vaguest shadows of facial features, distorted under their hoods. Her training took over and she greeted them politely.

   “Hello, Mr. Rodriguez. Are you sure you’re in the right place? The Robot Hosptial is…”

   “Look, I’m sure I’m in the right place, toots? Fry’s a human. I have his papers around here somewhere. Hmm, let’s see.” Bender popped open his chest compartment with a loud, wrenching squeak that went straight to the nerves in Greta’s teeth. After watching for a minute in startled fascination as he causally rooted around inside himself, yanking out, among other things, a ski mask, a live puppy ‘for the homecoming party’ and a dentist’s drill ‘for the homecoming party,’ she interrupted him.

   “Stop, stop. It’s alright, I don’t need papers. I don’t even need your names. You said his name is Philip J. Fry?” She ran through the updated patient list. “Ah, here we go. Room 217.”

   Adopting a British accent out of the blue, Bender tipped forward in an elegant bow. “We thank you, madam.” Then he addressed the cloaked figures behind him, dropping the accent as quickly as he had employed it. “C’mon, freaks. Let’s go see the sickie.” Something was amiss. She decided to question the silent, mysterious figures.

   “Uh, wait  a minute!” Her suspicions were sharpened when one of the figures jumped a little and clutched the other. The trio turned to face her again. “I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to see your faces, for security purposes.”

   “Oh, dear.” A dismayed female voice drifted out from the cloak. Before they could say anything further, the robot intervened.

   “What?!” he bellowed, sounding as offended as any robot Greta had ever heard. “This is an outrage! Can’t I bring my poor decrepit parents in to see my beloved pet without having them interrogated and humiliated? It’s not their fault their cases are in the shop! And I supposed to let them expose themselves just to satisfy your sick curiosity?!”

   The poor receptionist flinched back from the outburst, trying to stammer apologies past a clumsy tongue. “I’m sorry-”

   “You should be! In the name of all that is UNIX, how could you do something like that to these kind-hearted, hard-working robots?” The figures gasped as Mr. Rodriguez latched on to one in a violent embrace. “Oh, mom. Don’t cry, because of this heartless bureaucrat. You know I love you no matter unserviceable you are!” As the robot sobbed loudly onto the shoulder of his “mother,” the “father” tried to pry him off unsuccessfully.

   “Let go of her… uh, son. You know you’re mother is… uh, fragile.” Greta felt the eyes of everyone in the room on her, and more were gathering, attracted by the noise. She had to get control of the situation before it became an incident.

   “Oh, I’m so sorry. I certainly didn’t mean to offend such a… charming family. Let me make this right.” The robot let go of the cloaked ‘fembot’ and turned to face her. She had caught his attention. The devious look he shot her made her suspect she was being played, but she was too exasperated to care. “Here, it’s a coupon for the gift shop; get your friend something nice.” He didn’t seem entirely convinced by her offering, but his ‘parents’ were pulling on him, eager to put it all behind them. After a beat, he relented.

   “Oh, all right. But I’m not putting out this cigar!” Greta didn’t even try to protest. Let someone else deal with the crazy robot family. She waved them towards the elevator and watched as they left. Too bad, they didn’t take her throbbing headache with them.

   The two women kept their quiet vigil over the unconscious Fry. Leela was nearly as unmoving as he was. She didn’t fidget or shift her position, even though it looked rather uncomfortable to Amy’s eyes. It was unnerving, and made the Asian woman self-conscious about her own shifting. Amy had told the cyclops about her encounter with the blond doctor, but had not mentioned her slipup. At first, Leela was too upset, too shaky, but time had not improved matters.

   “Leela.” Amy had to break the silence.

   “What is it?” The emotionless question threw Amy and she had to search for her next words.   

   “Well, um, when I was talking to Dr. Ambrose, you know, when I found about the delta waves?”

   “Tell me, Amy.” Leela was looking at her now, wearily. Amy decided that after all this was over, they’d hit a spa. The purple-haired woman could definitely use a little TLC.

   “Ah, I sorta mentioned mutants and he kinda got all tense and sent me back to find you.” Amy cringed, waiting for the outburst. The cyclops did not disappoint.

   “What?” Leela hissed, staring at the woman, her eye wide with alarm. “Amy, why didn’t you tell me right away? This is serious.”

   Abashed, Amy ducked her head. “I am sorry, Leela, really; I am.” The cyclops could not doubt the young Asian’s sincerity and some of her anger left her. “I didn’t mean to, but when he told me about what’s going on inside Fry’s head, it just sorta slipped out.” Amy watched her friend warily, apology shinning in her eyes. She coud use a trip to a spa too, when Fry woke up and everything was back to abnormal.

   Leela relented,   “It’s alright. I know it was an accident.” Amy smiled weakly, glad of the respite. “He reacted pretty strongly, though. I wonder what that means, and what he’s thinking about now.” The cyclops closed her eye for a second, thinking. She never let go of Fry’s hand. “Amy, why don’t you get us some sandwiches? Keep your ears open for any sign of trouble, people watching you, or the room, that sort of thing.” Leela met her eyes, and Amy felt she was being scrutinized from the inside out.

   “Yes, captain.” She left quickly, unable to face the worry in Leela’s tired face.

   Hearts pounding, where applicable, from their near miss, the trio found their way to Fry’s room. Munda tapped lightly on the closed door in polite warning just before Bender barged in causing Leela and Amy to leap to their feet. The robot lost momentum when he spotted his buddy, however. And moved off to the side, staring at Fry silently.

   “Oh, it’s you guys.” Amy relaxed and sat down again. Leela was not so restrained, darting forward to capture her parents in a tight embrace. She spoke softly however, not wanting to draw attention from the hospital staff. It was bad enough that Amy’s mistake had caught the attention of that doctor. When Amy returned after her brief mission to find food, she reported seeing staff members whispering, and watching her closely. The hairs were raised on the back of Leela’s neck, and most of the time, the one-eyed captain’s sense of danger was acute and accurate. Something to be trusted. Right now, that instinct was screaming about their vulnerability.

Hermes had called them, filling them in on the conversation with Nixon. Although she was loathe to admit it, the Professor’s quick thinking could end up being the key to protecting her people. Leela had been absolutely floored to discover Fry could not be brainwashed. If anything, he seemed more susceptible to suggestion then most people. However, even if he could be swayed with words, he apparently could not be swayed by artificial means. By using his test results as a ruse, perhaps they really could convince Nixon to give up the effort to enslave the mutants. Fry didn’t know it, but his impulsive actions to protect Leela may have saved all the denizens of the New New York sewer systems.

   Still, the woman had her doubts. She could not argue the worthiness of the attempt to deceive Nixon, but her conscience pricked at her. This plan was exposing Fry to great risk at a time where he was terribly vulnerable. Worse still, they could not even get his approval before placing his life, in jeopardy. Even if he escaped Nixon’s clutches, there was a chance the delivery boy would get labeled as a mutant, and that would change his way of life forever. The odds of the doctor’s conversation getting back to the President were slim, but Leela could not stop from wishing she had never sent Amy on the little fact finding mission. It hadn’t told them anything the Professor had not been able to discover, and maybe there would be dire consequences for the helpless man lying limp in the hospital bed.

   Leela relaxed into her parent’s hug, comforted in spite of everything. When she pulled back her mother stroked her long hair, peering at her in concern.

   “Oh sweetie, we’re so glad you’re alright!” Leela fought back a childlike whimper; she was fine, it was Fry-

   “And so sorry about your friend.” Morris added quietly, looking over the redhead, his head bowed with a respect that would have surprised and honoured Fry.

   Munda shook her head sadly, before pulling a small bag from under the folds of her cloak. “He seems like such a nice boy. The robot said he did it to himself?” Leela nodded shakily as she reclaimed her place by Fry’s bed.

   “Yeah, mom. He knew I was scared, so he took my place. I should have known he’d do something like this. He’s always rushing into things without thinking.” Amy smiled sadly, that was Fry.

   Munda pulled out a few baked goods and set them on an end table when no one accepted them right away. “He didn’t do this without thinking, honey. We think he had already made up his mind by the time you left us that evening. He said he was going to take care of you.” Leela squeezed Fry’s hand tightly, remembering that night.

   Her father laid a gentle hand on her shoulder. “This isn’t your fault. It’s mine. I should have been the one to do it. Now that poor kid is hurt.” He reached down and gave Fry a gentle punch in the shoulder. “You’re a good one,” he whispered.

   “No, dad, it isn’t your fault. Don’t think it’s your fault.” Leela twisted around to catch Morris’ hand in her free hand, unwilling to let go of Fry, lest he slip away from her altogether.

   “She’s right, Morris.” Munda pulled out several scarfs. One, she draped around her daughter, the other went around Fry’s shoulders with a final small silk scarf tied around his wrist. “He’ll know we’re thinking of him now, lovey.” Leela smiled tearfully at her mother, touched, before addressing Morris.

   “Think of it this way, dad: if you had done it instead of Fry, we wouldn’t have had a chance at stopping Nixon in his tracks. Now we do.” She looked down at his peaceful face. “We owe him so much.” Morris nodded sadly, giving Leela’s fingers a loving squeeze.

   Meanwhile, in the exact center of the universe, an urgent meeting was being held.

“You have all heard the tale we received from Lord Nibbler of the Mighty One’s illness. Now our course of action must be decided.” The robed creature spoke with a stentorian voice that belayed his small size.

   Another Nibblonian spoke up. “Surely, this will pass. The human called Farnsworth has discovered the delta waves invading Fry’s special mind. Let them develop a solution. We have interfered too much in the course of events already.”

   “No, no. We must act to protect the Mighty One; he is the last hope of the universe. The humans are far too primitive to stop the disastrous effects of delta waves on a brain that cannot produce them.’ The lone female member of the council was highly respected for her wisdom.

   “Yes, she is right.” The first speaker affirmed. “Their so-called “scientist” has not yet realized how the delta waves imposed on him are interfering with the fragile balance of other brainwaves that keep Fry functioning. If it is not stopped, the Mighty One will succumb to them and perish.” A chorus of alarmed babbling broke out at this proclamation.

   The female Nibblonian again spoke, calming the members. “We must not let that happen, but rather than risk exposing our existence to the Earthicans, we should give them the means to rescue him. Lord Nibbler believes She Who Provides Hams has the strength to save the Mighty One from the effects of the mind control device. If we provide information and simple instructions to the one who is called Professor, he will be able to provide the means for the Other to fulfill her role as defender.”

   After a moment of silent thought, the dissenting member spoke. “Very well. It will be as you say, but we will do no more that that. Until the time comes, we must preserve their ignorance.”

   The council members having reached an agreement, they adjourned their meeting to put the plan into action. One hour later, Nibbler received the information intended for the Professor. He delivered it to the lab, slipping it under an MRI of the Frybrain while Farnsworth dozed in his hover-armchair. When he was far enough away to speak without risk of waking the old man, he gravely whispered, “Godspeed, Leela, Provider of Many Hams, Godspeed.”         

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #204 on: 11-12-2004 00:13 »

Leela twisted around to catch Morris’ hand in her free hand, unwilling to let go of Fry, lest he slip away from her altogether.
You're tearing me up inside.  I'm definitely in a shippy, sappy, teary mood tonight.

Succumb and perish?  That sounds ominous...

"Provider of Many Hams"... You rock.

Urban Legend
« Reply #205 on: 11-12-2004 00:53 »
« Last Edit on: 11-12-2004 00:53 »

I don't have time to point out individually all the wonderful things about this chapter, because I have to go campaign for Corrupt Despot

Anyway, wonderful part, one of your strongest yet (the Nibblonians are adorable even when you can't see them!)

Also, where do you go to school?  Not that I encourage giving out private info over the internet, I'm just curious.

Space Pope
« Reply #206 on: 11-12-2004 01:25 »

Shameful, Ricky. Whoring your party on a fanfic thread?

Urban Legend
« Reply #207 on: 11-12-2004 01:31 »
« Last Edit on: 11-12-2004 01:31 »

[EDITed to avoid ruining the flameless mojo of this thread.]  And she asked me nicely.

Urban Legend
« Reply #208 on: 11-12-2004 13:17 »
« Last Edit on: 11-12-2004 13:17 »

Glad you liked the music, I have several other Futurama tunes made; whenever I manage to update my story I'll post them all.

I may give up on those "right word right situation" compliments, simply because to pick one or two isolated incidents would undercut the rest.  Frankly, perfect phraseology has become the norm for you.

Ah, heck, one more:
Hearts pounding, where applicable, from their near miss
Love it.   
Worse still, they could not even get his approval before placing his life, in jeopardy.
No need for that second comma, and that's all I've got.  Maybe Venus will find something else.

Can’t wait for the next part. Godspeed, Provider of Many Chapters.  Godspeed.

Bending Unit
« Reply #209 on: 11-12-2004 14:50 »

It shouldn't have been a surprise I guess but knowing that Fry is in real danger adds extra dramatic weight!

And your still being a tease!

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #210 on: 11-12-2004 15:44 »

Gorky:Those darn volcanos, always popping up at the worst possible time. Thank you for all the praise. You amuse, inspire and turn me into muss all at the same time!

Oh, c'mon now. Me, inspire you? Ah well, as long as I don't have to be some kind of role model or anything, I'm cool with that (that's my own weird way of saying, "That is so sweet of you to say!" )

Anyway, one of your best parts yet! I dig the whole Nibblonian thing (and that has inspired me to finally try to complete my movie script...a new part coming up soon, just for you and Nerd-o-rama), and I must say that this...

Lord Nibbler believes She Who Provides Hams has the strength to save the Mighty One from the effects of the mind control device.

...made me laugh hysterically. As I always say, mostly because I'm too lazy to think of anything else to add, keep up the amazing work.

Oh yeah, and, JBERGES, awesome work on the song. 

say what now

Bending Unit
« Reply #211 on: 11-12-2004 22:48 »
« Last Edit on: 11-12-2004 22:48 »

Oh, I've been waiting all day to review this! I started it in the morning before school, then finished it during play rehearsals... but since we were running the show I didn't want to risk missing my cue because I knew I might get elaborate while gushing my love for your story.

And to Kloudes- no prob, buddy. I kid, I kid   ;).

Anyway, to the main point! I loved it. Bender being quick and snappy with his witty jokes... hilarious. I LOVED the excuse he used- the cases bit? That was INGENIOUS. Really. I loved it. And I so wanna be a provider of many hams.

So, all in all, it was a touchingly heartrendingly perfectly shippy installment, with a perfect dash of funny, and a spice of intelligent plot-building. It all measured out really nicely into a chapter I really love. Keep it comin', (wo)man, keep it comin'.

Bending Unit
« Reply #212 on: 11-13-2004 05:24 »

I loved the part where Bender and Leela’s parents sneak into the hospital. It was so funny, Benders british accent and the way he pretended that they were his parents  :laff:
You're amazing as always, Layla!

Bending Unit
« Reply #213 on: 11-13-2004 20:18 »

Okay, well, here's the next big chunk. I seem to be wrting longer sections now that the plot is moving a bit faster. I guess I should warn you that I got teared up a little writing this. That's probably a really bad sign, so feel free to make fun of me. (Does that make me stuck up? I hope not.)

If you thought my last few parts had teasy endings, then maybe you shouldn't read this part till the next one's up. I'm gonna get the next part up ASAP, because you'll probably lynch me if I don't.

Becky: Thanks a million! A lot of the jokey scenes like that one are written fairly impulsively, where the plot is more or less planned out. I.E. I knew I had to have Bender sneak them in, but I didn't know just how he was going to do it. (That was probably boring, sorry.  :sleep:

say what now: Shall I dub thee with the title to use at your will? How's the play going? Acting is lots of fun. I'm so glad you liked Bender's quick thinking. I figured he ought to be good at that, you know being Bender. Less humour in this bit I'm afraid. Darn plot always gets in the way.

Gorky: I read your update.Whoo! You rock! I'm glad you liked the Nibblonians. I really enjoyed writing this time around. Now that I've got this down, I can go fix up Nibbler's earlier bit.  I love coming up with fun titles like the ham line, cause it's fun. This message brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department. Maybe I should switch to script format so you can be even more of a role model...

Ol' coot: Beware the ending of this chapter! And remember, if you lynch me, I can't finish the story. Fry was always going to be in life threatening danger, I just wanted to delay that announcement, for pacing reasons I guess.

JBERGES: Update!!! I'll,  I'll give you... uh... what do you want? (I already gave you a block and chisel in the Christmas thread)
You continue to amaze with your ability to pick out my thinking lines, which are also the ones I sit back and wonder if they work. Thanks!
Heehee, thanks for the title by the way. It's lovely.

Nerd-o-rama: whoops! Didn't mean to cause trouble! Good luck on your campaigning.Hmm... should I tell you my school? Eh, why not? If I die, I die.  :)
I'm at Mount Saint Vincent University.

Kloudes: Yay! You've come back to the shippy fold. It's lovely here isn't it? ;) I got you a present too in the Christmas thread, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was. Succumb and perish was meant to sound ominous, I can't have you wonderful readers getting bored now can I. Glad you liked the ham line. Ham is funny. Like Egyptians.   

M0le:  :eek:Ahh! Stranger, run away!  ;)

Part 23:

    By necessity, the Turanga family visit was short. It was Leela herself who asked them to leave, all too aware of the risk they were taking and perpetually fretting about the doctor, and Nixon. Somewhere inside of her, under all the helplessness and despair, a fire was burning, preparing her for a fight. She almost hoped for something to happen. It would be such a release to get a little payback for Fry. Leela stared up at her parents, establishing their warmth in her heart while she could still touch them. The parting was sorrowful, but Munda spoke positively, a glimmer of real hope in her eye.

   “Don’t you worry, honey. He’s a fighter; your father and I can tell.” Morris nodded firmly, backing her up. “Besides, I’ve seen the way he looks at you, all he needs to do is remember that he’s got people worth fighting for, and a reason for living.” Leela smiled, but her mother’s words cut an unintentional wound. The cyclops almost wished that she did feel more than friendship for the endearing redhead.

What was it about him? How did this fish out of water manage to capture the hearts of so many? He’d even managed to form a true friendship with a robot. Had anyone ever managed such a thing before? Leela knew Bender was artificial, head to toe and parts betwixt, but when she looked at the robot mournfully rifling through Fry’s effects, she saw something real. How had Fry done it? How had he made Pinocchio into a real, gambling, alcoholic, violent, morally defunct boy?

   First Munda, then Morris embraced their daughter. “Now, if you need us, we won’t be far off. Come see us anytime, day or night.”

   “Thanks dad, you’ve both been so great. I’ll tell you if, when he wakes up.” Leela smiled as bravely as she could, trying to think positively.

Amy spoke up. “Leela, why don’t you just call them on my video phone so you won’t have to leave him?”

   “Because ever since Nixon got elected you can’t make a phone call in a public building without it being tapped or traced and I don’t that maniac finding them. I wouldn’t call them from anywhere but the office since the Professor’s doomsday devices cause enough interference to prevent anyone from eavesdropping.”

   Amy smiled and tapped Bender lightly. “Yeah, wasn’t it you, Bender, who figured that out?”

   Bender extended his legs an extra few inches to appear taller, and thus more dignified. “Well, that’s the sort of thing a hot metal stud like yours truly comes up with.” Suddenly he got defensive. “And none of you better steal my idea! I own it!”

   Leela shushed him, “Bender, please! You’re gonna get us thrown out. Visiting hours are over for most patients.” Her voice dropped menacingly, “and if you get me dragged away from Fry at a time like this, you better believe I’ll make you regret it.”

   “Yeesh, you’re awfully hormonal today.” In no mood for arguing, Leela spun him to face Fry. Bender quieted immediately. “Aw, look at the poor little guy. All on his back, just like a poor helpless turtle.” He whimpered pathetically and Leela turned her attention back to her parents.

   “Thanks for coming. I’m sure he’d appreciate your concern.” Munda sighed, taking a last look at Fry, pale and unmoving under the thin hospital sheets.

   “Of course we’re concerned. How could we not be concerned for someone who would do something like this for our little girl?” Leela could not say anything to that, a sudden lump wedging in her throat, so she hugged her mother again and bid  both of them farewell. 

   The couple left quietly, Bender leading them “solicitously” in order to keep up the charade of his rust-bucket parents. Leela was dizzy with fatigue; in minutes Amy dropped off. After resisting sleep for a few more hours, Leela nestled her head beside Fry’s and fell asleep, fingers still tenderly entwined in her dear friend’s hand.

   Hermes was finishing up his end of the day incident reports and preparing to head home when Bender strode in. For reasons the Jamaican didn’t want to know, he was sporting a neck brace. He was also whistling nonchalantly in that familiar manner that generally meant the robot was just before or after criminal activity. It was a wonder Bender ever stopped whistling. Hermes decided to question Bender, just in case.

   “Bender, mon. What are you doing back here anyway? You’re supposed to be at the hospital with Fry. When I called her earlier Leela said you were getting her genetically inferior parents out from the sewers.”

   For a beat, the robot stared at him, shocked, then he pulled himself together. “Hey, it’s not like that human garbage factory means anything to me.” Hermes blinked at him, surprised at the answer, but the bending unit continued, “Nah, I’m just kidding; I’m really worried about the kid.” He chuckled brightly.

Hermes stared at the robot suspiciously for a beat, then shrugged it off. Bender was stranger than a green robo-snake driving a sugarcane truck at the best of times. Hermes winced as the robot slapped on the back in a comradely manner.

“So, my memory banks seem to be experiencing retrieval errors, where do we Planet Express employees keep all the really important records, you know tax forms, personal histories, that sort of thing.”

   Hermes folded his arms across his chest and eyed the deliquent pile of scrap metal. “Why do you want to know?” Bender looked alarmed, then narrowed his eyes in a calculating expression.

   “Oh, I’m sorry.” It was the most facetious apology the bureaucrat had ever heard. Coming from the bending unit, it was probably genuine. “I was under the impression that our records were well-kept and neatly filed in the one and only system approved by the Central Bureaucracy, but you know, I’m just a crazy robot!” His pride stung, Hermes took the bait.

   “Hey, I know where everything in this place is, down to every bit of your ill-gotten booty, so don’t you forget it.” For some strange reason, Bender seemed intrigued by this.

   “Oh really? Maybe you could tell me-” Seeing the wary look in the Jamaican’s eyes, Bender caught himself. “Uh, never mind. Keep away from my legally acquired goods! So, the records?”

   “The personnel files, along with almost everything else, are in my office. The Professor has Fry’s medical records and the MMCD readout in his lab.” When Bender positively chirped, “Excellent! It’s all falling into place,” before laughing wickedly, Hermes let go the last of his doubts and let Bender get on his way. Whatever the robot was up to, it probably had nothing to do with Planet Express. He knew they had nothing. Besides, if Hermes didn’t get a move on, he’d be late for closing and his superiors could bust him down a rank for that when he dutifully reported it.

   It was early in the morning when Leela woke up with a jolt. She had slept through the night. Her gasp woke Amy, who looked around in sleepy confusion. Leela watched as she spotted Fry, and saw the sad remembrance come into her almond-shaped eyes. “Fry? Please, it’s morning. Talk to me.” She called to him softly. Amy scrubbed sleep out of her eyes. The nagging worry was taking its toll on her. The delivery boy was still unresponsive to Leela’s touch, but his soft, slow breaths were a reassurance to the weary woman, reminding her that there was still hope for a happy ending. What had woken her?    

“Leela.” Amy looked at her captain anxiously. A frenetic burst of quiet, but agitated voices carried through the door. Leela gestured for silence as she moved towards the noise. She recognized the voice of the duty nurse who had come in to check on Fry occasionally yesterday. Presumably, there had been a nurse on the night shift as well, but Leela had slept through the visits. She had been so tired. Grief had a way of sapping energy out of people, even the strongest people. Several male voices rose in argument with the nurse.

   “Let us through, ma’am. We have urgent business.”

   “I’m sorry sirs, but I can’t do that.” The female voice rose abruptly in pitch. “Doctor, what-?” Leela tried to stay calm.

   “Probably just someone upset over being jamming in that retch-inducing prison of a waiting room.” Leela complained, giving Amy a reassuring smile.

   “Step aside, Nellie. This is none of your concern.” But the Asian intern did not seem at all comforted. Amy stood, tense as a whip, worrying a plastic straw from last night’s supper with her fingers.

   “Leela, that’s him!” She whispered urgently, “That’s the doctor I was talking to, earlier, about Fry!” Leela could no longer deny her fears, buoyed by Amy’s alarm. The cyclops was not one to sit quietly and wait for trouble to come barging in at her. She reached back to give Fry’s hand one last quick squeeze then quickly yanked open the door, causing everyone outside it to jump in surprise.

In addition to the unhappy nurse blocking the doorway, there was a blond man in a lab coat and two police officers. She recognized them as the cops that had given her, Fry and Bender so much trouble the day she had first met the redhead, illegally quit her job, and become a space captain. The day her life changed forever. The duo certainly got around.

   “What’s going on out here?” She demanded, “I have a very sick friend in there, and this is not helping.” The nurse turned to her, a mixture of confusion and concern in her eyes.

   “I’m sorry, ma’am. Dr. Ambrose tells me that these two officers have been sent to guard your friend,” She spoke the next words slowly, as if she could not quite believe them, “on suspicion of being a mutant.” Leela’s solitary eye threatened to pop out of her head while her stomach dropped out from under her.

   “Mutant?” Consternation assaulted her like the delta waves assaulting Fry.

   The human cop spoke up, eyeing her critically. “Yeah, that’s right. We’ve got orders to watch this guy, Philip J. Fry, but if you ask me, you’re the one who looks like a mutant, alien-chick.” Leela was not amused, and communicated her displeasure with a fearsome glare that motivated the cop to take a step back.

   “Where do those orders come from? Fry’s no mutant, and I’ll go under a truth-scope to prove it!” While Leela was arguing with the police officers, the doctor departed, shooing onlookers back to their tasks. To the middle-aged nurse’s utter astonishment, he was clearly willing to let the police handle the agitated cyclops and her friends. Nellie stayed beside the purple-haired woman; she had been working at TacoBellevue a long time, and she wasn’t about to back down when a patient needed her.

   “That won’t make any difference, ma’am. We’re to keep guard over the prisoner until the President himself can send his own agents for the mutant.”

   “He’s not a mutant!” Leela stepped closer, getting in the officer’s face in a manner Bender would have approved of.

   “Suspected mutant!” The human yelled back, not giving any quarter to this particular foreigner. His partner pulled him back. URL was programmed to use his achingly resonant voice as a tool to calm people in such situations. It also came in handy for Karaoke night at the precinct.

   “That’s right, baby. And now, I’m afraid we’re going to have to ask you to leave. The guy’s to be isolated from all outside contact, and that includes you, and her.” Leela glanced back to see Amy looking pale and frightened behind her.

   That’s ridiculous!” The cyclops held the doorframe to keep from shaking. They wanted to take Fry away. “Why can’t we stay with our sick friend, even if you’re here?”

   “SOP, baby. Mutants must be kept separate from the population in order to prevent contamination and undue influence in their sewer-dwelling ways.” Leela was apoplectic, clenching her fists so hard her fingernails cut into her palms. 

   “They don’t choose to live down there!  You cretins force them!” Only thoughts of protecting Fry kept her from shoving the smug, pretentious-
“Besides, word is that the Prez has been lookin’ for some mutants to serve as examples in case they forget their place in society: the sewers.” Leela was beside herself. She wanted to scream, then take these so-called peace officers to town. Before she could put thought to action, Amy was suddenly gripping her arm with more strength than Leela would have given the diminutive woman credit for.

   The Asian spoke calmly, but a tremor ran through her voice. “We understand, officers, but couldn’t you make an exception in this case? Fry’s out cold. He’s no threat to anybody. Please?” Amy Wong’s soft plea might have softened the heart of the idiot human cop, Smitty, but had no chance on him with URL present.

   “Sorry, lady. Orders is orders. Now, amscray.”  Leela stared at them in silence as, tearfully, Amy began gathering up their things, pausing to plant a quick kiss on Fry’s cheek. He was mercifully oblivious to all the upheaval.

When she finished, she saw that the cyclops hadn’t moved. It was becoming clear to all concerned that she wasn’t going to move without a fight. But reason was slowly filtering down through the outrage and heartbreak. This was a hospital, and these jerks weren’t exactly New New York’s finest. There were a lot of people here: patients, doctors, nurses, orderlies. People of all ages, including children, were peering from doors and around corners, wondering at the altercation; someone could get hurt. Besides that, Leela knew that if she started something now, she’d probably end up in jail. She wouldn’t have cared all that much but if they hauled her off kicking and screaming then she wouldn’t be able to help Fry. And in the back of her mind, she considered what would happen if things didn’t go well for him. She didn’t want a desperate cry to be her last farewell to him. She didn’t want to say goodbye at all.

As every breathing creature in the room held it’s breath, Leela made her choice. It was the hardest thing she had done in a lifetime spent doing hard things. Tears streaming from her large round eye, she returned to the room and quietly placed her own kiss on Fry’s cheek. All too aware of the many, many eyes on her, she whispered in his ear, “I’m gonna be back soon, Fry. They won’t keep me away from you for long, I promise. Please don’t go anywhere.”

Smitty began pulling on her shoulder; she nearly decked him. Lucky for him, once they were out of the room he let go. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She kept repeating the broken words in quiet hysteria as a hiccupping Amy guided her out of the hospital. Gradually Leela became aware of the Asian’s own weeping apologies.

   “This is all my fault. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” But Leela could not think of her friend’s guilt right now. She glanced back, unable just to leave, only to see one of the cops enter the room, while the other took up his post by the door. Blind panic took her at last. She spun around, desperate to get back in, but Amy clung to her tightly, dragging her feet on the floor. The cyclops would have escaped her friend’s grasp if it weren’t for the nurse taking her other arm.

   “Calm down, calm down. It’s going to be okay.” Nellie tried to get Leela to look her in the eye. Amy hauled herself up on the hysterical woman’s arm and stuck her face into Leela’s. She could not look away.

   “Leela, please, this isn’t the time! We’ll get him back! We will, but later!” She got through.

   Leela let out an anguished wail as she realized she could not escape without resorting to violence. She didn’t want to hurt either of the women holding her. “No, no! Please! Let me stay with him! I don’t want to lose him forever! If I go now, I’ll never see him again. Please, don’t take him away, please!” Her voice dropped to a whisper as she collapsed to the linoleum floor, taking the women down with her, all the fight leaving her, she began to cry in earnest, barely aware of the people holding her tightly, babbling reassurances. “Don’t take him. Don’t take him.” Fry was gone, gone! And he might as well have been sucked into a quasar for all of her ability to get him back.

So, um, are you guys gonna put down the pitchforks soon?

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Originally posted by Layla50:
URL was programmed to use his achingly resonant voice as a tool to calm people in such situations. It also came in handy for Karaoke night at the precinct.
I love bolt-on jokes like that. Nicely done!
Originally posted by Layla50:
Her voice dropped to a whisper as she collapsed to the linoleum floor
Awwww, thats so sad  :cry:, the ending was perfectly written, it kinda came alive for me.

Urban Legend
« Reply #215 on: 11-13-2004 20:53 »

ooooohhh. First Joan of Arcadia and now this! Damnit universe stop making me cry! That update better come soon! Don't make me get my lynching kit!

There were a few errors but i gotta go to work soon so provided Bergey doesn't beat me to it i'll post them later.

and on a side note, i'm finally writing again, after like a month and a half of writers block.

Urban Legend
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Nah, don't worry about it.  M0le's just trying to undermine me 'cause I'm in contention in that contest and he isn't.
As for your school, I have no idea where that is.  Nonetheless, they obviously have some pretty kickass lit classes, or at least some of those classes had one kickass student.

As I've said before, I'm not a Futur-drama fan, and I don't think print conveys the same emotion that Katey Segal's voice would (the way she does "freaking out Leela" pretty much made The Sting for me.)  Nonetheless, the last third is nonetheless a very effective emotional scene.  All I can say is it's good for everyone involved that Leela's not more impulsive...

Also, are you going to be putting in every recurring character from the series?  You're well on your way if you are.  I also think you could get more gag-mileage out of the neckbrace if you tried a bit.  Especially since "Bender" doesn't have a neck.  Or you coulkd leave it subtle, whatever.

To paraphrase Parker, "I love this fiction more than I hate Pearl Harbor.  I need an update like Ben Affleck needs acting school, and that's an awful lot girl.  Now, all I can think about is the plot, and that shitty movie too.  Well, babe, Pearl Harbor sucked...and you kick ass."  Yeah, if you thought that was bad, you should hear me try to sing the original version.

By the way, go see Team America if you haven't yet.  It'll help relieve the sadness from this fic.
say what now

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Brave-o! N-core!

Beautiful? Yes, yes, yes, yes. Please know that if crying came easy for me, I'd be bawling my eyes out. Unfortunately, it doesn't in cases of reading/watching movies (unless it's an animal- I don't know what it is about the animals, but I've cried hysterically each time I've seen My Dog Skip, and read Where the Red Fern Grows, and... shutting up...). Anyway. My heart is like... BAGGH BREAK!!

But you added in snippets of funny. Which I loved a lot. The karaoke thing for sure. The thing about the snake driving... the crazy simile Hermes was thinking of. Priceless, man. It so fits. And I think you played Smitty and URL so in character, which is really weird, especially when it's so serious a situation in relation to the plot... I mean, weird in a good way. They could still be funny and in character and it still all fits. I really like how you can do that. And oh, God, the Bender thing was SO CUTE. Look at him lying there like a turtle! And I really like how you showed his and Fry's relationship, I've always seen it as something like that too (though I'll be damned if I could ever articulate it as such).

Besides that... incredibly shippy in an incredibly beautiful fashion that I so loved. So sweet dudette, soooo sweet.

And in regards to the play- yes, it is going quite well   :D. First production is Thursday. Squeal of nervousness and such. I assume you are a fan of Shakespeare... it's a sort of vibe I get, mixed in with your use of the Hamlet monologue and stuff. We are doing A Midsummer Night's Dream.

But to jump back on topic... MOOOOOOORE!! I don't have a lynching kit, but... um. My brother is a cop. I'll sic him on you.

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Wow! Best. Chapter. Ever.
This is amazing. I don't know how to describe it, I loved it so much. Really. I have tears in my eyes now!

How had he made Pinocchio into a real, gambling, alcoholic, violent, morally defunct boy?
I still love those little jokes. This one was great, as well as the already mentioned karaoke-one.

Leela nestled her head beside Fry’s and fell asleep, fingers still tenderly entwined in her dear friend’s hand.
That was beautiful.

Your fic is really inspirational to me. My fingers are twitching and screaming "I want  to draw!". If it's OK with you, I'd love to illustrate something from your story, like the last quote above.

Anyway, bring on the great work, because I need more!

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Really? That's so overwhelming! Gee, I'd be honoured, go ahead, Becky. I don't really know what to say, I'm just flabbergasted by all this support. Thank you!

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Wow...that's all I can say.

Well, not really. Actually, I must commend you on how well you can play both emotion and humor. As I've said in other threads, my main beef with most prose fics (with the exception of this one and a few others) is how drop-dead serious they are (particularly most of the shipper fics out there--don't get me started). There are usually no opportunities for humor. But, your work is probably the one lone exception to this. Sure, it's dramatic (and a great drama comes really close to a hilarious comedy, in my book), but your word choices and the observations of a woman who seems to be a true fan (i.e., your URL observation, which Zmithy quoted) allow you to play comedy as well. Sure, it isn't the star of the fic (in this case, the characters and story are--and usually should be), but it keeps it from being too heavy.

Anyway, this part is just as great--maybe better--than the others...as I must be forced to say again...keep it up.

(Oh yeah, and thanks for being such a fan of my work...it means a lot coming from a fellow writer) (and a damn good one at that).

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 :love: Thank you, Layla, I'll get right on it! I won’t put too many details in it though, basically just the characters. That way I’ll hopefully not ruin people’s mental image of the scene.  ;)

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I agree; this is good stuff.

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Ol' coot: Beware the ending of this chapter! And remember, if you lynch me, I can't finish the story. Fry was always going to be in life threatening danger, I just wanted to delay that announcement, for pacing reasons I guess.

The pacing worked out very well indeed! BTW if you have something bad happen in the story you will need to worry about Venus and not me! <G>

 Great chapter Layla, you do a wonderful job of adding humor in the midst of the drama. It adds a wonderful element to the story overall. The scene with Smitty and URL are first class - I could almost feel what Leela was going through (unusual for me). Very well done!


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Ok, i finally went back through and picked out all of the errors i could find. You're main issue seems to be forgetting words.

for chap 22

And I supposed to let them expose themselves just to satisfy your sick curiosity?!”

should be 'And i'm supposed'

You know I love you no matter unserviceable you are!”  'no matter how unserviceable'

“Well, um, when I was talking to Dr. Ambrose, you know, when I found about the delta waves?”

'when i found out about'

chap 23

Because ever since Nixon got elected you can’t make a phone call in a public building without it being tapped or traced and I don’t that maniac finding them.  'and i don't want that maniac'

“Probably just someone upset over being jamming in that retch-inducing prison of a waiting room.” Leela complained, giving Amy a reassuring smile.  'jammed' not 'jamming'


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*Hits self over head for slacking off for over 3 or 4 chapters.*
My God that is the best I have read so far. You gotta love the shippiness.

JBERGS, that was a great song, I play it every day now, and it does go good with the fanfic.

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Okay, I'm having a hard time posting this update, maybe I can edit it on.

Erg!!!! Okay, fine. I'll just do it a paragraph at a time.

I'm back! And I come bearing a 3000 word gift. (I'm up to 56 pages, if anyone's curious.) I'm gonna have to double post this, forgive me moderators!

Lrrrr: Hi! Thanks for posting! I'm so glad you liked that chapter! Here's hoping you like the rest.  ;)

Venus: Re: my many, many errors. That's what I get for writing after midnight. Thanks for pointing them out! Joan of Arcadia got to me too! And I hardly ever watch it. You're writing again? WAAAAHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Ahem... sorry. Yay.

Ol'coot:I was referring to all the times you've called me a tease.  :) I'm really glad that you liked my take on Smitty and URL. Not a lot of people write them, so I wasn't quite sure how they would play. I'm glad hysterical Leela was sympathetic. I'm starting to worry the she's coming off bi-polar though, because she's back to Captain Leela in this part.


Urban Legend
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Fixit fixit fixit fixit fixit fixit fixit!


Fixit fixit fixit fixit fixit!
say what now

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Whatwhatwhat? Why?

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I don't know why! LAYLA SMASH!
Sorry. Where's Bender when you need someone to throw a beer bottle into your monitor.
THM: Thanks for the support!

Becky: Feel free to post it here if you want. I'm so curious to see what you come up with. I can't get over the fact that you want to draw something I wrote! :)

Gorky: Thanks once again for taking the time to keep me going!I'm working really hard on the humour, since so many people have said that it's really important to them. I don't imagine anyone would take on fanfic writing unless they were a true fan, but I was touched (in the geekiest way possible) by your comment. Futurama's funny, Futurama fanfics oughta be too, at least on some level. I love your stories. Keep writing!

ooy: Thanks! Your one word responses are so cute!

say what now: Heehee, you just reminded me of all the fun words Zapp messes up. Thank you so much for... nearly crying.  :) Now, if Seymour to wander in... I type my fingers to the bone working on those crazy similies. I don't want to copy them straight from the show, but I do want them to be in the same style. That's why humour is tricky! I love that you enjoyed the turtle line. I love Bender's attachment to turtles. It always makes me smile. I like to think that this shippy fic is not just about Fry and Leela, but about many of the show's relationships. I'm sure your play will rock. (Haughty attitude) Shakespeare, ah, yes. I'm familiar with his work.)  :)Break a leg! (And don't let your brother break mine!)

Nerd-o-rama: I don't know what to say. I'm completely blown away by your support (especially since this is such a dramatic fic.) Futur-drama: That's a great term! I completely agree with you about Katey Segal. She does so much during those emotional scenes. (The Sting, also Leela's Homeworld.) As far as recurring characters go, um... busted? That's not really my goal, but I figure since the writers went and created this whole universe for me to play with, I might as well use them. (There are at least three more coming eventually.)

I thought about mentioning something about a scheme to sue the hospital, but the whole no-neck thing is inspired. I'll probably steal your idea.  :)Your Parker quote both cracked me up and overwhelmed me. And I would love to hear you sing. ;)

Zmithy:Oh, yeah. Karaoke night baby.  :) I'm so glad you like the ending. I'm always afraid, and often guilty, of going overboard.


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Okay, I'll get a part of it up with this post. Sorry, it's not my fault! Clearly my computer is rebelling.

Edit: Wait, that posted fast! Maybe it's working now...

Part 24:

   When Bender returned to the hospital, he found Leela and Amy sitting on a curb, despondent. “What’re you doin’ out here? Don’t you have a slacker to babysit?” Leela looked up at him blearily but said nothing.

Amy answered him instead. “The police came and kicked us out. I guess-”Bender cut her off, seizing the dark-haired woman by the shoulders and giving her a quick shake.

   “What?! This is an outrage! That’s my human; they can’t keep us away from him!” He let go of Amy and headed for the door, intending to show the cops just what he thought of them. Amy leapt to her feet, grabbed his shiny, metal, arm and was dragged a couple of steps until the robot stopped. 

Turning to face her, he announced, “I’m going in there. We all know Fry needs a lot of looking after. Do you really think some doctor’s gonna know how many marshmallows he likes in his cocoa? No! Only I, his best friend, know that!” He sniffled pathetically, mood shifting. “It’s three.”

Leela gave him an annoyed glance, but it lacked any real heat. “Bender, the one time you talked Fry into drinking your ‘Grandmother’s choice’ old fashioned cocoa, he spent three days convinced he could fly.” She stood and rubbed her aching temples.

Bender smiled wistfully. “Heh heh, yeah. Wasn’t it cute?” His mood again shifted abruptly. “But there were three marshmallows!”  He peered down at the cyclops, eyes narrowing. “So, what’d you do anyway, One-Eye? I can’t leave you flesh piles alone for a second.” Amy waved wildly at him in warning, but he ignored her.
Leela kicked him in the face, knocking the robot to the ground with a loud, hollow clang. That was harder to ignore.

   “Hey! What was that for?” Bender writhed helplessly on the pavement but could not get up. “I’m not the one who got us kicked out, for once. You’re the one you oughta be kicking.” He glared up at her fiercely, expecting an argument, but instead, Leela offered him her hand.

   “Yeah, you’re right.” She hauled him to his feet with very little difficulty considering he was several times her weight. For once, Bender was silent as he considered the listless cyclops. Amy broke the silence, touching Leela’s bare arm gently. It was chilled.

   “We can’t stay here all night. Why don’t we go back to Planet Express…?” The purple-haired woman shook her head firmly as Amy allowed her words to trail off.

   “Because first I have to tell mom and dad what happened.”

   Bender rolled his eyes in exasperation. “Bender, go bring the mutants to the hospital. Bender, go take the mutants back to the sewers. Bender, we’re going to see the mutants again. You know, I do have better things to do then while away the precious nanoseconds in the sewers.” Amy poked him where a human’s ribs would be and he abandoned his ranting.

Leela wasn’t paying attention anyway, deep in thought. “What did happen, Amy? I mean, you mention mutants to the doctor, and he goes off and calls the police? How much sense does that make, really?” Leela folded her arms across her chest, confused. “Most people don’t care one way or another about mutants.” Amy blinked at the cyclops in mild surprise.

   “Spleaze, Leela.” She lightly admonished her friend. “You obviously haven’t been paying much attention lately to the Nixon Memorabilia Channel.”

   The cyclops stared in mild contempt at Amy, then replied in a saccharine voice, “Oh, dear me, no, I haven’t. Shame on me.” She rolled her eye and continued bitterly, “I guess I’ve seen too much of that sleazy head of state to want to carry him around with me on a keychain. Isn’t all that junk a little tacky?” It took all of her self control not to add, ‘even for you’. Amy shrugged, and then smiled sweetly.

   “Most of it, but there’s this adorable little green table lamp with DOOP on it that I wanted to get for Kif’s birthday.” The younger woman stared dreamily into space for a minute, thinking of her gentle-natured boyfriend.

   “Well, isn’t that cute.” Leela’s voice dripped sarcasm, but it went over the daydreaming intern’s head.

   “So cute!” Amy nodded enthusiastically before returning to the topic at hand. “Anyway, for the last month they’ve been running an anti-mutant ad campaign. I guess he was anticipating the MMCD and preparing the viewers to accept mutants as slaves.” Leela shuddered with revulsion over the politicking.

   “So the doctor called the police.”

   “Yep.” Amy said quietly, guilt written all over her delicate features. The cyclops missed it, still mentally sifting through the confrontation.

   “They said that Nixon was sending agents… and Nixon only knows what he’s going to do with Fry when he gets a hold of him. We have to get him out of there.” Determination gleamed from her eye; finally Leela had a clear course of action. It revived her. A quick glance at Amy told her that the Asian woman was behind her all the way, but Bender seemed less certain.

   “Are you suggesting some sort of break in, Leela? Or rather, a break out? Because as a moral being I have to say: It’s about time we had a little adventure! Wahoo! This has been a great week to be Bender!” Bender danced about in jubilation, and Leela could not help but envy his ability to banish fear and dread. Amy was undoubtedly as anxious as the P.E. captain, but she was hiding it well. Still, the cyclops had to fight down a smile at the robot’s antics as she and Amy headed down into the sewers to find her parents.

 Although he had shown no interest in their departure, Leela knew Bender would follow them shortly. He wouldn’t trust anyone else to bust Fry out from under the watchful eyes of the NNYPD.


   It wasn’t far to the cozy little camp the Turangas had set up in the sewers near to the hospital. Munda had wasted no time in making the vile nook livable. Under her direction, Morris had attached a fusion torch to what would pass for a ceiling, and now they were both occupied in stringing up curtains for shelter and privacy. You never knew who you would run into under the streets of New New York.

Needless to say, their daughter’s arrival, along with the robot and that sweet young Mars girl had surprised them. Munda had panicked for a moment, thinking that Fry had passed away. The intensity of the grief she felt shocked her; after all, she didn’t really know the young man, except to know that he was a nice young man. Leela’s hasty reassurances had segued into a troubling account of their ejection from the hospital.

   “Oh, Leela honey, that’s just terrible. Is there anything we can do?” Munda reached for her daughter, but let her tentacle drop helplessly to her side when she saw the fire in her baby’s beautiful eye. So like her father…

   “Things just go from bad to worse for you surface dwellers don’t they?” Morris shook his ruefully, not quite chuckling, but the absurdness of it all teased an unhappy smile to his lips. Munda planted her tentacles on her hips and scolded her husband.

   “Morris, behave yourself!” She forgave him when she saw the apology in his open face.

   Morris cringed at letting the strange amusement that stemmed from stress get away from him. “Well, I didn’t mean anything by it, love. Sweetie, you know that I’m behind you all the way, no matter what.” Leela smiled, reaching down to give her father’s hand a loving squeeze. Approval and pride welled up in Munda; their little girl was so perfect.

   “Thanks dad, thanks mom. I don’t want to put you in danger, but I’m going have to take you up on that offer of help. We can’t get Fry out of the hospital with nowhere to go. Nixon knows where Planet Express is so-” The mutants understood immediately.

   “So you’ll be bringing him down to the sewers with us.” Munda finished the thought before Leela could. Already she seemed to regret the request, looking back at her friends, anywhere but into her mother’s eye.

   “I hate to impose, and if they find us it could go very badly-” Munda gently silenced her by touching her daughter’s lips.

   “No, no, no. My mind is made up. You’re coming home, and your friends are always welcome.” Leela would have said more, warned them about Nixon, but Morris put a stop to any further discussion.

   “Don’t argue with your mother, honey.” Grateful tears sparkling in her eye, Leela hugged him, then reached over to draw her mother into the embrace.

   “Thank you so much, thank you.” She whispered roughly, and Munda felt sure it would be all right.


   When they returned to Planet Express to fill in the rest of the crew and tell the Professor they were going to have to move his most important equipment into the sewers, they found the place in an uproar. Hermes was racing around chasing Zoidberg with a shellfish mallet.

   “Come back here you prattling prawn, so you can get what’s coming to you.”

   “Put down the hitting thing and we’ll talk!” Zoidberg ducked a vicious swing with impressive agility.

   In addition to that life and death struggle, Farnsworth was yanking open drawers frantically, ranting insanely and pausing occasionally to shake a vengeful fist at the heavens. Nibbler was sprawled on the lab table staring with undisguised hostility at the chaos. Completely ignoring the rampage, Leela rushed past Farnsworth, narrowly missed being slammed into by Zoidberg, reached her beloved pet and scooped him up into a cuddle.

   “Oh, precious, I’ve missed you. Yes, I have, loveydoll.” Nibbler had discovered long ago that it was exceedingly difficult to maintain dignity when someone was blowing a raspberry on his tummy. Only intense personal discipline stopped him from yelling ‘Later, you twit, the Mighty One is in trouble!’

   Zoidberg ducked around her, trying to hide. “I didn’t do it! It was the robut! Help!” Hermes hovered in front of the cyclops, looking like a Jamaican avenging angel as he wielded the mallet threateningly. “Help, Leela, he’s going to mash me with that thing, he is!”

   “I have been looking forward to this for a long time, you spineless lobster! Hold still so I can promote you …to a sushi platter!”

   When the mallet swung dangerously close to Nibbler’s delicate stalk eye, he squealed in fright and burrowed into Leela’s arms for protection. The Provider of Many Hams was well trained. Leela turned a furious Look on Hermes.

   “Hey! Drop that thing, now!” He hesitated; Zoidberg was so close…


   “Now!” The cyclops was apparently determined to be an obstacle.

   “Oh, fine then.” Hermes let it fall, still glaring murderously at Zoidberg.

   “Hooray! My hero!” Leela shuddered as the Decapodian hugged her enthusiastically. The bureaucrat was not about to let him celebrate for long.

   He called over Leela’s shoulder, “Shut up, you dumb turnip. She’s gonna scallop you herself when she finds out you lost the files on Fry’s condition.” Nibbler growled low as Leela spun to face the poverty-stricken doctor.
“It wasn’t meeaaaaahh!” Zoidberg squealed as Leela sent him skidding across the floor on his back with a single, well-aimed kick. The Professor was still ranting; Zoidberg was gibbering nonsense; Hermes had thrust a form into her face and was trying to get her to sign in. What a mess. Nibbler was pressed against her so tightly that she couldn’t dislodge him and Bender was taking bets on who would fall first during the impending brouhaha. Amy had wisely turned him down; instead trying to calm the scientist, who was madder than usual at present.

   “For the love of Lrr, everyone shut up!” Leela’s stentorian bellow caused all the activity to stop, although the Professor kept going for an extra second. As relative quiet settled over the room, Leela let out the breath she had been holding and began absently stroking Nibbler. After a minute of thought, she decided she would get the clearest answer out of Hermes.

She nodded at him. “What happened?” He paused for a moment before answering; he needed to organize his thoughts.

   “The Professor was working on trying to find a way to wake up Fry, but he fell asleep after lunch.” Farnsworth took the accusatory statement with all the grace Leela had learned to expect from him.

   “Well, what do you expect? I’m old, blast your Jamaican hide to Hades!” Hermes took it in stride, waving dismissively at the Professor.

   “Yes, yes, we know. Anyway, Bender shows up here, looking for the personnel files.” Bender looked confused.

   “Uh…” The accountant took no more notice of Bender than he had the Professor.

   “I don’t know why. I guess maybe you wanted them, Leela.”

Leela was shaking her head, but did not interrupt. She wanted the whole story before she panicked. With a growing sense of concern, he continued. “Anyway, Bender comes and goes, no problem, but when the Professor here wakes up and gets back to work, he finds Zoidberg in there and all the files are gone.”

He took an angry step towards the lobster-like creature, but Leela gestured for him to continue. “Obviously, he was hungry and decided to eat the records. We need those records!” Suddenly, Hermes smiled, his voice taking on a cheerful tone. “So, in conclusion, I propose we lynch Zoidberg. All in favour?”

   Several hands and an angry fist shot into the air. Alarmed, the doctor rushed to his own defense. “Hey, hey, wait a minute. Honestly, you eat the personnel files once and you’re branded for life, why not?” He answered his own question, when no one else seemed particularly supportive. “Because it’s not right, that’s why not! Innocent I am, it’s true.” He backed away from the irate stares, before recounting his version of events.

   “So I’m looking around as I often do, to see if there’s a guinea pig for a snack, or an owl maybe, or if Amy’s been cutting her toenails again. But then, what is it I see in the Professor’s laboratory? It’s the robut, it is, with a thing around his neck like the patients wear after you’ve given them the physiotherapy.”

Hermes rubbed his neck unconsciously, remembering. “So I’m thinking it’s a strange thing to see, and I ask him what’s with the new fashion trend. But he doesn’t answer me, so I go off looking for a meal, because it’s Thursday you know, and I usually eat on Thursdays, I do.” He looked sadly around the room hoping to inspire sympathy, but to no avail.

He moaned softly, then muttered, “But suddenly Bender is gone, and his collar too, and Professor is angry with Zoidberg.” The doctor shot a poisonous look at Hermes. “And him! Hermes is chasing me with the hammer and there’s noise, and there’s chaos. But it wasn’t me!” At the end of his tale, the lobster began sobbing pitifully. Everyone ignored him as Leela resumed her questioning.

   “Bender, you weren’t back here today, were you?” The robot looked offended.

   “You know I wasn’t!” Leela nodded.

   “Yeah, I know.”  “She rubbed her still aching head. “I should have stayed in bed this morning.” She tipped her head up and announced, “My friends, we’ve been infiltrated. Nixon sent someone in and now he knows everything we know, including who the test mutant was. And thanks to Amy’s doctor friend, he knows where Fry is too.”

   “What do you mean by that?” Farnsworth jumped on her words. Amy looked away before remorsefully confessing.

   “It’s all my fault.” But Leela shook her head, looking sympathetically at the upset woman.

   “No, it’s not Amy. Nixon could have found Fry with those files he got from us anyway.” She turned back to address Farnsworth, Hermes, and to a lesser extent, Zoidberg. Nibbler shifted in her arms, listening intently.

“They kicked us out of the hospital. Fry’s been put under guard by the NNYPD on suspicion of being a mutant. Nixon’ll be notified through channels, but he’ll find out faster because of his little spy. The only question is how long is it going to take for his agents to get to Fry. We have to get him out of there before they do.”

She spoke the next words calmly, practically. She had already made her decision. “That means were going to need to break into the hospital.”     

   Abruptly, Nibbler wriggled free of her arms. “Nibbler?” He dove into a pile of records that had obviously been rumaged through and reappeared, gripping a folder tightly. Darting back to her, acting as cute, innocuous and playful as he, a Nibblonian, could possibly appear, Nibbler let his burden drop to the floor in front of the gathered Earthicans. Leela scooped it up, along with Nibbler, then handed it to Farnsworth.

“I guess he didn’t take everything.” She snuggled Nibbler lovingly. “Who is such a smart ‘ittle boy? Is it my snookums?” Turning seriously towards the Professor, she asked, “Anything we need?”

   The Professor looked it over for a second in confusion. “I don’t remember this.” Puzzling over the intricate science in his hand, he chuckled gleefully to himself, “What an invention, I really am a genius.” But then, reading on, he gasped softly. “Oh my. Oh, this is very bad news.” He looked up from the sheets. “According to this brilliant, yet strangely adorable design, there is a way to wake Fry.” Leela quickly let Nibbler down so she could get a look.


   “Yes.” He nodded wisely. “Apparently, while I was having my nap I came up with the plans for this, the MMM, Mutant Mind Modem, which lets us connect one mind to another. If we used it on an unconscious person, like Fry for example, it would basically allow the other person to metaphorically walk around inside his mind, much like we travel the internet.” Farnsworth mimed walking through someone’s mind with his hands, adding the appropriate sound effects.

   “So, like a modem then.” Hermes spoke slowly, deliberately. The Professor grinned at him, approving the metaphor.

   “Yes, precisely. And obviously the conscious person must be a mutant, because it’s a Mutant Mind Modem.” He tapped the paper. “See? That’s what it says. So we’ll get the staff mutant to do it. Uh, which one of you is that again?” Leela gave a little wave. The Professor nodded, looking exceedingly pleased with himself. Nibbler was pleased as well. “It all works out quite neatly. The only thing to decide now is whether it should be dial up or cable.” Bender spoke up from his position leaning against the wall, gulping down a beer. Hope for another break in, and for Fry’s recovery, reawakened his enthusiasm for drinking.

   “We are talking about Fry here, right? Better make it dial up.” The old scientist yanked out a pen and began scribbling notes.

   Amy was concerned. “Are you sure about this, Leela? We all know how much you hate the idea of someone messing with your head. It’s probably dangerous." She tilted her head, considering, "Most of the Professor’s inventions are, especially his dream inventions.” Farnsworth was chuckling maniacally again. The women considered him for a moment, before Leela shrugged.

   “It doesn’t matter. I’m doing it. One of us has to, and it might as well be me. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve yanked his skinny butt out of the fire.” As she spoke, she fished some paper out of a drawer.

   “Alright, listen up. This is what we need to do.” They gathered around the cyclops, waiting for direction. The Professor and Hermes had more authority than the ship’s captain, but when it came down to solving problems, they listened to Leela. “Professor, I want you to make a list of everything we’re going to need to take with us in order to wake up Fry. Hermes, you’ll have to organize the move, and find whatever else he needs to build that modem. Bender, you’re going to help us move everything,” The robot muttered angrily, “but first I want you to help me plan how we’re getting Fry out of TacoBellevue.”

Now that was a task he could warm up to. Wasting no time, he snatched Leela’s paper, clicked his finger into a pen, and starting cribbling. Amy and Zoidberg were waiting expectantly, while Nibbler snuffled around Leela’s feet. The cyclops thought for a minute, then pointed at Zoidberg. “You, take care of Nibbler for me while I’m gone. His leash is by the door and everything else is in the kitchen.” The doctor snapped off a salute.

   “Yes, Captain!” He seemed a little too gleeful for Leela’s liking.

   “Take good care of him, and remember, I don’t want you eating his dinner. He needs his strength since he’s going to be away from his mommy.” She leaned down to give him a gentle scratch, missing the little creature already. Shooing the disappointed Zoidberg out of the way, the cyclops turned to Amy.

   “I’m really going to be counting on you, Amy. I want you to stay up here with Zoidberg. Make sure he takes care of Nibbler, and keep an eye out for any problems. It wouldn’t surprise me if Nixon sends his agents here after we’ve got Fry, so you need to do whatever you can to buy us time. Try to keep him from searching for other mutants or from getting any info about mom and dad. I’ve got a diary, and some pictures on board the ship. Hide them, destroy them if you think you have to. Do you understand what I’m saying?” Leela studied the woman’s face carefully. She was pale, but determined.

   “Yes, but are you sure you want me to handle this? It’s so important.”

   The older woman smiled at her faintly, keeping eye contact. “Yes. I trust you, Amy. You’ll be fine.” She was rewarded with a bright smile from the intern. “Now, I might be out of contact for a while, and I don’t want you to risk trying to find us anyway. Since you and Zoidberg haven’t been to my parents’ place, you can’t give anything away to Nixon.”

Amy looked anxious again. “Try not to worry too much. Soon this will all be over, with Fry back safe and sound and the mutants safe.” Leela infused her voice with more confidence then she felt.

   A startled noise from Hermes attracted the cyclops’ attention. “Great Hyrax of Halifax! Why didn’t you say something?” Leela moved quickly towards where he was standing with the Professor.

    “What else is wrong?” Hermes held up some of the Professors’ unintelligible scribblings. “I can’t read it. What’s wrong?” She repeated, annoyed.

   Farnsworth shook his withered head. “Well, didn’t I mention? Yes, I'm sure I did. This report shows the delta waves are causing an increasing amount of disruption to Fry’s regular brainwaves. That means we must wake him up soon, otherwise the delta waves will begin impairing his bodily functions, and he’ll die."


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Edit: Shoot. That last post worked. Okay, ignore this.   :nono: What a day!

Urban Legend
« Reply #233 on: 11-17-2004 22:46 »

dun dun DUNNNN!!!!

Awesome, as usual. The pet owner in me loves when adorable animals save the day. And i really don't see Leela's mood change as bipolar or anything. When she was freaking out she had nothing she could do which for someone so action oriented would make her feel absolutely helpless. So it makes sense that she would calm down once she has something she can physically do to help (as well as to distract her).

You did a few of the 'missed words' again but i'll go through it all again later.

Urban Legend
« Reply #234 on: 11-17-2004 22:58 »

Gah!  Long update!
Gah! Philosophy paper due in 12 hours, eight of which I want to sleep in!

Anyway, I'll put in more info later, but a few initial impressions

1) Finally, some action!  Leela's back in her natural element, and back to her default mood (bossy,) at least on the surface.  Not that I don't love freaking-out Leela, but it gets annoying after a while.  You timed it very well.
2) The second scene was a little lacking in humor (watch TMLH for some Morris-joke inspiration,) but the third one more than made up for it.  I was waiting for something like the mallet-chase to happen in the series, especially as Hermes gradually got more homicidal.
3) A little heavy on the Zoidy-Yoda-speak, you are.  It does seem to be something he does when he gets emotional, but not every sentence.  Also, a "whoobwhoobwhoobwhoob" may be appropriate near the beginning.
4) "For the love of Lrr" - I see what you're going for here, but I don't really see that sort of relationship between Earth and OP8.  It's more like, I dunno, Mexico and the US?  One just sorta sits there and has their government kiss the ass of the other?  Also, Lrrr has three r's.
5) Mind-modem.  That, while far-fetched even in Futurama, is a great idea, as was the dial-up burn.  Even though it doesn't make that much sense from a technical standpoint, it's still funny.  Also, do us all a favor and make the mental sequences as trip-tastic as possible.

Dammit, Layla!  You're distracting me from my schoolwork, a power previously held only by video games.  I'll be back with another 15-minute-long post later...

« Reply #235 on: 11-17-2004 22:59 »

“We are talking about Fry here, right? Better make it dial up.”
Yay! Another nerdy joke!

That was a nice fun chapter, I like the huge amount of Zoidberg, you've got his character and speech nailed.

And the grandmothers choice cocoa was really funny, it reminded me of the red bull adverts  :D.

I think I'm mainly reading it for the humour and plot now, but thats good! I think you've got a great story going that appeals to anyone, no matter what they usually like to read.

[Zoidberg]"More More! MORE!"[/Zoidberg]

Urban Legend
« Reply #236 on: 11-18-2004 01:43 »

More stuff I liked:
Bender's paternal attitude.  While I'm tempted to say you're overplaying it, and underestimitaing the power of his indifference and ignorance towards humans, it still seems to work.
The pet-loving.  It's amazing how weird rational women get around small animals.
The fact that the Professor's explanation of this "invention" makes more sense then the ones he actually created.  Makes me nostalgic for the good old days of Season 1.  *Watches A Big Piece of Garbage again*
"Grandmother's Choice" cocoa.  With extra Confidence, maybe?
Farnsworth mimed walking through someone’s mind with his hands, adding the appropriate sound effects.
Apparently it runs in the family...

You have convinced me that there are other appropriate formats for Futurama Fan Fiction than episode-length, script form comedies.  Now, you're just about the only person who can do the epic, prose drama properly, but hopefully others will learn from you.

Also, I hereby copyright the term "Futur-drama."

And you only get a song if I can figure out how to record myself and not sound crappy.  (Emotional crap like Pearl Harbor is actually my forté, if you'll pardon the horrible pun, but it's a bit rangy and I haven't sung seriously in months...)

P.S.  Drop by off-topic.  Specifically, there's a nomination thread where a couple of smitten fans may have dropped a name or two...

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Hmm, looks like I've been uber-usurped on this error checking thing.  Fine then... I’ll have to prove my worth later during the beta-ing… for now I’ll just go back to ass-kissing. 

She turned back to address Farnsworth, Hermes, and to a lesser extent, Zoidberg
“According to this brilliant, yet strangely adorable design, there is a way to wake Fry.”

The younger woman stared dreamily into space for a minute, thinking of her gentle-natured boyfriend.

“Well, isn’t that cute.” Leela’s voice dripped sarcasm, but it went over the daydreaming intern’s head.

“So cute!”

You're changing your strides towards making this a quality Futurama comedy script into leaps and bounds, Layla. 

I agree with N-o-R on all five of his points; it seems that any of the loquacious reviews I could give could just as easily be pieced together from fragments of other reviews.  Just know I am really enjoying this, and I couldn’t be happier unless I was finally updating later today.

What, I am?  Hooray!

Urban Legend
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What, he is? Double Hurray!

Don't worry Bergey i didn't usurp you. i can't fix spelling for crap. All i do is notice when words go missing.
say what now

Bending Unit
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I honestly cannot find words to say besides YESSS!! and HOORAY!!! and I LOVE IT!!!
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