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Author Topic: Futurama & Physics  (Read 936 times)
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« on: 10-03-2004 02:33 »
« Last Edit on: 10-03-2004 02:33 »

Let's assume Futurama is real. I do some physics around it, especially Bender... ideas are welcome!

Thanks to Hobojobo for his models! Without him I couldn't do anything like this.

This picture shows Bender in a wind canal assuming heavy stormy conditions: It's about 100 seamiles per hour wind spead. The lines show the air movement.
PS: If you are engineer or physicist too, don't  take the results too serious. They are not that exact.



« Reply #1 on: 10-03-2004 05:07 »

hmmm, interesting, no wait the other thing, tedious! but seriously good stuff. I'm ooy and welcome to the Strong Badia River Quest Safariventure...i mean welcome to PEEL this should help you:


Starship Captain
« Reply #2 on: 10-03-2004 20:18 »

If you have some spare time, maybe do something like that with the Planet Express ship.
Capīn Skusting

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #3 on: 10-03-2004 20:29 »
« Last Edit on: 10-03-2004 20:29 »

Physicists? Scientists? Spare time?
No such animal!
Working it into the schedule? - Definately!

Space Pope
« Reply #4 on: 10-03-2004 23:24 »

Interesting.  Though, perhaps you could explain what your test results mean, perhaps?  Right now, it's just nifty lines and colors to me.  And what's a "seamile per hour"?  Is it the equivalent of a knot?

And I agree with Unknown ... do a test with the Planet Express ship.

Urban Legend
« Reply #5 on: 10-03-2004 23:42 »

God damnit ooy, why did you have to post that picture? You practically ruined the thread.

However cleaner, I like your picture. I don't know if this is quite your art or anything if you're basing it on Hobo's models, but the nerdiness of the picture seduces me into a state of pure cream soda.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #6 on: 10-03-2004 23:45 »

What do you mean? Futurama aint real?

Anyway, so does your model mean that bender can withstand extream pressures and high velocity winds. maybe that has something to do with his weight. Maybe it also means that because of his design he's very airo-dynamtic. Could you please explane your results.

But anyway. Welcome to peel.
transgender nerd under canada

DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #7 on: 10-03-2004 23:46 »

Yeah, tell us what the hell is going on in that picture, using laymans terms. Otherwise, I personally don't care how many colours and lines it has, it means nothing.

Don't bother with the PE ship if that picture actually means anything. Do Cubert.

Bending Unit
« Reply #8 on: 10-03-2004 23:46 »

Like I said in my email, very interesting stuff. I might make a PE ship model for you to work on, or you could just use one of the numerous models on the internet. In answer to your question, Zoidberg227, the colors represent the air pressure on the different parts of his body, and the lines represent how the air would flow over him. Cleaner, correct me if I'm wrong.

Space Pope
« Reply #9 on: 10-04-2004 00:27 »
« Last Edit on: 10-04-2004 00:27 »

I figured their representations well enough, it's just the interpretation of what they mean that requires clarification.  It looks as if he is hooribly un-aerodynamic, with what looks to be extremely high pressures exerted on the front of his chest. 

Also, I take issue with the pressure units not being labled.  Are they in PSI, or ATMs, or what?

Bending Unit
« Reply #10 on: 10-04-2004 01:38 »

No, I think those are pascals. Since the front of Bender has a pressure reading of 1024hPa (hecto-pascals) which is 1024mb which is about as high as a moderately strong high pressure system. The pressure is high since air molecules are briefly squished together when they hit Bender and then move away.

I'm a little confused with the world "Seamiles" per hour. Is that Nautical Miles per hour (about 1.15mph)?

Hooray! My dynamics classes are starting to pull their weight!

« Reply #11 on: 10-04-2004 13:50 »
« Last Edit on: 10-04-2004 13:50 »

Sorry for the delayed answer. Indeed, the spare time...
Sorry too for not explaining what you see. The assumptions mentioned above are right.
The lines show the movement of the wind around bender. The colors on benders body is the pressure distribution on benders body. It shows the pressure in Pascal and shows that Bender is really designed totally un-aerodnymic, meaning he is like a block in the wind... the wind speed is about 100 knots. In aerodynamics miles per hour does not mean the miles you know from the street but nautic miles which are a bit longer distance. In my physics dictionary english <-> german I found the term "seamile" for the nautical mile.

I would love it to model a PE ship, Hobojobo, if you find the time please model one! Your models are the best I ever saw. To model a ship is physically more complex. I will tell you why: It is the same if I would use the same wind speed but it would be more interesting to simulate supersonic speed (the ship would fly faster than the speed of air). In this case the air is compressible. The underlying equations are more complicated and my laptop, I checked that, won't be sufficient, I checked this using Bender. But no prob: I will use a fast computer with lots of RAM in my company.

Thanks for all of your friendly welcomes! Now it's sure I'll continue.

Bending Unit
« Reply #12 on: 10-04-2004 20:52 »

Originally posted by cleaner:
It would be more interesting to simulate supersonic speed (the ship would fly faster than the speed of air).

I think you mean sound, buddy. Seriously though, that'd be really fun to do. I think I could have a model ready for you in a few weeks (Right now I have a lot of classwork to do.) Keep up the good work, you can always use my computer as a render farm.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #13 on: 10-23-2004 17:56 »

Wow ,that looks hard.  :confused:  I'll probably get to that in college or something.

"I choose to not understand these signs."-Bender

P.S.- Welcome to PEEL.
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