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Author Topic: Your favorite authors & stories...  (Read 1068 times)
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Space Pope
« on: 09-20-2004 20:53 »

Everyone in TLZ has at least 1 good fac fiction. Let's here what you like! Some of my favorite authors are Bumble Bee Theta, AsylumFry, Brad Rousse, and Max Bellamy. Here is a list of everyone's work. Including my own:
Aled-My Muse

Alexei 'Pimpinslacker' Ehrensperger-Helveticana

Allen Tanner-The Impressionable Mind, The Impressionable Mind II: Out-of-Body Experience,  The Day the Future Stood in Doubt, The Groening Journals, & The How of Fry

Anarchist-A Second Chance

Andy Robertson-Crash Course in Love, Precious Memories

AsylumFry-Dead Man's Tale

B.B.R.- It's A Wonderful Life

Baker-Metal Tomb Of Terror

Beamer-Restrictions Apply

Brad Rousse-Painful Memories, A Unicorn's Ponytale, Reflections, Creature Discomforts, Snapshots, Simplified, A Splendid And Wonderous Thing, Out of Time, Resolutions

BumbleBeeTheta-A Helping Hand, The Family Fry, Beat the Parents, My So-Called Best Friend's Wedding, I Dream of Leela, Wouldn't It Be Nice If...

Captain Default-The Running Manbot

Chris Wilson-Rock And Rolls, Mom's Friendly Slaves, Futurama: The Soap Opera

Christina Nordlander-Son of the Ashes, The Age of Capricorn

Dave-The Dark Side of the DOOP

Dave Vincent-Background Noise

Dave and Brad-Final Journey

Desmond-When Futurama Meets Starcraft

Dwayne Anderson-Return From the Deep South, Partially Human, Beyond the Stock Market, Fatal Attractions, Just Slightly Ahead of Their Time, Terminator, The Scourge of Zapp Brannigan, I Wanna Play My Holophonor, Memories of Futurama, Man's Worst Nightmare, Which Witch is Which?, Hellfire Apocalypse, A Politically Correct Xmas Story, Time Compression, Everybody Dies!, I'm Just Happy to Be on TV, Beyond Reality, Passport to Peril, Just for Laughs, Futurama Outtakes, Wongfully Accused, The Sorrow of Being Kif Kroker

ELF-Futurama Spin-offs, Simpson Express

Erdrik-Secrets Revealed, The Juicy Details, The Praying Leela

Farnsworth38-The Longest Journey Home

Fatso Huuskonen-Whatever Happened to Aurora Fry?, Artificial Entities Resurrected

FemJesse-Against All Odds

Fry's Chick 3000-Leela's New Love, Stranded

Fryfan-Less Than Hero 2: Enter the Gulk, Leela is the One, Fry Another Day, Ironfinger Reloaded, Mom with a Vengeance, Jinx Full Throttle, I, Fry, am Spy, From Scam With Hate, JX Rise of the Jinx Revolution, You Should Have Snoo-Snoo Only Once, Michelle Strikes Back

Frysgal77-Time Runs Short, A Whole New World

Futurama_Hil-A Birthday Surprise

GHT-Going Insane 1 through Going Insane 9

Green Gesus-From The Past

J R Hosner-Fry-day Night Fever

JBERGES-Perfumed By An Unseen Censor, Bearer Of Bad News, The ButterFry Effect

Kenneth White-Futurama: Universe of Malice: The Chronotons of Fry-nia, A Past With No Future

Krazy Kora-FUTURAMA: Episode AV0167868768: King of the World

Kryten-There's Something About Amy, "The Fault, Dear Leela...", On a Wong and a Prayer, Secrets and Eyes, Secrets and Eyes II: Reunion, Secrets and Eyes III: The One With All The Violence, Intern-al Affairs, Lookin' for Snu-Snu in all the Wrong Places, The Frychurian Candidate, Amy's Wedding, Catastrophe

Lee Roberts-Changing Places

Leelaholic-Flush Hour,Momarchy

Lennie Asserholt-No More Secrets

Lilith-Genesis According to Futurama

Luis Gonzales-The Fry-borg, The Problem With Bender

Mad Arcane, Green Gesus and Ripshaw-Dandelion Wine, Three Little Worlds

Marcus-Love, Lust and Leela

Marissa-Untitled Leela Fan Fiction, Sex, Lies and Aliens, Two Guys, a Girl and a Robot's Apartment

Mattybwoy-The Fu-trix, The Ice Cold Building, Re-booted, A Stupid Proposal, Guardian Angel, Planet Express: The Final Story, Turanga Leela's Diary

Max-Being Turanga Leela, A Mind of his Clone

Max Bellamy, Soulkid2000, Mattybwoy and Rye Guy-The Fry-trix,  Resident Leela, The Fry-trix: Rebooted

Medisti John-Fry Wars II: Return of Leela, Metal Gear Solid 3: Sons of Stupidity

Missy-Delicious Surprise, Measured, How It Ends, In Practice, Repeating

Mitch-Robo-Leela, New Year’s Nightmare, The Future Is Now, Trick or Terror, Thanksgivin', Xmas 3003, New Year 3004, The New Captain, Heart Awareness

Mtvcdm-Yet Another Damn Futurama Outtake Reel

Mysteryman-Last Shot, First Time, Error from the Year 2000

Nasteve-Delivery: Impossible, Flowers in the Window, More Than Us, Good Delivery to Die, Leela's Bracelet

Newhook_1-Honey, I Shrunk the Lobster, Roberto Strikes Back

Nick Maniakc-A New Friend

Nostradamus-Time and Punishment

Oliver-An Eye for an Eye

Ooy-The Future Dielemma, Operation: Lost Parents, The Whole Story, And Then There Was Three

Paul A Metcalfe-Destiny's Child

Rodriguez-Love in the Times of Slurm, Miscarriage of Justice

Rye Guy-The Other, How Bender Snatched X-Mas, A Long Night, An Even Longer Day

Shadowstar-4ACV19: School of Hard Bolts

Silverwolf-Leela's Return, Fry's Return

Slick-Fry's Departure

Slikdude12592-The Fry Files

Smiley-Leela's Quest

Sofie Fenwick-Leela's Affair, Lazarus

Soulkid2000-Spaceship, Race for Earth, Perfect Fry

Spacedal11-Midnight on a Fry-Day, Jynx, The Fry Identity  :D

Stephen Beer-All Rodents Lead To Home

Steven Monroe-Prelude: Paxlon

Superman-The Pregnancy, Zapp's Piratic Brother, The Wedding

The Frylight Staff-The Frylight Zone - Episode 1 through Episode 7.

Tim-Amy's Wedding

Tom123-Mayor Flexo

Trenton Sands-Cold Diamonds, Delivery to Mobius

Willy Pete-Relics

Wonderbee31-No More Fun and Games, No More Fun and Games 2, Funeral for a Friend, Leela Squared

Woodbot 2.0-Futurama Wars - Episode One: A New Smope

Wu Konguk-And Then There Was Two, Falling Away From The World

Zomono-Fry-T Night

Ok that's everyone! Phew, that took an hour to do.  http://www.futurama-madhouse.com.ar/fanfic/index.shtml

So who's your favorite author & what's your favorite story?  :confused:

Bending Unit
« Reply #1 on: 09-20-2004 21:29 »

I actually like a lot of Mitch's stuff. He doesn't get great ratings, but he has clever ideas for stories. I'm also a big fan of Kryten and Jberges, they're the two most hillarious writers I can think of. Finally, I like the the two fanfics gwan has written, only one of which has even been posted online.
Action Jacktion

« Reply #2 on: 09-20-2004 21:36 »
« Last Edit on: 09-20-2004 21:36 »

Sorry, but there's already a topic like this.  And here's another one that's specifically about romantic stories.

Space Pope
« Reply #3 on: 09-21-2004 18:41 »

You mean I went through all of that for nothing? Darn. Ok I feel bad for wasting a good hour of TV last night.
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