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Author Topic: Fav movies  (Read 2556 times)
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Bending Unit
« on: 01-21-2003 23:15 »

hey peoples, just wanted to know wot your favorite movies were, i'll start off with my top five favorite films. (in no particular order)

1. Braindead. aka Dead Alive
2. Crackerjack(Aussie film)
3. High Fidelity
4. Fight Club
5. Evil Dead 2
« Reply #1 on: 01-21-2003 23:21 »

Doesnt this belong in TV? oh well...

1. Full Metal Jacket
2. The Boondock Saints
3. Pulp Fiction
4. Shawshank Redemption
5. Army Of Darkness
Spice Weasel

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #2 on: 01-21-2003 23:28 »
« Last Edit on: 01-21-2003 23:28 »

Koyyanisqatsi (#1 with a bullet!)
Das Boot
Godfather 1 and 2
Apocalypse Now
Treasure Of The Sierra Madre
Bad Day At Black Rock
Pulp Fiction
The Wizard Of OZ
A Christmas Carol (1951 version with Alistair Sim)
Star Wars: Episode IV, A New Hope
Best In Show
2001: A Space Odyessey
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Saving Private Ryan

Oh Crap, how could I forget:

This Is Spinal Tap
Prince Of Darkness (My only nod to cheesy horror)
The Breakfast Club
The Warriors


« Reply #3 on: 01-21-2003 23:28 »

Wrong section...and uhm hmm... I always forget what my favorite movies are...

Bringing out the dead
fight club
king of the hill (indi film)
pulp fiction

and some others...but see, thats all that came to mind, I know those arent my top 5.  I like a lot of war movies too...so im boned.

Space Pope
« Reply #4 on: 01-21-2003 23:29 »


Bending Unit
« Reply #5 on: 01-21-2003 23:46 »

sorry bout putting this in the wrong place.
i totally forgot bout 1 movie that should be in my top 5. i'll re-do it and in order of wich ones i like the most this time.

1.Fight Club
3.Braindead. aka Dead Alive
4.High Fidelity

Bending Unit
« Reply #6 on: 01-22-2003 00:06 »

and now my next 5 in order

7.This is Spinal Tap
8.Lock, Stock and two smoking Barrels
9.Evil Dead 2
10.Evil Dead


DOOP Secretary
« Reply #7 on: 01-22-2003 01:02 »


It's called the edit button, dude.  Use it.
Zed 85

Space Pope
« Reply #8 on: 01-22-2003 02:40 »
« Last Edit on: 01-22-2003 23:00 »

No particular order...

Blade Runner
Battle Of Britian
American Beauty
The Great Race
Those Magnificant Men In Their Flying Machines
For A Few Dollars More
The Empire Strikes Back
Das Boot
You Only Live Twice
From Russia With Love
The Spy Who Loved Me
Tommorow Never Dies
The Truman Show

The following were added later. This is known as the "I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT...!" bit
Monty Python (all 3, though the last ain't quite as good)
Total Recal
Last Action Hero
The Matrix
Who Framed Roger Rabit?
The Three Muskiteers (the 70's one with Oliver Reed and Michael York)

« Reply #9 on: 01-22-2003 02:59 »

The Matrix
The Nugget
Return of the Jedi (Good Climax)
The Castle  :laff:
Die another day

Theres heaps more that I can't think of at the moment..

Bending Unit
« Reply #10 on: 01-22-2003 03:05 »

the castle is a great movie, i havnt seen the nugget but ive heard its good.

Urban Legend
« Reply #11 on: 01-22-2003 06:01 »

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Lost Belgian
DOOP Secretary
« Reply #12 on: 01-22-2003 06:14 »
« Last Edit on: 01-22-2003 06:14 »

Originally posted by Spice Weasel:
Koyyanisqatsi (#1 with a bullet!)
I 've always wanted to see that Koyaanisqatsi, after hearing parts of the soundtrack by Philip Glass.

Anime,in random order:
The Ghost in the Shell
Patlabor I & II
The Wings of Honneamise

non-anime, in random order:
Fight Club
Amélie (French film, genre: "urban fairy tale" )
Doberman (French film, genre: action)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Fucking Åmål
(I even had to open MS Word and search for those Swedish letters)
Requiem for a Dream (so sad  :( )

I still have to see The Life of Brian, Apocalypse Now and Citizen Kane.
I 'm also looking forward to Avalon, a Polish-Japanese production by Mamoru Oshii.

« Reply #13 on: 01-22-2003 06:41 »

Favourite movie...

Fight Club, Fight Club, and did I mention, Fight Club? Oh, that's right, we're not supposed to talk about Fight Club...

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #14 on: 01-22-2003 06:47 »
« Last Edit on: 01-22-2003 06:47 »

The Matrix, Heathers, Withnail & I, Life Of Brian, Holy Grail, The Filth & The Fury, This Is Spinal Tap, High Fidelity

.....and many many more
Mr. Potter

« Reply #15 on: 01-22-2003 11:26 »
« Last Edit on: 01-22-2003 11:26 »

Originally posted by Clacker:
3.Braindead. aka Dead Alive

Someone who actually likes a Peter Jackson movie, that is not LOTR.

Urban Legend
« Reply #16 on: 01-22-2003 11:43 »

The top five I can think of now are:
1. Shawshank Redemption
2. Blazing Saddles
3. Memento
4. Trick Or Treat
5. For A Few Dollars More

I'm sure I could think of more, but that's all I have right now.
M. Proctor

Starship Captain
« Reply #17 on: 01-22-2003 12:35 »

1. LoTR the fellowship blah blah blah..
2. The Matrix
4. American pie 1 (yep, I haven't watched many films)
5. Harry Potter and the PS

Urban Legend
« Reply #18 on: 01-22-2003 12:57 »

Originally posted by Mr. Potter:
  Someone who actually likes a Peter Jackson movie, that is not LOTR.

I thought Peter Jackson's only other films aside from "LOTR" were "Bad Taste" and "Meet the Feebles?"

My favorite films? I'll just run down my DVD collection, I suppose.

The Royal Tenenbaums
Star Wars: 4 - 6
Fight Club
Monty Python and the Holy Grail/Life of Brian
Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs
American Beauty
Evil Dead 2
American Psycho
South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

and some others...


Urban Legend
« Reply #19 on: 01-22-2003 13:13 »

The Matrix
The Sixth Sence
Indiana Jones Trilogy
Star Wars saga

Can't think of the others...
Spice Weasel

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #20 on: 01-22-2003 16:36 »

^ I would put the original Raiders of the Lost ark on my list as well.
« Reply #21 on: 01-22-2003 18:38 »
« Last Edit on: 01-22-2003 18:38 »

Here's my list:

1. Lord Of The Rings (all 3, even though #3 hasn't come out yet)
1¾. Vampire Hunter D-Bloodlust
1½. Princess Mononoke
2. The Matrix (again, all 3 movies, even though #2 and #3 aren't out yet)
3. Ronin
4. Glory
5. Insomnia
5½. Memento
6. The Crow
7. Spawn
8. One Hour Photo
9. Citizen Kane
10. Lawrence Of Arabia
11. Casablanca
12. The Star Trek Movies
13. The Star Wars Movies (sans some parts of ep. 1 and 2)
14. James Bond Movies (except for the ones that sucked ass)
15. Shrek
16. Blade Runner
17. Tremors (all 3 movies)
18. Ghandi
19. Swordfish
20. Minority Report
21. 2001: A Space Oddysey
22. Total Recall
23. Toy Story (#'s 1 and 2)
24. A Bug's Life
25. The good Disney animated movies
26. Muppet Treasure Island
27. Men In Black 1
28. The Princess Bride
29. Any Mel Brooks movie
30. Any Monty Python movie

[}:)]   O-Þ 

DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #22 on: 01-22-2003 18:48 »

Star Wars (all of them)
The Matrix
Holy Grail
The Big Lebowski
Shawshank Redemption
South Park movie
Grosse Point Blank

Other's I really liked:
Life (Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence)
51st State
Snatch and Lock Stock...
Fighty Clubby
And the Dirty Harry series  :laff:
« Reply #23 on: 01-22-2003 19:08 »

Crap...add Snatch to my list...I've not got the time to edit it...
Mr. Potter

« Reply #24 on: 01-22-2003 23:18 »

Originally posted by evan:
 I thought Peter Jackson's only other films aside from "LOTR" were "Bad Taste" and "Meet the Feebles?"

PJ's films:
Bad Taste
Meet the Feebles
Heavenly Creatures
The Frighteners
The Trilogy


Bending Unit
« Reply #25 on: 01-22-2003 23:29 »

Braindead is classic. it got the world record for most fake blood used in a film.
if you havnt seen it. SEE IT!

Delivery Boy
« Reply #26 on: 01-22-2003 23:49 »

In no particular order:

2001: A Space Odyssey
The Matrix
South Park
Above the Rim
American History X
Mortal Kombat

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #27 on: 01-23-2003 00:28 »
« Last Edit on: 01-23-2003 00:28 »

The Thunder Award for Best Film...
...of All Time: Jurassic Park
...in the Action Movie Genre: The Rock
...in the Sci-Fi Genre: First Contact
...in the Star Trek Sub-Genre: First Contact
...in the Star Wars Series: Return of the Jedi
...in the Thriller Genre: The Usual Suspects
...in the Spy Movie Sub-Genre: Tie Ronin and The Sum of All Fears
...in the Comedy Genre: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
...in the Spoof Sub-Genre: Loaded Weapon 1
...in the Buddy Picture Sub-Genre: Men in Black
...in the Drama Genre: Rules of Engagement
...to Accurately Reflect the Novel From Which It Was Based: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, which also recieves an honorable mention for being the best film in which children play the leads
...in the Animated Genre: Shrek

Bending Unit
« Reply #28 on: 01-23-2003 06:37 »

American History X is a good one.

Starship Captain
« Reply #29 on: 01-24-2003 12:59 »

Lord of the Rings (Both)
Star Wars (E:5,6)
Star Trek (the TNG-ones)
Sleepy Hollow
Sherlock Holmes/ Miss Marple-stuff  :)
Bending Unit
« Reply #30 on: 01-24-2003 13:11 »

1. pulp fiction
2. fight club
3. reservoir dogs
4. bottle rocket
5. clerks
6. chasing amy
7. memento
8. the big lebowski
9. being john malcovich
10. magnolia

not necessarily in that order
..even though it is numbered ...

« Reply #31 on: 01-25-2003 10:25 »

Terminator 1&2
Pulp Fiction
Usual Suspects
Total Recall
Dumb and Dumber
Teenage Lesbian Sluts in Heat part 4

Urban Legend
« Reply #32 on: 01-25-2003 14:15 »
« Last Edit on: 01-25-2003 14:15 »

In no particular order
Princess Mononoke
Tenchi Forever
The End of Evangelion
Wings of Honnamise

Now for the non anime lot
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Usual Suspects
Seven Samurai

well that covers it at the moment   :)

Lost Belgian
DOOP Secretary
« Reply #33 on: 01-25-2003 14:22 »
« Last Edit on: 01-25-2003 14:22 »

I love Shawshank too. The movie was at least as good as the book.

Originally posted by Mr. Potter:
  Someone who actually likes a Peter Jackson movie, that is not LOTR.
I remember seeing that years before LotR was out.

In Peter Jackson's work you can clearly see the influence of Monty Python: Wherever they have to chop off limbs, and the bad guy still won't die, whether it is a black knight, a zombie, or an orc.

Urban Legend
« Reply #34 on: 01-25-2003 14:23 »

This is Spinal Tap
The Truman Show
Back to the Future trilogy
The Great Escape
Planet of the Apes (original)
Midnight Cowboy
A Clockwork Orange
The Shining

Space Pope
« Reply #35 on: 01-25-2003 19:04 »

The Princess Bride
The Usual Suspects
Silence of the Lambs
The Star Wars trilogy
The Iron Giant
The LOTR trilogy (so far)
Ferris Beuller's Day Off
There's Something About Mary
Animal House

Bending Unit
« Reply #36 on: 01-25-2003 23:02 »

back to the future trilogy
a clockwork orange
being john malcovich
terminator 1 & 2
idle hands
the teenage mutant ninja turtles movies (always been one of my favorites since i was a kid)

Starship Captain
« Reply #37 on: 01-25-2003 23:48 »

The Matrix
The Fellowship of the Ring
The Two Towers
StarWars (all of them)
Otis P Jivefunk

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #38 on: 01-12-2008 18:58 »
« Last Edit on: 01-12-2008 18:58 »

I was just about to make a top 10 movies thread but I did a search and found this so a nice half-decade BUMP is in order!...

01) Terminator 2
02) The Matrix
03) Pulp Fiction
04) Alice In Wonderland (Disney one)
05) Fight Club
06) Reservoir Dogs
07) Sin City
08) Gladiator
09) Corpse Bride
10) The Simpsons Movie

edit - Funny thing is some of these movies came out since this thread was last posted in...


Space Pope
« Reply #39 on: 01-12-2008 20:13 »

My top 5 favorite films:

1)  The Duelists
2)  The Princess Bride
3)  Animal House
4)  Lawrence of Arabia
5)  The Proposition
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