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Author Topic: DVD Collection take 2  (Read 509868 times)
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DOOP Secretary
« Reply #720 on: 10-09-2017 22:53 »
« Last Edit on: 10-09-2017 22:57 »

Classic Looney Tunes

How long have you been watching classic Loony Tunes? My impression was that they were considered old-fashioned over 20 years ago. I got a real kick out of them.

And today more stuff from Amazon magically arrived on my desk :)

The third disc is not one that I'd typically have purchased, after having heard abysmal reviews from both pundits and friends. But as the original is one of my fave popcorn films of all time, I waited until it had dropped under $10 on Amazon then pulled the trigger.

I'm currently waiting for the price of Alien: Covenant to drop under $10, too. :)


DOOP Secretary
« Reply #721 on: 10-11-2017 10:51 »

I got a few more since I last posted:


3:10 to Yuma [15]
7 Seconds [15]
9 [12]
12 Years a Slave [15]
14 Blades [15]
21 Jump Street [15]
22 Jump Street [15]
24 Redemption [15]
2001 - A Space Odyssey [ U ]
2010 - The Year We Made Contact [PG]
300 [15]
(500) Days of Summer [12]
633 Squadron [PG]
The Acid House [18]
Adventures in Babtsitting [12]
Æon Flux [15]
The African Queen [PG]
A.I. Artificial Intelligence [12]
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa [15]
Alfie (1966) [15]
Alfie (2004) [15]
Alien* [18]
Aliens* [18]
Alien³* [18]
Alien Resurection* [18]
A Life Less Ordinary [15]
Along Came a Spider [15]
Amelie [15]
American Beauty [18]
American Gangster [18]
American Gigolo* [18]
American Hustle [15]
American Psycho [18]
American Sniper [15]
Angels With Dirty Faces [PG]
Animal House [15]
An Officer and a Gentleman* [15]
Antz [PG]
The Apartment [PG]
Apocalypse Now [18]
Apocalypto [18]
Apollo 13 [PG]
Arahan [15]
The Artist [PG]
The Assassin [18]
The Assassin's Blade [15]
Assassins [15]
Assault on Precinct 13 [15]
Assassins [15]
Austin Powers*: International Man of Mystery [15]
Austin Powers*: The Spy Who Shagged Me [15]
Austin Powers*: Goldmember [15]
Avengers Assemble [12]
Avatar [12]
Azumi [18]
The Babadook [15]
Babel* [15]
Babycart at the River Styx [18]
Backdraft [R1] [R]
Back to the Future* [PG]
Back to the Future part II* [PG]
Back to the Future part III* [PG]
Bad Boys [18]
Bad Boys II [15]
Badge of Fury [12]
Bangkok Dangerous [18]
The Banquet [15]
Barbarella [15]
Basic Instinct [18]
Batman [15]
Batman Returns [15]
Batman Forever [PG]
Batman & Robin [PG]
Batman Begins [12]
Batman: The Dark Knight [12]
Batman : The Dark Knight Rises [12]
Battle of Britain [PG]
Battle Royale [18]
Beasts of the Southern Wild [12]
The Beast Stalker [15]
Beat the Devil [PG]*
Be Cool [12]
Bedazzled [15]
Bee Movie [ U ]
Beetlejuice [15]
Before I go to Sleep [15]
The Beguiled [15]
Be Kind Rewind [12]
Belleville Rendez-vous [12]
Bend it Like Beckham [12]
Beverly Hills Cop [15]
Beverly Hills Cop II [15]
Beverly Hills Cop III [15]
Big [PG]
Big Fish [PG]
The Big Lebowski [18]
Big Trouble in Little China [15]
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adenture [PG]
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey [PG]
Biloxi Blues [15]
Birdman [15]
The Birds [15]
A Bittersweet Life [18]
Black Books [15]
Black Hawk Down [15]
Black Swan [15]
Blade [18]
Blade II [18]
Blade Trinity [15]
The Blair Witch Project [15]
Blazing Saddles [15]
Blind Date [15]
The Bling Ring [15]
Blitz [18]
Blood on the Sun [PG]
The Blues Brothers [15]
The Blue Dahlia [PG]
Blue Streak [12]
Bodyguards and Assassins [15]
The Bone Collector [15]*
Bound [18]
The Bourne Identity [12]
The Bourne Supremacy [12]
The Bourne Ultimatum [12]
The Bourne Legacy [12]
Brave [PG]
The Brave One [18]
Brazil [15]
The Breakfast Club [15]
Breathless [15]
Bridesmaids [15]
A Bridge Too Far [15]
The Bridge on the River Kwai [PG]
Bridge of Spies [12]
Bridge to Terabithia [PG]
Bridget Jones Diary [15]
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason [15]
British Intelligence [12]*
Broken Arrow [15]
Bruce Almighty [12]
Buffalo 66 [15]
Buffy The Vampire Slayer [15]
A Bug's Life [ U ]
Bulldog Drummond's Bride [PG]*
Bulldog Drummond Comes Back [PG]*
Bulldog Drummond Escapes [PG]*
Bullet in the Head [18]
Bullet to the Head [18]
Bulletproof Monk [12]
Burn After Reading [15]
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid [12]
Cabaret** [15]
Cabin in the Woods [15]
Candyman [18]
Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh [18]
The Cannonball Run [PG]
Cape Fear [18]
Cars [PG]
Casino Royale [12]
Cassern [15]
Cast Away [12]
Catch Me if You Can [12]
Cellular [15]
Chain Reaction* [12]
Charlie Wilson's War [15]
Charlie's Angels [15]
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle [12]
Children of Men [15]
Chinese Odyssey 2002 [12]
Chocolate [18]
The Chronicles of Riddick [15]
Citizen Kane [ U ]
City of God [18]
City Slickers* [12]
Cliffhanger [15]
A Clockwork Orange [18]
Close Encounters of the Third Kind [PG]
Closer [15]
Cloverfield [15]
Cloud Atlas [15]
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs [ U ]
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 [ U ]
Clueless [12]
Collateral [15]
Colombiana [15]
Commando [18]
Confucius [15]
Contact [12]
Contagen [12]
The Contractor [15]
Coogan's Bluff [15]
Copycat [18]
Coraline - 3D and 2D [PG]
The Core [R1] [PG-13]
Coriolanus [15]
The Corpse Bride [PG]
The Craft [15]
Crank [18]
Crank2: High Voltage [18]
Crash [15]
Crimson Tide [15]
Cromos [18]
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon [12]
Cruel Intentions [15]
Cube [15]
Curse of the Golden Flower [15]
The Dam Busters [ U ]
Daredevil [15]
The Dark Crystal [PG]
Dark Shadows [12]
The Day After Tomorrow [12]
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) [12]
The Day of the Jackel [15]
Day Watch [15]
Dead Calm [15]
Deadpool [15]
Death Race [15]
Death Proof [18]
Deception [15]
Defiance [15]
Deja Vu [12]
Delicatessen [15]
Deliverance [18]
Demolition Man [15]
The Departed [18]
The Descent [18]
The Descent: Part 2 [18]
Desperado* [18]
Despicable Me [ U ]
Despicable Me 2 [ U ]
The Detective [12]
Detective Dee: Mystery of the Phantom Flame [15]
Devil's Advocate* [18]
The Devil's Backbone [15]
The Devil Wears Prada [12]
Dial M for Murder [PG]
Diamonds Are Forever [PG]
Dick Tracy's Dilemma* [PG]
Dick Tracy meets Gruesome* [PG]
Dick Tracy v Cueball* [PG]
Die Another Day [12]
Die Hard [18]
Die Hard 2: Die Harder [18]
Die Hard With a Vengeance [15]
Die Hard 4.0 [15]
The Dirty Dozen [12]
The Dirty Dozen - The Next Mission [12]
Dirty Harry [18]
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels* [PG]
The Disappearance of Alice Creed [18]
District 9 [15]
District 13 [15]
Django Unchained [18]
D.O.A. [PG]
Dogville [15]
Dolores Claibourne [18]
Domino [15]
Donnie Darko [15]
Don't Look Now [15]
Double Indemnity* [PG]
Dr No [PG]
Dr Strangelove [PG]
Dracula [18]
Drag Me To Hell [15]
Dragon Blade [15]
Dragon Tiger Gate [15]
Dream Catcher* [15]
Dredd [18]
Dressed to Kill* [PG]
Drive [18]
Drop Dead Fred [12]
Drop Zone [15]
Drunken Master [15]
Duel [PG]
Dune [15]
From Dusk till Dawn [18]
The Eagle Has Landed** [15]
Eastern Promises [18]
Easy A [15]
Easy Rider [18]
Edge of Darkness [15]
Edge of Tomorrow [12]
An Education [12]
Edward Scissorhands [PG]
Election* [15]
Elektra [12]
Elizabeth [15]
Elizabeth: The Golden Age [12]
El Mariachi* [18]
Elysium [15]
Emperor and thr White Snake [12]
An Empress and the Warriors [15]
Enchanted [PG]
Enemy at the Gates [15]
Entrapment [12]
Escape from Alkatraz [15]
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial [ U ]
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind [15]
Event Horizon [18]
The Evil Dead [18]
Evolution [PG]
Executive Discision [15]
Ex_Machina [15]
The Expendables [15]
Expendables 2 [15]
Expendables 3 [12]
The Exorcist [18]
Face/Off [15]
Falling Down [18]
Fargo [18]
The Fast and the Furious [15]
2 Fast 2 Furious [15]
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drify [12]
Fast and Furious [12]
Fast and Furious 5 [12]
Fast and Furious 6 [12]
Fast and Furious 7 [12]
Fathers Little Dividend* [ U ]
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas [18]
Fearless [15]
Ferris Beuller's Day Off [15]
The Fifth Element [PG]
The 51st State [18]
Fight Club [18]
The Final Countdown [PG]
Finding Dory [ U ]
Finding Nemo [ U ]
Firefox [15]
First Blood [15]
A Fish Called Wanda [15]
A Fistful of Dollars [15]
A Fistful of Dynamite [15]
Fist of Fury [18]
Fist of Fury II* [Dub] [18]
Fist of Legend [18]
Flash Gordon [PG]
Flatliners [15]
Flight Plan [12]
The Fly [18]
Flying Swords of Dragon Gate [15]
For a Few Dollars More [15]
For Your Eyes Only [PG]
The Forbidden Kingdom [12]
Force Majeure [15]
The Forgotten [12]
Fort Apache* [PG]
The Founding of a Republic [12]
Four Lions [15]
The Fouth Protocol** [15]
Four Weddings and a Funeral [15]
The French Connection [18]
Frenzy [18]
From Russia with Love [PG]
Frozen [PG]
The Fugitive [15]
Full Metal Jacket [15]
Fury [15]
Futurama: Bender's Big Score* [12]
Futurama: The Beast With A Billion Backs* [12]
Futurama: Bender's Game* [12]
Futurama: Into The Wild Green Yonder* [12]
Gangster Story [PG]*
Gattaca [15]
The Gauntlet [18]
Get Carter [18]
Get Shorty [15]
Get Smart [12]
Ghost* [15]
Ghostbusters [PG]
Ghostbusters II [PG]
Ghost Ship [18]
Ghosts on the Loose* [ U ]
Gilda* [PG]
Girl Interrupted [15]
The Girl on the Train [15]
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo [18]
The Girl who Played with Fire [15]
The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest [15]
Gladiator [15]
Glory [15]
The Golden Compass [PG]
Goldeneye [15]
Goldfinger [PG]
Gone Girl [18]
Gone in Sixty Seconds [15]
A Good Day to Die Hard [15]
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly [18]
The Good, The Bad, The Weird [15]
The Goonies [12]
Gran Torino [15]
Gravity [12]
The Great Escape [PG]
The Great Gatsby [12]
Great Guy [ U ]
Green Zone [15]
Gregory's Girl [12]
Gremlins [15]
Gremlins 2 The New Batch [12]
The Grudge [15]
The Guard [18]
Hamburger Hill [18]
Hamlet [PG]
Hancock [12]
Hanna [12]
The Happening [15]
Happy Go Lucky [15]
Hard Boiled [18]
Hard Candy [18]
Hard to Kill [18]
Hard Target [18]
Hari-Kiri: Death of a Samurai [18]
The Hateful Eight [18]
Haywire [15]
Heartbreak Ridge [15]
Heat [15]
The heat [15]
Heathers [18]
The Heist [12]
Hellboy [12]
Hellboy II The Golden Army [12]
Herbie Fully Loaded [ U ]
A Historty of Violence [18]
Hero [12]
High Planes Drifter [18]
Highlander [15]
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy [12]
The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey [12]
The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug [12]
The Hole [18]
Home Alone [PG]
Homefront [15]
The Host [15]
Hot Fuzz [15]
Hot Tub Time Machine [15]
House of the Flying Daggers [15]
How to Train Your Dragon [PG]
How to Train Your Dragon 2 [PG]
Hugo [ U ]
Hummingbird [15]
The Hunger Games [12]
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire [12]
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 [12]
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 [12]
The Hunt for Red October [PG]
The Hunter [15]
The Hurt Locker [15]
The Hustler [15]
I am Legend [15]
I am Number Four [12]
Ice Cold in Alex** [PG]
In a Lonely Place* [PG]
In Bruges [18]
Inception [12]
The Incredibles [ U ]
Independence Day [12]
Indiana Jomes and the Raiders of the Lost Ark [PG]
Indiana Jomes and the Temple of Doom [PG]
Indiana Jomes and the Last Crusade [PG]
Indiana Jones and the crystal Skull [12]
Infernal Affairs II [15]
Infernal Affairs III [15]
Inglorious Basterds [18]
Inner Space [PG]
Inside Man [15]
Inside Out [ U ]
The International [15]
Interstellar [12]
Interview With a Vampire [18]
In the Line of Fire [15]
The Invasion [15]
Invictus [12]
In Which We Serve** [ U ]
I Robot [15]
The Iron Giant [ U ]
Iron Man [12]
Iron Man 2 [12]
Iron Man 3 [12]
Iron Sky [15]
The Italian Job [PG]
Jackie Brown [15]
Jack Reacher [15]
Jarhead [15]
Jason X [15]
Jaws [12]
Jerry Maguire [15]
Jewel in the Nile [PG]
Joe Kidd [15]
Johnny English [PG]
Johnny English Reborn [PG]
Johnny Mnemonic* [15]
John Wick [15]
Julia's Eyes [15]
Jumper [12]
Juno [15]
Jupiter Ascending [12]
Jurassic Park [PG]
Kamikaze Girls [12]
Kelly's Heroes [PG]
Kick Ass [15]
Kick Ass 2 [15]
The Kids are All Right [15]
Kill Bill (Volume 1 & 2) [18]
The Killer [18]
The Killers* [PG]
Kill Zone [15]
Kind Hearts and Coronets [ U ]
The Kingdom [15]
King Kong [12]
Kingsman: The Secret Service [15]
The King's Speech [12]
Kiss the Girls [18]
Kite [15]
The Kite Runner* [12]
Knight and Day [12]
A Knight's Tale [PG]
Kubo and the Two Strings [PG]
Kung Fu Hustle [15]
Kung Fu Panda [PG]
Kung Fu Panda 2 [PG]
L.A. Confidential [18]
The Lady From Shanghai* [PG]
Lady in Cement [15]
Lady Snowblood [18]
Lady Vengeance* [18]
The Last Boy Scout [18]
The Last King of Scotland [15
The Last Samurai [15]
Lawrence of Arabia [12]
Layer Cake [15]
Legally Blonde [12]
The Lego Movie [ U ]
Lethal Weapon [18]
Lethal Weapon 2 [18]
Lethal Weapon 3 [15]
Let the Right One In [15]
Leon [18]
Licence to Kill [15]
Life of Pi [PG]
Limitless [15]
Little Big Soldier [15]
Little Miss Sunshine [15]
Little Shop of Horrors [PG]
Live and Let Die [PG]
The Lives of Others [15]
The Living Daylights [PG]
Local Hero [PG]
Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels [18]
Logan's Run [12]
The Lone Ranger [12]
The Long Kiss Goodnight [18]
Looper [15]
The Long and the Short and the Tall** [15]
The Lord of the Rings (1978) [PG]
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring [12]
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers [12]
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King [12]
Lord of War [15]
The Lost Boys [15]
Lost in Translation [15]
Love Actually [15]
Lucky Number Sleven [18]
Lucy [15]
Mad Max [18]
Mad Max 2 [18]
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome [15]
Mad Max Fury Road [15]
The Magnificent Seven [PG]
The Manchurian Candidate [15]
Manderlay [15]
Manhunter [18]
A Man For All Seasons* [ U ]
Man on Fire [18]
The Man the Myth [Dub] [18]
The Man Who Knew too Much* [PG]
The Man with the Golden Arm [15]
The Man with the Golden Gun [PG]
Mars Attacks! [12]
The Martian [12]
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein [15]
MASH [15]
Master and Commander: The Fare Side of the World [12]
Master with Cracked Fingers* [Dub] [15]
Matilda [PG]
The Matrix [15]
Matrix Reloaded [15]
Matrix Revolutions [15]
The Maze Runner [12]
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials [12]
Mean Girls* [12]
The Mechanic (1972) [15]
The Mechanic (2011) [15]
Megamind [PG]
Melancholia [15]
Memento [15]
Memoirs of a Gheisha [12]
Men in Black [PG]
Men in Black II [PG]
Men in Black 3 [PG]
The Men Who Stare at Goats [15]
The Merchant of Venice [PG]
Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence [15]
The Merry Gentleman [15]
Miami Vice [15]
Michael Clayton [15]
The Mighty Quinn [15]
Minority Report [12]
Mission Impossible [PG]
Mission Impossible 2 [15]
Mission Impossible III [15]
Mission Imossible: Ghost Protocol [12]
Mission Imossible: Rogue Nation [12]
The Mist [15]
Momentum [15]
Money Train [18]
Mongol [15]
Monsters [12]
Monsters Inc [ U ]
Monsters University [ U ]
Monsters vs Aliens [PG]
Monty Python and the Holy Grail [15]
Monty Python's The Life of Brian [15]
Moon [15]
Moonraker [PG]
A Most Wanted Man [15]
The Motorcycle Diaries** [15]
Moulin Rouge* [15]
Mr & Mrs Smith [15]
Much Ado About Nothing [PG]
Mulan [ U ]
Mulan [15]
Mulholland Drive [15]
The Mummy* [15]
The Mummy's Return* [12]
The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor [12]
Murder By Numbers* [15]
Muriel's Wedding [15]
My Cousin Vinny [15]
My Favourite Brunette* [PG]
Naked Gun [15]
Naked Gun 2½ [15]
Naked Gun 3 1/3 [12]
Natural Born Killers [18]
Need for Speed [12]
The Neon Demon [18]
Never Been Kissed [12]
Never Say Never Again [PG]
Night at the Museum [PG]
Night at the Museum 2 [PG]
Nighthawks [18]
The Nightmare Before Christmas [PG]
Nightmare on Elm Street* [18]
Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge* [18]
Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors* [18]
Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dream Master* [15]
Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child* [18]
Night of the Hunter [12]
Night Watch [15]
Nikita [18]
Ninja in the Dragon's Den [18]
Noah [12]
No Country for Old Men [15]
Non-Stop [15]
Norwegian Wood [15]
Nosferatu [Not Rated]
Nothing Sacred* [ U ]
No Way Out [15]
Now You See Me [12]
Oblivion [12]
O Brother Where Art Thou [12]
Ocean's Eleven (1960) [PG]
Ocean's Eleven (2001) [12]
Octopussy [PG]
Offside [PG]
Oldboy* [18]
Omen* [18]
Omen* II [18]
Omen* III [18]
Once a Thief [15]
Once Upon a Time in China and America [15]
Once Upon a Time in Mexico [15]
Once Upon a Time in the West [15]
The One [15]
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest [18]
Ong Bak [18]
Ong Bak - The Beginning [15]
Ong Bak 3 [18]
On Her Majesty's Secret Service [PG]
The Opposire of Sex [18]
Orphan [15]
The Orphanage [15]
The Others [12]
The Other Guys [12]
The Outlaw Josey Wales [18]
Out of Sight [15]
Oz The Great and Powerful [PG]
Pacific Rim [12]
Pale Rider [15]
Panic Room [15]*
Pan's Labyrinth [15]
ParaNorman [PG]
Parker [15]
Paul [15]
Paycheck [12]
The Peacemaker [15]
The Pelican Brief [12]
The Perks of being a Wallflower [12]
Persepolis [15]
Pitch Black [15]
Planet Terror [18]
Platoon [15]
Pleasantville {R1] [PG-13]
Point Break* [18]
Police Story [15]
Police Story 2 [15]
Predator* [18]
Predator 2* [18]
The Prestige [12]
Pretty Woman [15]
The Princess Bride [R1] [PG]
Prison on Fire [18]
Prometheus [15]
Proof of Life [15]
Protégé [18]
Psycho [15]
Public Enemies [15]
The Public Enemy [PG]
Pulp Fiction [18]
Pump up the Volume [15]
Punch Drunk Love [15]
Push [12]
Quantum of Solace [12]
The Quiet Ones [15]
The Racketeer* [PG]
Raging Phoenix [15]
The Raid [18]
The Raid 2 [18]
Rain* [PG]
Rango [PG]
Ratatouille [ U ]
Reach for the Sky** [ U ]
Reality Bites [12]
RED [12]
RED 2 [12]
Red Cliff [15]
Red Cliff II [15]
Red Eye [12]
Reign of Assassins [15]
The Replacement Killers [18]
Repo Man [18]
Repo Men [18]
Reservoir Dogs [18]
Resident Evil* [15]
Resident Evil: Apocalypse* [15]
Resident Evil: Extinction* [15]
Resident Evil: Afterlife [15]
Resident Evil: Retribution [15]
Return of the Pink Panther [PG]
Return to Oz [PG]
The Revenant [15]
Revenge of the Pink Panther [PG]
Revolutionary Road* [15]
Reykjavik Rotterdam [15]
Ring 0 [15]
Rio Grande* [PG]
Rise of the Planet of the Apes [12]
Rising Sun [18]
Risky Business [18]
The Road to Hollywood* [PG]
Road to Perdition [15]
The Roaring Twenties [PG]
RoboCop [18]
The Rock [15]
The Rocky Horror Picture Shoe [15]
Rogue One [12]
Romancing the Stone [12]
Romeo + Juliet* [12]
Ronin [15]
Roxanne [PG]
Rumble in Hong Kong* [Dub] [15]
Run Lola Run [15]
Runaway Train [15]
Rush [15]
Rush Hour [12]
Rush Hour 2 [12]
The Russia House [15]
Salt [15]
Saving General Yang [15]
A Scanner Darkly [15]
Scarface [18]
The Scorpion King* [15]
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World [12]
Scream [18]
Secretary [18]
The Secret of Kells [PG]
The Sentinel [12]
Serenity [15]
A Series of Unfortunate Events [PG]
Seven [18]
Seven Swords [15]
Shallow Grave [18]
Shane [PG]
Shanghai Noon [12]
Shaun of the Dead [15]
The Shawshank Redemption [15]
The Searchers [ U ]
Sherlock Holmes [12]
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows [12]
Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon* [PG]
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon* [PG]
Shrek [ U ]
Shrek 2 [ U ]
Shrek the Third [ U ]
Shrek Forever After [ U ]
Shriek in the Night* [PG]
The Shining [15]
The Shinjiku Incedent [18]
Shooting Fish [12]
Shooter [15]
Short Circuit [PG]
A Shot in the Dark [PG]
Shutter Island [15]
Sicario [15]
The Siege [15]
Signs [12]
The Silence of the Lambs [18]
Silver Linings Playbook [15]
The Simpsons Movie [PG]
Sin City - Collectors Edition [18]
Sin City 2 - A Dame to Kill For [18]
Single White Female [18]
Sixteen Candles [12]
The Sixth Sense [15]
Skeleton Coast [15]
The Skeleton Key [15]*
Skyfall [12]
Sleepy Hollow [15]
Slumdog Millionaire [15]
Smoking Aces [18]
Snake Eyes [15]
Sneakers [15]
Snow While and the Huntsman [12]
Solaris (2002) [12]
Son of Rambow [12]
Source Code [12]
Southern Comfort [15]
South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut [15]
The Specialist [18]
Spectre [12]
Speed [15]
The Spiderwick Chronicles [PG]
This is Spinal Tap [15]
Splash [PG]
Spooks - The Greater Good [15]
Spy Game [15]
The Spy Who Loved Me [PG]
Stand By Me [15]
Stargate [PG]
Starship Troopers [18]
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan [15]
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock [PG]
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home [PG]
Star Trek: Generations [PG]
Star Trek: First Contact [12]
Star Trek: Insurrection [PG]
Star Trek: Nemesis [12]
Star Trek [12]
Star Trek: Into Darkness [12]
Star Wars [ U ]
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back [ U ]
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi [ U ]
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace [ U ]
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones [PG]
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith [12]
Star Wars: The Force Awakens [12]
St. Elmo's Fire [15]
State of Play [12]
The Sting [PG]
Strangers on a Train [PG]
Straw Doges [18]
Striking Distance [18]
Stripes [15]
Subway [15]
Sucker Punch [12]
Suddenly* [PG]
Sunshine [15]
Super [18]
Super 8 [12]
The Swordsman [15]
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance* [18]
Syriana [15]
Tai-Chi Master [15]
Taken [18]
Taken 2 [15]
The Talented Mr. Ripley [15]
Tamara Drewe [15]
Tangled [PG]
Tank Girl [15]
Taxi [15]
Taxi 2 [12]
Taxi 3 [15]
Taxi Driver [18]
Team America World Police [15]
Tell No One [15]
The Tempest [15]
Tequila Sunrise [15]
The Terminator [15]
Terminator 2: Judgment Day [15]
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines [12]
Terminator Salvation [12]
Terminator Genisys [12]
Terror By Night* [PG]
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre [18
Thelma & Loiuse [15]
There's Something About Mary [15]
The Time of Your Life [ U ]
Things to do in Denver when You are Dead [18]
Thirst [18]
The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) [PG]
The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) [15]
¡Three Amigos! [PG]
Three Kingdoms [15]
Three Kings [15]
Throw Momma from the Train* [15]
Thunderball [PG]
Time Bandits [PG]
Timecop [18]
Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy [15]
The Titfield Thunderbolt [ U ]
To Catch a Thief [PG]
To Die For** [15]
Tomb Raider [12]
Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life [12]
Tomorrow Never Dies [12]
Tony Rome [15]
Top Gun [15]
Total Recall [18]
The Tourist [12]
Tower Heist [12]
Toy Story [PG]
Toy Story 2 [ U ]
Toy Story 3 [PG]
Trading Places [15]
Trainspotting [18]
Transcendence [12]
The Transporter [15]
Transporter 2 [15]
Transporter 3 [15]
Troll Hunter [15]
Tropic Thunder [15]
True Grit (1969) [PG]
True Grit (2010) [15]
True Lies [15]
True Romance [18]
The Truman Show [15]
The Tube [15]
Turtles are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers [12]
Twelfth Night [ U ]
Twelve Monkeys [15]
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me [15]
Twin Town [18]
Two Mules For Sister Sara [15]
Uncle Buck [12]
Under Siege [15]
Under Siege 2 [18]
Under the Skin [15]
Underworld [15]
Underworld - Evolution [18]
Underworld - Rise of the Lycans [18]
Unforgiven [15]
Unknown [15]
Unstoppable [12]
The Untouchables [15]
Up [ U ]
Up in the Air [15]
Upside Down [12]
The Usual Suspects [18]
Valkyrie [12]
Van Helsing [12]
Vanilla Sky [15]
Vantage Point [12]
Vengeance of Fu Manchu [PG]
The Verdict [15]
Vertical Limit [12]
V for Vendetta [15]
A View to a Kill [PG]
The Village [12]
The Wages of Fear [PG]
Walk the Line [12]
Wallace and Gromit* - A Grand Day Out [ U ]
Wallace and Gromit* - The Wrong Trousers [ U ]
Wallace and Gromit* - A Close Shave [ U ]
Wallace and Gromit - The Curse of the Wererabbit [PG]
Wallace and Gromit - A Matter of Loaf and Death [PG]
Wall-E [ U ]
Waltz With Bashir [18]
Wanted [18]
War [18]
War Games [PG]
The Warlords [15]
War of the Worlds [12]
Warriors of Heaven and Earth [15]
Wasabi [15]
Watchmen [18]
Waterloo* [ U ]
Wayne's World [PG]
Wedding Belles [18]
Weird Science [12]
We Need to Talk About Kevin [15]
Where the Wild Things Are [PG]
Who Dares Wins [18]
The Wild Geese [15]
Wild Things [18]
Where Eagles Dare [PG]
Whip It [12]
White Heat [15]
The White Ribbon [15]
Who's That Girl [PG]
The Wicker Man [15]
The Wild Bunch [18]
Winter's Bone [15]
Withnail and I [15]
Witness [15]
The Wolverive [12]
The Woman in Black [12]
The Woman in Green* [PG]
It's a Wonderful Life [ U ]
Woochi the Demon Slayer [15]
The World is not Enough [12]
The World's End [15]
World War Z [15]
The Wrong Man [PG]
X-Men [12]
X-Men 2 [12]
X-Men 3 [12]
X-Men Origins: Wolverine [12]
X-Men First Class [12]
X-Men Days of Future Past [12]
xXx [12]
xXx: The Next Level [12]
Y Tu Mamá También [18]
You Don't Mess with the Zohan [12]
Young and Innocent* [PG]
Young Frankenstein [PG]
Young Guns [18]
You Only Live Twice [PG]
Zatoichi In Desperation [15]
Zatoichi at the Fire Festival [15]
Zatoichi Meets the One Armed Swordsman [15]
Zatoichi the Outlaw [15]
Zero Dark Thirty [15]
Zodiac [15]
Zulu [PG]


5 Centimetres Per Second [ U ]
Ah My Goddess - Complete Series [12]
Ah My Goddess - Flights of Fancy - Complete Series [12]
The Ambition of Oda Nobuna - Complete Series [12]
Angel Beats! - Complete Series [12]
The Animatrix [15]
Another - Complete Series [15]
Arakawa Under the Bridge - Complete Series [12]
Aria - The Scarlet Ammo - Complete Series [15]
Akira [15]
Area 88 - Complete Series [15]
Arrietty [ U ]
Azumanga Daioh - Complete Series [12]
Baccano! - Complete Series [18]
Bakemonagatari - Complete Series  [15]
Bamboo Blade - Complete Series [PG]
Basilisk - Complete Series [15]
Battle Girls: Time Paradox - Complete Series  [15]
Berserk - Complete Series [18]
Birdy the Mighty: Decode - Complete Series [12/15]
Black Cat - Complete Series [15]
Black Lagoon - Complete Series [18]
Black Lagoon - Roberta's Blood Trail [15]
Blade of the Immortal - Complete Series [15]
Blood: The Last Vampire [15]
Bodacious Space Pirates - Complete Series [PG]
BTOOOM! - Complete Series [15]
Burst Angel  - Complete Series + OVA [15]
Canaan - Complete Series [15]
Casshern Sins - Complete Series [12]
The Castle of Cagliostro [PG]
Cat Planet Cuties - Complete Series [15]
The Cat Returns [ U ]
Chobits - Complete Series [15]
Clannad [12]
Claymore - Complete Series [15]
Cowboy Bebop (Remix) - Complete Series [15]
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie [12]
Daphne in Brilliant Blue - Complete Series [12]
Darker than Black - Complete Series [15]
Darker than Black - Gemini of the Meteor - Complete Series & OVA
Death Note - Complete series [15]
Desert Punk - Complete Series [15]
The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya [12]
Disgaea - Complete Series [12]
Dream Eater Merry - Complete Series [12]
Dusk Maiden of Amnesia [15]
The Eccentric Family - Complete Series [12]
Eden of the East - Complete Series [15]
Eden of the East - King of Eden [15]
Eden of the East - Paradise Lost [15]
EF: A Tale Of Memories - Complete Series [12]
Elfen Lied - Complete Series [15]
Ergo Proxy - Complete Series [15]
FLCL - Complete Series [12]
Flowers of Evil [12]
Fractale - Complete Series [15]
Freezing - Complete Series [15]
From the New World [15]
From up on Poppy Hill [ U ]
Fruits Basket - Complete Series [PG]
Gantz - Complete Series [18]
Ga-Rei-Zero - Complete Series [15]
Ghost Hunt - Complete Series [15]
Ghost in the Shell [15]
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence [15]
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex: 1st & 2nd Gig [15]
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society [15]
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time [12]
Grave of the Fireflies [12]
Gungrave - Complete Series [15]
Gunslinger Girl - Complete Series [15]
Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino - Complete Series [15]
Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino OVA [15]
Gurren Lagann [15]
Haibane Renmei - Complete Series [12]
Heaven's Memo Pad - Complete Series  [12]
High School of the Dead - Complete Series [15]
Howl's Moving Castle [ U ]
Humanity has Declined - Complete Series [12]
Ikki Tousen: Battle Vixens - Complete Series [18]
Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny - Complete Series [18]
Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians - Complete Series [18]
Ikki Tousen: Xtreme Xecutor - Complete Series [18]
Invaders of the Rukojyoma!? - Complete Series [15]
Is This a Zombie? - Complete Series  [15]
Jin-Roh [15]
Jyo Oh Sei - Complete Series [15]
Kamisama Dolls - Complete Series [15]
Kiddy Grade - Complete Series [12]
Kids on the Slope - Complete Series  [12]
Kiki's Delivery Service [ U ]
Kill Me Baby [12]
Kino's Journey - Complete Series [12]
Kokoro Connect - Complete Series  [12]
Laputa Castle in the Sky [PG]
Last Exile - Complete Series [12]
Love Hina - Complete Series + Spring and Christmas Specials [12]
Lucky Star - Complete Series & OVA [15]
A Lull in the Sea - Complete Series [15]
Lunar Legend: Tsukihime - Complete Series [15]
Lupin the Third: The Secret of Mamo [15]
Madlax - Complete Series [15]
Majikoi-Oh! Samurai Girls - Complete Series [15]
Mayo Chiki - Complete Series [15]
The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya [Series One & Two] [12]
Metropolis [PG]
Michiko & Hatchin - Complete Series [15]
Millennium Actress [PG]
Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun -Complete Series [12]
Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit -Complete Series [12]
My Neighbour Totoro [ U ]
My Neighbours the Yamadas [PG]
Mysterious Girlfriend X - Complete Series  [15]
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind [PG]
Night Raid 1931 - Complete Series [15]
Ninja Scroll - Complete Series [15]
Ninja Scroll - Movie [18]
Nisemonogatari - Complete Series [18]
Noir - Complete Series [12]
Ocean Waves [PG]
Only Yesterday [PG]
Oreimo - Complete Series  [18]
Oreimo 2 - Complete Series  [15]
Origin - Spirits of the Past [12]
Ouran High School Host Club - Complete Series [15]
Outlaw Star - Complete Series  [12]
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt - Complete Series [18]
Paprika [15]
Paranoia Agent - Complete Series [18]
Perfect Blue [18]
The Place Promised in our Early Days* [12]
Pom Poko [PG]
Ponyo [ U ]
Porco Rosso [PG]
Princess Mononoke [PG]
Puella Magi Modoka Magica - Complete Series [15]
Puni Puni Poemy [18]
Requiem From the Darkness - Complete Series [18]
RideBack - Complete Series [12]
Rin ~ Daughters of Mnemosyne ~  - Complete Series[18]
Rosario and Vampire (Series One) [15]
Rozen Maiden - Complete Series (1 & 2) [12]
Rozen Maiden: Zurückspulen - Complete Series [12]
Sakura Trick - Complete Series [15]
Samurai 7 - Complete Series [15]
Samurai Champloo - Complete Series [15]
Sankarea - Undying Love - Complete Series [15]
Sasami-san@Ganbaranai [15]
Shakugan no Shana - Complete Series [15]
Shakugan no Shana II - Complete Series [15]
She, The Ultimate Weapon - Complete Series & OVA [15]
The Sky Crawlers [12]
So, I Can't Play H! - Complete Series [15]
Solty Rei - Complete Series [15]
Soni Ani: Super Sonico The Animation [15]
Sound of the Sky - Complete Series [12]
Speed Grapher - Complete Series [15]
Steins;Gate - Complete Series  [15]
Spirited Away [PG]
The Squid Girl - Series One [12]
Steamboy (Dub Only) [PG]
Strike Witches (season One and Two) [12]
Summer Wars [12]
The Tale of Princess Kagoya [ U ]
Tales from Earthsea [PG]
Texhnolyze - Complete Series [15]
Tokyo Godfathers [12]
Tower of Druaga - Complete Series [12]
Trigun - Complete Series [15]
Trinity Blood - Complete Series [15]
Usagi Drop - Complete Series [PG]
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust [15]
Voices of a Distant Star* [PG]
Waiting in the Summer - Complete Series  [15]
Watamote: No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Popular - Complete Series [15]
Welcome to the NHK - Complete Series [15]
When Marnie was There  [ U ]
Whisper of the Heart [ U ]
The Wind Rises [PG]
Witchblade - Complete Series [15]
Witch Hunter Robin - Complete Series [12]
X - The Movie [15]
xxxHOLiC - Complete Series [12]
Yukikaze - Volume 1, 2 & 3 [PG]

TV Series:

24 (Series 1-8) [15]
The 4400 (Series 1) [12]
Alias (Series 1-5) [15]
American Gothic [15]
Barbera Vine's A Dark Adapted Eye [15]
Barbera Vine's A Fatal Inversion [12]
Barbera Vine's Gallowglass [15]
The Barchester Chronicles [ U ]
Battlestar Galactica (miniseries) [12]
Battlestar Galactica (Series 1-4) [15]
Battlestar Galactica: Razor [15]
Being Human (Series 1)
Blackadder - Ultimate Edition [15]
Breaking Bad (Series 1-5) [18]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Series 1-7) [15]
Caprica (Pilot) [15]
A Dance to the Music of Time [15]
Doctor Who (Series 1 & 3) [12]
Dollhouse (Series 1) [15]
Family Guy (Series 2 & 3) [15]
Farscape - The Definitive Collection [18]
Firefly [12]
Futurama (series 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6) [12]
Game of Thrones (Series 1-6) [18]
Goodnight Sweetheat (Complete) [PG]
House of Cards (US) (Series 1-3) [18]
Masada [12]
The Mentalist (Series 1) [15]
Miami Vice (Series 1-5) [18/15]
Neverwhere [15]
Outnumbered (Series 1-2) [12]
A Perfect Spy [15]
Primeval (Series 1-3) [12]
Prison Break (series 3) [15]
Pushing Daisies (Series 1-2) [12]
Rome (Series 1-2) [18]
Six Feet Under (Series 2-5) [18]
Spaced (Series 1-2) [15]
State of Play [15]
Touching Evil (Series 1-3)
Twin Peaks - Definitive Gold Edition [15]
Warehouse 13 (Series 1-2) [12]

*Part of a boxed set
** Free with a newspaper

I didn't highlight the new ones as it would take too long :p

Avatar Czar
DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #722 on: 10-11-2017 14:26 »

I like Alien Resurrection too! :)

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #723 on: 10-11-2017 15:01 »
« Last Edit on: 10-11-2017 15:06 »

You know, there's just something about Alien Resurrection that that appeals to me, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

* cough *
* Winona Ryder *
* cough *

Holy cow, Tweek! And given that I'm not really a movie or television buff, I'm surprised to see a number of titles we have in common, other than Futurama. Interestingly, of our common titles, a bunch are still in my to-view queue :)


DOOP Secretary
« Reply #724 on: 10-11-2017 15:11 »

* cough *
* Winona Ryder *
* cough *

Holy cow, Tweek! And given that I'm not really a movie or television buff, I'm surprised to see a number of titles we have in common, other than Futurama. Interestingly, of our common titles, a bunch are still in my to-view queue :)

I think she is at her cutest in 'Alien Resurrection'.

I will need to find more self space soon... or stop buying cheap DVDs :p

Avatar Czar
DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #725 on: 10-11-2017 18:30 »

Do you mind if I come over to watch Spaced sometime, Tweek?

Space Pope
« Reply #726 on: 10-13-2017 02:42 »

* cough *
* Winona Ryder *
* cough *

Holy cow, Tweek! And given that I'm not really a movie or television buff, I'm surprised to see a number of titles we have in common, other than Futurama. Interestingly, of our common titles, a bunch are still in my to-view queue :)

I think she is at her cutest in 'Alien Resurrection'.

I see your Alien Resurrection and raise you Reality Bites...

...but we can always agree to disagree. ;)

On the topic of DVDs, alas, I got nothin'--I haven't bought one in at least a couple years. We millenials ruin everything, don't we?

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #727 on: 10-13-2017 03:53 »

Goddamn millennials! :p

If you don't have something on physical media, dude, you ain't bloody got it. So many online services have been left in the wake of technological progress, leaving their customers, at best, in the position of having to download everything before the servers are shut down. At best!

And thank you for pointing out another film with a very... intense Winona. :) Haven't seen it, but I will keep my eyes open.

Avatar Czar
DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #728 on: 10-13-2017 05:57 »

Isn't there a movie with Brittany Murphy, Angelina Jolie, and Winona Ryder in it?  Beetlejuice?

Space Pope
« Reply #729 on: 10-13-2017 13:04 »

Girl, Interrupted. Like Reality Bites it is not an especially good movie, but Winona Ryder is luminous, as always.

If you don't have something on physical media, dude, you ain't bloody got it. So many online services have been left in the wake of technological progress, leaving their customers, at best, in the position of having to download everything before the servers are shut down. At best!

Oh, when I love something so much I know I want to rewatch it at will for years and years and years, you can bet I'll buy a physical copy. I own every Futurama DVD, of course, and the first 15 seasons of The Simpsons (minus season 14--I really should get on that). The only film of my Absolute All-Time Favorites that I don't yet own is Broadcast News, though I did appreciate its temporary presence on HBO Go a few months ago and you can bet I took advantage of it.

But yes, there are definitely TV series and films I'd like to add to my permanent collection. The fact that I don't is really just a matter of finances (my disposable income goes more often to books, which I insist upon owning in hard copy). Right now it's just cheaper and more convenient for me to mooch off my parents' various streaming accounts like--you guessed it!--the lousy, blood-sucking millennial that I am.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #730 on: 10-13-2017 15:00 »

Oh, I fell into that. Sorry, I should have realized that you'd definitely grab a hardcopy of something that you really treasured, not assumed that you streamed shows exclusively like so many of my co-workers. Some of those co-workers "owned" scads of music on a Microsoft service when it was discontinued years ago, so you'd think that they'd be more wary when it came to online video.

When choosing a destination for disposable income, books are for sure at the top of my list. Originally, I'd buy mostly anthologies to get the most value for my dollars, which ended up introducing me to many authors. More hours of my life than I could count were spent browsing around in mall bookstores on the weekends, looking for interesting novels and collections of short stories, and later in pawn shops poring over shelves of CDs and DVDs. I guess that streaming services like Prime and Netflix for video and Spotify for music are analogous in a way, in that you get to sample a variety of material.

Do you make lists of shows that you want to acquire, or just keep them in the back of your mind?

...to mooch off my parents' various streaming accounts like--you guessed it!--the lousy, blood-sucking millennial that I am.

Oh, I love that used "lousy" and "blood-sucking" together :) It's definitely possible that I'm jealous of your media arrangement, because the damned slow DSL that connects me to the internets is only marginally sufficient to deliver streamed audio, and watching glitchy video drives me crazy.

I wonder whether millennials will someday be grousing at gen z for the way they receive their entertainment, or if it's even possible for us to envision how that might work?


Avatar Czar
DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #731 on: 10-13-2017 15:19 »

I think lousy, in reference to actual lice, rather than being a term as a general derision is like one of Gorky's favorites.  I also imagine she pronounces it with an 's' rather than a 'z'.

I didn't actually know Winona Ryder was in that movie.  Thanks for naming it Gorky.  I guess I enjoyed it? :confused:

I prefer going to physical places when I scavenge shop too.  The weird cd store, the pawn shop, an occasional yard garage sale, and the movie shop to name a few.  Used stuff is kind of neat, in that, now I have something in my hands that was once a part of someone else's life kind of way.  Like that copy of Ocarina of Time I had where Ben Drowned.

Space Pope
« Reply #732 on: 10-13-2017 18:58 »
« Last Edit on: 10-13-2017 19:00 »

Do you make lists of shows that you want to acquire, or just keep them in the back of your mind?

The latter, I think. I'll also say that one of the perks of streaming new/new-to-me TV shows, specifically, is that it's far lower stakes than buying a whole DVD set (or multiple ones) based on someone else's recommendation. For example, I was able to breeze through the entire run of Dexter--a show I never would have sought out on DVD, based only on word-of-mouth and my own fuzzy understanding of what the show was about--on Netflix, but now own the full-series box-set on DVD. Granted, that's partly because my parents bought it for me two Christmases ago--but, it's also one of my favorite shows and something I'd have wanted to own myself, anyway.

Similarly, I'd one day like to acquire Parks and Recreation on DVD, though I'm only a fan of the show in the first place because I caught the first four seasons on Netflix then watched the last three in real-time. And I'm silently cursing myself for never getting through all of 30 Rock back when it was on Netflix, because I am positive I would love it but now I'll have to take the plunge and buy the DVDs if I want access to the show (same goes for Bob's Burgers and King of the Hill, actually).

This streaming can indeed be a harsh mistress, as consumers are subject to the whims (er, licensing agreements) of the service providers, but I'd still say I'm thankful for it overall. It's like a try-it-before-you-buy-it thing, though obviously you're still paying for content so you're not exactly getting something for nothing (unless you're a mooching moocher, like myself).

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #733 on: 10-13-2017 20:34 »


Yes, the financial stakes are considerably less with a streaming service than they are when plunking down a wad of cash for a disc or box set.

It's true that the internet connection at my house is dismally sluggish, but the most significant reason I don't stream is that I watch very little television and see very few movies. Sure, chatting with friends and catching references on message boards have exposed me to details about a number of popular shows, and some of that catches my interest to the point where I might keep a couple of show titles in mind when I'm idly looking for something to watch.

Perhaps I ought to test the streaming waters by trying out one of the services for a few months, to see whether it sparks something in me. Binging something like Archer is something I could see myself doing (I have the first season on disc).

So, how much of a statistical outlier am I compared to the average person? Is there anyone else here who declines to legally stream by choice? Whoever opens the next DVD thread, please make a poll with multiple voting enabled so that we can see how the various ways of consuming shows break down by popularity here on Peel.


Space Pope
« Reply #734 on: 10-13-2017 21:02 »

Perhaps I ought to test the streaming waters by trying out one of the services for a few months, to see whether it sparks something in me. Binging something like Archer is something I could see myself doing (I have the first season on disc).

Ah, Archer is a great example of a show I never would have paid to own on DVD (all I knew of it for the longest time were the meme-ish references made by some PEELers of yore) but have since binged online and enjoyed immensely. I don't necessarily love it enough to own it on DVD, but if ever I need a good laugh I can pick a random episode on Netflix and not be disappointed.

If you decide to try streaming, Tachy, in addition to Netflix I'd recommend Hulu. I don't have Hulu myself, but I'm considering using *gasp* my own money to get a subscription because their catalog of shows is quite impressive.

So, how much of a statistical outlier am I compared to the average person? Is there anyone else here who declines to legally stream by choice?

Most people I know do primarily use streaming, but I think that's because of an aversion to paying for cable; I might actually be the only person among my group of friends with cable. What can I say? I love channel surfing and still get really excited when I find a movie or an episode of a TV show I have not seen in a while pop up "live," as it were--it's always a fun, pleasant surprise.

And this is waaay off topic, but the move away from cable TV subscriptions to streaming subscriptions does actually bum me out, for reasons I can't quite articulate. Something about the dual annoyance and pleasure of the commercial break, and the sense that I'm somehow "plugged in" to the rest of the world--like, if something catastrophic happened, my live TV feed would likely be interrupted and I would be made aware of it ASAP, but if I were watching Netflix I could just keep blithely going about my day none the wiser. I often have the TV on when I'm alone in my apartment, "for company," and the steady babble of cable feels more "real" to me than Netflix which often goes silent with prompts asking if I really am still watching Friends or How I Met Your Mother or whatever.

It's weird, I know, but there you have it. :hmpf:

Avatar Czar
DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #735 on: 10-13-2017 21:10 »

Public broadcast is also really good now.  There's like 30 channels now, since the mandatory digital shift.

I like channel surfing sometimes too.  I don't have cable at the moment (or streaming options), but it hasn't been bad.

Thanks for reminding me on Archer.  Btw there's a version of the pilot episode where Archer is replaced by a raptor that growls a lot--highly recommend.

« Reply #736 on: 02-20-2020 20:54 »


Two new DVDs:

Girls und Panzer TV series
Girls und Panzer der film

I'm really not into Japanese anime, but having watched a load of meme vids based on the show, I dug a bit deeper. Yes, the premise is totally ridiculous, but if you can suspend disbelief there is much to enjoy. More history references than you can wave a stick at, eccentric characters, visually realistic tanks with their unique quirks amplified for humour, Kelly's Heroes references, some hidden adult humour, and even a Monty Python reference in one of the OVAs. There is some cringe, but it's the least anime anime I've come across, and getting der film was worth it just for the totally bonkers BT-42 scene. It's definitely a guilty pleasure rather than a masterpiece, but it can be strangely addictive.

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What is ridiculous about tank battles as a sport for girls? 😛

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« Reply #738 on: 02-22-2020 05:08 »

I've personally engaged in tank duels with women...duels of the arcade kind, naturally. Also, I've not watched more than several minutes of Tank Girl, but the bit I did watch looked interesting, and the Portishead soundtrack was awesome :)


Bending Unit
« Reply #739 on: 02-22-2020 06:36 »

The Tank Girl soundtrack was compiled by Courtney Love. It's a significant artifact in the whole grunge scene, imho.

Movie is a lot of fun, too.

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« Reply #740 on: 02-22-2020 09:24 »

Thanks for the detail. Ms. Love...is a rather polarizing person. I do have one of her albums, and also a couple of tracks from another.

Closer to the title of the thread, I have several discs on order, and if my memory is accurate, All of them have shipped as of yesterday. I love Amazon so much I swear that my wallet whimpers each time a UPS truck goes by.


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« Reply #741 on: 03-07-2020 15:56 »

And they came in! No new hot releases here. I haven't watched any of these before, but had wanted to get a couple of them for a while and was looking to rent the others...but it cost less to just buy them :)


Space Pope
« Reply #742 on: 03-07-2020 18:49 »

Ah, curious to hear your thoughts on Little Miss Sunshine, when you get to it. (It’s kind of twee, but it’s well-written and the performances are sooo good.)

Bending Unit
« Reply #743 on: 03-08-2020 00:24 »

Also curious to hear your thoughts on Under The Skin. It has a strong message, but the message is ambiguous. I'm not sure what it was saying, but at the very least it clearly displayed basic facets of the human spirit.

(also, not for nothing, but the score is by Mica Levi, and is haunting in its own right)

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #744 on: 03-08-2020 01:14 »

Not sure which of these I'll watch this weekend. Little Miss Sunshine was highly recommended to me by a friend. The path leading to Under The Skin is convoluted, but the deliberate, precise footsteps taken by the protagonist as she walked very slowly around a room clearly implied the presence of an intelligent entity in an unfamiliar (i.e. human) body, who was exploring its available range of motion. And at first it came across as benevolent to me, then more ambivalent. A couple of days ago I read a review blurb of the movie, outlining its horrific nature. It'll be fun watching. :)

David A

Space Pope
« Reply #745 on: 03-08-2020 03:13 »

I really enjoyed both Addams Family films.  I don't mean to diminish John Astin's wonderful performances on the television series when I say this, but Gomez Addams is the role that Raul Julia was born to play.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #746 on: 03-08-2020 03:31 »

I've never seen either of the Addams movies, and have been looking forward to them for some time. The MIB film is one that I'd intended to see in the cinema, but never quite got around to.

David A

Space Pope
« Reply #747 on: 03-08-2020 04:00 »

I saw them both in the theater, back when they came out.  I forget if it was during the first or the second one when my friends and I got scolded by the ushers for sitting on the floor of the theater instead of sitting in the seats.

Ah, youth.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #748 on: 03-08-2020 04:54 »

When I watched Star Wars the first time, there was no buzz about the film at all, and I caught it at a matinee showing in the first week of June, 1977. And though my half-brother and I knew nothing about it, well, well over 90% of the people standing in line for tickets were about a full foot shorter than us. I was 21, and we were so concerned that it was going to me a kid's movie that we nearly bailed to catch some other random film.

And after the literally jaw-dropping opening, I was hooked for life. We snuck right back in to the same cinema and grabbed center, up-close seats for a free second viewing :)


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« Reply #749 on: 06-19-2021 20:20 »

I randomly found a DVD copy of Prospect[0], one of the best indie sci fi movies of the decade (IMHO etc) at a gas station. A bit surreal finding it there. Made me wonder what other gems I've never heard of are lurking in the $10 rack at PetroCo.

David A

Space Pope
« Reply #750 on: 06-19-2021 21:50 »

I've never heard of that film, but I do often feel compelled to look through the DVDs for sale at the grocery store, or even the dollar store.  I haven't found any gems yet, but I'll keep looking.

Bending Unit
« Reply #751 on: 06-20-2021 15:22 »
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The basic setting (trying not to give too much away, the spoiler tag isn't working for me) is: a single father and his daughter live in a shuttle attached to a larger ship orbiting a moon with a poisonous atmosphere, far from the central planets. In order to make money to leave this hinterland, the father takes them down to the moon, to harvest a creature that only grows there.

It has a few things going for it.

It creates a believable setting, with enough detail in the margins to convince the viewer that the characters are indeed living in a realistic place and time (half-seen notes scribbled in unrecognizable script, statements that make sense on their own but give clues about the technological/social system, and so on). This for me is the best part of it - it's the first movie in some time that I've seen which creates a wholly new futuristic universe that I want to explore more. It isn't another sequel, but it is a setting that could support sequels.

The story has a few major threads commenting on ecology, economic class, and family dynamics. The characters make realistic choices based on motivation and necessity, no enforced stupidity to create drama. And, more generally, the actors are skilled, and the visuals bring a real sense of wonder.

Also, if you like the 1970s-1980s-type styling in spacecraft, this has it.
David A

Space Pope
« Reply #752 on: 06-21-2021 06:24 »

I'd rather watch actual sci-fi films from the '70s and '80s than watch contemporary films with '70s or '80s style spacecraft, but it does sound interesting.  I might have to give it a watch if I ever get the chance.

I'll keep an eye out for it in those bargain bins.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #753 on: 06-21-2021 18:09 »

I suffered with a relatively brutal commute for many years, but one benefit was a little hole-in-the-wall pawnshop around the corner from the office where I often spent part of my lunch break looking for treasures in the DVD racks ($3 per disc). Sadly, the "bargain bin" at a local grocery store hasn't been much of a bargain for years, with used rental DVDs going for 10-12 bucks.

There are a couple of preorders in my Amazon account, for season 5 of The Expanse and season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery. The former has me completely engrossed and I plan to start on S4 tonight!. :)


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« Reply #754 on: 06-22-2021 05:11 »

I find charity shops are the best place to pick up cheap DVDs the most expensive are about two pounds but some sell three, or even five, for a pound!
Super Hans

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« Reply #755 on: 06-22-2021 14:21 »

None of the Human Centipede movies in your collection Tweek? For shame. :nono:

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I once bought Splice at a gas station.  It has necrobestialincestarapuality.  Pretty weird.

Edit: also gendertransitioninghermaphrod itism, I forgot that...it's pretty integral to the film actually.
Super Hans

Starship Captain
« Reply #757 on: 06-23-2021 10:34 »

Sounds good, I'll check it out.
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