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: Greatest short lived physical changes  (Read 1426 times)
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PEE Poll: Greatest short lived physical changes
Bender as Coilet   -9 (23.1%)
Leela with two eyes   -3 (7.7%)
Zoidburg with mohawk dorsal fin type dealie   -13 (33.3%)
Scruffy's $300 hair cut   -3 (7.7%)
Fry's afro   -8 (20.5%)
Zap in a cowboy hat   -3 (7.7%)
: 38

John Pannozzi

Starship Captain
« #40 : 07-09-2004 17:11 »

Originally posted by Kryten:
Amy's "cuter" hairstyle.

Hey, that looks like Gozer from "Ghostbusters"!

Anyway, I don't like physical changes. But if Fry and Leela had become a 2-headed creature at the end of PL like in the original script (why, oh why did they have to get rid of that?), I would have liked it.

« #41 : 07-09-2004 22:55 »

Zapp in the midnight cowboy getup. I cried of laughter when i saw it. It is the reason i bought the series on dvd!!
Also, its not quite the same but Zoidy in the mexican shell- clasic!!

Bending Unit
« #42 : 07-09-2004 23:13 »

I say Bender as Coilette (sp?). Bender as a woman... it's just so funny.

« #43 : 07-10-2004 14:33 »

Definitly Dr. Z.
It was quite a surprise to see he could "evolve" to a more advanced "look".

A rich doctor AND a pokemon you say? hmmm....

Liquid Emperor
« #44 : 07-10-2004 14:58 »

Hmmm ...
Normally I do vote at most popularity polls for Leela, but not this time: She looks beautiful with only one eye and it is good that it did stay this way...  :)

Amy's new hairstyle in Bender's dream is really nice.

The story of Coilette was really touching, especially in the end when Bender claimed to be "the old one" again, but it's obviously that this episode has changed his character ...

It would have been interesting to see more episodes in future seasons about Bender's identity (sp?), but we will never see ...
"Thanks", FOX  :mad:

Bending Unit
« #45 : 07-10-2004 16:22 »

I have to pick the fro, just because it looks sweet.

Starship Captain
« #46 : 07-11-2004 03:06 »

Fry's head on Amy's sholder.

Urban Legend
« #47 : 07-12-2004 16:41 »

Originally posted by stolb3rg:
I have to pick the fro, just because it looks sweet.

i find that humerous because your avatar is Scruffy with his $300 haircut   :D
Bent Again

« #48 : 07-14-2004 08:33 »

Mmmmmmmm.... Clobberella!!!! *drool*

Liquid Emperor
« #49 : 07-14-2004 09:34 »

Zoidberg in his mating phase was great....it's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for.... :)

A side of Zoidy that we never saw again....(and never will)

Liquid Emperor
« #50 : 07-14-2004 21:31 »

Probably Fry's head on Amy's body.

Of these choices, I pick the Zoidberg fin.

Delivery Boy
« #51 : 07-15-2004 06:00 »

voted Bender coz it was so out there.

« #52 : 07-16-2004 12:21 »

The New Justice Team, of course!  :love:

But of the above choices, definately Fry's 'fro.

"I feel weird."

Gets me every time.  :laff:
Zion Ravescene

« #53 : 09-10-2004 17:50 »

What about:

Broken Bender with his two vestigial arm attachments?
Fry with the Robot Devil's hands?
Leela with Calculon's antennae for ears?
Bender with a klaxon for a nose and minus his shiny metal ass?
Bender's iron angel wings in HIOR?
Amy and Hermes without hair at Xmas?
Zoidberg with Amy and Hermes's hair at Xmas?
"Pregnant" Bender?
The younger versions of the PlanEx crew in TMLH? (especially Zoidberg)
Bender the Werecar?

(there are more but I think that's enough for now...)

« #54 : 09-10-2004 21:35 »

Scruffys $300 haircut all the way!

Urban Legend
« #55 : 09-10-2004 23:03 »
« : 09-10-2004 23:03 »

Originally posted by athena1999:
Oh yeah, and one thing was forgotten-- Fry with no nose! I kind of thought it was cool  :flirt:

Cool or sexy as indicated by your uh..face?

I liked Scruffy's $300 haircut...it just had so much...pazaz!
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