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Author Topic: Best Singing Voice  (Read 7036 times)
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PEE Poll: Best Singing Voice
Fry   -11 (8.4%)
Zapp   -4 (3.1%)
Leela   -48 (36.6%)
Robot Devil   -46 (35.1%)
Bender   -5 (3.8%)
Farnsworth   -1 (0.8%)
Hermes   -5 (3.8%)
the Grunka Lunkas   -4 (3.1%)
Zoidberg   -7 (5.3%)
Official Fry's Opera Singers   -0 (0%)
Total Members Voted: 131


Delivery Boy
« Reply #80 on: 03-13-2005 14:52 »

The robot devil has my vote.   

Capīn Skusting

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #81 on: 05-13-2005 12:25 »

Anybody got a sound byte of Bender scat singing?
Santa Claws

« Reply #82 on: 05-25-2005 05:08 »

Who has heard Megaman goes to Hell? It has Megaman lipsynchin as Bender.

« Reply #83 on: 05-26-2005 14:08 »

i voted the robot devil for his singing in hell is other robots and the devil's hands are idle playthings... but i really can't say he's better than the others, they're all so great, i can't say any of them could have done better.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #84 on: 05-28-2005 21:23 »

Originally posted by Young_and_Angry:
Fry! And then Leela. Who can resist a really cool guy with spikey orange hair who is really caring, and would do anything for Leela? Yes, I know I'm a shipper...an ANGRY shippper!
The same guy doing that, AND who sings! I love the HIOR song, and ESPECIALLY the DHAIPT opera.
"Destiny has cheated me by forcing me to decide upon
The woman that I idolize,
 or the hands of an atuomaton
With out these hands I can't complete the opera that's been captivating her!
But if I keep them
and she marries him,
Then he probably won't
Want me dating her."
They all sing so well, except for Amy, Zoidberg, and Farnsworth.   :D

Fry cool? Fry's as cool as I am a ballerina (hint: I'm not). Seriously, no. He's a nice guy and all but he's an undisputed nerd.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #85 on: 05-28-2005 21:27 »

I voted for Katey, as Leela.  I just love her voice in general, and her singing sounds even better.  Especially like in the X-Mas Elves song.  yeaaaaah.

Starship Captain
« Reply #86 on: 05-29-2005 14:03 »

MORBO.....No one can make funky Town sound bad  :)

Bending Unit
« Reply #87 on: 06-05-2005 17:54 »

 None of them are really Oh my god fantastic singers but Leela (Katey Segal) is deffinitly the greatest out of all of them. She has a suprisingly good voice 

Bending Unit
« Reply #88 on: 06-11-2005 03:50 »

Leela did awsome in The devil's hands are idle playthings
Futurama Crazy

Bending Unit
« Reply #89 on: 06-11-2005 14:43 »

Originally posted by Teral:
No points for guessing who I voted for.   :p

But seriously I think she has the best singing voice, as evident in "Hell Is Other Robots", "Xmas Story" and "The Devils Hnads Are Idle Playthings", and other episodes.

I totally agree with you. She sings that song at the end of Xmas story and sounds great.   ;)

Starship Captain
« Reply #90 on: 06-11-2005 15:18 »

Its so hilarious when the grunka lunkas sing.  :D   :D   :D   :D

Starship Captain
« Reply #91 on: 06-11-2005 15:23 »

Originally posted by woopsie daisy!:
Zapp, I love his kaeoke...

I met her in a hotel, down in old soho......

Futurama Crazy

Bending Unit
« Reply #92 on: 06-11-2005 15:26 »

when Kif sings in that episode, he sings rather rubbishly....

Delivery Boy
« Reply #93 on: 06-12-2005 04:12 »

Of course. When you sing from heart, and actually sound a bit like the actually song, that means you're a rubbish singer...

Fry gets my vote.

"My ass has blisters from the slide."
Futurama Crazy

Bending Unit
« Reply #94 on: 06-12-2005 14:19 »

But Fry sounds terrible in Xmas Story when they sing at the end!! Santa Clause Is Gunning You Doooooooooown!!

Delivery Boy
« Reply #95 on: 06-13-2005 10:55 »

That's the joke.
Futurama Crazy

Bending Unit
« Reply #96 on: 06-13-2005 13:34 »

I know its one of the funniest songs the crew sing!  :D

Starship Captain
« Reply #97 on: 06-13-2005 14:40 »

The blepped a bit of the xmas song on tv the other day

Helpy McHelphelp
DOOP Secretary
« Reply #98 on: 08-27-2005 04:36 »

By Nix:
Why do I feel as though you or someone else has already made that joke once before?

Because I'm unimaginative, maybe?  :p

Urban Legend
« Reply #99 on: 08-27-2005 13:31 »

I think Leela has a good singing voice.

« Reply #100 on: 08-27-2005 13:53 »
« Last Edit on: 08-27-2005 13:53 »

I loved Beezlebot's song in "Hell is other Robots"

Beelzebot: Cigars are evil, you won't miss 'em.
We'll find ways to simulate that smell.
What a sorry fella, rolled up and smoked like a panatella.
Here on level one of Robot Hell.

Gambling's wrong and so is cheating,
so is forging phony IOU's.
Let's let lady luck decide
what type of torture's justified.
I'm pit boss here on level two.

Ooh! Deep-fryed robot!

Bender: Just tell me why.
Beelzebot: Please read this fifty-five page warrant.
Bender: There must be robots worse than I.
Beelzebot: We checked around, there really aren't.
Bender: Then please let me explain;
My crimes were merely boyish pranks.
Beelzebot: You stole from boy scouts, nuns, and banks!
Bender: Aw, don't blame me, blame my upbringing.
Beelzebot: Please stop sinning while I'm singing!

Beelzebot: Selling bootleg tapes is wrong.
Musicians need that income to survive.
Beastie Boys: Hey Bender gonna make some noise
With your hard drive scratched by the Beastie Boys.
That's whatcha, whatcha, whatcha get on level five.

Fry: I don't feel well.
Leela: It's up to us to rescue him.
Fry: Maybe he likes it here in hell.
Leela: It's us who tempted him to sin.
Fry: Maybe he's back at the motel.
Leela: Come on Fry, don't be scared,
I'm sure at least one of us will be spared.
So just sit back, enjoy the ride.
Fry: My ass has blisters from the slide.

Beelzebot: Fencing diamonds, fixing cockfights,
Publishing indecent magazines.
You'll pay for every crime,
Knee-deep in electric slime.
You'll suffer 'till the end of time,
Enduring tortures, most of which rhyme.
Trapped forever here in Robot Hell!

My Vote goes to Beelzebot  :)
commie detector

Starship Captain
« Reply #101 on: 08-27-2005 19:43 »

well it should be the beat boxing guy from "the luck of the fryrish"
H. G. Blob

« Reply #102 on: 08-27-2005 20:29 »

Robot Devil. For sure.

Bending Unit
« Reply #103 on: 12-05-2005 16:12 »
« Last Edit on: 12-05-2005 16:12 »

Leela is the only one who could sing well, and also Kif is a good singer
"Once upon a time I was falling in love, but now I'm only falling apart. Nothing I can so but a total eclipse of the heart."
Professor Zoidy

Urban Legend
« Reply #104 on: 12-05-2005 16:26 »

Leela. She really hits the high notes while Beelzebot rarely does anything that high.

Bending Unit
« Reply #105 on: 12-05-2005 18:28 »

Leela by far!
I should have revealed I've been deafened by Bender.  The shame.  The shame!!  But I feared you'd stop writing this musical splendour.  Deception's the curse of my whimsical gender!  He gave me mechanical ears.  Effective though just a bit garish.  In return without sheading a tear I agreed that I'd give him my hand!  In marriage!

It's so well performed.

Bending Unit
« Reply #106 on: 12-05-2005 21:31 »

asi' just knocked the robot devil up another percentile.


« Reply #107 on: 12-06-2005 19:58 »

Zoidberg's Danny Boy was beautiful. And also his line in The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings!
Age Of Aquarius

Bending Unit
« Reply #108 on: 12-16-2005 14:01 »

I voted Leela!
In The Devils Hands,I thought Leela sounded the best!  :)

Urban Legend
« Reply #109 on: 12-16-2005 17:42 »

For me it's a tie between Leela, Bender, Morbo, and Kiff!  Fry kind of sings out of tune, especially when he sings "Walking on Sunshine".

« Reply #110 on: 12-17-2005 23:41 »

danny c. has the best voice

« Reply #111 on: 12-27-2005 17:12 »
« Last Edit on: 12-27-2005 17:12 »

Leela or katey sagal has and amazing voice! she sings in alot of them and in Spanish Fry she signs a song which is really high pitched. But also id admit that Belzebot and Fry have a very good consept of signing in the original voice like Leela is her voicers original voice but Billy west does so many and he can sign very well i must say in fry's part  :D

Urban Legend
« Reply #112 on: 12-27-2005 19:52 »

Yeah, I based my vote on the quality of the song they sing, both Hermes and the Robot Devil sang very good for one signature song, Where Fry, Bender, and Leela sing throughout the course of the series
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