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: LEELA, bitch with high standards, or other.  (Read 3085 times)
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Urban Legend
« #40 : 04-25-2003 15:22 »

I fail to understand your arguement, and had to re-read your post several times to understand that you were against what I said.

(BTW: Kudos for complete abandonment of your earlier opinion.)

My point is, how is it fair to someone who likes you to use them to get further with someone they're competing with.

Reading your article again, I'm not so sure if you are against what I said anymore.

I think you missunderstood me. When I was talking about her going on vacation, that was a made up hypothetical situation. It never happened, and I never said she does trust him. I was merely differenciating between trusting someone and using someone.

A better situation would be this:

Venus trusts her friend to watch her cat. Likely, this is a female friend, and their friendship isn't romantic.

If the friend were a guy who liked Venus, and she was going on vacation with another guy, the situations are similar.

Urban Legend
« #41 : 04-25-2003 16:37 »

it was a male friend. but you are right that it wasn't a vacation with another male friend.

and i can see how her asking him there in the resteraunt was rather incensitive, but i really don't think she did it in order to 'crush him more effectively' As most pet owners know, the wellfare of your animal comes first. she needed someone to take nibbler out on a quick run and Fry just happened to be there. she knows him, she trusts him, and she knew she would get nibbler back safely at the end of the night. She certainly wouldn't have trusted Bender to watch him. i see Nibbler as being a sort of 'child substitute' for Leela. ( yes i'm being serious here, you ever here that saying 'when i want to hear the patter of little feet, i'll put shoes on my cat/dog'? Nibbler wears shoes. and she has him in a diaper even though he appears to be quite capable of using a litter box. that to me screams 'child substitute') and you don't leave your child with just anyone. You want someone you know you can trust.

Urban Legend
« #42 : 04-25-2003 16:41 »

I'm not saying she did it on purpose, but I stand by my point. If she goes out with another guy when she knows he likes her, that is bound to hurt his feelings and can't be avoided really. However, asking him to do her dirty work while she goes off to have fun with another guy (while confiding with him that she might sleep with him "Actually, I might not!" ) is much, much worse, and probably could be avoided.

Urban Legend
« #43 : 04-25-2003 17:39 »

your right Chump, she could have been more tactful.

Getak:  When labeling Leela a bitch you can't just take her actions to make your decision you have to also factor in her intentions. Sometimes intentions are good but things go wrong but that doesn't make someone a bad person. She was insensitive to Fry, but did she mean to be? she won't date him? What are the possible reasons? You gotta factor all that in. Especially when your writing her dialogue for your fic. You have to give her actual reasons for doing the things she does, you can't just decide she's a bitch and go from there. Everyone has their reasons for everything they do. Even if they themselves don't realize what those reasons are yet. So don't go to hard on her without thinking everything through with multiple angles. We actually only know very little of her personal history. We know her life was bad, but how 'bad' is bad'? We are shaped in part by our past. She's being held back by something? Theres a million possibilities as to what that could be. Some of the more obvious possibilities have been mentioned, but since that hasn't been given to us by the show they might not be correct. Don't lock yourself in keep things open you might wind up surprising yourself.

« #44 : 04-25-2003 17:53 »
« : 04-25-2003 22:00 »

Originally posted by Venus:
i ask my friends to watch my cats sometimes does that make me a super-bitch on wheels?

Yes yes it does.

Anyho I find this thread hilarious, you shippers always give me a laugh.
The real reason why Fry and Leela never get together is really very simply, its so much more fun making you shippers suffer if I was a nerdy writter I'd do the same.

Either that or Leela is a lesbian, there is loads of evidence like the time she told Fry "you're a man and I'm a woman we're just tooo different"
Plus I had a hot lesbo dream about Leela and Amy a few nights ago, what more proof do ye need.


Urban Legend
« #45 : 04-25-2003 18:02 »

Exactly! It's all so obvious now!

I think that'll be the secret twist ending to "Devil's Hands..." Fry composes a symphony for Leela, but it turns out Leela's already in love with Amy. And then, the gratutious nudity scene!

Bending Unit
« #46 : 04-25-2003 20:20 »

Now THAT is irony!

I guess fry will have to use the phone booth at the end of that episode, if you know what i mean.

Also, in my fan fics i don't make leela out to be
a bitch. that would ruin the whole thing, although.......(gears turning)........Now that is
an idea. you will see in part nine.

Isn't there a fan fic already where Leela and Amy
Are lesbos? I think i read it somewhere.......

interesting angle, and trust me there is a reason
for all her meaness/bitchiness toward fry. you
will see in part eleven. it is really good.
you shall know it by the 22nd of may, hopefully.

The most misplaced bit of random nudity would have to be in time keeps on slipping with hermes iidea to stop the time skips with.....a naked conga line. now that is a random gratuitous nudity scene. gotta love them.
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