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Author Topic: What's the deal with the Wong Family?  (Read 1100 times)
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SpaceGoldfish fromWazn

Urban Legend
« on: 07-12-2020 04:31 »

It was established early on that Amy is a very sweet young lady despite having no reason to be anything but her mother in miniature and be a vacuous conceited spoiled little Paris Hilton type, as Amy is not just loaded but may just  be the richest person under 40 in the Solar System.  And yet Amy, maybe a bit superficial and catty at times, is an incredibly nice person, to the point that when I think about Amy and Fry's friendship is probably the most mutually healthy out of anyone in the PE team, and Amy seems to view Fry as a goofy but oddly attractive big brother, while Fry in turn seems to view Amy as his little sister.... his hot little sister.   Who is also very smart.   It's a shame that Fry and Amy's friendship and brief romance were not really explored very well, but it was obvious that all throughout the first run of the show, the writers genuinely did not know what to do with Amy, as her notable quirks were often ignored for her being used as the female Hermes token vanila human, when I would argue Amy is a far ore dynamic and quirky character the Leela and is much easier to write for, as her outgoing personality makes for more possibilities in storytelling: Amy is a fun loving characcter while one of Leela's main traits is that she is pedantic and somewhat of a pencil pushing killjoy. 

The Series has Landed really gave a false impression that Amy would be a very important character and we could expect to see her tagging on missions, as she played off and was reacted to by Fry, Leela and Bender to the point that I felt that the main PE delivery team being a quartet instead of a trio would have done wonders for a lot of the complaints I had of the original show.   

I degress.

I want to ask about Amy's deeply sad home life, as her horrible parents bombard her with constnt verbal and emotional abuse, make it clear the only thing they value about her is her looks (not that they praise her, they just insult her less when she's thin) and not her brains, take no interest in her personal life except when they can meddle to get her to do what they want, constantly speak to her like she's a particularly stupid five year old and baby this woman in her mid to late twenties who has a PHD that doomed and saved the earth in one afternoon, even though the Wongs achievements were to be born and marry into wealth and be vulgar with their displays of it.   The sad fact is Amy has a deeply supressed eating disodrer, and seems to cope with her lifetime of abuse and loneliness and likely perpetual feeling of being unwanted and unloved, it really is unsurprising that she clearly has severe mental health problems into her adulthood. 

Amy's parents demand Amy conceive a grandchild for them, and they will use any hideous male as a sperm donor for Amy, even men that no self respecting mother or father would let near their daughter (or sons, my mom scared off quite a few of my boyfriends that she took a dislike to with the idea "if my baby boy is going to be a sinful homosexual, he may as well at least have the perfect man."

But I wonder, why is Amy so different?  How has the apple fallen so far from the tree?   Are there more about those things that I done told you about the lovely Miss Wong, the flower of the office along with the equally sweet and charming Fry?

The way both Inez and Leo make me wonder a number of things.  My theories are:

1.  Amy is genetically engineered to be a superior human

Leo and Inez are the type of parent who will have a child just so they can show off.   Amy like Fry and Leela can achieve great results by tapping into her inner resovoir of specific knowledge and talents.  Amy has been the least explored character of the three, but they feel like a set of siblings at this point, with Big Sister Leela, Middle Little Big Brother Fry and Little Sister Amy.   Amy's beauty, talents, genius IQ, socially gregarious personality and superior physical strength and large breasts are all Leo and Inez demanding these traits be specifically engineered into their daughter.    It is implied they wanted a boy, but it is possible that the horrid pair initially wanted a daughter, changed their minds half way, but instead of trying again with a son, they sued the company into oblivion, put it in a trust fund for Amy, and then Inez withdraw all the money to give to her dealer.

Whoever sells Inez weed must be a very wealthy man, and it would be even funnier if it turns out it would be very easy for the wongs to grow their own, but Inez is too stupid to realise that and Leo doesn't care about his wife's happiness.  He certainly doesn't give a flying one about his daughter's.

2.  Amy is adopted.
Maybe it could turn out the Wongs are not Amy's birth parents after all, and simply adopted a cute baby with child prodidgy skills, because all their friends were popping out kids and they wanted to have the best baby, even though both of them are far too lazy and self obsessed to go through the trouble of sex, impregnation, pregnancy and birth, as Inez is by far the lazier of the two as she doesn't seem to do anything except smoke weed, be rude to the staff and shout at her daughter.

3.  Amy has some form of high functioning autism or asperger's syndrome.   So does Fry, hence why they get on so well despite not interacting or talking as much as you think they would, as they are the two PE teammembers with teh most in common.

I can totally see Inez and Leo's horrible friends treating charitable causes like social trends.  Today it's fashionable to care about this issue and that cause, have a few charity banquets and auctions for it.   Perhaps around the time of Amy's birth, autism and asperger's were the Hot Thing in Mr and Mrs Wong's social circle, so to be ahead of the trend they either adopted an orphan with asperger's syndrome, or genetically engineered their daughters DNA so she would have a high functioning version with as many "talents" and "special interests" as possible so they would have the perfect windup doll to show off for friends and kiss ass society photographs in the paper.   But Leo and Inez don't have the patience or care of anyone but their own immediate comfortable hedonistic lifestyle to raise any child, let alone one as advanced as Amy, or one that has a disability like Amy.    While people with autism are often stereotyped as being socially incompetent to the point of making Sheldon Cooper look like Stirling Archer, Fry and Amy are far and away the most socially intelligent of the PE team.   They were naturally empathetic from birth, and were obviously the glue that kept their families running with their natural sweetness and sunniness.  It's obvious that understanding other people was a big Special Interest to them, and studied social skills from an early age, despite neither of them getting any help with their autistic traits, due to their very far right families.

Well those are some of my theories of the sad childhood of the lovely Miss Wong.   Well see you next week for another exciting episode, this time we will be analyzing Fry's supressed bisexuality and Leela's contradictory desires: a strong woman who wants a man who can best her in battle, and Leela will not truly comitt to her romance with Fry until he completely and utterly and soundly defeats her in one on one combat?  Leela's aggression in both verbal and physical and emotional is very much a defence mechanism.... perhaps if Fry beat her ass in some form of martial art, Leela would relax as she knows someone skilled and physically strong enough to defeat her is proably the one man she can relax enough to let her down her guard as subconciously Leela is just a lonely little girl who wants her parents to protect her, the same way is just a sad, misunderstood, unappreciated little boy who just needs his mommy and daddy and nasty big brother to let him know how deeply he is loved, and Amy is a sad little girl whose parents need to stop ruining her with their lavish gifts and toys but instead give their daughter a cuddle and a bedtime story instead and maybe the pony she actually wanted instead of fifty ponies she probably didn't want?
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