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Author Topic: Best and Worst Futurama Guest Stars  (Read 16290 times)
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Starship Captain
« Reply #120 on: 12-27-2004 22:13 »
« Last Edit on: 12-27-2004 22:13 »

Why would I like her guest appearence? At the end she was so obmoxious! She called me an idiot for not know what futurama is! I can't stand for that! I mean I of all people should know that futurama is some kind of sci-fi novel or something right?

« Reply #121 on: 12-27-2004 23:36 »

Worst= Pauly Shore (basically, he sucks)

Best= Beck (he rules), Pam Anderson (Im a guy)
Futurama Nerd

« Reply #122 on: 12-28-2004 02:33 »

I think the best was Dan Castellenta and Beck. I really can't think of a bad guest star right now.

Let me be the first to welcome you to PEEL RemmyVonD. Please stay.

Starship Captain
« Reply #123 on: 12-29-2004 00:15 »

I think Beck was the best guest star...
by the way welcom to PEEL RemmyVonD

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #124 on: 12-29-2004 01:45 »
« Last Edit on: 12-29-2004 01:45 »

I don't know what force in nature prevented me from bringing my weighty opinion to bear on this matter, but my division of guest stars goes as follows:

The Good: (Those whose unique talent or novelty added to the overall effect of the episode)
Dan Castellaneta - There are few voice actors as talented as Dan Castellaneta.  It's easy to (retrospectively) say that the voice he used for the Robot Devil is exactly the voice I would imagine the character having, but that voice is just perfect for the character.  Absolutely flawless execution.
Al Gore - First, it is hard to imagine a head of state voice acting in a cartoon.  Second, it is hard to imagine said head of state voice acting in a benignly silly manner.  Third, it is hard to imagine that Al Gore would be the head of state who does it.
The entire cast of Star Trek minus Jim Doohan - Ah, to be a living joke and to realize and revel in it.  Purest of class.
Steven Hawking - Sure, they could have faked his voice with a Mr. Spell, but the genuine nature of his electronic deadpan makes his actual appearance all the more awesome.
Gary Gygax - While I'm sure there are other dorky games out there, Dungeons and Dragons is probably the most widely known and made fun of.  That being said, I am moving Gygax from "The Ambivalent" to "The Good," but I'm conflicted about it.

The Ambivalent: (Those guest stars whose presence neither added to nor detracted from the overal quality of the show)
Sigorney Weaver - As great as she is, anyone could've done it.
Claudia Schiffer - See above.
Lucy Liu - See above.
Pamela Anderson - See above.
Beck - See above.  I'm sure there are other vaugely-folkish alterna-rockers out there.
John Goodman - I was tempted to put Goodman up in "The Good" section, but after hearing John DiMaggio do the voice in the second X-Mas episode, I have to believe it wasn't as unique as I initially thought.
Bob Uecker - How many sportscasters could there be?
Conan Obrien - He's funnier when he's not talking, but he's less funny when he's live-action, so it sort of evens out.
Bea Arthur - A lot of women could've played this part.
Jan Hooks - See above.
Coolio - See above, only male.

The Bad: (Guest stars whose presence only serves to aggrivate the viewer and detract from the overall effect.)
Pauly Shore - To be honest, it wasn't a great episode to begin with, but the addition of Pauly Shore shows a great deal of disrespect on the part of the producers.
Roseanne - There are few sounds more piercing than  fingernails being scraped across a chalkboard, but the cries of an infant, the death shrieks of another person, and Roseanne's voice are undoubtedly among them.
Hank Azaria - He would have made it into "The Ambivalent" if I didn't have such high hopes going into the episode.  His failure to impress me ruined the experience.  Honestly, he was better in the American Godzilla.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #125 on: 12-29-2004 12:08 »

I'm a massive fan of Beck's role in Futurama, mostly because although his appearance is heralded with a very Simpsons-esque "Oh my God, it's Beck!" kiss-ass celebrity guest moment, much of the rest of the episode is taken up with somewhat subtle self-depravating humour, par example:

"When I feel strongly about something, I write a song about it. Like when I wrote Devil's Haircut, I felt really....what was that song about?"
"Odelay IS a real word! Look it up in the Becktionary!"
"I'm off to rock a series of mid-level venues!"

Delivery Boy
« Reply #126 on: 02-23-2005 19:31 »

The best guest star is Labarbara voiced by Dawnn Lewis!The worst guest star is Morgan Proctor voice by Nora Dunn.Labarbara is my role model!!

Starship Captain
« Reply #127 on: 05-09-2005 12:05 »

The worst is Pauly Shore

The best if Lucy Liu, because well... shes hot and a damn fine actor!

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #128 on: 05-13-2005 16:55 »

I didn't think Pauly Shore did that bad. I actually like some of his movies(In the Army Now, Biodome).

The Good
-Beck as Himself--Like P+W=S said...
"When I feel strongly about something, I write a song about it. Like when I wrote Devil's Haircut, I felt really....what was that song about?"
"Odelay is a real word! Look it up in the Becktionary!"
"I'm off to rock a series of mid-level venues!"
Great lines!
-Stephen Hawking--Nothing can beat the sound of a computer-ish voice.
-Star Trek Cast--Loved this episode. Loved the appearance.

The Bad
Roseanne--No, no, no. Not good.
Whoever played Michelle--Didn't like the part at all.

« Reply #129 on: 05-13-2005 19:57 »

Originally posted by i_c_weiner:
The Bad
Whoever played Michelle--Didn't like the part at all.

You're supposed to not like Michelle.  In my view, how much you hate the character is a sign of how good the actress was.    ;)
David A

Space Pope
« Reply #130 on: 05-13-2005 20:47 »

Originally posted by Shiny:
 You're supposed to not like Michelle.  In my view, how much you hate the character is a sign of how good the actress was.     ;)

The same thing could be said of Pauly Shore.  You weren't supposed to like him either.

« Reply #131 on: 05-13-2005 21:29 »

Yeah, but he still sounded like he was reading the dictionary.  I disliked him because he was obviously an actor doing a bad voiceover.  I disliked Michelle because she was a despicable human being.  The actress made me believe that character enough to really hate her.

Bending Unit
« Reply #132 on: 06-06-2005 19:24 »

Best: Dan Castellaneta ....  Beelzebot, the Robot Devil (voice) 
Worst: Dawnn Lewis ....  Jackie Anderson (voice) 

Starship Captain
« Reply #133 on: 06-06-2005 19:50 »

Best- Pamela Anderson
Worst- Pauly Shore
Dr Zoidberg

« Reply #134 on: 06-17-2005 18:11 »

The best, I'd say Lucy Liu. Cartoon or not, just head or with body, she's beautiful.

Worst I've seen so far, it'd probably be the Beastie Boys. They're annoying, cartoon or not.
cosmic J

Bending Unit
« Reply #135 on: 06-19-2005 10:21 »

best: lucy liu is obviously good but how about william schatner and roberto the lovable maniac!
worst: maybe amys parents if they count coz they are a bit one dimensional!

Helpy McHelphelp
DOOP Secretary
« Reply #136 on: 06-19-2005 13:11 »

Originally posted by cosmic J:
roberto the lovable maniac!
worst: maybe amys parents if they count coz they are a bit one dimensional!

Roberto wad done by Dave Herman, Inez Wong by Lauren Tom and Leo Wong by Billy West.

This thread deals with celebrity voice actors, those three belong to the regular cast.
cosmic J

Bending Unit
« Reply #137 on: 06-19-2005 13:45 »

thats why i stated if they count.
you obviously know your stuff so
best: lucy liu
worst pauly shore

Bending Unit
« Reply #138 on: 03-12-2006 20:32 »

Hank Azaria as Harold Zoid

Bending Unit
« Reply #139 on: 03-13-2006 12:27 »

DrT.'s list is adequate, though there are several guest stars whom I would move from ambivalent to good.

The first of these would be Bea Arthur.  Why?  Why....?

Do you have any idea how hard it is to be a femvoice in a manvoice's manputer's world?

You probably don't, any more than you appreciate "how the women's good fundamentals make up for their inability to dunk..."

Fun topic, folks!

Starship Captain
« Reply #140 on: 03-13-2006 13:25 »

the best ones were lucy lui and beck
the worst was pauly shore that guy really sucks!

Bending Unit
« Reply #141 on: 03-13-2006 18:06 »

Best: Beck
Worst: Pauly Shore, Harold Zoid

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #142 on: 03-10-2009 11:44 »

Stephen Hawking was awful. His dialogue was all flat and lifeless.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #143 on: 03-10-2009 14:06 »

Dan Castellaneta no question.

Bending Unit
« Reply #144 on: 03-10-2009 16:38 »

The Good-
David Cross

The Bad-

The ugly-
Sarah silverman

Near Death Star Inhabitant
Urban Legend
« Reply #145 on: 03-10-2009 17:03 »

What's wrong with Sarah Silverman?
I would say Nora Dunn as Morgan Proctor because nobody knows or cares who that is.

Starship Captain
« Reply #146 on: 03-10-2009 18:07 »

At this point this topic would probably be better used to rate the guest stars in the movies. Before I do that I'll say that Dr.T's old post is the one I agree with (aside from moving some of the ambivalent into good). Also, for the most part I'm okay with a guest star playing a new role (John Goodman as Santa) but not when they play themselves (Lucy Liu) except in special cases where their role makes sense(Hank Aaron).

Coolio/Mark Hamill- I really like the Holiday Trilogy War Song and I thought they all (including Johnny D) pulled it off.
Colleen- If Futurama was Live-Action and Brittany Murphy played the role no one would bat an eye
Seth Mcfarlane- Despite how I feel about FG I have to admit the guy's got a great singing voice
Penn Jillette- Made sense that he provided commentary on a Poker Tournament and his scream of "The King of Beers" makes me laugh every time.
Dan Castellaneta- He always brings his A-game.

Rich Little- Didn't make me laugh in Raging Bender either (but I didn't hate that he was in that episode or in Bender's Game)
Snoop Dogg- He was alright but his role does nothing for the movie. I do have to wonder how much respect he has for himself though (does he still actually say fo shizzle or anything like that. I wonder if he is aware that he is getting typecast).

The Bad
George Takei- It's not that I like Enterprise. It's that I don't think it was what "killed" Star Trek. A wasted guest appearance (Could have had a similar joke in any one of the movies).
David Cross?- Here is where I get confused. I don't hate David Cross's performance. He didn't put on a voice for the role but considering the character he was playing was a nod to Japanese Tentacle Hentai and his comedy is ,as I would describe it, "out there" it made sense to cast him in the role of Yivo. At the same time, I hate Yivo (I pretend BWABB didn't happen). The very first time I saw the movie I laughed at only one of his lines (the phone message after he disconnected from everybody). So is David Cross a bad guest star because he wasn't funny? Isn't that more a failing of the writers than of Cross? It's hard to classify for me.

Starship Captain
« Reply #147 on: 03-10-2009 18:13 »

I forgot one.

Phil Hendrie- By far the best members of the Waterfall Family. They were funny while at the same time they had an important role to play. Glad to see the Waterfalls sent off with some respect.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #148 on: 03-11-2009 20:45 »

Nora Dunn
Lucy Liu

Sarah Silverman
I.C. Weiner

Bending Unit
« Reply #149 on: 03-12-2009 06:13 »

Hard to top Sigourney Weaver as the ship especially when she goes nuts.

That's Lobstertainment is my least favorite episode and I don't think Hank did a bad voice but the character was just awful.

It would be interesting to see how Billy is with some of the guest stars like David Cross because he has a strong dislike for "stars" who do voices in animated movies and take jobs away from the artists like himself. Someone made the comment earlier that they didn't like the Yivo voice because it was just David Cross's natural voice and I completely agree. I like David Cross but I think Yivo ended up being forgettable because there wasn't anything special about the voice.
Bubble Gum

Bending Unit
« Reply #150 on: 03-13-2009 01:23 »
« Last Edit on: 03-16-2009 01:29 »

Best/Favorite: Al Gore, Pamela Anderson, Walter Koenig (he stole the show in WNFHGB), Beck, Jonathan Frakes ("YES, front row!"), Penn Gillette (what FOA said)

Worst: Lucy Lui, Pauly Shore, Roseanne.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #151 on: 03-23-2009 10:38 »

Best: Gygax, Hawking, Frakes, MacFarlane
Worst: Jillette
human horn

Bending Unit
« Reply #152 on: 03-26-2009 05:24 »

I would say Nora Dunn as Morgan Proctor because nobody knows or cares who that is.
Saturday Night Live late 80's to early 90's....

She sucked then as well.

But the worst voice guest ever on Futurama was Rosanne.

Bending Unit
« Reply #153 on: 03-26-2009 12:22 »

best: david cross as yivo

worst: penn jillete and teller
Turanga, A

« Reply #154 on: 03-30-2009 05:23 »

Dan Castellaneta and Al Gore the get votes for top for me. The robot devil is my favourite character becuase he has so much personlaity and is no way a one dimentional character, not to mention the fact that he had to do that fantastic musical number as a guest character and pulled it off flawlessly.

As for Al Gore, he just allow the whole story to flow without interupting, he is acting as himself but he is make sure that it is a him that fits into the world and is not taking himself too seriously (actually I will give props to Gary Gygax for the same reason)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #155 on: 04-03-2009 06:57 »

I don;t know about the worst but my favourite would be John Goodman in his performance as Santa-bot merely because of this line

"You dare bribe Santa? I'm gonna shove coals so far up your stockings you'll be coughing up diamonds!"

Nuff said  :laff:

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #156 on: 04-06-2009 14:08 »

Let me take them from end to end, for each episode there is a guest star in, regardless if they appear more than once.

"Space Pilot 3000"
  Leonard Nimoy:  This is the exact kind of performance I like, an actor starring as himself in a very brief role.  And the short exchange between him and Fry gets funnier for each time I see.  Rating:  Good.
  Dick Clark:  Unfortunately, it does nowhere near match the performance of Nimoy, I suppose large part of this is that his actual work for the episode was largely underused.  Besides, he didn't deliver anything an imitator couldn't provide.  Rating:  Neutral.

"A Fishful of Dollars"
  Pamela Anderson:  It's brief, it's good and her appearance is a good unforeseen development.  Rating: Good

"A Big Piece of Garbage"
  Ron Popeil:  I like when they get stars on, who aren't exactly celebrities, but only famous in a limited field, though I feel his performance was not used properly and could have been served better, but still decent.  Rating:  Neutral-Good.

"Hell Is Other Robots"
  Beastie Boys:  I know it's technically two actors for this episode, but I feel confident you won't mind me putting them down as one.  Their interaction with the plot was subtle enough to be an enjoyment, and the return of them in Robot Hell was a generous moment.  Rating: Good.
  Dan Castellaneta:  As with all appearances of the Robot Devil where Dan provides his voice, once again shows the brilliance of this voice actor.  Rating: Good.

"Fry and the Slurm Factory"
  Pamela Anderson:  And so she is the first guest star to provide her voice twice, however, in her role as Dixie, she is nowhere as good as in her original role as herself.  Rating: Neutral.

"A Head in the Polls"
  Claudia Schiffer:  It was not until I actually paid attention to the credits of this episode, I realised she was actually voiced by herself.  And her performance seem entirely underused or unavailable.  It would seem to me, the episode would have done fine without her.  Rating:  Good-Evil.

"Xmas Story"
  Conan O'Brien:  This is perhaps one of my favourite performances by a guest star, his short performance and his willingness to make a joke out of himself makes me laugh each time.  Rating:  Good.
  John Goodman:  At first, you think his performance is extremely spot on for Robot Santa, until you watch "A Tale of Two Santas" and hear John DiMaggio perform a similar brilliant quality of Robot Santa.  Rating:  Neutral-Good.

"The Lesser of Two Evils"
  Bob Barker:  Another a good, side, yet important, guest star, who is willing to make jokes at his own expense.  Rating: Good.

"Raging Bender"
  Rich Little:  The conversations between him and George Foreman really lives up, the otherwise slightly dull plot surrounding the fight.  Rating: Good.

"How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back"
  Nora Dunn:  A good addition to the episode, though I fear her voice may have been able to be delivered just as well by a regular cast member.  Rating: Neutral.

"The Deep South"
  Parker Posey:  This is one of the few top performances by a guest star not appearing as themselves, she really delivers that Umbriel to a believable character.  Rating:  Good.
  Donavan:  Perhaps one of the most underrated guest performances.  There is nothing to complain about when he sings the alternative version of his song, "Atlantis" and it is just a great addition for that episode.  Rating:  Good.

"Anthology of Interest I"
  Stephen Hawking:  Sure, they could just have replaced him by a computer they dug out from a rack.  But it sort of makes it feel fun that it was actually his computer that voiced him.  Rating: Neutral-Good.
  Al Gore:  Regardless of what Al Gore does as a real politician, his appearance on Futurama will always be the reason why I like him.  Great sport.  Rating:  Good.
  Nichelle Nichols:  Of the three actual human guest stars in this episode, she may be the worse, but that still doesn't mean she isn't good, however, I suppose I should watch more Star Trek to appreciate it more.  Rating:  Neutral-Good.
  Gary Gygax:  Every line's a joke, every line is brilliant.  If only I had a better rating than 'good'.  Rating:  Good.

"War Is the H-Word"
  Tudd Susman:  Another one of those stars where knowing he actually provided the voice makes it more fun, but in actually doesn't provide that much for the episode.  I fear he may also be a reasoning for the episode to become a bit too much about M*A*S*H, but who cares, great show.  Rating:  Neutral.

"The Cryonic Woman"
  Sarah Silverman:  I know many Futurama fans dislike Michelle as a character, but you should not underestimate the performance for her by Silverman, she is actually as you would assume she was.  Rating:  Good.
  Pauly Shore:  I have never watched a Pauly Shore film, and comments tell me I should be glad I haven't.  But I cannot really understand the constant criticism of his appearance on Futurama, he is pretty much making a joke out of himself.  Rating:  Neutral-Good.

"Amazon Women in the Mood"
  Bea Arthur:  I have very little conception about why her guest appearance as the Femputer should be that significant, but the Femputer may have been voiced by a regular cast member.  Rating:  Neutral.

"A Tale of Two Santas"
  Coolio:  Rap may not be my preferred style, but Coolio as Kwanzaa-bot is not a complaint from my side.  Though, Coolio first shows his real performance in Bender's Big Score.  Rating:  Neutral.

"Bendless Love"
  Jan Hook:  Good performance, good episode.  I think it only has to be that simple.  Rating:  Good.

"That's Lobstertainment!"
  Hank Azaria:  I will have to agree with most others, this performance is entirely underused, and it doesn't help that the plot drags this whole thing down.  Rating:  Evil.

"Bendin' in the Wind"
  Beck:  Say what you want about Beck as a musician, but his performance is not underused in this episode, if anything, overused.  But my real pickle with this episode is the portrayal of him as "holier than thou" type of character can stretch my issues with this episode.  Rating:  Neutral.

"I Dated a Robot"
  Lucy Liu:  She made the episode more about Lucy Liu than the actual concept of dating a robot.  She slightly makes up for it, for actually performing.  Rating:  Neutral.

"A Leela of Her Own"
  Hank Aaron:  Short, unnoticeable appearance.  Nothing that really got me laughing or amazed that it was him.  Rating:  Evil.
  Bob Uecker:  One of the few lights of this otherwise dull episode.  Rating:  Neutral-Good.

"Love and Rocket"
  Sigourney Weaver:  Hehe, the Planet Express Ship really comes to live as a character in this episode, and Sigourney can actually deliver that performance.  Rating:  Neutral-Good.

"Crimes of the Hot"
  Al Gore:  Mr Gore returns to another brilliant performance as himself.  Top props for that.  Rating:  Good.

"The Why of Fry"
  Bob Odenkirk:  I think this voice actor was used in the wrong episode, Chaz's performance was meek compared to the actual Fry plot.  Rating:  Neutral.

"Where No Fan Has Gone Before"
  William Shanter:  Like with most guest actors in this episode, he delivers a nice self-parodying version of himself.  Rating:  Good.
  Leonard Nimoy:  If you thought his performance in the first episode was good, then you really ought to see this one, cause it only gets better.  Rating:  Good.
  Walter Koenig:  To me, this was by far the most underused of the guest actors, only his line near the end of the episode was worth it to me.  Rating:  Neutral-Good.
  George Takei:  Not much to say, except another good performance from here.  Rating:  Good.
  Nichelle Nichols:  This time, she actually delivers, which I feel she didn't in her prior appearance.  Rating:  Good.
  Jonathan Frakes:  Good cameo, but the joke isn't significantly funny.  Rating:  Neutral-Good.

"Three Hundred Big Boys"
  Roseanne Barr:  I never got what this was all about, she is perhaps the reason I want to skip over the credits.  Rating:  Evil.

"The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings"
  Dan Castellaneta:  And so, he returns, to an even further magnificent appearance.  Bray-vo! Enn-core!  Rating:  Good.

Bender's Big Score
  Coolio:  This time, unlike his prior performance, he can actually manage a delivery.  Rating:  Good.
  Al Gore:  Really a good quirk for this film.  Rating:  Good.
  Mark Hamill:  This performance had left me pondering why it was a good idea to let him act as the Chanukah Zombie, when he is famous for something much else.  Rating:  Neutral-Good.
  Sarah Silverman:  Good return of the character, but nothing much else.  Rating:  Neutral-Good.

The Beast with a Billion Backs
  Stephen Hawking:  Bad usage of a guest actor, and his appearance were by far too muttered for me to catch it at first.  Rating:  Neutral-Evil.
  David Cross:  The only really good thing about the whole Yivo character.  Rating:  Good.
  Dan Castellaneta:  Good as always for the Robot Devil, but not his best moment.  Rating:  Neutral-Good.
  Brittany Murphy:  Very good, shame she had to make the voice for Colleen, could been a much more decent character.  Rating:  Neutral-Good.

Bender's Game
  George Takei:  One line and I suppose you really have to be a real Star Trek fan to appreciate his comment.  Rating:  Neutral-Good.
  Rich Little:  He was a lot more better in "Raging Bender", and this time he was certainly not at an important plot element-- unfortunately.  Rating:  Neutral.

Into the Wild Green Yonder
  Penn & Teller:  Credited as both, but Penn Jillette's performance in this film cracks me up, and he lightens the already decent scene with the poker tournament, which to my mind is one of the best moments in that film.  Rating:  Good.
  Snoop Dogg:  Funny and totally in character.  Rating:  Good.
  Seth MacFarlane:  It's funny, that the one place where Seth MacFarlane proves he has an actual talent is not on his own shows.  That song is just amazingly well performed by him.  Rating:  Good.

I hope I didn't miss anyone.

Bending Unit
« Reply #157 on: 04-06-2009 14:50 »

I liked the parody of married with children in episode 2x13 but I didn't like the apperance of beck in episode 3x13

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #158 on: 04-07-2009 05:15 »

What about Tom Kenny, svip?

I thought he did some voice acting in Futurama. Or am I wrong?  :confused:

Starship Captain
« Reply #159 on: 04-16-2009 14:44 »

What about Tom Kenny, svip?

I thought he did some voice acting in Futurama. Or am I wrong?  :confused:

I think he was in enough episodes to qualify as not a guest star for the purposes of this thread.
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