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Author Topic: Top Three Times You WANT to be Fry  (Read 4010 times)
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Nasty Pasty

DOOP Secretary
« on: 01-14-2005 14:21 »
« Last Edit on: 01-15-2005 00:00 »

I liked the previous thread, and I was curious to find the top 3 times you want to be Fry.

Could it be going to the Future?
Or having Amy as your girlfriend?


To start it off, here are my top three times I want to be Fry:
1.Being frozen and going to the future in the pilot.
2.Following Beck and Bender in a VW Bus in "Bending in the Wind".
3.Blowing up planets and riding Dinosaurs in "I Dated a Robot".

Bending Unit
« Reply #1 on: 01-14-2005 17:52 »

a)Flying around the transport tubes in Space Pilot
b)Dating the Lucy Liu bot in I Dated a Robot
c)Any time they are flying around in the PE ship.
Chug a Bug

Bending Unit
« Reply #2 on: 01-14-2005 20:07 »

1) Getting a hug from Leela at the end of "The Sting"
2) Getting a kiss from Leela at the end of "The Why of Fry"
3) Getting an "AAAaaaaarghhhh!... I like it" from Leela from "Anthology of Interest part1"
Oh hang on... that last one wasn't real. Meh, a guy can dream.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #3 on: 01-14-2005 20:09 »

Originally posted by Nasty Pasty:
Or being Amy's girlfriend?
I don't think I've seen that episode.  :p
John Pannozzi

Starship Captain
« Reply #4 on: 01-14-2005 20:42 »

1. Leela

2. Being a Bongo Comics character

3. Amy, I mean Michelle

Space Pope
« Reply #5 on: 01-14-2005 21:05 »

Originally posted by leelaholic:
Originally posted by Nasty Pasty:
Or being Amy's girlfriend?
I don't think I've seen that episode.   :p

He he! That made me laugh, and I'm watching Friday the 13th. Jesus. Anyway,

1. Being frozen for 1,000 years and live in the future.

2. Finding a WV and riding in it.

3. Going on life threatening missions.


Starship Captain
« Reply #6 on: 01-14-2005 23:05 »

1. Going to the future
2. Following Bender and Beck in a van
3. Being an intergalactic space delivery boy
Shippy Mandy

Bending Unit
« Reply #7 on: 01-14-2005 23:49 »

1. Waking up in the year 3000.
2. Getting worms.
3. Just living in the future in general.
Futurama Nerd

« Reply #8 on: 01-14-2005 23:58 »

1) Going to the future.
2) Following Bender and Beck.
3) Going to space.
David A

Space Pope
« Reply #9 on: 01-15-2005 00:56 »

1. Saving everyone from the fire after drinking the hundredth cup of coffee.

2. Everything from the beginning of "PYHOMS" to breaking up with Amy.

3. Watching Leela meet her parents for the first time.

« Reply #10 on: 01-15-2005 01:21 »

In no particular order...

1. When Leela becomes more impulsive in "Anthology of Interest I"

2. Catching some strange parasite that makes me smarter, stronger, and suave-er

3. Knowing I can do incredibly stupid things and never be seriously hurt

Space Pope
« Reply #11 on: 01-15-2005 02:26 »

After reading through the responses, I've been influenced.  And here they are:
Number three:
Saving the Universe, twice
Number two:
The kiss from Leela at the end of TWoF ... real, unbridled, and truely romantic
Number One: *drumroll*
Saving Leela from killing her parents, and seeing her meet them. 

Honerable Mention:
Getting frozen and waking up in the future

It sucks to only have three to chose from.  Top ten would be better.  Also, I don't recall the episode where he was Amy's girlfriend...

Starship Captain
« Reply #12 on: 01-15-2005 03:10 »

my top 3!

3) Seeing Leela meet her parents!

2)Flying around the PE Ship!

1)Coming to the future!

and Zoidberg277 is right it does suck! oh well!

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #13 on: 01-15-2005 06:26 »

The steam room in WMIBACIL.
The nude conga line in Time Keeps On Slippin'.
The hot tub scene in A Taste Of Freedom.

Yeah, I'm shallow. Fuck you.  :p

And Zoidberg227 - Fry dated Amy in episode 2ACV07: Put Your Head On My Shoulders.
Tongue Luck

Starship Captain
« Reply #14 on: 01-15-2005 07:38 »
« Last Edit on: 01-15-2005 07:38 »

Yeah... He, like leelaholic before him, was making fun of a screwup in Nasty's original post (edit: which he has now gone back and fixed... well played, Comrade... now we look like the crazy ones). Unless Cohen and Groening were planning to pull a Crying Game on our asses, I doubt Fry was Amy's girlfriend.

Starship Captain
« Reply #15 on: 01-15-2005 21:21 »

Originally posted by Tongue Luck:
Yeah... He, like leelaholic before him, was making fun of a screwup in Nasty's original post. Unless Cohen and Groening were planning to pull a Crying Game on our asses, I doubt Fry was Amy's girlfriend.

How long have you been watching Futurama, boy?!


Bending Unit
« Reply #16 on: 01-17-2005 11:00 »

Here's my top three (even though I have much more):

1) Playing the online videogame in "A Bicyclops Built for Two". To just have access to Internet like that would be great..
2) Drinking 100 cups of coffee and see time pass by in slow motion
3) Being able to go to space and visit far-away planets

Oh, now I made myself jealous. And sad.

« Reply #17 on: 01-17-2005 20:14 »

Right here goes
1 - online videogames and generally going about in the future internet
2 - getting worms (I reckon worms would be better than the super-powers he later gets - jesus i never thought that was a sentence I'd ever write!)
3 - Leela's reaction to his own holophoner rendition in the devils hands are idle playthings

Bending Unit
« Reply #18 on: 01-18-2005 15:27 »
« Last Edit on: 01-18-2005 15:27 »

1- crushing everybody on the internet videogame
2- surviving various types of mutilations (i would have dead thirty times with the same wounds)
3- loving a girl like leela: if she rejects you, you can still say "but i've got two eyes and you don't!"

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #19 on: 01-20-2005 08:24 »

In no particular order...

1.) Going to the future

2.) Reuniting Leela with her parents

3.) Now, for obvious reasons (*points to little circle thing with the 'T' on the bottom*), I don't actually wish I was Fry, but the kiss at the end of "The Why of Fry" was definitely one of Fry's greatest moments. If an indifferent guy I was hopelessly in love with kissed me, my reaction would be just like Fry's.

Bending Unit
« Reply #20 on: 01-20-2005 10:20 »

Originally posted by ShortRoundMcfly:
 How long have you been watching Futurama, boy?!
I might direct your attention to the fact that Tongue Luck is a female (according to her profile)

And three tings??
1. Going to the future
2. Traveling through space (in a futuristic manner - travel takes hours or days, not years)
3. Hmm... a tough one... Possibly saving the universe (but he doesn't remember anything...)

Starship Captain
« Reply #21 on: 01-20-2005 13:35 »

1. Having a go at the What if machine

2. Being around Zoidberg and Leela

3. Becoming a superhero

I think thats an adequate list......  :)

Bending Unit
« Reply #22 on: 01-20-2005 16:09 »

1. Having a robot for a best friend.  How cool is that?
2.Any of the new gadgets from the year 3000.  IE complete virtual reality video games etc...
3.Learning to play the holophoner or being a superhero.
OK I guess that was technically four, but who cares!  :laff:
Hedonism Bot

Bending Unit
« Reply #23 on: 01-21-2005 16:15 »

1) Having access to the Virtual Reality Internet

2) Learning to play the holophoner

3) Having hair that could actually be styled

« Reply #24 on: 01-22-2005 23:35 »

1) Getting infested with parasitic worms lurking in egg-salad sandwiches. (Well, they're good worms, at least!)

2) Playing that Internet video game found in "A Bicyclops Built for Two". That's most likely one of my most favorite sequences in the whole show.

3) The simple possibility of travelling in outer space as an everyday job.

« Reply #25 on: 01-23-2005 05:51 »

1) Finally winning Leela's heart in TDHAIP
2) Dating Amy
3) Playing videogames on the new internet

Bending Unit
« Reply #26 on: 01-23-2005 14:21 »

My top three (and yes, I know these've been mentioned already):

1.) In bed with Leela, AOI 1.
2.) The kiss from Leela, TWOF.
3.) The end of TDHAIP.

I know, they're all in other folks' lists. But hey, they're good moments, right?  :)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #27 on: 01-23-2005 15:46 »

1. Going to the future
2. Gets to go to space
3. Gets to go back to the past

Now that all sounds like fun!  ;)

« Reply #28 on: 01-27-2005 11:14 »

1. Following Beck on tour! I love Beck! he may be my favourite musician of all time.

2. Doing the Hustle in the rain.

3. Being able to play that gorgeous ethereal music on the holophoner - in both PL and TDHAIP.

Guess who's the music undergraduate, anyone?

Urban Legend
« Reply #29 on: 01-27-2005 13:07 »
« Last Edit on: 01-27-2005 13:07 »

1. Playing that internet game.

2. Being a famous holophone player.

3. Making out with Edna.
Space Wasp

Delivery Boy
« Reply #30 on: 01-27-2005 13:53 »

1) Playing real life Space Invaders in AoI 2.

2) Waking up in the future and finding out my bank account has gone through the roof.

3) Seeing the drug trip in that movie while on a drug trip.
    Wait, I've done that  :p (Killing Zoe)
Delivery Boy
« Reply #31 on: 01-27-2005 14:42 »

1. beer and underpants! (zap branigan is the new captain for PE) you can't beat a relaxed workplace.
2. flying the PE ship.
3. and doing snu-snu with the big amazonian women would probably be memorable.

« Reply #32 on: 01-27-2005 17:23 »

my three reasons i wish i was fry:
1. Being Cryogenicly frozen into the future
2.Get to go into outerspace in a Real live spaceship!hehehe
3.uhhh...playing space invaters like for real!!AoI2 thats sounds fun. :) :)

Starship Captain
« Reply #33 on: 01-28-2005 01:25 »

1: Having my head removed from my body.
2: Trying to place a collect call in the suicide booth.
3: Going to the bank and discovering I have 4.3 billion dollars.

Helpy McHelphelp
DOOP Secretary
« Reply #34 on: 02-01-2005 15:02 »

1) At the end of "The Why Of Fry", when Leela tells him it really makes her happy to see him and gives him a kiss
2) Having 4.3 billion dollar
3) Helping Leela find her parents
RS 2thou

Urban Legend
« Reply #35 on: 02-05-2005 07:06 »

not in any order
going to the future
having a robot like bender as friend
when leela puts fry's head on her chest *laughs to self as I type this*
Hobo puppy

« Reply #36 on: 02-05-2005 23:43 »

1)drinking beer fresh from the robot
2)drinking highly concentrated slurm
3)drinking 100 cups of coffee
Charles RB

« Reply #37 on: 02-05-2005 23:53 »

3) Playing the living video game ala Biclops.

2) Being Amy's girlfriend in Head On My Shoulders.

1) Waking up to find myself in the future.

Honourable Mention- getting to pal around with a robot, a sea monster and a mutant!

Delivery Boy
« Reply #38 on: 02-07-2005 18:18 »

1. Hanging out with Bender
2. Flying in the transport tubes
3. having enough money to buy 100 cups of coffee
Prof. Wernstrum

Starship Captain
« Reply #39 on: 02-07-2005 18:46 »

3) Experiencing life as a videogame (OK, it didn't technically happen but what the hell).
2) Going on an adventure with the original Star Trek cast.
1) Generally being in an exciting futuristic world with robots and aliens and things rather than this crappy time period.
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