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Author Topic: Help I can't breathe....  (Read 1723 times)
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Liquid Emperor
« Reply #40 on: 03-08-2004 10:05 »
« Last Edit on: 03-08-2004 10:05 »

all the nibblonians jokes about Fry being stupid were great.
Nibblonian (was it nibbler? oh well): Only you are impervious to their strongest mental atacks.
Fry: Because I'm so smart?
Nibblonians: [laughing]

Fry: So I really am important! How i feel when i'm drunk is correct!
Nibbler: Yes, but the Dave Matthews band does not rock.

that one really got me because my parents listen to dave matthews band a lot.

also, in Mars University, after Guenter falls from the waterfall:
Farnsy: Well, let's go gather him up. No sense letting him go to waste. [licks lips]
Guenter: All i've ever wanted out of life was to be a moderately inttelegent monkey wearing a suit. That's  why i've decided to transfer to business school!
(my dad went to business school    :D)

and, last but not least, in Fear of a bot planet, at the end, the picture with bender holding a broken bottle to fry's neck, then the next pic with all three smiling, and fry has 2 band-aids on his neck.

edit: Woohoo! really long TOTPD!

Delivery Boy
« Reply #41 on: 03-08-2004 11:23 »

It has only happened to me once, when the radiator showed up at Fry's funeral in The Sting.  I literally rolled off the couch and was crying on the floor.  That's how damn funny that was.   :laff:    :laff:

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #42 on: 03-08-2004 13:08 »
« Last Edit on: 03-08-2004 13:08 »

oh yeah, i forgot about the radiator!  :laff:
also, the first time in Lesser of Two Evils when fry says, "Oh. Ahem. Is there a burn ward within 10 feet of here?"  :laff:

« Reply #43 on: 03-08-2004 13:25 »
« Last Edit on: 03-08-2004 13:25 »

Less Than Hero:

LEELA: Guess who I just got off the videophone with?!

World class line reading.

And also, from BSNBAOTV:

BENDER: Cram a ham in it, you twerps! Throws the beer bottle at Dwight and Cubert, but misses and hits Fry in the face, then winces.
FRY: Rubbing his head. Nah, I had it coming.

I don't know why, particularly, but along with the "Hey Bender" pastiche, it made me giggle.

Also, this from A Head in the Polls:

BENDER: (Manic laughter) Game's over, losers! I have all the money. Compare your lives to mine and then kill yourselves.

EDIT: Inability to use UBB properly. I'm out of practice, okay!?
EDIT #2:

Forgot this one from Crimes of the Hot:

SCIENTIST: I've got a degree in Homeopathic Medicine! (I think that's right...)
ANNOUNCER: You've got a degree in baloney The scientist is thrown offscreen by a jet of water issued by the vehicle.

In the words of the immortal Rich Moore: "Violence is funny."

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #44 on: 03-08-2004 14:46 »
« Last Edit on: 03-08-2004 14:46 »

I watched Xmas Story this evening and forgot the bit where the Professor speeds down the ski slope and does a twisty jump. That always makes me laugh, the swishing air noises just make it even better....   :D
Woodbot 2.0

Starship Captain
« Reply #45 on: 03-08-2004 14:57 »

From AOI 2:
Bender:"I came hear with a simple dream,a dream of killing all humans.Who's te real 7,000,000 ton moster hear?Not.......I.
Not......... I!"  :laff:   :laff:   :laff:   :laff:   :laff:   :laff:   :laff:

Bending Unit
« Reply #46 on: 03-08-2004 15:01 »

Fry's response to winning the video game in ABBFT.

The end of Leela's segment in AOI 1 had me laughing all the way through the commerical break. "I really like it!"

The song from ATOTS.

When Fry found out he was his own grandfather, I couldn't stop laughing. There are tons of other moments in "Roswell that Ends Well", and this episode consistantly stands out to me as one of the funnier episodes.

Human Bender's death in AOI 2.

And finally, "Bite my shiney metal - oh nooooooooooooooooooooo!"

Bending Unit
« Reply #47 on: 03-08-2004 15:03 »
« Last Edit on: 03-08-2004 15:03 »

And zeep reminds me: the bit about the Dave Matthews Band from The Why of Fry had me laughing so hard I put it as my cell phone's answering machine for weeks, prompting my then-girlfriend (A big DMB fan) to refuse to call my cell phone until I removed it. Uncultured jerk!

Edit - oops double post sorry.
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Space Pope
« Reply #48 on: 03-08-2004 23:33 »

It was the "ass whiplash" line from Lesser of Two Evils that did it for me.  I don't know why, I just thought that was about the funniest thing I had ever heard.  I nearly required medical attention.

« Reply #49 on: 03-08-2004 23:50 »

"poof fry, he's got the munchies for freedom!"-hermes in 'insane in the mainfraim.'

"i do another human thing. i AGE!"-fry in 'insane in the mainfraim.'

fry: aaaargh! aaaaargh!"
mildred:whats that dearie? i'm a bit hard of hearing.[holds up a ear horn
-roswell that ends well

zoidberg:a buffet! oh if only i had my wallet with me!
general:uh...[speaks into intercom nevelesly,]its,free?
[zoidberg goes crazy.. and you know the rest!]
-roswell that ends well

"fox uses those spotlights to find aircraft, and then film the resulting plane crashes"
[i always say ":sniff: its just like today!"]
-thats lobstertanement!

-mad hatterbot in insane in the mainfraim.

"i dont need them. not when i've got my videos, my fossilised bucket of KFC, and 50 million dollars worth of anchovies :kisses tin:"
igner:my god, this mr. fry must be a mastermind of the higest order!
[fry is watching a show and we close in to show he's using the anchovie tin as a coaster]
the 'freedom'dance.freedom freedom freedom OY!

i'll post more when i can think of them
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Starship Captain
« Reply #50 on: 03-09-2004 20:52 »

i couldnt stop laughing when zoidberg was yelling at leelas eye doctor.
"why always with the fighting"
"ohhh god! im coming down!"

Delivery Boy
« Reply #51 on: 03-09-2004 23:22 »

Ah, I remembered another one.

Nixon yelling at his dog:  SHUT UP DAMMIT!

My friends and I were floored.  It was just so amazingly well placed.  That episode is incredibly amazing.
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