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Author Topic: Why Must I Be A Crustacean in Love?  (Read 835 times)
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« on: 09-06-2003 10:16 »
« Last Edit on: 09-06-2003 10:16 »

I just saw this insanely funny episode for the first time. Zoidberg is my new favorite character. The scene when he...
...was cool.

BTW, I'm new here..first post. Hello.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #1 on: 09-06-2003 10:20 »

Welcome to PEEL.  Have fun, and please take some time to read the FAQs.
« Reply #2 on: 09-06-2003 10:42 »

I thought carefully before posting. I thought this would go in the "characters" topic since it's only about one character.
It's been moved to General Discussion. Maybe someone could fill me in on what qualifies as a character post?

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #3 on: 09-06-2003 10:49 »

Character post would be if you wanted to discuss specific traits Zoidberg exibits in the episode, General would be if you just wanted to talk about the episode and how funny it is.  (And is it ever, by the way.)  BEcause you titled the post "Why Must I Be A Crustacean in Love?" And not "Zoidberg in WMIBACIL?" or something like that, the moderators probably figured the discussion in this thread would lean toward people just talking aobut the ep, so they moved the thread.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #4 on: 09-06-2003 10:52 »

Capital idea, old sport.
« Reply #5 on: 09-06-2003 10:56 »

That makes sense..thanks.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #6 on: 09-06-2003 11:00 »

That episode was classic.

"I'm a doctor!"

Strangely enough, the first time I saw it, it aired during the first week of my brothers' Sex Ed. class at school... almost too coincidential... heheh.

Great episode, lots of laughs, lots of Zoiberg, lots of jokes about Zoiberg's mysterious anatomy, and Fry as 'the lovemeister'. Good times, good times.
John C
Starship Captain
« Reply #7 on: 09-06-2003 12:08 »

Nice favorite character choice, MikeyVillain. How long have you been watching the show?
« Reply #8 on: 09-06-2003 12:35 »

I've been watching since the premire show.
I just recently picked up the boxed sets so I can see all the ones I missed and re-watch all the ones I loved.
Zoidbergs sideways walk and "Curly" noise never gets old..I crack up every time.
Zack Brannigan

Bending Unit
« Reply #9 on: 09-06-2003 13:01 »

WMIBACIL is definitely in my top ten, Mikey.  Excellent choice.  It's got the perfect blend of zany humor and character growth that seems to be unique only to Futurama.

Dr. Z: "I'm going to attack here *points to Fry's neck* right in the gonads!"

Fry: "Nobody correct him!!!!"


DOOP Secretary
« Reply #10 on: 09-07-2003 04:02 »

Welcome to PEEL, MikeyVillain. By the way - you don't need to use spoilers on an episode that's 3 years old - especially if the episode is mentioned in the topic's title. Spoilers are really only necessary for Season 4/5 episodes. Anyway, back to the episode. It is a great episode, with lots of funny quotes...

ZOIDBERG: How will I ever get rid of my male jelly now?!
FRY: (holds out arm) I'll lend you this!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #11 on: 09-07-2003 06:50 »

Classic ep and one of my faves....I love the whole clawplach scene....

"I challenge you to clawplach....!" *Clack clack clack-clack*
"What's that?"

"A fight to the death....!" *Clack clack clack-clack*

"And if you survive, we'll make sweet love" *Clack clack clack-clack*

 :laff:  :laff:  :laff:
Rage Dump

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #12 on: 09-07-2003 07:12 »

Welcome to PEEL MikeyVillan
Beware of the man with the Grimace avatar!(You'll see  :) )

As for the ep, definatly in my top 10 possibly even top 5, the whole episode was gold from start to finish

"Tell her she looks thin"
"You seem mal-nourished. Are you suffering from internal parasites?"
"Why yes! Thanks for noticing"

« Reply #13 on: 09-07-2003 23:31 »

Zoidberg: It's been a while since medical school, so remind me: Disemboweling for your species, fatal or non-fatal?
Fry: Fatal!
Zoidberg: Large bet on myself in round one!

That's a funny episode, all right.
less than hero

Bending Unit
« Reply #14 on: 09-08-2003 09:33 »

That is a great episode.

Fry:He's got male jelly coming out the wazoo.
Edna:Yes, that is where it usually comes out from...

heeeheeheeheee...I like the episode too.  Oh yeah, welcome to peel, man...
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