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Author Topic: Thoughts on [4ACV18] - The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings  (Read 17390 times)
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« Reply #80 on: 08-10-2003 20:48 »

It was pretty good. I was surprised it wasn't more about Bender considering the last three epsiodes... I also liked how in the very first episode you saw the construction worker, and in the last episode you get to see him too. I don't know why, just did. Futurama 4EVER!!!

« Reply #81 on: 08-10-2003 20:53 »

A W S O M E !!1
............................. ....................i still dont know if i would rate it a s the best episode ever but i really liked it a hell damn much it was just way too cool definitely apropiate for a final episode!

was it just me that thinks that there is at least one reference of each episode in this one???
there is just no words to describe what is in my mind.
Spice Weasel

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #82 on: 08-10-2003 20:54 »
« Last Edit on: 08-10-2003 20:54 »

Welp, That was that eh?  One of the best eps of the year to end it on.  Imagine the ending ep being "Bender Should not be allowed on TV" that would have sucked out loud.

This ep, while flawed was actually very well done and quite emotional.  It had the feel of finality in the second act onwards.  The Opera singing was kinda sketchy, but it was pulled off as well as it could without hiring the three tenors.  Beelzebot was good as usual and it was great to see some cameos of folks that never would have factored into the plot, like Zapp, Nixon and Scruffy.  The final act was some of the best true feeling and emotion that Futurama ever had.  It was campy, silly awkward and very cute and touching.  I could have asked for it to be done differently, but not much better.

I will miss this show a great deal. I will wear out the dvds and still wonder what could have been.


Leela in the Opera dress.  Hottest look ever.  :love:

« Reply #83 on: 08-10-2003 20:58 »

It wasn't the best episode but I think it had the best ending. Leela saw how much Fry loved her, I just wish there were more episodes.
Kiss Me

« Reply #84 on: 08-10-2003 21:13 »

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I thought the ending was very very sweet!!!!!!!!!!!

Bending Unit
« Reply #85 on: 08-10-2003 21:20 »

KillerFox-  What do you mean with that reference question?

Delivery Boy
« Reply #86 on: 08-10-2003 21:29 »

not the best ep ever, but helped the show go out on a great note. i also cringed a bit at the singing, but the ending vey much made up for it. i knew if they tried to end it with them actually being together it would be awkward, but i must admit, the final scene made me feel all squishy inside.   :) 

i don't think i've fully accepted that it's over yet. just thinking that puts a lump in my throat. but i find solace in the fact that i know it'll live on somehow. because it has to. i want to hear how it ends.
Action Jacktion

« Reply #87 on: 08-10-2003 21:33 »
« Last Edit on: 08-10-2003 21:33 »

I knew they'd do that infinite screen trick in the credits, but I wasn't sure how since the cartoon always comes before the ship crashes.  But they just showed the credits first.

Originally posted by canned eggs:
Also, it was really clever to put a twist on the fairly trite "deal with the devil" storyline.  I like how Fry opens in the advantageous bargaining posture, and the devil spends the whole episode making up ground.
I liked that too.  Remember that the description said Fry would immediately regret his deal, so I was expecting something more ordinary.  This episode also twisted the "it came from your heart, not from [whatever]" idea, since Fry really can't play without the hands.  That was good, since the episode had been implying that Leela only liked him because of what he could do, but at the end, she's still there.

The opera wasn't as interesting as I'd hoped, and I thought there was a little too much singing; I was worried that once they started they'd keep going for the rest of the episode, but fortunately they didn't.  It was funny, but it just got a little tedious (though Katey Sagal was great, as usual).  I agree that an opera seems a little too different from what we've seen the holophoner do before.

I also figured that the ending would first show Fry, alone and depressed, but then we'd see Leela and it would (somehow) be happy.  I would have preferred the ending to be a bit more literal, but it was sweet the way it was done, and it got the message across.  (Did anyone else notice that Leela's "I want to hear how it ends" had a quadruple meaning?)

By the way, remember the description from TV Guide that said that Fry's opera would be based on "Bohemian Rhapsody?"  Did I miss something?
Zack Brannigan

Bending Unit
« Reply #88 on: 08-10-2003 21:34 »

I'm glad the show went out on a high note.  No, this was not the best episode, but to me it is one of the best.  The ending was very fitting, and Leela saying "I want to know how it ends" is tear-jerking. 

Did anyone else shed a tear?

I taped it and watched it twice in a row after the initial airing.  It was a very fitting end to a terrific show.  "See you on another network . . . "

« Reply #89 on: 08-10-2003 21:35 »

Very entertaining, definitley. I mean, hey, it was the last episode. I found the singing great too, not awkward or anything.

But wow. Its over. Ive got vivid memories of watching the first episode. Like how people say they remember exactly where they where when they heard JFK got shot... its like that with the first ep of futurama. I can't believe its been 5 fucking years since then. Nevertheless, a great episode to go out on. Better than The Why of Fry, I'd say. It really had this 'goodbye' feeling all the way through. And the ending was quick, holo- fry&leela walk off into the horizon, and I was thinking there'd be more, but, bam, credits. The end.

« Reply #90 on: 08-10-2003 21:51 »

Meh, nitpicking people :/

Starship Captain
« Reply #91 on: 08-10-2003 21:59 »

excellent episode

And now I'm sad because there is no new episodes anymore!

shame on you fox executives
shame on you for killig your best show ever
The Baz

Bending Unit
« Reply #92 on: 08-10-2003 22:25 »

A good episode.  Definetly not one of my favorites but it was a fitting ending to an excellent series.  I really liked the last time cameos but I just wish they would have included more of the main characters.  Perhaps an hour long finale would please me but I know FOX would rather shot it's foot.  But to see the gang go on another final mission would have been great.

The ending was exceptionally well done.  Subtle to leave it open for fan's imaginations or a possible continuation of the series.

« Reply #93 on: 08-10-2003 23:05 »

Ah.....  My first post in this forum, thanks to this wonderful episode.

The ending still leaves me emotional.  Everyone but Kiff and Nibbler got their moment in it, and the ending was so touching.

Spelling Nazi
Bending Unit
« Reply #94 on: 08-10-2003 23:08 »

Originally posted by Action Jacktion:

By the way, remember the description from TV Guide that said that Fry's opera would be based on "Bohemian Rhapsody?" Did I miss something?

I thought I read that somewhere. Is it from Fox's official description? Wouldn't be the first time that's been wildly inaccurate. I have no idea where they got that from.

I thought it was a pretty good episode. I was hoping it wouldn't go all shippy in the end, and was relieved that it was left ambiguous. It was no epic like some people were expecting, but it wasn't intended to be the end of the entire series. Just a sweet episode to end the season. And I like it that way.

The only part I'm not so sure about was the music. Not the opera Fry wrote, but afterwards when the main characters started singing. Sometimes it's fine when they break into song, and sometimes something just doesn't click and it seems forced. I can't explain what it is that makes the difference. I  don't remember thinking that about any other Futurama song, but this one just seemed out of place. I guess it reminded me vaguely of the embarrasingly bad songs from more recent episodes of The Simpsons. But still, the music itself wasn't bad, and that's my only gripe for the episode. I give it 4.5/5.

Bending Unit
« Reply #95 on: 08-10-2003 23:26 »

Do you know the name of holophonor teacher?

- Eh, hello Mrs. "Melanger". <- ???
- Hello Filip, and you must be Mr. Bender.

Do you know what Leela whispers?

- Then one day, I found some else is couch fire by son it's butt. (I don't recognize this much good)
I can't you believe this really...

Thanks, K5

Urban Legend
« Reply #96 on: 08-10-2003 23:34 »

then one day i found someone elses couch fibers on his butt.

Bending Unit
« Reply #97 on: 08-10-2003 23:42 »

I thought this episode was fantastic.
From "He's Too Grumpy!"
to "I want to Hear how it ends" This was a great way to end a show when your still not sure at the time if it's canceled. I loved the singing. It had a Gilbert and Sullivan like quality to it. Dan C. is great and I wish there had been more episodes feturing the Robot devil. But he was in the 1st season finale and the series finale. And BTW Leela in that Dress. Yowza. So now I lift my inside out sweet vermouth vodka Martini* and say thank you to all the folks who made Futurama.

Your show was an insparation to me and the best thing I have ever found on TV. It's meant so much to so many people in these past five years. I wish each and every one of you all the sucess in the world and again thank you for a great show.

*BTW if there is no real name for this drink:
2 oz Sweet vermouth
1 oz Vodka
stir with ice and strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a hollow cocktail olive.

I will from now on call it a Futurama Cocktail


« Reply #98 on: 08-10-2003 23:49 »

I remember that.  And Leela described how ugly the guy was, and Fry goes "Pretty boy...", all jealous-like. =P

Bending Unit
« Reply #99 on: 08-10-2003 23:58 »

Nothing to say about the episode but brilliant. They couldn't have done better. A+


FOX sucks more than I thought. My local affiliate (I live near Boulder, CO) plastered their call letters OVER the opening subtitle. If not for this website, I wouldn't have known what they said, and may have just assumed it was only the picture. FOX... I don't even know what to say.

« Reply #100 on: 08-11-2003 00:02 »

Originally posted by MrB:
KillerFox-  What do you mean with that reference question?

i mean like:
liquid people: My three suns
robot devil: hell is other robots
holophoner: Parasites lost
Zapp & manlike lady: put YHOMS
etc, etc, etc.
 i think there is one of every episode ( including robot names)

« Reply #101 on: 08-11-2003 00:21 »

Oh yes, can somebody tell me what happened in the ending credits, because I'm not sure they showed it here...

Bending Unit
« Reply #102 on: 08-11-2003 00:42 »

Originally posted by BNLbum:FOX sucks more than I thought. My local affiliate (I live near Boulder, CO) plastered their call letters OVER the opening subtitle. FOX... I don't even know what to say.

Why are you bashing the network for what the affiliate did?

Fry: "What did you do to my nails?"
Beelzebot: "I cleaned them!"



Bending Unit
« Reply #103 on: 08-11-2003 01:20 »

This is going to jump around a bit.  Sleep deprivation.

I hadn't spoiled the episode for myself, but given the general tenor here in the past few months, I was prepared to be disappointed, even thinking that "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" might become my surrogate final episode.

I needn't have worried.  This was an excellent episode with a graceful exit, and, as others have noted, will serve as a new beginning as well as an end.  I hope if there are new eps or a movie, that Fry and Leela will be together from this point on.  It would be criminal to reverse course at this point.  We have suffered too many false starts already.  Are you listening, David X.?

It did seem a little odd that the final episode of Futurama would feature Homer Simpson, but he played it well.

Did anything happen during the end credits?  Not only does Fox not show the real credits nationally, but my local affiliate botched it up even further, showing a Cadillac commercial too long, and joining the credits well after the voice actors' names had gone by.

I still have one episode left to go.  I saw every ep in first run, except the one that was pre-empted in my area and never re-run.  C'mon, Cartoon Network, show me "The Route Of All Evil."  I'm guessing end of October-ish.

Oh, and for those that don't know, "Lisa" listed on the Wheel of Robots is yet another Apple Computer reference.  The Lisa is a contemporary of the original Macintosh.



From which:

"Officially, the name Lisa stood for 'Local Integrated Software Architecture'. Unofficially, it was named after Steve Jobs' and Nancy Rogers' daughters born in 1978."
Garbage Picker

Bending Unit
« Reply #104 on: 08-11-2003 02:13 »

They picked a great ep to go out with. It was funny and had an great ending. Well, FUTURAMA had a good run while it lasted. And as for Fox: BURN IN HELL YOU CRAZY SOBs!!!!!!!!

Urban Legend
« Reply #105 on: 08-11-2003 02:23 »

What was the ending?

« Reply #106 on: 08-11-2003 02:35 »

There was nothing in the ending credits, and now having seen it in its entirity, I have to agree great final episode!

« Reply #107 on: 08-11-2003 02:51 »

Does anyone know the other robots names on the wheel other than Bender's and Beezlebot?

Bender - Kiss my shiny metal, OH NO!!!

« Reply #108 on: 08-11-2003 03:54 »

go to the capsule on CGEF

Space Pope
« Reply #109 on: 08-11-2003 03:57 »

It was a truly great episode. The ending was perfect, since we didn't see any reaction from Leela at all, which is a really smart move in my opinion.  :)

Because, if you think about it, has there anything changed between them?   :p

Bending Unit
« Reply #110 on: 08-11-2003 04:01 »

Robot names on the wheel:
 * Flexo
 * Daisy Mae 128K
 * Crushinator
 * Roberto
 * Helper
 * Kwanzabot
 * Robot 1-x
 * Clamps
 * Hedonismbot
 * Fatbot
 * Linctron
 * Destructor
 * Santa
 * Joey
 * Tinny Tim
 * Chain Smoker
 * Angleyne
 * Execu-tor
 * Preacherbot
 * Fembot
 * Hair Robot
 * Unit 2013
 * Donbot
 * Boxy
 * Lulubelle7
 * Humorbot 5.0
 * Calculon
 * URL
 * Foreigner
 * iZac
 * Catridge Unit
 * Barkerbot
 * Teenbot
 * Gearshift
 * Q.T. McWhiskers
 * Deep Blue (still exists? He doesn't have hands anyway...)
 * iHawk
 * Cylon
 * Patchcord Adams
 * Liubot
 * Stagebot 7.0
 * Sinclair 2k
 * Vending machine
 * Oily
 * Coolometer
 * Andrew
 * Monique
 * Rab-Bot
 * Lisa (Might be a reference to Matt's sister or a staff person)
 * Executive Gamma
 * Keg Robot
 * Greeting Card
 * Eurotrash 80
 * Nannybot 1.0
 * Emotitron, Jr.
 * Ceiling Fan
 * Hookerbot
 * Bender
 * Robot Devil
Bending Unit
« Reply #111 on: 08-11-2003 04:05 »

Did anybody notice, that on the record cover, Fry has normal hands?!
Delivery Boy
« Reply #112 on: 08-11-2003 04:08 »
« Last Edit on: 08-11-2003 04:08 »

Anyone else noticed that the animation was in some cases horribly off, especially Beelzebot's jaw...

Zoidberg's singing was awful - I cringe every time I hear it.

It was good that they brought up the difference beetween irony and coincidentiality(is that a word?). Sarcasm is the way to go anyway :>

Who is And Atomaton? I googled around but the only thing I found was various companies and stuff. Maybe it's supposed to be whoever designed Beelzebot?

~ One software - one function(avoid bloat at all cost) ~
Coder, Absynth Interactive

Space Pope
« Reply #113 on: 08-11-2003 05:21 »
« Last Edit on: 08-11-2003 05:21 »

It's difficult to look at an episode of your favorite show objectively when you know it's the last time you'll ever experience the thrill of a new installment. Still, in the context of season 5, it was a solid ep, erring on being great, for a series finale (which it was never meant to be, I know) it was adequate.

It was a refreshing change from the glut of uninspired Bender-centric episodes of the past month. The snail was awesome, the Robot Devil had some hilarious moments ("these things are always touching me in places.." ), but the singing was just dire..

For a Fry/Leela shipper ep (I'm not a fan, but hell, it's the final episode, let them get together), I can't help but think it's impact was somewhat lessened by FOX's insistence on showing the preceding episodes out of production order. So much for any believable build-up of URST when, bam, there's another useless Bender episode thrown into the mix..

I think the writers handled the relationship issue as best as they could, considering the uncertain role of this ep at it's conception. I can't get the mental picture of Venus, BBT and Co. pulling their hair out as the final credits rolled though..   :laff:

As always, there was way too little Professor (he is, after all, the funniest character on the show, in my opinion), but it really wasn't his style of episode.

All in all, it was an enjoyable installment, unfairly burdened with a finality with which it should never have had to endure.

Thanks guys.

« Reply #114 on: 08-11-2003 05:42 »

Tjoppen- Automaton - another word for robot

Urban Legend
« Reply #115 on: 08-11-2003 06:03 »

Great "ending" episode.  I really enjoyed this one.  It had a good balance between the romantic story and the jokes.  I'm at work so I can't say more now, but I give this one an A.  On a small positive, I don't have to watch FOX anymore. 

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #116 on: 08-11-2003 06:23 »

What a great episode... it's going to take a while for it to sink in that this is it...

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but the end, with Fry and Leela walking off into the distance, reminded me of the end of Chaplin's Modern Times, where The Tramp and The Waif do the same thing.  It could just be a coincidence, and I wouldn't even bring it up, but... Modern Times... Futurama... see where I'm headed with this thing?

Urban Legend
« Reply #117 on: 08-11-2003 06:43 »

Wow.  I think this is my favorite episode ever of the best show ever.  I'm still in awe. 

The caption wasn't exactly witty but maybe it's true.  The beginning was funny, with Bender and Fry and the holophoner lessons.  Then the robot devil was hilarious.  And Zoidberg, oh Zoidberg.  His face was great when he was ordering the records.  Leela eating the bugglao was also great and the little scene with her and Fry outside was good too and "You're not nice!" also funny.  I wish the opera was more like Parasites lost but it was still pretty funny when Bender says, "I dont recall fighting Godzilla, but that's SO what I would do"  Leela being deaf and the devil taking her hand- in marriage was the part of the story where it turned from amazing to incredible.  The whole musical act was great.  Although Leela usually sings better, it was acceptable and Billy West's part was the best he's ever sang.  Zoidberg's line was hilarious! The end was just, just, well, it makes me cry whenever I just think about it.  The way Leela says, "please don't stop playing Fry.  I want to hear the end" was so sweet.  And it is great how that reflects onto the show itself.  The holophoner scene was cute, and when they ran off into the distance it seems like they're running to a new path.  I wonder if the writers and staff intended these signs.  Great job, Mr. Keeler.


So, what  is there left to say?  I've never seen such a great effort to make this a great show.  Which it is, the best.  While the future is undecided, Futurama will never leave my heart.  Long live Futurama. 

Space Pope
« Reply #118 on: 08-11-2003 08:14 »
« Last Edit on: 08-11-2003 08:14 »

Originally posted by edeltraut:
I  don't remember thinking that about any other Futurama song, but this one just seemed out of place. I guess it reminded me vaguely of the embarrasingly bad songs from more recent episodes of The Simpsons.
yay. edel agrees with me again!

Bender: Your son is pretty good, how hard did you say you had to hit him?
Lady: Fairly hard.
or something like that

oh and i also love fry's "pretty boy" line

Because stupid Fox didn't run a bumper (like they do every other episode) I hit the record button just has the title shot was coming up and while I got it in time, my VCR didn't have enough time to settle down, so it's all wavy and crapped up and i can't read the words. I know what it says, but still. grr

yay! ben.

Bending Unit
« Reply #119 on: 08-11-2003 09:05 »

I really have to say that it does work really well as a series finale. Personally, I liked the Leela/Fry story arc, I wasn't insane over "will they/won't they?!?!" like a lot of other people on other Futurama sites were..., but it was an interesting way to develop the characters in the last two seasons. I think this one gave the perfect closure for it though. No immediate "hook-up" between the two of them out of nowhere, it was more nicely done and subtle.

The episode's plot really worked well as a series finale too, I think. It flowed very well, and was really interesting, which more than made up for it not being a one-liner fest. I actually prefer this style of writing on Futurama. It's more engaging and it stands up better on repeat viewings.

There was also a feeling of "granduer" and urgency well into the final act. The whole opera bit was a great way to sum up the series in brief scenes (Fry, Leela and Bender having to fight an space monster on some odd planet) and the charcter's personal development (Leela's history, and Fry's feelings towards his friends, Bender's selfishness). Plus, it's always a treat for me when a show does a "musical episode". It was a really great way to wrap up the series. I was very satisfied. I just think it hasn't set in that the series came and went so fast though...
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