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: Funniest MOMENTS in episodes  (Read 13402 times)
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« #160 : 03-02-2005 14:29 »
« : 03-02-2005 14:29 »

Zoidberg as Jesus was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

I literally fell on the floor laughing, and couldn't stop for minutes    :D.

EDIT: TOTP Spasms!

Delivery Boy
« #161 : 03-02-2005 14:44 »
« : 03-02-2005 14:44 »

" Puzuzu you ungreatful Gargoyle, I put you though clloage, and THIS is how you repay me!!"

" I guess you'll like to see my Angry Crotchety Grandpa Discount card."

Thoes made me laugh!

Delivery Boy
« #162 : 03-02-2005 15:25 »

Originally posted by Zmithy:
Zoidberg as Jesus was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

I literally fell on the floor laughing, and couldn't stop for minutes.


« #163 : 03-04-2005 17:54 »

So so so so many!

In Less Than Hero:

Mugger: Give me your wallets now or my robot'll shoot.

[He pulls his hat off his hand, revealing a small robot names Andrew with a gun.]

Andrew: Don't make me hurt you.

[Fry and Leela shriek. Fry fumbles for his wallet.]

Fry: I'm too scared to find my pocket. Here, I'll just take of my pants and give you those.

[He starts to unzip them. The mugger cringes and puts his hand to his face.]

Mugger: Hey! I don't like what I'm seeing. Give it to him Andrew!
I love that robot!

In Insane In The Mainframe

[When fry and better have been shoved in a box to be taken to the robot insane asylum]

Fry: Ow! My head! Ow! My feet! Ow! My head! Ow! My feet!

Farnsworth: Keep your chin-up!

Fry: Ow! My chin!


In Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Salesman: I understand and I think its wonderful you don't care whether anyone questions your sexual orientation.

Fry: I care! I care plenty! I just don't know how to make them stop!

Salesman: One word...Thundercougarfalconbir d!


In Anthology Of Interest Pt. 1

Hawking: There he is. Seize him.

Fry: Who said that?


Where The Buggalo Roam

Leela: Wow, look at that! Olympus Mons! The tallest volcano in the solar system!

Fry: Where?


Kif: We'll camp near the top. The rustlers will be sure to spot us there.

Fry: Where?


Leela (shouting): We're in the eye of the storm!

Fry: Where?


Roswell That Ends Well

Fry: Let's go microwave, I'm in a hurry here!
[He opens the door and is about to put the popcorn in when he sees something.]
Hm? [It is a label that says Warning: Do Not Put In Microwave. Fry tears it off and chuckles. He puts it in the microwave and presses the button. The popcorn fizzles and a blue thing leaks out of the microwave and begins to engulf the room.]

Hey, what smells like blue?


Zoidberg: So what are you guys doing tonight? I'm up for whatever!


Doctor #1: Stomach contents: One deviled egg.

[He puts it in a kidney bowl.]

Zoidberg: Deviled egg?

[He eats it. The doctor pulls it out again.]

Doctor #1: The same deviled egg.


War is The H Word

Man:      This is the worst part. The calm before the battle.

Fry:      And then the battle's not so bad?

Man:      Oh, right. I forgot about the battle. [Whimpers]


Zapp:     Damn it, Kif. Where's the little umbrella? That's what makes it a
          scotch on the rocks!


Zapp:     A little lower. Lower. Lower. A lot lower. Too low!!!.......Lower.

_____________________________ _


Monk: This is the worst crazy sect i've ever been in.


Monk: We cooked our shoes in the dryer and ate them.. now we're bored!



« #164 : 03-09-2005 14:20 »

In the mars university episode there were 2 hilarious lines

Professor after his genius monkey ran away explaining how he did on the test
"He just turned in a piece of paper smeared with feces on it... he tied with fry"

Professor after his monkey jumped out of the window in the middle of the test "why... WHY DIDNT I BREAK HIS LEGS!?"

Bending Unit
« #165 : 03-10-2005 18:10 »
« : 03-10-2005 18:10 »

in Anthology of Interest 2 when bender is a human and says i'm going to eat (sorry forgot what it was i think it was chips or something)and go to the bathroom at the same time and everyone holds him back the drawing is so funny.
Leela In Chains

Bending Unit
« #166 : 03-10-2005 18:58 »

Fry: "Hey Zoidberg, get in here!"
Zoid: "Screw you!"

Fry: "Did everything just taste purple for a second?"

Last but not least, my favorite:
(Crimes Of The Hot - Wernstrom's giant mirror  tips in space causing sunlight to burn everything in it's path. A man looks up at the sun.)
"Ooh, that's kinda bright." (Man explodes.)

I laugh my ass off every time!

Liquid Emperor
« #167 : 03-11-2005 17:06 »

Well the day before yesterday I was watching "Spanish Fry" and my husband walked in on me because he noticed the funny noise from my TV as he walked in the living room, and it's the moment where Lrrr had captured Fry and wanted to cut his "lower horn" off! My husband laughed at the sight of Lrrr which made it even funnier....
Leela In Chains

Bending Unit
« #168 : 03-11-2005 17:22 »

Just thought of another one...

In TWOF when Fry's on Eternium, and Nibbler turns on the screen expaining about the delta brainwave...Fry's trying to eat a pineapple hanging from a string. I always cry from laughing so hard.

Delivery Boy
« #169 : 03-13-2005 14:44 »

LEELA: They're so cold! 

ROBOT DEVIL: And yet hell is so hot!!! (Maniacal laughter) Can I have my hands back?     

FRY: NO!!! 

ROBOT DEVIL: Your'e not nice!!!!         

That was classic.     

Also this one: 

BENDER: How much do you think its worth? (Hands the countesses bracelet to Hermes)

HERMES: It's fake mon...

(Bender starts wailing uncontrollably) 
Old Skool Prop

Bending Unit
« #170 : 03-14-2005 12:09 »

In wmibacin Zoidberg talking to edna with fry telling what to say is classic!

Bending Unit
« #171 : 03-14-2005 17:38 »

Watched Love and Rocket recently, and this had me floored for some reason:
Fry: "Hah! That barely hurt Leela at all!"

It's just...XD
dr.bender nye

Liquid Emperor
« #172 : 03-31-2005 10:06 »

The best futurama moment for me is "parasites lost"(its a good episode) when most of the crew enter frys heart and bender says "where are we? the ass?" and proffeser says "no where in the heart also known as the love muscle " and Zoidberg says "where the food is digested".

« #173 : 03-31-2005 21:48 »

"Why Must I be a Crustacean in Love?"

Bender: ""It's always so sad when a friend goes crazy and you have to have a big clam bake and cook him. Yeehaw!"

Farnsworth: "We, by which I mean you, will have to rush him to his ancient homeworld, which will shortly erupt in an orgy of invertebrate sex."
Fry: "Oh, baby. I'm there!"
Leela: "Fry, do you even understand the word invertebrate?"
Fry: "Nope, but that's not the word I'm interested in. No need to pack pants, people. Let's roll!"

Fry: "Listen, Doc. If you wanna score, you gotta fake that you're in love. Just look her in the eye, start crying, and say 'I've never been so happy'."
Leela: "Ugh! If a guy ever did that to me, I'd know it. Wait a second. They've all been doing that to me. Even Shawn!" *runs away crying*

Zoidberg: "It's all so complicated with the flowers and the romance and the lies upon lies!"
Fry: "Ok, ok, don't worry. The lovemeister will take you under his wing."
Zoidberg: "What? Now there's a bird involved?"

Zoidberg: "I'm confused, Fry. I'm feeling a strange new emotion. Is it love when you care about a female for reasons beyond mating?"
Fry: "Nope. Must be some weird alien emotion."

Bender: "Fry, I've never asked you for anything before but if it's not too much trouble... when it comes to the ninth round, just let him win."
Fry: "But it's a fight to the death!"
Bender: "Oh, so suddenly this is all about you! Sheesh."

from "Put Your Head on my Shoulder":

Farnsworth: "I still don't understand why you wouldn't let me craft a laser cannon onto your chest to crush those who disobey you ... But I guess we're just too different people."

In "The Cyber House Rules," when Amy tells of her cuteness reduction surgury...

There are so many...and reading through the thread made me forget the one I was thinking of...oh well. Next time...

Liquid Emperor
« #174 : 04-01-2005 00:15 »

Zoidberg as Jesus was funny as hell, especially when he told the mayor, "I help those who help themselves!"

« #175 : 04-01-2005 00:42 »

Farnsworth saying "Ooh! A lesson in History from Mr. I'm My Own Grampa! Screw History!" in RTEW is Hilarious! In fact, Basically all of RTEW is Great!

Starship Captain
« #176 : 04-01-2005 01:57 »

I think it's really funny for some reason when Mayor Poopenmeyer says "hmmm, heiny, you say?" at the end of Fry and The Slurm Factory. Mayor Poopenmeyer has got a funny voice.
dr.bender nye

Liquid Emperor
« #177 : 04-01-2005 07:33 »

In the DVD commentary for Anthology of Intrest II
hermes says "theres always next year " and i think it was Rich Moore that said "no there isn't"
and Maurice LaMarche (Voice of Kif ,other aliens and Narrator for this ep)he says "what would it be like if there was a fifth season?"

Starship Captain
« #178 : 04-01-2005 13:08 »

"Just like at the movie theater!  Whoooooooooo!"

« #179 : 04-03-2005 21:29 »

I loved the part when the Slurm Queen sucked slurm out of her own behind... that was so disturbing and hilarious at the same time.

Another is when Bender turned human and was eating the hot dog while in the dance club and kissing the girl at the same time... awesome!

Bending Unit
« #180 : 04-06-2005 17:05 »

when bender uses the f-ray on fry and kill his sperm

« #181 : 05-09-2005 18:56 »

Parasites Lost

Zoidberg: "Gumbercules? I love that guy"

Zoidberg: "You'll never guess where I've been!" when he comes in riding the sperm.

The labels on the elevator:
Ball Room

Bending Unit
« #182 : 05-09-2005 23:12 »

when zapp says on a flight to remember
by jack knifing from comet to comet we might just get some kind of gravity boost or something

Bending Unit
« #183 : 05-12-2005 11:07 »
« : 05-12-2005 11:07 »

So many to mention, so little time...

The Route of All Evil

Announcer:  This week, on The Real World - The Sun...

The Cryonic Woman

Leela:  Pizza delivery for... (reads receipt)  I. C. Weiner.  (Fry and Bender laugh)  Yeah, very funny.  Now cough up the $12.95.
Fry:  Sorry, but if it's not here in half an hour, it's free.
Leela:  It's only been 23 minutes.
Fry:  Well, I've got 33 minutes.  (Leela places the pizza box on the desk and presses a button on it - the guy on the pizza box starts talking)
Pizza box guy:  It's only been-a 23 minutes, you dumb-a cannoli!  You gotta problem?  We can take it outside!
Fry:  Okay, I'll fight the box.  I think I can take him.
Leela:  Fry, just pay me.  I still owe 30 bucks on this uniform.
Pizza box guy:  Thirty-five, you stupid meatball!

How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back

Zoidberg:  Finally, I have a good claw.  See?  Three human females, a number, and a king giving himself brain surgery.
Fry:  (sighs)  It doesn't matter how many human females you have.  Bender's on a hot streak.
Bender:  Eh, what can I say?  Must be my lucky shades.  (Presses a button on his shades - they're really X-ray specs)  Nothing, nothing, crap, crap, garbage.  Read 'em and leak saltwater!  (Spreads out 3 aces, a 7 and a 5)

Mars University

Gearshift:  Fatbot, NO!!  (Fatbot eats Dean Vernon's ship model)
Fatbot:  When I get nervous, I get hungry.  (Vernon glares at them)
Bender:  Cheese it!  (They bolt)
Vernon:  Robot HOUSE!![/i]

Anthology of Interest II

Human Bender:  Well, let's see what kind of things this body can do.  (Hocks a loogie in Hermes' general direction)  Hey, that's pretty fun!  (Barfs)  Ha ha ha!  Being human is great!  (Vomits 2 more times)
Zoidberg:  (Clicks claws)  Hooray!  It's just like Mardi Gras!

Insane in the Mainframe

Malfunctioning Eddie:  Pleased to meet you.
Fry:  Actually, we met once before.
Malfunctioning Eddie:  WHAT?!  (Explodes)

Bending Unit
« #184 : 05-12-2005 17:03 »

oh definately onthe episode anthology of interest 2 when pac man gets killed inside of frys what if scenario that was hilarios!!!

Bending Unit
« #185 : 05-29-2005 21:23 »

I loved the whole sequence whne Fry was just tested in the crazy robot hospital. U know on the conveyor getting a drill in his mouth, magnet in the ass. pure hilarity.

« #186 : 01-19-2006 14:45 »
« : 01-19-2006 14:45 »

my fav is bender gets made when leela gets hit in the eye with the spice weazle and the "real" doctor gives zoidberg some "candy"
doctor:you seem stressed have these
zoidberg :O' sure butter me up with candy
a few mins later
Dave B

Urban Legend
« #187 : 01-19-2006 15:25 »

I think on Anthology of Interest II the funniest part is when Fry is shooting up to the Space Invaders and Fry says:

Fry: "Watch as I shoot up through my own shield!"

then Bender goes (this is the really funny part I think!)

Bender: "He's a mad man... a maddd mannnnn!!!"

LMAO!  :laff:   :laff:   :laff:
Delta 001

Bending Unit
« #188 : 01-20-2006 05:57 »

yeah thats a good bit

my fav is, well there are two

first: the scene that cuts into the planet express ship on planet amazona, where bender is runing around scared.

Second: when angalien says i have feeling for you too, the way bender turns from sad to straight anger.

Dave B

Urban Legend
« #189 : 01-20-2006 06:18 »

Originally posted by Delta 001:
yeah thats a good bit

my fav is, well there are two

first: the scene that cuts into the planet express ship on planet amazona, where bender is runing around scared.

Second: when angalien says i have feeling for you too, the way bender turns from sad to straight anger.

lol very select ones there mate but I do admit when Bender is scared he's funny like also on Parasites Lost when he goes AHAHAHAH Abandon ship for like a little crash lol  :D

Liquid Emperor
« #190 : 01-20-2006 14:35 »

heres one from TDTESS

[Scene: Planet Express Balcony. Fry stands on the balcony looking at the carnage. Buildings burn in the distance, ships fall from the sky and cars crash in the street. A man crashes his car into a lamppost, opens the dome and slumps over dead. Fry picks up a bullhorn and talks into the wrong end.]

Fry: Attention, New New Yorkers. Stop acting so stupid!

[A bird lands on the other end and squawks into it. Fry screams and falls over.]

And from I dated a robot, the parody of Charlies Angels. This literally had me almost crying with laughter...

Alex: [in movie] No, don't open that coffin! It's ticking!

Natalie: [in movie] I have to, Alex. That coffin's not going to open itself.

[The coffin opens itself and a vampire sits up.]

Vampire: [in movie] Bleurh!

[He explodes. Fry and Liubot make out. Enter Bender, Leela, Zoidberg and Lucy Liu.]

Liquid Emperor
« #191 : 01-20-2006 16:28 »

one that gets me everytime is in Cyber house rules, when the doorbell rings and theres a "baby" there and bender starts stomping on its and leela says
"stop bender, its a baby!"
and bender says "a baby what?"

« #192 : 01-21-2006 07:05 »

the farnsworthparabox
when the proffeser wacks hermies hand with the hammer for trying to look inside the box

hemies:you hurt my colator
farnsworth:i dont care
Age Of Aquarius

Bending Unit
« #193 : 01-21-2006 13:39 »

In Where the Buggalo Roam-

Zapp:I am a man of no name...Zapp Brannigan here at your service.

« #194 : 01-21-2006 15:22 »

I, Roomate:
Bender: You know Fry, of all the friends I've had, you're the first

Mars University:
Fry: My roommates a monkey?
Guenther: Brilliant deduction, you're a credit to your species.

Both crack me up!

« #195 : 01-21-2006 15:27 »

When Leela kicks Fry in 'Bender Gets Made', hilarious!

« #196 : 01-21-2006 15:31 »

'And my coffee is shaking, I don't want my coffee shaking'

Bending Unit
« #197 : 01-22-2006 02:23 »

i like ep "your head on my shoulders :

Bender: you mean people will pay for love, this gives me a plan so devious it may just work!
Seen changes to a court house.
Judge:The fine is final.
Bender: aw, stupid anti-pimping laws(to leela) well, pay the man!
2 women bots: We love you daddy bender!
Bendr(strutting of in big coat and rings) shut up baby, i know it!(women bots follow)

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« #198 : 01-22-2006 02:34 »

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

"Have you seen my sombrero?"
hotrod zoidberg

Bending Unit
« #199 : 01-22-2006 02:52 »

the sting
this is no ordinary honey

lesser of to evil
oh yeah chck-a-chrr- lapdancing robot

nothuing in here but a couple of elephant skin rugs
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