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Author Topic: The new episodes  (Read 895 times)
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Urban Legend
« on: 06-15-2003 16:17 »

This is just an observation, but it seems to me that many people are calling the new episodes amazing, and one of the best, and stuff like that, and to me they really aren't the best. They haven't sucked at all, but they probably haven't been in my top ten.

It's almost like people are feeling depressed about there being very few left, and are trying to compensate by (I really don't have the words to express what I mean, but here goes) overinflating the episodes... no thats really not good.

Sort of what Leela meant when she said to the ship in love and rocket:
"I know Bender is great, but did you ever think that he's well, not so great?"

I like the show, and the new episodes, but I don't think they're as good as the majority of people think they are... am I alone? Possibly. Thats just what I'm getting.

Urban Legend
« Reply #1 on: 06-15-2003 16:21 »

Well, if you're a shipper, of course you like them!  And comedy wise, they still got it!  The animation is getting better as well.  And they are great story plots, dude.

Urban Legend
« Reply #2 on: 06-15-2003 16:27 »

I'm not a shipper, and I do watch for humor reasons. Perhaps its because there much less jokes and more romance that I don't find them as good as 2nd/3rd seasons.

If the new episode turns out to be as romancy as the Sting, I'll be disappointed.

Starship Captain
« Reply #3 on: 06-15-2003 16:28 »

u expressed urself fine. and everyones aloud there own opinion

« Reply #4 on: 06-15-2003 16:32 »

I like the liberties they have taken themselves. When you compare these latest episodes to those in season one (or season two) you may notice it. They make use of the "overall plot" which has developed since the first episode (can you imagine "shippy" episodes in season one?) and tend to a surrealistic style (think of things like this scene in the sting where leela opens the coffin or the cockweel clock in the farnsworth parabox). They are far more artistic than the earlier episodes - maybe a little less plot driven.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #5 on: 06-15-2003 16:33 »

I like the past handful of episodes.  In part, yes, I do think you're right... we may be praising them a bit too highly because they're the first new ones to come along in what feels like ages; but I don't think anyone's seeing anything in the episodes that isn't there.  Rather, they're just overreacting a bit, and why not?  We're episode-starved and it's FOX's whim when and if we'll be fed.  So gush on, everyone... I'll be right there beside you.  (Wow, this post got real preachy real fast.  Sorry.)

« Reply #6 on: 06-15-2003 16:43 »

Chump I thought the same thing a while back, and I do agree with you, but what does it matter really?  If we're liking them, isn't that what counts?

I enjoy the freaky-deakyness of the new episodes, strange stuff that's always funny.

« Reply #7 on: 06-15-2003 16:59 »

That is a part of it I'm sure, but the new episodes have been high quality entertainment. (especially when paired with Fox's other crap)

I'm expecting tonights to continue the streak. It sounds like a very funny premise.

Urban Legend
« Reply #8 on: 06-15-2003 21:48 »

I guess its just the shippy-ness of them lately that I didn't like, and that people were each week claiming that THIS was their new favourite episode... meh. I guess the Farnsworth Parabox (had it been a little funnier) would have been an ideal episode in that it wasn't romance driven but it pleased that segment of the audience. Plus its nice that the parallel universe thing got done. And strange stuff is good. I have no problem with that.

I forget, how was the term shipper developed? I know what it means, but I mean the term itself.

Urban Legend
« Reply #9 on: 06-16-2003 02:09 »

I believe it's short hand for "relationshipper."

Something else that I've noticed, which kinda goes along with what Chump said...there seems to be an overboard of continuity in the last few episodes. Take, for example, tonight's episode. In the final party scene, there were so many reoccuring characters that it almost got annoying. It's almost as if that any new character is repeated until we get tired of it. (see, Scruffy)

Everything in the last few episodes has to connect to everything else. I know, I know, it's strange when someone gets mad for too much continuity, but it does get annoying.

Helpy McHelphelp
DOOP Secretary
« Reply #10 on: 06-16-2003 15:46 »

Originally posted by Chump:
I guess its just the shippy-ness of them lately that I didn't like,

This was my opinion too, and one of the reasons I didn't rate The Farnsworth Parabox too highly. An overabundancy of shippy episodes lately (mostly due to FOX' braindead programming), and when I finally thought I'd be watching a pure fun, non-arch related episode, they had to force in Leela and Fry again.

We might be overrating some of them, but they've all been good and fun episodes, and I've enjoyed them all. When I get my season 4 DVD, where The Farnsworth Parabox wont follow a string of shippy episodes, I'm sure I'll rate it higher.

« Reply #11 on: 06-16-2003 20:35 »

Well, I was wrong. Last nights episode was horrible. I wouldn't have liked it any better seeing it after not seeing other episodes either.
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