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: Most rewatchable episodes?  (Read 1394 times)
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« #40 : 06-13-2003 09:34 »

parasites lost
roswell that ends well
problem with popplers
i, roommate (my fav)
time keeps on slippin' (my other favorite)
but really arent all of them great to watch again and again... except thats lobstertainment... i dislike that one as much as i can dislike a futurama   :rolleyes:
Australian Guy

Liquid Emperor
« #41 : 06-13-2003 09:42 »

Welcome to peel, and do a Totp Dance.

Starship Captain
« #42 : 06-13-2003 09:46 »

rowswell that ends well and the one where benders a god

Delivery Boy
« #43 : 06-13-2003 18:57 »

i watched godfellas again last night on CN....i could watch it over and over....also the sting seems like a very good ep to rewatch, mainly b/c it has so many layers to it.

« #44 : 03-02-2006 15:52 »

Roswell That Ends Well
Mothers Day
The Luck Of The Fryfish

Episodes that get boring:

That's Lobstertainment
The Cryonic Woman
Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love? (Played on Sky1 too much)

Bending Unit
« #45 : 03-02-2006 16:03 »

Fry & the Slurm Factory
AOI I and II
Parasites Lost
Time Keeps on Slipping
30% Iron Chef
The Why of Fry
The Sting
Foxxy Gurl

Bending Unit
« #46 : 03-02-2006 16:40 »

Parasites Lost, definately the best I've seen.

*Fry and Leela Rox^

Urban Legend
« #47 : 03-02-2006 18:05 »

Space Pilot 3000
Episode Two: The Series Has Landed
I, Roommate
Love's Labours Lost In Space
Fear Of A Bot Planet
A Fishfull Of Dollars
My Three Suns
A Big Piece Of Garbage
Hell Is Other Robots
A Flight To Remember
Mars University
When Aliens Attack
Fry And The Slurm Factory
I Second That Emotion
Brannigan, Begin Again
A Head In The Polls
Xmas Story
Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love?
Put Your Head On My Shoulder
The Lesser Of Two Evils
Raging Bender
A Bicyclops Built For Two
How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back
A Clone Of My Own
The Deep South
Bender Gets Made
The Problem With Popplers
Mother's Day
Anthology Of Interest I
The Honking
War Is The H-Word
The Cryonic Woman
Parasites Lost
Amazon Women In The Mood
Bendless Love
The Day The Earth Stood Stupid
That's Lobstertainment!
The Birdbot Of Ice-Catraz
Luck Of The Fryrish
The Cyber House Rules
Insane In The Mainframe
Bendin' In The Wind
Time Keeps On Slipping
I Dated A Robot
Roswell That Ends Well
A Tale Of Two Santas
Anthology Of Interest II
Love And Rocket
Leela's Homeworld
Where The Buggalo Roam
A Pharoah To Remember
Future Stock
A Leela Of Her Own
30% Iron Chef
Where No Fan Has Gone Before
Crimes Of The Hot
Jurassic Bark
The Route Of All Evil
A Taste Of Freedom
Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch
Less Than Hero
Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles
The Why Of Fry
The Sting
The Farnsworth Parabox
Three Hundred Big Boys
Spanish Fry
Bend Her
Obsoletely Fabulous
Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV
The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings

Bending Unit
« #48 : 03-02-2006 18:29 »
« : 03-02-2006 18:29 »

Time Keeps on Slippin'
The Farnsworth Parabox
Fry and the Slurm Factory
Space Pilot 3000
H. G. Blob

« #49 : 03-02-2006 21:27 »

Bender Can't Be on TV. With the audio commentary on. Bunch of funny people they are.

Liquid Emperor
« #50 : 03-03-2006 00:31 »

AOI 1+2
The Sting
The day the Earth stood stupid
Xmas story

« #51 : 03-03-2006 00:38 »

The 4 i watch on a regular basis and never get sick of are:

The Sting
Love and Rocket
A Flight to Remember
and The Why of Fry.

I've also seen the devils hands a heap of times, but i try not too, because i really don't want to get sick of it.
Bending Unit
« #52 : 03-04-2006 04:13 »

i don't laugh at almost any of the eps any more but they still make a enjoyable watch.
i would have to say alot of the stuff from season three since thats the one i've seen the least ( some discs are damaged and or lost  :( considering buying new ones ).
RS 2thou

Urban Legend
« #53 : 03-04-2006 06:05 »

Where no fan has gone before
Age Of Aquarius

Bending Unit
« #54 : 03-04-2006 06:21 »

Space Pilot 3000
Bendin' In The Wind
The Why Of Fry

Starship Captain
« #55 : 03-08-2006 06:02 »

Roswell that ends well
Space Pilot 3000
Hell is other robots
Time keeps on slipp'n
The Devils Hands are Idle Playthings

Episodes that became BORING
Anthology of interest 2 -- Bender becomes Human
Love's Labour's lost in space

NEW! space pilot 3000

Bending Unit
« #56 : 03-08-2006 07:37 »

Here are some episodes I most enjoy watching:
- The Series has Landed
- Loves Labours Lost in Space
- A Flight to Remember
- I Second that Emotion
- Put Your Head on my Shoulder
- War is the H-Word
- Parasites Lost
- Time Keeps On Slipping
- Anthology of Interest II
- Roswell that Ends Well
- Godfellas
- Leela's Homeworld
- Love and Rocket (big 2001 fan, me)
- Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles
- The Why of Fry
- Where No Fan Has Gone Before
- The Sting
- The Farnsworth Parabox
- Three Hundred Big Boys

Episodes that sucked (comparatively):
- Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV
- That's Lobstertainment!
- A Leela of her Own
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