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Author Topic: Futurama Spin-off Ideas  (Read 2518 times)
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Space Pope
« Reply #40 on: 10-04-2002 15:40 »


"My name is Philip J. Fry (I'm lost). A pizza guy (frozen for 1000 years). Aboard this ship (this cheaply-made ship) of deranged idiots (my friends). If you can hear me (ignore me), if I make it through (What the hell am I talking about?), If I open the door (WHAT door?), the FOX network is unprepared for the hilarity that will be unleashed. Or should I stay, hang out with the hot cyclops babe? What am I saying? Of COURSE I'll stay!"

Helpy McHelphelp
DOOP Secretary
« Reply #41 on: 10-04-2002 16:09 »


Fry realises his lifelong dream, and opens a bar. Against her better judgement Leela agrees to help him out as a waitress. Having some experience working as a bartender in his college days, Farnsworth chips in too. Even Amy agrees to do some waitressing.

Fry's bar is frequented by an odd collecting of patrons. There is Kif, the skinny guy who always bring up some obscure trivia, he read somewhere. Bender, the beer-loving regular, loved and known by everybody at Beers. Hermes and LaBarbara Conrad, the career-bureaucrats, with the refined taste and season-tickets to Broadway. And many, many more.

So drop in at Beers. Where everybody knows your name!

Bending Unit
« Reply #42 on: 10-05-2002 03:25 »

Zoidy and Hermes against Clamps. In: CRUSTACEAN AND DREADY BOY

Helpy McHelphelp
DOOP Secretary
« Reply #43 on: 10-05-2002 05:17 »

Leela & Fry

When Leela, a young, careerdriven spacepilot, meets Fry, a free-spirited, laidback young guy, they get married in New New York on their first date. Their love is growing everyday as they get to know each other but their families, hers is a bunch of mutants and his is composed of amoral crackpots and clones, despise each other.

Helpy McHelphelp
DOOP Secretary
« Reply #44 on: 10-13-2002 11:04 »

Futurama: Nimbus

The newest ship in the DOOP fleet, the Nimbus, is sent on a mission to arrest space-pirates, when a mysterious force throws it halfway across the galaxy. Banding together with the pirates they're looking at life-long journey to reach home.

In the end Zapp decides it's too much trouble and cheats.
Code Green

Delivery Boy
« Reply #45 on: 10-18-2002 21:53 »
« Last Edit on: 10-18-2002 21:53 »

The Conrads:[/b]

A sitcom about Hermes, LaBarbera, and their young son Dwight. Hermes runs for Congress and wins so he moves himself and the family to Washington DC after Hermes quits his job with Planet Express.

Meh, it's already been done.

« Reply #46 on: 12-12-2002 19:28 »

An entire series based on the whatif machine.  The crew would just be asking it questions, and it would show them...

Either that or the whole crew goes back to 1999, and fry knows what's going on, everyone else doesn't.  That'd be an interesting twist.
Spice Weasel

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #47 on: 12-12-2002 19:39 »

Morbo & Linda Similar to Regis & Kathie Lee.  Celebrity guests would appear and engage in light witty banter over coffee.  The running gag would be Morbo executing the guests in the most disgusting manner possibe at the end of every show, with Linda looking on and laughing.

« Reply #48 on: 12-12-2002 19:50 »

Zoidberg P.I.

In this show set in beautiful Hawaii, Dr Zoidberg stars in the role of private detective Zoidberg!
Together with his former brothers in arms (Fry and Bender), he solves every case, no matter how complicated. That is, of course, unless he is fighting with his eccentric foreign landlord (Hermes), living it up with the ladies (Leela, Amy), or eating garbage (garbage).

Space Pope
« Reply #49 on: 12-13-2002 01:05 »
« Last Edit on: 12-13-2002 01:05 »

Futurama: The next Generation

Set a hundred years after the FTOS, the crew of the new Planet Express Ship, called Planet Express Ship No.4, bodly go to deliver packages through out galaxy. Commanded by the still purplehaired Captain Leela, ( i write the rest later)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #50 on: 11-11-2005 18:39 »
« Last Edit on: 11-11-2005 18:39 »

i would certainly center mine around zoidberg. it could be a show about all the patients he has killed (theres alot), and his lack of medical training
whoaa, im the first one to post in like k3 years. sweet

Starship Captain
« Reply #51 on: 11-12-2005 04:17 »
« Last Edit on: 11-12-2005 04:17 »

Everybody Loves Hypnotoad

What? It could happen! But Cancel it before season 2! You dont want it go into Simpsons typecast land! Its just hypnotoad there infront of 200 people and someone shouts 'YOU SUCK HYPNO TOAD!' And he stares at them and... you know what happens!

Bending Unit
« Reply #52 on: 11-12-2005 13:06 »


Follow the halariouse adventures of Guy, a dude who came from the year 2000 when accedentaly stumbling in to area 51's time machine. He promptly discovered an old relative named Mom to mooch off of. He then finds him self working for her along side of a "In Your Face" robot named Flexo and a hot 3 eyed mutant named Lola. Other characters include:

The underachieving crab: Xoidbert PHD
The rich owner of the Moon: Emily Wang
A weirdo janitor: Murphy
and a columbian accountant


Bending Unit
« Reply #53 on: 11-12-2005 13:09 »

Wow, that sounds like a really familiar premise....damn, just can't put my finger on it!

« Reply #54 on: 11-12-2005 14:31 »
« Last Edit on: 11-12-2005 14:31 »

Futurama: The Golden Years

The year is 3140, and the setting is the The Near-Death Star.  Most of the familiar characters are there like: Fry, Leela, Bender, Zoidberg, Zapp, Kif, and Amy. Fry and Leela are together enjoying their golden years. Bender is still into crime, but in a more ogranized way.  He is the new "Don Bot" and controls the underworld of the Near-Death Star. Zapp can't stand being couped up around all these "old people" and always tries to escape. All he has is his memories and his days of glory that are long gone. Kif and Amy fight like an old couple should, mainly about Kif continuing to be Zapp's "boy". Everyone still hates Zoidberg and every now and then he'll do something for attention. Everyone will have flashbacks like Fry and Leela getting together and  Zapps many victories like his magnificent triumph against the pacifists of the Ghandi Nebula. Thats basically it.   

« Reply #55 on: 11-12-2005 14:47 »

Leela and Fry get zapped back to whatever year Fry was a sophomore and can't get back. Dun dun duuun!

Space Pope
« Reply #56 on: 11-12-2005 15:33 »

Futurama High School

...this is a long running "what if" question. "What if all of us [the PE crew] knew each other in high school? I really don't think I need to explain where everyone stands in the social ladder. Yeah I know, that's weird.

I'm thinking about doing some sort of Star Wars parody but I need more time to figure it out. In the meantime listen to the even worser plot of...


The entire crew is on a mission. They encounter with the Nimbus for some reason and get this, they crash on an ummarked planet! Then none of their technology works and their some unseen monster on the planet too! *Gasping is heard in the background*. How will they LIVE!!!   :eek:

...sorry...I'm really sorry...but I"m not done...

I Dream of Leela

After another experiment gona awrie, Leela realizes she's obtained special genie-powers. Man I suck.

Last one! Promise!


Amy = witch? Who knows what could happen!


Fine! I'll go stand in the corner already!

Urban Legend
« Reply #57 on: 11-12-2005 15:58 »

Night of the Living Thread.

Someone probably said this on the first page, but Zapp and Kif so need their own show.

We could either use Teral's old idea, or have the Nimbus's crew sit in a space station and mediate some peace treaty between two backwater worlds with boring alien species that nobody cares about.

Bending Unit
« Reply #58 on: 11-12-2005 16:58 »
« Last Edit on: 11-12-2005 16:58 »


It's a Seinfeld-esque premise:  Fry becomes a stand-up comic and gets his own place and his ex (Amy) is always coming over and bugging him but they remain good friends.  Bender lives across the hall and slides in all the time and mooches off of him.  Hermes drives a mail-truck and Fry and him dont really get along very well "Helloooo, Hermes" (insert hateful stare here) Fry and Leela are dating on the side but nothing serious ever happens.  Zoidberg is very stingy and he doesnt tip well, he's bald (because he's a lobster anyway) and he kills the only girl that ever loved him by "accidental" poisoning from their wedding invitations.  The Professor still runs planet express, (Amy being the only other main cast member that still works there) and he decides to write and autobiography and has Bender help him by buying all of Bender's stories off of him.

Holy hell, that works really good actually

Urban Legend
« Reply #59 on: 11-14-2005 17:45 »

Planet Express Shield:

The Professor turns Planet Express into a police station and relocates to LA.  Bender is the Vic Mackey-like head chief of police, Leela is a homicide detective, Hermes is a DA, and Fry, Amy, and Zoidberg are all plain-clothes cops.  Farnsworth is a forensics expert.  Everyday, the Planet Express Homicide Divison investigate foul play, solve crimes, take down crime lords, and save the day. 

Plus, they can all go on spaceship chases and are in competition with the DOOP FBI. 

Bending Unit
« Reply #60 on: 11-14-2005 20:05 »

I can't think of a whole new show as a spinoff, but if they ever do come back with new eps. they could do an ep. like the simpsons spinoff special and have three shorter storys like smitty and url in a law and order spoof, don-bot, clamps and joey mousepad in a HBO oz spoff, and something invouleving calculon.

« Reply #61 on: 11-15-2005 00:47 »

anything including the neutral planet
Ralph Snart

Agent Provocateur
Near Death Star Inhabitant
DOOP Secretary
« Reply #62 on: 11-15-2005 00:58 »


A young, entergetic cyclops with a killer body is constantly thrown into strange adventures by her loser friends, her senile, amoral crackpot boss and her exiled-from-society parents.

She keeps her sanity by talking to her pet Nibbler and drinking heavily...

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #63 on: 11-15-2005 12:44 »

The scary thing about this thread is, in concept at least, some of these tongue-in-cheek, facetious, hair-brained ideas just might make it onto the air.  :rolleyes:
*Sigh* Sarcasm is a lost art...
dr.bender nye

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #64 on: 11-15-2005 13:02 »

I have three:
Everybody Hates Chris
Fans of Futurama love him, characters hate him. A rip-off from (What i found on TV.Com) Everybody Hates Chris
A much better version of Joey that i don't watch. The best Futurama gets its own show.
The Daily Show With Morbo
The funny show that used to feature Jon Stewart is more funny with Morbo having to host

Bending Unit
« Reply #65 on: 11-15-2005 19:28 »

Ultra-Keen Lusterforce
Zapp Brannigan is turned into a wad of meat, along with Fry, who becomes a shake, and Bender, who becomes a basket of fries. Together, they and a still human guy named Hermes look for girls, including the ultra-shaped Leela.

Zapp Brannigan: Meatwad
Fry: Shake
Bender: Frylock
Hermes: Carl
Leela: Dusty Gozongas

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #66 on: 11-15-2005 20:18 »

Any spin-off that doesn't go well will be given the "It was all a dream" approach by having it all be a What-if question.

Urban Legend
« Reply #67 on: 11-15-2005 21:32 »

Bah, you've got the casting all wrong for your Aqua Teen thing.  Fry is clearly Meatwad and Zapp Shake, not the other way around.  Bender as Shake would work as well, or better.  Frylock actually acts more like a male Leela than anyone else.

In conclusion, I'd say
Fry: Meatwad
Bender: Shake
Zapp: Carl
Leela: Frylock, maybe.  Otherwise
Hermes: Frylock
H. G. Blob

« Reply #68 on: 11-17-2005 18:56 »

maybe: Good Morning Earth. A breakfast TV show.
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