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Author Topic: Thoughts on 7ACV18 The Inhuman Torch SPOILERS  (Read 10789 times)
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Liquid Emperor
« Reply #40 on: 07-13-2013 14:15 »

I think Amazon has the new eps. *looks*



Space Pope
« Reply #41 on: 07-13-2013 14:51 »

This episode surprised me with how good it was, if only because it didn't seem all that spectacular from the promo material Comedy Central gave us beforehand. But damn if it didn't prove to be the second best episode of the season, after "Fry and Leela's Big Fling." I particularly appreciated how this episode did something a little different with the Fry/Bender friendship than what was done in "T: The Terrestrial" and "Forty Percent Leadbelly" (and myriad episodes in 6B). I don't really think that

it looks like Fry and Bender's friendship is dying

On the contrary, this episode well illustrates how important Fry is to Bender. That whole slapping-each-other thing at the end of the episode, and Bender sincerely calling Fry his best friend, was really sweet. In fact, Bender's characterization throughout this episode was strong: he was appropriately self-aggrandizing, but he became very sympathetic in act two with the (genuinely surprising) reveal that he had not, in fact, been setting fires to sate his own ego.

This brings me to the only critique I really have of this episode: the whole Flamo thing was kind of, you know, lame-o. I've never thought of Futurama as this villain-of-the-week sort of show; there are recurring antagonists, yes (like the Brain Spawn, the Robot Mafia, Mom, and the Omicronians), but I've never been overly fond of episodes that pick a bad guy out of nowhere and expect me to care about his presence bringing Earth to the brink of destruction. (Examples of this type of episode include the thoroughly meh "That Darn Katz!" and the slightly less irksome "The Beast With a Billion Backs.") That said, though, Flamo's presence in the story served as a vehicle for Bender's character growth, so I can abide the baddie in this instance.

That semi-complaint aside, I agree with everyone who found this episode really funny (I think the biggest laugh for me came from the anguished mother's baby being in the podium; also, it was great to see Zapp and Kif again) and really well-animated (the off-model weirdness of some season six episodes seems to have been eliminated in season seven). I'd say this is a solid 8.5/10, which I'll round up to 9/10 for this poll. 
Zed 85

Space Pope
« Reply #42 on: 07-13-2013 16:23 »

The plot didn't strike me as particularly ground-breaking, which dulled its charm for me, to be honest, but it was still a very good episode and chock full of great one-liners. Easily my favourite behind Big Fling, but then I told myself I couldn't give it an 8 because that would be contradictory (as I only gave Big Fling a 7...I think) but yeah, I regret not making it an 8...

Starship Captain
« Reply #43 on: 07-14-2013 06:41 »

I liked it, a whole lot. A solid episode that made me laugh. *claps*

Starship Captain
« Reply #44 on: 07-14-2013 15:25 »

TOS would be proud. 10/10
Mr Snrub

Urban Legend
« Reply #45 on: 07-14-2013 15:31 »

Is there an episode you haven't given 10/10 for so far this season, FEB?

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #46 on: 07-15-2013 09:05 »

And maybe it's just me but the whole mine part,reminded me to what happened to these chileans mine-workers years ago.

It's not just you; that scene was definitely based on the (amazing!) Chilean mine rescue.


Delivery Boy
« Reply #47 on: 07-16-2013 02:54 »

Excellent episode ! Simple but working story. I like how Fry is the universe's greatest hero and now bender is Earth's greatest hero.

Space Pope
« Reply #48 on: 07-28-2013 19:21 »

Gotta agree with everyone else, this episode was really good. I like that the story managed to have twists and turns while still being relatively simple and not too convoluted throughout, unlike a lot of the recent high concept episodes. Lots of memorably great jokes, I also thought the sense of humor in general was much more subtle than it is in most of the newer episodes.

This episode along with Fry And Leela's Big Fling were both better than ANY of the episodes in the first half of season 7. Hopefully there's at least a couple more gems like this one in this season to end the show on a good note.

Bending Unit
« Reply #49 on: 08-21-2013 10:41 »

Upon a second viewing, and in good company, I can't stand really give this episode points for hilarity. I'm demoting my rating to 5/10 or "meh". Really, the plot is nice and... plain, but the Sun's Alderman? Their appearance wasn't anything great other than to resolve the problem at hand, which wasn't very inspired. I was just bored :(

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #50 on: 08-21-2013 10:45 »

I was quite amused by the ridiculousness of it all. The Sun's Alderman was probably the biggest laugh of the whole episode for me.

« Reply #51 on: 08-21-2013 16:19 »

Well, the Sun's Alderman is a much better excuse for a living organism on the sun than the ones on the Futurama game. I'd say it's much more creative than the Futurama Game sun-creatures as well.

Or maybe I like it because it's alot more sci-fi-ey.

But yeah, this episode is definitely one of the best of the season, if not maybe the best. So Far!

Still sticking by my score of a 9/10.

« Reply #52 on: 11-10-2013 14:58 »

I just watched this for the first time, CC had a marathon on and I watched 40% through Assie for the first time.  Alot of times you have to watch an episode twice before you get most of the episode...that said:

Pretty average like most of this season, but a few good things (SUPREME ALDERMAN!!!), the concept of the flame being, and one of my favorite quotes of the recent seasons "Did they pick a new pope??!!".  Otherwise it fell flat for me, probably will be better on repeat viewings.
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