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Author Topic: Simpsons VS Futurama  (Read 41687 times)
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PEE Poll: Which is better?
Futurama   -136 (79.5%)
The Simpsons   -18 (10.5%)
Family Guy   -4 (2.3%)
American Dad   -5 (2.9%)
South Park   -6 (3.5%)
Yu-Gi-Oh GX or Yu-Gi-Oh   -1 (0.6%)
Venture Brothers   -1 (0.6%)
Total Members Voted: 171

Inquisitor Hein
Liquid Emperor
« Reply #480 on: 02-23-2014 19:15 »

haha.. I laugh ANND  get laid more than you :)

Well, this debate is going places. Somebody pass me a popcorn gif.

transgender nerd under canada

DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #481 on: 02-23-2014 19:27 »
« Last Edit on: 02-23-2014 20:42 by totalnerduk »

@nugzi: Since Marc (the board's admin) saw fit to delete the portions of my previous post which served to point out your numerous technical errors in sentence construction and the use of language, I shall refrain from affording the same treatment to your response. All I shall say is that your posts are everything that I would expect from an ardent Family Guy fan (see my earlier point regarding unused mental capacity for clarification).

Since Marc is obviously monitoring this conversation, I would caution you to remain on topic, and relate everything you say to the discussion of which cartoon is the best (and by extension, why rabidly defensive fans such as yourself are generally assumed to be undesirable blights on the flesh of humanity).

I laugh ANND  get laid more than you :)

I fail to see what this demonstrates about the quality or sophistication of jokes within animated entertainment (and I somehow doubt that you get laid as often as Nibblonian Leader or Meerkat, never mind my glorious and unhumble self).

I'd imagine that you do laugh more often than I do, but by the same token I don't believe that you laugh as loudly or as long, or that your laughter is as personally fulfilling (see my comments regarding lowest common denominator humour and unused mental capacity, earlier).

You really are adorable Hubert.

So I'm told. But I'm not for you, Sparky. Unfortunately for you, I'm taken and am sexually satisfied enough that I feel no need to indulge in an affair. You must continue to admire me from afar, and to be unrequited.

The last guy who had a crush on me here was given some helpful advice as to how he could simulate the experience of a night in my bed though, and I'll repeat it to you just so that you don't find yourself driven to despair by the unconsummated passion burning within your loins (and it's also something that sounds like it could be a Family Guy sketch, so it's topically relevant - see my note above about sticking to the topic).

I suppose that you could pack your bags and go into the mountains one weekend to shag a bear. It'd be fairly similar to me in that it would be loud, hairy, smelly, grumpy, and likely to take exception to being shagged. It's pretty much as close as you're going to get, and it'll maybe help to give you a little closure.

With our combined strengths we can enter sophistication death match competitions.

I'm reasonably certain that diluting my strengths with your weaknesses would only result in a net decrease to my efficacy. Besides which, I have no burning need to prove myself in such a manner.

I can put you on my shoulders and they will call us Masterblaster

Oh. I see. You just wanted physical contact with my butt and to call me Master. As much as I should probably pretend to be flattered; no.

The fact is (and this is how the above is relevant to the topic, Marc), one's sophistication does not necessarily indicate superiority in any respect. I personally know some quite "unsophisticated" individuals without whom the world would be a decidedly less enriched place.

To pull this discussion back to the main point of the thread, enjoying things like "modern" Simpsons, or Family Guy, doesn't necessarily make one a total worthless buttweasel*. Nor does not having enough general sophistication to enjoy something a little more stimulating. It's just that a large proportion of people who love these things happen to be total worthless buttweasel, and will often go on to demonstrate this after having announced their love for recent episodes of The Simpsons, or Family Guy.

Often, they will then proceed to enumerate exactly why they don't believe themselves to be total worthless buttweasel, but when their "evidence" consists of easily fabricated statements such as "I engage in more frequent sexual activity than others", this itself is an indicator of why they were assumed to be a total worthless buttweasel in the first place.

*Note to Marc/other moderators: You'll see that I'm not actually calling anybody a total worthless buttweasel. Nor does usage of this phrase constitute a violation of the general board rules about remaining PG-13, and keeping things to a standard which would actually be allowable in Futurama itself. I've kept this post within the rules, it's on-topic (as opposed to comments and .gifs about popcorn), and as such I wouldn't expect it to be edited. If you feel the need to do so, perhaps you'd also consider letting me know exactly why, and how I can avoid such censure in the future.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #482 on: 02-23-2014 22:11 »

haha.. I laugh ANND  get laid more than you :)  You really are adorable Hubert.
Hey, just a word of advice, saying things like 'I get laid more Ha-Ha' and 'You're old, therefore I am superior' won't get your argument anywhere, whether or not it's taking place virtually or in reality. What you should do in a discussion such as this one is bring up actual points that could encourage support of whatever cartoon you think is underrated. Unless you actually convince us that what you are supporting has legitimate upsides, nobody against you will ever side with you.

Then again, you are engaging in a 'mini-forum war', as I'll call it, So I think it's safe to assume that most of this advice will go straight over your head.  :hmpf:
Inquisitor Hein
Liquid Emperor
« Reply #483 on: 02-23-2014 22:32 »
« Last Edit on: 02-23-2014 22:43 »

Hey, just a word of advice, saying things like 'I get laid more Ha-Ha' and 'You're old, therefore I am superior' won't get your argument anywhere, whether or not it's taking place virtually or in reality.

The argument "I get laid, unlike you" also makes one suspect that the poster actually does NOT get laid, considers that a major failure, he wishes to impose his own percieved failure as (in his view) maximum possible insult upon others.

Also "You are old, therefore I am superior" makes even less sense.
The older poster will likely have more life experience, and already have been were the younger one is standing right now. (Of course this is a bit far fetched, as the experience regarding a single subject -e.g. knowledge about Futurama in the case in that forum- does not have to be proportional to age).

Anyway, the only place where a younger age -supposing it comes with a better physical shape- is an advantage would be in case of a "Put up or shut up" fight Uwe Boll style.
Not that I would acutally mind seeing one, but I guess the chances for a Peel box match as ultimate thread dispute settlement do approach the zero...
...from below.
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