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Author Topic: Ever had a Futurama-related dream?  (Read 1044 times)
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Bending Unit
« on: 02-21-2008 09:17 »

One night last week I had a dream where I was in a crowd, and Hypnotoad was up on stage doing his thing. It was then that, for no reason, his mother (a much larger toad) came out on stage and scolded him for hypnotizing people. Hypnotoad looked embarrassed, so he hopped off stage and ran away.

Talk about an inconsequential dream.   :laff:

« Reply #1 on: 02-21-2008 10:00 »

I've had some dreams involving Leela and Amy, but I don't think they'd be appropriate to discuss here...  ;)

« Reply #2 on: 02-21-2008 12:50 »

I've had tons, because I'm insane.

From my unofficial Futurama dream-log I didn't realize I was keeping (aka the Futurama Dreams thread on my forum):

Sep 16 2007
This morning (I guess it was 7 AM...) I had this bizarre Futurama dream. I was at PEEL and I posted a topic about how "EVERYTHING IS A BABY" and in it I linked to a funny video...little did I know that there was a trailer for Bender's Big Score after it. Once I found out I watched it and WOW was it weird.

It starts with Nibbler skateboarding in the air, right above New New York. Then it cuts to the sewers and Leela is running into Dwayne's (the mutant with the big forehead) arms, sobbing. Cut to a random spaceship. Fry is being held hostage by some aliens and runs around the big, empty ship and eventually stops his random running and says "If Leela's lost in the stars... I'm finding her" (ala Ron Stoppable). Now cut to...a classroom? Leela, Zapp, and Dwayne are there. Dwayne asks Leela to marry him and she screams "YES!"; immediately after that Zapps says "I love you, Leela" and she says "Me too, Zapp" and stares lovingly into his eyes...then I wake up. Whaa?

Dec 16 2007
After I first saw BBS, Lars was in my dreams all week. I think this is a sign. Next November, I will lose my hair and damage my larynx.

Also, once I had a dream that I was watching a "sequel" to Devil's Hands. Right after the opera, the setting magically poofed into a burning city. Bender was going all action hero on Robot Santa and some flying saucers, Zoidberg was running away from a saucer that kept shooting at his behindus, Amy and Hermes watched Bender kick shiny metal ass with vacant expressions, and Fry and Leela were making out in an alley.

My dreams are messed up.

Dec 17 2007
Last night I dreamt that Fry and Leela were in this park late at night...Leela was happy (forgot why) so she found some washing machines and started doing acrobatics on them. Every time she moved you could hear a loud popping sound...Then the dream shifted, and I was on some 'mission' for PE class with Skinavish (a friend). He was driving my mom's car and I was reading the map. It said to go across the street from Blockbuster Video and run in a circle. Then I woke up, and my dad was on the computer working...at 3:30 AM, hallway light on and everything. LIEK WOAHZ

Jan 13 2007
I had this dream where I was on TFF doing some knight RP with Zeebs, and FP posted something about a Futurama movie premiring tonight on Comedy Central (which I suddenly knew everything about). So I went to watch it, and it started out in this busy city landscape with a lot of yellows and oranges. then it switches to inside Fry's stomach, in which a lot of other peoples' antibodies were renting places to stay. This was the plot of the movie I guess. Then I went on PEEl via Wii to read reviews during a coimmercial. I saw Xanfor say "I'm sure you're all awaiting my opinions on this one..." then I switch back to the TV and it's back on. Bender's shouting through a megaphone to the antibodies behind a bookcase (he's really small) and then poofs into normal size. He sits down around a table with Fry and says to him, (and I quote) "What if I'm from your body?! What if I'm your child from Amy and Leela? What if I'm a dinosaur! Ahahaha!" and then gets up and leaves. Fry ges "Man, I need a drink." and walks over to a bar in a dark alley. Then I realkize I'm dreaming and go "NOOOO!" as I start to wake up. False awakening. I "woke up" to where I was in the dream right before then - watching Fry walk into the bar. Then it cuts to Chip and Dale (the Disney chimpmunks) in "gangsta" clothes, and then it cuts to a black screen that says, in a fancy font, The rest of this movie will not be seen.". It was all an April Fool's Joke- in January! HAR HAR HAR!

Jan 26 2007
Last night, I dreamt I fell into a Futurama Halo, which had NOTHING to do with the game. It was like a wormhhole in space that I was moving through, where everything was black and green, and there were Futurama pictures everywhere. Then I went on The Futurama Madhouse and they announced that an entire 2009 calender was being made about Into The Wild Green Yonder. And the front cover was, uh... Gross and perverted.

And I've had more than that, even.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #3 on: 02-21-2008 13:55 »

(Yes, the picture is a link.  Click on it)
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