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: The Cryonic Woman...meaning???  (Read 615 times)
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« : 10-27-2005 21:26 »

For this episode...do these apply??
•   Time: In the year 3000
1.   have space crafts flying around in the city
2.   humans and other species such as Cyclopes live together
3.   there are robots that function the way humans do
4.   Humans are frozen and unthawed in the time period
•   Location: The New times of New York City. The old New York City is under the newly constructed one and is deserted.
1.   shows a scene where the old New York is underground while the new city is improved, but same style.
Character Development:
•   Fry: protagonist; round character. He gets a job, but then his old girlfriend comes back to life so he changes into a romantic character and begins to do what she says. After she leaves him, he changes back to his true self and realizes she wasn’t worth his time.
•   Bender: he’s a robot and a flat character. He is Fry’s best friend and is there to make jokes as well as entertain.
•   Lila: She’s a Cyclopes. Also a flat character because she goes with Fry to look for a job, gets a job as a delivery girl for pizza, and then isn’t seen again until the end.
•   Michelle: antagonist; a round character because she comes back to life from 1999 to the future in 3000. She is scared and not used to the future lifestyle so she convinces Fry, her on-again, off-again boyfriend. Before, she was demanding and possessive, but now she wants Fry with her every moment. At the end of the story, she decides to leave Fry again for another man.

•   Conflict: Fry, Bender, and Lila loose their old job by driving the spaceship into the Great Wall of China so now they have to find new jobs.
•   Complications: Fry runs into his old girlfriend during his new job as unthawing humans so Michelle and him want to start over their relationship, but she’s not as adapted to the future as well as Fry is.
•   Crisis: Fry and Michelle decided to start over again in the year 4000 so they travel to the future, but then their relationship gets tested with the new civilization they have to adapt to so they end up going their separate ways to find their way back.
•   Climax: Lila and Bender come upon Fry and they tell him that he was only frozen for two days. He never was trapped in the year 4000 and the relationship between Fry and Michelle is permanently over.
•   Conclusion: Lila and Bender pick Fry up in the spaceship and take him back home to where he belongs, in the year 3000. Fry also asks for his old job back, but doesn’t get it.

•   To focus on your career more rather than women. Fry went through all the trouble of losing his job and then getting caught up in old feeling for Michelle. In the end, his relationship with Michelle sidetracked him from his job when he should have been focusing on that more.
Point Of View:
•   1st person Limited; each character has his/her dialogue. Fry says: “Oh right, I was suppose to assign you a job.”

   The series of Futurama is based on how Fry, the main character, was treated in the year 1999. No one seemed to really care for him or even see him to be important. When he moves into the future to 3000, he has friends who care for him and he does things that make him important. When Michelle comes back, she begins to discuss the relationship they use to have and how she was the only one that missed him while no one else did. He begins to see how life was for him back then and decides to give their relationship another try. Through their time together, they begin to see their true selves and Michelle states that he is and always will be a loser. Fry begins to see how unimportant he was through Michelle so he ends the relationship and his friends come to his rescue, making him feel worthy being part of the future.

Bending Unit
« #1 : 10-27-2005 21:34 »
« : 10-27-2005 21:34 »

What was the point of this thread?

this should be re/check wierd scenes, but w/e seeing this will prob me moved there anyway.

u obviously havent seen any other episodes of futurama, because leela's whole story is explained in other stories/episodes.  she is actually a well thought-out character

to really understand this episode and more, watch other episodes of Futurama.

My Recom
-Parasites Lost
-Space Pilot 3000
-Jurassic Bark
-A Bicylopcs Built for two
-Leela's Homeworld

By the way- this episode isn't a very good one, so don't characterize the entire series based on this episode.

i hope i helped, i think i was supposed 2?

Urban Legend
« #2 : 10-27-2005 21:36 »

i'm confused, is this a homework assignment you want us to proofread or something? 
Ralph Snart

Agent Provocateur
Near Death Star Inhabitant
DOOP Secretary
« #3 : 10-28-2005 17:06 »
« : 10-28-2005 17:06 »

This is obviously a throw-away account for a troll - the mods will be on it soon (like probably before I finish this entry).

Anyway, this was a fairly good dissection of one of the not-so-good eps and if one were to watch this ep only, then they would get the idea that Leela (not Lila) was a minor character.

Leela is probably Futurama's most complex character.  Fry is a moron with a knack for getting into trouble, Bender is comedy relief - the 'friend' that everybody has that family members don't approve of.

Leela has a cadre of issues - for every strength she has an equal weakness.  She is a very pssionate person with trust issues.  She has the body of a playboy bunny but that pesky eye thing.  She has a temper that is easily ignited yet she will risk her safety for the same person that she just chewed out.

It's hard to believe that the writers put such a complicated character together yet make her likable.  That may be due to Katey Sagal's excellent voice work (Peg Bundy as Leela?  On paper it sucks, but in reality it works).

(Best Professor Farnsworth voice).

For your lack of research, I'll have to give you the lowest grade possible, an A minus, minus!

Liquid Emperor
« #4 : 10-28-2005 17:14 »

why yes, that is the basic premis of the cyonic woman

« #5 : 10-28-2005 19:14 »

I don't think there can be a comedy relief in a COMEDY show. That's only for plots that are intense and sometimes need some color. But I guess you could say that all of the characters are there for comedy relief at some point. Depends on who the episode is about.

DOOP Secretary
« #6 : 10-28-2005 21:55 »

Do your own damn homework.
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