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Author Topic: Heavenly Bodies (Trivia)  (Read 2954 times)
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Helpy McHelphelp
DOOP Secretary
« on: 12-25-2001 18:48 »
« Last Edit on: 12-25-2001 18:48 »

No, it's not about Leela, Amy, Umbrielle and other female characters.  :p What kind of filthy thoughts is that.    :nono:

Something I've been accumulating for a while now, a trivia about celestial stuff. 2 rows of information, see if you can match them. All information is taken from Futurama eps. I was playing with the idea of making a webpage about it, but seeing the cruel fate of Nix's attempt I reconsidered. (Note: There is NO prize to be won    :p , it's solely for your own joy) I'll be back later and post the correct combinations (and maybe I can find the floppys with my other trivias, and post them). Okay enough with the chitchat.
A: Decapod 10____________ 1:Worst destination of delivery ever
B: Hubble Space Telescope _ 2:Leela’s “homeplanet”
C: Cinaplex 14 ___________ 3: Destroyed in battle by Fry         
D: Tova 9 _______________ 4: Has the motto: Live free or don’t.
E: Wormulon ____________ 5: Old name for Urectum
F: Spa 5 _______________ 6: A pillow weighs 150 lbs here
G: Brain Slug Planet ______ 7: Open till 9
H: M-14 ________________ 8: Typical day: boiling lead, oceans of lave
I: Subterra 3 ____________ 9: Home of Halatina Smogmeyer
J: Chapek 9 ___ 10: Location of fitness camp, recommended by Dr. Zoidberg
K: Nylar 4 _______________ 11: Home of Miss Universe 3001
L: Europa ________________ 12: Biggest moon of Saturn
M: Uranus ________________ 13: Zoidberg’s homeplanet
N: Zuba __________________ 14: Once ruled by Fry the Solid
O: Cyclopia ______________ 15: More useful than Iowa
P: Stumbos 4 _____________ 16: M-class planet
Q: Earth Moon ____________ 17: Home of the Mole-people
R: The Spleef Nebula _____ 18: Miss Universe 3001 pageant was held here
S: Titan _________________ 19: Hermes’ vacation destination
T: Vega 4 ________________ 20: Final resting place for old people
U: Near Death Star _______ 21: Hermes stayed here “on his own free will”
V: Omicron Persei 8 ______ 22: Makers of the finest cigars in the universe
W: Trisol ________________ 23: Mined hollow, then imploded
X: Neutral Planet _ 24: Inhabitants not allowed to see “AMC – the movie”
Y: Cannibalon ____________ 25: Located 2 days travel from Earth
Z: New DOOP HQ ___________ 26: Inhabited by human-hating robots
AA: Mercury ______________ 27: Home of the Yarn-people
AB: Vergon 6 _____________ 28: Destintion for a crate of popcorn
AC: Methane Planet _______ 29: Located 1000 lightyears from Earth
AD: Mars _________________ 30: Moon of Jupiter
AE: Omicronian Nursery ___ 31: Destroyed by Zapp Bannigan
AF: Planet of Moochers ___ 32: Makers of Slurm

See also if you can match them with the correct episode.

1ACV01   Space Pilot 3000
1ACV02   The Series Has Landed
1ACV03   I, Roommate
1ACV04   Loves Labour Lost in Space
1ACV05   Fear of a Bot Planet
1ACV06   A Fishfull of Dollars
1ACV07   My Three Suns
1ACV08   A Big Piece of Garbage
1ACV09   Hell is Other Robots
1ACV10   A Flight to Remember
1ACV11   Mars University
1ACV12   When Aliens Attack
1ACV13   Fry & the Slurm Factory
2ACV01   I Second That Emotion
2ACV02   Brannigan Begin Again
2ACV03   A Head in the Polls
2ACV04   Xmas Story
2ACV05   Why Must I be a Crustacean in Love
2ACV06   Put Your Head on my Shoulder
2ACV07   Lesser of Two Evils
2ACV08   Raging Bender
2ACV09   A Bicyclops Built for Two
2ACV10   How Hermes Requested His Groove back
2ACV11   A Clone of my Own
2ACV12   The Deep South
2ACV13   Bender Gets Made
2ACV14   The Problem With Popplers
2ACV15   Mothers Day
2ACV16   Anthology of Interest I

Note: Some episodes has to be used more than once, and some may not me usefull at all.

Edit: Okay, this looks horrible, I know. I corrected a few things, but the rest? What do I look like, a guy who's not lazy.
If at first you don't succeed, try again and again, and then stop. There is no need to be a complete idiot.

Space Pope
« Reply #1 on: 12-25-2001 19:44 »


Space Pope
« Reply #2 on: 12-25-2001 20:04 »

Yipes, this is tough...
A 13 2ACV05
B 3 1ACV12
C 28 2ACV09
D 18 2ACV07
E 32 1ACV13
F 10 2ACV10
G 21 2ACV08
H 24 2ACV08
I 17 2ACV09
J 26 1ACV05
K 27 2ACV02
L 30 2ACV06
M 5 1ACV08
N 22 2ACV13
O 2 2ACV09
P 6 2ACV02
Q 7 1ACV02
R 19 2ACV08
S 12
T 25
U 20 2ACV11
V 29 1ACV12
W 14 1ACV07
X 4 2ACV02
Y 1 1ACV10
Z 31 2ACV02
AA 8 2ACV06
AB 23 1ACV02
AC 9
AD 15 1ACV11
AE 16 2ACV14

Bending Unit
« Reply #3 on: 12-26-2001 13:34 »

Damn dude, my attention span doesnt work for that long   :(

« Reply #4 on: 12-26-2001 16:45 »

Now if you can put that in the form of a suppository???

Helpy McHelphelp
DOOP Secretary
« Reply #5 on: 12-27-2001 09:54 »

Okay, everybody have had their chance (I guess). Here they are, in spoiler-tags so you can still test yourself:

And now I must go, I have tickets for "Lord of the Rings" in 50 minutes.
Javier Lopez

Urban Legend
« Reply #6 on: 12-28-2001 17:03 »

Originally posted by Teral:And now I must go, I have tickets for "Lord of the Rings" in 50 minutes.

what a lucky guy


salutatory committee member
DOOP Secretary
« Reply #7 on: 12-28-2001 19:32 »

eeeeeeek! someone puts a lot of thought into their posts  ;) good work Teral! you too Kryten!  :)
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