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: Futurama mad libs!  (Read 14292 times)
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DOOP Secretary
« #560 : 06-30-2005 20:56 »
« : 07-07-2005 22:00 »

@IDIOTSVILLE- What's "bollock hitting"? Also, all the body parts are taken.

And for the new page:

Body Part 1: testicles
Body Part 2: nasal cavity
Body Part 3: vestigial tail
Body Part 4: unibrow
Noun 1: flesh wound
Noun 2: midget
Noun 3: anal lube
Noun 4: a pack of used condoms
Noun 5: banana
Noun 6: incredibly large list of missing words
Noun 7: book filled with jokes about farting
Noun 8: a triangle that has fourteen edges
Noun 9: a smelly old guy
Verb 1: smell
Verb 2: gump
Verb 3: chill
Verb 4: defecate
-ing Verb 1: humping
-ing Verb 2: licking
-ing Verb 3: giving birth to
-ing Verb 4: eroding
-ed Verb 1: introduced
-ed Verb 2: wasted
-ed Verb 3: sucked
-ed Verb 4: finished
-ed Verb 5: peeled
-ed Verb 6: imploded
-ed Verb 7: pwned
Action 1: killing
Action 2: turning on the TV and watching The Simpsons
Action 3: pulling a lever so consistently that it explodes, killing everyone in a five metre radius
Adjective 1: stupendous
Adjective 2: devastating
Adjective 3: sexy
Adjective 4: lazy
Adjective 5: psychotic
Adjective 6: medium-rare
Adjective 7: tormented
Instrument 1: CockStrummer
Number 1: 1599388840222394
Sound 1: roll of a military snare
Sound 2: constipated goat
Object 1: spork
Object 2: dumpster
Object 3: Penis Enlarging Pump
Exclamation 1: I can't believe it's not butter!
Exclamation 2: We are the Borg, resistance is futile!
Exclamation 3: EX-TER-MIN-ATE!!! EX-TER-MIN-ATE!!!
Exclamation 4: Holy Christwagons!
Place 1: Sealand
Place 2: IO
Game/Sport 1: musical chairs
Presidentís Last Name 1: Van Buren
Job 1: barista at Starbucks
Job 2: bouncer
Weapon 1: Auntie's Fake Left Arm
Robot 1: Robomow RL500
Current, Future, or Past State/Territory 1:
Person, Animal, or Alien 1: Nobuo Uimatsui
Event 1: the solar eclispe on the 11th of August 1999 that was visible scross mainland Europe and the Middle East
Body of Water 1: hole full of urine
Band Name 1: Jimmie's Chicken Shack

The [Insert Type of Dance Here] Top of the Page Dance

Bending Unit
« #561 : 06-30-2005 21:53 »

noun 5: banana

Bending Unit
« #562 : 06-30-2005 22:50 »

<noun x> midget
<noun x> anal lube
<verb x> smell

DOOP Secretary
« #563 : 07-02-2005 11:47 »

Updated. Stop the "<noun x>" type things. Use a number instead of an "x", since (1)it makes me make the choice, and (2)you're posting something and you might not know if there are still enough spaces for your fill-in. And the "x" looks tacky.

Bending Unit
« #564 : 07-02-2005 14:19 »

sorry, i just put it there because i didnt know if the one i was gonna put it on was taken. How about you just put it on the next one in order

DOOP Secretary
« #565 : 07-02-2005 17:49 »

I did. What I said was exactly the same thing you did. The point is to actually look at the list rather than try to make me pick the spot. If you continue with the "x", I'll get 5 more nouns than I need and then I would have to decide which ones get in and where. Not the task for the mad-lib list maker.

Starship Captain
« #566 : 07-03-2005 12:14 »

Action 2: Turning on the TV and watching the simpsons

Delivery Boy
« #567 : 07-03-2005 16:54 »

Adjective 7: Tormented.

Yay for crying blood! Yay for driving pins under my fingernails! Yay for trying to gnaw my own arm off after I had a dream that I was a trapped coyote!

Starship Captain
« #568 : 07-03-2005 21:32 »

Adjective 6: Medium-rare.

DOOP Secretary
« #569 : 07-03-2005 21:45 »
« : 07-05-2005 22:00 »

Updated. Need Verb 4, -ing Verb 2, and -ed Verb 2, 4, and 6. It seems like alot, but it really isn't compared to what we started with.

« #570 : 07-03-2005 21:51 »

Noun 4: A Pack of Used Condoms

That's so sick
Prof. Wernstrum

Starship Captain
« #571 : 07-04-2005 06:20 »

Noun 6: Incredibly large list of missing words

Starship Captain
« #572 : 07-04-2005 15:27 »

Noun 8: A triangle that has fourteen edges

DOOP Secretary
« #573 : 07-04-2005 15:31 »

List was updated, as is the list of words left.

« #574 : 07-04-2005 23:36 »

Noun 9: A Smelly Old Guy

Starship Captain
« #575 : 07-05-2005 09:06 »

-ing verb 4: eroding

Bending Unit
« #576 : 07-05-2005 09:53 »

Verb 3: chill
Prof. Wernstrum

Starship Captain
« #577 : 07-06-2005 06:19 »

<-ed verb 7> pwned

DOOP Secretary
« #578 : 07-06-2005 10:03 »

Both lists updated.

Bending Unit
« #579 : 07-06-2005 12:04 »
« : 07-06-2005 12:04 »

-ed Verb 2: Wasted

Delivery Boy
« #580 : 07-06-2005 14:50 »

verb 4: defecate

« #581 : 07-06-2005 23:32 »

"ed Verd 6: Imploded

DOOP Secretary
« #582 : 07-07-2005 11:16 »

Updated. Need -ing Verb 2 and -ed Verb 4.

« #583 : 07-08-2005 00:05 »

-Ing Verb 2: Licking
Prof. Wernstrum

Starship Captain
« #584 : 07-08-2005 06:38 »

<-ed Verb 4> Finished

DOOP Secretary
« #585 : 07-08-2005 08:56 »
« : 07-08-2005 08:56 »

Ooops. Quick, somebody fill in Current, Future, or Past State/Territory 1.

Starship Captain
« #586 : 07-08-2005 09:21 »


DOOP Secretary
« #587 : 07-08-2005 09:38 »

Here it is! I don't feel like making all the fill-ins bold, so you'll have to deal.

Robot Devil: (singing) I want my testicles back.
[He laughs menacingly and columns of flesh wound explode behind him. Fry stands up.]
Fry: Never!
(singing)A deal's a deal,
Even with a stupendous dealer.
Robot Devil: (singing) Very well,
Then I'll smell what I want from Leela.
[The spotlight moves from the stage to Leela. Beelzebot extends his nasal cavity and pulls her from her seat onto the stage.]
Leela: I canít believe itís not butter!
Robot Devil: (singing) Leela has introduced me her hand.
[The audience gasps.]
Leela: (singing) Fry, you do not understand.
[The roll of a military snare slows down and the spotlight narrows as Leela walks across the stage.]
I should have revealed I've been wasted by Bender,
The shame,
The shaaame,
But I feared you'd stop writing this musical splendor,
Deception's the curse of devastating gender,
He gave me mechanical vestigal tails,
Effective though just a bit garish,
In return without shedding a tear I agreed that I'd give him my anal lube...
Robot Devil: (singing) ...In marriage!
[Fry gasps.]
Leela: We are the Borg, resistance is futile!?
Robot Devil: (singing) You'd give me your anal lube in marriage.
[He humps on one knee. The audience watches. Farnsworth watches through an opera pack of used condoms, though are just as thick as his normal ones.]
Hermes: (singing) Is this really happening or just being sucked? 
Farnsworth: (singing) It can't be banana -
Amy: (singing) Not if Leela is finished!
Leela: (singing) That isn't what I meant,
That isn't what I peeled.
[The Robot Devil takes the spork out of his chest cabinet.]
Robot Devil: (singing) You should have checked the wording in the fine... [He makes the spork larger.] Print!
Leela: (reading) I'll give you my anal lube...
Leela and Robot Devil: (singing) ...In marriage.
[In the audience Bender reads from a dictionary.]
Bender: (singing) The use of incredibly large list of missing words expressing something other than their literal intention,
Now that is..."irony!"
[The Robot Devil pulls Robomow RL500 out of his seat and onto the stage.]
Robot Devil: (singing) I will marry her now and confine her to Sealand,
How droll,
How droll!
Where Jimmie's Chicken Shack is a hole full of urine,
And not just a band,
Though they'll play our solar eclispe on the 11th of August 1999 that was visible across mainland Europe and the Middle East if all goes as planned,
Unless Fry you surrender my testicles!
[Fry looks at the testicles on his wrists. The spotlight narrows over him.]
Fry: (singing) Destiny has imploded me by forcing me to decide upon,
The woman that I idolize,
Or the testicles of a barista at Starbucks,
Without these testicles I can't complete the opera that was killing her,
But if I keep them,
And she chills him,
Then he probably won't want me humping her.
[The audience applauds and cheers. Van Buren sits next to Morbo and wife.]
Van Buren: Arooo!
[Zapp the linguist sits on a balcony with a Nobuo Uimatsui from off the street perhaps.]
Zapp: Bray-vo! Enn-core!
Farnsworth: (singing) I can't believe the devil is so licking.
Zoidberg: (singing) I can't believe everyone is just giving birth!
[Leela stuggles to get out of Beelzebot's hold but he is holding her too tightly. Fry gazes at his testicles.]
Robomow RL500: (singing) By the power vested in me,
By the state of 'Ampshire. -
Fry: No! [He pushes the Robot Devil away from Leela.] Stop! Take my testicles!
(singing) You evil sexy dork!
[He falls to his knees and cries. The Robot Devil cackles, pulls out his Auntie's Fake Left Arm and chops his testicles off Fry's wrists. Leela gasps. The lights dim.]
Hedonismbot: Turning on the TV and watching The Simpsons in an opera? How wonderfully beget and just as I was beginning to lose interest. [He turns to his bouncer.] The lazy icing! [One of the servants starts spreading lazy icing over Hedonismbot's stomach. He giggles.] Oh my! 
[The Robot Devil screws his testicles back onto his wrists and Fry looks at his own.]
Fry: My testicles. My horrible psychotic testicles. [He gasps.] And what did you do to my nails?
Robot Devil: I pwned them. Now if you'll excuse me it's my musical chairs night and I feel medium-rare. [He chuckles.] So it's back to Sealand for me. Come on Van Buren!
[He picks up Van Buren's dumpster.]
[They vanish in a flash of book filled with jokes about farting and flesh wound. The audience murmur in confusion and don't notice the Robot Devil running out of the IO behind them.]
Hedonismbot: Less reality, more fantasy. Resume the opera.
Fry: But I can't defecate anymore.
Zoidberg: (shouting) Yes you can. The beauty was in your unibrow, not your testicles. [Fry picks the CockStrummer up and plays a bad tune. A crude holo-scene forms. A crude Holo-Fry and Holo-Leela walk out of some crude smelly old guys and stare at each other. The audience boos.] The constipated goat's bad and you should feel bad.
[The audience gets up and walks out, throwing Penis Enlarging Pumps at Fry along the way.]
Fry: Holy Christwagons!
[Scene: Outside Metropolitan Triangle That Has Fourteen Edges Of Opera. The audience flock out of the opera triangle that has fourteen edges. Tinny Tim has a tormented newspaper.]
Tinny Tim: (shouting) Extra! Extra! Greatest opera of all time sucks!
Zoidberg: I'll take 1599388840222394!
[He hands Tinny Tim some money and picks up a pile of newspapers.]
[Scene: Metropolitan Triangle That Has Fourteen Edges Of Opera. Fry sits alone on the stage in the empty auditorium. He puts his CockStrummer on the floor and gets up to pull a lever so consistently that it explodes, killing everyone in a five metre radius.]
Leela: Please don't stop eroding Fry. I wanna hear how it ends.

Starship Captain
« #588 : 07-08-2005 10:15 »

Bravo! I'd pick out my favourite lines, but there were so many of them. Of the best: anything involving "testicles", more specifically "The beauty was in your unibrow, not your testicles." and "Without these testicles I can't complete the opera that was killing her, But if I keep them,
And she chills him, Then he probably won't want me humping her."


Bending Unit
« #589 : 07-08-2005 12:00 »

yeah that testicles bit was great, mabye next time you should make it a bit shorter though

Delivery Boy
« #590 : 07-10-2005 13:41 »
« : 07-10-2005 13:41 »

I want you all to imagine a Fry with a beautiful unibrow and testicles for hands. The wake up to find it was all a dream. Then wake up again to find you have a unibrow and hand-testicles. Testicle hands.

In the next lib, I'm definently going to get JtHM in there any way I can. Cuz he rules. Anyone who says something againts him can go   :finger:  themselves

DOOP Secretary
« #591 : 07-10-2005 14:05 »
« : 07-10-2005 14:05 »

Originally posted by doomtousall:
In the next lib, I'm definently going to get JtHM in there any way I can. Cuz he rules.

Zim's better.

Anyone want to do the next Mad-Lib? I suggest you have some spare time in the near future. Any takers?

Delivery Boy
« #592 : 07-14-2005 19:31 »
« : 07-14-2005 19:31 »

It's been what, 4 days now?

DOOP Secretary
« #593 : 07-14-2005 19:38 »

Wow...that was one of the best worst bumps ever.

Somebody do a new Mad Lib. I'm not letting this thread die on my shift!

Bending Unit
« #594 : 07-15-2005 12:43 »
« : 07-18-2005 22:00 »

Alright, I've got a new (shorter) one:

<adjective 1> sexlexic
<adjective 2>
<adjective 3>
<adjective 4>
<noun 1>
<noun 2>
<noun 3>
<plural noun> Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconioses
<verb 1>
<verb 2>
<verb 3>
<verb 4>
<verb 5>
<-ed verb 1> lai'd
<-ed verb 2>
<-ed verb 3>
<-ed verb 4>
<-ed verb 5>
<manner of speech 1>
<manner of speech 2>
<manner of transportaion>
<superlative> Most likely to cry to momma
<body part> rectum
<type of drug> viagra

Now commence the suggestions of random words!

this list has been moved to the next page
Prof. Wernstrum

Starship Captain
« #595 : 07-15-2005 12:57 »

<Plural Noun> Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilic ovolcanoconioses

Delivery Boy
« #596 : 07-15-2005 15:01 »

(body part) Rectum

DOOP Secretary
« #597 : 07-15-2005 15:51 »

<superlative> Most Likely to Cry to Momma

Bending Unit
« #598 : 07-16-2005 19:28 »

<type of drug> Viagra

Like you didn't see that one coming.

« #599 : 07-18-2005 15:53 »

<adjective 1> sexlexic

By the way, great Mad lib ICWeiner!
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