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Author Topic: Replace any word with PANTS!  (Read 3289 times)
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Starship Captain
« Reply #80 on: 03-10-2005 12:47 »

the proffessor was right we're not as good as his last pants(the sting)

i'm pants from the planet omicron persei 8(various eps)

pants decided not to let go(godfellas)

whalers of the pants of tranquility(series has landed)

episode titles

the pants of fry

right your turn.

« Reply #81 on: 03-10-2005 14:54 »

Another excellent thread Zeep, I hope its OK to change the odd word into it's plural form.

Morgan: Why is there yogurt in these pants?

Leela: Professor! Can't you examine my pants without removing them?

Hermes: What are you hacking off? Is it my pants? It is! My precious pants!

Professor: They poo-pooed my electric pants!

Professor: We're entering the interior of Fry's pants.
Bender: We're at finger alert 5.

« Reply #82 on: 03-11-2005 02:36 »
« Last Edit on: 03-11-2005 02:36 »

^   :)  *Giggles* I like the dirty ones the best!

(Not that I've come up with any)

Zoidberg-I'm networking.  Let me give you my pants.

Fry-Finally, war has made me into pants.  (This one's less good)

Zoidberg-A buffet?  Oh, if only I had my pants with me!

Zoidberg-And Zoidberg picks up another pants!  The  crowd goes wild!


Zoidberg-And Zoidberg picks up another piece!  The  pants goes wild!

Blue Zoidberg-I design pants, then live in them.

Enus-I sure am lucky you knocked me onto that pile of rusty pants!

Fry-Well, I killed my pants.  (Grandfather)

"Human" on the bot planet-I will eat and digest you with my system of mighty pants!
Prof. Wernstrum

Starship Captain
« Reply #83 on: 03-11-2005 08:07 »

"They're like pants... except I'm having them!"

"Tremble before my encyclopaedic knowledge of pants!"

"You made me feel like a jerk for trusting you, like when my friend Pants said he wasn't doing pants, and then he sold me my mom's pants, and later I found out he was doing pants. You make me ashamed to be your pants."

"Hey sexy pants... wanna pants all the humans?"

Starship Captain
« Reply #84 on: 03-11-2005 11:25 »

"i don't see the point in paying for pants i'm not going to use"(i, roommate)

Urban Legend
« Reply #85 on: 03-11-2005 15:40 »

"And after all that time I spent slaving over a hot monkey pants."
Leela In Chains

Bending Unit
« Reply #86 on: 03-11-2005 17:55 »

"...If you promise not to sue us, you can shove one up your pants." -Poppler jingle

"It's just a crummy plastic flag and a dead man's pants in the dust." -The Series Has Landed

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #87 on: 03-11-2005 18:23 »

The Sting-
Don't worry, be pants.

Zoidberg: Ain't got no pants, ain't got no style. Girls barf at the look of my pants. But does Zoidberg worry, *pa*, he's pants.

A Flight to Remember:
Countess de LaRoca: Bender, you risked your pants to save me!

I Second That Emotion:
Bender: You guys realize you live in pants, right?
Dwayne: Perhaps, but perhaps your civilization is merely the pants of an even greater civilization above you!

Leela: There's no such thing as pants. That's a ridiculous urban myth.
Farnsworth: Oh, don't be so sure. Many scientists believe humans really could mutate down there. Uh, due to exposure to toxic waste and radioactive runoff and good old pants feces.
Fry: God bless pants. 

Fry: We better watch out for sewer pants. I once heard of people flushing pants down into the sewers.

Brannigan Begin Again:

Kif: I've computed our landing pants, captain.
Leela: Thanks Kif, very nice pants.
Kif: [sigh] ...wait, what?
Leela: I said, very nice pants.
Kif: This is the happiest day of my life!

Bending Unit
« Reply #88 on: 03-11-2005 23:53 »
« Last Edit on: 03-12-2005 00:00 »

Fry: Come on, come on! Hey Leela, how 'bout a kiss for good luck? [Leela sighs and reluctantly kisses him on the cheek.] I meant pants luck.

Narrator: You're on a scenic route through a state recreation known as "the human pants." You ask a passer-by for directions, only to find he has no face or something. Suddenly up ahead, a door in the denim. You swerve, narrowly avoiding "The Scary Door."

Ok,I replaced one word with denim instead of pants. But it flowed better, ok?

Starship Captain
« Reply #89 on: 03-12-2005 03:43 »

DOOP-Democratic Order OF Pants


Urban Legend
« Reply #90 on: 03-12-2005 16:24 »

I knew I should've shown him 'ElectroGonereah the Pants Killer!" 

"Pants like a freshman!"

"Splesh, Bender!  Glom out!  Watch some pants!"

"And they say Napster dot com never pantsed anyone!"

"You mean that guy is going to pants Mommy?  Eeew!"

« Reply #91 on: 03-13-2005 02:51 »

Fry- "I moved the pants themselves to declare my love for Leela!"

Starship Captain
« Reply #92 on: 03-13-2005 02:56 »
« Last Edit on: 03-13-2005 02:56 »

Blue Zoidberg:"yknow, a certain blue pants saw where proffessor hid the box"
Blue Zoidberg:"yknow, a certain blue lobster saw where proffessor hid the pants"

Starship Captain
« Reply #93 on: 03-13-2005 04:56 »

Bender: "Check out the glowin' pants...  It's beautiful."

Urban Legend
« Reply #94 on: 03-13-2005 12:05 »

"Pants Down!  Pants Down!"

"What do I say when I want the pants up?"

"Pants up!"
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