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Author Topic: My Futurama quiz!  (Read 918 times)
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Liquid Emperor
« Reply #40 on: 02-06-2004 11:16 »
« Last Edit on: 02-06-2004 11:16 »

thank you.
i'm thinking about making a "sequel" if you want to call it that. if/when i do, you can find the link at My site

TOTPD! myfirst ever! in my own thread! hooray!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #41 on: 02-06-2004 11:18 »
« Last Edit on: 02-06-2004 11:18 »

edit: oops, sory for double posting

Bending Unit
« Reply #42 on: 02-27-2004 10:49 »

Fry i am LOL
and quality questionaire m8, works a treat.

Displaying useless information since 2003.

Starship Captain
« Reply #43 on: 02-27-2004 10:54 »

i got 70! im the best

Delivery Boy
« Reply #44 on: 02-27-2004 11:22 »

I got 25....I suck.
PCC Fred

Space Pope
« Reply #45 on: 02-27-2004 20:28 »

Originally posted by Teral:
I'm Leela, but I also put down Leela as my girlfriend. How does that work out?

The mind boggles...

I got 55 on the Futurama quiz, and the PE crewmember I'm most like is Fry.

Wait, does that mean I have to get it on with Gul Teral?  hmpf

Helpy McHelphelp
DOOP Secretary
« Reply #46 on: 02-28-2004 08:45 »

Those darn Cardassians, so irresistable.

Then again unless your avatar is an accurate representation of you, I'm unavailable.
Dr. Morberg

« Reply #47 on: 02-28-2004 16:23 »

I got 80 on the quiz! I'm a full-fledged Nerdlinger!

I'm 30 Fry, and 10 Leela and Zoidberg/

Urban Legend
« Reply #48 on: 03-31-2004 22:22 »
« Last Edit on: 04-01-2004 00:00 »

Originally posted by Zeep:
To answer some of the questions:
-F is the abbreviation for Futurestock, it is only one word after all.

Wrong!  It's Future Stock.  2 words.  This is a picture of the case.  Look at the bottom.  Sorry for the big and blurryness!
You can't argue with the blurry facts, Zeep.
Elzar- Now your gonna wanna kick it up a notch with your spice weasel.  BAM!
Bring Back Futurama In 2004!  http://www.petitiononline.com/bbf_2004/

Starship Captain
« Reply #49 on: 04-01-2004 19:55 »

i got a 30 on the quiz

« Reply #50 on: 04-01-2004 20:47 »

I got a 20. I'd be offended but...
"Eh... You've probably seen a good portion of the episodes, but just once or twice."
That's true. The episode I've seen the most is SP3K [maybe 5 or 6 times]. Plus I didn't cheat. So.. I guess that splains it.

« Reply #51 on: 04-02-2004 00:23 »

im fry and got a 70

« Reply #52 on: 04-02-2004 03:19 »

I'm lazy and can't get date!

Fry was my result.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #53 on: 05-21-2004 11:36 »

Hey! it's been a long time since my last quiz, and now i'm making individual quizzes about the characters!

i'll update this list everytime i make a new one, but so far i only have the
  • Fry Trivia Quiz

    again, you'll have to register for Quizmo to get your name on the score table, unless you already registered for my previous quizzes.

« Reply #54 on: 06-10-2004 16:28 »

It's okay davie don't feel bad I got a 10. 

The quiz was great though.

Starship Captain
« Reply #55 on: 06-11-2004 09:16 »

I am Fry! By a longshot according to the other people's ranking or whatever by questions.
Starship Captain
« Reply #56 on: 06-11-2004 10:19 »

I got 75 on the first quiz and I'm Fry on the second because I'm "lazy, and can't get a date". Now I'm sad  frown Good quizzes Zeep.
Sm@ Cpt. Libido

Bending Unit
« Reply #57 on: 06-11-2004 10:42 »

To be abosolutely nerdy I got 85 on the first quiz!
The second quiz said I was Fry by thirty points!
I got sixty on the third quiz!
P.s in the third quiz for the question In what year did fry get frozen there are two options both for the year 2000!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #58 on: 06-11-2004 11:50 »
« Last Edit on: 06-11-2004 11:50 »

oops, hehehe...



Bending Unit
« Reply #59 on: 06-12-2004 15:13 »

They are great quizzes, It's just you can't see what questions you got wrong. My only fault, otherwise fantastic!

Starship Captain
« Reply #60 on: 06-12-2004 21:01 »

I got a 90 my first time.

Must... go... outside...

« Reply #61 on: 06-12-2004 21:21 »
« Last Edit on: 06-12-2004 21:21 »

I, too got a a ninety on my first try.   big grin And I'm Fry by fifteen points.

EDIT: I took the quiz again and got 105.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #62 on: 06-13-2004 10:14 »
« Last Edit on: 06-13-2004 10:14 »

"You're Fry! You're lazy, you can't get a date, what more can I say?"

I am not lazy....  frown

Sweet quiz's Zeep....!

Let me break....let me break you down....for your sake....I will break you down...."[/small]

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #63 on: 06-14-2004 11:23 »
« Last Edit on: 06-14-2004 11:23 »

thanks, everyone. and for those of you who haven't noticed, i have updated the main trivia quiz since the first time i posted it. and for those of you who are impatient, the leela trivia quiz is on the way. school gets out this thursday for me, so i'll work on it over the weekend.

here's all my quizzes, for anyone who doesn't want to go back to look for the links:
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