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Author Topic: Art, smut, and censorship at peel.  (Read 503 times)
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Starship Captain
« on: 11-30-2002 07:00 »
« Last Edit on: 11-30-2002 07:00 »

I thought that stuff didn't need advertising. When a thread is closed that doesn't mean open a new one to discuss exactly the same topic. If you'd started a "Too much smut at FSAC" thread in the appropriate forum that would have been ok, this isn't.


You're right, Tweek, my apologies - I did it partly out of mischief, but partly to prove a point.

I can't claim to post a lot, or, um... visit peel that often, actually... but when I'm here I do notice that it's one of the most heavily-regulated boards I go to on _any_ regular basis.

For example, with varying degrees of titles, and presumably, repsonsibilities, there are SEVEN people with moderator-style powers for this one board alone! I know that only a couple regularly use this power on this board (and it'll be the same case on the other peel boards?) but it does suggest a bit of congestion at the top.

Threads are regularly closed - fair enough, to a degree; you're (not you, 'Tweek', you 'moderators') manning these boards on behalf of people who own them, pay for them, update and upkeep them. You're allowed to do what you want with your own boards, after all!

But if you set up a place like peel, presumably the idea is to encourage people to talk, or post, or chat (whatever you want ot call it) to each other. An awful lot of potentially really interesting threads are lost by closing them too early.

Case in point, Juliet's. It was wrong of me to restart the thread, I agree, and I'm sorry - but it had a point, at least! 21 replies in a few hours; this was an interesting topic! I'm only sorry I didn't get a chance to contribute. Between posting it, logging off (which I do occasionally), and coming back to check, it had already been locked off.

This is the board for fan art, and fan art was being discussed...

And as for the 'art, smut' part of the topic title...

Unca Dave's nude/semi-nude stuff is funny! I mean, let's not get all po-faced about it, it's just an attampt to entertain folk (I don't know if you can actually take that sort of work seriously if you don't take into account the humour element).

He's doing something right - his site is within about 10 days  of reaching its 10,000th visitor! That's an awful lot of Futurama fans for a little fan site!

"Now this guy drawing pics like that must...I sípose likes the enjoyment."

- Juliet (impersonating Yoda?! Sorry, Juliet, just joking).

I couldn't agree more with you. Drawing is fun!


Urban Legend
« Reply #1 on: 11-30-2002 07:29 »

Cesorship is wrong in my opinon in any form. They say they censor things to protect people, from what things that occur in this world. Cesorship can cause more fear and hatred than they try stop, look at Germany in WW2 and America during the 50's with the Red's under the bed campaign 9i realise this was propergander but they also censored news papers so peolewould not now the truth)
This is a free world and people should be ablre to choose what they deem as acceptable and not hide their heads in the sand and say it is wron with out trying to understand.
Well that's my thoughts on censorship. As for Dave's work and Outlawart's work I find it funny not really tiitallating. As far as I'm concerned if it don't hurt no one what's the problem?

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #2 on: 11-30-2002 07:29 »
« Last Edit on: 11-30-2002 07:29 »

Sorry to tell you Marcus, but you are in the wrong forum again.

The "PEEL is overmoderated" part would go to the Wishvoid (All your PEEL feature or settings related wishes, proposals and questions will find their home here.) or my mailbox and smut on FSAC would either go to Websites/Reviews (What do you think about other futurama web sites? Got your own? Want others to have a look and help out with tips? Post here) or Paul's mailbox. General censorship talk which you seemingly spawned would go to the Offtopic board.

I cannot move parts of posts however. Solution: closing the thread.

Threads aren't usually closed to intimidate the original author but to help other people to keep track of the topics on PEEL which belong on PEEL.

Feel free to get things into the correct destinations.
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 Topic locked! 
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