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Author Topic: Ideas for Episodes  (Read 1233 times)
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The main idea for this was the very inconclusive end for Fry and Leela, so this is how I think they could return to that:

Episode #Unknown - And Do You Philip J. Fry

The Professor walks into the room of waiting employees who all look very tired. Of course, he begins with his traditional "Good news everyone!" and then says "Today you'll be delivering a package to Nylar 5, the planet of the Hexapods." Leela objects, stating that her and Fry are to be wed in the evening, and the Professor is supposed to be hosting it. The Professor points out that she isn't readying herself yet, and she retorts, "That's because I was called here at 5 in the morning". The Professor says that it is a very important package and that they can be married as soon as they finish the delivery.
On the Planet Express ship, the crew fly out of the building and up into space, neither of Fry, Bender or Leela looking especially happy. In the cockpit they all grumble and complain about the mission, with Leela wanting desperately to know what is in the package. However, when they finally decide to take a peek, Hermes comes out from hiding and prevents them, explaining that it is important that the package remain unopened.
Finally the crew reach Nylar 5, which is a green planet with glittering oceans and trees and planets, so beautiful the crew are astonished. There seems to be some kind of big event going on and the crew land, exiting the ship. Outside of the ship the crew see all of their friends and families there yelling "surprise!" and then tell Fry to look at the package. The names on the package are "Fry and Leela".
The Professor explains that the package is his wedding present, and Nylar 4 is where they'll host the wedding. Excited, Leela and Fry hug the Professor, and then they go to get ready. When they're ready, they come out; Fry dressed in his new suit, and Leela in her beautiful dress.
The minister is a Hexapod, and when Fry meets him he asks why they can't see any other of his race on the planet, but is ignored. The ceremony takes place, and when they are saying their "I do's" when the minister asks "Do you Philip Fry take Turanga Leela to be your lawfully wedded wife?" Fry goes to answer, but the whole party freezes, leaving only him and the minister there.
Fry demands to know what is going on and the minister explains that all his people have been taken over by the brain slugs, and there is a prophecy that a man named "Fry will one day come and liberate the Hexapods. You are that Fry, and it is your destiny as a special one." Once again, in Fry fashion, he answers "Yeah, I get that a lot."
The Hexapod leads Fry to a large mountain, and at the top they see the rest of the Hexapods, all zombie-like under the influence of the brain slugs. Down there, they are beginning to build a massive machine that the minister explains will be used to send out a signal to all life in the universe, which will cause for them to be subservient to the brain slug people for the rest of their lives.
Suddenly Fry falls down a hill and into a large mass of the Hexapods, whereupon he is captured and has a brain slug put on his head. After a few seconds, the slug falls dead to the ground and Fry is otherwise unphased. There is an Almight Brain Slug, the only one capable of controlling Fry, and he is brought before it to be punished. Fry begs the slug to end this and go back to their planet, but instead it latches to his head to gain control.
Fry Then begins to become mindless, but inside in his subconscious we view him fighting with the brain slug, but he is losing. When Fry is finally beaten, the brain slug triumphantly searches his mind, finding a locked chest. When this is opened inside of Fry's mind, there is an explosion of green light from his body, and all the brain slugs fall dead to the ground, and Fry is finally back to normal, although his suit has been torn to shreds.
When the minister finds Fry he thanks Fry and says "By the way, you didn't fall down that hill, I pushed you." Fry looks angry and so the Hexapod promises to marry him and Leela now, but Fry explains his suit has been ruined. The Hexapod uses its powers to repair his body and the suit, and when Fry asks how it did that, it answers "I'm an alien, we do weird things." To which Fry answers, "So can you like incinerate buildings with your mind?" and the Hexapod Hilariously answers "Nope, only the clothes thing."
Finally Fry and the Hexapod get back to the wedding and go back to the positions they were in when time froze. Time unfreezes, and Fry immediately says "I do" whereupon he and Leela share in a kiss.
The episode ends with Fry and Leela opening their present from the Professor, a machine that has the ability to freeze time, and the Professor explains it's for "Those moments when you really want a moment to last." Fry thanks the Professor but throws away the device, saying, "I've had all the time in the world, now I want to experience real life with my wife."
The episode ends, with the camera panning out to space, and we see a spaceship in the shape of a brain slug. Inside, a slug even bigger than the Almighty looks down at the planet and begins to laugh excitedly. "That was interesting" he says, "Quite interesting."
The End

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Won't do big, whole summaries like that again, just that one was really important.
Here' a few more:

Episode #1 - What Time is it?

The crew are hired to make a delivery of construction materials to the Candy Kingdom on Planet X. However, these aren't normal construction materials, they're made out of candy. When the Crew arrive to make the delivery, they find themselves in the middle of an epic battle between the heroes of the Candy Kingdom, Finn and Jake, and the evil Ice King whose has been possessed by the Lich to become more powerful than ever. In seeing their planet in danger, the Planet Express crew reluctantly join in on the battle for all humanity, with Bender finding a new friend along the way.

Episode #2 - Futurella!

The Professor calls everyone to the Planet Express building to announce that they have been requested to make a  delivery to the year 4000. However, when they finally reach the year, they find themselves in a strange place, their delivery having a much bigger influence than they anticipated.

Episode #3 - The Olympus Torch

The crew are hired for a delivery to Greece, strangely requested to deliver the package to Mount Olympus. Up on the mountain, they discover the Greek Gods battling the Titans to no fruition, being evenly matched and both being immortal. Bender suggests they decide superiority through a God-scale Olympic Games, and if the Titans win they threaten to burn down Mount Olympus itself and storm the entire world.

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This is actually a really good idea for a thread.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #3 on: 09-18-2014 22:36 »


In a non-canon episode, we see what it would have been like if Yancy were frozen instead of Fry.
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