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Author Topic: Previews To Upcoming Fanfics!  (Read 640 times)
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Urban Legend
« on: 09-23-2013 18:20 »

Do not adjust your internet! This is a test for the Fanfic Preview Broadcast System!* *This is only a preview to a fanfic that's coming in Christmas/New Years.* (this is NOT an idea thread!)*

This one is called "Hermes and Bender's French-Ellent Adventure".* Or maybe it should be called, "Not So Last Tango In Paris".* Let me know what title you think would be best!* So look for this one and The Scruff-Session coming around the holidays!

Out on the Planet Express balcony, Hermes is crying his eyes out.* Bender is inside.

Hermes (sobbing):* Sweet Yamahas of The Bahamas!*

Looking down, Hermes has a picture of Dwight.

Hermes (crying): Oh, Dwight.* (sobs)* I never should have let you go to Paris!* (sobs)* I failed you.* I failed as a husband, father, and a beuracrat!* (cries)* You were supposed to take my place when I retire.

Bender:* Psst!* Hey, Hermes!* Come here!* *Got something to show you.

Hermes (walking inside):* I am in no mood for your playing and schemes!

Bender:* It's not what you think.* * I know a way to get Cubert and Dwight back.

Hermes:* Leave me alone. (sobs)* Can't you understand how I feel right now....(cries)

Bender:* *Since the police aren't going to help us, we're going to have to take matters into our own hands!

Hermes:* How would you feel if that were Ben out there?

Bender:* Hear me out.* Let me tell you my plan.* *Believe me, I know how stupid policemen are...

Hermes:* Only because you have no respect for authority.

Bender:* True that.* You and I are going to go to Paris and get Cubert and Dwight back ourselves!

Hermes:* Are you crazy!* We don't know our way around....

Bender:* Hello?* Remember what I said to that French loser over the phone?* *I have a particular set of ass-kicking skills?

Hermes:* Well, it has been a while since we had an adventure together.....

Bender:* Why not have another one?* We went to Mexico, I got you robot parts....after all Fry and Leela are on a double date with Kiff and Amy.*

Hermes:* All right.* That settles it!* I'll go with you.

Bender:* Awesome baby!* Besides it'll be good to go to a mission without those losers Fry and Leela.* *And what they don't know can't hurt them.

Hermes:* They won't be back for a while.* Let's go to Paris!

Bender:* Now you're talking!* *You ain't going to get nowhere by sitting around and crying.* And that's a very Zoidberg thing to do.* He's the last loser you want to be like?* You don't want to be Zoidberg?* Do you?

Hermes:* Absolutely not!* *

Bender:* Let go on the ship to Paris and kick some Pepe Le Pau ass!*

Hermes:* Hope Fry don't get jealous.

Bender:* I prefer him to you!

Hermes and Bender both board the PE Ship and go to Paris.

And now The Scruff-Session.  Didn't do this one because I wanted to write Dead Noise instead.

VO: Once upon a time at a yardsale....

Scruffy (picks up box): This could help me clean better.

VO: Is this box what is seems?

Leela: This place is a mess...

Bender: What is this, Hoarders?

Amy: Spluck! Scruffy! Why aren't you cleaning?

Scruffy: I feel funny...

VO: They find out soon enough.

Zoidberg (looking down Scruffy's throat and sees a spider): AAAHHHH!!!! GROSS!!!! (vomits)

VO: What exactly is this box that has possessed Scruffy?

Fry: Scruffy will you please pass the potatoes?

Scruffy stabs Fry in the hand.


Bender: When did Luca Brassi get in here?

VO: More choas ensues....

Farnsworth: It's from the planet Spidertopia! You must kill the head spider to restore Scruffy!


Nothing is going to prepare you for....

The Scruff-Session!

Then a scene shows Scruffy posessed walking down a street amidst all the chaos surrounding him. Burned down buildings, crashed hovercars, and broken transportation tubes.

Coming in either late Decemeber or early Janurary! 

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