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Author Topic: A fanfic by me  (Read 1246 times)
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The Devils Advicate

« on: 08-19-2011 10:44 »

Hey! I thought I might try posting a story. So...ummmm...Is there anything else I'm spose to say? On with the show, maybe? Oh nevermind.

The Zambian Quadrent
08:00 Earth Time
A small AF-62 Banshie star-fighter flew silently through the vast vacuum of space. Deep scarring along its hull showed that it had been in a recent battle, yet if one were to look close enough, they would see that the damage was made by no weapon known in the universe. The state of the ship was not as bad as the piolet who flew it however...

He was dying. There was no illusions about it. He could feel himself slowly slipping. Yet somehow he hd to hang on. It took a tremendous will power to not simply slip into the comforting blackness that was beginning to cloud his vision. If he fell asleep, he knew he would never walk up. His small one man fighter ship zipped across the vastness of space heading to a planet that was right now nothing more than a distant light in the darkness. Three hours. He didn’t know if he would make it to that ball known as earth. He just knew he had to. He had bought time, nothing more. But his sacrifice will have been in vain if he died now. He had to warn everyone about what had entered their universe. He had to warn Leela...

The Banshie flew on.

Bender walked into the Planet Express building humming his ‘Bender is Great’ tune. It was about 11 o’clock Monday morning, and as he wandered into the employee lounge, he ran into a very annoyed, a very angry Leela.


‘What are ya talken about big boots?’ he responded casually as he walked over to the couch. ‘I’ve been at home in sleep mode. That’s where I usually go to recharge.’

‘You were supposed to be here an hour ago. You and Fry have got to be on time.’ said Leela,  regaining control of her anger and keeping her voice level. ‘We have a delivery to make this morning. Now come on lets get going, we’re already behind schedule. Where’s Fry?’

‘Dunno,’ replied Bender as he pulled a cigar out of his chest compartment and lighting it with his finger. ‘He went out Friday night and said he had some work to do, and I haven’t seen him since.’

‘WHAT??!!’ said Leela with shock.

‘I know, right? Fry doing work? Kinda hard to believe.’

‘Did you ask where he was going?’

‘What am I, his mother? He didn’t say, and I wasn’t about to pry.’

‘We have to find him,’ she said, not bothering to point out that Bender always pried into other peoples business.

She quickly walked up the stairs where she found the professor working in his lab.

Professor Hubert Farnsworth’s mind was deep in his work, tinkering away at an invention that would have solved world hunger when Leela ran in. The Professor turned, knocking the devise into a pile of other strange devises to be forgotten for the rest of time. He didn’t notice.

‘Professor,’ she asked surprised by the sound of panic in her voice ‘you haven’t seen Fry any time recently have you?’



‘Fry who?’

‘Your uncle!’ Leela said, exasperated already with the senile old fool. This was no time for games.

‘Now Leela, you know perfectly well my uncles name is Fry. Sometimes you young folk can be so forgetful.’

Leela sighed impatiently. ‘Well have you seen him?’

‘Seen who?’


‘No need to shout, Leela. Of course I’ve seen him.’

Leela let out a sigh of relief. ‘Where?’

‘Why here, all the time! He works for me you know.’

‘Have you seen him today?’

‘Oh my, no. But if your looking for random things, I did see a small star fighter land about two blocks from here.’

Before she could comment on the fact that she was looking for Fry and could care less about the fighter she heard Bender holler at the top of his amplifier ‘FRY!’

She turned and quickly walked back to the employee lounge, intent on giving the delivery boy a piece of her mind for the brief scare she just went through when the sight of him caused her to stop dead in her tracks and gasp.

Fry was leaning against the doorframe wearing, instead of his usual astir, a black long sleeved shirt, black cargo pants, and combat boots. A belt round his waist held an empty hand gun holster, a single grenade, and a sheathed knife. But it wasn’t his outfit that caused her to gasp. It was the fact that he was bleeding from head to toe. Frys face was pale white. His hair was a mess and dried blood crusted his forehead. His left arm was being clutched by his right hand, and it looked to be broken. A splint was tied to his left leg. He was covered in burns.

Just then Hermes came in, followed by a very annoyed Amy who was carrying Nibbler.

‘Leela,’ Amy was saying ‘ you’ve really gotta keep track of this guy. He’s been acting crazy all...’ Her voice trailed off and her eyes widened as she caught sight of Fry.

‘Sweet cow of Moscow’ Hermes exclaimed ‘Fry mon, what happoned?’

Fry opened his mouth to try to say something, but all that came out was a groan, and he started sliding down the door frame.

Leela snapped out of the trance she was in and quickly rushed to his side, draping his right arm around her shoulder.

‘Quick, help me get him to the med bay!’ she hollered. Amy dropped Nibbler and rushed over and got his other arm over her shoulder, which caused Fry to gasp in pain.

‘Hermes, get the professor!’

Hermes rushed up to the lab as Leela and Amy half carried, half dragged the injured Fry down the corridor to Zoidbergs office.

Nobody noticed that Nibbler followed close behind, no longer walking in his cute little way, but striding purposefully after them.

Amy and Leela had just laid Fry on the examination table when the professor arrived, followed closely by Hermes and Bender.

Leela asked the professor as soon as he walked in ‘Will he be alright?’

‘Hard to say,’ Farnsworth responded. ‘I’ll have to examine him to determine haw bad his injuries are.’

‘I think I’m the doctor here.’ said a voice, and everyone turned to see Zoidberg standing in the corner of his office.

The crustacean walked over, took a look at Fry and said. ‘I’m afraid he’s dead.’

‘He’s not dead ya stinken lobsta. Get outta here before I dock ya pay.’ Hermes said.

‘Awww...’said Zoidberg and scuttled out.

Leela was worried. Fry looked like he was a punching bag that was used by a boxer and then thrown into a furnace.

She was about to ask what happened when someone beat her to it.

‘Fry what happened?’ Nibbler said from the doorway where he was standing. The crew gasped (except for Fry) and starred at him.

‘Nibbler?’ Leela gasped for the second time that day ‘you-you can-can talk?’

‘B-But how?’

‘That is not important right now. What is important is what happened to Fry.’ He turned and faced Fry again. ‘What happened?’

‘Water,’ Fry whispered ‘please...before (cough) anything.’

‘Miss Wong,’ Nibbler said, ‘would you be so kind as to fetch Fry a glass of water.’

Amy jumped when Nibbler addressed her, but then ran to the kitchen. She returned moments later with a large glass.

‘Here,’ she said, handing it to Leela who was standing next to Fry, still trying to grasp the fact that the pet that she had all these years was intelligent. Seeing Amy hand her the glass, gave her something to do, so she took it, gentle lifted Frys head, and brought the glass to his lips. He drained it in seconds.

‘Thanks.’ he said, his voice a little stronger. He smiled at Leela, but then winced in pain as the professor prodded him with a strange devise.

‘Not now professor,’ Leela snapped, and then turned back to Fry. ‘What happened to you Fry? Where have you been?’

‘Wait!’ Nibbler said. ‘This information is classified. I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask all of you to leave, while I talk to Fry.’

‘What the hell are you talking about, you stupid rat?’ Bender asked. ‘How do you know where he’s been?’

‘That too is classif-’

‘Nibbler,’ Fry murmured ‘it doesn’t matter anymore how classified any of this is. They are all involved now, all in danger. I think they should know.’

‘What are you talking about Fry? What do you mean we’re all in danger?’ Leela asked.

‘You’re being hunted.’

‘WHAT??’ everyone, even Nibbler, exclaimed.

‘Fry explain.’ said Nibbler.

Fry coughed again. ‘As you know Nibbler, Friday night you assigned me a mission to investigate the energy fluctuations on Zibian IV.’

‘Zibian IV?! That’s on the edge of known space!’ Leela exclaimed.

‘It is for you humans, but not for us.’ Nibbler said. ‘My race has a much more completed map of the universe.’

Fry coughed and said ‘Who’s telling the story here?’

‘Sorry.’ Nibbler muttered.

‘Anyway I arrived early Saturday morning. I thought this was going to be a milk run compared to some of the things you’ve sent me on. I was wrong. There was...was...’

‘What Fry, what?’

Fry looked right at Nibbler and said ‘Do you remember my first job with you guys? You know the one with the brains and the infosphere?’

Nibbler nodded, and then asked ‘Wait, how is it possible you remember that? I thought I erased it from your memory.’

‘You did. But what I faced gave me that memory back. Some...thing got out. When we opened it for that brief period of time something escaped. Something that was there before.’

If it is possible for something so black to turn ghostly white, Nibblers face proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

‘You couldn’t possibly mean...?’ He let the question hang, unfinished. Fry merely nodded.

‘Oh God. Please tell me you didn’t fight it alone. Not all by yourself.’

‘Didn’t really have a choice in the matter. I had to if I wanted to survive and warn you.’

‘EXCUSE me,’ Leela butted in, ‘but the rest of us are all dyeing to know what the hell you’re talking about.’

‘I suppose I’d better start at the beginning. Professor, if you would kindly look to Fry, the rest of you, follow me.’

With that, he promptly turned around and exited the room. The PE employees glanced at each other before following the strange little alien. Leela was the last to leave, looking back at Fry who again closed his eyes before she turned and followed the others to the conference room.

‘Ok speak up mon what thee hell is going on and how does it concern Fry AND con PE profit from it?’ Hermes asked

‘This story is a tale from eons ago long before man was created by the Acustions-’ Nibbler began.

‘The what now?’ Bender interrupted.
‘The Acustions. An ancient race of intelligent beings who died out long ago. Mankind was an experiment done by their top scientists on this planet. Your petty ideas of evolution and gods are all wrong.’ Nibbler stated.

‘So there’s no God?’ Amy asked.

‘Quite the contrary there is a God. He just didn’t create you. Or maybe he did using the Acustions..’ he mussed, then snapped back to reality. ‘Oh who cares? Mankind’s origins are not today’s topic of discussion.’

‘Well you’re the one who brought it up.’ Leela said.

‘Anyway my people are an ancient race, and we have made it our duty to protect the universe from all threats. We have weapons that can destroy anything, and quite easily. But the creature Fry faced is not from this universe.’

‘So, what, its from a different universe?’ Bender asked.

‘No. That’s just it. Its not from a different universe. Its not from ANY universe.’

Ok, so thats the first part. I hope you liked it. If you didn't, well....*blows rasberry*
I don't know how often i'll get to post, as I got school starting in a few weeks, AND I have an Eagle Scout project to finish, so...bear with me.
The Devils Advicate

« Reply #1 on: 09-03-2011 10:18 »

You guys are so mean...

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #2 on: 09-03-2011 13:55 »

Maybe a lot of people have read it and just didn't want to post... I'll check it out later. wink

Starship Captain
« Reply #3 on: 09-04-2011 21:14 »

Don't give up yet Devil, we are all fans of a science fiction cartoon and science fiction in general, so yeah, we are socially awkward. So we will read, be at a loss for words, and silently like it, but not say anything because, well, we are awkward.
« Reply #4 on: 09-06-2011 22:07 »

Oh do please continue, I want to know what it is.
The Devils Advicate

« Reply #5 on: 11-04-2011 04:01 »

The PE crew stared at the little three eyed creature standing before them.

‘What exactly so you mean its not from any universe?’ Amy asked. ‘If something exists its gotta be from somewhere. And that somewhere has got to be in a universe.’

‘How many universes do you think there are, Miss Wong?’ Nibbler asked.

‘I dunno. Hundreds I guess.’

‘Wrong. There are only two. This one, and the one where everyone dresses up like a cowboy.’

‘But,’ Leela said ‘there’s got to be more than one. I mean we visited another universe before. They didn’t dress as cowboys.’

‘Ahhh’ Nibbler said ‘but that was a universe created by the professor. As much as they would like to believe they always existed, they didn’t. I was just a copy of this universe with a few slight differences to make it alternate. All there memories were programed in by the professors machine.’

‘Then what...’

‘Miss Wong, there is a barrier separating our universe and their universe from each other. No scientific expedition has been successful. Why do you think there is a barrier?’

‘I don’t know. To keep us in?’ Amy answered.

‘No Miss Wong. It is to keep something out.’

There was a gasp from the crew. With the exception of Bender who, while Nibbler was explaining the significance of the barrier, had his hard drives focused to figuring out one thing. Suddenly he jumped out of his chair with his arms in the air and shouted ‘Wohooo!!! Then that fruitcake was just a bad copy of me! I’m still the greatest!’

Nibbler rolled his eyes at the robots antics and turned to the rest of the PE staff. ‘Continuing with my story...’

‘Yes get on with it mon.’ Hermes said.

‘I am from a race millions of years old. When this universe was created we were already living happily in our little bubble. But the creation of the universes shattered that bubble that had protected our world from things I shudder to imagine. For your sake, you may call us the Nibblonians as your vocal boxes would be unable to pronounce any of our words.

‘Oh yea?’ Bender said ‘Try me.’

And Nibbler said the name of his race in his own language. Ten minutes later the crew was again gathered around the conference table after replacing Benders voice box with a spare from the supply cabinet. Bender could be heard darkly murmuring about killing a certain small black rodent from his seat, glaring and Nibbler.

‘Now then, as I was saying, the bubble that had encased our planet was destroyed, exposing us to the everything that was outside our world. Luckily the barrier was up by then so we were still protected from the horrors without.’

‘Wait,’ Leela said, ‘ A bubble encased your planet? How did that get there?’

‘Alas we know not. It was just always there, like a fact of life for us, until it was lost at the beginning of the universe.’

‘Anyway this barrier surrounds the whole universe. You humans know there is an edge but you do not know how far it expands. The universe is actually circular in shape, with the barrier creating a sphere like effect. Not even we have explored that far, but we do know this. This barrier is not as strong in some places as it is in others. At each point we have discovered that is weak we have an outpost to warn us if anything is able to penetrate it. Temporary rifts would open allowing access to horrors beyond that of nightmares. In the year 1214 a creature succeeded in penetrating the barrier. The outpost at that point, Outpost 13, was obliterated and the people stationed there were never seen again. There were no bodies, no signs of a battle, nothing. It was just...gone. My best friend was stationed at there. I had to be the one who brought the news to his wife.’

‘1214?’ Bender gasped. ‘You, a living, breathing pile of flesh are over 10000 years old?’

‘Yes. And I am still in the prime of life.’ Nibbler said grinning.

‘So this thing that got out, what did it do?’ Leela asked.

‘In, Leela, it got in. It went on a vendetta consuming worlds left and right. At the time we had no idea what it was doing and just assumed that it was attempting to destroy everything in its path. Our armies went up against it and many fell before its might. There was no stopping it, when suddenly, it disappeared. We scoured the universe for years searching for it, and when we found it, all we could do was gasp.

‘What was it trying to do?’
‘It was trying to break the barrier. The creature alone could not destroy it by itself from either side of the barrier, but what we realized was that it was not alone. On the other side of that barrier were twelve other creatures. With them working on each side to destroy it, a crack was forming, allowing foul...gasses I suppose, to flow into our universe. The quadrant around the crack became dead. Dead space I guess. All the stars we’re extinguished, and it wasn’t even in a fiery explosion, they just simply...blinked out of existence.’

‘What did you do?’ Amy asked.

‘Our best minds came together to deal with the threat. A full on massive assault was impossible. We had tried that before and it had failed. We still had years yet till the crack was big enough to allow anything living through. The smartest members of our race created a devise, a bomb, that would send the creature to an alternate dimension in which...

‘Wait, wait, wait.’ Bender interrupted again ‘Alternate dimension? Isn’t that like another universe?’

‘No. Both universes are in the same dimension. They are alternate yes, but still part of this dimension. There are thousands of dimensions, most of which are just empty space. We haven’t discovered one with anything that has a universe in it.’ Nibbler replied irritably. ‘Now will you STOP interrupting?’

‘Gee, sorry if I want to clarify something.’ Bender said.

‘So you had this bomb...’Leela prompted.

‘Yes, we had the bomb. The problem was getting the bomb near enough to it to suck the monster in. We settled on a dangers gamble. A small, one man space fighter equipped with stealth technology would intercept the creature, place the bomb and retreat before the blast. I was the young Nibblonian who was picked for the job. I was just a young cadet at the time, and I wanted revenge for the death of my friend, so I eagerly accepted. The fighter that was assigned to me was the experimental AC13 Black Cat. ‘

Nibbler paused and stared into space, lost in memory. ‘It was one hell of a ship.’

Leela nodded. She knew of the connection that could form between piolet and ship. The number one rule to flying is love. You take a bird in the air that you don’t love and she’ll tear you apart. Its love that kept a ship going when logic dictated that it should be crashing in a fiery holocaust.

‘I flew her to Quadrant Bravo. That was where that monstrosity was. The plan went perfectly until the end. The bomb was planted and I was making my escape when it went off. The creature began to be sucked in, and nothing it could do could stop it. It screamed and raged in fury and as the portal began to close, it let off a tremendous amount of energy that hit my ship and destroyed the fusion core. Everything stopped, and my ship was dead in space. I must have blacked out because I woke up three weeks later on a medical ship headed back for Eternium. Over the years the crack in the barrier sealed itself. We’re still not sure how, but a theory is that it somehow can regenerate itself.’

‘So if you sent this thing to an alternate dimension, how is it back?’ Bender asked.

‘About a year back, Phillip Fry defeated a race of intellectual beings known as the brain spawn. To do so he again opened the door to the dimension that the creature had been sent. Apparently, for those split seconds that the doorway was open, it was able to return to our dimension.

‘So does this mean..’ Amy began.

‘Yes Miss Wong. The creature has returned to open the crack for the other twelve.’

‘Do you have a name for this thing?’ Leela asked.

‘Yes. We call it Omega 13, and it won’t be making the same mistake twice.’

Hey Hey I got this updated. I think thats what its called. Maybe. Did I spell that right? Uh-oh, i'm rambling, and i forgot to capitalize I. Please ignore me and tell me what you thought. I guess. Do you like pizza?
Solid Gold Bender

Urban Legend
« Reply #6 on: 12-30-2011 07:00 »

I liked it, you can't be perfect, but it was solid. 8.8/10 wink

« Reply #7 on: 01-04-2012 08:50 »

I thought it was pretty good id give it a 9/10
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