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Author Topic: Future Shock's Fics thread  (Read 4450 times)
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Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #80 on: 07-13-2009 15:03 »

But then she wouldn't be AWESOME.

BTW, Books, of course you need your fair share in fan fic.
He entered the small room quietly, and Books yelled out in horror as he saw all that was left of his Mr. Microphone.

Near Death Star Inhabitant
Urban Legend
« Reply #81 on: 07-13-2009 15:05 »

Future Shock, please rewrite the last part of your story to have Bianca in at least every third sentence. For this, I will grant it an A+. I don't care what Bianca does, just rewrite her into the story more.
Thank you.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #82 on: 07-13-2009 15:09 »

To Bianca:

I hereby agree that Future Shock will rewrite me more into his story.


Urban Legend
« Reply #83 on: 07-13-2009 15:11 »
« Last Edit on: 07-13-2009 15:16 »

Wow... These PEELocalypse thingies just keep getting worse by the chapter.

Might I suggest writing FUTURAMA fan-fics instead of this?
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #84 on: 07-13-2009 15:15 »

May I suggest you give constructive criticism instead of an 'idea'?

Urban Legend
« Reply #85 on: 07-13-2009 15:17 »


Try to make it not suck as hard and do some research if you're going to base things on true stories and people.

Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #86 on: 07-13-2009 15:18 »
« Last Edit on: 07-14-2009 03:16 »

Actually, this is the part where it becomes fiction.
Books, there's no need to add in more Bianca, because the rest of the story will have Bianca as one of the main characters.

Near Death Star Inhabitant
Urban Legend
« Reply #87 on: 07-14-2009 12:19 »

You're just lazy. You know that the people want more Bianca. So put her in.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #88 on: 07-14-2009 14:38 »

Bianca can't be in EVERYTHING. Stop being unrealistic.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #89 on: 07-17-2009 03:10 »

PEELocalypse: Chapter Eleven

The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy has something to say about PEEL. It notes that PEEL is an extremely popular website based around the sitcom Futurama, which is set in the year 3000. It also mentions the folklore of a happening such as the PEELocalypse, presumably the event where the entire of PEEL would crash so badly the website would never be used again.
It also mentions that PEEL is made up of old threads, and each forum has a corridor, which leads to the old and un-used, never posted for months, or even years. Nobody has ever been to these rooms, except for one. This particular ‘one’ is not a person. Nor is it a human being at all.
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy states that this being is this figure which names itself 02-04-2008, which happens to be the date of the closest the PEEL ever came to death.
It mentions that in those corridors this being is headquartered, and under no circumstances should you walk down there, as under no circumstances should you intrude into your little sisters tea party with a cannon, unless you dislike your sister and would very much like to throw a large bullet at her.
Sadly though, no Earthman has ever read or head of
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and it is unlikely that they ever will.

Books was walking down the steps of the PEEL Tower. He happened to notice something strange at the PEEL Arcade below. He started to run down the steps, but not so fast as he would trip.
There was a small rumbling sound as he heard, and when he got down to the arcade, the bricks of the arcade were trembling, actually moving up and down.

“Stand back, Books!” said Bianca. “Something is happening!”

“What?” said Books. It wasn’t exactly like an earthquake, it isn’t every day you see little bricks move up and down like they were on rubber.

Nearby, Ninaka was running. She had heard of the commotion, and was running to see.

“More of this stuff!” she yelled. “I can’t believe it!”

“Why would this keep happening?” said Bianca. “Why us? What do they want from us?”

Books looked at Bianca, and stepped forward to inspect the bricks. His finger got jammed in one, and he pulled it back before it hurt even more.

“Are you okay?” said Bianca.

“Yeah, my finger’s just throbbing a bit,” said Books. Suddenly Bianca was moving away from him. Books didn’t have enough time to realise what was going on, and suddenly the bricks in front of him started to collapse. The crowd moved back, but Books looked what was in front of him and stumbled.

“Books, get back!” yelled Bianca, but the bricks under Books feet started to fall under the surface. And Books started to fall into the black chasm below.

“Hold on!” yelled Bianca, but even if Books had held on, those bricks would have fallen as well. And Bianca could just watch and do nothing, as the hole expanded outwards.

The crowd rushed back three metres, and the hole finally stopped. Bianca laid herself on the ground and edged to the hole to look down. All she saw was blackness, and she didn’t want to think of what had just happened to Books, or where he would end up if he survived.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy has something to say on the subject of holes. It says a hole can be very small or very large, very shallow or very deep, very safe or very dangerous. In this case, the Guide notes that anyone could fall down a hole, if they were unlucky enough to wander into one, and careless enough to not run screaming and hide behind the nearest hill. In any case, this particular hole was not a hole at all, but merely an engineering problem with the foundation.
In a rare case, this hole happened to be connected to another part of the building, and Books would be taking a shortcut to some of the darkest secrets of PEEL.

Everyone on PEELified soon heard about the accident, and what had happened to Books. The hole was immediately closed off from the public, and [-mArc-] spent time interviewing people on what they had seen.

Bianca, still horrified what had happened to Books, went over to a test thread, where some others were sitting. She sat down in front of the table, and looked at the posts. She started to speak.

“I wonder if mArc will fix that hole, because I don’t want any more people near it, or they’ll fall like Books did. God, I’ve had enough for one day, now I’ve got to watch out for this thing—“

“I miss Books posting here,” said FYP. “It’s just like he was banned.”

“I know,” said Bianca, “a permanent ban.”

“Hey, you never know,” said FYP, “maybe he’s okay and he’ll come out somewhere.”

“He might, he might not,” said Bianca, and walked out of the room. For some reason, her glance turned to the corridor behind her. It lay, dark, mysterious, and worst of all, silent. Anything could be in there, she thought. She took a step.

“What the hell am I doing,” Bianca said to herself, but she stepped again. And again. Then she started running. Away from the light and the people. She had this feeling that something was down there, and if she would find Books there, she would find something else.

Near Death Star Inhabitant
Urban Legend
« Reply #90 on: 07-17-2009 03:20 »

I actually just read the entire thing. It was...wait for it...actually entertaining! I liked the Hitchhiker's Guide deal, and Bianca got more story time than before. And the story was pretty interesting too I guess. You are definitely improving! Although Bianca should have just thrown herself down the hole after me to have adventures in caves together.

“Yeah, my finger’s just throbbing a bit,” said Books.

Or was it?  flirt

Urban Legend
« Reply #91 on: 07-17-2009 13:10 »

I actually just read the entire thing. It was...wait for it...actually entertaining! I liked the Hitchhiker's Guide deal, and Bianca got more story time than before. And the story was pretty interesting too I guess. You are definitely improving! Although Bianca should have just thrown herself down the hole after me to have adventures in caves together.

Cave adventures? confused

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #92 on: 07-17-2009 15:06 »

I haven't read it, but it needs more cowbell.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #93 on: 07-17-2009 15:09 »

Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #94 on: 07-18-2009 12:24 »

PEELocalypse: Chapter Twelve

All that remained of mArc’s diary that lay tattered beside the smoking PEEL tower were un-burned fragments of paper. The InternetWatchers arrived at the scene hours afterwards, but saw no-one. It seems they were too late.

One of the remnants of the diary was an entry. Short, but revealing.

Today, a mysterious hole appeared in the ground at the PEEL Arcade, and Books, one of the members, fell into it. I may send some UberMods down there to investigate, but I do not wish to risk anything else at this time.
Bianca, who was at the scene, vanished moments afterwards. FYP reported she was in the test thread for a while, but left, and no sign of her has been reported since.
I cannot believe all this has happened. Slimmy is gone, Books is gone, Bianca is gone, and the arcade floor is gone. What will go next?

Of course, if the authorities had managed to catch this information before the accident, they could have come and prevented it. But it was too late. The whole area was gone, and even worse, there was no evidence that anyone had been there.

Books found himself with his head swimming on a damp hard surface. He struggled to his feet after a few painful moments.

Once he got up, he walked slowly, and he hobbled, because his leg was injured.

It seemed he was in an underground tunnel. It had a path of concrete, walls of brick, and water trickling down the sides. Books dared not to call out for anyone, because there might have been someone there who he wouldn’t have wanted to help.

Every time he stepped, his feet gave a quiet echo. Books heard a noise. He pressed himself against the wall and stayed still. A rat ran by, and passed into the tunnel.

Books kept on walking, and after an unaccountable period of time, he discovered a dim light source, although it was uncertain where the light was coming from. He looked around, and decided to take a chance.


Books’ voice echoed around the dark tunnel, and he was sure that any moment now, something would come out at him. But nothing did, so he kept walking.

The tunnel ended, and on the wall was a ladder, with rusty rungs. Books started to climb up the ladder, and found himself looking into a dark room.

It was almost bare, except for a desk with scattered papers, a trash can, and sitting in the corner of the room, a tiny pentagon shaped device. It glinted dimly in the blackness of the room, and seemed to glow.

Books stared at it, and then walked to the desk. He picked up a page that lay on it. It was covered with messy writing. It seemed like important documents.

It took a while for Books to realise this extremely messy writing was not English, but were symbols that could easily be mistaken for English if it was written messily.

After a while of searching, Books finally found a page that was written in English. It seemed like it was made on a computer, so it wasn’t messy. Books picked up the page and read it. It seemed like a message to somebody.

Dear John Estary,

I have received information that you and your fleet are in great danger. Right now, enemies are on your tail, so I am writing you to let you know you must be as evasive as possible, or you and your crew could suffer terrible consequences that could have an effect on such people as the—

At that moment, a door opened. Books ducked under the desk, which wasn’t too large, and not too comfortable.

A door had appeared from the wall, and Books was sure there was no door there before.

In it walked a figure, but Books was unable to recognize it, because it was draped with a huge black cloak that concealed everything except two square shaped feet.

Books tried to ease his breathing, and he started to feel tired. The figure looked at the papers, then stopped. It picked up the English paper, which Books realised had not been there before.

The figure looked at it, then walked across the room, and saw the hole. It picked up a small cover and placed it over the hole. It picked up the small pentagon shaped device, and went out of the room.

Books waited a few minutes, then leapt out from under the desk, and stretched his legs and looked around. There were no hinges there, so as Books turned back to the hole and tried to lift the cover. But the cover seemed to be super glued to the floor. He pulled at it, until his fingers started to hurt.

After ages of pulling, Books sat down, exhausted. He didn’t know what to do, so he crawled under the desk, and waited. He knew that if the figure caught him, he could be in serious trouble.


Bianca always looked back to the dim speck of light behind her, in order to keep her feeling safe. The hallway in front of her seemed to stretch out for ever, but she knew there weren’t threads that continued forever, it would end.

She felt like she was doing a cross-country walk, and all the trees were flat and uninteresting, until she found the hallway came to a dead end.

In fact, it wasn’t a dead end.

On the sides, it has two, spider-webbed doors. On the wall, it had another door. Bianca was a bit spooked by the mysterious light source at the end, which she couldn’t find the source of.

She pulled the handle of the door, and as she did, she felt her hand become encased in web. A spider ran across the door, and Bianca pushed the door open.

She found herself in a normal thread room. It had a circle table, and couches all around it, and a hologram of posts above the table. But this thread had only one post.

She sat down on the old dusty seat and looked at the hologram, which was flickering.

She read the post. It wasn’t anything really, it was just three full stops.

Suddenly, the date above the post read Last Edit and it showed that date. And the post suddenly had four dots.

Bianca looked around the room, but nobody was sitting there. She felt she had to feel around to be sure, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

The post became edited again. It had ten dots. Bianca looked around in shock, and looked at a certain part of the couch. The spiderwebs on it began to slowly sink down to the seat.

The post was edited, revealing a smiley.  evil laugh

Bianca screamed, and made for the door, but it closed on her. Suddenly the room seemed to move very fast, and Bianca was thrown to the other side of the room, then the room stopped, and Bianca was thrown to the other side, where the door opened.

On the other side of the door, FYP and Ninaka were staring at her. Bianca wasn’t at the end anymore. She was at the front of the corridor.

“Uh, Bianca,” said Ninaka, “what did you just do?”

Bianca just ran out of the room, and stared at it. “What did I do?” she said. “I did nothing!”

“Then what do you call that?” said Ninaka, and Bianca looked at the room again. She had just accidentally bumped a thread from the year 2000.

“And what kind of smiley is that?” said FYP, and Bianca looked again. There were two posts. One of them had ten full stops and a laughing smiley, and the second had a smiley as well. Only Bianca had never seen this smiley before. Its mouth was wide open, like it was screaming.

Near Death Star Inhabitant
Urban Legend
« Reply #95 on: 07-18-2009 21:48 »

It was alright, not as good as last one. There was a decent amount of Bianca, but still I think it is lacking. Also we should have companion pets based on our avatars. For instance, Bianca has a swick dragon as a sidekick, I have my Amyraffe. etc..

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #96 on: 07-19-2009 03:24 »

You're very cruel to encourage this, Books. He doesn't know you're laughing at him.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #97 on: 07-19-2009 03:25 »

What do you mean by cowbell.

Bending Unit
« Reply #98 on: 07-27-2009 02:11 »
« Last Edit on: 07-27-2009 02:21 »

(Im talkin about the first fic)

This is really good but........im SO confused!!!

Dont make fun of me tho, i am only 14!!!!!! lol

Someone please explain to me what is going on!!!!!!!
I get that loads of people are dissapearin and that no one has any recollection of them at all but then im kinda lost.
I dont understand the first part specifically.

And why does the hudson river keep coming up??????

 confused  confused
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #99 on: 07-27-2009 13:36 »

Hudson River - recurring joke.
What part are you confused about?

Bending Unit
« Reply #100 on: 07-27-2009 14:25 »

What part are you confused about?

Errrrr, mainly just the first part.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #101 on: 07-29-2009 14:08 »

PEELocalypse: Chapter Thirteen

Books was feeling rather cramped under the desk, but he knew that if he stretched his legs, it would make a noise, and if he made a noise someone would hear. So he didn’t stretch his legs.

Books heard footsteps approach the door hidden in the wall, and once again the door just appeared, and opened. The figure walked in again, and slammed it. It sat down on a small worn chair at his desk, and it furiously looked at several papers.

“Non englo imitai!” it screamed, and then picked up the pentagon-shaped device that Books still did not know the meaning of. The figure gave a quiet laugh and put it on the desk.

Books, although he knew nothing of it, knew that it was obviously a very bad thing. The figure picked up another paper. “Von ten aglo,” it said. “Peel.”

Books was taken off-stride by this remark, and by reflex his leg swung out and hit the chair. The figure stood up immediately, looked under the desk, and saw Books, all squashed up in the small confines under the desk, and he did not know how much trouble he was in now.


The Thread With No Name was immediately closed down, after the mods had discovered what had happened. Nixorbo, Tweek, and FazeShift were inside, and there was a black and yellow line across the door.

Bianca was in [-mArc-]’s office. It was located on the opposite side of the PEEL Tower, and was out of bounds at almost all times.

“Yeah,” said Bianca, “and the post got edited. And there was nobody in there, but I saw part of the couch, and it was like an invisible thing was in there, editing that post.”

“What was it edited to?” asked mArc.

“Lots of dots,” said Bianca, “like full stops as in silence, then it turned into that laughing smiley.”

“Laughing as in happy or—“

“The other kind,” replied Bianca. “The evil laugh smiley. It just appeared, and there was something in that room, but I didn’t know who it was.”

“Hmmm,” said mArc. “Is there anything else?”

“Well, the thread had no name, which you all know, and, uh… it wasn’t on the side, it was…”

mArc leaned forward to make sure he heard this.

“It was at the very end of the corridor.”

“That can’t be,” said mArc. “I specifically designed it to—last time I checked it was always an even amount of threads. I had a blank thread, just a door really, which I put in when there was odd ones, and I took out when the rest were even.”

“I just… do you know what’s happening?”

mArc pondered these thoughts, seeing if anything could connect. He thought hard for a few seconds, and then laid back. “No,” he said. “I don’t.”

“Oh, great,” said Bianca. “I’ve just had the most terrifying moment of my life, and there’s no explanation for it. Am I just going to go on knowing something happened and never know the meaning of it? I can’t be left that way! I need to know why this is going on, and it should be stopped!”

mArc looked at Bianca, then took out a walkie-talkie. “Mods,” he said, “inspect the site for any evidence of human contact with the left part of the couch.”

“Thanks,” said Bianca.

“Oh,” said mArc, and started writing something down. “I’m also going to have some UberMods go down to inspect the hole and see if Books is in the vicinity. But we’ll only go as far as to the bottom and back up. I can’t lose UberMods. We just have to hope nobody spams during that time.”

“Great,” said Bianca. She walked back to the PEEL Tower, passing Kryten. “Hey, Kryten,” she said. “You and some other UberMods and going down to inspect the hole. You know, the one at the PEEL Arcade.”

“Woah!” said Kryten. “That’s freaky! Going down that hole? I hope we’re not walking around in it!”

“You’re not,” said Bianca, “just down and up, I guess.”

“’Kay,” said Kryten, who then ran off.

Bianca decided to walk around instead of posting. Suddenly she heard snickers behind her.

“Ha, check out the Liquid Emperor! What a stupid name!”

“It’s a level, you bozo,” said Bianca, turning around. “You noobs, hit the street.”

“Make me,” said the newbie. “What kind of level is Liquid—“

“Have you even seen Futurama?” said Bianca.

The newbie stopped. “What’s that?”

Bianca just sighed and turned away. There was no point wasting time with these people. Right now PEEL was filling up with people who hadn’t even watched Futurama.

She walked up to Kryten, and looked at her belt. “Hey, Kryten, where’s your—“

“My what?” said Kryten. “Something not on my belt?”

“Your banstick!” said Bianca. “You don’t have it!”

“What?” said Kryten, and she looked more closely. “Holy crap, it IS gone! I wondered why the other UberMods hadn’t banned all these newbies who haven’t even seen Futurama!”

Just then, Tweek walked by.

“Oh no!” said Bianca. “Tweek’s banstick is gone too!”

“What?” said Tweek, and looked at her belt. “Who took it? I don’t remember anyone ever taking it!”

“So all the UberMods have lost their bansticks,” said Bianca. “But who will get rid of all the newbies?”


“Hey, buds,” said a newbie, who had just appeared out of thin air. “This PEEL? Stupid name.”

“Oh god,” muttered Kryten. “What will mArc say about this?”

She grabbed a walkie-talkie from her belt, and said in it, “mArc, before we go down, I have to tell you all the UberMods’ bansticks have vanished.”

“What!?!” came the reply. “If those bansticks have been stolen, we’re—“

“We’re what?” said Kryten.

“We just have to hope it isn’t in the wrong hands,” said mArc.

And even though they didn’t know it to completely fear it, the bansticks were in very wrong hands indeed.

Near Death Star Inhabitant
Urban Legend
« Reply #102 on: 07-29-2009 14:20 »

moar Bianca, also she should do more interesting things. Also it needs a romance. Probably Coldangel and Bear?
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #103 on: 08-08-2009 12:21 »

Taking a breather from the PEELocalypse, now to the Futurama stuff! Here's a plot I dug up from long ago.

It was a normal day at Planet Express. Once the Professor announced a delivery, the crew would moan, and walk grumbling into the ship.

Leela would sit down in her black leather pilot chair, grab the steering wheel and begin the countdown. Fry would sit at a control panel, and either pick his nose, toes, or nails. Bender would sit at the other side of the cockpit and drink beer, then throw it away and belch loudly.

Except this time, Leela began the countdown to something else other than take-off.

“Three, two, one—“

A loud crash was heard in the middle of the ship.

“Fry,” said Leela, “go down there and find out what that was.”

Fry got up off his chair and went out the door. He walked down the corridors, and then headed to the cargo bay. Instead of a wooden crate, he saw the wooden remains of the box on the floor, some bits still wobbling.

“Leela,” he said, “cargo malfunction.”

“Wardrobe malfunction?” came the reply.

“Cargo!” yelled Fry.

Leela came running down, and she opened the door to the cargo bay, and saw the ruins. “Oh god,” she said.

“What’s taking so long!” said a voice outside the ship.

“Something’s wrong, Professor!” yelled Leela. “Don’t rush us!”

“Don’t you tell me to hush up, you moron!” yelled Professor. “Just get going!”

After the crew had explained what had happened to Professor, the Professor went off in the space ship and came back three hours later.

“Look what I got!” said the professor, holding a bulk of wood in his hands. “I managed to buy this from Whetenio 3! It’s made from a type of wheat which is fastened together to make extra-strong crates! I asked them if they were ripping me off and they said no!”

“That’s great!” said Leela. “Now we won’t have any of our boxes fall apart any more.”

“Here,” said Professor, ‘take them, put the stuff in it, and get the hell out of here and make the delivery! They’re going to take off our pay because its late, and that means your money!”

“Tell them we need to debrief,” said Leela.

“Debrief from what?”

“Fry’s jokes. He’s been telling them ever since you left.”

“Oh, alright,” said Professor. “But in twenty minutes, you guys hit the road! Or the sky! Or… whatever.”

Twenty minutes later, the crew hit the air, and returned an hour later.

“Those crates were pretty good,” said Fry. “They were so strong, and that was a crate of anvils!”

“Our customer, Wile E. Coyote, said they looked pretty good as well,” said Leela. “Maybe we’ll be well known for our strong crates.”

“Exactly,” said the professor. “Which is why I’ve grown a wheat farm around Planet Express!”

The crew looked out the window, and saw all around the Planet Express building, the ground was entirely covered with wheat.

“Woah,” said Bender. “How come it took one hour to grow?”

“It’s a very special type of wheat!” said Professor. “Oh, that reminds me! You’ve got a delivery of satellite trackers to deliver to the FBI!”

“We don’t need the ship for that,” said Fry. “It’s just down the road.”

“Oh, very well,” said Professor. “Off you go.”

“But…” said Bender. “It’s such a short break between deliveries! I don’t call looking at a flipping wheat field a break! Come on, old man, show some mercy!”

“Never!” said the Professor.

“Here’s your delivery of satellite trackers,” said Fry.

An important-looking person took the crate.

“Just sign here,” said Fry, holding out a pad. The agent took it and signed it with block letters. “Thanks,” said Fry, and walked away.

“Get a load of this,” said another agent, coming to the box. “This stuff is hard!”

“You’re right,” said an agent. “Delivery crews wouldn’t need crates this strong.”

“Yep,” said the first agent. “These crates are probably strong enough to hold animals. I mean, packages don’t claw and scratch and hit—“

“That’s it!” said the other agent. “Planet Express—I have a hunch they’re running an illegal pet store!”

“But dude, you can’t just jump to conclusions!”

“I have to!” said the agent. “It keeps this fan-fiction going! Now what are we going to do?”

“Professor,” said Leela. “These people have been installing cameras everywhere.”

“Well, chuck them out!” said Professor. “Remember the last time cameras were put in here? It showed us a video of Leela in the storeroom—“

“Don’t you dare say it,” said Leela.

“Biting her nails,” said Professor. “Well, get them out, chop-chop.”

“Okay,” said Leela. She turned to Fry. “Fry, could you find a place to put Nibbler?”

“Aw, fine,” said Fry, and he picked up Nibbler. “Where to put, where to put,” he thought.

To save himself time, he slipped Nibbler inside one of the wheat crates.

One of the cameras on the wall moved to face the crate, and at the FBI HQ, twenty people were sitting at computers looking at the footage.

“Hey, look at this!” said one of them. “Someone put an animal inside one of them crates!”

“That’s it,” said an agent. “Let’s roll.”

The group of men started to walk out the door, and in the midst of the hairdos there was a brown stick-out Jamaican wig.


A huge noise shook the Planet Express building, and everyone looked up in surprise.

“What the hell is going on?” said Farnsworth. “You kids—I’ll teach you to waste my time!” Then Farnsworth reached out to his desk and took out a large Antimatter Gun.

“No, Professor!” yelled Leela, snatching away the gun and throwing it away. “That doesn’t sound like kids. That sounds like—“

Leela didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence, because at that moment, the doors broke open, and there stood a group of people from the FBI. And at the front of the group stood Hermes.

“Hermes!” said Fry. “W—What are you doing?”

“I’ve just discovered that you all ‘ave been making illegial pet stores!” said Hermes. “That’s what you’ve been doing right under my nose!”

“No! Hermes!” said Leela. “It’s a misunderstanding!”

“No way, Leela,” said Hermes. “We’ve been monitoring our security cameras, and we’ve seen what you’ve been up to, and I felt those crates, hard-ass they were!”

The agents started to advance onto the crew. Fry looked around, and ran away. “Guys, hide!” The others followed and ran throughout the building.

“’kay,” said the chief. “Spread out. Find those crafty li’l beggars.”

Amy sat shivering in the attic. “Oh well,” she said. “If I have time, I’d better not waste it.” She took out a comb and started brushing at her hair, but she was so worked up she got it snagged. “Yeow!”

Zoidberg was facing down, his claws attached to the pipes that ran across the ceiling. He looked around at his surroundings, then at a table. It had a muffin on it.

“No,” said Zoidberg. “I can’t.” He tried to stare away from it, but the muffin seemed to be speaking to him. “Zoidy… eat me… EAT ME…”

With a great howl, Zoidberg let go of the pipes and fell to the ground. He crashed into the table, and it cracked apart. Zoidberg and the muffin fell onto the floor, but Zoidberg didn’t have a chance to eat it.

The Chief searched down a corridor, and found a bedroom. Under the covers was Farnsworth.

Leela stared out as Zoidberg ran away from the broken table chased by an agent. She was staring too much, as the guard turned around, and notices a huge eye sticking out of the crate.

Bender ran into the locked room and sealed himself in his locker. “God, I subscribed to that online porno magazine, didn’t I?” he said, and as soon as he said that, his antenna twanged, and a voice said out loud, ‘You’ve Got Mail!’

“Oh, shut up!” yelled Bender. “I never thought I’d be unhappy to get porn!” He heard footsteps coming towards the locker.

Fry desperately searched the building, looking for places, but none were good enough to conceal him. He ran past a window, then stopped and looked out at the wheat field. Thirty seconds later an agent noticed Fry out in the field, crouched down behind a tiny tuft of wheat.

“Who are you?” said the agent, to the man sitting on the stairs.

“I’m Scruffy, the janitor,” he replied.

The agent looked at a list. “You’re not on the workers list for this company.”

“I’m on break,” he said.

The crew, followed by Farnsworth in his hover-chair, sped down a corridor away from the agents, who were mere metres away from them. They ran into a room, and Leela locked it as someone ran against it.

“What do we do?” said Fry.

“Why, of course!” said Farnsworth. He pressed a button next to the door, and the floor in front of them sank down, and a flat circular compartment rose up. It was covered with windows of red and gold.

“Get it, dammit!” yelled Farnsworth. They all scrambled into the compartment, and the door closed behind them.

“Now what?” said Fry.

The cubicle sank down below the floor, and in front of them was a long tunnel. The compartment then whooshed away into the tunnel, spinning.

“Um, Professor?” said Leela. “Why does this thing spin instead of just going straight forward?”

“Really?” said Farnsworth. “I never noticed.”

The compartment fled into the darkness, and the red and gold windows spun around before vanishing.

Bending Unit
« Reply #104 on: 08-08-2009 13:54 »

nice story...stuff...whatever...tongue
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #105 on: 08-09-2009 07:51 »

For Books,
Bianca's not going to have the whole story completely to herself, but I might just take up that Coldy and Bear 'relationship' idea.

Near Death Star Inhabitant
Urban Legend
« Reply #106 on: 08-31-2009 00:02 »

Are you gone, Future Shock? frown
* Books and Bianca celebrate with glee ^_^

« Reply #107 on: 08-31-2009 17:27 »

WAIT... I found something wrong. You mentioned pigeons pecking at Fry's head when in fact in the future pigeons are extinct and owls have taken their place.
He said OWLS not pidgeons... Read like how Robot Santa reads the list!
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #108 on: 10-02-2009 11:44 »

WAIT... I found something wrong. You mentioned pigeons pecking at Fry's head when in fact in the future pigeons are extinct and owls have taken their place.
He said OWLS not pidgeons... Read like how Robot Santa reads the list!

I fixed it because he told me.

Are you gone, Future Shock? frown
* Books and Bianca celebrate with glee ^_^

I'm back.

Urban Legend
« Reply #109 on: 10-02-2009 12:03 »

Back from the future? Great Scott!
* Jezzem faints.

Urban Legend
« Reply #110 on: 10-02-2009 12:11 »

^ Now look what you've done, Future Shock!
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #111 on: 10-05-2009 13:49 »

No, look what ^ he's done. Just get a pail of water, he'll be fine.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #112 on: 06-15-2010 12:32 »

About the PEELocalypse story, I've decided to re-write it, because since then I've found out more, like finally getting onto the archive, and also stuff on Wikipeelia.
It'll have many changes, for example:

  • More violence and swearing (cos that's what makes it interesting) big grin
  • People have pets as their avatars (which may be different since Books is now cat and Bianca is now cake.
  • Skipping over most of the past events so it's mostly original (like not putting in all those messages.)
  • A Bianca+Books relationship  flirt
  • Not lacking in structure and detail as was the first.
  • Research on Wikipeelia has showed other information I should use, such as the Banstick on a cushion atop the server, instead of each ubermod having one.

I'm not actually sure if I will definitely write it, but I'll see how it goes.
You may like it
You may hate it
You may or may not anticipate it
But it will be better than the first
(which was shit)

Urban Legend
« Reply #113 on: 06-15-2010 13:56 »

no no
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #114 on: 06-15-2010 14:51 »

You don't have to read it.
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