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Author Topic: Future Shock's Fics thread  (Read 4496 times)
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Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« on: 04-23-2009 15:26 »
« Last Edit on: 06-16-2010 14:08 »

I've started a new Fan fiction yet untitled. Sorry the first part is rather short, I'll make sure the next one is longer. Hope you enjoy if, and if you're not fond of my works - run fast!

Part One Chapter I

‘Aw, come on!’ yelled Fry as he pulled his blankets back up over his bed. This was the fourth time that night he had kicked them off.

He was having this dream that he was with Leela on a date. At the end Fry was about to kiss Leela, when Bender barged in saying, ‘Human love. What chumps.’ The last bit of the dream involved him kicking his shoe-marked metal ass into the Hudson River, but before he splashed he woke up, freezing, just in time to see his blanket hit the ceiling and fall down.

He grumbled, clambered off his bed and picked up the blanket, trying to lay it down but it kept getting scrunched up. He got back under it and started snoring. The dream started again:

‘Fry, you look nervous,’ said Leela. ‘Is it too cold?’
‘No,’ said Fry. ‘This is the first time I’ve been on a date with you, and I – I – I can’t say anything without risking saying something stupid.’

Leela contemplated this for a moment, then said, ‘Fry, I know it’s all new to you – asking me out and not getting rejected – but I’m sure you’ll be able to manage this without… without wrecking it.’

‘I’ll try,’ said Fry.

‘You’ve been really good the time we’ve been here,’ said Leela. ‘You haven’t rushed off, haven’t ordered something fake, haven’t started choking, and haven’t had the owls peck you clean because the bread crumbs had pips.’

Fry now realised he had actually been mature on this date. And it looks like it was paying off. Leela was looking at him with a gleam in her eye that only meant one thing.

They both leant forward, and – ‘Hey?” thought Fry. ‘Isn’t something-‘

‘Human love. What chumps.’

‘Aaaaaaaargggh!’ Even in his dream, Fry remembered thinking ‘don’t kick’ and didn’t kick and instead punched Bender full in his fist-dented metal face, and he landed in the –

WHUMP. Fry’s pillow hit the ceiling and fell down on his face.

At work, something was different about the work’s surroundings. He couldn’t work it out. But he knew something was wrong.

‘Fry, come on, didn’t you hear the Professor say we’re going on a delivery?’

‘I dunno. He doesn’t have his speaking aid.’

‘Just move. We’ve got a delivery to some planet colonized by spiders or something.’

‘Oh,’ said Fry. ‘Um, wait-‘

They climbed the steps to the ship, and strapped themselves in.

‘Prepare for lift-off,’ said Leela. ‘Uh, Leela,’ said Fry.

‘Three.’ ‘Leela?’

Leela couldn’t hear Fry because the engines were already revving up. ‘Two. One.’

‘LEELA!’ yelled Fry out of impulse. This startled Leela and she pulled the steering wheel. The ship stood motionless in pre-blast-off, then fell down to the ground with a loud bang.

Fry, who didn’t have his seatbelt, went up to the ceiling, and seconds after he fell down on the floor.

‘Fry, you idiot!’ said Leela. ‘You made me crash the ship!”

Hermes rushed on the ship. ‘Mon, are you ok?”

‘Yeah, Hermes,” said Fry, rubbing his head. ‘I just became a victim of gravity, and I think my brains lodged in the ceiling.’

‘Probably been like that for some time,’ muttered Leela.

‘You’d bettah be rushed to da hospital, mon.’

‘Can’t I just go to Zoidberg?” said Fry.

‘Zoidberg?” said Hermes. ‘Who da hell is Zoidberg?”

Fry was confused. ‘He’s the company physician.’ Hermes was still looking at him like he was demented, which he probably was.

‘He stole his medical degree?’ Stare.

‘You don’t like him that much?’ Stare.

‘You sometimes hit him with your clipboard, hand or with the Professor if you have nothing else.’ Hermes Conrad, Staring Champion of the World.

‘You’d better get to da hospital right now,’ said Hermes. ‘Jah, you’re now talking ‘bout unexistent co-workers. And annoying-sounding ones, too.’

Fry was led to the medical centre, still sure there was absolutely nothing wrong with him.


DOOP Secretary
« Reply #1 on: 04-23-2009 16:09 »

Actually not too bad... whaddya know! I'm future-shocked!

Bending Unit
« Reply #2 on: 04-23-2009 17:59 »

WAIT... I found something wrong. You mentioned pigeons pecking at Fry's head when in fact in the future pigeons are extinct and owls have taken their place.

Space Pope
« Reply #3 on: 04-23-2009 20:54 »

I echo coldy's sentiments (albeit, a bit less sarcastically wink): this is pretty good, Future Shock. There are a few grammatical things that bug me (but that's because I'm nit-picky, not because you're in the wrong, exactly), but your style is great. This, in particular...

‘I just became a victim of gravity, and I think my brains lodged in the ceiling.’

‘Probably been like that for some time,’ muttered Leela.

...was a very Futurama-ish exchange to me.

Like you said, this section was pretty short, so I don't have much to say about the plot itself; but, so far, I am pleasantly surprised. I read some of the one-shots you did over in that other thread, so there's no doubt in my mind that you're a competent writer. I'll be looking forward to your next update.

Bending Unit
« Reply #4 on: 04-23-2009 22:00 »

I feel sorry for fry very good story

Near Death Star Inhabitant
Urban Legend
« Reply #5 on: 04-23-2009 22:05 »

Is it just me, or does leelasbluehair talk a lot like Bear.

Urban Legend
« Reply #6 on: 04-24-2009 01:01 »

No Books, you're just paranoid.  Or maybe bear-anoid.

Nice start, Future Shock.  It's a little rough in spots, but practice will take care of that.  I hope to see more!
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #7 on: 04-24-2009 03:34 »

Where is Bear by the way?

Anyway, to the pigeon matter: Oh dear. Edited to owls. If not, you've read this post seconds after I made it.

Space Pope
« Reply #8 on: 04-24-2009 03:42 »

Is it just me, or does leelasbluehair talk a lot like Bear.

A fake account creating another fake account? I must admit, that's pretty clever. tongue
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #9 on: 04-24-2009 03:45 »

But who is Bear a fake account of?

Space Pope
« Reply #10 on: 04-24-2009 03:54 »

I wasn't really around here for Bear Huntin' season, but from what I've gathered,  when he first joined, it was widely believed that Bear was a fake account. I'm pretty sure [-mArc-] has determined otherwise, but still, it's fun to make bad jokes about it. Or at least it's fun if you're me.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #11 on: 04-24-2009 03:57 »

No, I'm sure they're both rather different. Bear has a problem with bandwidth-usage, and leelasbluehair talks about being married to Leela and being the head of a russian mafia. And they both talk rather differently. But the fake account-fake account-fake account idea is still valid. But what's next?
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #12 on: 04-24-2009 06:13 »

I’ve decided to call my fan-fiction ‘Life Changes… and changes’ since it’s now the theme. Here is part II.

Part One Chapter II

‘His brain is slightly out of alignment,’ said the nurse. ‘Oh, come off it!’ Fry said. There was this obnoxiously huge X-Ray screen in front of his head, and he couldn’t see it. But he had a clue since Bender had laughed so hard his head came unscrewed.

‘Non-existent people’ said the robot nurse. ‘That is a worry.’

‘They’re not non-existent!” said Fry. ‘Zoidberg is a lobster doctor, he worked here, I’m guessing you’re the ones with the brain damage, and he might just be hiding in a trash can!’

The others looked. No wait, they didn’t look. Stare.

‘OK, it sounds crazy,’ said Fry, but stopped. There was no point arguing. They obviously just forgot about him, or they simply refused to acknowledge his existence. But he wasn’t there. Fry jumped off the examination table, forgetting about the giant X-Ray screen that whacked his head.

‘Aaaah!’ yelled Hermes. ‘His brains out ‘o’ whack even more!’

‘Hermes, it’ll come out of Zoidberg’s salary for the operation, remember?’

‘No, it comes out of mine!’ said Hermes. ‘Oh, now he’ll be even more crazier, saying even more stupid dings!’

Fry frowned at them. Hermes was sobbing into his hands, but Fry knew he was just signing off an accident form, which would take 573 years to process.

Bender was still laughing, and Leela, she was even recharging him so he could laugh more. What friends.

Professor was looking at him weirdly. ‘Maybe I’d better take you to my lab, so I can figure out why you’re acting strangely.’

‘Oh, no,’ said Fry. ‘God no.’

Very soon, they arrived somewhere in the building. ‘Here we are,’ said Farnsworth.

‘Professor,’ said Leela, ‘this is your nude sunbathing balcony.’

‘Oh, yes,’ said Farnsworth. He groaned and went to the lab. He got out a gizmometer and scanned Fry’s brain. ‘Oh my lord!’ said Farnsworth. ‘I don’t believe this!’

‘What?’ said Fry excitedly, and jumped down. ‘Apparently, you were just being stupid,’ said Farnsworth. ‘Well, go away. It’s time to let the sun shine on me again.’

The room was empty in a flash.

‘Fry, could you just come clean about this all!’ said Leela. ‘You’re annoying everyone with your ramblings about people.’

‘Leela,’ he said. ‘I just want to tell you that once, there was a lobster named Zoidberg working here. He had jell-o like things above his mouth. He had claws, the very claws that cut off my arm on Decapod 10!”

‘What?’ said Leela.

Fry pulled his sleeve up. ‘Look, here is the mark. Wha-?’

The part between his shoulder and arm used to have a thin red line around it, but it had gone away.

‘It must have been a dream,’ said Leela.

‘Leela, the past nine years haven’t been a dream for me,’ said Fry. ‘You’ve got to believe me!’

‘Fry, shut up about this all,’ said Leela. She walked away. ‘And Fry,’ she said, ‘girls never go out on dates with crazy people.’ She walked away, and Fry was sad to realise this was hinting at nothing.

Fry lay on his bed, wondering. Zoidberg had vanished. The others had no memory of him. He could work this out. He had a mighty brain, didn’t he?

No, not for that.

Amy came into his room. ‘Hey, Fry,’ she said. ‘Leela told me to give you this mint. She said it’ll help fix your brain.’

‘There is nothing wrong with my brain!’ yelled Fry. ‘There was a red lobster here, he was a doctor, he annoyed everyone!’

‘Okay, okay,’ said Amy, slowly backing away. She went out the door.

Fry put the mint next to him and stared up at the ceiling. Farnsworth had insisted he shouldn’t leave the Planet Express building until they figured out what was wrong with him. He’d run amok if he were to be let out. No he would not. He’d look for Zoidberg. He got up on his bed and looked at the picture of his co-workers. There was him, Leela, Bender, Farnsworth, Hermes, Scruffy, whoever he was, and a tiny black tuft of hair that was Amy’s. She hadn’t got into the photo well, and tried to karate chop Bender, but he’s metal. Gluh.

Zoidberg wasn’t in the photo. Fry couldn’t remember when they took it. Had Zoidberg been pushed out of it when it was taken? He had to find out what was going on. I need a mint, he thought.

He rolled over on the bed, and put his hand on the table next to him. He felt around, and looked. There was no mint there. He looked under the table, in case it had fallen off, but it wasn’t there either.

Feeling dread inside him, he calmed himself down by looking at the photo again. He squinted, trying to look for the black tuft of hair, but he couldn’t find it. I need a mint!

He went out of his little cabin, and yelled out. ‘Amy!’

His voice echoed around the building. ‘Amy!!!’

There was no reply. He tried again. ‘AMY!!’

Bender came in. ‘Ah, shut up, meatbag!’

‘Do you know where Amy is?’ said Fry.

‘Amy?’ said Bender. Is she like… your girlfriend?’

‘No!’ said Fry. ‘She’s an intern here!’ I really really need a mint.

‘Sorry, beefy,’ said Bender. ‘No idea what your mouth is blabbing about. Try taking some skin off.’

He walked away whistling.

Oh man, thought Fry as he looked at the picture again. Oh man.

Well, I have some ideas for the next parts, but I’m gonna try my best to make it rather long. But you need a lot of ideas for that kind of thing. And right now I’ve only got… two.

Bending Unit
« Reply #13 on: 04-24-2009 07:40 »

good story where's zoidberg I love him
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #14 on: 04-24-2009 07:44 »

Read Part one. I think it's rather obvious.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #15 on: 04-24-2009 08:51 »

Someone's screwing with the time-space continuum. Makes sense that Fry is the only one who remembers the original timeline due to his... unique relationship with time paradoxes.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #16 on: 04-24-2009 08:53 »

Ha ha ha, and soon it'll be screwed even more! And OMG I'm a speed writer. How many people have that ablity? Seriously?

Part One Chapter III

‘We never had an intern!’ said Farnsworth. ‘You’ve been talking this mumbo-jumbo about this stuff for… about a few days… now.’

‘Professor, she gave me a mint,’ protested Fry. ‘It was on my bedside table!’

‘Well, then show me!’ said Farnsworth.

‘I can’t,’ said Fry. ‘It vanished when she did.’

‘Listen, my friend,’ said Farnsworth, ‘how about you have a real mint.’

He took a packet of Amy’s Mars Mints, her favourite kind, and gave one to Fry. He was startled to see the packet was full of them. It was usually empty, because Amy would have stuffed herself with them.

Fry held the mint in his hand and studied it. This is really, really weird, he thought. And nobody believes me.

Farnsworth shuffled away. Fry would have liked to kick him out of the building into the Hudson River. WHUMP. No blankets or pillows flying. Fry tried to wake up, but he couldn’t make himself.

He kicked Farnsworth in an attempt to recreate the dream so it was a dream, but Farnsworth barely moved. He swung around and hit Fry so hard he skidded about a metre and crashed into the wall. ‘What the-?’

Fry an up the stairs. Amy had a little bedroom somewhere in the building where she changed for emergency’s if the planet they were delivering to wasn’t posh or wasn’t poor. He went to the door, and opened it. A disco ball nearly blinded him, and around him were mirrors, a dance floor, and a radio, blasting out: ‘I say, don’t you know, you say you don’t know…’

Bender was dancing with a fembot. He saw Fry. ‘Get the hell out meatbag!’

Fry rushed out and slammed the door behind him.

Leela went in the meeting room. She had shiny boots. She wore earrings and her hair was done in a spazzy way that Amy would have thought to be lowbrow. She sat down.

‘Leela?’ said Fry. ‘What is it, Fry,’ said Leela.

‘Why are you… dressed up like that?’

‘This is the way I always dress, stupid,’ said Leela.

Fry recalled a conversation:

He was standing in the doorway as Leela and Amy were sitting in the lounge.

‘I’d like to get my boots all shiny,’ said Leela.

‘No way!’ said Amy. ‘When they’re shiny, people will think you’re rich, and they’ll follow you around. Make them dull, like you.’

Leela glared, then looked at her style catalogue closely. ‘Ooh,’ she said. ‘Ear rings!’

‘Why would you want to get holes in your ears?’ said Amy. ‘Another stupid thing to do.’

‘Jeez Amy,’ said Leela. ‘How about this hairstyle?’

‘Spluck!’ said Amy. ‘It’s all sticking out and goofy-‘

‘It’s not goofy!’

‘-and to tell the truth it looks spazz. In a bad way.’

Fry was certain that every time someone disappeared, the situation would change. Here was Leela, looking swanky as ever, and yet he felt uncomfortable being around her. This isn’t the way it’s meant to be, thought Fry.

Everyone acted normally around Leela, treating it as if it were completely normal. Fry decided not to talk about the changes, in case Farnsworth sent him off to the loony bin, or worse, the robot loony bin, in which case Bender would come too and make things worse.

‘So, uh,’ said Fry, ‘what’s the delivery?’

‘Oh, we’re delivering to a planet colonized by spiders. Off you go!’

‘Wait!’ said Fry. Everyone stopped and looked at him. Leela grunted.                         

‘Don’t we check the ship for damages that may have been caused… by… Amy…oops.’

He winced. Stare.

‘Cut it out!’ yelled Leela.

‘I’m sorry!’ said Fry, ‘but I accidentally said something about out co-worker, who, by the way, exists! Or did exist! And even though you have no proof she existed, you also have no proof that she didn’t exist either!’

Wince. Stare.

‘OK,’ said Leela. ‘We believe you.’

‘You do!’ said Fry hopefully.

‘Yeah!’ said Leela. ‘And we’re gonna take you to some people who’ll figure out the meaning of this!’

She lifted one leg up and kicked Fry in the stomach. While he leant over, Leela punched him in the face. He fell down on the ground.

Wince. Stars. 
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #17 on: 04-24-2009 10:29 »

What? Three updates in one day? This has got to be some kind of time paradox...

Life Changes... And Changes

Part Two Chapter I

Fry’s head ached; it ached like Leela had punched his – oh wait, she had. He got up, but his legs felt like paper. They bent right under him and he fell back down.

He got back up after several attempts with leg exercises, but walked right into a brick wall. He stumbled back and the back of his head hit another brick wall. He went forward and his head hit the first brick wall again.

He stumbled and managed to sit down without any more head bashing. It was a tiny cell, and for a moment he thought he was in prison, but prisons don’t have doors.

He reached up to open it, but found he couldn’t. He was wearing a straitjacket, and his arms were firmly held inside. He could barely walk, his toes managed tiny creeps, but that wouldn’t help with escaping.

His robe ripped. He managed to stand up properly, and see out the window. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw people there. But the back of his head, which had been throbbing, stopped. The humans then morphed into robots.

‘NOOOOOOOOO!’ He was in the loony bin! Again! With robots! And no Bender! Actually, that was an upside.

His robe vibrated, like an electronic signal, and the rip that allowed him to walk sealed back up. He stumbled and hit his head on the brick wall.

‘OK,’ he thought. ‘This is very bad.’

He ripped his robe again, and walked out of the door. Fry got to a bench in time for his robe to re-repair. ‘Hey dude!’ said a robot next to him. He was grey, and looking rather broken. He didn’t have a robot voice. It sounded normal, but then again, many robots have normal sounding voices.

‘What are you in here for?’ said Fry, trying not to sound prudish.

‘I’m in here for an update,’ said the robot. ‘They think I look too much like cardboard. And whassup with you? You look like a human!’

‘Yeah,’ said Fry. ‘Apparently the human asylum is filled up… again.’

‘Tell me about it,’ muttered the robot.

‘What?’ said Fry, but his meal had arrived, and he wanted to eat it before he got covered in it when HatterBot said ‘Change places’ again.

Too late. The robots rushed around hitting Fry’s back, his side, and his plate.

Then he remembered it was oil.

‘What’s your name, dude?’ said the robot.

‘Fry,’ he said. ‘I came here because my co-workers think I’m talking about co-workers that don’t exist, when they really did once.’

‘That’s heavy, man,’ said the robot. ‘I’m Charles.’

‘Charles? That’s not really a robot-‘

The robot gagged on his oil and was thrown off his chair like he’d been kicked by Leela. He landed on the ground and Fry saw a tear on the side of his head, like it was cardboard. No wonder he had to be updated.

He was carried off somewhere into a ward that read ‘Even Badder Cases Ward’

What had happened?

‘Fry, are you cured of your problem?’

‘L-L-Leela, it w-, it w-‘

‘Listen Fry, we’re tired of you talking crap like this. If we never knew they were there, how would they have ever existed?’

‘I don’t know!’ said Fry. ‘I don’t have a theory! I’m not the type you’d call smart-‘

‘I’ve learned from experience that it would never be the case.’

‘OK, people are being removed from existence, and you’re asking an explanation?’

‘Oh my yes,’ said Farnsworth.

‘Well, you’re asking the wrong person,’ said Fry. ‘Now, if you’ve only come to taunt me, leave now.’

‘We’re not taunting you,’ said Bender. ‘We’re helping you.’

Fry predicted this was not the end of the sentence.

‘-get your really really stuffed-up brain back to just really stuffed-up! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggghh !’

Fry calmly placed Benders head on the table, then said, ‘everyone is disappearing. I could be next! I could just vanish off the face of the earth…’

Fry started trembling. He was rather surprised Leela put her hand on his shoulder.

‘Fry,’ she said, ‘we are trying to help you get out of this. But you have to help yourself out of it too. And you know… I feel sorry for you.’

‘Aagh, human sympathy,’ said Bender’s head. ‘What chumps.’

The only problem was that there was no Hudson River around to kick even a light Bender’s head into.

Fry walked into Charles ward room. ‘How are you mate?’

‘I’m fine,’ said Charles. ‘Just this weeks oil wasn’t as good this time.’

Fry chuckled. ‘I’m sure next time you’ll get better.’

‘Na, I’m off oil for a while.’

‘I’m not surprised.’

Fry sat there, pondering what to say next. What to say, what to say… He was distracted by the rip on the side of his head. Bingo!

‘Hey Charles,’ said Fry. Charles looked at him like he was about to ask a question he couldn’t answer. ‘How come you have that cardboard-like rip on the side of your head?’

‘It is cardboard,’ said Charles.

‘Oh,’ said Fry. ‘I thought it was like a… bit of paint that… resembled a rip… and made the grey peel off.’

‘Well, it was cardboard,’ said Charles. ‘My entire system is covered by cheap, tatty cardboard. I hate it.’

‘Aren’t you getting an upgrade?” said Fry.

‘Not in a goddamn mental asylum I’m not!’ said Charles. ‘I’m gonna get meself out before a loony bin doctor upgrades me to metal! It’s probably recycled from old crazy robots!’

‘Well, good luck with that.’

‘Cardboard sucks.’

‘Good luck.’

‘Cardboard really, really sucks.’

‘I know, Charles.’


‘You’re looking forward to it, obviously.’

Fry walked out. He walked into a room with nobody in it, and gripped his head. What the hell! He thought. How am I supposed to help myself! Aaaaaaargggh!

Bending Unit
« Reply #18 on: 04-24-2009 16:31 »

cool comics I think that leela will soon put me in crazy house too.

Bending Unit
« Reply #19 on: 04-24-2009 17:29 »

Hows she going to do that while shes in a set story line on TV?

Bending Unit
« Reply #20 on: 04-24-2009 19:30 »

she don't work for 24 hours but If she gonna send for me crazy house then I'm happy

Bending Unit
« Reply #21 on: 04-25-2009 00:41 »

No you dont get... oh nevermind!
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #22 on: 04-25-2009 07:51 »

Here is the next part. I do hope you like it, I lost all my fingers to this.

Part Two Chapter II

Fry was in an examination room, and the doctors were prodding at his head. ‘So, Philip J. Fry, do you still talk about those non-existent coworkers?’

‘What do you mean I was talking about non-‘

‘That is good. Very good.’

Fry felt rather uncomfortable with robots examining his head and all around it, but he knew if he went with it, he would be fine.

He had decided to fake that he had no memory of talking about the missing ones. Very soon they’ll release me and I can get the hell out and figure out what’s going on, he thought.

Charles came in. ‘How’s the dork-talk?’

‘Vanishing,’ said Fry.

‘Hey, dude, come with me. I wanna talk to you,’ said Charles.

‘Uh, OK,’ said Fry. ‘Nurse?’


‘Could I just be excused? Charles wants me to see… uh… the latest upgrades on his iPhone 10G. He might get one of the upgrade apps for me.’

‘You may go.’

Fry followed Charles through hallways, and they reached an empty room. Charles looked around and closed the door quietly.

‘What is it?’ asked Fry.

‘Listen, Fry,’ said Charles. ‘You’re a human, so I know I can trust you. But you blab this and you’re outta here!’

‘What’s going on!’ said Fry.

‘Shut up and listen,’ said Charles. ‘You know, my head is cardboard for a reason.’

He took his arms up and grabbed his head. He pulled the head off to reveal a sweaty human face.

‘Charles? You’re a human?’

‘Yeah, but don’t spread it,’ said Charles. ‘Y’see, my robot bud is in here, and he’s been mistaken. I’m busting him outta here, and word’s gotten around that there’s a human in here planning to do this. And you know what?’

Fry shook his head.

‘You’re their only suspect.’

‘Wha!’ stuttered Fry. ‘M – Me?’

‘Yeah,’ said Charles, ‘and tommorow during your brain check, they’re gonna send you to a jail which you’ll never come out of!’

Fry was confused. He was glad there was a human, but angry that he had put him in this situation.

‘Oh crap. Now I’ll never get out of here.’

‘Don’t worry,’ said Charles. ‘We’re gonna bust out.’


The asylum was practically bricked. There would be no way they could get out of there. Except one place.

‘You’ll find out tomorrow dude. Hey, you’d better get back to the nurses.’

Fry went back to the examination room.

”How was it?” said the nurse.

‘Great. I installed Firefox for Bot and Google Earth Bot Version.’

Charles woke Fry up at 3am. ‘Fry! We’ve got to go!’ His voice was in a hoarse whisper, and Fry got up. The window had a circular hole on in, and Charles got out a small metal key and opened the door.

They snuck through the lunchroom, and out through the entrance door. ‘I would never have thought of that!’ exclaimed Fry as Charles ran with him.

Next to Charles was a robot. He looked pretty shaken up from being at the asylum, but he was running rather fast.

They got over a hill, and they heard a distinct alarm sound. They ran fast over the hills, and reached the outskirts of New New York.

‘What do we do now?’ said Fry.

‘Get a lift.’

They were at a small town, and a bus arrived at the station. Fry and Charles hopped on. The robot jumped on the roof because he was the most notorious of them all, and he might be recognized.

Fry and Charles sat on a seat. The seat in front of them had mouldy bits of bubble gum, a whole museum of scratches, and on the chair and window Fry could see graffiti, written and scratched on, like ‘SIMPSONS IS A HEDGEHOG’ ‘BENDER RULZ’ ‘FUTURE SHOCK IS OUT OF HIS HEAD’ and ‘HOORAY FOR BUREAUCRATS.’ The writing was rather small for the last one.

Fry was rather tired, so he kept himself awake by looking on the side of the road. Tree. Tree. Farmhouse. Trees galore. TREE MANIA!!!!


Time for new task.

The patterns on the seats were like zig zags. It made Fry feel queasy, the way multiple lines on it kind of looked like they were moving if he moved his head.

The floor had lots of wrappers and bits of loose chocolate and MORE BUBBLE GUM and graffiti as well.

Fry looked at Charles. He was not sleepy at all. In fact his head was pointing straight up… to the ceiling, with more graffiti and GUM and… was that a pancake up there?

He looked back to the seats. He looked at the graffiti and found the original ones, except the bureaucrat one.

He looked out the other windows. Bush. Bush. Bush. Bush. George W. Bush. Aaaargh. Trees. Trees. Trees. Bush. No. Trees. Trees.

No, he was not completely awake yet.

Fry wanted a coffee.

After taking multiple buses, Fry, Charles and the robot found themselves at the foreshore. Fry wanted to thank Charles, and he also wanted to kick him into the Hudson.

He crept in the doorway of Planet Express. The crew looked at him.

‘Fry!’ yelled Leela. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘They, uh…’ Fry said. ‘They let me out early.’

‘Oh,’ said Leela. ‘Well, have you stopped that people nonsense yet?’

‘Yeah,’ said Fry.

‘Welcome back, Fry!’ said Farnsworth.

‘Hey, meatbag,’ said Bender, who was holding a big wad of money, in a position like he was hiding it from everyone.

‘Glad Hermes didn’t fire me when I went off to –‘


‘Sorry!’ Fry yelped. ‘I didn’t mean that…’

Leela went up to him. ‘Okay, I’ll indulge in a little story this time. Who is this Herms?’


‘Right. Sorry.’

‘He was the accountant of the company. He used to do limbo.’ Fry breathed in heavily.

‘Okay,’ said Leela, then walked off. She turned around and said, ‘You do know that Bender handles the money, don’t you?’


‘I handle the money!’ said Bender, gleaming at his wad. ‘And I get a big cut – I mean job out of it. And aren’t you fired?’

Fry now had the upper hand of one thing. Stare.

‘Fry,’ said Leela, putting a hand on his shoulder, ‘you are acting like you never realised it. The bank is mishandling it, and we’re short of money. You are either laid off or the ship is repossessed. Remember, that’s what Farnsworth said to you?’

‘But – but – but –‘ Aaaaaaarrrggghhh! he yelled in his brain.

‘I guess it is hard for you,’ said Leela. ‘And I feel bad that I keep my job. How about we go on a date. Tommorow. At the café.’

Fry’s head was a mass of Halleluiahs and Aaaaarggghs that he didn’t know what to say.

‘I need a coffee.’

Bending Unit
« Reply #23 on: 04-25-2009 08:02 »

cool comics now I'm really scared has hermes gonna back to jamaica you will know that next episode next week which I mean today
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #24 on: 04-25-2009 08:05 »
« Last Edit on: 04-25-2009 09:14 »

Have you read any of it? Then you'll know what's happening. And they're not comics.

EDIT: Have new part. Post it or keep you waiting?

Bending Unit
« Reply #25 on: 04-25-2009 11:49 »

Comics are frames with pictures where the characters talk through speech bubbles. What you are reading is a STORY.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #26 on: 04-25-2009 12:40 »

leelasbluehair, don't bother posting if you don't know what you're talking about.

Bending Unit
« Reply #27 on: 04-25-2009 13:08 »

sorry my big mistake
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #28 on: 04-26-2009 08:36 »

You don't know how big.

Bending Unit
« Reply #29 on: 04-26-2009 10:03 »

I'm an idiot like fry
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #30 on: 04-26-2009 10:14 »

OK, you can admit to hving a big mistake, but don't go silly over it. Just don't post anymore because you're posts will turn out off-topic.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #31 on: 04-26-2009 11:36 »

Nice, juicy update here. I do hope you enjoy it, because we aim to please. I! I... aim to please... you, not we... I...

Pretend I didn't say that...

Part Two Chapter III

‘Cheer up, meatbag,’ Bender said to the redhead, who was obviously in too deep to be cheered up. ‘You still have me, Bender!’

‘Not for long,’ muttered Fry.

‘What?” said Bender. ‘The professor didn’t have an accountant, so I manage his money! Nothing wrong with that if he lets me.’

‘You’re destroying the company!’ said Fry.

‘I thought you already knew that,’ said Bender, grinning so widely Fry thought his teeth would pop out one by one.

Fry leaned down on the handrail of the Planet Express observation deck which gave him a lovely Panorama view of Brooklyn, New New York, New New Jersey, and… the Hudson! Perfect moment.

Fry was about to kick Bender into the Hudson finally, when a telephone rang inside the building somewhere.


Fry waited patiently. Then he became unpatient. It kept ringing. He ran off the observation deck and into the conference hall. The Professor was shuffling toward the telephone. Then Fry heard a slight crack and the Professor got out a can of grease.

So Fry picked up the telephone. ‘Whoziz?’

Fry coughed for a bit, then said, ‘Wha-?’ With his throat now affected by the cold he sounded a bit like the Professor.

‘Guud. Professor, are there any others you wish to exterminat-‘

‘Um, who is this?’ Fry said, returning to his normal voice.

‘Aaaaaahh!…. Uh… don’t bite me, Frederick! Um, the manager called for cockroach exterminators. May I speak to him?’

‘Sure,’ said Fry. He gave the telephone to Farnsworth, who dropped the can of grease on Fry’s feet, and he sped around the room. ‘Whoooaaaaaaaaa!’

Farnsworth started yelling at the man on the telephone.

Fry slid onto the stairs, and spec down to the basement. He hopped on the rail and slid himself back up. He landed on the floor and tried to go back up, but his feet wouldn’t co-operate.

He heard Farnsworth in a phone-rage. ‘I told you, the deal is off!’


Fry managed to heave himself up the flights of stairs. He came up, and suddenly the phone fell on the ground, as if it were dropped by an invisible person. Suddenly the room came apart, and Fry fell about a metre. He landed on the ground, but not the same ground.

He was in the middle of a conference room. But not the same one.
Three men were seated around a table. They looked rather important. They had paper on the desk, briefcases next to them, and they were all looking at Fry.

‘What the hell are you doing in here?’ one of them said. ‘Get out! This is a private meeting!’

Fry scrambled to his feet and burst through the door. He sped through a waiting room, knocking over a person and his pile of papers.

Outside the sun was going down. Fry didn’t like being alone in the dark. He went along the pathway, looking at the shiny office building he had just came out of.

Up ahead, he saw a face. With one eye. ‘Leela!’

He rushed up to her, but he saw she was wearing her old jacket. ‘Why are you wearing that jacket?’

Leela looked at him. Oh no, another you’re-crazy look, Fry thought.

‘I always wear this.’

‘No you – d-‘

Shoot, he thought. This is changing more.

‘Why are you walking out so late, honey?’

‘I don’t know. I was accidentally in that building-‘ Honey???

‘Don’t forget we have our date tomorrow.’

‘Oh.’ Fry wondered what was happening. Again, Leela would dismiss him as crazy, and possibly send him to the asylum again.

‘Uh, what’s your job?’

‘You know that!’ Leela laughed, then kissed him on the cheek. Fry stood there for a moment. That doesn’t happen ever day.

Leela looked worried. ‘What is it? It’s not like the first time I’ve kissed you before.’

‘B – B – B – But…’

‘Come on, Fry. Don’t you want to watch the sunset?’

So Fry stood and watched the sunset. He knew with the Professor missing, this would be new history. So he just went with it.

Leela leaned her head on his shoulder. Fry shuddered for a bit, but relaxed. Normally, he’d be happy about this, but he felt bad inside. I’ve always wanted Leela to love me, he thought, but this feels like cheating.

The next morning, Fry woke up in Leela’s apartment. Fry was glad they didn’t sleep together, because he would feel really bad if that happened.
He was on a mattress beside Leela’s bed. He got up and looked at her. She looked so lonely, holding her pillow like it was her only friend.

Over the breakfast table, Leela started up conversation.

‘Where do you think we should have our date?’

‘Um… the café.’

‘You mean the one across the street?’

‘Yeah.’ Fry was rather nervous.

‘Glad it’s not the New Cork Bistro. That place is so posh.’

Fry agreed, and sipped his tea. It was really good.

‘Leela, how did we meet?’

Leela almost spilt her tea, then she laughed. ‘You know that, silly!’

‘I know,’ Fry said, thinking of a comeback. ‘I was just wondering… how it was from your perspective!’

‘Oh!’ said Leela. ‘Remember you got frozen for a thousand years!’


‘Then when you came out I knew you were from the Stu – those ages. And even with the crack about the eye, you still hit me as a lonely person.’

In words: ‘Aw, you thought of me that way the whole time.’
In Fry’s head: Holy crap this is weird WHAT’S NEXT??!!

‘Then when I couldn’t assign you any job, ‘cos there were no places, I thought you could move in with me, and you could work at Applied Cryogenics too.’

‘Wow.’ OMG.

‘So, that’s me view of it. What’s yours.’

‘Um, after I was frozen, I saw you, and I knew the future was going to be hard for me. Then you were checking my career and there were none, you decided I’d work here, with you.’

‘Y’know, Fry, at first you were annoying and a stuff-up, but you’ve really matured. And you’ve worked hard to get to that position.’

‘Okay… do you know when the café is open?’

Leela checked her watch wrist thingimajig. ‘Oh, bugger, we’d better get there. I booked the best table!’

At the café, Fry and Leela sat beside a nice wooden table. Outside. The chairs were really comfy. Fry wanted to bounce on them but he realised in this reality he wouldn’t do that. So he sat there. And sat. And sat. And sat. And ate. Figuratively. And sat. And sat. And the food came. He picked up his knife and fork, actually cut, yes, cut the beef into 5 small pieces, and actually picked them up with his fork, and ate them without dropping it or stuffing it into his mouth going ‘Nnnnfffggghhh!’

After a nice meal of things he didn’t usually like, like lettuce, Leela decided to order one more thing: ice cream.

It arrived. Fry was daunted by it. It could mean his doom. He put a spoon in it, took a small piece, and ate it. Nothing white left his mouth. Even the spoon wasn’t covered in it. Some dropped on the table. Nooooo –

‘I got it,’ said Fry, and he got a tissue and actually wiped it up. And walked over to the bin and put the tissue in, instead of throwing it in yelling ‘Goooooaaaaalll!’

At the end, Fry and Leela sat for a while. Then Leela said, ‘Did you know I’ve only ever just kissed you?’


‘Don’t you want to take it to the next step?’ Leela had a little

Fry was filled with mixed emotions. He had an opportunity to make love to Leela, but it wouldn’t be right.

‘You’ve never asked, or hinted at it, or tried to start it, and it’s really mature of you.’

Suddenly Fry spoke out. ‘I – I can’t.’

‘Why not?’

‘I’m not your Fry.’

Leela was giving him that look again. That crazy-guy look. Oh please Leela. No. Please, no.

‘I’m a Fry from a reality where there was a job, you worked there, there were lots of other people, and I was prudish, immature, and not your boyfriend.’

‘What do you – ‘

‘I got to this reality because people from my reality started vanishing. Because the Professor – I worked for him – vanished, that’s not my job. I stayed with you and changed my ways. I’m sorry Leela. I’ve waited so long for you to love me back, but this isn’t right.’

He sat down. Leela was rather busy in her thoughts. ‘How could this –‘

‘Leela, I shouldn’t do this. And anyway-‘ Fry had a feeling something else was about to happen.

‘-you’re about to change my history again. Bye, Leela.’ Tears welled in both their eyes. Then Leela faded away quickly into a small mist. Fry looked at where she’d been, then his surroundings started swirling around and disappeared.

Bending Unit
« Reply #32 on: 04-26-2009 13:22 »

fry you Idiot how could you bender and me are going to kill you
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #33 on: 04-26-2009 13:24 »

fry you Idiot how could you bender and me are going to kill you

To whom?
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #34 on: 05-01-2009 14:52 »

Short update. Here you go. Sorry it took so long, I thought people were losing interest.

Part Three Chapter I

Fry was suddenly on the side of the street. He was wearing his jacket, and boy did it smell! He had an old glass of beer in his hand. It seemed rotten. Now this was perfect.

He got up and walked around. He was sitting in front of the Empire State Building. That means… he’d have to go this way to reach the foreshore, then go south a bit. He started walking. For some reason he’d gained a sense of direction.

It seemed like ages to get to the waterfront, but he soon got there. He saw a police station and ran inside. ‘Police, can you help me?’

One of the policemen were holding up a transmitter, ‘Dis… dis is mista bombles calling all scott cars yawn scott cars…’

‘What are you doing?’ said Fry. Neither responded.

‘Are you gonna help or what?’

‘Did is our… burger… ting dat we do. Eeda you jet utt, or ve vall… uuurrrrggghh…’

Fry was wondering what was going on.

He ran out of the police station and down the waterfront. He saw Bender, who was walking down the pathway. ‘Bender!’



Everyone was being stupid again. What was –

Fry spotted a brain just above him. ‘Aaaagh!’

‘Hey, you stupid excuse for a turkey…’

Fry started running away. The brains again! What happened?

That’s right! If Leela hadn’t existed, there’d be no cryogenic counsellor to assign him a job. He never would have gone to Planet… any job… and he wouldn’t have met Nibbler so then he wouldn’t have defeated the brains! Wait, where was Nibbler?

Probably died on that exploding planet, thought Fry. A brain came up to him. ‘Well well well,’ he said. ‘Who could this be?’

‘Uh, don’t you know?’ said Fry.

‘No, I most certainly don’t.’

The brains, without him going on the other missions, had no idea he was the Fabled One. This was an upside.

The brain shot a pink-coloured ray at him. Fry wondered what he should do, and to avoid suspicion, he pretended.

‘Waaaauuuurrrrgghh…’ Fry started walking around like he was drunk, which wasn’t hard because he was. He then fell on the ground and started saying ‘Woooooooo.’

The brain flew away, and Fry got up and ran behind the nearest building. He stood, panting, and quickly ran more. A brain was just in front of him. Fry quickly ducked down under it, and quietly walked away.

He was shuffling against a small building, when a brain jetted round the corner. ‘Aah! I thought I zapped you!’

Fry punched the brain, but as well as squishy, it felt rather hard too. He rubbed his fist, and the brain came up to him. ‘I can’t believe I defeated you this early.’

‘No, you’re not gonna!’ yelled Fry. ‘I’m gonna win this! Even though everyone’s gone from my life, I’m still going to be the hero!’

‘Hah,’ said the brain. ‘You sound like you’re in love.’

‘What?’ said Fry. ‘Talking in a firm voice?’

‘No, the way you’re talking like you think you’re so confident, and it seems like you’re trying to impress someone. How is Leela, by the way?'

‘She’s gone – wait, you know about Leela? Then how come you said you didn’t know me?’

Fry contemplated this. Big mistake. The brain moved back and shot forward in his face.

Wince. Pink.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #35 on: 05-03-2009 13:58 »

Part Three Chapter II

When Fry regained consciousness, he found his arms and legs strapped with cables to a table. The brain was hovering over him.

‘What a Fabled One you are,’ said the brain. ‘You just had to let your guard down, didn’t you.’

‘Shut up, you big blob of…’ Fry was looking for a word that could prove him smart.


The brain hovered to a nearby table, and out of its pink membrane came a tiny arm with five fingers on the end. It picked up a clipboard, and another arm grew to pick up a pen and write something on it.

‘I’ve written down your strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately I had so many weaknesses I had to fill the strengths column with them. The only strength you have is that powerful brain of yours, but you’ll be down to no strengths soon enough.’

‘Y’mean,’ said Fry, ‘you mean my brain won’t be powerful?’

‘No, you twit, it’ll be gone.’

Fry shook, as much as he could shake while strapped in. ‘Y – you’re gonna take… my brain out?’

‘Why yes,’ said the brain, who then moved into a snobbish angle that told Fry he would probably lose. He hovered triumphantly, and then went out.


The brain came back.

‘Why are my friends all disappearing?’

The brain looked down at the floor, and then spoke up.

‘You know that you are the great one who is destined to save the world and all?’

‘Uh, yes.’

‘Well, I bargained with him to erase your co-workers – old man as he is – and he did so, until his stupid brain finally realised he would be out of business. So, I had to send my forces over to destroy him.

‘You see, the way he destroyed his workers was with a “time deleter” so that when erased, they will never have been in the timeline at all, so nobody would remember them and you would be deemed crazy.

‘I destroyed the Professor when he threatened to report us, so then I took the job of exterminating Leela, which would render you defenceless.’

‘Thanks for telling me this,’ said Fry, ‘but why would you reveal all that stuff that would let me find out how to stop you?’

‘What?’ said the brain. He moved aside, and saw a dazed Bender was behind him, holding a Truth Ray pointed at the brain.

‘You damn robot!’ yelled the brain. He knocked the ray out of Benders hands, and smashed him against the wall. A loud crunch came with a spray of metal and sparks. Bender fell to the floor a pile of broken nuts and bolts.

‘Well, now that your robot friend Bender has made me spill the beans, I shall have to kill you.’

Fry was still staring at shock at the remains of Bender, just metal heaps.

Before Fry could regain his senses, the brain forced a clamp over Fry’s head, and out of the ceiling came a large electro-ray. It came and pointed directly over Fry.

Then it was still.

The brain then took something out of a case. ‘Here is something from the time when you and Leela were girlfriend and boyfriend. She gave it to you one time.’

He threw something over him to Fry, who managed to catch it in his right hand. He looked at it. He had seen it before. It was a tiny gold ring with the enscription LEELA on it. He felt tears in his eyes as he clamped what was left of Leela in his hand.

‘I should leave you with one last memory,’ said the brain, and he walked out of the room.

Fry lay there on the table. He couldn’t think about what to do. What should he do? Were there any chances this time?

No. There weren’t.

He lay there, with the ray pointed over him, and he just wished that he could bring the ring up to him so he could see those five letters properly for the last time.

Urban Legend
« Reply #36 on: 05-04-2009 09:22 »

Wow... That was actually really good Future Shock. I'm looking forward to the next part.
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #37 on: 05-05-2009 15:23 »

I'm having a bit of trouble with the next part -- I worry about what's logical and what is illogical. But it'll come soon.
I kind of get bored making this because I no longer get comments and feedback on it.

Bending Unit
« Reply #38 on: 05-05-2009 22:26 »

Why don't you just finish it with the best ending ever, lots of drama and emotion and laughs, then you will be able to stop writing and get lots of bril comments!
Future Shock

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #39 on: 05-06-2009 01:33 »

Sheesh this is going to be a challenge. Have to get him out of this situation in a spectacular way. It'll come out in two weeks max.
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