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Space Pope
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Sweet 100's of golems thoes have to be able to kick ass. Can't wait for more.


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Delivery Boy
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Originally posted by *purplefish*:
So, unless you’ve got some surprise for me…”
And at this moment, Kalt knew he should have shut up. Only now, could he feel the vast amounts of mystical activities that were working inside the library and had mysteriously been kept secret to him until. And seeing the sarcastic smile on Leela’s face only reinforced his intuition.
Leela smiled even more.
   laff SOOOO FUNNY!!!!
Another great update.  smile

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Bending Unit
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What sleeps in between (chapter 21)

Kalt immediately backed off, but he didn’t have to order to his men to attack. Those who had nothing else than blunt and edged weapons with them charged the golems, while those who had a working lasergun tried to shoot at the animated statues without hurting their colleagues. A good thing for Kalt that since their zombification they couldn’t be afraid of anything except him, otherwise most of them would certainly have tried to flee the very moment the golems appeared.

Too bad that it was still not making them a match for the stone golems.

The statues charged as soon as the zombies attacked them. Between the trampling of the various warriors (the golems’ being even louder because of their stone bodies) and the war cries of Kalt’s men, anybody would have had to protect his ears because of the noise. And the first shock was even worse. The various weapons started to scream in the battlefield, hitting stone and sometimes pulverizing it, while several bodies were already flying over the fighters, broken up. Connected to their master, who heard about the characteristics of the golems, Kalt’s men knew what the weakness of their foes was, but between knowing it and being able to use it was a rather wide gap… Those who had a rifle were trying to aim at the first letter of the golems’ magical word, in order to destroy it, but most of them weren’t exactly sharp shooters and very few of the golems were really worried about them. For the others, the work wasn’t requiring as many skills, but it didn’t mean it was easier. At one moment, one of the zombies used his lead bar for hitting one of the golems at his knee. The hit exploded the stone, making the golem trip and fall on the floor. Another one of the zombies used this opportunity for hitting the statue’s head with the huge wrench he was using. The stone cracked where the first letter of the golem’s magical word was, erasing it and breaking the spell that was giving life to it.

The zombies, however, couldn’t congratulate each other. Another golem grabbed the both of them and smashed their heads on the floor, before using their bodies as clubs for hitting his comrades.

Meanwhile, Fry, Leela, Bender and Tyron were doing their best for staying alive in the mess. Tyron ordered to three of the golems to stay with them and to protect them, but in all the confusion, it wasn’t sure they could always be with them…

“- Oh my god! Screamed Fry. On what did I just walk? Is it… EWWWWW!
- Gross! Replied Bender. Why do you humans have to carry so much goo in your skull?! That’s just disgusting!
- Stop whining and focus! Screamed Leela. We must find Kalt and kill him with the Star Rod! That’s the only way to stop all this!
- Can’t we just let the big guys do the entire job? Said Fry. They’re doing pretty well…
- Certainly not! Replied Tyron. The golems may be way stronger than Kalt’s men, but we don’t have an infinite supply of them, whereas Kalt can regenerate his troops just by snapping his fingers! Besides, even if the golems were three times more numerous, they would still not be able to beat Kalt!
- Oh come on, have you seen how tough they are? Said Bender.
- Sorry to tell you this, but Kalt’s magical powers outclasses brute strength… The only way to counter the magic that is keeping him alive is to use an even greater magic!
- Tyron’s right, dude…”

Has-The-Hiccups and Smells-Like-Cinnamon suddenly materialized next to Fry, who nearly had a heart attack in the process.

“- Gaaah! Can’t you warn when you do this!
- Sorry, dude, said Has-The-Hiccups, but in all this mess…
- Wooooooow, dude! Exclaimed Smells-Like-Cinnamon. I heard ‘bout violence before, but I never thought I would see it in my death!
- Well, I already did, and I know it enough for wanting this to end quickly! Said Leela, who also knocked down one of the zombies with a roundhouse kick. How can we find Kalt in this crowd?
- Sis’, did you forget about the talismans we gave you? Said Smells-Like-Cinnamon.
- You didn’t take time to explain us what they’re good for!
- Oh, yeah, sorry…”

At this moment, one of the bodyguard golem grabbed a zombie that was running on them, torn one of his arm off and began to club him with it. Bender hesitated between being scared or laughing…

“- Yeah, so, those damn things? Said the robot.
- Dude, usually, anybody can use magic, said Has-The-Hiccups, but it requires months for learning how to open up one’s mind to it. Except when you’ve been the victim of some spooky mystical accident…
- Like when my soul got trapped in this rotting body? Said Tyron.
- Exactly, dude. We didn’t have time, so we gave you another of our finest inventions. Those talismans allow you to immediately feel magic and to manipulate it if you concentrate enough. Or, in the case of Tyron, to increase your ability with it.
- And why didn’t I get one? Asked the robot.
- Robots can’t feel magic, dude… Lack of sensibility and all those things…
- That’s discrimination! Yelled Bender. I can be extremely sensitive if I want, you dirty legless ectoplasm!
- Hey, chill out, dude, it’s a question of biology! Said Smells-Like-Cinnamon.
- Doesn’t look extremely terrific… Said Fry.
- Dude, we needed centuries for making them! It required all our knowledge!
- I thought the Star Rod already monopolized it? Said Leela.
- We sorta tried to do too many things at once, sis’… Said Has-The-Hiccups, embarrassed. Some of our projects never got finalized…
- Yeah, like the Universal Peace formula… Said Smells-Like-Cinnamon. Don’t know why it failed, we were all about peace and love… But even the Sacred Herb That Makes You Laugh and the Pills That Makes You See Everything In Technicolor didn’t help us to find it.
- Can we please get back to how we use those talismans? Asked Tyron.
- Just concentrate on Kalt, and the talismans will automatically tell you where he is.
- That’s all it does? Said Fry. But what if we have to fight? I don’t think we can…
- Look out!”

Fry didn’t get why Leela suddenly screamed at him immediately, but when he finally looked in front of himself, he saw the zombie who, somehow, managed to escape from the grasp of one of the golem and was now running at him, rising his mace. Leela tried to run in order to save the young man and the golem tried to catch back the zombie, but Fry, scared to death, could only see that in a few seconds, the undead would be on him. In a moment of panic, the young man held his hand out in a desperate attempt to stop the undead’s attack when it would come.

“Nooo! Don’t touch me!”

And just as the zombie was about to hit him, an electric bolt got out of Fry’s hand and struck Kalt’s minion, throwing him backwards and burning him severely. The golem who let him pass didn’t make the same mistake a second time and this time stamped on him. When Fry finally realized he was safe (at least for the moment), he looked at his hands, completely disoriented. Leela, Bender and Tyron were looking at the young man with wide opened eyes. Only the Durganian ghosts were smiling.

“That’s the spirit, dude, said Has-The-Hiccups. There are a few more tricks you’ll have to learn from yourself.”

Fry’s surprise turned into excitement.

- Okay, I get it, mumbled Bender, the fun things are for the meatbags… Even the rotting one!
- That sure is impressive, said Leela. At least, now we’ll all be able to stand against Kalt… Well, except for Bender…
- Yeah, Big Boots, just rub it in, that’ll be cool…
- Oh please, Bender, it’s not the moment for being jealous!
- Easy to say for you!
- So I can also use this for locating Kalt?
- Yeah, sis’, said Has-The-Hiccups. Think really hard about him, and the talisman will show you the way to him.”

Leela was still a bit skeptical, but after what Fry did, she wouldn’t need an extremely impressive event for being entirely convinced. She tried to concentrate on Kalt, to remember how he was looking like, and to have a clear vision of the warlock… And suddenly, a bright red ray went out of the talisman. Surprised, she needed a few seconds for realizing that the ray wasn’t hurting anybody. But also that it was clearly moving a bit to the right…

She finally understood. That red ray was pointing to Kalt. All they had to do was to follow it and they would find him.

“After me! Screamed Leela. Prepare yourselves, guys, we’ll have to fight our way!”


At first, Kalt didn’t notice the red ray that was touching him, but he finally felt the slight mystical disturbance that was caused by it. He immediately knew what it meant, but it didn’t really surprise him. They couldn’t reach him quickly, what with all his men on the battlefield, and he only had to find the men that were carrying his “package”. He ordered them to stay close to the ship, so he wouldn’t have too many problems… But he had to hurry.

Around him, things were really getting bad for his men… The golems were really strong and resistant, and his men weren’t trained to face them. But in the end, the situation would change drastically. Sure, the golems were doing a slaughter, but some of them had already been defeated. While his fallen minions were quickly regenerated by his magic, which was more or less assuring him to have an infinite supply of soldiers. Their enemies didn’t have the same chance.

But healing his wounded fighters was requiring quite a large part of his capacities… Weakened as he was, it wasn’t sure he could face his preys, especially as they had the Star Rod at their disposal. He needed an upgrade… And luckily, he prepared it before the fight.

One of the golems ran at him, making the ground shake as a rampaging elephant would. Kalt only had to raise his hand and to shoot a single magic bolt to the creature’s head to destroy its magical word and to “kill” it. Another one down. He continued to run to the Crimson Monarch.

Finally, he got out of the battlefield, and he immediately saw the four men and the robot he let behind. Just as he hoped, they were guarding six huge suitcases. His men were apparently troubled by what was going on not so far away from them, but at least they brought all he needed. The robot went to meet his master.

“- Sir, we gathered all of them and we got them out of the ship. But are you sure it’s…
- Open them immediately. And if you discuss my orders once again, I’ll send you in the middle of the battlefield.
- Yes, sir.”

The robot and the others quickly obeyed to their master… They unlocked the suitcases, and then posed them vertically. Kalt smiled. Encased in foam, six hundred and sixty-four little bottles were shining under the white light of the edge of the universe. In each one of them, a worried or scared tiny face was floating.

All the victims of Kalt’s madness, gathered in front of him.

Kalt still needed two souls for accomplishing the ritual for awakening his god, but it would still be enough.

Patrick’s soul looked at Kalt.

“- What’s going on, Kalt? I guess you didn’t let us out for a pick-nick…
- I’m afraid not, Patrick, replied Kalt. I need your help.
- No one here will help you, scum! Screamed Kelgo.
- You don’t really have the choice, my friend. You know, I didn’t want to use you prematurely, but some circumstances are forcing me to do otherwise.
- Like you having your butt kicked? Said Buck. Because looking from here, things aren’t going well for your rotting lapdogs!
- A minor annoyance, nothing more.” Kalt looked at the men surrounding the suitcases. “Gentlemen, get ready…
- Kalt?
- Yes, Patrick?
- I really hope you’ll burn in hell.

Kalt smiled viciously.

“Unfortunately, if I ever go there, it would likely get frozen.”

Kalt made a gesture… And his men grabbed the suitcases and knocked over their contents. Hundreds of bottles smashed on the ground, forming a pile of broken glass. The ones that got spared got trampled by Oddjob-6. A thick blue fog quickly appeared over the pile of broken glass… It was the souls that were trapped in the bottles, all of them stuck in the physical realm because of Kalt… And unfortunately, they still weren’t free. Kalt began to breathe in, and the fog got sucked in his lungs. For a few seconds, nothing happened. But then, Kalt screamed… The souls were now spreading in his entire organism, allowing him to open even more his consciousness to magic. In other words, the 664 souls were making Kalt even more powerful than he already was, allowing him to protect his army while developing a power great enough for facing the Star Rod. If he had swallowed two more souls, he would have been able to break the barrier between the universes, awake his god and help him to come in this universe. Something he was determined to achieve in a few minutes.

The process was now over… Kalt could feel the power rush into his veins. He was so opened to magic that some of it was escaping from all the pores of his skin, as if some blue smoke was coming out of him. The warlock looked at his hands, and decided to test his newfound powers. Using a tiny part of his magic, Kalt tried to regenerate his body, so that it would be as if he was completely alive. What really startled him was how easily he managed to do this… The parts of his body that decomposed over time quickly grew again, covering the exposed parts of his organism. The hole over his heart closed. His jaw was once again covered with flesh. A new eye appeared in his formerly hollow orbit. Even his clothes got repaired, as if he just got them for the DOOP supplies.

The warlock was once again completely alive, and this time, it wasn’t an illusion.

Kalt looked at the battlefield.

“Excuse me, gentlemen, said Kalt to his men. I have an appointment with our guests…”

DOOP Secretary
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Delivery Boy
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Another great update!

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Bending Unit
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What sleeps in between (chapter 22)


Just as Fry pronounced the sacred word, a fireball went out of his hand and hit the little group of zombies in front of him. As they immediately caught fire, Kalt’s minions tried to smother the flames by rolling on the floor. It only helped the few golems which were around and were about to smite them. But Fry, Leela, Bender and Tyron were already away, letting the golems take care of the foes.

“- Hehehe, I’m starting to like this! Said Fry.
- Don’t waste your energy, said Tyron. We need to be at our maximal strength when we’ll face Tyron!
- Then why the heck am I following you?! Replied Bender. I can’t use magic, dammit! He’s going to beat me senseless!
- You prefer being left alone in this mess? Said Leela, still following the red ray that was indicating Kalt’s position.
- Isn’t there a “stay out of the trouble” option?
- Too late for this, Bender. Now we’ve…”

Suddenly, a zombie jumped on Leela and tried to attack her. A single punch of the young woman was enough for making him get out of the way. For the moment, her fighting skills were enough for dealing with their enemies.

“-… Got to go further. And if you really feel don’t feel right, we still have our bodyguards…
- Those empty-headed oafs? Bah! I don’t see them help us that much!”

Just behind the robot, one of the golem bodyguards grabbed two zombies who tried to get the robot from behind and threw them dozens of yards away.

The battle was still getting well for the golems, which were still making a real massacre in the ranks of Kalt’s army, but the situation wasn’t as good as it was a few minutes ago… The golems had made an extremely high number of victims, but just as Kalt was thinking, each undead who got beaten was regenerating. Moreover, the surprise effect caused by the nature of their opponents was progressively disappearing among Kalt’s men. They were starting to plan some tactics for bringing down the golems, like managing to make them trip and then attack them while they were down, or having the most agile of them climb in their back while they were distracted by some of the zombies for breaking the part of their forehead on which the sacred word was written. Moreover, a few of Kalt’s men managed to bring some explosives with them, and they were extremely effective on the golems. The number of loss amongst the golems was still low compared to the one of their opponents, but the problem was that it was permanent.

And now, Kalt was really getting in the fight… And the chances of success of the fugitives’ army started to drop. Strengthened by the souls he swallowed, he wasn’t restraining himself anymore, and he could heal his men and inflict huge damages in the golems’ army at the same time. He was using different strategies according to the situation. He was shooting energy beams at the golems for destroying them. He used the cold inside of him for freezing some of them. He lifted others just by the power of his mind before throwing them to the stratosphere so that they would shatter when they would land again. Even his physical strength had been altered so that he could fight mano a mano, in which case he was once again always victorious as despite their strength the golems weren’t a match for him in this domain either.

But it weren’t the golems that were interesting Kalt. The warlock was destroying them because they were on his way, but he was looking for Fry, Leela, Bender and Tyron as well as they were looking for him. And after a while, as he was standing on a little pile of destroyed golems, he finally saw them, running at him. The smile he made was revealing his teeth, especially his canines. He could play a little bit with his future victims, at last… And as they were apparently using some kind of low-level magic, he’d have to be a bit more “vigorous” than before. A ball of energy grew in his hand, and when he felt it was big enough, he threw it in the direction of his four opponents.

Tyron was the first one to realize what was about to happen. As he saw the ball of energy flying on them, it was already too late for getting out of its trajectory. He only had time for yelling a word.


Suddenly, a forcefield, similar to the one that protected the planet from any evil invasion in the past, surrounded the whole group, including the bodyguard golems. Surprised, Leela was about to ask Tyron why he did this… When the ball hit the forcefield.

It was as if someone kicked a case full of nitroglycerin. The violence of the explosion threw all the nearby fighters, zombies and golems alike, in the air, and forced others on several yards to fall on the floor. The blast itself could have destroyed any living creatures’ eardrums, and during a fraction of second, all the surroundings got engulfed in a fire as hot as a star’s. When it was all over, a vast cloud of smoke was rising in the clear sky.

The forcefield protected Fry, Leela, Bender, Tyron and their bodyguard golems… From most of it. It however couldn’t resist all the violence of the explosion. They all got blown away by the explosion, and were now separated, each one some yards away from each other. Knocked down, they were slowly regaining their consciousness, but the situation was even worse for Bender, as one of the golems fell on him and had its head destroyed by the explosion. The robot was now trapped under a few hundreds pounds of stone. Fortunately, Kalt’s men had been more stunned by the explosion than the golems, and were still busy with them, so none of them tried to attack while they were weakened.

There was another reason, however. Their master wanted to take care of them himself.

Tyron was the first one to manage to get back on his feet. Still dizzied, the undead however needed a few seconds for thinking clearly again. As soon as everything started to work properly again, he immediately remembered about the others. He had to find them, and quickly, before they would suffer from another attack! Tyron looked everywhere around, trying to see where his friends (and Bender) could be, but with all the smoke, he had the greatest difficulty to even know in which direction the library was. But after a few seconds, a masculine silhouette appeared in his field of vision. He began to walk in its direction.

“Fry? Fry, are you alright? Where are…”

Tyron froze.

As the smoke dissipated a bit, he saw it was Kalt who was facing him, but a different Kalt than the one he saw a few hours before. The warlock was now looking alive, just like before he drove the Crimson Monarch in the space between the universes. He wasn’t decomposed anymore, his outfit wasn’t torn… But in a way, he was even more frightening than he ever was. He was smiling exactly the same way he did when he stabbed him with his ceremonial dagger, and now, his eyes were two small blocks of ice, indicating the real inner nature of his former superior.

“Good afternoon, lieutenant Tyron.”

Tyron felt all the power running in the warlock’s veins… And he knew that despite his talisman and his mystical skills, he just couldn’t defeat Kalt in a duel. His only hope was to manage to escape from him until he would have found the Star Rod. Maybe if he managed to distract him…


Instantaneously, an energetic shockwave came out of his hand, one powerful enough for destroying a wall brick. Tyron hoped it could have knocked Kalt long enough for allowing him to escape…

But Kalt absorbed it… And before Tyron could have moved away, he sent back the spell at his former subordinate. The shock lifted Tyron off the ground, burning his outfits and his skin superficially, and the landing itself was even more violent than when he got tossed away by the explosion. Kalt walked calmly towards Tyron.

“You’re disappointing me, Tyron… How could you even think it could have worked?”

Tyron managed to turn his head to look at the warlock who was coming closer… The pain was slowing his thoughts, but a little part of his mind knew he would never manage to get out of this in one piece. All he could do was to gather all his strength for one last spell…


Another forcefield appeared, this one surrounding Tyron only. Despite the undead’s weakness, it was supposedly as solid as the ones before. Kalt simply smiled… And pulled his ceremonial dagger out of his jacket. Tyron’s eyes widened when he saw it.

“You recognize this, don’t you? Said Kalt. Stabbing you in the heart once wasn’t apparently enough, let’s see what happens if I do this a second time!”

Tyron tried to concentrate on his forcefield for making it as solid as he could, but as soon as the blade touched it, Tyron immediately felt all the negative energy that was contained in the weapon… Despite all his efforts, Tyron couldn’t do anything for countering the attack… Kalt, as he was even stronger than when he destroyed the planet’s protection, quickly plunged the dagger deep enough for allowing him to break the forcefield and shattered it just by injecting a small part of his power in the blade. The repercussions of the annihilation of his forcefield caused Tyron to be knocked down by the shock, almost unconscious. Still holding his dagger, Kalt grabbed Tyron by his collar with his free hand and forced him to stand. Tyron would have fallen again if the warlock wasn’t holding him, but it didn’t seem to change anything in Kalt’s scheme.

“It’s been a pleasure, lieutenant, but I’m afraid our paths split here!”

And without any further words, Kalt stabbed Tyron in the chest with the dagger.

Tyron screamed to the top of his lungs. Not only was the blade cutting his plexus and piercing his flesh, but moreover was the negative energy inside of it burning him like a white-hot poker. Despite the immeasurable pain, Tyron gave a look at the face of the warlock… The smile, the hideous smile and the strange light in the eyes of his tormentor was showing how much Kalt was enjoying what he was doing… And how much the captain had drifted off to the most insane perversity one could imagine.

Strangely, this sight gave back some will to Tyron. He just couldn’t let someone so demented take pleasure in his death… Tyron tried to concentrate on the talisman he was still wearing, trying to drift from it the power he would need for resisting to the pain. He could feel magic flowing in his body again, in small proportions maybe, but enough for what he intended to do.

Tyron grabbed Kalt’s hand, which was still holding the dagger’s handle, at the great surprise of the warlock… And channeling all his remaining energy in one last strike, he pushed on it the most he could. The blade broke quasi-instantaneously.

A sudden energy burst, coming from the broken dagger, moved the two opponents apart, even throwing Tyron on the floor. The burning sensation disappeared from Tyron’s wound, something he welcomed gladly, but the blade was still plunged in his body. At least, the pain wasn’t as unbearable as before…

Kalt, amazed, looked at the dagger’s handle he was still holding. That was upsetting. Really upsetting. Sure, he never really needed it, but this weapon had some value… It opened him the way to meet his master, allowing him to find enlightenment… Saying it had a sentimental value would certainly be too much, but it’s the closest description that could get an idea of the importance Kalt was giving to the weapon. He finally looked back at Tyron. This wasn’t a game anymore.

“You think I’m over with you, Tyron?”

Kalt threw away the handle, and made a simple gesture at his former subordinate.

And the pain came back.

Tyron could feel his blood freeze, his flesh turning into ice… But what was the worst was that it wasn’t in his entire body. Only some chunks were turned into ice… And after a few seconds, Tyron’s skin began to crack at some point. Ice edges began to come out of his wounds, growing slowly. Kalt was impaling himself from the inside by freezing the water that was still in his cells. If Tyron wasn’t already dead, this would be enough for killing him. But in his state, it was causing an unbearable pain…

Tyron screamed.

“I’m only beginning to have fun, lieutenant!”

Starship Captain
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Delivery Boy
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Ditto that, Trombonist! Ouch!
Bending Unit
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What sleeps in between (chapter 23)

After the explosion, Leela needed a few seconds for really recovering from the shock. Her head was hurting like hell, and a quick inspection made her realize she had one big bump on the top of her head, but apart from a few scratches and bruises, she had apparently nothing too worrying. More importantly, she was still holding the Star Rod. If she would ever have lost their only chance to…

She suddenly remembered she wasn’t alone when everything exploded.

Panicked, she began to look everywhere around her. Her heart stopped beating when she saw Fry lying, unconscious, a few feet away from here. She ran at the young man and quickly turned him to see if he was alright. Moving him didn’t manage to awake him, but Leela sighed of relief when she saw he was still breathing and that his heart was still beating. She couldn’t see any wounds on the young man’s body, but she didn’t really know how to properly examine someone who has had an accident. If only Zoidberg was with them…

She thought again. No, thank God Zoidberg wasn’t with them…

“Fry? Said Leela, shaking Fry and slapping a bit. Fry, wake up! Do you hear me?”

She thought she couldn’t hold and burst into tears when Fry’s eyelids began to shake before fully open, but she managed to control herself. As the young man leaned on his elbow and began to rub his cheek, she finally let him go.

“- Leela? What have I done again?
- Nothing, Fry, said Leela, smiling.
- Then why were you slapping me? You only do this when I goof…
- You were knocked down. After the explosion.
- What explosion? I was simply sleeping in my room, and then you come in and…”

Fry suddenly remembered everything that happened.

“- Crap! Am I the only one whose nightmares happen when he’s awake?!
- Yeah, well, we’ll try to answer this when it will be over.” Leela stood up, and helped Fry to do so. The young man rubbed his clothes for getting the dust out of it. “We can’t stay here forever. Where are the others?
- A ‘unno. Looks like we got separated by the explosion…
- Can’t be too far away, we were almost next to each other… But with all this smoke, it’s hard to see anything…
- Yeah, well I hope it doesn’t make you deaf, meatbags!”

Fry and Leela looked at the same time in the direction where this last scream seemed to come from. All they saw at first was the remains of one of their bodyguard golems, lying on the floor several yards away from them, shattered… But when they saw the two metallic feet coming out of it, fidgeting as their owner was trying to get out, they quickly ran to it. And as they expected, on the other side, they could see Bender’s head emerging from the rest of the golem.

“- About time you finally come to look after me, poozers!
- Bender! Said Fry. Are you alright, buddy?
- Oh yeah, I’m alright… There’s just that stupid huge stone guy who’s taking a small nap on my chest, but otherwise everything’s fine.
- Ah, good. For a moment I was worried.
- But you’re a bending unit, said Leela. You bent steel girders that were weighing much more than that in the past…
- Well, it seems that my arms fell off because of the shock and are now stuck under the rest of this guy. When I said they are useless!
- Get it. Fry, help him, I must look after Tyron.
- What? But I’ll never able to move this!
- Fry, you still have your talisman, right? Can’t you use it for making things levitate? We saw the spell in those books…
- Oh, yeah, I remember. Time for a little Yoda impersonation!”

Leela tapped Fry’s shoulder, a little way for her for telling him she knew he would succeed. She quickly turned on her feet and went away, hoping that Tyron wasn’t too far away. Fry, meanwhile, came back at Bender and made his fingers crack.

“- Okay, I’m starting… Ready?
- Wait, you’re really gonna try to make this thing float?
- Yeah!
- A stone body made of a few tons of solid rock?
- Yeah!
- And it will certainly fly just over my body?
- I guess…
- Errrr, I think I can get out of this alone, I’ll just…
- Hover!”

Fry held his hand to the remains of the golem, concentrating for getting as much power he could. The young man could feel an intense tension in his mind, but the stone body began to rise in the air, hovering a few inches above Bender. The robot wasn’t exactly reinsured, however…

“- Be afraid, you mustn’t… Said Fry. Easy, it is…
- Yeah, that’s cool, but… Errrr…” The robot was really, really feeling uncomfortable. “Wouldn’t it be better if you’d concentrate on this thing instead of making some two-cents imitation?
- Fine, everything is. Control everything I do. In one minute you’ll be out of this… No wait, wouldn’t it be “In one minute out of this you’ll be”? Ah, I never quite knew how you do when there’s…”

The stone suddenly fell on Bender again. The shock made Bender spit some of the internal chips that were in his mouth.

- Whoops! Said Fry, panicked. I’m sorry, Bender, I didn’t want to…

Meanwhile, Leela was wandering without a clear idea of where Tyron could have been. The whole place was still darkened by all the dust that had been blown away by the explosion, and it was only making everything more difficult than what it should have been. But something else was beginning to worry her. She could still hear the various noises produced by the battle between the zombies and the golems, but at her great surprise, none of Kalt’s men appeared yet and tried to catch them again. Maybe it was because they were too busy dealing with the golems, or because the explosion really knocked them down… But yet, it was still not explaining everything…

A scream put an end to her thoughts.

The young woman only needed a fraction of second for understanding it was a scream of pain… But what really pushed her to start running to the direction it came from was that she recognized who shouted it. It could only have been Tyron. He was way more far away from her than what she expected, and until she came closer, her undead guide screamed once again. She accelerated, despite the fact she still couldn’t see what was going on…

But suddenly, she went out of the cloud of smoke… And what she saw made her stop for a few seconds.

Tyron was crawling on the floor, screaming, doubled up with pain. Some crystals (or was it ice spikes? Leela couldn’t exactly tell from where she was) were coming out of his skin, and it was apparently what was causing him such suffering. Next to him, dominating him arrogantly and watching him with his cold eyes and a chilling smile on his face, was standing Kalt, as good looking as when Leela met him for the first time, when he was still hiding his real appearance from her. Kalt was staring at his former subordinate as if he could learn something from the torture Tyron was enduring… And looking at the warlock’s eyes was telling the young woman that he was really enjoying this sight.

Leela felt the rage rushing in her veins. Until this moment, the idea of crossing Kalt’s path was scaring her. But it was because he was linked to something completely irrational, something that she couldn’t really define. It was different from all the things she experienced before – even the most unusual things like Bender becoming a werecar. But something changed… With her talisman around her neck and the Star Rod in her hand, warming as if it was feeling Kalt’s presence and that it was finally about to do what it was built for, she could feel the magic floating around her, hidden in every single atoms of the universe. It wasn’t an abstract concept anymore… A little more practice, and she could even have touched it. And now that what she was facing wasn’t completely unknown anymore, her fear had disappeared. She brandished the Star Rod…

Kalt didn’t even look at her. He only did a small gesture, and an energetic shockwave rushed in her direction, destroying the paving stones that were between the warlock and her. Leela managed to avoid being hit only thanks to her amazing reflexes; she did a side roll at the very last fraction of second. She tried to stand up, but Kalt threw an energy ball that exploded just at her feet. The warlock didn’t put all his forces in the attack, as he still wanted her to be in one piece, but she got thrown away nonetheless. It didn’t take her too long to recover, but when she did, she realized that Kalt had abandoned Tyron for walking in her direction, smiling as if everything was over and as he already won.

The young woman was determined not to let the things end that way… In a glimpse she was once again standing on her feet, and before Kalt could do another move, she brandished the Star Rod. It seemed that the magical artifact knew what to do… It suddenly started to shine, emitting a pure white light that was even dispersing the smoke that was still floating around them. But it was more than just light… Kalt suddenly stopped and even started to sway, trying to protect his eyes from the luminosity; a light groan of pain came out of his lips, and Leela even saw some smoke beginning to come out of Kalt’s body. The light was literally burning the warlock, and for a few seconds, Leela began to hope she could have won…

But suddenly, Kalt held his hand out violently. Leela had the feeling she got hit at the wrist with a brick; the blow made her drop on the floor the Star Rod, which immediately stopped to shine as it got separated from its user. The young woman instinctively took her own hand which was now hurting her as if she really got hit by something, but she quickly forgot the pain and tried to take back the Star Rod. But Kalt didn’t let her grab her weapon… Another gesture from his part, and the Star Rod suddenly flew away, as if someone grabbed it and threw it away. Before Leela could try to run to get the staff back, she suddenly felt being pulled forward in the opposite direction by an invisible and irresistible force… More precisely, in Kalt’s direction. When she got close enough, the warlock grabbed her by her left arm. Out of despair, Leela tried to hit him in the face with her free fist. She nearly broke her hand: despite the pain she was now feeling, Leela managed to think that it was as if she tried to punch a brick wall. Trying to kick him in his nuts didn’t seem to have more success, and when she tried the few judo moves she knew, Kalt stood as stoic as a rock. Pulling one last trick, Leela posed her palm on Kalt’s face, and using the little things she learned a few hours ago about magic and using her talisman’s power, she made electric bolts come out of her hand. When she took it away, Kalt didn’t seem to have felt anything. Still smiling, he touched her forehead with his index.


Suddenly, Leela felt that her limbs weren’t obeying to her orders anymore. She was still standing, but she just couldn’t do a single move anymore, and even less use the very few magical skills she found in her. Kalt smiled in a way that was showing his teeth. This could have been one extremely charming smile, one you would expect by some good-looking crooner who was about to start singing and seducing all the women in the audience… But it was more evoking a carnivore which was about to devour its prey than anything else.

“You know, my dear Leela, I feel really sorry that you hate me that much. In fact, I’m sure that if we put a lot of effort into it, we can become inseparable friends. Or maybe even more? Has someone ever told you that you were very attractive?”

Leela replied by spitting on his face, the only move she could do at the moment. Kalt didn’t even bat an eyelid, but a quick look at his cold eyes proved he was extremely displeased by her proof of hostility.

“- Leave your hands off me, Kalt!
- Would you please try to understand me, my dear? Said Kalt, wiping the saliva out of his face with his free hand. I spent the last two centuries with nobody else but my entirely masculine crew. Had my former superiors allowed women to join the DOOP fleet (something that ironically got accepted during my “absence”), I think those 200 years wouldn’t have looked so long… And for making things worse, everytime I caught a victim for My Lord, it had to be a man. You’re the first woman I met since my pact with What-Sleeps-In-Between, Leela. I tend to see that as a reward for my loyalty towards My Lord – especially considering you’re particularly fitting my tastes in women… Your unique eye just shines like a diamond to me, Leela. Or, if you prefer, I always loved exoticism…
- Listen, you disgusting nutjob… I break the legs of wackos like you on a daily basis! Wizard or not, if you ever try to do something with me, I’ll make you eat your family jewels, providing you still have them since you turned into maggot meat!
- As fierce as a tigress, just as I expected… Would you please continue? This is extremely arousing…
- You stinking perv! I will…
- You will do nothing that I don’t want you to do, my dear! Suddenly yelled Kalt, losing his temper. You can’t do anything! Tyron is broken, your so pricy Star Rod is out of your reach, and you’re under my control! And as soon as I will have swallowed your friends’ souls, you will satisfy My Master’s desires, and thus bringing him back to life! And finally… When he will have rejected you, when your mind will have been shattered… You will be mine…”

Kalt’s face got closer to Leela… And the young woman thought she was about to vomit everything that was in her stomach when the warlock quickly licked her cheek. She felt an intense cold where the captain touched her, to the point that she thought her skin got frozen with the contact of his tongue.

“I don’t mind coming after my Lord, said Kalt, still smiling viciously. In fact, I take this as an honor.”

And Kalt started to laugh, louder and louder, like only an evil mind could laugh. Leela’s terror reached a peak, as she knew she couldn’t do anything for getting out of his hold…

Just at this moment, someone got out of the smoke and ran at Kalt, screaming.

Surprised, the warlock stopped laughing and looked to see who the intruder was. Leela looked too, and she couldn’t believe what she saw: it was Bender, brandishing the Star Rod which was pulsating, his chest cavity deformed by the golem which fell on him. The weapon must have flown in his direction, and he decided to take it and try to take down Kalt with it. This didn’t bring any hopes to Leela… According to Has-The-Hiccups, Smells-Like-Cinnamon and Tyron (in other words, every one on their side who knew something about magic), robots couldn’t use it. Despite his efforts, his move was completely useless.

Kalt knew this. That’s why when he saw who was attacking him, he only emitted a little chuckling that was indicating his contempt and made a single gesture without even trying to avoid him. A shockwave immediately got out of the palm of his hand and struck the robot right at his chest cavity. The shock projected Bender backwards, but in a last moment of consciousness the robot threw the Star Rod in Kalt’s direction… And missed him from a few inches. The robot finally hit the ground. He didn’t seem to stand up again. Kalt got back at Leela… When he saw her panicked eyes, he got overwhelmed by a perverse pleasure.

“Don’t worry for your friend, he’s just knocked out. I still need him alive. Now, where were we, my dear? You’re really making me…”

The sound of a sneaker squealing on stone.

Kalt’s following thoughts occurred during the very brief fraction of second he needed for turning round. Even the most outdated robot had enough calculation capacities for never missing a throw. In other words, Bender didn’t miss him: he wasn’t aiming him. And Kalt remembered also something else.

With Tyron, they were four.

While turning round, Kalt was already preparing his spell… But suddenly, his brain stopped working, just as he gasped. Shocked, amazed, his eyes recorded what he was seeing without him really analyzing everything.

Fry was just in front of him, his teeth grinding and his eyes almost burning because of the anger he was feeling. It was hard to be more enraged than the delivery boy was at this moment. But what catches Kalt’s attention despite his apathy was that Fry was also holding the Star Rod… And that he stabbed him with it, just below the plexus, with the pointed extremity. The eight-branched star was slightly glowing in the pale white light, just below his eyes.

The young man pushed the staff a bit further.


Delivery Boy
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Originally posted by *purplefish*:
If only Zoidberg was with them…
She thought again. No, thank God Zoidberg wasn’t with them…
Great line and great update.

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this storys really actionpacked. keep it up  smile

Starship Captain
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Awesome.  I don't think I need to say anything more.
Bending Unit
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What sleeps in between (chapter 24)

The Star Rod began to shine… And Kalt screamed. He screamed like he never did before, as the Star Rod was starting to burn him, releasing its energy for destroying his corrupted flesh and annihilating his perverted soul. Fry, blinded, had to let it go. The warlock dropped Leela, and the young woman felt that the spell that was paralyzing her had gone off. She immediately kicked Kalt for sending him away; she guessed that unlike her previous attacks, the warlock did feel this one, as he backed off because of the hit. But it seemed to be the least of his worries. The Star Rod was now almost as shiny as a star, and Kalt could feel his powers disappear, and more importantly his immortality being taken out of him, causing a pain he couldn’t conceive. He tried to grab the artifact for pulling it out of his body, but the Star Rod was now burning so intensively he couldn’t keep his fingers on it. Kalt realized he was truly disaggregating, and he could feel his cells being progressively destroyed by the Star Rod’s power.

Fry ran at Leela, who was staring at Kalt, stunned by the turn of the events. She nearly knocked her friend when he grabbed her shoulder.

“- Leela? Are you alright?
- I’m… I’m fine… My god, Fry, we did it! He’s dying!
- Yeah, I guess… But he’s still standing… Wait, what’s that?”

Leela saw what the young man was talking about. Kalt wasn’t only burning, some strange blue smoke was coming out of his wound and was going straight to the sky, before vanishing. The warlock himself seemed to realize what was going on, and Leela, surprised, saw him trying to catch this smoke and to stop it from escaping from him. She didn’t get why he was looking so despaired… Until she saw faces forming in the smoke, faces which was looking happy and blissful. She even recognized some of them… And only then did she understand.

It was Kalt’s victims. Each soul he had trapped during those 200 years, and that he incorporated in his body for increasing his power, were using the Star Rod’s power for finally breaking free. As Kalt was progressively weakening and losing his might, he couldn’t keep them in this Universe. The souls were constantly pouring out of him, rushing to get their freedom… And, at last, their final rest.

Leela was fascinated by what she was witnessing. She could feel the souls’ relief, their happiness, she could feel that they were finally accessing to whatever exists after the death, and that they were all enjoying what they were experimenting. They were in peace… And during a brief moment, overwhelmed by the intense concentration of such positive feelings, Leela thought she would cry of happiness, joining them in their celebration.

This moment of communion ended when the last soul vanished in the Next World… Which forced her to get back to reality. Fry blinked, and Leela quickly understood when she looked at him that he felt exactly the same things than her. But she almost immediately remembered Kalt… When she turned to the warlock, she shivered.

Kalt was still standing, the Star Rod still plunged in his body. He was now deteriorated, as he got back to the decomposed state he was before assimilating the souls of his victims, which once again was making him quite difficult to look at without having the nausea. He was obviously suffering from the burns the Star Rod was inflicting to him, and Leela could see that the process of disintegration of his body was still going on, but he was still standing, his hands raised after his attempts to keep the souls in his body. He was looking up, where his victims had disappeared, still stunned by what happened… But it quickly changed. He looked back at Fry and Leela, and when the young woman crossed his gaze, she instinctively stepped backwards. The warlock clenched his fists, his fingernails even getting in his flesh.

Rage took control of his mind.

He was about to die… He would never be able to awake his god now that the souls got away… He would suffer an eternal damnation because of his failure… He would never become a divinity…

Because of them.

Kalt wasn’t caring anymore about the pain that the Star Rod was causing to him. In fact, he was accustomed to it at this point. He forgot the necessity for him to keep them alive so that he would sacrifice them to What-Sleeps-In-Between. He forgot to try to get rid of the Star Rod, because there was nothing he could do against it. Only one thing still had an importance.

He would take them with him.

The warlock raised both his hands and aimed Fry and Leela. He could barely stand on his feet anymore, he could feel his flesh being devoured by the Star Rod and his power leaving him… But none of those things mattered. He was dying, and yet he was still powerful enough for destroying them with one single spell, talisman or not. Concentrating all his will, his power and his life, he would unleash all of this in one attack that would have the same destructive power than a small nuclear charge. He wouldn’t survive this himself, but it’s not as if he had any chances to live after this day, and at least he would kill that brainless guy who dared stealing all his dreams, that one-eyed bitch he’ll never be able to taste, that stupid robot and this annoying lieutenant who always got in his away, and destroy the most important magic library in the universe which was created by a race of degenerated hemp smoking aliens who foolishly opposed his master… All this in one blink…

His fists were beginning to glow, charged with the incalculable amounts of energy he was gathering in them. Fry and Leela knew it wasn’t telling good, but paralyzed by fear and by the certainty that running away was useless, they stood there, trembling, staring at the warlock, and they hugged each other, without any real rational reasons for doing so.

Only a few more seconds, and he would be ready… Kalt concentrated a little bit more…

But then, he felt the Star Rod moving a bit, as someone grabbed it behind his back.

Kalt tried to turn his head at the maximum, trying to keep concentrating his energy, but losing power as something was distracting him.

Tyron was holding the part of the Star Rod that was coming out of Kalt’s back. Somehow, the spell that was torturing him broke as soon as Kalt got stabbed with the staff. Despite the intense pain he was feeling at each ones of his movements, he managed to stand up, and to stagger for reaching his enemy.

Fry and Leela did an important part of the job, but there was still something left to do.

Kalt realized too late what it meant.

Tyron mentally ordered the Star Rod to unleash all its power.


What happened next, neither Fry nor Leela could have described it… As soon as Tyron gave his mental order to the Star Rod, all the energy stored in it rushed in Kalt’s body, burning all the warlock’s power and instantaneously ravaging his very structure. The warlock’s skin seemed to crack, like a jar made of clay would, and from each of this crackles a blinding white light was glowing. Kalt screamed, screamed to the point of making the whole planet shake in its foundation…

And he exploded.

Fry and Leela tried to protect them with their hands, but despite all the light, the explosion wasn’t producing any kind of fire or heat. Moreover, they suddenly thought they got caught in a blizzard. A cold and icy wind hit them head on, and for a few seconds, the temperature dropped from several dozens of degrees. Kalt’s heart wasn’t the only thing made of ice in the warlock.

When they felt that there wouldn’t any shocks left, Fry and Leela slowly opened their eyes. The smoke had finally dispersed, but now, a few inches of snow was covering the ground on several dozens of square-meters. They quickly noticed that they couldn’t hear any sounds, but it wasn’t because the blast deafened them: nobody was fighting anymore. The zombies were just standing, silent, looking completely lost, and the remaining golems were apparently waiting to see what would come next.

They also noticed they were still hugging each other… It wasn’t really annoying Fry, but Leela quickly got off his grasp and stood up for reaching Tyron, who was still standing and holding the Star Rod. The young man however managed to see she was blushing a bit.

“- Tyron? Said Leela. Tyron, are you…
- Those wounds still hurt, replied Tyron, who was smiling, but I’m OK. Good Lord… I… I never felt this good…
- Did we win?” Asked Fry who had joined them.

Tyron looked at the young man. Fry gasped.

The undead was crying.

“Yes… Yes, we won… At last… All is over… After all those years, Kalt is finally gone… We… We managed to…”

Tyron stopped, trying to keep his composure. Leela didn’t need an explanation for knowing why he was in such a state. During 200 years, he tried to counter Kalt’s scheme, each time failing, but still trying again and again and again, with the hope that one day he would succeed… And now, the moment he had been waiting for so long had finally arrived. He had his revenge over the warlock, and he saved the Universe.

Even the toughest guy of all times would have difficulties to stay stoic.

“- And… What about Kalt’s men? Asked Leela, trying to make him focus on what would happen next.
- Them? Said Tyron. They’re no longer Kalt’s slaves. They’re free.”

Leela looked around her. The zombies were looking at themselves, wondering where they were, why they were decomposing… The young woman couldn’t see them as enemies anymore. They were Kalt’s victims, just like all those poor guys who got captured by the evil captain and turned into bodyless souls, trapped in glass bottles.

She heard some footsteps behind her. She immediately turned round, adopting a defensive position…

Bender was walking in their direction, trying to keep the deformed door of his chest cavity closed.

“- Bender! Screamed Fry. You’re alive!
- Not thanks to you, meatbag! Replied the robot, bitter. “I’ll sneak behind his back, distract his attention and then throw me the rod, he won’t try to kill you anyway”… Well, looks like he did!
- He didn’t, said Leela, smiling. He still needed to get your soul, remember?
- Like this comforts me! But that son of a bitch is dead, right?
- Yep, said Fry. And you played a great role in that.
- Yet no one will give us a reward for this… Sucks to be us… Hey, what’s going on now?”

Bender pointed somewhere in the distance. Fry and Leela looked to what he was designating… And barely believed what their eyes was showing them.

The zombies were disintegrating, turning into dust. They even could see it whirling in the wind, before disappearing in the sky. Hundreds and hundreds of bodies were apparently finally finishing their decomposition.

“- What the…?! Said Fry.
- Kalt’s magic was the only thing that was keeping them alive, said Leela. Now that he’s gone, they finally can leave this world.
- I just hope the wind won’t blow them in our direction, said Bender. I’d hate to accidentally inhale some dead guy.
- Well, looks like all is really over. Tyron, what should we…”

Leela stopped.

Tyron was disintegrating as well. When he noticed the phenomenon, the undead let the Star Rod fall from his hands for taking a better look at them. He didn’t seem to be afraid by what was happening to him, even when his fingers fell into dust just as he looked at them. In fact, he was looking extremely calm, and was smiling. His friends, however, weren’t as stoical as him.

“- Tyron! Screamed Leela.
- It’s okay, replied the undead with a completely serene voice. It looks like I too was still living thanks to Kalt… Quite logical, when you think about it… It’s his magic that opened the path to the Space between the Universes and trapped my soul in this body…
- You can’t die, man! Said Fry. Not now! Not just when we won!
- Of course I can. Bringing an end to Kalt’s madness was the only thing that prevented me from jumping in the spatial void. I’ve lived way longer than I should have… At last, I can take some rest…”

Tyron looked at his friends. His legs and arms had already disappeared, and now, his trunk was quickly degrading.

“You know… We had some difficult moments, you and me, but in the whole… I’m glad I met you… Except you, Bender, but to be fair I don’t know exactly why… Thank you for all you’ve done…”

Only Tyron’s head was still intact, floating in the air, but it was turning into dust as the rest of his body. Leela finally understood he wasn’t suffering… He had been waiting for this moment for centuries, and at last, he was freed from the fear that What-Sleeps-In-Between would ever manage to come in our Universe. He was welcoming his death with high relief.

She smiled at him.

“You’re the one who saved us, Tyron. You deserve to find peace. Rest well.”

Tyron smiled back at her, his eyes shining with happiness and the certainty he had done everything he had to do. The rest of his face disintegrated quickly, his smile being the last thing to leave this world. Fry, Leela and Bender raised their heads, looking at the remains of their friend that were going to the sky, before disappearing somewhere above them. Even when the last particle vanished, they were still staring at the sky, feeling a bit of melancholy.

After a pretty long time, Leela looked around her. All the members of Kalt’s crew had vanished without leaving a single trace. The golems were now just standing where they last were, as if they were just statues that never fought anything.

“- Looks like everybody’s gone, said Fry. Wow, that sure was an interesting day.
- Oh yeah, sure, said Bender, who was trying to keep his chest cavity closed. What do we do now?
- Well, said Leela, maybe we should try to find Has-The-Hiccups and Smells-Like-Cinnamon so that they would help us to get back to Earth. We still don’t know where…”

An astonishing rumble interrupted Leela. The trio nearly jumped of surprise, before looking behind them, where the noise was coming from.

The Crimson Monarch was collapsing behind them. Hundreds of tons of rusted metal that were standing only thanks to Kalt’s magic got finally defeated by the planet’s gravity and their overall decaying state. The once majestic spaceship was now turning into a gigantic pile of scrap iron; in a matter of seconds, it became impossible to even conceive that all those materials were once making a ship.

The trio needed a few seconds for coming out of their surprise.

“- That sure was something, said Bender.
- Yeah, said Fry. Now, it looks like everything’s really over.
- Guess you’re right, said Leela. But…
- What?”

Leela frowned. Another bad feeling…

“I don’t know. I can’t help but think that we’ve forgotten something…”

Just as she finished speaking, the pile of iron moved.

Fry and Bender wondered what just happened, but suddenly, some parts of the destroyed ship got thrown in the air, as if they got blown out by an explosion of some sort. But what really froze the trio was that something was now getting out of the rubble.

At first, it looked like a gigantic mass of grayish Jell-O, but soon, the surface of the thing began to change… Hundreds of red eyes began to appear on the translucent body, as well as dozens of mouths filled with razor-sharp fangs, and the most disturbing thing was that they were moving on the thing’s surface, as if the creature didn’t know exactly in what part of its body they should be. A few tentacles even began to grow on the creature, some of them ending with claws, others with suckers, and others with small mouths. The whole thing was at least 10 meters wide, and about as much high. It was a complete aberration, something that couldn’t have been born in this Universe as it was violating the most basic rules of the living beings, something that could only be conceived by an insane mind. The beast roared, a deep-pitched roar that froze Fry’s and Leela’s blood as well as Bender’s oil.

Leela finally remembered what they forgot.

“The Shaaash!”
Sine Wave

Liquid Emperor
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And just when you think it's all over - BAM! Now you have to fight something that doesn't obey they laws of physics. Well, something that doesn't obey them more than the people they just got done with.

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Originally posted by Sine Wave:
And just when you think it's all over - BAM! Now you have to fight something that doesn't obey they laws of physics. Well, something that doesn't obey them more than the people they just got done with.
My thoughts exactly!  laff

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What sleeps in between (chapter 25)

When the beast began to go down the pile of metal, Fry, Leela and Bender had already turned their back at it a long time ago, running for trying to reach the library where they hoped they would get some protection. Leela only took a second for getting the Star Rod, which was still where Tyron let it before disappearing. The Shaaash set off in pursuit of the creatures which killed its master, rolling and crawling in their direction. Because of the beast’s nature, looking at it was like looking at an avalanche… And like the snowy disaster, everything that was standing in its way was condemned to go to its final demise. A few golems, seeing the danger, tried to stop the creature for protecting the trio, but they got tossed away by the Shaaash as easily as feathers in a tornado. A living mountain of slime, teeth, tentacles and fangs was now wreaking havoc in what was a few minutes ago a real battlefield, only for getting its three preys.

Panic was making Fry, Leela and Bender forget their wounds and their tiredness, and was certainly making them break Olympic records as they were running like they never did before. Bender was in the front, and his broken chest cavity door was not slowing him a single bit.

The problem was that despite its amazing mass, the Shaaash was extremely fast, and there wasn’t as much distance between it and them as when the pursuit began. And the library was still several hundreds of yards away…

Has-The-Hiccups and Smells-Like-Cinnamon materialized on the battlefield. Turning their back to the beast and to the trio, they were examining the remains of the fallen golems.

“- Dude, I never fought they’d fight that well… Said Has-The-Hiccups.
- Me neither, dude, said Smells-Like-Cinnamon. Look at that! I sculpted some of them! Those guys had no respect for other peoples’ work!
- Yeah, totally… But now, it’s over, dude! The big bad guy is dead, and the Universe is saved! They didn’t get destroyed in vain…
- I know, it’s just…”

Just at this moment, Bender went past them, quickly followed by Leela and Fry. This forced the two ghosts to get out of their thoughts, but they weren’t expecting such an attitude from their guests at all.

“- Hey! Dudes! Stay here! We’ve got to thank you for what you’ve done!
- Whoa, weird! Why are they running like that?”

A deep roar behind them. Has-The-Hiccups and Smells-Like-Cinnamon turned back… And screamed as the Shaaash ran through them. Thanks to the fact that they had no body at all, they didn’t get harmed by what happened to them. But as soon as they got out of the beast as it was still pursuing the Planet Express employees, they looked at each other, shocked.

“- Dude! I’ve seen things I hoped I’d never see during my death in there!
- Me too! Good thing we don’t sleep anymore, I’d have nightmares for all eternity otherwise!”

Fry, Leela and Bender didn’t even notice the two ghosts, as they were focusing on the library’s doors that were getting closer, but way too slowly to their tastes. They weren’t even thinking about what they would do once they would be there, because it wasn’t sure that the creature would be stopped by the doors. Fry was beginning to feel a stitch, but his brain wasn’t even relaying the information, as it was constantly repeating the three same letters: runrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrun

But in their back, the Shaaash decided to use one of its tricks. While crawling, it suddenly flattened, and the moment after it propelled itself to the sky. Its phenomenal strength allowed it to make a gigantic jump despite its weight, getting even more speed in the process. And soon, it flew over its potential preys, even passing them, not without hiding the Edge’s white light during a brief second. None of the three noticed what was going on, not even when a big shadow went over their heads… Until the beast landed in front of them, making the ground shake and rumble. The trio immediately braked, Bender’s feet even squealing as if they were tires and Fry even falling on the floor and trying to crawl away, but the Shaaash was now just in front of them, only a few meters away. It was even worse for Bender, who was ahead of the others and as a result would certainly be the first one to be devoured by the creature. Panicked, the robot began to go backwards, and even opened his chest cavity for throwing everything he had inside it to the creature. But it looked like an alarm clock, a top hat, a doll that was saying “mummy” and an aquarium couldn’t make the Shaaash stand back…

Has-The-Hiccups and Smells-Like-Cinnamon finally joined Fry and Leela, who still haven’t ran away.

“- Dude! Said Smells-Like-Cinnamon. We completely forgot that thing!
- No kidding! Said Fry, still crawling.
- Looks like we can’t run away!” Said Leela. She brandished the Star Rod. “Quick, tell me how I can use this against it!
- You can’t! You used its power against Kalt a few minutes ago, and now it needs a few hours for recharging!
- Crap!”

Meanwhile, Bender was still throwing things at the Shaaash: bricks, bowling balls, a remote control, Spoutnik, a Star Trek plate… The thing was still moving forward.

“- I don’t want to be eaten! Whined Fry. I don’t want to be eaten!
- And those talismans? Said Leela. There must be a spell that can help us!
- Sure, said Smells-Like-Cinnamon, but you’re not experimented enough for using them! If Tyron wasn’t gone…
- But he’s dead! Screamed Fry. And we’ll all be dead! I don’t want to be dead!
- Dude, said Has-The-Hiccups, we’re dead, and we’re quite happy that way…

Bender was slowly getting out of ammunitions, and it was still doing nothing for slowing down the beast. A bagpipe, an antique CD (a Best-Of of Paul Anka), a dreamcatcher, a Risk boardgame…

“Stop chasing me, dammit! Screamed Bender. I’m made of metal! Why don’t you go after the fleshy ones?!?”

… The Pink Panther, a bust of Benjamin Franklin, a tiki…

“Look at them! I’m sure they’re tasty! If you devour me, you’ll just have a tummyache!”

The beast was getting annoyed by the things that the robot was throwing at it… It began to use one of its multiple mouths for swallowing everything… Which was now including a small mine, three tiles, a steering wheel…

“Don’t you have taste, or what!??”

… A pack of chocolate cookies…

… And suddenly, the beast stopped.

Bender froze, his left arm still brandishing what he was about to throw at the creature (in this case, a moonboot), keeping an eye on what it was about to do. The Shaaash was apparently cautiously chewing the pack of cookies, and doing a few sounds that were sounding like whistles. Leela, Fry, Has-The-Hiccups and Smells-Like-Cinnamon too noticed the sudden change of attitude of the beast, and were wondering what it could mean. Quickly, something was changing in the beast’s organism… It was becoming pink.

The beast’s teeth and claws began to disappear as well… And as a gigantic tongue got out of the beast and licked the part where Bender threw the cookies, it became evident that the creature had suddenly calmed down. In fact, it was even wriggling, and now, instead of roaring, it was yapping like a happy puppy. Cautiously, the two ghosts, Leela and Fry came closer to the robot, who was still brandishing his projectile. Bender had absolutely no clue of what was going on, but his friends had easily found out.

“- Looks like you made a new friend… Said Fry.
- But… Wha? Is… Who… When… Staggered Bender.
- The cookies, dude! Said Has-The-Hiccups. That beast never tasted cookies before, and it obviously likes them!
- Uh?
- Do you have some more? Asked Leela.
- Er, yeah…
- Try to give another one to it.”

Bender looked at Leela, completely lost, but he finally put the moonboot back in the chest cavity, and grabbed another pack of cookies inside. The Shaaash yapped again, and from each of his numerous mouths came a tongue out. Looking at how it was shivering, Leela quickly deduced that if that thing had a tail, it would have been shaking it. Bender, however, was paralyzed by the beast’s new attitude.

“Come on, Bender! Said Fry. Throw another one!”

The robot opened the pack, grabbed a cookie and threw it at the creature. Another mouth appeared exactly where he threw the cookie, and quickly swallowed it, apparently enjoying it a lot.

It brutally moved forward.

Fry and Leela immediately backed off, but Bender was way too close to the creature for avoiding it. He closed his eyes and screamed of terror…

… Just as dozens of tongues were licking him at once.

Bender stopped screaming when he couldn’t feel anymore tongues on him. When he opened his eyes, it was for discovering that he was covered with slaver. The Shaaash barked in front of him.

Fry, Leela, Has-The-Hiccups and Smells-Like-Cinnamon were completely flabbergasted. They were all staring at the strange pair of the robot and the interdimensional monster, their eyes completely empty, their mouths wide opened…

The young man had a spasm.

He began to snicker, sporadically at first, then more and more.

The young woman and the two ghosts joined him.

And they finally completely burst in laughter, completely unable to repress their sudden hilarity.

Fry and Leela were laughing so hard that tears were coming to their eyes, and that their belly was seriously beginning to hurt. The two ghosts didn’t have the same problems, but their hilarity was making it hard for them to stay in the physical plane of existence. But none of them would ever have tried to put an end to their laughter. During hours and hours, all of them had to go through an intense mental pressure: fear, anguish, doubt, despair… And as they were laughing, all their concerns were finally vanishing from their minds. They were happy to be safe and sound, they were beginning to realize they would finally come back to their previous lives (or deaths in the case of the ghosts)… This comical incident that just happened to Bender was the sign that at last they could really live again.

Only one person wasn’t laughing… The robot was looking at his companions with an exasperated look. He rubbed some of the slaver out of his shoulders, but he would certainly need a lot more work for being clean again.

“Haha, very funny…” Said Bender with a very cold voice.

Fry, Leela, Has-The-Hiccups and Smells-Like-Cinnamon laughed for a very long time, despite all the attempts of the robot for stopping them. The Shaaash wasn’t helping him, however, as every time he tried to look serious and asked them to calm down, the beast would be licking him again or caressing his head with one of its tentacles.

It lasted for long, long minutes… But after a while, the four companions’ hilarity finally began to tone down, quite slowly, but at least allowing them to try to talk again.

“- Sorry, Bender… Said Leela, trying to repress her laughter. It’s just… It’s not about you, it’s… Pfffffh…
- Yeah, of course, I believe you, said a sarcastic Bender. You’re not making fun of the robot who got splashed by a gooey slug…
- BENDER HAS A GIRLFRIEND! Screamed Fry, before laughing again.
- Duuuuude! Said Has-The-Hiccups, trying to stop laughing. You’re the first one to make yourself like by a Shaaash in billions of years!
- Not the kind of honor I wanted to gain… Replied Bender. How do I get rid of this thing?!
- No problem, dude, said Smells-Like-Cinnamon, we’ve got everything we need inside the library. Artifacts, rituals and all.
- Although that would be a bit cruel… Snickered Fry. It really seems to love you… Don’t you have a heart?
- Okay, enough with this! Said Bender, losing his temper. I’m sick of those jokes! You will…”

The creature licked the back of the robot’s head. Once again, Fry, Leela, Has-The-Hiccups and Smells-Like-Cinnamon busted out laughing.

“I freaking hate you, guys…”


Very long minutes later, the group finally managed to over come its hilarity. At this moment, came the final moment they were all looking forward to: the last preparations before the Planet Express employees would go. The two ghosts brought Fry and Leela in the library at this effect. As Bender was still followed by the Shaaash, which wasn’t getting off his back, he was forced to stay outside, keeping the beast busy. He still had enough cookies for calming it, but it wasn’t protecting at all from its affection… Fry thought he wouldn’t hold and laugh again when he heard Bender’s last words before the doors would close behind them:

“Stop spitting on me, you stinking pile of snot! Don’t you have some other guys to piss off?!? What the… NO! DO NOT EVEN THINK OF DOING THIS WITH MY LEG!!!”

The two ghosts first made Leela and Fry gather everything they would need for sending the Shaaash back to its native world. Then, they took them to another little room, in which a strange fresco was painted on the world, which was in a perfect state of conservation despite the fact it had been painted millions of years ago, just like anything in the library anyway.

“- That’s pretty, said Leela, but what does it represent exactly?
- It’s a map, sis’, replied Smells-Like-Cinnamon. It shows where we are in the Universe.
- What?! My God, that’s perfect! With this we’ll easily find our way back to Earth!
- Cool! Said Fry. But… How do we take it with us?”

The young man felt the cold look Leela gave at him.

“- What?
- Fry, we only have to note the position of the planet… And then we can easily calculate the trajectory to the nearest civilized planet.
- Oh…
- Thank you for all your kind efforts for helping us, said Leela to the ghosts, forgetting her friend for a second. If only we could repay you for all the troubles we…
- You didn’t get it, sis’, said Has-The-Hiccups, interrupting her. We’re in debt with you. You’re the ones who brought an end to a dangerous menace. Totally normal we help you to get back to your home.
- But what about the golems? Said Fry. We destroyed quite a lot, with sending them to this battle…
- There are still a few left, dude, said Has-The-Hiccups. Believe it or not, but they can rebuild their own fallen brothers with no problem. And now, we even can use some metal from the Crimson Monarch for making entire new metal golems! Sweet!
- I guess… Said Leela. Listen, if you ever need some help against those things from between the Universes…
- You played your part, said Smells-Like-Cinnamon. That’s all we would ever have wanted from you. For the rest… Well, we think in terms of millions of years in our war against the Great-Devourers-From-Between-The-Universes. Could you live that long?
- Errr… No.
- Then this is settled. No need to worry, anyway. It wasn’t the first time that the Universe was in danger, but each time, valorous peoples came and defeated whoever tried to break the balance between Good and Evil. It’s the rules of the game.”

Fry scratched his head.

“- Wait… You mean…?
- Yeah, dude, said Has-The-Hiccups. Some people are destined to fight the ultimate evil. This time it was your turn.
- Whoohoo! Great!
- This doesn’t mean you would have necessarily survived, though. In fact, it was highly probable you’d be killed.”

Fry suddenly lost all his enthusiasm. Leela too was a bit carried away by this information…

“- That’s not extremely appealing…
- Yeah, said Has-The-Hiccups, but when you’re looking to voluntaries, you have to skip that part. A bit of marketing never hurts, see?”

Delivery Boy
« Reply #96 on: 10-04-2007 02:32 »

What? Updated already? that was quick!
Nice (presumably) conclusion. I liked particularly:
“- That’s not extremely appealing…
- Yeah, said Has-The-Hiccups, but when you’re looking to voluntaries, you have to skip that part. A bit of marketing never hurts, see?”
Bending Unit
« Reply #97 on: 10-04-2007 14:33 »

Conclusion ? That's not the conclusion ! I still have more to tell !


One chapter left.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #98 on: 10-06-2007 02:23 »

Oh good. I'm stuck between being glad I know the end and being sad that it's over.
One to go...  smile
Bending Unit
« Reply #99 on: 10-07-2007 14:26 »

What sleeps in between (chapter 26 and end)

The ritual for sending the Shaaash back to its native dimension didn’t take that long to be performed, the only problem being tracing a wide enough pentacle in which the beast would stand, and then to force it to stay in it until the end of the ghosts’ incantations. The beast was apparently surprised by what was happening to it, but Bender gave to it all the cookies he had left in his chest cavity. That proved to put an end to the Shaaash’s hesitation, which didn’t resist at all afterwards.

Then, came the moment of saying farewell to Has-The-Hiccups and Smells-Like-Cinnamon. The ghosts thanked Fry, Leela and Bender again for what they did that day. Unfortunately, Fry and Leela had to give them back their talismans: Has-The-Hiccups explained them that although it was a necessity for them to use magic in those circumstances, it would be better if they just had no more access to it for providing any misuse of this force. It made Fry sad, but he didn’t complain against it after all. All the recent events took away his fascination for magic from him. Leela gladly gave hers, as she really wanted to forget all about it and to come back to a more rational world; as for Bender, he wasn’t saying anything at all. He never felt it anyway, so he didn’t really see the point of keeping something he would never have fun with.

Soon, Leela got the Planet Express ship out of the library, where she hid it before the fight against Kalt. Just as she hoped, the emergency circuits finally kicked in, reactivating the navigation system. With the coordinates of the library’s planet, it would be extremely easy to calculate their way to Earth. She quickly made Bender and Fry got on board, but not before everybody would have said a last goodbye at Has-The-Hiccups and Smells-Like-Cinnamon. When Leela made the ship take off, she quickly lost sight of the two ghosts. The last image she would have from them was Has-The-Hiccups and Smells-Like-Cinnamon waving at them, smiling.

In only a matter of seconds, the Planet Express ship was out of the planet’s atmosphere. Once again, peace and silence would besiege the majestic library until its next visitors would reach it. Which would certainly wouldn’t happen before centuries.

Fry looked by the ship’s windshield at the planet, before it disappeared in the far distance… After a few minutes, even the edge of the Universe was gradually starting to get out of his sight. Fry, Leela and Bender were finally in the vast open space, and every second that was passing was bringing them back to civilization. The young man sat on his usual seat and put his feet on the console in front of him. Leela was still piloting, taking care that their return wouldn’t be disturbed by some meteoritic field or any other kind of trouble you could meet in space.

“- Pfoohey! Said Fry. At least, we can take some rest! With all this running, fighting and screaming, I completely forgot to take a nap!
- Tell me about it, said Leela. For the moment, I must stay here, but I can’t wait to get in my bed and sleep like a log!
- And me, to snore like a hog!
- Say, any news from Bender? I didn’t see him since we took off…
- He just took a blowtorch and locked himself in our room. Don’t know what he’s up to…”

Just at this moment, the cockpit’s door slid, letting Bender enter. The robot was looking particularly calm, but what really caught Leela and Fry’s attention was the fact that the door of his chest cavity was no longer bashed up. It made Fry smile.

“- Looking good, pal!
- Thanks, meatbag. It was about time I’d get this repaired! That was seriously beginning to itch!
- You indeed seem to be in perfect health, for once, said Leela. And you finally got rid of that stench!
- Don’t tell me about it… I had to use the whole bottle of robot polishing for cleaning all that snot… Damn those stupid beasts from another dimension!
- Yeah, that’s something else I’m happy with, said Fry. I’ve seen enough weird things for the rest of my life!”

Leela gave a strange glare at Fry. The young man immediately noticed the change in the general mood.

“- What?
- You do realize you’re a 20th century guy who slept during 1000 years and is now working with a mutant, a robot, his great-great-great-and-many-other-great-nephew, a Decapodian and a girl who was born on Mars, right? Said Leela.
- Yeah, and? Said Fry, still clueless. That’s everyday life.
- But… You’re coming from a time when it wasn’t even conceivable…
- So?”

Leela opened her mouth, trying to find an argument… She couldn’t. After all, it wasn’t as if he awakened a few days ago…

“- Nevermind. So, Bender… New chest cavity?
- No, I just fixed the old one.
- Really? Alone?
- You’re talking about my anatomy, right? And you two aren’t robotologists, right? Then yeah, alone.
- Strange… I always thought you didn’t know a damn thing about repairing yourself…
- What do you mean? It’s basic knowledge for any robots!
- You nearly blew up the entire block the last time you tried to replace your internal clock’s battery from your own…
- Oh, come on! I made a little confusion about wires once, so what? That doesn’t mean I’m a complete jackass!
- Are you really sure you didn’t need help? Said Fry, looking worried. Because the hinges of your chest door don’t look…
- DON’T TOUCH THAT!!! Err, I mean… I’m a bit ticklish there, and… As I just fixed this part…”

Leela frowned. Bender was acting like a kid who got caught trying to shoplift, and usually, it wasn’t announcing good news. Something smelled fishy in this story, and it definitely not because of the Shaaash’s slaver…

“- Are you hiding something in your chest cavity, Bender? Asked Leela with the coldest voice she could have.
- What?! Said Bender, with an indignation that was way too marked for being fully honest. This is calumny! Why are you suspecting me of doing something bad and not Reddie Locks here?
- First, you have a very long history behind you, Bender, said Leela. Second, I find your obsession of keeping your chest cavity closed a bit suspicious. And third, you always call Fry “Reddie Locks” when you want to distract attention on him.
- Really? Said Fry, surprised. All this time I was worried he was just becoming a little too affectionate for my tastes!
- Oh yeah, I get it! Blame the robot! He’s not a piece of flesh! It’s not as if he had feelings! You know what, big boots? That’s despicable! I’m very disappointed, Leela, I was expecting better from you! But noooo, just like any fleshy you’re full of prejudices against my kind! Well, let me tell you this…”

And just at this moment, as he leant for pointing at Leela, his chest door came unhooked and fell on the floor. Letting the content of his chest cavity get free.

“… Crap…”

A quick look at what fell from Bender’s chest cavity immediately made Fry and Leela gasp of horror.

There was some trash, as Bender already threw almost everything he had at the Shaaash earlier, but there was something new… A big, black book with a leather cover. And on it, written in red characters, was the word Metronomicon. On its edge was a broken metallic ring, which had apparently been sawed.

“- That’s a book from the library! Said Fry. One of the forbidden books!
- Errrr… No, it isn’t… Said Bender, trying to look innocent.
- Oh, really?! Said Leela, furious. Then how do you explain that ring here? It was binding the book to the shelf you stole it from!
- Come on, it’s just a damn book! Said Bender. What’s so special about it?
- Didn’t you hear them or something!? This book contains extremely dangerous spells! It can unleash the most horrible atrocities on this Universe! You steal it from the guys who were guarding it, bring it in my ship, and thus endangers us, and you want me to think this is no big deal?!?
- You really believe all this crap? It’s only a goddamn book! Why are you making such a fuss about it?
- And why did you steal it if you don’t like books, by the way? Said Fry.
- Because it’s old and rare, and those things can be extremely profitable!
- Well, sorry, but you won’t make money out of this! We’re going to bring it back to the Durganians immediately!
- Oh come on! There’s absolutely nothing dangerous about it, and I’ll show you!”

Before Leela could realize what he was going to do, Bender already grabbed the book and opened it randomly. And when she began to react, he already was reading a part.

“Trahkjli opalmusbeg klomateh… OUCH!”

The robot’s last word was due to the slap Leela gave him. The young woman was absolutely infuriated, and she had to refrain herself from grabbing a crowbar and to hit Bender with it. The robot let the book fall on the floor. Curious, Fry gave a quick look at the page Bender was reading…

- Oh please! Said Bender, rubbing his cheek. You don’t seriously think that reading a part of that book randomly can be dangerous, do you?
- Randomly, maybe, said Fry, but if I read this correctly, it says here “incantation for summoning the Tyriakhees, the Birds of Oblivion…””

It didn’t seem to worry Bender at all, as he discarded Fry’s intervention with a contemptuous gesture.

“- Pfffh, whatever… The ectoplasms said robots can’t use magic…
- Oh, and it also says: “the Tyriakhees automatically answer to whoever call them, may they be versed with magic or not”. Doesn’t sound good…
- Now you’re just talking nonsense! If that book really can call creatures from another dimension, then I’ll use my own legs for the next supper!”

Leela was about to severely bawl Bender out… When suddenly, a high-pitched screech resounded, chilling her blood. This unexpected event put an end to her madness – at least for a few seconds – and, apparently, Bender and Fry too heard it, as their eyes were wide opened. Fry even swallowed a large gulp of saliva. Slowly, Leela turned her head to see what could have shrieked like this…

Beyond the windshield, in outer space, three abominable creatures were flying in their direction. They had the body and wings of bats, but their wingspan was phenomenal, certainly exceeding 10 meters. Each one had three heads that were looking like what a breeding of a vulture and a pterodactyl would have, except there were sharp fangs in their jaws. They shrieked again, and there was no more doubt that they were the beasts that screamed a few seconds earlier.

Leela didn’t make lots of efforts for guessing what they could be.

She looked back at Bender. When he saw her face, the robot couldn’t know what would be the worst: the beasts or the young woman.


Even Fry, who had nothing to do with this, backed off a little when Leela screamed. The robot was no longer trying to hide his anxiety… But he still managed to smile, a smile that was of course looking particularly fake.

“You guys have a hard time digesting metal, haven’t you? Maybe with some chili sauce…”


Starship Captain
« Reply #100 on: 10-08-2007 19:14 »

Amazing.  Bravo.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #101 on: 10-10-2007 13:55 »

Great conclusion, but no time for lengthy comments due to timed internet. Maybe later. I hate timed internet!  smile

Bending Unit
« Reply #102 on: 10-10-2007 14:46 »

Great work!

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #103 on: 10-10-2007 18:34 »

Haha, cool.  smile
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