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Author Topic: wouldn't you like to know...  (Read 586 times)
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brainslug angel

« on: 03-26-2007 03:54 »

Ah-ha! I’ve finally managed to catch that pesky plot bunny! But the title bunny is still on the loose…
I've changed my avatar (I wanted something Fryish) but this one's here to stay. Anyway, here's my fanfic

Chapter One

In the distance, Fry could hear the sound of Zoidberg crashing the pogo-stick he got for Christmas. He was waiting for Zoidberg to see to a cut on his arm, but it looked like he’d have to wait a little longer. As it turned out, he was wrong. Leela walked into the surgery, saying: “Zoidberg’s just crashed into a dumpster, so it looks like I’ll be patching you up.” 
She pulled out some bandages and a bottle of antiseptic out of a nearby cupboard and proceeded to dress the wound.
Secretly, Fry was thinking ‘Swish! I’m never going to take these bandages off!’

Leela wasn’t feeling too well as she bandaged Fry’s arm, but she didn’t tell any-one.

Just at that moment, Amy walked in.
“Come on, we have a delivery to make to the Planet of the Big Green Things.” she said.
“Who’s it for?” Fry asked.
“The big green things. G’uh.” Amy replied.
Leela said nothing and concentrated on trying not to pass out.

Leela found it hard to pilot the ship, but she quickly got onto the space highway and let the auto-pilot do the driving for her. They were soon at the Planet of the Big Green Things. As Leela stepped off the ship, her knees nearly buckled under her. But she straightened up and still didn’t say anything. She’d get Zoidberg to check her out after the delivery, because right now they had work to do. Leela looked down at her wrist thingy. On the display was an address. It said: 34 blobberty drive, greensville. Leela loaded the hover trolley with the delivery and started off down the road, calling the others to follow as she did so.
“Wait up, eyeball” called Bender. “Meatbag’s getting left behind”
Leela realised she was hurrying and slowed down. Fry came up beside her panting heavily.
“Okay, here it is, number 34.” Leela announced as they came up to a huge chrome building that seemed to be the only building on the planet, which was strange, because it was number 34.
Fry rang the doorbell. A female big green thing answered.
“Hello, we have a delivery for the big green things.”
“Aah, yes, that is right” said the female big green thing.
“Sign here” said Leela, holding out the LCD screen for the female big green thing to sign. The female big green thing quickly scribbled something on the dotted lines. She seemed almost in a hurry. Leela pushed the hover trolley towards the female big green thing but she snatched it and tore the lid off to reveal the contents. It was full of laser guns.
“AT LAST! WE CAN RIOT!” she screamed, hauling the crate up in the air so that the laser guns rained down on the big green things. Every big green thing suddenly dived for the laser guns and started shooting each other, leaving the Planet Express crew caught in the crossfire. They dived to the floor. Leela spotted a laser gun just to her left. She grabbed it and leapt up, running into the thick of the fight, to get the LCD screen with the signature on it so that the PE crew could leave.
“Wait! Leela!” yelled Fry, worried.

Leela was in the thick of the fight, trying desperately to avoid the laser bursts that were darting everywhere. She spotted the screen, lying on the floor. Ah-ha! She went to grab it, so that they could get out of this crazy hell-hole, but suddenly she felt very dizzy….
She collapsed in a heap on the floor.
There was a farmer did a dance and TOTPD was it's name-o
and TOTPD was it's name-o

actually, now that i think about it, this probably doesnt count.
aargh! curse this blasted noob-ness!

two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts make a u-turn
Bending Unit
« Reply #1 on: 03-26-2007 05:43 »

HAHAHAHA! Your first post doesnt count... but nice try  wink [lucas]N00B![/lucas] And btw, good fanfic! I have to update mine soon, it has sunk to the 3rd page....

Urban Legend
« Reply #2 on: 03-26-2007 15:30 »

Really good fanfic you wrote there.  What's the title? 

Bending Unit
« Reply #3 on: 03-26-2007 17:43 »

good work! update soon  smile
Sine Wave

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #4 on: 03-26-2007 18:37 »

Originally posted by KurtPikachu2001:What's the title? 

Wouldn't you like to know?   wink

Leela in trouble; Fry to the rescue?
brainslug angel

« Reply #5 on: 04-24-2007 05:30 »

hmmm...yes, wouldn't you like to know.
oh, and oh yes, definitely fry to the rescue.
I'll update as soon as I get the internet on my computer working, because I cant copy-paste the second chapter because it's on a different computer.
If that made any sense, please let me know
Bending Unit
« Reply #6 on: 04-24-2007 06:06 »

Making sense is over-rated!  wink
brainslug angel

« Reply #7 on: 05-09-2007 05:39 »
« Last Edit on: 05-09-2007 05:39 »

okay, here 'tis

Chapter Two

Fry saw Leela collapse.
“Leela!” he cried. Oh no! He thought. She must have been shot!
Slowly and painstakingly, he slithered on his belly to her unconscious form. He quickly grabbed the screen and shoved it down his shirt, before using both hands to try and get them both to safety. He crawled to Bender.
“Sup, meatbag? What’s with eyeball?” he asked concernedly. Fry didn’t usually rush into a laser fight without good reason.
“Hurry and start the ship, Bender!” Fry gasped desperately, and Bender obeyed. Fry gingerly lowered Leela onto the hover trolley, before pushing her to the ship.
He came into the bridge, pushing Leela before him, to find Bender knocking on the walls to get the ship’s attention.
“Hey Planet Express ship! We need to get to an earth hospital, and be quick about it!”
Fry felt a jolt as the ship took off. He hoped Leela would be okay.

Fry worriedly sat by Leela’s bed. Her illness had started to show a few more symptoms, but the doctors still didn’t know what was wrong with her. Her eyelid had turned a blotchy purple colour, and her fingertips were turning blue. Her parents had been contacted, and were on their way. Fry just held Leela’s blue fingers.

Morris and Munda were running through the sewers around the hospital as fast as they could. They had been granted a special circumstances hour long pass for emergencies only, so that they could see their daughter.
“My baby, my baby!” Munda cried as she ran.

Fry looked up as Leela’s parents came through the door.
“My baby! My baby!”  Munda was crying.
“We haven’t been able to diagnose her as yet…” the doctor was saying.
Munda took one look at Leela and cried: “My baby has sewer fever!”
“Sewer fever?” said the doctor. “I’m not familiar with that.”
“You wouldn’t be.” Said Morris. “Surface dwellers don’t get it”
“What exactly is it?”
Morris explained.
“It’s a virus exclusive to sewer mutants. It slowly eats away at the protective membrane around the organs until they shut down. The most common symptoms are nausea, bruising around the eye or eyes, lack of oxygen to the fingers and/or toes, and loss of consciousness.” Morris quoted, presumably from a textbook.
“Is there a cure?” Fry asked eagerly.
“Oh yes” said Munda with tears in her eyes. “It’s called Tonka’s Tincture, but our supplies ran out long ago”
“Where did it come from? Surely there must be more somewhere” Fry looked hopeful.
“One of the very first sewer mutants brought it with him when he ventured into the sewers. His name was John Tonka, and he brought it from Omnicron Persai 2”
The doctor gasped, and Fry just looked bewildered.
“Omnicron Persai 2?! How on earth did he get it?” the doctor managed to splutter.
“Well,” explained Munda. “In those days, Omnicron Persai 2 was not the hostile and formidable planet it is now”
“Wait a minute, wait a minute” Fry interjected. “What’s going on? What’s the deal with Omnicron Persai 2?”
“In the beginning, Omnicronians lived on Omnicron. But when the planet’s resources were exhausted, the Omnicronians simply moved to a new planet. Persai means ‘number’ in Omnicronian.” Munda explained.
“So what’s so bad about Omnicron Persai 2” Fry still didn’t understand.
“After a couple of hundred years, the natural resources started to replenish themselves, and an alien race decided to move in. This is no different to any of the other Omnicron planets, except that on Omnicron Persai 2, the Cartonians moved in.”
“What are Cartonians?”
“They’re a race of bird like creatures who revel in pain and torture. They have grey skin and red eyes and are expert fire lighters. When they snap their fingers, it makes a spark which they like to set things alight with. The Tincture came from underground in a valley that is now the King’s palace. It would be almost impossible to get more” Munda’s teary eyes quickly progressed to sobs.
“Wait a minute. Did you say almost impossible?” Fry’s ears pricked up. “So it’s not actually impossible?”
“Well no, but it would be SUICIDE to attempt such a thing!” Munda cried
“Anything for Leela” said Fry quietly.
hope you enjoyed it! (and didn't think it was total crap)    big grin
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