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Author Topic: Fanfic spawned from boredom!!!!!  (Read 1319 times)
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Liquid Emperor
« Reply #40 on: 10-23-2006 13:42 »

Good good
*throws knife in the wall right next to WU32's head*
Keep it like that.

A not so friendly warning from the exploding shipper
Writer unit32

« Reply #41 on: 10-23-2006 14:43 »

Hey,I thought you were the exploding shipper,not the deadliest of assassins

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #42 on: 10-23-2006 14:45 »

I'm both

This message was brought to you by the mistress, bow down and be grateful
Apple Tea

Bending Unit
« Reply #43 on: 10-23-2006 15:52 »

Ahahaha, ur guy's response cracks me up!  And once again my boredom continues...
Chapter 2
The PE crew sat silently as they awaited the arrival of Fry and Leela.
Hermes was the first to break the silence.

“I expect Fry to be late mon.  But Leela too?” 

Just then Leela enters looking perkier than usual. 

“Well someone is in a good mood today...” Amy said.

“Who me?”

“Spleesh Leela, it’s pretty globvious.  You and Fry finally hit it off?”

“Well no...er...I just had an unexpected visitor last night...”

“Was it Fry?”

“He played this beautiful song for me”

“Was it Fry?”

“No it wasn’t Fry,” she scoffed.  “My old boyfriend Sean has come back.  I really didn’t want to see him but then he played me this beautiful song and I knew he’d changed.  I could feel this sweet and boyish charm in him.  But don’t tell Fry”

“Tell me what?”  Fry asked as he entered.

“Uh...that er....we have a mission to Dog Doo 9 today...so let’s all hurry up and get ready...”

“Okay,” Fry said, not noticing the obviously phony reply.


Amy was studying quietly when she heard the PE ship returning from a mission.   She trodded off to greet them on their return.

“Hey guys, how’d the mission g-”
She was abruptly cut off by the sound of Leela’s loud voice.

“C’mon, Leela, can’t you see that guy is a jerk   He’s cheated on you once and he’ll do it again ” Fry pleaded.

“Stop being so jealous, its annoying,” Leela replied.  Despite her best efforts, Fry had eventually found out she was dating Sean again and had been going on and on for weeks about why they weren’t right for each other.  She should’ve known Amy couldn’t keep a secret.

“How come he gets two chances with you when I haven’t even got one?”

“Because you’re just too childish, you can be too careless sometimes.  You need to be more mature and think before you act ”

“Well at least I can have fun once in a while   You need to be more impulsive   You’re too uptight,”  Fry tried to defend himself.

Leela stared at him angrily before storming off, mumbling to herself on the way out.

Fry stood there sullen and wondering how things got like this.  Things were going well between them after the opera, in fact he could feel that she was finally within grasp.  But in the last couple of weeks, nothing he did seemed to be right and they were drifting farther and farther apart.

Just then he noticed Amy standing there.
“Amy...I don’t know what to do...everything I do seems wrong to Leela.  I feel like I’m really going to lose her this time”

Amy wasn’t sure what to say.  “Well Fry, sometimes you can do everything right and it still won’t be enough.”

“Yea...” he said under his breath.

“Aw, don’t give up Fry, I know you truely love her because the way you look at her is the same way my Kiffy looks at me.”  Amy swooned at the thought of the squishy green alien.

“Yea, I just wish Leela could see it too...”


Standing in front of her apartment door, Leela gave a heavy sigh as she fumbled in her purse for her keys.  Arguments with Fry always put her on edge.

As she entered her apartment she saw Sean sitting on her couch.  She was in no mood to see him.

“I have good news” he said as he got up.

“You know all those clubs I’ve been playing my sax at?  Well one of the clubs had a famous record producer and wants me to go to Epsilon 10 to do some recording.   I’m going to be famous!   And its all thanks to the new songs you’ve inspired me to write.”

“Uh, Sean...” Leela started, not knowing what quite to say.

“And that’s not all!   I want you to come with me.” he continued.

“But...but...Epsilon 10 is on the other side of the universe   I can’t leave everything behind.”  Leela replied, confused on what to do.

“Leela, this is a chance of a lifetime ” Sean countered.

Just then Fry’s voice resounded in her head, “You need to be more impulsive   You’re too uptight ”
What Fry said had angered Leela.  Without hesitation she said “Alright, I’ll come with you...”

Oh man, everyone's gonna hate me by the end of this story.
Writer unit32

« Reply #44 on: 10-23-2006 16:48 »
« Last Edit on: 10-23-2006 16:48 »

Your right I do hate you!!!!
But even more I HATE SEAN  mad
Damn you Apple Tea stop this or I(and all the other people and humanoids that read this crap)will have to use drastick mezhures!!!!!!!!!

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #45 on: 10-23-2006 22:05 »

I have faith all will be well.
You sure do know how to dangle people by their proverbial balls though.
Bending Unit 99

Bending Unit
« Reply #46 on: 10-24-2006 03:02 »
« Last Edit on: 10-24-2006 03:02 »

hopefully, but like coldangel said,
we're all on the edge of our seats

Apple Tea

Bending Unit
« Reply #47 on: 10-24-2006 06:55 »

Oy vey, I wanna quickly finish this before the shippers find out where I live.
Chapter 3
“Good lord mon, even Fry’s here!   Where the hell is Leela?”  Hermes was getting impatient, the company loses money every minute an employee was late.

“It’s that Sean!   He’s bad news for her ”  Fry spat, not trying to hide his distaste for the man.

“Hey everybody, sorry I’m late.  This is my boyfriend Sean” Leela said as she entered the room.

“Spleesh Leela, it’s not like you-” Amy stopped when she saw Sean.  She was awed and creeped out at the same time.  There stood an image not unlike Fry.  He was wearing a grey shirt with a green jacket with khakis for pants.  Messy black hair topped his pasty face.

As Amy studied his face, she saw him wink at her when Leela wasn’t looking.  Amy felt sick to the stomach at the gesture and looked away uneasily.

“I’m afraid we got some good news and bad news,” Leela started.  “The good news is that Sean got a contract to go to Epsilon 10 to record his songs, he’s going to become famous”  She paused. 

“...And...I’m going with him...”

Fry felt like he’d just been pelted with a million bricks as he heard the last sentence.  Everything became hazy and his vision blurred.  He heard talking but it seemed faded and far away.

“Epsilon 10?  But that’s so far away, how will we ever visit you?”

“That reminds me, I have one last gig at the Jazzeria tonight before we leave, and you’re all welcome to come and see.”

How could this happen?  It seemed fate was playing him like a chump.

“Remember our first date Sean?  We went to the planetarium and you paid the operator to write me a love note with the stars”

Why now?  Not when he was just beginning to pick up momentum with Leela.

“Yea, I wrote ‘I wuv you, Leela’ in the sky”

“I fell instanly in love with you that night, it was so romantic”

“Splech!  That’s such a cheesy line.”

This wasn’t happening, it must be some kind of bad dream   How could Leela do this?  I thought we had a good thing going   Does she not value our relationship at all?  I can’t stand to be so far away from Leela.

“Hey wait a minute!   I wrote Leela a love note in the stars ”  Fry exclaimed.  But apparently the meeting was long since over and there was noone else in the room.


The PE crew all sat at a table in the Jazzeria.  All were a bit uneasy, they all didn’t want Leela to leave.  The news had been so sudden and it wasn’t like Leela to be so impulsive on these kind of things.  Fry was no help at all.  His constant pleading had made it harder for everyone to accept her departure.

“Ooh, we’re really gonna miss you, Leela” Amy held Leela’s hand as she spoke.

“Leela, what about all your friends ? And...And your parents?  What about us?”

“Spleesh Fry, it’s her last night here, don’t ruin it for her”

“I’ll only be gone a year” Leela simply replied.  Truth was though, she wasn’t sure she made the right decision either.  She had made the decision on impulse when she was still angry with Fry for the remark he had made.  All night long Fry had been trying to convince her to stay, and quite frankly, his jealousy was really getting on her nerves.

“What abo-”

“Sh, sh, sh.  It’s Sean’s turn to play.”

Sean quietly walked up onto the stage and sat down.

“This song is dedicated to my love, Leela.”  He raised the saxophone to his mouth and started playing.

Fry looked at Leela who was swooning as soon as the music started playing.  Fry slumped back into his chair and tried to listen to the music that was tearing his one love away from him.  As he listened he seemed to get a bit confused, the song had seemed oddly familiar.   Suddenly a flash of anger came across his face and he went up on stage to where Sean was.

Fry jammed his fist with as much force as he could muster into Sean’s face.  For the second time within a month, Sean was interrupted by the sound of his nose breaking.  As Fry readied his fist for another shot at Sean, he was stopped by Leela’s voice.

“FRY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?”  Leela had barely tolerated his jealous incessant ramblings for the night, but hitting Sean had totally snapped her beyond reasoning.

“But Leela-”



“GO ”  She shouted as she gave him a bitter look.

Fry was shaken by the way Leela yelled at him.  Sure she had yelled at him lot’s of times before, but this was the first time he heard actual contempt in her voice.

“Okay Leela,”  he said softly, trying to stop his voice from quavering.  He tried to walk slowly out but he also wanted to get away from there as fast as he could.  “Just remember I’ll always love you” he whispered before walking out.

Leela watched him go, trying not to feel guilty for what she had just done.


Fry sat on his bed looking at his bandaged hand.  He had never felt such satisfaction as when he punched Sean, but now his hand was hurting like hell.  He picked up his holophonor.  At times like this, he knew he could just pour his emotions into the instrument.

Unbeknownst to Fry, Leela was standing in front on Bender’s apartment.  She didn’t know what to say to Fry but she knew she wanted to apologize to him and to say goodbye.  As she raised her hand to knock on the door, she heard the holophonor being played.  She paused to listen to it.

The song was by no means flawless or even fluent, but Leela picked up enough notes to feel the sadness it conveyed.  Leela’s knees began to tremble as she heard it.

“Oh Fry, you must hate me now...” she said softly to herself.  She put her hand over mouth to try and stop herself from crying but it proved useless.

“Oh Fry, I’m so sorry...”  she sobbed.  Suddenly she didn’t want to see Fry, she didn’t want to see the look of hate from his eyes towards her.  She knew she wouldn’t be able to handle the image.

“Goodbye Fry...”  and with tears in her eye, she left the Robot Arms Apartment building.

Don't worry, methinks the next chapter will wrap everything up... eek

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #48 on: 10-24-2006 07:02 »

So did Sean rip off Fry's opera?
Great work there lad.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #49 on: 10-24-2006 07:37 »

Writer unit32

« Reply #50 on: 10-24-2006 09:14 »

You better wrap it up,before I switch to maximum insanity
Great fan-fic, but I still hate you like I hate Sean!
Oddly familiar, heh?Have Fry forget his opera?
Apple Tea

Bending Unit
« Reply #51 on: 10-25-2006 03:02 »

Sorry this came out much longer than I intended.  Whew I finally got writing out of my system.  Anyways, without further Apu...
Chapter 4
Leela sat alone in the hotel room.  Sean had gotten another gig in The Pink Viking on Venus before he had to go to Epsilon 10.  It had been a spur of the moment thing and Leela wanted to invite all her friends again to hear Sean play since it was close to Earth, but decided not to because she didn’t want another incident like last time.  The past couple of weeks had seem like a blur.  She had hardly felt like herself during that time, it seemed that all her decisions were made on impulse and emotions. 

Leela’s hand trembled as she tried to pick up the phone.  Everyday she thought about calling Fry to see how he was doing, but she was afraid that she had hurt him beyond repair.  She was beginning to regret her decision to ever agree coming along, she wished all the events of the past couple of weeks had never happened.  She started dialing but slammed down the receiver soon after.  She cursed under her breath as she looked at the clock, it read 1 am Venusian time.

“Damnit where’s Sean?”  She said to herself.

Leela stood outside the club waiting for Sean.  Just then she saw a crowd of people backing out through the front door.  It seemed Sean’s music had gotten quite popular over the past couple of weeks.  Leela tried to push through the crowd to get to Sean but there was too many.

“Sean  Sean ”  Leela tried to shout but was drowned out by the voices of the crowd.

Sean stood there signing autographs for his adoring fans.  Seeing Leela he called out.

“Oh hey Leela   Looks like a long night, you better go back to the hotel and wait for me.”

Leela gave an annoyed sigh but complied anyways, she didn’t like crowded places.

*End Flashback*
Just then she heard voices outside her room.

“Oh sh sh sh, my girlfriend’s in there.”

There were sounds of girls giggling.

“Okay, see you later Sean, don’t forget to call.”

Then there was the sound of keys fumbling followed by a hiccup and then more fumbling.  Sean opened the door to find Leela glaring at him.

“Oh *hic* hey Leela, you still up?”

Leela could smell the foul stench of alcohol in his breath.

“Sean where the hell were you?  You told me to wait at the hotel!   And what were you doing with those girls?”

“Aw Leela *hic* you sound a bit upset right now. *Hic* why don’t I play a song for you to cheer you up.”

Leela lowered her eyes to an even more menacing tone.  He must be kidding to think he could play his way out of this one. 

Sean took out his notebook and placed it on the bed.  Leela found it strange for him to have his notebook out in the open like that, he had always tried to keep it secret from, saying that it would ruin the surprise if she saw the music inside.  Nonetheless, he must have let his guard down in his drunken stupor.

Sean started flipping through the pages looking for the right song, Leela found the pages in it a bit strange.  All the pages looked like they were crumpled up and some even had Slurm stains on it.

Sean finally stopped on the page he wanted, he straightened out the page and prepared himself to start playing.  This proved to be a mistake because Leela now had a clear view of the writing on the paper.

“This *hic* one’s for you baby-”

“Sean where did you say you got this from?”  Leela interrupted.

“I wrote it for yo-”

“That’s not your writing.”  Leela’s heartbeat started to rise as she began recognizing the writing.

“Of course it i-oof” Sean lost his breath as Leela gave him a gut busting punch.

Where did you get these?”

“Okay, okay,” he wheezed.  “When I was living from dumpster to dumpster, I occasionally go to the Robot Arms Apartment dumpsters to look for scrap metal to sell...that’s when I found these...”

Leela said nothing as she gave him an intense stare.

“I did it all for yo-”

The sound of a window breaking followed by a man’s bloodcurdling scream as he fell eight stories pierced through the night air.


“Oh lucky I fell into the pool” Sean said to himself.  “LEELA YOU STUPID CRAZY BI-”  *crack* and for the third time within a month, Sean was interrupted by the sound of his nose breaking as the notebook landed on his face.  The pages began to dissolve as it sank to the bottom of the pool.


Luckily Leela had snagged Sean’s keys before he ‘accidently’ fell out the window.  He had just bought the new S-class Spacester model which was one of the fastest models ever built.  She could reach Earth within an hour tops.

A million thoughts started racing through Leela’s head.  How had she not known it was Fry who wrote those songs that Sean was playing.

Fry hates you now...look what you did to him...

I didn’t mean to

He probably doesn’t even want to see you

I don’t care!   I have to see him.

What did you ever see in Sean anyway?

I-I don’t know...those...those songs...he reminds me of Fry

But the real Fry has been in front of you all along, why didn’t you just give him a chance?

I don’t know, I mean...I want...he hasn’t really been in a real long term relationship, what if it doesn’t work out? 

What if it does?...

Leela tried to shake the last thought out as she approached Earth.


Bender was quietly enjoying an evening marathon of All my Circuits in his apartment when suddenly someone busted down the door to his apartment.

“I hope you know you’re paying for that” he simply said without so much as a glance towards the door.

“Bender!   Where’s Fry?”  Leela exclaimed.

“In his room.”

Leela rushed to Fry’s door and opened it without knocking.  Never has she been shocked by a sight as much as the one before her.  The room was empty, too empty, the usual clothing and Slurm cans was no where to be seen on the floor nor the decorative Bender waffles on the ceiling.  More importantly, Fry wasn’t there.

“Bender!  Fry isn’t in here ”

“Oh yea...I think he said something about a suicide booth or something.”

“WHAT!? And you let him go ?”

“What do I look like his guardian?”

“We gotta look for him. ”

“Eh...maybe during the commercial break.”

Leela could see it was going to be no use trying to get Bender to help, especially when time was going to be a factor.  Frustrated, Leela ran out to look for Fry.


Fry gave a heavy sigh as he stared at the machine in front of him.  Despair was a feeling that he had become all too familiar with over the past few weeks.  He looked at his hand, it was still bandaged from when he hit Sean.  He clenched his fist.  The bastard got what he deserved for stealing his songs, it sounded strange because the notes had been changed from the holophonor to the saxophone.  That damned Sean was a stupid jerk but Leela didn’t seem to think so.

He took out a quarter and stared at it in between his fingers.

“This is for you Leela...” he said as he inserted the coin.

The machine made a whirling noise as it started coming to life.


Leela ran through the streets of New New York as fast as she could desperately checking every suicide booth she knew.  Her thoughts were only centered around finding Fry.  Where could he be?


The machine’s gears started to slow down as it came to a halt.


It made a sound indicating it was done.  Unfortunately Fry was nowhere near to hear it.


Leela ran until she almost passed out.  Sensing her disillusionment she stopped and leaned against a lamppost.

Look what you did, you killed Fry

He’s not dead!

He might as well be, your constant rejection of him has shattered his heart


Why couldn’t you just give him a chance?

What if I lose him?  The stakes are too high

Lose him?  Hahaha don’t kid me.  He would never leave your side.

But I...


It’s just that...




“SHUT UP!  I DON’T KNOW! ”  Leela screamed, catching the attention of nearby wandering pedestrians. 

“Hehe” Leela laughed sheepishly “I’m just a little lost...” she tried to explain

Then in an instant of painstaking clarity it all boiled down to one question.

Isn’t he worth the risk?

Before Leela could answer her own question she heard the familiar sound of a holophonor being played off in the distance.

She looked around for the source but she couldn’t tell which direction it was coming from.  She was about to start running again but then she noticed something in the sky. 

There clearly written against the darkness of the night were stars spelling out the message “I love you, Leela”.  The image seemed strangely familiar to her, but before she could pinpoint exactly where it came from the image changed to one of her and Fry standing on the back of the Titanic staring into the romantic darkness of space.  Within seconds that image quickly changed to the two of them standing on the PE balcony staring into a fiery quasar holding hands.  Leela watched in awe as image after image showed up.  The last image to show up was one of Fry in a tux with Leela in a wedding dress holding each other in an embracing kiss.  The last image seemed to hit a chord within Leela.  Unfortunately before she could see the rest of the images the sound of a sour note being hit filled the air and the images quickly dissipated.

Realizing who was playing the instrument Leela quickly ran off towards the images.


Fry cursed as he hit the sour note.  He had come onto the PE balcony to practice his holophonor, it was the only place he could play in the PE building without waking the professor.  He had come to the PE building hoping to do free laundry, but he had forgotten that they recently added coin-operated washing machines.  Speaking of which, they should of been done by now, but he didn’t hear a ding so he didn’t think too much about it.

Fry stared at the sky, surprisingly it had a lot of stars out tonight despite all the light pollution.  He didn’t notice a purple haired cyclops running into the building.  He gave a sigh as he turned to go in to check his laundry.

He was surprised to find a panting Leela leaning against the door.

“Leela!  What are you doing here?  Is everything alright?”

“Bender, *huff* Bender said...” *huff*.  Leela was still trying to catch her breath as she talked.

“Bender told you I was here?  I’m surprised he knew where I was, he never listens when I tell him where I’m going.”

“Well...no...er...”  That damned robot had made her run all over New New York under false pretenses.

“So uh, what are you doing here?” Fry asked again.  He had carefully avoided asking about Sean, lest he hit a nerve of some kind.

What was she doing here?  Leela seemed to think about the question for a while.

She had only thought about finding Fry and didn’t really think about what’d she do when she had found him.  She thought that Fry hated her for what she had done for the past month, but his reaction showed that he was actually quite happy to see her.  She should’ve known, he had proved his devotion to her countless times, he could never hate her. 

Is he worth the risk?

Leela gave a smile.  The answer had never been more clear than at that moment.

She wrapped her arms around Fry’s waist and gave him a peck on the cheek.

“What was that for?”  Fry asked with a surprised look.

“Oh, just for being you.  Play it for me again.”

At this point, Fry was vastly confused on what was going on.  One moment he had thought he’d lost Leela forever then the next she was standing right next to him with her arms around him.  But Fry didn’t care, Leela was back.

And so he started playing.

I hope the washing machine/suicide booth thing didn't confuse anyone too much.
And now if you'll excuse me, I must flee for my life before the shippers finish reading this note.
*Scuttles off into the woods, never to be heard from ever again*

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #52 on: 10-25-2006 05:04 »

*gives a salute*
*smiles knowingly*

That'll do, Apple Tea. That'll do.  smile

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #53 on: 10-25-2006 06:18 »

That was so beautiful, I...I...
*bursts into tears*
That was wonderful, with Fry and Leela together, like they were meant to be.
*crys harder*
Damn it, someone pass me a tissue.
Bending Unit 99

Bending Unit
« Reply #54 on: 10-25-2006 06:50 »
« Last Edit on: 10-25-2006 06:50 »

and all ends well yay

and jle please don't explode!

Bending Unit
« Reply #55 on: 10-25-2006 11:53 »

jle1993: Here's that tissue you wanted. Only been used once!

Great story Apple Tea! Great twist with the whole suicide booth/washing machine thing!

And now a message about going postal:
*laughs evilly*

Again, loved your story! You should write more often! I can't believe that you BARELY passed your writing class! You have a great talent for this sort of thing! Keep it up  smile

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #56 on: 10-25-2006 12:05 »

Thanks for the tissue *drys eye*
I wish it wasn't the end of the story, it was so good and it made me happy after I got over my murderus rage at Sean but still, it was a shippy endding.
Sorry BU99

This message was brought to you by the mistress, bow down and be grateful
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