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Author Topic: Tasty's Art and Fan Fic thread... OF DOOM  (Read 19106 times)
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Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #280 on: 11-24-2006 05:27 »
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Thanks all!

KKBF: Yeah... I'll post it as soon as I finish writing the next segment >.>
I'm trying to beat off writer's block atm.

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.

A duck hat? I want one!

Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #281 on: 11-26-2006 17:29 »


LEELA presses her lips firmly against FRY’S, forcing FRY against the wall. Neither of them notices that the elevator’s doors have opened.

ZAPP: [horrified] Leela?!
LEELA: [breaking the kiss/snapping back from FRY] Zapp? What the hell?
FRY: [dazed] Whoa…
ZAPP: What are you doing with this… this… Kif, what is he?
KIF: [sigh]
ZAPP: Ah, that’s right, this idiot that’s worthless as Kif here.

LEELA and KIF’S expressions turn to anger.

LEELA: He’s worth much more than you will ever be.

LEELA reaches up to press a button on the elevator’s key pad and the doors slam on ZAPP.

SP CATAIN: [still on the transmitter screen] Where’s that criminal robot?!
ZAPP: Kif! I want you to find that nice young man that robot and return the stolen goods while I go find that sexy booty and set her obviously confused mind straight.
KIF: [peeved] I’m so sorry sir; apparently I’m not worthy to do anything to you.

KIF walks out much to the astonishment of ZAPP.


LEELA and FRY run out of the elevator and toward the PE ship which has the engines already turned on and revving. AMY is standing on the stairs waving at them.

AMY: Hurry up! Bender’s going to take off!

LEELA grabs FRY’S hand and half drags him to the stairs. They barely clamber onto them when the ship suddenly lifts off the ground and the stairs take them into the ship.


ZOIDBERG: Please captain! My bowels can’t take much more of this! Please slow down!
BENDER: Go back to your corner!
LEELA: Bender Bending Ronriquez!
BENDER: Oh good, you made it in time.

LEELA slaps him.

LEELA: I don’t want to see you do a stunt like that ever again.

The PE ship shudders as it’s showed with lasers.

LEELA: What the hell?
FRY: Oh My God, it’s the giant cucumbers!
LEELA: [at FRY] What the hell?
BENDER: Would now be a good time to tell you that the stolen goods are from the pirates?
LEELA: [at BENDER] What the h-…?
ZOIDBERG: Oh no, I’ve run out of claw wax!
AMY: Oh no! I left my eyelash curler behind.
LEELA: Everyone shut up!

The PE SHIP shudders and everyone falls over.

LEELA: [climbing into the PE ship] Fry to gunner, Bender to navigation, Amy to engines, Zoidberg… just go to your corner and stay out of the way.

Everyone scrambles to their posts without objection.


Zoidberg scuttled in a panic over the unsteady ground of the Planet Express ship. He dove and clutched to a chair. Trembling he peeked from his hidey place to the next seat. Bender had plonked himself down and strapped himself in; a rare motion in itself; Bender was more than nervous, he was dead scared. If the pirates got their hands on him, they would tear him limb from limb, loot his chest cavity, booby traps and all. Bender almost regretted taking the pirate’s treasure, but it contained a Faeler gem; rare and beautiful, and he knew the Wong’s would pay a ransom of over a billion dollars to get their greedy hands on it. He gave a sidelong glance at Amy, wondering if she had come to spy on him for her parents. She had seemed very edgy lately. He gave a start when he realised she was looking straight at him. He quickly turned to Leela.
‘Order’s captain?’ he asked in an uncharacteristically polite manner. Leela paid him no notice; she gripped the wheel, her knuckles whitening.
‘Fry to Leela; all set to go, waiting orders, captain.’ Fry’s excited voice crackled into the radio. The ship gave another shudder as a fresh wave of lasers was set upon them.
‘Fire at will!’ Leela yanked on the steering wheel, evading most of the lasers. Fry peered at the closing ship as the people on it became visible.
‘Which one’s Will?’
‘Oh, for Pete’s sake!’
‘Which one’s Pete?’
‘Return fire Fry!’ Leela cried.
‘Oh…’ Fry snapped down his helmet visor and pressed his fingers down on the buttons. A wave of lasers shot from the Planet Express ship; most of them finding its target. The assault slowed as the pirate ship’s laser cannon’s exploded from Fry’s accurate shots. Fry gave a wicked grin as the pirate ship tried a new approach only to have the decorative sail blown to pieces. Fry couldn’t help but to make explosion noises with his mouth to accompany the ship breaking into two. Leela cracked a grin.
‘Alright, Fry!’
‘Woo!’ Amy punched the air with both hands.
‘Great shot meat bag!’ the relief was evident in Bender’s voice.


LEELA: Amy, damage report?
AMY: Nothing major, a bit of body work, but nothing that can’t be done within the hour and it won’t hinder the flight home.
LEELA: Bender; set course for home.
BENDER: Way ahead of you skin tube.

BENDER puts his feet up on the console and gives LEELA a sly look; she rolls her eye and ignores him.

LEELA: Fry, you can come back down.
FRY: [on radio] But I wanna stay here; you can see the stars better.

LEELA glances out the window at the front of the ship; they’re passing a beautiful nebula.

LEELA: The view’s fine here; I’ll kick Amy out of your seat…
AMY: Hey!
FRY: Okay, I’ll be right there.

FRY scrambles down the ladder; sliding down the last little bit. He darts down the hallway, almost bumping into a disgruntled AMY who is gingerly rubbing a boot mark on her ass. He slides into his regular seat and pushes his face to the window to watch the nebula disappear out of view. After it’s passed he sighs with satisfaction and leans back with his hands behind his head. It takes him a moment to realise that LEELA is looking at him with a bemused expression.

FRY: What?
LEELA: What?
FRY: What what?
LEELA: Oh nothing.
FRY: Oh… Okay then…

BENDER is confused and looks from FRY to LEELA. LEELA has an almost smug look on her face, and FRY is non-chalantly grinning.

BENDER: What the hell?
FRY/LEELA: [still looking at each other] What?
BENDER: [catching on] What happened in that elevator?
LEELA: Oh nothing…
BENDER: [unconvinced] Uh-huh… I’m just gonna raid the fridge.
LEELA: You do that.


It is night time, but the moon and clusters of bright stars illuminate the PE building. The PE ship swoops in as the roof of the building opens and it lowers out of sight.


FRY stares wistfully at the stars until the roof closes over blocking his view. He sighs and leans back in his chair.

LEELA: [getting out of her seat] Come on, you can’t stay there forever.
FRY: Alright, I’m coming.

FRY follows LEELA out of the ship and after reporting to HERMES they walk out into the street.

FRY: Where’d Bender go?
LEELA: [pulling on her green jacket] He walked out of the place just after we landed.
FRY: Oh… well I’d better go home then.
LEELA: Yeah, me too.

They stare at each other momentarily and LEELA drops her gaze first.

LEELA: Look, what happened in the elevator…
FRY: Don’t say nothing happened.
LEELA: I’m not.
FRY: Then what’s the matter?
LEELA: I don’t think I’m ready for a commitment.
FRY: I’m not asking for a commitment, I’m asking for a chance.
LEELA: But it’s different with you. You’re the closest person I’ve had as a friend; I don’t want to lose that.
FRY: You don’t have to.
LEELA: I need to go home Fry; I need my own space to think.
FRY: Can I walk you home? I can take a transit tube home afterwards.

FRY offers her his hand. After a moment of thought, LEELA takes it and they walk to her apartment in silence. The streets are illuminated by the bright stars and half broken street lamps. A violin is being played romantically in the distance.
They reach the block of apartments and LEELA unlocks her ‘1I’ apartment. FRY looks at her room number with an amused smile on his face.

FRY: It suits you.
LEELA: Alright, don’t start with the wise cracks.
FRY: [snicker] Yeah, alright then. Well I gotta go home. [goes to leave]
LEELA: Wait… uh… thanks for walking me home.
FRY: No sweat, I’d do it more often if you’d let me.
LEELA: [softly] I’ll remember that.

LEELA takes FRY’S hands, stands on her tip-toes and softly kisses him.

LEELA: Goodnight.

LEELA lets go of his hands and slides into her apartment, gently closing the door behind her.

FRY: Goodnight, Leela.

FRY walks out into the street and glances up at a lit window and watches as it goes out. He walks around the corner and punches the air as he jumps with joy.


Ze End.



Liquid Emperor
« Reply #282 on: 11-26-2006 19:21 »

Wow...that's a really, really good ending. Now Michael Jackson won't have to come to my house.  big grin

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #283 on: 11-26-2006 21:54 »

Fire at will!’ Leela yanked on the steering wheel, evading most of the lasers. Fry peered at the closing ship as the people on it became visible.
‘Which one’s Will?’
‘Oh, for Pete’s sake!’
‘Which one’s Pete?’

 big grin

Awesome. Totally awesome.

Bending Unit
« Reply #284 on: 11-27-2006 01:34 »

YAAAAAAAAAY!  big grin

Great ending! Such an awesome shippy story! I loved it!

And the new fanfic teaser sounds great! I can't wait! Very funny!


Space Pope
« Reply #285 on: 11-27-2006 11:35 »

Originally posted by Tastes Like Fry:
LEELA: What the hell?
FRY: Oh My God, it’s the giant cucumbers!
LEELA: [at FRY] What the hell?
BENDER: Would now be a good time to tell you that the stolen goods are from the pirates?
LEELA: [at BENDER] What the h-…?
ZOIDBERG: Oh no, I’ve run out of claw wax!
AMY: Oh no! I left my eyelash curler behind.
LEELA: Everyone shut up!

You write great comedy.  big grin

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #286 on: 11-27-2006 13:19 »

That was funny in the right places, dramatic when it needed to be and the romance was perfect.
It might not mean anything to you but, ESSMA awarded, Tastes Like Fry is now ES approved.
Just my little thanks for writing a brill fanfic.
Apple Tea

Bending Unit
« Reply #287 on: 11-27-2006 13:45 »

mmm...yes it was wonderful!

Bending Unit
« Reply #288 on: 11-27-2006 17:45 »
« Last Edit on: 11-27-2006 17:45 »

@TLF: Nice! Can't wait for "Family Fry".
@coldangel: Just thought that I'd point out that you've said some err.. un-coldangel-like words in this thread. You said 'romance' and 'natural beauty' on page 5, "Awwwwwww! Sweet." on page 6, and 'love' and 'emotions' on page 7. Omg I'm such a dork.

Bending Unit
« Reply #289 on: 11-27-2006 18:35 »

Loved the "go to your corner" bit! This was excellent!
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #290 on: 11-28-2006 06:31 »

Thanks y'all!

jle;Esswhat? *ish confuzzled*

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #291 on: 11-28-2006 07:41 »

Originally posted by Freela:
@coldangel: Just thought that I'd point out that you've said some err.. un-coldangel-like words in this thread. You said 'romance' and 'natural beauty' on page 5, "Awwwwwww! Sweet." on page 6, and 'love' and 'emotions' on page 7.

Well, time to commit ritual suicide again.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #292 on: 11-28-2006 17:09 »
« Last Edit on: 11-28-2006 17:09 »

Not in my thread you don't.

Now, I've been thinking for ages, if Fry and Leela went out, and it worked and they eventually got married, would it become boring? Of course not! True there's no more sexual tension, but there's the adventure of living together, working together, and of course, having children...

‘I’m pregnant.’
‘What now?’
‘I’m pregnant.’
‘You’re not making any sense.’
‘Fry please; I’m being as plain as I can be.’ Leela said in exasperation. Fry stared blankly at her. Leela sighed,
‘Pregnant, you know?’ Leela’s clasped Fry’s hand to her toned stomach. ‘I’m… knocked up.’  A loud gasp emitted from Fry as realization dawned on him.
‘You’re pregnant?!’

Futurama: Family Fry: Part 1: Love Tunnel of Horrors
Caption: Where the unthinkable is unthinkable because we haven’t thought of it yet.

Leela gripped the trembling hands of her spouse as they sat on the bed together. Fry was speechless for some of the part, filled simultaneously with fear and joy which was quite an effort for Fry to be feeling two emotions at the same time. Leela quickly seized the chance to speak to him. She had this annoying pang that Fry would be cold and turn away from her and she wanted to confirm that without letting him know she doubted him.
‘I know this will be odd as well as difficult for both of us, but this is so great! I just need to know if-’ Leela trailed off uncertainly, Fry was thinking; a feat often unheard of. She could read his expression; his eyes squinted, brow furrowed as he was taking everything in and processing it.
Fear shot through Leela, he could leave her as cold hearted as some of her previous boyfriends done when they found a small fault. Her eye flickered back and forth to look Fry in the eyes trying to push the thought aside, but it overwhelmed her and with a blink of an eye, a tear escaped and tracked down her cheek.
More reflex than thought, his arm having a mind of its own, Fry brushed the tear away softly and Leela soon found herself in his arms.
‘I love you; I want to help, but… Are you sure it’s yours?’ he asked concernedly. Leela gave a strangled laugh mingled with tears of relief.

‘Blug! It’s not kicking.’
‘It’s too young to be kicking, thank God.’ Leela muttered under her breath. She tried to sit patiently while Amy made a fuss.
‘I’ll buy her a set of rocket boost booties and a spla-riffic dolly hat helmet in matching passion pink.’
‘What if it’s a boy?’
‘Spluh! I’ll get it in berry blue.’
‘So where is this ‘baby’ coming from?’ Bender stood non-chalantly by Amy, trying to genuinely not look too interested. ‘I mean, Fry didn’t explain…’
‘I explained!’ Fry appeared, looking peevish. He nearly bumped into Amy as she went out.
‘I explained good and proper in English good!’ He plonked down on the sofa next too Leela. She could see dark ink in his hair dripping onto and staining his jacket. She sighed heavily; Zoidberg ink was not an easy thing to unstain.
‘Whatever.’ Bender said, shooting Fry an odd look. Bender turned back to Leela, ‘so where’s the pipsqueak going to come from? A stork? A delivery service? A big investment? Not that I’m really interested.’ Bender lit up a cigar in front them. Leela wrinkled her nose; she never really liked the smell of smoke, and nor did she think it would be healthy for the child she was carrying; the sooner she got rid of Bender, the better.
‘Reproduction.’ She said clearly, and was immediately interrupted by a certain lobster poking his head in.
‘Congratulations Mrs. Fry. I expect the hatchlings will be like thoroughbreds; strong and swelling with internal infestations.’ Leela blanched.
‘Ewww.’ Bender said, repulsed.
‘That’s not how it works at all! There’s a new life form inside me, yes, but when he… she… it is born; it’s born straight into childhood. No hatching involved.’ She had gone blue in the face and now Zoidberg was looking fearful at her angry expression. He gave a ‘woop’ and scuttled hurriedly out of the room.
‘Interesting, interesting…’ Bender flicked his cigar and the used particles drifted to the floor still smoking.
‘So how does this pregnancy thing occur?’
‘Snoo-snoo.’ Whispered Leela, somewhat embarrassed.  Fry gave an inappropriate dirty giggle. Leela nudged him into silence.
‘Thought so, just checking.’ Bender smiled smugly. She glared at him as he winked and strutted out. She turned to glare at Fry but his focus was on the television, it was the fifth repeat of the season’s grand final.
‘You already watched this.’
‘No I haven’t.’
‘You saw it twice.’
‘Oh yeah? Since when?’
‘Since last night… and the day before.’
‘Prove it.’
‘Watch Burnley he’s about to be fouled a red card.’
‘What? That’s improbable! It’s Blernsball not Soccer!’
‘Ooh and Gary’s down for the count. I’m afraid that that’s a red card for Burnley.’ The TV commentator announced.
‘This is stupid anyway.’ Said Fry, feeling somewhat burned. He flicked the channel. A familiar droning sound filled the air as Hypnotoad replaced the ball game on the screen. The channel flicked again.
All My Circuits repeat... Big Brother...Family Guy...
‘Nothing good.’ Fry said in a disgusted tone. He still flicked the channels, like his finger was stuck on a continuous loop. Leela swiped the remote from him and turned it off. It took Fry a moment to realize he was clicking air.
‘What do you think you’re doing?’ he said angrily as she stowed the remote down the back of the couch.
‘Well for starters you need a shower.’ She ran a finger around the back of his neck, it was still covered in sticky ink.
‘I only showered a week ago!’
‘Then you better clean up your act mister.’ She flirted, poking Fry on his nose leaving an ink smudge behind. ‘That is if you want my famous Nicovative…’
‘… Coffee?!’ Fry’s disgruntled look immediately changed to one of ecstasy.
‘Yes Captain! I mean, aye aye Leela! I mean…’ Leela pushed her finger to his lips and shushed him. Subdued and somewhat vulnerable; the puppy eyes beckoned her impulsive streak to show itself. Fight it as she may, now that she had accepted that she was loved and doth love, she could no longer cover her impulsions with excuses. Fry was undoubtedly swept away as their yearning lips were pressed firmly. So swept away in fact that he’d begun to hum his favourite song; Walking on Sunshine. Leela had grown accustomed to this; it was a small habit of his that she was actually fond of. The kiss broke softly and they enjoyed just being close for a while. Leela sighed dejectedly.
‘You should go for that shower.’ She said to him. Fry gently stroked Leela’s cheek.
‘Care to join me?’ he tried to ask non-chalantly. His comment earned him a look of scepticism.
‘Shower then coffee, go already.’
‘Wait, do you mean coffee coffee? Or …?’
‘I hate to interrupt, this sounds like a thrilling conversation…’
‘How long have you been standing there?’
‘Oh, a minute or so.’ Bender casually leant on the doorframe, still puffing on his cigar.
‘What do you want?’
‘The professor has a delivery for us; he’s in the angry dome.’
[to be continued…]

Bending Unit
« Reply #293 on: 11-28-2006 20:29 »

Love. It. More.

Space Pope
« Reply #294 on: 11-28-2006 20:52 »

Haha, Bender.
Iiiinteresting. *waits for next installment*

Bending Unit
« Reply #295 on: 11-28-2006 21:51 »

Hahahaha Fry hums Walking On Sunshine while he's kissing LMAO!

And Big Brother still on TV! The show just wont end! ROFL!

Very funny update! Loved it!

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #296 on: 11-29-2006 00:11 »

Ha... Fry's a sloth.

Bending Unit
« Reply #297 on: 11-29-2006 01:22 »

Hurray! The angry dome! tongue
Uh, I mean, Grrr! the angry dome!  mad

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #298 on: 11-29-2006 16:12 »

Oh no, a mission, and Leela's pregnant *cheers*
Lovely update, Fry's reactions were perfect, I love it.

ps An ESSMA is an Exploding Shipper's Scorch Mark of Approvel. I give them when I particlarly like a shippy piece of work.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #299 on: 11-29-2006 18:17 »

Sweet, thankyou!

Anyway, here's some more

‘Confound it!’ The professor raged. Fists balled, he marched back and forth in the restricting area.
‘The cheek! The rascal! Ooh he makes my blood boil.’
‘Who does?’ asked Fry, squeezing into the small space with Leela and Bender. The professor looked at him; his eyes narrowed and the shadows seemed to stretch across his wrinkled face and looking like impending doom.
‘Oh. So, nothing new then?’
‘Shutup!’ The professor yelled at him. ‘I have good news! And don’t roll your eye at me lady.’ He poked Leela sharply.
‘Ow! Hey!’
‘You’re off to the planet of Fantabolous, a planet that is one big theme park! You need to deliver a new ride.’ He pointed out of the clear dome, and the others gasped. A massive frame sat, wrapped in packaging and plastic. It hovered above the footpath in front of the planet express and it was nearly twice as high as the building itself.
‘Neat!’ Bender whipped out his camera and took a picture.
‘Awesome!’ said Fry bouncing in his seat making the whole dome wobble. He soon stopped and stared at the ride in confusion; he’d never seen anything quite like it before.
‘What the hell is it?’
‘A super sonic flight simulator, it’s called the vortex of terror. You are strapped into your own egg shaped capsule and thrown about like a blernsball on a string.’
‘Which reminds me,’ Said Fry, butting in, ‘the grand final game is on sometime this week, you’ve got to watch it with me.’ He said to Leela. She slapped her forehead in exasperation.
‘Yes, I heard that was quite a blast.’ Said the professor pleasantly, ‘but you didn’t let me finish. You see the egg capsules have a program that allows you to watch your favourite natural disaster like volcanoes, torpedos and upset bowel movements while you are thrown around.’ Leela watched the professor uncomfortably. Her stomach had been aching for quite a while now, and at the exaggerated hand movements made her feel like she was sea sick. She tried to pull herself together, she never got sick. She took a shaky breath and clutched onto Fry’s arm.
‘Wooowooowooo!’ The professor swung his arms around to the amusement of Fry and Bender. Leela closed her eye and leant against Fry and waited until the professor told them to go. She unsteadily climbed down the stairs as Fry and Bender talk jubilantly behind her.
‘… roller coasters, bumper cars, giant mounds of cotton candy  in varieties of colours!’
‘Don’t forget we’ve got to go on the robot-o-matic and the drinking competitions.’
‘And the ferris wheel!’
‘That ride’s for chumps, you should try the death bungee jumping, that’s a test of height.’
‘Last time I went bungee jumping my stupid brother didn’t tie the end of the stupid rope to the stupid bridge and I got swept away in the river with man eating piranhas. See the scar I got?’ he showed Bender a nick on his shoulder. He went to show Leela, but she was gone.
‘Where’d Leela go?’

Tear streaked and miserable Leela sat in the ship’s bathroom beside the toilet clutching her stomach and cursing silently. She felt so fragile and feared for the new life form inside her, she needed to hold together. With a new determined face she stood, flushed the toilet and went to wash her face. She felt better as the hot water ran over her face, refreshing her. She rinsed with cold water and buried her face into a fluffy towel.
‘LEELAAA…!’ Fry’s panicked voice filled the air. Putting the towel back, she glanced at her dazed reflection one last time before stepping out.
‘What the…’ there was oil absolutely everywhere. Amy was knelt beside Bender and was tinkering inside his chest cavity.
‘Oh God, it hurts.’ Bender held his tummy in pain. Before Leela could ask, Fry bounded in.
‘Leela! You were gone, and then Bender’s oil tract spontaneously combusted!’ he stopped in his tracks.
‘Are you ok?’ Leela stood, a mixture of feelings zooming around and was unsure of what to say. She felt that she should’ve stayed in the bathroom and not come out to this mess, impressed that Fry had said two big words in a row and utter dismay that Fry was completely saturated in robot oil which made the small crustacean’s ink stain seem insignificant.
‘I’d give you a hug but…’ Fry looked down at his shirt guiltily and back at her with apologetic eyes. She sighed heavily.
‘That’s ok, help Amy clean up this mess and then you can go have your shower.’
‘All done!’ An oil stained Amy stood up and started cleaning her tools. Bender stood in the middle of the big puddle still holding his stomach. He looked how Leela felt and she felt a wave of pity. She took Bender by the arm and led him outside the ship where there was a hose. He hiccoughed.
‘Sounds like you have some foreign object in there.’ Bender shook his head.
‘It’s the stupid gauge Amy put in; my operating systems are not used to it.’
‘But you’ll be right though?’ she asked giving him a thorough spraying.
‘If by right you mean operational. Yeah I ‘spose, I need to re-power up though.’
‘Sure.’ She seized Bender by his antennae and shot a fierce spray of water into his neck forcing oil to come out of the cracks.
‘Look, this isn’t my fault, Fry did it.’
‘I know it’s not your fault, Bender.’
‘I’m innocent! Wait, you believe me?’
‘Yeah, for once, but you have to help Fry deliver this thing once we’re there.’
‘No way chumpette.’
‘Then no rides.’
‘I’m there chumpette! What are we waiting for?’ Bender slipped out of her grasp and disappeared into the ship.
‘Spluarg!’ Amy slipped and fell down the express ramp having been bumped by Bender. She landed at Leela’s feet.
‘Ship’s clean Captain.’ She said painfully.
‘Good work.’

Leela entered the bridge to find it surprisingly quiet. Normally Fry and Bender would be running around madcap, all pumped up and ready for another adventure. But there was only Nibbler patiently waiting for her, curled up in the Captain’s seat. A distant clunk told her that Bender was raiding the fridge for booze and the oil spots on the door were tell tale enough for her to work out that Fry was already in the shower.
Setting Nibbler on the floor she went through her normal ‘taking off’ routine. The ship tilted and took off and they were flying among the stars within seconds. Vacantly bored, she pulled out a baby catalogue and started thumbing through the pages. She scowled, everything was overpriced and pointless.
‘Why would a baby need sleep ray extensions on their crib?’ she criticised the picture of a child in a crib that was set like a prison cell while rays like disco lights circled on the moving picture. The baby in the crib was lying fearfully wide-eyed. She tossed it aside.
‘It’s not like we could afford it anyway.’ She sighed unhappily. She glanced out the window as Pluto shot past in a blur. She watched as the stars flew by the window a small smile on her lips. Fry would love the view, he always did. Nibbler chattered nonsensically to himself and growled at his tail when it came to close to his head. Leela chuckled and scooped him up for a hug. His tail forgotten, Nibbler snuggled into his mistress’ neck, snuffling at her familiar scent. But something was different. Nibbler sensed something was troubling her, he understood that it was his duty to comfort her. He curled up in her lap and within minutes he was asleep. But his third was open to keep an eye on her. Something was different about her. She seemed exhausted and yet there was this radiance about her.  He puzzled for hours until Fry appeared in the room in fresh jeans and shirt, his hair still wet from the shower.
‘Hey babe.’ He planted a very wet kiss on Leela’s cheek, droplets of water dripped from his ears splashing Nibbler giving him a reason to sit back up again and shake himself from his sleep.
‘How’s the babe going?’ Fry said cockily. He slid his hand down her neck to her belly and gently caressed it. Nibbler squeaked in shock as realisation hit him and he promptly fell off Leela’s lap.

‘Bender let’s move, I can’t take this thing on my own.’
‘Sure you can.’ Bender looked down at Fry from his top bunk. He felt very relaxed with his playbot magazine in squeezey and a bottle of Lobrau in grabby. He swung his hammock playfully as Fry scowled.
‘Well you could get Leela to…’
‘She deserves a rest. She’s been piloting for the last five hours and then she has to drive home.’ Bender rolled his eyes.
‘Plus you can see robot-o-matic from the cockpit.’
Bender leapt out of his hammock with a gleeful squee.
‘Which way to the ticket booth? Cause I want to see how tight their security is.’

Leela stood and watched while Bender and Fry unhooked the monstrosity. She felt frustrated that she couldn’t get up and help but Fry insisted that she stayed on the ground.
‘Bender! Turn on the hover glider!’ She yelled at the metallic man who was unhooking a rope.
‘It’s not untied yet!’ he yelled back. A rope snapped and suddenly everything was unbalanced.
‘Turn it on!’ Leela stepped back; the whole thing was tilting and bringing the PE ship with it.
‘I got it! I got it!’ Fry seized a bar and threw his weight against it, but it made no difference.
‘I don’t got it.’ Fry said panicky as it started to pull him off the top of the ship. He gave a squeal as he lost his foothold.
‘Bender turn the hover-!’
‘Alright already!’ Bender bellowed. He slammed his hand over a control panel and the ride turned on and started to right itself. It strained against the restraining ropes. Fry gave a yelp of pain as a rope nearby snapped like elastic and whipped across his shin.
‘Leela!’ he cried as the planet express ship tilted so far that he lost sight of her; she was surely going to be crushed. ‘I’m coming!’ he called and started to swing to launch himself. He let go and disappeared into the dust as the ship rolled and crashed heavily.
[to be continued…]

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #300 on: 11-29-2006 19:57 »

Ah arse... that reminds me of the time a 7-ton crane fell on me.
I was okay, but I ruined a perfectly good T-shirt.

This is cool. Pray continue.

Bending Unit
« Reply #301 on: 11-29-2006 20:57 »
« Last Edit on: 11-29-2006 20:57 »

Yay update! The suspense! The suspense! *waits for more*
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #302 on: 11-30-2006 04:23 »

coldangel; How did that happen? I'm glad you survived. Poor T-shirt, was it special?

cyberphobia; I'm afraid I'm going to keep you in suspense until the weekend, hope you can wait  wink

Space Pope
« Reply #303 on: 11-30-2006 08:02 »

Confound it, Rajah! So, this is why Prince Achmed stormed out!
Oh father, Rajah was just playing with him, weren't you Rajah? You were just playing with that over-dressed, self-absorbed Prince Achmed, weren't you?

Ahem..I mean err...heh, 'confound it' reminded me of that bit from Aladdin...I had to say it...

Leela can't be crushed...She can fly. Right?
Writer unit32

« Reply #304 on: 11-30-2006 10:50 »

Originally posted by any1else:
Leela can't be crushed...She can fly. Right?

Ahhh the beauty of flight...I remember it like it was yesterday.But since that acsident...Well it's worth a try.Formirate a eagle![turns into grasshopper]I saved them from a mutated mushroom,and this is the thanks I get?!A useless ring?!
Great update,TLF!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #305 on: 11-30-2006 14:11 »

Leela was in the ship, and it crashed? OH MY GOODNESS *starts wailing in sorrow*
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #306 on: 12-01-2006 06:17 »

Hmm... fly, I'm afraid the only human like creatures that can do that are angels... Coldy, show us how  tongue

jle; aww, cheer up chump *gives you cookie*

Thanks guys!  big grin Updating tomorrow... sometime...

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #307 on: 12-01-2006 06:45 »

I could fly but I don't wanna.

Space Pope
« Reply #308 on: 12-01-2006 09:25 »

Originally posted by coldangel_1:
I could fly but I don't wanna.

Did...Did I say that to you once? I'm quite sure I said similar to a friend once when I was being silly.. "I can fly, I just choose not to" or something. People keep stealing my lines.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #309 on: 12-01-2006 15:35 »

Bender opened his eyes. He was still clinging to the ride which was hovering safely above the ground. He wiped his brow and gave a sigh of relief. He grabbed a snapped rope and slid to the ground. The dust was still clearing and Leela was unsteadily getting to her feet. She groaned at the state of the ship.
‘Well at least the ride is ok.’ She said, trying to be positive. ‘Say, where’s Fry?’
‘A little help?’ Leela and Bender turned to see Fry a few feet from the ground hung upside down from his foot.

Fry stood patiently while the receiver signed the electronic tablet.
‘Good job.’ The woman said as she handed Fry the tablet back.
‘No problem!’ Fry said automatically, ‘Remember that our crew is expendable, your package isn’t.’ he recited and winked at her.
‘Really?’ She asked suggestively. Fry was about to answer her when Bender bounded up.
‘Have you delivered it yet? I want to go on a ride.’
‘Yeah, I have.’
‘And since you’ve done it so well, I’ll let you into the park for free.’
The boy and the bot gaped at her.
‘Here’s two unlimited tickets to go with that.’
‘Alright!’ Bender and Fry high-fived and started to celebrate but Fry stopped as he had thought of something.
‘Hey, our Captain helped too. Can-?’
‘He can have a free ticket too.’ She gave Fry a third ticket and with a joyous whoop he made for the ship to show Leela their prize.
Leela stood inspecting the damage on their ship.
‘Splug! What the hell have you done to it?’ Amy’s hologram, projected by Leela’s wrist thingy, knelt at a damaged fin.
‘I didn’t do anything, it fell over…’
‘Well you’re going to have to get a proper mechanic to fix it. I think I know someone from uni in that quadrant, I’ll see if I can get him to help you.’
Leela sighed. Everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong. She knew she would be a fool to think the worst was over. However, things were to get better first as she was pleasantly surprised when Fry gave her a ticket.
‘I wanna go on some rides with you, but Bender wants to show me a few things first.’ He was practically bouncing as he spoke. The last time he was on a ride was at Luna Park and it had hardly any sentimental value.
‘Sure, I need to stay with the ship until it’s fixed anyway. Meet you at the Ferris wheel in four hours?’ She pointed, and Fry’s breath was taken away as he saw the 5,o00 story structure, the top disappearing into the clouds.
‘S-sure… wow, that’s really high…’
‘Bender’s waiting for you.’ Sure enough, the bot was waving madly and shouting for him to hurry.
‘See you soon.’ With a wave Fry and Bender had disappeared into the swarm of people. Leela sighed, wishing she could go with them. But her stomach pain had returned and she thought it best to sit and wait for the repairman.

Leela was woken from her snooze in the morning sun by her wrist console ringing.
‘Hey Leela! I contacted my uni friend. He’ll be there soon.’
‘Good, I’m not going to have my day wasted.’
‘Oh, and while you’re there could you pick up some poochers for me?’
‘Some… what?’
‘Poochers. Assecories that are exclusively from that quadrant, more common at Ghetto Gifts, but there’s a stall in the fifth section at Animal Land. Kiffy got me some and I want to start collecting.’
‘I don’t know Amy…’
‘Please? I can pay you back.’
‘We’ll see.’
‘Bye.’ Leela cut her off.
‘Hey, are you Amy’s co-worker? The Cyclops?’ Leela turned to see a well built man in his late twenties, blonde, bright eyes and a smile that dazzled. Leela took an instant liking to him.
‘Yeah, that’d be me.’
‘I’m Ken O’Bee.’ He said pleasantly, shaking her hand, flashing his teeth at her. Leela was almost blinded. She blinked (winked?) in confusion, trying to clear her head of a new warm fuzzy feeling.
‘That’s damn screwed up.’ He said as he surveyed the ship. ‘What happened?’ Leela launched into explanation.

‘Oh man, that was awesome!’ Fry and Bender walked side by side amongst the crowd of moving people, their arms full of fairy floss, toffee apples, hotdogs, Slurm, show bags, and a small stuffed toy lizard.
‘The way it spun you like a drill in a tornado!’ Fry twirled his finger, loosing his grip on his toffee apple; it fell and stuck to his knee. He didn’t notice and proceeded to pull a candy bar out of a show bag.
‘Snapple? What’s this?’
‘Human food.’ Bender said, uninterested. Fry peered closer at the label. ‘The best sherbet experience! Like fireworks on your tongue! Warning: May cause burning sensation.’ It read.
‘Sweet.’ Fry ripped off the wrapper and shoved the whole candy into his mouth. After a moment of crunching Bender asked,
‘What’s it taste like?’
‘Apple.’ Fry said after a moments pause. ‘And this really weird burning sensation.’
‘Eh.’ Bender shrugged. Almost instantly Bender’s eyes shot into full focus.
‘Whoa, check it out.’ Fry turned and his chin dropped. Before them was a roller coaster that twisted in every angle, looped a thousand times and was warped through other rides. Fry watched as a coaster leap off the track and land back on a different section.
‘Defies the laws of physics, electronics and sanity; The Defyer.’ Bender read from the sign. ‘Hey chump, wanna do it?’
‘I dunno, look at the line.’ The line stretched from the start to the horizon.
‘Who says we’re going to stand in line?’ Bender grabbed Fry by the jacket and pulled him into the shadows of the ride. Fry shoved all his things (except his balloon) into his jumbo show bag and then stowed it inside Bender. Bender reached up and bent the chicken wire wide enough for them to squeeze through. They crouched by the rail a little way into the ride near a ‘Danger; fast moving carts and falling pocket change’ sign, a few coins were scattered on the ground. A set of carts screeched to a halt at the start. Dizzy and disoriented people clambered out as a new lot of people started to vacate the seats.
‘Which seats do you want, meatbag?’ Bender quipped.
‘Front row.’ Replied Fry enthusiastically. Bender tapped his back, gesturing for Fry to climb on him.
‘Hold on.’ Fry had just barely clung to him when the ride shot off going from 0 to 200mph within two seconds. Bender had leapt at the same time and the ride caught him up the front. The front two people screamed as Bender picked them up and tossed them off the ride. One fell safely into a water tank. Unfortunately for him it was the shark tank. The other bounced across tents and finally landed safely on his feet. He wiped his brow in relief. But he had landed on a strength tester bell and an Amazonian slammed the hammer down. He was shot into space like a rocket.
‘Wooooowahahahaa!’ Strapped in and with their hands in the air; Fry and Bender screamed with delight and fear as they were turned and twisted in the ride.

Leela stood beside Ken O’bee holding a tool tray handing things to him.
‘Screwdriver… hammer… welder… gum…’ Ken chewed on the stick of gum Leela gave him before using it to stick two wires together.
‘Done!’ he proclaimed slamming the compartment shut. ‘That should get you home.’
‘Oh Mister Ken O’bee, thankyou so much!’
‘Please, Leela, call me Ken.’ He scooped up her hand to kiss it. Leela blushed.
‘Thankyou Ken.’
‘No problem.’ He flashed her with his brilliant smile again. ‘Say, were you doing anything for lunch?’
‘Oh well, not that I have anything to-…’ she paused. She had gone to clasp her hands together and the shine of her engagement and wedding ring had caught her eye. She fingered the familiar metal feeling guilty. Would Fry mind? She asked herself. She already knew the answer before she asked the question, but doubt was pushed out of her mind when Ken smiled.
‘No I haven’t.’ She said, warmly.
‘Would you care to join me?’ It was astounding how he managed to show all his teeth while still talking.
‘Sure.’ She took his offered arm. Nibbler sat on the bottom step of the ship aghast at Leela’s behaviour. He quickly left his post and shot into the crowd, sniffing, following the scent of Lóbrau and unwashed ink stained socks.

Fry and Bender sat exhausted on a park bench surrounded by prizes, show bags and half eaten food. The toffee apple is still stuck to Fry’s knee as well as cotton candy in his untidy hair. Bender tries to chug down some of his beer but he is sporting a leak and it ends up in a puddle on the ground.
‘Aww!’ Bender moaned in defeat and throws the bottle on the ground. Fry looks to his friend with concern.
‘You ok?’
‘I’m not absorbing any of this!’ he said tearfully, ‘And I’m running out of power faster than ever before.’ He slumped further in the chair and ran his hand over his mouth.
‘I can feel the rust already!’ Fry looked nervously at him then at his watch.
‘Leela should have been here by now.’
‘Hi boys.’ Fry and Bender looked up to see who the voice belonged to. It was the lady they had made the delivery to.
‘Hi, er…’
‘Oh, how silly of me! I’m Barb.’
‘I’m Fry and this is Bender.’ He gestured to the seemingly drunken robot. The rust was starting to form around his mouth.
‘You do how’d?’ Bender asked sluggishly. Fry stared down at him startled. He picked up a half full beer bottle and tried to force it in his mouth. It simply gushed through him.
‘Leave me Fry. I’m done for.’ Bender said weakly.
‘I won’t leave you to rust!’ Fry yelled determinedly at him. ‘I’ll patch you up with my tongue if I have to! Like last week.’
‘If I may interject?’ Barb stood over them. ‘There’s a mechanic’s stall not far from here.’
‘Then I’ll take him there!’ Fry attempted to pick Bender up, but the metallic body was too heavy. Bender wasn’t much help, he started muttering ‘kill all humans’ repeatedly and he swung his limbs wildly.
‘Fry, I’ll page them.’ She pressed a button on her belt and spoke into a speaker on her watch.
‘Code blue fritz, I repeat; code blue fritz.’
Fry stood anxiously over Bender. With his friend on the verge of powering down and his captain nowhere in sight he was the one to be making decisions. Oddly enough, for no logical reason at all, the only thing Fry could think about was liposuction enhancers.

‘Burn on incompetent captians!’ Leela pronounced, scribbling fiercely on a photo of Zapp Brannaigan. Ken laughed.
‘That’s funny Leela.’ He grinned at her. She abashedly grinned back. She was very much smitten by his smile. He reached out to clasp her hands.
‘I’m having a wonderful time with you Leela.’
‘Oh please… really?’
‘Yes.’ He said seriously, ‘Do you want to come back to my apartment for coffee?’ Leela stared at him, confused.
‘But we just had coffee.’
‘I meant…’ A loud beeping cut him off. He groaned in frustration and pressed a button on his wrist watch.
‘Code blue fritz, I repeat; code blue fritz.’ He sighed in frustration. I have to repair a customer. Come with me? And then we can go for coffee.’
‘Oh, alright then.’ Leela said.
As they were walking, Leela noticed the big Ferris wheel.
‘Now why does that ring a bell?’
‘What?’ Ken raised an eyebrow at her questionably.
‘I feel like I’ve forgotten something.’
[to be continued…]

Bending Unit
« Reply #310 on: 12-01-2006 20:07 »

*gasps* Leela! How could she!?

I'm dying for more!

Space Pope
« Reply #311 on: 12-01-2006 20:52 »

Tsk, Leela. What does she think she's doing?
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #312 on: 12-01-2006 22:43 »

 tongue I don't think she knows either... it's that doll like Ken!

Bending Unit
« Reply #313 on: 12-02-2006 00:48 »

Oooh like 'Barbie' Ken!

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #314 on: 12-02-2006 11:09 »

Ahhh... Is Ken one of those mind-controling empath types who can bend people to his will? I hate those...
Writer unit32

« Reply #315 on: 12-02-2006 11:43 »

Originally posted by coldangel_1:
Ahhh... Is Ken one of those mind-controling empath types who can bend people to his will? I hate those...

Ye...Since Darth Vader made me get into that cryo-tube I go postal whenever I hear enything about them.
Great as usuall,TLF
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #316 on: 12-03-2006 01:11 »

Ken and Barb... this is what happens when I'm short for names.
Thanks guys. Here's some more.

‘Right well, since your ride buddy will be out of it for a while,’ Barb put her arm around Fry in a more than friendly matter, ‘how about we go for a ride?’ she gestured to the opening of a romantic boat ride. Fry stared at her, suddenly realising how beautiful she was, her flowing hair, her scooping cleavage, her ruby lips, her two perfect eyes. He stopped. Gave an involuntary shudder and with great effort pulled himself away from her clutches.
‘No way!’
‘But Fry.’ She fell before her knees before him, ‘From the first moment I saw you, I knew I loved you!’
Fry halted in hesitation, he had hardly ever heard those words he always wanted to hear. But his thoughts were distracted when familiar scuffling noises reached his ears.
‘Nibbler!’ Fry scooped up the exited being. ‘Where’s Leela, boy?’
‘Fry?’ Fry snapped around faster than elastic.
‘Leela!’ he dropped Nibbler and made towards his girl.
‘Where have you been…?’ he stopped when he saw Ken. He looked slowly between the two.
‘What…?’ Leela stared at the ground abashed; she could hear the hurt in his voice.
‘Leela?’ she glanced up at him, and promptly burst into tears. She didn’t know what was wrong with herself lately, her mood swings, her carelessness, her impulsive unfaithfulness. She knew she was in the wrong, but she knew where she needed to be.
‘Hold me.’ She whispered. Ken went to put his arm around her, but she gave him the slip and walked straight into Fry’s arms.

The two embraced, much to the astonishment of Ken and Barb.
‘Who the hell is she?!’ Barb spluttered.
‘My wife.’ Fry said threateningly at her. Leela peeked out from Fry’s arms to see Ken’s face. He was sneering with distaste.
‘You little…’ A roller coaster shot through the area, drowning out his words to passer-bys, but not enough for Leela and Fry to hear; she felt Fry’s body stiffen in anger.
‘You take that back!’ he pushed Leela aside, perhaps a little too roughly than he intended. She collapsed on the park bench.
‘Fry, please.’ But he strode right up to Ken. Ken simply pushed him with his hand and sent him sprawled onto the ground. Fry dusted himself off and rolled up his sleeves before approaching him again to find himself back in the dirt. Leela couldn’t watch, in fact her attention had diverted to the pile of metal that was Bender. He was leaked dry.
‘Noooo!’ Leela looked around confused. Barb had thrown herself into the array.
‘Don’t! I need him!’ Ken looked merely amused.
‘You need him for what? Your human experiments?’ Fry and Leela gasped.
‘How do you know-… I mean no!’
‘Uh, guys, I hate to interrupt, but what happened to Bender?’ Leela felt nothing could surprise her.
‘Bender?’ Fry threw himself at the robot. ‘Oh no, he’s leaked dry!’
‘I’ll fix him.’ Ken knelt by Fry, but Fry blocked his view.
‘Why should we trust you?’ Fry glared at Ken who glared back with interest.
‘Why should you trust her?’ Fry stared agape as Ken picked up Bender effortlessly and walked away.
‘Leela, what did he mean by that?’
‘She cheated on you dummy!’ Barb sneered at Leela. ‘I don’t know how you got into this amusement park.’
‘You gave us a third ticket-…’
‘For your captain…’
‘She is our captain. Now if you’ll excuse us.’ Fry pulled Leela to her feet. ‘I don’t believe Leela has seen the sights yet.’ He led her off to the vicinity of the Ferris wheel leaving Barb steaming with anger.

‘Kill all humans, kill all humans, must destroy all – hey, where the hell am I?’ Bender’s eyes flicked on and he stared in surprise at his body on the other side of the room. He gave a whistle.
‘Hey, jerk, over here!’ But his body remained motionless. Bender quickly scanned his memory drive, but there was a section that was corrupted and he quickly deleted it should it have been a virus. He wobbled over the bench.
‘Cheese it!’ he yelled as he plummeted off the edge. But he never landed; a pair of hands caught him and set him back up on the bench.
‘Glad to see you’re functioning.’
‘Who are you and what the hell have you done to me?’
‘I’m Ken, and I’m fixing you. You ran out of fuel.’ He set tools around Bender’s head so he couldn’t make another half assed escape. Putting his protection hat back on he started to weld the seam that had ripped on Bender’s body. Bender’s eyes narrowed.
‘Touch my stuff and die… I’m booby trapped.’ As he spoke, the front of his chest cavity opened and out shot a boxing glove on a spring narrowly missing Ken. Ken nervously eyed his chest cavity and proceeded to seal the leak. He pulled his protection clothes off and hooked a bottle of oil and a bottle of beer up to certain parts of his neck.
‘Chump, how long is this going to take?’ Bender said, trying to move under his restraints.
‘Another hour.’
‘Well, crap.’
Ken sat down and sighed. He almost had found a perfect woman to help him, but she had failed to mention she was married, he slammed his hand down in frustration, how dare she show him up! He sat down and made his plans for revenge.
[to be continued…]

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #317 on: 12-03-2006 05:56 »

Hmmmmm..... interesting. What's going on here?
This amusement park seems almost as evil as Disneyland.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #318 on: 12-03-2006 06:00 »

Hence why it's called Love Tunnel of Horror!

Muahahaaha..ha *choke* ha *cough* haaa... *breath* Muahaha... [Bender]okay, show's over, I'm tired.[/B]

Space Pope
« Reply #319 on: 12-03-2006 07:18 »

Heh, Ken and Barbie broke up apparently. How amusing.

Human experiments, eh?
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