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Author Topic: Tasty's Art and Fan Fic thread... OF DOOM  (Read 18829 times)
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DOOP Secretary
« Reply #120 on: 10-10-2006 04:00 »

Thus confirming my suspicions that I'm not human...
*sob* No wonder I never fit in... *cries*

Bending Unit
« Reply #121 on: 10-10-2006 07:43 »

That was such a good chapter! The flashback was good! Good idea to have it like that!

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #122 on: 10-10-2006 07:56 »
« Last Edit on: 10-10-2006 07:56 »

I wanna write an X-Mas special now... Off I go!

And I was wondering while I was reading when they would finally realize how Fry felt. Sometimes they just don't seem to notice.

Kinda depressing, but then again, all good stories have to be before they get to the good part.

(Xanfor taps foot)

(Xanfor gets an idea)

(Xanfor holds up giant chainsaw)


Liquid Emperor
« Reply #123 on: 10-10-2006 13:34 »

Originally posted by coldangel_1:
Thus confirming my suspicions that I'm not human...
*sob* No wonder I never fit in... *cries*
But - but, you just...  confused


It’s official; I’m confused.
Doesn’t take much…  hmpf
Originally posted by Xanfor:
... (Xanfor holds up giant chainsaw)
[*SC slaps own forehead*]
Oh lord... Xan thinks he's in an old Tobe Hooper movie...  roll eyes


Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #124 on: 10-10-2006 23:38 »

coldangel_1; Stop confusing SpaceCase!
Cyberphobia; Thankyou!I hope it wasn't too depressing though.
Xanfor; Good, it means I don't feel obliged to make an Xmas one.
People are more occupied with their own problems than with him. The professor is keen on finding things about the pest problem, Leela is keen on fixing the problem, and Fry just got stuck being an accidental experiment, and thus they treat him up to that point.

... now where was I? ... oh yes... chainsaw...
No mass murderings till I've finished the story!
PCC Fred

Space Pope
« Reply #125 on: 10-11-2006 06:22 »

Wow!  That last update was amazing!  I can't wait to see where this flashback's going.  smile

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #126 on: 10-11-2006 06:46 »

I'll never stop confusing people until I do.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #127 on: 10-11-2006 11:22 »

Originally posted by Tastes Like Fry:
coldangel_1; Stop confusing SpaceCase!
Hmm... T'would seem I have an advocatesmile
Originally posted by coldangel_1:
I'll never stop confusing people until I do.
It's hard to counter such... airtight logic...  roll eyes
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #128 on: 10-12-2006 02:05 »

Originally posted by PCC Fred:
Wow!  That last update was amazing!  I can't wait to see where this flashback's going.   smile

Thanks! Neither can I! ... I mean... I'll stop talking now   red face
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #129 on: 10-13-2006 23:14 »

Big fat update!  tongue

Scooping up her unconscious son, Mrs. Fry turned to the older boy.
‘Damn you Yancy, we’ll have to miss the playoffs... on television. Get my radio!’
‘I didn’t know he would…’
‘Just get the radio; you’re wasting precious game time!’

Yancy sat quietly in the backseat as they drove to the hospital. His father was at the wheel and rambling on about something, where as his mother was listening with disgust at her radio, and frequently criticising them. Philip lay in his mother’s arms, pale as a sheet and his breathing was harsh and forced. His dirty tear streaked face was a true picture of misery. But neither of his parents noticed. His depressing demeanour was not wasted though. Yancy observed his family quietly with a growing guilt. He had nearly killed his brother, and even though he voiced his liking for the idea, he realised he’d hate it if they were separated. A tear escaped down his cheek as he whispered.
‘I’m sorry Phil. I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m really sorry Ph…’
 ‘…Fry, I didn’t know.’
The room came clear as Fry lifted his head from hiding behind his arms. Leela sat with her arm around him, Bender looked on worriedly. Everyone else was gone from the table. Fry sniffled.
‘That’s ok.’ Leela smiled warmly at him.
‘I’m going out with Amy ok? I might see you some time tonight.’ She gave his shoulder a squeeze and left.
‘Hurry up!’ Bender said with impatience. Everyone but Hermes and the Professor had left the building; they were going to hand out pumpkin treats at the door. Frustrated, Fry dug through a pile of clothes.
‘Clown, too stupid, prince, too pansy, pumpkin suit…’ he stopped and stared at it, thinking. But it came to him that Leela was being sarcastic and he tossed it aside.
‘She’s so great.’ Said Fry, his hand absentmindedly reached to scratch his wound. A metallic hand slapped down hard. Fry clasped his now red hand to his chest and glared painfully at Bender.
‘What the hell was that for?’ Bender’s eyes changed shape to rewind, back to stop and then to play. Leela’s recorded voice came from him,
‘Don’t touch it!’

Leela stood in front of her closet. She didn’t want to dig through the costumes with Fry because she knew she would end up picking something for him and she wanted him to have his own fun. She sorted through her formal dresses, each of them bringing back memories. She stopped at her special purple gown and traced the decorative holes in it. She had worn this at the opera, the night where Fry played his way into her heart. She softly sobbed and buried her face in the velvet material. She couldn’t remember the reason why they broke up after that, she couldn’t remember how.  It was too painful to think about it.
She pushed the dress aside; it was too special to be wearing tonight. The next dress seemed more appealing. It was a simple black dress, true it sat slightly lower than her singlet and much darker than anything than she would have normally worn but seeing as she felt desperate and it was Halloween she could get away with it. She slipped into the dress and into a dressier pair of boots before applying her makeup. Nibbler ran around, chasing a venomous bug which had apparently infested the whole of New New York. Leela was able to catch him and she tied a new cape with stars and moons on it. Tossing a silk scarf around her neck and picking up a matching witch’s hat, she locked up the room, put Nibbler on his leash and made her way on the path to the transit tubes. The street was filled with people, giving out gifts, receiving gifts and people walking around for the view. Ignoring wolf whistles and wild eye stares, Leela picked up Nibbler, held down her dress and stepped into the tube.
‘Madison Cube Garden.’

‘Trick or treat!’
‘You’re too old to be trick or treating!’
‘Lady, give the pirate candy, or we turn the trick on you.’ Bender stood with a baseball bat in his hand. The lady’s tone changed immediately.
‘Of course!’ She emptied the plate of coloured toffees into Fry’s candy bucket.
‘Thanks mam!’ Fry winked roguishly at her. The effect was spoilt by the fact that he had an eye patch on.
‘Come on Wiggles, we have looting to do.’ Bender had spotted a pub across the road.
‘Yes Capt’n.’ Fry dug out his plastic cutlass from his belt. ‘Avast at thee! Scurvy dawgs, I send ye to Davey Jones’ locker by plank…’
‘Save some till later.’ Bender said, interrupting before Fry could get caught in a loop. They crossed the road and trashed the joint and left with a Benderful of beer.
They swaggered down the street, stopping whenever Fry wanted more candy. Bender smashed the windows of a house for giving Fry an apple and found a stash of high quality wine which Fry put in his shoulder bag for Leela.
‘Why can’t we have it?’ Bender whined.
‘We have beer, why are you complaining?’
‘She’ll have wine at that place with Amy.’
‘Wiggles, that’s Captian Bender… the great, no the magnificent!’
‘Whatever, my point is…’
‘Whoa, hold up. Booty at ten o’clock.’ He let out a wolf whistle as a fem-bot passed by. The fem-bot turned and eyed Bender with dislike. She walked up to him.
‘Hey babe,’ he said casually, ‘that’s a mighty fine…’ but he never finished his sentence as she slapped him across the face. Fry caught him as he toppled over in surprise.
‘Up yours, chumpette!’ he hollered after the disappearing figure.

Leela stepped over the threshold of the Madison Cube Gardens. It was all very pretty with fairy lights and pumpkin decorations. It was all very mysterious and spooky. The little black bugs running everywhere added to the effect, and it was particularly amusing for Leela to see people dancing around trying not to get bitten. Nibbler seemed unaffected by them; devouring them faster than one could crush them. Leela laughed at the sight before her, it had been good to come even to see the pandemonium. But she ceased laughing when a young girl was carried past; crying. Her whole leg was purple and she was in obvious pain.
‘It’s itchy!’ she cried as she was rushed to the car by her mother and they took off in the direction of the hospital. Leela watched guiltily.
‘Oh dear, I hope they clean up this mess soon.’ She commented as she tied Nibbler to a nearby post.
‘Stay here boy.’ She instructed her pet. ‘I’m not going to be long.’

‘Hey, Leela!’ Amy greeted her at the door, ‘You look great.’
‘Thanks, you do too, I guess.’ Amy was decked in pink and she looked like a playboy bunny. Way over the top Leela thought to herself. She pulled her hat on feeling better about her own outfit.
‘Where’s Kif?’ she asked politely
‘He and Zapp will be coming any second now.’
Leela froze.
‘Zapp Brannigan’s coming?’
‘Well, duh, it’s his party.’
‘You failed to mention that earlier.’
‘Oh yeah, you don’t like Zapp do you?’
‘Not particularly… Fry could have told you that.’
‘Yeah, well Fry is obsessed with you.’
‘You don’t think I don’t know that?’ Amy frowned at Leela’s bitterness.
‘What up?’ she said, true Fry style.
‘I don’t know.’ Leela moaned. Even if Fry was dressed as a pumpkin, she would’ve preferred spending the evening with him then with Zapp Brannigan. She kicked herself for not accepting his offer earlier.
‘Y’know what? I might go and try and find him.’
‘In New New York?’
‘Sure, I’ll just follow the Bender trail.’ She said, imagining the trail of destruction that Bender and Fry would leave if they were let loose in New New York together.
‘Well, I hate burst your bubble…’ Amy said, as a limo pulled up. Leela moaned at the sight of Zapp Brainnagan dressed in royal best.
‘Amy!’ Kif ran over to his girl, ‘My cute fluff bunny, you’re here!’ Amy giggled at his costume.
Kif chuckled, ‘Well, I thought it would amuse you, seeing how I can climb on walls and celings and things.’ Amy gave him a loving kiss, making Kif’s camouflage reflex kick in and all that was seen of him was his spidey suit.
‘Well, if it isn’t the lovely luscious lady Leela.’
‘Well, if it isn’t the fat pompous buffoon Zapp.’
Zapp laughed at her and offered her his arm; she didn’t take it.
‘Well Amy, I came, I saw and, in the words of Bender, I’m cheesing it.’
‘Stay, dear Leela…’
‘No thankyou.’
‘I offer you free food, wine and the bed chamber for candy.’ Leela rolled her eye.
‘Fine, I’ll eat, but then I’m going to get some real candy.’
‘Trick and treating is for kids, Leela.’ Amy said, wrinkling her nose.
‘Of course it’s not!’ Objected Zapp, ‘Halloween is like one big party with lots of little parties and sexy love-making.’
Kif and Leela simultaneously sighed with exasperation.
‘Ew, what are those things?’ Zapp said with disgust as a bug came scrambling up to him and started gnawing on his boot.
‘An infestation of some sort.’ Said Amy, stepping back from it.
‘Kif, get rid of it.’ Zapp instructed. Kif sighed and went to scoop it up, but its pincers nipped hard and went straight through his gloves, piecing his skin. Within mere seconds, Kif was coloured purple. They stood in surprise and watched as he cringed.
‘Oh god, it’s itchy.’
‘Oh Kiffy!’ Amy’s eyes were wide in panic. ‘How do we stop it?’
‘To the ship!’ Kif wheezed, and made to start back, but grew weak after a few steps and fell with a splat. Amy picked him up and ran through the crowd.
‘So that leaves the Zapper and Leela, together, alone, on a romantic dinner?’
‘Show me the food and then I’m out of here.’ Leela said, her eye narrowed and arms crossed.

‘I’m walking on sunshine whoa-oh! I’m walking on sunshine whoa-oh!’
‘Bender is great – blah,blah- Bender is great – blah, blah-…’
Fry and Bender danced arm-in-arm down the street, their songs disjointed but neither of them caring. The street was reasonably clearer of young children as ten o’clock approached and the adults came out to play. A cream pie fight broke out in the middle of the street. The two buddies walked past, one of them stooping to pick up an unbroken pie and tasting it.
‘Mmm, lemon cream.’ Fry commented, he passed the gooey mess to Bender
‘Want some?’
‘No room.’ Said Bender, tapping his chest; he sounded solid. Fry opened Bender’s chest and caught a beer before it hit the ground. He quickly checked to make sure it was drinkable by humans before opening it. He stuffed the cream pie into the small space left.
‘Wanna drop the stuff off at home and keep going?’ Bender pointed towards their apartment.
Bender left his things and Fry’s candy in their room.
‘What about that?’ Bender pointed at Fry’s shoulder bag.
‘Well if we go past the Cube Garden I can give these to Leela. Oh, and can you grab me a six-pack slurm and Lobrau so I can have something to drink, this candy’s making me thirsty and itchy.’

Leela traced her finger over her wine glass, bored; Zapp would not let her slip away. Kif and Amy had not reappeared so Zapp talked to her the whole time. For some reason he would not hear, or get the meaning of her retorts. Instead she shut out all that was being said and imagined Fry and Bender waltzing down the street like they would. She imagined herself with them, laughing, drinking, eating candy and generally enjoying herself. They would walk down the street, Bender would eventually pick up some floozy bot and leave her and Fry alone to frolic together down the street, he would put his arm around her, do anything she asked, take her home safely, and by the light of the moon…
Leela jerked out of her daydream, much to her surprise and joy, she saw two familiar figures walking exactly how she imagined, right past the doorway. They stopped and the redhead asked the guard something, but he was obviously rejected as a scuffle broke out. Without thinking, she stood. But her foot had gone to sleep and she toppled. Her face ashen, she steadied herself. Zapp grinned at her; he obviously thought her drunk.
‘Say, do you want some of that candy?’
‘N-Yes!’ Leela said, changing her mind halfway. ‘Yeah, I wanna go trick and treating.’ She said breathlessly, staring at the door. Fry and Bender were retreating from the onslaught.
‘Sure.’ Zapp sounded disappointed, ‘but…’
But Leela was gone.

‘Hey, Nibbler. Did Leela leave you here by yourself?’ Fry crouched beside the Nibblonian and lovingly petted him. Nibbler burped  and strained on his leash, pawing at Fry. Feeling sorry for the pet, Fry untied him and picked him up.
‘I’m sure Leela won’t be long.’ The Nibblonian chattered and nuzzled the familiar friend. Fry fished out a roll of meat from who knows where and Nibbler stuffed his face.
‘Don’t tell Leela.’ Fry whispered as he also gave him a few chocolate treats. Bender stood beside Fry, trying to push out the dent he’d received from a blow.
‘There we go.’ He commented as it finally pushed back out. He draped an arm around Fry.
‘Shure you couldn *hic* geh to Leela, bu *hic* joo ave moi.’ Bender raised his beer to him. Fry couldn’t help giggling, Bender had obviously drunk too much too fast and was on a power overload.
‘Let me tie Nibbler back, and we’ll get you to a club where you can use up that excess energy.’ The Nibblonian wasn’t too happy to be put back, in fact Nibbler had noticed the purple bruise on his cheek and was trying to make a panicked bid for escape, but Fry had uncoordinatedly tied knots that would not be untied easily. Fry thought it best that Leela find Nibbler where she had left him. Fry took a beer from Bender and they walked down the street and their shadows disappeared.
Nibbler sat in worry, he had thought the bugs to be harmless, with a distinct flavour of grape juice, but the oozing wound that should have started healing by now reminded him of something. Something bad for the human race. If only he could get to his ship and contact his home planet. But now that the Mighty One had made his escape near impossible until his mistress arrived, he guessed he would be too late and so he sat there sadly.

Breathless, Leela stood just outside the square. Fry and Bender were gone, but there was evidence that they had definitely been there; a stray slurm can sat in the middle of the road. She had no idea which way to go though, she glanced up and down the street. An excited chattering caught her attention, Nibbler was straining against his leash.
‘Oh darling! I’m so sorry!’ Leela went to untie him but stopped. The knot on the pole was different to the one she had originally tied. Her heart fluttered, Fry had been here because it was the most uncoordinated set of knots she had seen. She untied it, and held out the slurm can to Nibbler to sniff.
‘Where’s Fry?’ she asked nicely ‘Find Fry? I’ll give you a ham!’ with a shot, Nibbler almost pulled Leela off her feet. He tore as fast as he could on his leash through the streets.
‘Leeeeelaaaa!’ she heard Zapp bleat from somewhere behind her. But he would’ve barely seen her as Nibbler whipped around the corner. She could see them now, wandering in the middle of the road.
‘Fry!’ she called out in desperation.

‘Did you say something?’
‘I shaid tha hap*hic*py shhak *hic*…’
‘Wait, shutup, it’s that voice again.’
‘Oh my god… is that God?’
‘Why does God sound like Leela?’
‘Leela, shutup, someone’s trying to…’ Fry stopped and stared in surprise at the exhausted Leela who was glancing behind her nervously. She pulled the candy bucket from Fry’s hand.
‘Right, Zapp is on my trail and I…’ she trailed off as she took in Fry’s getup. From his plastic sword to the bandanas, golden hoop and eye patch, Leela could easily pick him as a pirate. But the eye patch was a nice touch, Leela wondered if he’d done it intentionally to look similar to her.
‘Nice,’ she commented, trying to sound sarcastic. ‘Did you think that up all by yourself?’
‘You helped a little.’ He said, turning his face so she could see the wound that complimented his tacky outfit. He slipped his arm around her shoulders. Leela stepped back slightly from him, placing her hands on her hips.
‘I think I would’ve preferred a pumpkin suit.’
‘Is the patch a little much?’ he asked smoothly, confirming Leela’s thought,
‘Just a little.’ She said coolly.
‘You wanna wear it?’ Fry sniggered. Bender let out a bellowing laugh. Leela’s brow was raised so high it was in danger of disappearing into her hair.


‘You think I came so you could make fun of me?’
‘No, you came to escape Zapp.’ Leela stared in surprise at Fry’s smug face.
‘How do you know?’
‘Cause you said. Shall we move?’ Fry pulled Leela in closer so he could properly drape his arm around her. The threesome set off, Bender jigging as the over fuelling was uncontrollable.
‘You’ve had enough.’ Fry said, confiscating his bottle.
‘Jush un morr.’
‘Bender, listen to yourself, how on earth are we going to get you to use up the excess?’ Leela looked at the robot with disgust. But Bender was trying to get his bottle back from Fry. Fry let go of it and it smashed on the ground and a set of bugs rushed from many directions to lap it up.
‘Damn you!’ Bender said tearfully, collapsing to his knees and trying to force the bugs out of the way. The bugs uncoordinatedly tried to walk and fell over.
Fry knelt next to Bender and emptied his chest cavity of the beer that had been collected.
‘Whoa, you guys have been busy.’
‘Wai till joo shee tha uns ah home!’ Bender said gleefully to Leela.
‘There’s more?!’
‘And pie!’ Said Fry, handing Leela what was left of the cream pie.
‘Aww, I wash shavin tha!’ Bender whined pitifully. Leela took hold of the robots shoulder and looked into his static eyes.
‘Fry, how much has he drunk?’
‘Dunno, a lot?’ Leela sighed,
‘Too much.’
‘I’ull be alhigh.’ Bender said as Leela hauled him to his feet. ‘Hey, wha joo doin wiff ma eer?’
‘He’s holding it for you.’ Leela said worriedly as the bot swayed.
‘Hey Bender, look what’s there!’
‘Shay wha…?’
‘Isn’t that the strip club?’ Leela asked catching on to Fry’s ploy. Bender’s eyes lit up. Fry nodded at Leela, and she gave Bender a nudge.
‘All the girls are waiting for you.’ Bender let out a squeal of absolute delight and shot off like a cork.
‘Now what are we going to do with all this booze?’ Leela asked standing over the crate of beer.
‘Get drunk?’ Fry asked. Leela glared at him.
‘Excuse me sir?’ startled, Fry and Leela looked down to see Tinny-Tim standing before them, a simple ghost sheet over his head.
‘Trick or treat sir!’
‘Treat!’ Leela proclaimed and despite Fry’s spluttering protests, handed the crate to the small robot.
‘Bless you mam!’ Tinny Tim straddled off.
‘Leela!’ Fry cried indignantly. But Leela shushed him and pushed a single bottle of beer into his hand.
‘Here, I rescued this one just for you. Not that you need it.’ She said, as Fry’s breath immediately gave away that he had been drinking before. Fry grumbled and popped the top off of it.
‘Did you get any?’ he said, draping his arm around her; she was too tired to push him away.
‘No, I want to stay sober.’
‘To bad, I’ll have to drink this all by myself.’ He teasingly took a swig. Leela’s stomach grumbled in thirst. I have to stay sober she told herself one of us does, and Fry’s proving that it isn’t going to be him. Fry smacked his lips in Leela’s ear.
‘Alright already.’ Leela swiped the bottle and took a mouthful. After a moment of savouring it, she pushed the bottle back into Fry’s hands. Fry didn’t have another mouthful; he was having fun teasing her. He shook the bottle in front of her nose.
‘Want any more?’ Leela stopped walking and glared at him. A difficult thing to do that he was two inches away.
‘You’re as bad as Zapp Brannigan.’
‘Oh really? I thought that you thought I was a romantic hero in comparison to him.’
‘You’ve been into my diary.’
‘Actually that was Bender. You’re lucky I managed to put it back.’ he grinned at her momentarily.
‘What happened Leela, why did we fall apart?’
‘Oh, I’m going to have drink a lot more before you can get an answer out of me.’ Leela grabbed the bottle and slipped out of Fry’s hold. She downed the rest of the drink and tossed the bottle. Fry followed and teased her all the way.
‘You think I'm gorgeous... You want to kiss me...’
‘Fry, don’t.’
‘…You want to hug me... You want to love me...’
‘Stop it.’
‘You want to smooch me... You want to hug me.’
‘You’re in trouble.’
‘Oh no.’
‘Oh yes.’
‘What are you going do?’
‘Take this from you for starters, it doesn’t look right on you.’ She pulled his eye patch off and used the elastic to sling it away.
‘I got a present for you.’ Fry said, remembering the bottles in the bag around his shoulder.
‘What is it?’ Leela asked, intrigued. Fry produced the wine. Leela stared wide-eyed at the bottle.
‘Where did you get this? How could you possibly afford this?’
‘Bender.’ Fry simply said. Leela realised she didn’t want to know anymore.
‘You are trying to get me drunk.’
‘No, I’m not… I’m not!’
‘Well me and Nibbler are going home.’ She scooped up the Nibblonian who had been straining on his lead toward the tube. Fry watched for a second before realising that she was serious. He darted in just as she finished saying her address. He wrapped his arms around her.
‘I want to come.’ He said before they were swept up into the system.

‘Well, I’ll see you tomorrow… with a hangover and probably still an over-energized Bender.” Fry leant on the door of her apartment as she unlocked the door. He started to hiccough. A smile played on Leela’s lips, although it could be annoying at times, Fry could always amuse her and make her feel better, and he did it without realising it.
‘You want a glass of water?’
‘What? … nah, I don’t want to keep you anymore.’ Fry pulled the bandana from his head and ran his hand through his hair, and for the first time she noticed the fake tattoo he had drawn on his arm. A heart with his and hers initials inside and it caused some wall inside her to come crashing down.
‘I want you to stay.’ Leela was surprised at the words that had let themselves out of her mouth.
‘Are you sure that’s what you want me to do?’ Leela didn’t know until those longing words left his lips. His smooth full lips… Leela reached out to him and hungrily pressed her mouth against his. The kiss was wickedly sweet from his candy flavoured lips. Sighing in satisfaction, Leela broke the kiss. She opened her eye slowly and watched the gob-smacked Fry struggling to breathe from the initial shock.
‘I dunno, what do you wanna do?’ She whispered. Fry slowly grinned. With a seducing stare, Leela took him by his necktie and pulled him indoors closing the door behind him.
With his mistress and the Mighty One occupied, Nibbler stepped out of the shadows where he had been hiding and he slunk down the stairs back to his hidden spaceship in the alley.
(to be continued)


Bending Unit
« Reply #130 on: 10-14-2006 00:50 »

That was so good!! I especially loved the little Miss Congeniality(sp?) bit LOL!

Can't wait for the next part!

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #131 on: 10-14-2006 02:03 »

Awww, drunk love. Always followed by vomit, but the bit before that is nice.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #132 on: 10-15-2006 18:38 »

coldangel_1; they're not that drunk... well, maybe Fry is, but Insane in the Mainframe showed that he could have alot before passing out.

Thanks to you both!

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #133 on: 10-16-2006 03:17 »

I was drunk the other night. Ask Marcus about the ranting pissed email I sent him. Heh heh, funny stuff.

Bending Unit
« Reply #134 on: 10-16-2006 09:08 »

Originally posted by Tastes Like Fry:


Very nice... you do some great art TLF, as opposed to the crap I produce.

"Finding your true love is like winning the lottery, it always happens to someone else."

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #135 on: 10-16-2006 09:29 »

Yeah. I like Leela's dress. It gives me happy feelings.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #136 on: 10-16-2006 19:31 »

Corvus; Your art isn't crap, you obviously just go a different way about it.

coldangel_1; Thanks, I had fun designing it  tongue
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #137 on: 10-16-2006 23:40 »

Updateishness huzzah!

‘Nibbler to HSH, Nibbler to HSH’
‘HSH to Lord Nibbler, Copy that. State your progress report.’
‘Earth time 11pm October 31st 3003, possible invasion on earth.’
‘Invasion? Is it the brain spawn?’
‘Negative, Gheshians, only miniature so they could enter the systems undetected.’
‘Gheshians? The humans are defenceless!’
‘Negative, the decapodians could bond an alliance…’
‘After the fiasco they caused on Freedom day?’
‘Decapodia will gain their peace with Earth.’
‘Too risky…’
‘Well, options are dying or die trying.’
‘What about the Mighty One?’
‘He has been bitten. He has no apparent immunity to them.’
‘Pity. Alright, we’ll manipulate the decapodians.’
‘What shall we do about the infected?’
‘Database says the anti-dote is alcohol.’ Nibbler relaxed,
‘Well then the Mighty One is safe.’
‘You should know that within seven hours, the Gheshian venom will start to transform the human. When did the Gheshian attack start?’
‘Approximately six hours ago, we don’t have much time left.’
‘I’ll send back-up for the decapodians. You watch The Mighty One and The Other, make sure they don’t get involved. HSH out!’ Nibbler climbed back out of his spaceship to find several Gheshians clicking their pincers threateningly. He swallowed them in one gulp and started to go inside but stopped at a slurping noise. Zoidberg was devouring the Gheshians at a speed Nibbler could not have beaten. Zoidberg kept snuffling up the peculiar species, only stopping for a moment to rub his tummy.
‘Such a feast! All you can eat! Ooh, there’s another one.’ Zoidberg went back down to his claws and knees and gradually made his way in the direction of the Madison Cube Gardens. Nibbler smiled to himself, the silly fool didn’t know much he would be appreciated. Quickly, Nibbler scampered up to his mistress’ room and quietly shut the door. He peered into her dark bedroom.
Leela’s head rested in the crook of Fry’s shoulder, her hair cascading over her shoulders. They had their arms draped around each other, Fry’s finger absentmindedly tracing randomly in her hair. They slept peacefully.
Satisfied, Nibbler leapt into his normal place at the end of the bed, and curled up at their feet, closing his eyes, but keeping his third eye watchful. Through the window, he saw the decapodian ships and his own kind’s ships as well, and after they had landed, a far off feasting was heard to the joyous shouts of on lookers, especially when they understood the anti-dote. Nibbler was glad to be with the two most important people in the world. He looked over Leela’s relaxed figure and Fry’s… tense figure?
Fry moaned and raised his hand to his forehead, his temperature was rising fast. His eyes were bloodshot and looked horrific against his paling skin. He slipped out from underneath Leela without disturbing her, and in his underpants and t-shirt padded across the room to the bathroom. Nibbler leapt off the bed and followed him worriedly. Fry filled a glass with water and downed it.
‘Man I’m thirsty.’ He said as he refilled the glass. His hand came up to scratch his face, he was careful to scratch around Leela’s work rather than the wound itself. He threw down the other glass of water, but he did it too fast and it went down the wrong way. Fry choked, and the glass slipped from his hands and shattered on the tiles. He clutched the edge of the sink, purple in the face; gasping for breath.
‘Fry? Are you alright?’ Leela appeared on the threshold and watched Fry’s shaking figure still clutching to the sink.
‘I’m… I-I don’t know…’ Leela put her arm around him.
‘You don’t look good, you’re pale purple, how’d you…?’ Leela trailed off, Fry had started to scratch his cheek again.
‘Oh my…’ Leela took his hand to stop him from scratching. Fry squirmed uncomfortably.
‘I’m itchy all over, but that bite is really starting to get… ooh!’ Fry winced in pain, like he was being repeatedly dunked into burning hot fire.
‘Lordy…’ Leela stood shaking, something bad was happening to Fry and she felt useless to him.
‘I’m so thirsty.’ Fry said, reaching for the glass, but then remembering that it lay in shards on the floor. He tried to put his head under the tap but he was sprayed in the face. He slammed the tap in anger.
‘Water’s not helping!’ he snarled, in a much deeper voice than his own. Outside somewhere, a clock began to chime; it was midnight. Nibbler gave a startled squeal and shot out from the shadows. Fry reflexively pounced on him. Leela gasped as Fry expertly caught him and held him up to the light.
‘Oh, it’s only Nibbler.’ But he did not let go, Nibbler was shaking in fear as Fry eyed him. The clock outside was still chiming. Fry’s eyes slid in and out of focus as he watched the Nibblonian squirming uncomfortably in his grasp.
‘Fry, let him go!’ Leela said her voice shrill. Fry looked at her in surprise. Seizing his chance; Nibbler nipped Fry’s finger causing him to let go and he shot between Leela’s legs to the safety of her room. Fry had screeched in pain, it was an unearthly screech that caused the hairs on the back of Leela’s neck to stand up. But his screech had not been because of Nibbler. He writhed as an internal pain shot through his body and his face turned deathly pale as the clock struck midnight. His muscles bulged, his senses sharpened, his skin became black with hardened scales, and his fingernails grew into claws, his canine teeth lengthened to pincer like fangs.
Leela stood breathless, she had a mad desire to run up to him and shake him out of it, but her senses told her that probably wasn’t a good idea, so she simply stood in the doorway. Fry’s body stopped shuddering, eyes still closed, his head rose in the moonlight’s glow. Leela half expected him to howl. But all he did was sigh sadly. He brought his head down, and opened his eyes. His focus was on Leela. She stepped back, his eyes weren’t normal, they had a reddish glow in the moonlight, and he blinked sideways, like a bug.
‘I’m thirsty.’ He told her plaintively in a husky voice. ‘And confused… what’s going on?’ Leela gave a relieved sigh; at least his conscious was still there.
‘Come, we’ll get you a glass of water from the kitchen and I might be able to look up something about the bugs and how their bites can effect.’ Fry followed her; scampering on all fours and grinding his teeth hungrily. He paused and stared intently into the shadows by the bed of Leela’s room.
‘What’s the matter?’
‘The Nibblonian.’ Fry spat, his new muscles tensed ready to pounce.
‘Nibbler? Oh come on Fry.’
‘You don’t know his kind.’ Fry hissed in a voice unlike his own.
‘Quiet human.’ Fry commanded as he crept slowly. Nibbler made a fearful noise and made to run to a safer hiding place. Fry went to pounce, but Leela seized him by the waist and they fell together with a thud.
‘What’s gotten into you?’ she cried. She seized him by the shoulders and started to shake him.
‘Stop it!’ Fry cried in his normal voice, ‘I don’t know.’ He said tearfully. He collapsed into her arms for comfort. Leela ran her fingers over his now black-cased neck.
‘You look like those bugs.’ Fry chuckled and kissed her ear.
‘I feel like a bug.’ He gently purred his words against her neck, his lip pulled back as he spoke revealing his shiny new fangs, Leela listened, oblivious. ‘A filthy dirty venomous…’  Leela pulled back from him.
‘Venomous? The venom from the bug that bit you! You’ve reacted something terrible.’
‘I’m still thirsty.’
‘Well, maybe it’s safer if you stayed here and I took Nibbler outside… speaking of which, where’d he go?’
‘In the side drawer.’ Fry said without looking, in fact his eyes never left Leela, there was a hunger in them that she hadn’t seen before. Leela gave him an odd look before going to check. Nibbler was curled up inside the drawer.
‘Fry, you’re scaring me.’ She said as she crossed the room. ‘I’ll bring you some water and I’ll work out this mess.’
‘Water won’t work.’ He said huskily. Framed in the doorway, Leela turned to look at him. He was squatting like an animal, his black shell made him seemingly camouflaged in the shadows. His eyes glowed red and stared longingly at her, he traced his tongue over his gleaming sharp teeth
‘I need blood.’
(to be continued sometime in the near future)

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #138 on: 10-16-2006 23:56 »

HAHAHA!! I don't know if it was intended as funny, but the dude transforms into a scaly creature with claws and fangs, and Leela's response is:
'What’s gotten into you?’

Heh heh

Great stuff!

Bending Unit
« Reply #139 on: 10-17-2006 16:31 »

Ooooo, scary! And just in time for Halloween, how convenient... HeHeHe.

Also, confusion, if the antidote was alcohol, then why has Fry transformed? Unless that's one of those, their not supposed to drink it things... Maybe he has to rub it on his wound? Or maybe you drink it before you're bitten? Or, he hasn't drunk enough so he'll contin ue to pop in and out of Fryish-ness?

Are we gonna get a look back at "The devil's hands.." sounds like you were setting that up... I hope so.

Top notch story, can't wait for an update!
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #140 on: 10-18-2006 18:47 »

That's for me to know and for you to find out  tongue

Thanks guys!

Bending Unit
« Reply #141 on: 10-19-2006 06:58 »

Oooh scary update! haha! Leela seems to be surprisingly calm.
PCC Fred

Space Pope
« Reply #142 on: 10-19-2006 18:37 »

^What she said.  That's one hell of a cliffhanger.  Looking forward to the next update, TLF.  smile

I like the picture too.  Leela makes such a cute witch!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #143 on: 10-19-2006 21:03 »

WICKED. One word says it all...although I could take the time to come up with several hundred other compliments.
But I'm too lazy..... tongue
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #144 on: 10-20-2006 00:41 »

Cyberphobia; Yeah, Leela's always in control... well most of the time anyway, she's sure that there's a logical explanation for everything.  tongue

Thanks PCC Fred, it's great to have you keep replying every so often, makes me feel special.

KitKat; Don't become too lazy, I've tried it, bedsores hurt!

Anywho, here's a picture to go with the story...

 cry man, I scare myself sometimes

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #145 on: 10-20-2006 00:46 »

Oh, THAT is cool!  big grin  big grin  big grin  big grin

Haha... 'what's gotten into him?'
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #146 on: 10-20-2006 01:08 »

Thanks  big grin
Heh, what indeed *shifty eyes*

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #147 on: 10-20-2006 12:13 »

Originally posted by coldangel_1:
Oh, THAT is cool!   big grin   big grin   big grin   big grin
Haha... 'what's gotten into him?'
From the look of it, I’d say some type of nano-machines.

How about it, Tasty?  wink

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #148 on: 10-20-2006 20:17 »

OOOOH..... eek  That is very pretty.  The eyes really add a nice finishing touch that wraps up everything into one fantastic Halloween art. Spooky, scary, and deliciously fantastic.
Hey, question? We're not allowed to post and fan fics that aren't Futurama related, are we? Just a question, please don't hurt me. Cuz I've been writing something I'd like to share, but it's fine if I can't....
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Urban Legend
« Reply #149 on: 10-21-2006 19:42 »

I don't think so... what you might be able to do is post it elsewhere, say on fanfiction.net and then link it. Go ask the mods.

nano-machines?  hmpf It's sorta explained in the next segment why Fry is transformed, it's a bit screwy, but that's what I like.

Thanks KitKat

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #150 on: 10-21-2006 22:30 »

I like nanomachines.
I plan on using them to transform me into a giant omnipotent robot demigod so I can take over the world or destroy it.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #151 on: 10-21-2006 22:38 »

But coldangel, I like humanity

And now we continue with our story...
Leela sat at her computer, her fingers shaking as she typed in the description into the database. She had locked Fry into her room, but she was afraid he’d try and escape. She jumped at any small noise. What was even stranger, was Nibbler, who sat intently by her side reading, no, not reading, watching the computer screen. The screen loaded and a single result showed, it read as follows:

 An insect like purple coloured alien with a black protective shell and red sensory eyes used to detect objects rather than see, making it easier in the dark. Its strong sense of smell is necessary for detecting edible food.
Its sharp fangs can pierce metal, a useful weapon against predators, used mainly for crippling their prey and making it easier to drink much needed fluids such as mammal blood and coconut milk.

Gheshians produce a sedative venom that can be used in small doses with alcohol, jello crystals and Panadol to cure the common headache.
It is also used in some Decapodian traditional recipes.
Gheshian venom can be fatal, particulary to most humans; turning the infected into a cross species of human/Gheshian.

The human/Gheshian is like human in shape, but Gheshian in some physicality and in ability. The human will keep its conscious in tact, but in moments of thirst, distrust, anger and constipation he/she will seem possessed.
The bitten human/Ghesian preferred drink is human blood.
If you or someone you know has been bitten by a Gheshian, keep them contained and send a voicemail or hologram via the email address below.
If you or someone you know has been bitten by a cross human/Gheshian, you are either dead or turned mutant with fangs or an extra eyelash.

Email; lovey_snootiekins@nibbs.cou

Leela’s eyes were wide with fear, as she typed in the email address.
‘I can save you time.’ A deep voice said behind her. Leela jumped and swirled around only to be staring at an empty room with the exception of Nibbler.
‘Who spoke?’ she said fearfully,
‘I did.’ Nibbler said. Leela gave a start and stared disbelievingly.
‘My imagination is going spastic on me.’ She said, pulling on her pony tail. ‘First Fry turns into a bug and now Nibbler’s talking?’
‘I’ve always been able to talk, I have just been undercover.’
‘But, what, how…?’
‘There’s no time for questions, only one I have for you, can you trust me?’ Leela stared at her pet, one she perceived to be cute and like a child, needed caring for, and now he was speaking to her like a peer with a deep voice that did not suit his body structure at all. She shook slightly, as a pet, Nibbler had never hurt her and had been a comfort to her, and she had no reason to not trust him.
‘No, I mean yes, I mean… I trust you.’
‘We need to move fast to get assistance. Follow me.’ Leela followed the Nibblonian out of the apartments and to the alley where Nibbler had his spaceship.
‘Nibbler to Cuddlebug. Nibbler to Cuddlebug.’
‘Cuddlebug to Nibbler, copy that, we’ve terminated the Gheshains.’
‘Good, but the Mighty One is toxicated and the anti-dote does not seem to have full effect.’
Static filled the air in the silence that followed.
‘State his condition.’
‘Normal physical reaction, his mental state keeps slipping, he’s currently contained.’
‘Where’s the Other?’
‘Safely here with me, she’ll be of some help.’
‘What’s happened to my boyf-… I mean, Fry.’ Leela interjected quickly, her words scrambling over one another.
‘He’s part Gheshian, and he’ll be a danger to you until we sedate him.’ Nibbler explained worriedly.
‘I’ll consult the Decapodians before dismissing them; they’re sure to hold the secret to an alternative cure. Then I’ll come with reinforcements and we’ll over power him.’
‘You’re not going to hurt Fry?’ Leela questioned threatenly.
‘The Mighty One? Of course not! Cuddlebug out.’
‘I guess the best thing to do at the moment is wait.’ Said Nibbler climbing out of his spaceship.
‘Why did he call Fry ‘The Mighty One’? Since when has Fry been mighty?’ Nibbler sighed.
‘I guess I could explain things to you now so you can help, but after this ordeal your own memory will be wiped from the events of tonight.’ Leela nodded even though she was extremely confused, she sat down next to the Nibblonian.
‘Philip J Fry was not sent to the future by accident, him being in this time is vital to the survival to the entire universe. Our sages foresaw an attack of a species called brainspawn…’
‘Wait, is this the story Fry wrote and said was true? That he saved earth?’
‘Affirmative, I spoke to you then, but the brainspawn caused you to forget those events.’ Leela shivered slightly.
‘I put him down; I thought he was just making that up.’
‘You are not to blame, you did not know, and your part to play is yet to come.’
‘What?’ Nibbler put a paw to his mouth,
‘I mean, uh…’
‘What are you going to make me do?’ she hissed. Nibbler cleared his throat nervously.
‘We’re not forcing you to do anything; you’re going to voluntarily do it. We just need to make sure you survive long enough for it to actually happen.’
‘And what is ‘it’ exactly?’ Leela picked him up, too late Nibbler realised it wasn’t for a hug. Leela held him firmly, bringing him up to her eye.
‘Tell me, I’m not going to remember anyway.’ She said, thinking she could escape from the memory blanking. Nibbler spluttered; he obviously had no choice.
‘Fry isn’t going to live forever, we need his special mind to carry on through the ages and your retaining mutant gene will support his irregularity rather than overriding it.’ Leela’s expression widened in shock as Nibbler continued.
‘Despite his dominate gene, there will be physical differences due to your mutant gene, making each generation unique, but it will not hinder the plan to resave the universe in the future.’ Leela trembled.
‘I’m to carry Fry’s child?’
‘Children,’ Corrected Nibbler, ‘It is told that The Mighty One and The Other will have as many descendants as the stars.’ Instinctively Leela looked upward. The stars glittered foreshadowingly at her. Calm seemed to pass over her.
‘Fry always liked the stars.’
‘Simple things amuse him, but this is no simple matter.’
‘I don’t want to know.’ Leela murmured. Nibbler fell silent. They stared at the twinkling sky for a long time, until the shapes of decapodian ships flew overhead and breaking the magic. Leela frowned at the shapes and then back at Nibbler.
‘You said resave the universe, didn’t he just save earth?’ Nibbler shook his head.
‘He saved earth, and then with the help of my people he sent the brain spawn into an alternate universe.’ Leela gasped.
‘When was that?’
‘When you were dating another human male; I do believe his name was Chaz. Fry doesn’t remember because I blanked his memory.’ Nibbler said as he peered into the street; Nibblonian ships were scooting around the area, looking to park.
‘Oh God,’ Leela said, horrified, ‘I could have jeopardised…’
‘Actually, you being occupied with Chaz gave me the opportunity to kidnap Fry without anyone noticing. Come, they are here.’ Nibbler ran out into the street and waved at all the small vessels. They came swooping into the alleyway forcing Leela to duck.
‘Hello child,’ a female Nibblonian approached her, ‘We’ve met before, but due to events you won’t remember.’
‘Yeah, Nibbler told me.’ She said, slightly breathless in adoration for the swarm of cloaked Nibblonians around her. She reached out to scratch one under the chin and it obliged willingly.
‘You’re all so cute!’ The Nibblonian scowled.
‘You said that last time too.’ They were interrupted by a Nibblonian space craft shaking as it flew into the confined space. It landed heavily and out got a disgruntled Nibblonian and for good reason as he was followed by a crustacean that Leela reconised immediately.
‘Hooray! My good friend Leela! I’ve come to help!’
‘Oh Lordy, is this really necessary?’
‘He was the only Decapodian that is willing to share the secret location of his people’s know immunity to the Gheshians. It will kill the Gheshian within Fry and he will be restored!’
‘Hooray I’m useful!’ Nibbler turned away from Leela and Zoidberg and addressed his kind.
‘This is verily important and dangerous, he is a full-fledged cross Gheshian/Human, and we must proceed with caution. The crustacean is out last resort as form of attack, though I must have your word you won’t hurt The Mighty One.’ He addressed Zoidberg who frowned confusedly
‘Vat?’ Leela seized him by his collar.
‘Hurt a hair on Fry’s head and I will make you understand the meaning of pain.’ She snarled.

Fry paced Leela’s room, his anxiety and thirst growing; it shouldn’t take so long to get a drink. Humans weren’t that short in supply, maybe he should’ve gone and got it himself, but he knew he would’ve gone for Leela’s neck and the very thought confused him.
‘I don’t want to hurt her,’ he said, trying to think straight, ‘But she’s so fresh and supple.’ He traced his fangs with his tongue, they were sharp, but dry, he needed to sink them into something with vitamins so they wouldn’t rot and fall off. All he could think about was Leela and how she was so close before.
‘Why didn’t I take my chance then?’ he cursed himself as his stomach growled impatiently. He wandered over to the door, there was already scratch marks he had made when she had first locked him in the room; his claws were inadequate to open the lock from inside as it already had a pet guard on it to stop Nibbler from escaping. Stupid Nibbler, Fry thought, he’s a traitor to the Gheshian kind, setting the Decapodians on them last time they tried to take earth over, reducing their numbers down to a mere 15, he thought angrily, all they wanted was blood for feeding their young. Fry scratched the door again leaving gashes in the splintery wood. But then he stopped and sniffed. Nibblonians, He thought, lots of them. He stepped back uncertainly, he could kill a single one, but lots at a time could over power him and due to their immunity he could not immobilise them at all. He sniffed tentatively, there was definitely too many of them, but a different scent caught his attention. They had brought the attractive human; he quickly racked his brains as why she was there; bait perhaps, a distraction. Fry grinned evilly; he could easily slip by them and claim her as hostage and that would be his easy ticket out of there with an easy meal in tow. Fools, he thought, he sniffed lovingly at the door, he was so focused on her smell that he almost didn’t recognise the smell of the extra creature there. Fry gave a frightened squeal and reared away from the door which burst open and the Nibblonians attacked while he momentarily had his guard down. He ended up flat on his back with the Nibblonains pinning him down. Fry panicked and tried to bite them, but his head was forced back.
‘Be gentle with him!’ came Leela’s shrill voice from the door.
‘Leela!’ Fry called out in fear, ‘help me!’ His voice ended on a squeak, Zoidberg had appeared next to Leela, he was sniffing curiously.
‘There’s a Gheshian in here, a delicious Ghe-…’ He stopped when he saw Fry, his eyes widened with glee and hunger. Fry screamed helplessly as Zoidberg’s stood over him drooling, his sharp claws clacking, and a mad look in his eye.

And now a word from our sponsor;
Do you have sleepless nights? Want those nightmares to go away? The catch the latest dream catcher from your nearest Unessentials Unlimited store to restore slumber to your house! Sleeping pills included!
And now back to your main program;

‘Zoidberg, stop it! It’s Fry!’
‘It’s not fried, it’s baked! A healthy alternative to…’ Leela put boot to the crustacean’s knee, a shell shattering kick, and that’s exactly what happened. Zoidberg gave an awful moan and sunk to the floor. Seeing Zoidberg injured, Fry found new strength, his focus on the female human; he was able throw off the masses of Nibblonians. Screeching, the Nibblonians scrambled to regain their hold on him, but Fry became slippery and he dove for Leela. The door slammed behind them and a few Nibblonians bounced off the solid wood.
‘Damn it!’ hissed one of them, and they rounded up on Zoidberg.
‘Why’d you make him panic, all you had to do was stand there!’ Zoidberg tearfully warbled, nursing his knee.
‘What’s this contraption on the handle? I can’t get a grip on it!’
‘It’s the cursed petlock she put on,’ sniffed Nibbler derisively, ‘I’ll go out the window and go around and let you out. But first, ugly sea creature, tell us where is this special place.’ Zoidberg sniffled.
‘Under Planet Express there is a dark tunnel, why not. Through the dark tunnel there is a dark door, behind that dark door is a dark room, in that dark room…’ he lingered for a suspenseful moment, ‘There was a mouse!’ he said triumphantly, ‘and what a delicious mouse it was!’ Nibbler gave a disgruntled groan and rounded on the others.
‘Was this great oaf the best you could come with?!’
‘Wait! I have more!’ Zoidberg said, ‘The cure, the cure for the Gheshians! It’s in the fridge I tell you. My own secret for keeping immune to the poison is in a cup in the fridge at work.’
‘It had better be.’ Nibbler scowled as he mounted Leela’s dresser to climb out the window which was thankfully open.

‘Fry, what the hell are you doing?! They were trying to help you! Let me go!’ Leela struggled against Fry’s grip on her waist; he was carrying her on his shoulder as he hurried out into the street. Leela tried to punch him, but the scales protected him against such blunt objects. She used her strength to try and vault herself out of his grip, but Fry sunk his claws in and Leela stopped in pain.
‘Fry, you’re hurting me.’
‘Serves you right,’ Responded his possessive gruff voice, ‘Your pain will be the least of your worries in a moment.’
A tear escaped her eye; she wanted the old Fry back. She had no choice but to be hauled away. After a few moments of disjointed wandering, Fry picked an alleyway to put her down, he did not let her go though, Leela was too scared to move anyhow. But she stared determinedly into his red eyes.
‘This isn’t you Fry, fight it.’
‘Stop tempting me.’ Fry hissed back, his voice was hesitant but his grip on her shoulders tightened. Leela gave a shuddering gasp as his claws dug into her skin, she felt her own blood trickling down her arms.
‘Please!’ she gasped, ‘You have to listen me, Nibbler said…’
‘I don’t care what the Nibblonian said…’ Fry hissed, ‘Don’t spoil my fun.’
‘Fun? You think this is a game?’ But Fry wasn’t listening; he gently traced her jaw line with his claw. There was something almost sensual about the way he did it.
‘Hush,’ he said huskily, he bent his head to whisper in her ear, ‘it’ll all be over soon.’ He gently kissed and crooned against her neck, Leela was totally hypnotised until she felt his teeth gently touching, pinching, and testing. She pulled away like a shot and shoved him in the chest.
‘Don’t toy with me!’ She cried. Grinning, Fry let her go. Taking her chance, she swiped and her hand connected with the side of his face. In a flash, she was pinned on her back, her hands held down by unmerciful claws. Fry wasn’t grinning anymore.
‘Enough.’ He said.
‘Fine,’ Leela said angrily, ‘You’re not Fry, I don’t know who you are, but I hate you.’
Fry hesitated; Leela sensed that he was in two minds, one which was the real Fry.
‘I want Fry back, the old Fry the Fry that I love.’ She whispered in hope that he would win the mental battle. Fry gave a groan of pain; he shuddered and closed his eyes.
‘Leave me.’ He said and let her hands go. ‘Go before I hurt you, I don’t want to hurt you.’ Leela didn’t move.
‘I don’t want to leave you alone.’
‘Go!’ Fry cried through gritted teeth, his fists clenching so hard he drew blood from his palms. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead as he struggled to contain himself. Fearful, Leela ran out into the street.

‘Go away.’ Fry hissed, ‘Leave me alone; don’t make me hurt her, please…’ he rocked where he sat, his mind struggling to gain the upper hand against the foreign murderous and spiteful thoughts.
‘You need to; you need her flesh, her blood to live.’ The darker voice echoed in his head.
‘She loves me, she said she loves me. She loves me, not you.’ He said, his voice becoming stronger as his hope returned.
‘I AM you, Fry.’
‘You aren’t! I’m not an evil blood sucking vampire! I didn’t even dress up as a vampire! I went as a pirate…’
‘Crap, Nibblonians!’ the dark voice warned. Fry opened his eyes and saw the swarm coming towards him.
‘Run!’ hissed the voice. ‘We can’t trust them.’ Fry’s limbs twitched, but Fry was focused on the figure behind the Nibblonians, Leela was there; she had obviously sent them, and Fry knew what he had to do.
‘I trust her…’ he said out loud in his own voice, and he stayed where he was.
‘What?!’ shrieked the voice, but it was too late, the Nibblonians were all over them, pinning him down. Nibbler stood on his chest with a beaker of clear liquid and tried to force it down his throat. Fry choked and squirmed as they tried to force the liquid down his throat. It splashed over face, down his neck and finally they managed to make him swallow. Fry stopped struggling, his eyes rolled back into his head and he passed into unconsciousness.
(to be continued)

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #152 on: 10-21-2006 22:45 »

LOL! Simple things amuse him....that is SO Fry. Very, very good so far. I love it!

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #153 on: 10-21-2006 22:54 »

Whenever I turn into a vampire I find a nice baked garlic bread always does the trick.

Great stuff. Fulfils everyone's 'turning-into-a-monster-and-attacking-people' fantasy nicely.
Tastes Like Fry

Urban Legend
« Reply #154 on: 10-21-2006 23:17 »

Man, both of you responded speedily @.o

KitKat; I love stars too, I live in the country and it's just breathtaking on a clear night.
Simple things entertain simple minds, takes one to notice it  wink

coldangel; that's for vampires, Fry has turned part Gheshian, there is a difference I do believe.  tongue
Can't have halloween without a 'turning-into-a-monster-and-attacking-people' story.  tongue

Thanks to you both.

I forgot to mention that the very last update should happed sometime near the 31st of October (my birthday, yay!) But I might do some pretty pictures in the mean time.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #155 on: 10-22-2006 00:04 »

It was Halloween? Huhh... We in Australia don't really have that.

Bending Unit
« Reply #156 on: 10-22-2006 09:42 »

OMG that was sooooooo good! Really had me on the edge of my seat the whole time!

ROFL and the advertisement at the climax: that was awesome! LOL

Can't wait for more!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #157 on: 10-22-2006 10:51 »

Too Clool and exiciting, I love it. Can't wait for more.
Writer unit32

« Reply #158 on: 10-22-2006 14:36 »
« Last Edit on: 10-22-2006 14:36 »

You know there are only three real monsters: Dracula,Blacula and son of Kong.
And only two of them suck blood

Bending Unit
« Reply #159 on: 10-23-2006 22:16 »

Loved the advertisement at the climax! A stroke of brilliance smile

Great story! Can't wait for the end!
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